Submitted by Edith Bastin

The Polston/Poston Cemetery is located on what was once known as the OLD STEPHEN GOODMAN FARM in the 1800's and known as the ISAAC MARTIN PRESLEY FARM in 1930_1971. It is located off Highway 88, seven miles west of Munfordville, Hart County, Kentucky, in the area known as the Kessinger Community. It is located about one_fourth mile off Highway 88 on a hill. The cemetery is in very bad shape as it is grown up and many of the tombstones are broken and many of the gravesites are sunk in.

JESSIE POLSTON born 15 September 1884, died 04 January 1886

MARTHA JANE EDWARDS POSTON born 17 May 1866, died 07 January 1897.

DISTY POLSTON born 10 July 1873, died 10 September 1912.

GEORGE McCLELLAN POLSTON born 28 May 1873, died 01 August 1950.

FLOSSIE POLSTON born 19 October 1902, died 08 August 1912.

LETTIE ANN POLSTON born 10 June 1910, died 1911.

OSCAR JEPPY POLSTON born 1895, died 1895.

CLINTY CURT POLSTON born 1895, died 1895.

ANDREW POLSTON born 10 November 1832, died 24 May 1904.

ANN ELIZA POLSTON born 18 April 1866, died 17 April 1885.

ARRENA POLSTON born 28 August 1858, died 21 October 1885.

ELIZABETH GOODMAN POSTON born 16 February 1837, died 01 February 1910.

CALLIE POSTON born 16 August 1890, died 23 April 1893.

LAURA POLSTON born 30 December 1882, died 03 April 1895.

ROBERT LEE POLSTON born 12 August 1877, died 21 January 1948.

STEPHEN DOUGLAS POSTON born 01 February 1862, died 13 March 1953.

EDWARD EUGENE RUARK born March 1931, died March 1931. Gravesite marked by
field stone with no name or date. Gravesite located next to Stephen Douglas

CLINTON EDWARDS born 21 September 1888, died 11 May 1915.. There was a note
by the gravesite saying, "Wax, Ky. Catholic Cemetery".

*NOTE* The two following grave_stones have weathered with age and are no longer readable as well as several other tombstones located in the same row in this cemetery. All tombstones and field_stones are covered by debris, and many stones have sunk into the ground. (I have been familiar with this cemetery all my life as I was reared on this farm.)

*STEPHEN GOODMAN b. 1777, d. Aft. 1850

*ELIZABETH (SEARCY) GOODMAN b. 1794_1800, d. unknown