Thomas Louis Finney Bible Records

Bible in possession of Miss Sally Finney & Mrs. Lucy Houk, 1966


Thomas L. Finney was borned April 17, 1815
Fettna A. Curry was borned Dec. 23rd 1830. Wife of T.L. Finney
Narban L. Curry recorded the birh of his Beloved Daughter Fettna Anne Curry Finney
Mary Frances Finney daughter of Thomas L. Finney and Fettna A. Finney was borned Dec. 24th, 1850
John Frankling Finney son of Thomas L. and Fetney A. Finney was borned Cot. 3rd, 1852
William Thomas Finney was borned Jan 10th, 1855
Martha Ellen Finney was borned April 27th, 1857
Uriah Gillum Finney was borned September 19th, 1859
Louis Marshel Finney was borned November 23rd, 1862
Thomas L. Finney and Fetney A. Curry was married Nov. 19th, 1849
Thomas L. Finney and Sally Anne Atwell married the 30th March 1862
James B. Finney was borned Dec. 29th, 1864
David C. Finney was borned Nov. 3rd, 1870
Sarah Eliza Finney was borned March 15th, 1867
Susin P. Finney was borned Jan. 21st, 1873
Margret E. Finney was borned 21st June 1875
Fettna A. wife of Thomas L. Finney departed this life Oct. 8th, 1861
Louis Marshel Finney departed this life Dec. 5th, 1862
Sallie Parrydine Finney borned Oct. 27, 1868 and died Sept. 4, 1869
T.L. Finney died June 12, 1886
W.T. Finney died Nov. 10, 1886
Sallie Anne Atwell Finney died June 27th, 1915
Margret E. Finney Trowbridge died Sept 1st, 1905
John Frankling Finney died March 5, 1943
Eliza Finney Atwell died Mar 4th, 1940
U.G. Finney died Jan 10th, 1910
D.C. Finney died May 4th, 1936
James B. Finney died July 9th, 1951
Susin Perley Finney died Oct. 21st, 1952

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