Knox County Kentucky Birth Records 1853

Misc Knox County Kentucky Birth Records 1853

Misc 1853 Knox County Kentucky Birth Records, this was not
published by the Genealogical Society and is NOT a complete list. 

Susan McFarland b. March 13, 1853 
Parents: Barnabas McFarland & Martha Barton?

Greenbury Hammons b. June 1853 
Parents: Edwin Hammons & Elizabeth Tremel?

Thomas F Reeder b. April 20, 1853 
Parents: Edward Reeder & Margret Royal 

Moses Hubbard b. March 13,1853 
Parents: Preston Hubbard & Emily Messer 

Mahala Mills b. February 29, 1853 
Parents: Nasby Mills & Elizabeth Baker 
NOTE: February 29 is considered "Leap Year"
and only falls on even numbered years

Lucinda Hammons b. October 29, 1853 
Parents: Solomon Hammons & Patsy Cole 

Nancy Cope b. February 25, 1853 
Parents: William Cope & Nancy Hammons 

Marscan Edwards b. October 3, 1853 
Parents: Ladamin Edwards & Elizabeth Hammons 

John Mills b. October 20, 1853 
Parents: Anthony Mills & Colvin Woolums

Telitha Hammons b. February 25, 1853 
Parents: John Hammmons & Aspley Mills 

Brice Walker b. December 2, 1853 
Parents: Brice Walker & Nancy Bingham 

Sol Barnes b. April 20, 1853 
Parents: Thomas Barnes & Delia Payne 

William H Mathis Parrott b. October 19, 1853 
Parents: Latney? Parrott & Mildred Eve 

Sarah H Payne b.October 7, 1853 
Parents: Elihu Payne & Mary Vannoy 

Catherine Peavler b. July 30, 1853 
Parents: John Peavler & Polly Bull 

Hiram Parker b. April 7, 1853 
Parents: Raliegh Parker & Rebecca Wilson 

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