1830 Census


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Copyright 2001 by Joan Ackermann Renfrow (jrenfrow@swbell.net)

The numbers in this index are the sheet numbers of the 1830 Federal Census
of Knox County, Kentucky (for example, index page 0229a is sheet number

The handwritten census pages themselves can be found on-line in the
USGenWeb Archives at http://www.rootsweb.com/~usgenweb/ky/knox/census/1830

(for example, page 0229a will be found at
http://www.rootsweb.com/~usgenweb/ky/knox/census/1830/0229a.gif ).

* All abbreviations were made by the original census enumerator, not by the
* When the transcriber was in doubt of the handwriting, a "?" was put in
* Many of the names that appear in this index appear to be phonically
spelled by the census enumerator. The names were then typed exactly as
originally written. The transcriber has made no attempts at correcting


Surname, Given Name, page #

Adams          Randolph         0234a
Adams          Richardson       0234a
Allen          John             0236a
Anderson       Ambrose          0232a
Anderson       Elizabeth        0231a
Anderson       John             0241a
Anderson       William          0233a
Anfield        James            0232a
Arthur         Ambrose          0243a
Arthur         Joseph           0239a
Arthur         Margaret         0239a
Arthur         Thomas Jr        0242a
Arthur         Thomas Sr        0242a
Bailey         Thomas           0238a
Bain           Robert           0237a
Bairley        Harmon           0233a
Baker          Andw             0244a
Baker          Betsy            0247a
Baker          Bryce            0245a
Baker          Charles          0240a
Baker          Daniel           0245a
Baker          Joel             0248a
Baker          Thompson         0245a
Baker          William          0245a
Ballinger      Frank            0234a
Ballinger      James F          0234a
Ballinger      Richard          0234a
Ballow         Peter            0249a
Ballows        Richard          0249a
Barber         John             0240a
Barton         Henry            0233a
Barton         James            0240a
Barton         Robert           0238a
Barton         Susannah         0239a
Barton         William          0233a
Barton         William          0240a
Bennett        Levi             0249a
Benton         Catharine        0231a
Berry          Francis          0236a
Berry          John             0238a
Bingham        John             0242a
Black          Isabella         0237a
Black          Jacob            0236a
Black          John C           0237a
Black          Mary             0248a
Black          Sally            0235a
Black          Samuel           0235a
Black          Samuel           0246a
Blakely        Charles Sr       0229a
Blakely        James            0229a
Blakely        Thomas           0230a
Bledsoe        William M        0237a
Blevens        James            0240a
Blevins        Abraham          0235a
Bookin         John             0238a
Bowman         Giles Jr         0229a
Brackett       John             0245a
Brackett       Nimrod           0245a
Bright         John             0232a
Brittain       Levi             0239a
Broughton      David            0232a
Broughton      Jesse            0232a
Broughton      Job              0231a
Broughton      William          0232a
Broughton      William Sr       0232a
Brummet        James            0250a
Bryant         John             0236a
Bryant         Martha           0241a
Bryant         Reuben           0244a
Bull           Richard          0250a
Bullock        Thomas           0234a
Bullock        William          0238a
Bunch          William          0240a
Burk           Samuel           0239a
Busby          Miles            0233a
Cain           Catharine        0230a
Cain           Daniel           0230a
Cain           Daniel           0240a
Cain           Hugh             0244a
Cain           John             0233a
Cain           John             0245a
Cain           Matthias W       0240a
Campbell       Allen            0233a
Campbell       James            0229a
Campbell       John             0229a
Campbell       John             0248a
Campbell       John Jr          0231a
Campbell       Levi             0231a
Campbell       Lydia            0229a
Campbell       Robert           0250a
Campbell       Solomon          0231a
Campbell       William          0229a
Campbell       William          0250a
Camper         Elias            0239a
Carns          Abner            0246a
Carns          Thomas           0247a
Carrel         George           0241a
Carter         Frances          0229a
Carter         Gideon           0245a
Carter         Rhody            0248a
Carum          William          0233a
Catching       Seymore          0244a
Chick          James            0247a
Chick          John             0234a
Chick          Silas            0247a
Claghorn       Charles          0249a
Claghorn       Matthew          0249a
Clements       Jesse            0233a
Cobb           Ambrose          0231a
Cobb           Rachael          0231a
Cobb           Samuel           0240a
Cobb           Thomas           0232a
Cobbs          Radford M        0232a
Coffett        James            0244a
Coffett        John             0248a
Coffett        Philip           0244a
Coffett        Samuel           0243a
Coffman        Daniel           0244a
Coleman        Joshua           0232a
Coleman        Sely             0243a
Coleman        Susan            0241a
Coleman        William          0242a
Cook           Joseph           0245a
Cook           Wesly            0245a
Cooper         Jacob            0241a
Cope           Andw             0247a
Cope           Jesse            0244a
Corder         Elijah           0244a
Costellows     Joseph           0229a
Cotan          Peggy            0239a
Cotton         Deborah          0237a
Cottrill       Isaac            0248a
Cottrill       John             0229a
Cottrill       Presly           0229a
Cowan          Robert           0243a
Cox            Amos             0248a
Cox            Fedrick          0229a
Cox            John             0235a
Cox            Levi             0245a
Cox            Samuel           0248a
Cox            William          0230a
Craig          David            0237a
Craig          Robert           0244a
Crank          James            0242a
Crank          John             0248a
Crawford       John             0247a
Creikmoore     John P           0233a
Criswell       John Y           0245a
Culton         John             0245a
Cumstock       Anne             0237a
Cumstock       Nehumiah         0235a
Cumstock       William          0237a
Curtis         Nathaniel        0236a
Daner          Solomon          0241a
Davis          John             0240a
Day            Edward           0249a
Dean           Abraham          0241a
Dean           Thomas           0245a
Denuss         William          0238a
Dickey         John             0242a
Dickey         Samuel           0241a
Disney         Elijah           0232a
Disney         William          0245a
Dorton         James            0243a
Dowis          Isaac            0236a
Dowis          Jesse            0230a
Dowis          Robert           0230a
Duff           John             0246a
Dugger         Daniel           0239a
Duncan         Pearson          0235a
Edwards        Andw             0230a
Edwards        Benjamin         0246a
Edwards        Brown            0246a
Edwards        John             0246a
Edwards        Nancy            0246a
Elliott        Asal             0235a
Elliott        Francis          0230a
Elliott        Michael          0229a
Elliott        Sally            0239a
Emry           Ezekiel          0248a
Emry           John             0248a
Emry           John Jr          0248a
Engle          George           0233a
Engle          Jacob            0230a
Engle          Jesse            0230a
Engle          John             0230a
Engle          Philip           0229a
Engles         Peter            0231a
Epperson       John             0234a
Evans          Alexander        0250a
Evans          James            0250a
Evans          John             0250a
Evans          William          0229a
Evans          William          0250a
Eve            George           0231a
Eve            Gill             0233a
Eve            Joseph           0234a
Ewill          Layhton          0234a
Fannis         Elisha           0229a
Farris         Gilbert          0238a
Farris         John             0235a
Federick       Sely             0244a
Fletcher       Edward           0243a
Fletcher       John             0243a
Floyd          Stephen          0235a
Foley          Elijah           0230a
Foley          Nancy            0236a
Foley          Rachel           0235a
Fore           Peter            0241a
Fowler         Isaac H          0240a
Fowler         Isaac Sr         0239a
Fowler         Jesse            0236a
Fowler         Thomas           0237a
Fowler         Thomas J         0238a
Fox            Benjamin         0237a
Fox            James            0236a
Fox            Nicholas         0237a
Fuson          John             0250a
Fuson          Thomas           0249a
Gambril        Isom             0247a
Gambril        John             0247a
Garrison       Polly            0229a
Gattiff        Aron             0236a
Gerland        Lewis            0232a
Gibson         Andw             0250a
Gibson         Isaac Jr         0250a
Gibson         Isaac Sr         0250a
Gibson         Jesse            0249a
Gibson         Major            0250a
Gibson         Voluntine        0244a
Girdner        Davis            0235a
Girdner        Joseph           0229a
Givens         Edward           0237a
Goins          Isaiah           0231a
Golden         Stephen          0249a
Goodin         Hezekiah         0247a
Goodin         John             0243a
Goodins        Thomas           0248a
Goodwyn        Thomas           0248a
Gorley         Jemima           0248a
Gray           James            0239a
Gray           John             0234a
Gray           Joshua           0242a
Gray           Mary             0239a
Green          John             0231a
Green          Meraweather      0238a
Gregory        Hezekiah         0245a
Gregory        John             0245a
Gregory        Juriah           0245a
Gregory        Rial             0247a
Gregory        Robert           0242a
Grider         Elijah           0244a
Grindstaff     Drury            0241a
Grindstaff     Elizabeth        0242a
Grindstaff     Jacob            0241a
Grindstaff     Lawson           0241a
Grindstaff     Michael          0241a
Hains          Dorcus           0250a
Hair           William          0236a
Hale           Michael          0229a
Hales          Hugh             0233a
Hales          James Sr         0238a
Hales          Rotchester       0238a
Hales          Thomas           0238a
Hamblin        Vincent          0249a
Hammock        Isaiah           0238a
Hammond        Edwin            0231a
Hammond        Edwin            0232a
Hammond        Isaiah           0238a
Hammond        James            0233a
Hammond        Jesse            0232a
Hammond        John             0246a
Hammond        Obadiah          0246a
Hammond        Obadiah          0250a
Hammond        Peter Jr         0238a
Hammond        Peter Sr         0238a
Hardy          William          0246a
Haren          Abraham          0244a
Harp           Benjamin         0244a
Harp           Obadiah          0249a
Harp           Tobias           0249a
Harp           William          0249a
Harp           William          0249a
Harris         Elijah           0238a
Harris         Joshua           0231a
Harrison       Daniel           0241a
Harrison       John             0241a
Harrison       John Sr          0241a
Harrison       Thomas           0240a
Hart           James            0239a
Haun           George W         0240a
Hays           Alexander        0241a
Hays           Robt             0240a
Healy          John             0243a
Helton         Arthur           0233a
Helton         Hamilton         0239a
Helton         James            0233a
Helton         James Sr         0239a
Helton         Joab             0233a
Helton         John             0230a
Helton         Peter            0239a
Helton         Peter Jr         0233a
Helton         Peter Jr         0239a
Helton         William          0230a
Helton         William          0237a
Henderson      Jonathan         0244a
Henson         Isaac            0231a
Henson         William          0242a
Herndon        Benjamin F       0243a
Herndon        Richardson       0244a
Hickey         William          0238a
Higgins        Joel             0237a
Higgins        John             0237a
Hignight       James            0238a
Hignight       John             0231a
Hignight       Moses            0237a
Hignight       Peter            0232a
Hinshaw        Jonathan         0242a
Hopper         Blaggrove        0240a
Hopper         Harris           0244a
Hopper         Jacob            0231a
Hopper         William          0240a
Horn           Christopher Sr   0241a
Horton         John B           0238a
Howard         Betsy            0241a
Howell         John             0247a
Hubb           Stephen          0235a
Hubbard        Isom             0237a
Hubbard        Moses            0246a
Hubbard        Moses            0247a
Hubbard        Solomon          0246a
Hubbard        Thomas           0236a
Hunt           Walter R         0234a
Hunter         Frank            0247a
Hunter         John             0245a
Hunter         Nathan           0232a
Ingram         Ebenezer         0247a
Ingram         William          0247a
Ironmunger     Abraham          0233a
Jackson        Daniel           0246a
Jarvis         Peter            0232a
Jeffries       John             0234a
Johnson        Daniel           0242a
Johnson        Eli              0237a
Johnson        George           0239a
Johnson        Isaac            0249a
Johnson        John             0235a
Johnson        John             0240a
Johnson        Moses            0243a
Johnson        Rachel           0244a
Johnson        Sally            0230a
Johnson        Shadrick         0246a
Johnson        William          0244a
Jones          Andw             0241a
Jones          Dullen           0242a
Jones          Evan             0234a
Jones          Ezekiel          0237a
Jones          George           0245a
Kidwell        Dorcus           0239a
King           Alexd            0243a
Kinningham     Lyne S           0243a
Lambert        Henry            0247a
Lambert        Richard          0248a
Landsdown      Nathaniel        0250a
Laws           Edmund           0246a
Laws           Frances          0246a
Laws           Mashac           0248a
Laws           Nancy            0246a
Laws           Noah             0247a
Laws           Thomas           0248a
Lawson         John             0246a
Leath          George           0243a
Lee            James Sr         0249a
Logan          Blakely          0235a
Logan          John             0229a
Logan          Polly            0229a
Logan          Samuel           0235a
Logsdon        James V          0239a
Love           James            0234a
Lowman         Martin           0229a
Luallen        Anderson         0235a
Lucus          John             0234a
Lusk           Anne             0241a
Lynch          Laurence         0242a
Martin         Ivy              0236a
Mason          Robert           0250a
Mason          Robert Sr        0250a
Mason          William          0250a
Massey         William O        0246a
May            David            0243a
Mays           John             0245a
Mays           Solomon          0249a
Mays           Terrill          0245a
McAllister     George           0241a
McCarty        David H          0238a
McCloud        Duncan           0232a
McClure        Daniel           0235a
McFarland      George           0236a
McFarland      George Jr        0239a
McGowin        William          0242a
McHeargus      William          0239a
McIntush       Jesse            0248a
McKeehan       Thomas           0236a
McKey          Alexander        0229a
McNeill        John             0229a
McVey          Daniel           0246a
Messer         Betsy            0246a
Messer         Moses            0247a
Messer         Samuel           0246a
Messer         Stephen          0243a
Miller         David            0240a
Miller         David            0241a
Miller         David            0248a
Miller         Herald W         0235a
Miller         Hiram G          0235a
Miller         James            0236a
Miller         William          0231a
Mills          John             0246a
Mills          Nasby            0246a
Mitchel        Eli              0239a
Mitchel        Hariet           0233a
Mitchel        William W        0240a
Moody          James            0235a
Moody          James            0250a
Moore          Alexander        0243a
Moore          Ephraim          0236a
Moore          Isaac            0244a
Moore          Joab             0236a
Moore          Joab L           0238a
Moore          Labon            0239a
Moore          Levi             0236a
Moore          Leyhton          0248a
Moore          Thomas           0240a
Morley         Sally            0235a
Morris         Allen            0232a
Morris         Samuel           0241a
Mosley         Sally            0235a
Mullins        Peter            0238a
Mullins        William          0238a
Muncy          Peter            0233a
Muncy          William          0233a
Murry          Nicholas         0246a
Nershon        John             0234a
Newman         George           0248a
Nicholas       Lurrel           0240a
Norville       Spencer          0238a
Oliver         Henry            0231a
Overton        Ephraim          0250a
Owens          John             0231a
Owens          Samuel           0237a
Owens          Washington       0234a
Owens          Wesly            0249a
Parker         David            0231a
Parker         Richard          0248a
Parrot         Armstead         0241a
Patterson      James            0243a
Patterson      William          0247a
Patton         John             0234a
Payne          Benjamin         0232a
Payne          Elijah           0241a
Payne          Elisha           0232a
Payne          James            0232a
Payne          Joseph           0231a
Payne          William          0241a
Peace          Joseph           0249a
Peace          Leroy            0248a
Peat           Richard          0236a
Pemberton      Thomas           0236a
Perman         Fruthias         0234a
Perman         Giles Sr         0230a
Perman         Nancy            0239a
Petett         Daniel           0244a
Pickett        William          0230a
Pinkerton      David            0249a
Pittman        John             0235a
Pogue          James            0242a
Pogue          John             0242a
Polly          Joseph           0230a
Polly          Patsy            0230a
Polly          Rial             0239a
Polly          Thomas           0230a
Pope           Thomas           0234a
Popejoy        Polly            0235a
Popejoy        William          0235a
Posey          John J           0242a
Potter         Austin           0229a
Potter         Polly            0236a
Potter         Thomas           0236a
Powell         Levi             0247a
Prichard       Joseph           0244a
Prichard       William M        0245a
Purcefield     Jeremiah         0250a
Raff           Peter            0242a
Ragan          Owen             0249a
Renfro         James            0245a
Reynolds       George           0229a
Rice           Coleman          0242a
Rice           Joseph           0230a
Rice           Rachel           0231a
Ridget         John             0232a
Right          Fanny            0245a
Rilley         John             0232a
Roads          William          0248a
Roberson       Rebecca          0243a
Rogers         Betsy            0230a
Rose           Ephraim          0249a
Rose           John             0249a
Ross           Hugh             0242a
Roy            Landy            0242a
Rudd           Ausburn          0244a
Rudd           Bryant           0237a
Rudd           Edward           0240a
Rudd           John             0240a
Rukell         Patsy            0237a
Runyon         Silas            0249a
Sanders        Moses            0233a
Scruggs        Henry C          0235a
Scruggs        James            0231a
Sevier         James            0239a
Short          William          0242a
Smith          Alexr            0247a
Smith          Eli              0247a
Smith          Jabel            0247a
Smith          James T          0244a
Smith          Joel             0235a
Smith          Robert           0247a
Smith          Robert           0247a
Smithhart      Darby            0230a
Spencer        Jane             0233a
Spurlock       Rolly            0246a
Stewart        Benj             0232a
Stewart        Daniel           0232a
Stewart        Hiram            0233a
Stewart        Isaac            0242a
Stewart        John             0232a
Stewart        Sally            0245a
Stewart        William          0243a
Tate           Lydia            0243a
Taylor         Cornelius        0247a
Taylor         Jesse Doctor     0234a
Taylor         Samuel           0239a
Terrill        Solomon Jr       0230a
Terrill        Solomon Sr       0230a
Terrill        William          0230a
Tinsley        Robert           0242a
Trosper        Elijah           0237a
Trosper        Elijah Jr        0237a
Trosper        John             0236a
Trosper        Nicholas         0237a
Trosper        Peter            0231a
Trosper        Robert           0237a
Trosper        William          0237a
Tuggle         Benjamin         0229a
Tuggle         Henry            0231a
Tuggle         James            0231a
Tuggle         James Sr         0234a
Tuggle         Spencer          0237a
Tuggle         Thomas           0231a
Turner         Barthallowmew    0238a
Turtle         John             0248a
Tye            Betsy            0249a
Tye            Henry            0249a
Tye            John             0249a
Umfleet        Elizabeth        0238a
Vanderpool     Elijah           0250a
Vankirk        Sally            0233a
Vannoy         Alexd            0240a
Vannoy         Joel             0233a
Vannoy         William          0240a
Voluntine      Jesse            0245a
Walker         John             0242a
Wares          Armstead         0243a
Warfield       Reason           0244a
Watkins        Joel A           0233a
Watts          Holland          0248a
Weaver         John             0240a
Weaver         William          0232a
Wells          Jacob            0236a
Wells          Martin           0230a
Wells          William          0236a
Wherrott       Peter            0243a
Whitamore      John             0247a
Whitamore      Maria            0245a
Whitamore      Solomon          0247a
Whitman        Michael          0230a
Williams       Barbara          0235a
Williams       Hiram            0235a
Williams       William          0242a
Williamson     James            0248a
Wilson         David            0249a
Wilson         Peter            0234a
Wilson         Peter            0236a
Witt           William          0236a
Woodson        Richard          0229a
Woodsson       Henry            0246a
Woodsson       Henry Sr         0246a
Woodsson       John             0244a
Woodsson       Thomas J         0240a
Woodsson       Wade N           0240a
Woollum        John             0242a
Word           James            0238a
Word           John             0243a
Worllow        Peter            0241a
Wyatt          John             0243a
Wyatt          Samuel Sr        0244a
Wyatt          Thomas           0243a
Wyatt          Vinsan           0243a


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