Pensions Records of Soldiers in Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and Indian Wars

 who settled in Hart County, KY

complied by Annie Walker Burns Bell 1935

BOMAR, JOHN, Sr. Virginia S2383
State of KY, Hart Co, May 18, 1833 The above named soldier states that he is 75, enlisted in the Va. Militia, 1779, under Capt. COBB under Col. WILLIAM McDANIEL . When he enlisted he resided in Halifax Co., VA. and it was in that county that he volunteered and rendevuzed at Williamsburg, VA. He marched on the expedition against the British in Williamsburg, VA. He marched with the other troops to Petersburgh, thence to Jamestown, then to Hampton, thence to Portsmouth and etc., and was discharged at Williamsburg, VA., having served 3 months and served under the same Capt. and rendezvoused at Salsburg, NC and in this tour he served 5 months.

The applicatne in answer to interrogations says that he was born in King and Queen Co., VA, last day of July, 1757. There is a record ofhis age in this father's Bible, which he has often seen, that which is in possession of 1 of his brothers in Halifax Co, VA. He removed avout 25 years since to Hardin Co., KY. now Hart Co. where he still resides and continued to reside in Halifax Co, VA from the close of the War until he removed to KY and settled in Hardin Co. In his present neighborhood, his acquaintances and friends were SAMUEL DURHAM, JOHN B. COBB, WILLIAM B. BROWN, clergyman and JOHN HAWKINS.

CANN, WILLIAM Virginia R1660
State of KY, Hart Co., June 27, 1837, age that he was 80, on March 19, last. States that he entered the service in Amhurst Co., VA in the later part of the month of Aug, 1776 in an expedition againse the Indians. And was in the charge of the pack horses and he with others were under command of a Capt. LEWIS. They took up their line of march toward the Ohio River which they reached about 30 miles below Pittsburgh and from there proceeded into Ohio until they crossed Tuscaraways? just above the mouth and here they built Fort Hampton. States that there were about 2000 men commanded by McINTOSH on this campaign. He was later discharged at Red Stone Fort. In Feb. next after he enlisted, he received $50 in continental money for his services. And in 1777 which was shortly after he had returned to Amherst he was ordered out to guard prisoner at Albemarle Barracks. Next enters the services in Montgomery Co, VA in April 1780 under command of Capt. JESSE EVANS, at the time he enlisted but which was before they left Montgomery and were marched to Chisels Lead Mines in Montgomery Co. where they remained during the summer. In 1780 they left the Lead Mines where they left Capt. TAYLOR and Maj. THOMAS QUIRK, and proceeded through Wilderness to KY under command of a Sgt. Maj. MICHAEL MILES and states that after they reached the Falls of the Ohio they were put in command of a Capt. WORTHINGTON and that he was some others went after a load of sale, they went down the Ohio and up Salt River after it. They then left the Falls uder command of Capt. WORTHINGTON and Lt. COLBERT and proceeded down the Ohio to the mouth of Mayfield Creek 6 miles below the mouth of the Ohio and some short distances above the Iron Banks. He states that there was a fort between Mayfield Creek and the River, which he thinks was called Clark's Fort, that it was in Feb. 1781 when they reached their fort. They went to Illinois town after provisions many times and later went to Vincennse where they were put under command of Capt. JOHN BAILEY. He was discharged at the Falls of the Ohio 1781 and was in this service at least 18 months.

His messmates while in this service are as follows: RICHARD ROBERTSON, JOHN GRIMES, RICHARD RICHARDS, POPE PORTWOOD, DENNNIS COCHRAN, ROBERT DAVIS, GEORGE NICHOLDS, CHARLES BURKS, EDWARD PARKER, ROBERT WHITEHEAD. States that he expects to be able to prove his services by ANTHONY PHELPS of Hardin Co., KY who once told him that he saw him while in the service. States that he was born in Cecil Co, MD, but lived in Amherst Co, VA when called into service. States that he has lived in Lincoln Co, KY, Barren Co, KY, Hardin Co, KY, Warren and Hart Co, KY that he now lives in Hart Co.

Affidavit of JOHN DICKENS of Green Co, KY, said he had been acquainted with the above named soldier since 1784 and became acquainted with him in Lincoln Co. at the place now know as Danville, but now Mercer Co. That he lived in the same neighborhood with them 14 or 15 years. And he now lives in Hart within 1 miles of his affiant but has sometimes previous lived in the edge of Green Co.

Also Affidavit of THOMAS COGDILL of Hart Co., who states that he is will acquainted with the soldier.

Affidavit of JOHN CANN of Hart Co, KY, 1854. Appointed a Power of Attorney to Prosecute his claim for pension of WILLIAM CANN deceased. JOHN CANN was son of CANN, dec'd.

Affidavit of JACOB LOCK, clergyman of Barren Co, KY states that he has been well acquainted with the soldier for 20 years.

CRUMP, JOSHUA Virginia #30352

State of KY, Hart Co, Sept. 11, 1832 The above names soldier appeared in open court at the age of 68 on above date. States that he enlisted in Bedford Co., VA under Capt. JOHN CALLOWAY of the Light Horse, 1780, and served about 2 months. the Lt's name was WILLIAM CALLOWAY at Petersburg, VA, under command of Gen. LAWSON and entered again as a substitute 1781. He again enlisted 1782 as a private under Capt. RICHARDSON, a Mr. GRAVES, Lt. as a substitute for JOHN P. CRUMP and was mustered into service in New Kent Co, and marched down York. Said he was born in VA and resided there until 1795 when he removed to KY and has resided in KY ever since and now resided in Hart Co, and know of no one by whom he can prove his services except JEREMIAH DAWSON. The court examined JOSHUA CRUMP, Esq., upon the interrogations by the War Department, he states that he was born in New Kent Co., VA, May 1765, that he resided in Bedford Co., VA when he entered the service.

Affidavit made by JEREMIAH DAWSON, Oct. 9, 1832, who states that he was in the service with said JOSHUA CRUMP, in the company commanded by JOHN CALLOWAY and has been acquainted with him ever since and has resided near him since.

Hart Co., KY, Nov 1825 Affidavit of JOSHUA CRUMP, who states he is personally acquainted with the above named soldier, placed on the pension roll at New London, Bedford Co, VA where the prisoners and magazine were stationed, that he did not see him under arm or on parade, but he understood he was then a soldier in the performance of his duty. This affiant states that he is well satisfied that said DAWSON was a soldier at that time. That they have lived within a few miles of each other in Hart Co, KY in which they both lived for a  great many years. Hart Co., KY, 1851. Before me, RANSOM A. DAWSON, J.P., personally appeared NANCY A. DAWSON, a resident of Hart Co, aforesaid, who being first duly swore according to law makes the following declaration. States that she was born in Hanover Co., VA, Oct. 6, 1765. That she was married to JEREMIAH DAWSON in Bedford Co, VA, 1788 by JERRY HOLCHER, a Baptist Minister and that her husband died in Hart Co, KY, Feb. 28, 1846, leaving the following children to wit: JOHN W. DAWSON, age 62, THOMAS T. DAWSON, age 60, RANSOM A. DAWSON, age 43, ELIZABETH COMBS, age 47, NANCY BOSDICK, age 52, and SUSAN RADER, age 54. Her name before marriage to

the soldier was NANCY A. DALLAND, and remembers that she was married in March of 1787 or 1788. And swears that her husband died age 84. And knows that her husband volunteered in Bedford Co, VA, under Capt. WATKINS. That he fought in the Battle of Guilford under Capt. WATKINS and Gen. GREEN. That Col. WASHINGTON was the Col. of the Light Horse at the same time and place. That her husband was afterwards stationed as a guard at New London, VA and she know of herself that he was in the service at least 7 months if not longer. She also states that she is still a widow. Affidavit before a Justice of Peace, made by BENHAMIN EDSALL and GEORGE W. JONES, resident of Hart Co, KY, who state that they have been well acquainted with the

soldier and his present widow for many years and knew him in his lifetime. And know that the soldier died in Hart Co., Feb. 28, 1846. Affidavit made in Hart Co, 1851, by DANIEL MORRIS, age 87, who states that he was a private soldier in the Revolutionary War and that he knew said soldier while in the Revolutionary War. That they both served under Gen. GREEN and were both together at the Battle of Guilford. Affidavits made in Hart Co, KY, 1851, byt JOHN GADDIE and VIRGINIA GADDIE, who state that they were reared in Bedford Co., VA, neighbors to said JEREMIAH DAWSON, dec'd. That they knew the soldier and his wife were married in the said Bedford Co, VA about 1787 or 1788 by one JEREMIAH HOLDER, a Baptist minister and that her name before marriage was NANCY A. DOLLARD.

The marriage certificate is filed with the records as follows: State of VA, Bedford Co. I, JOHN R. STEPTOE, Clerk of the County Court, certify that JEREMIAH HOLCHER, a Minister of the Gospel returned to the Clerk's Office of said court a certified copy of the marriage as follows: This is to certify that JEREMIAH DAWSON was married to AGNES DOLLARD on March 28, 1788, by me, JEREMIAH HOLCHER.

DEFEVERS, JOHN or LEVEVER, JOHN & NANCY Virginia W1834 B.L. WT 31,432-160-55
District of KY, Green Co./ March 21, 1826 He was from Hart Co, KY who made application in Green Co in open court, age about 73, states that he enlisted for a term of 3 years, about Jan. 15, 1776 or 1777 in the 13th VA Regiment, commanded by Col. RUSSELL; that he enlisted under Lt. SPRINGER and was attached to Capt. JAMES HOOKS company on the Continental Establishment. He was in the Battles of Germantown, Brandywine and Marsh Hill.

He states that his wife is now age 54, states that his children are poor and not able to lend him any support, and to support themselves and their families.

Affidavit of one JOHN EMMERSON, made in Green Co., who states that he knew said soldier during the Revolutionary War and knew that the belonged to the 13th VA regiment in the Continental Line and was with him at the Battles of Germantown, and Brandywine and Marsh Hills.

His widow, NANCY DEFEVERS, applied for pension and a certified copy of the marriage record from Hardin Co. court Clerk is filed with the papers as follows: JOHN DEFEVERS and NANCY HUSTON of JONAH DODGE a regular authorized minister, April 17, 1794, which marriage was solemnized under a regular license from my office but not returned.

She applied for her pension age 77, July 25, 1855. Hart Co., KY and states that her husband died 1839.

An Affidavit was made by JERSEY DEFEVERS or JESSE ? DEFEVERS, who states that he was personally acquainted with the soldier and his wife.

EDGAR, JOHN Sr. Pennsylvania S30,395
Hart Co, KY, June 7, 1832. age 75, states that he enlisted in Penn., Aug. of 1776 under Col McCOY, states that he was born in New Jersey near Trenton about 1758, enlisted in Westmoreland Co., Penn. Removed to NC in the Spring of 1780 and resided there about 8 years and removed to KY and has resided there ever since in Hart Co, KY. He first enlisted in the 8th Penn. Regiment.

States that FREDERICK SMITH and JOHN DEFEVERS are both acquainted with him and can testify to his character. FREDERICK SMITH of Barren Co. He was in the Battle of Germantown.

Old War Invalid Pension No.8651; Widow original 23499; WT. 20837-160-1812
Capt. WASWORTH Company, 1st Regiment, US Riflemen and Capt. ARMSTEAD's Company, 1st Regiment, US Rifleman

State of KY, Fayette Co. This soldier states that he enlisted from Barren Co, KY in the war of 1812 under Capt. WILLIAM BRADFORD's Company of Light Infantry, 17th Regiment, for 5 years and was wounded at Fort Erie in Canada, 1815. He resided in Woodford Co, KY, in 1818. He was a private in EDWARD WADSWORTH's company, 1st Rifle Regiment of Regular Troops.

LOUISA F. HARBOUR was his widow, the affidavit made in Kansas, Marion Co, May 18, 1878, by his widow LOUISA F. HARBOUR, age 64 resident of Fairplay Township, Marion Co., Kansas. states that her husband served 14 days until he was wounded in the Military Service, War of 1812. That her name before marriage was LOUISA F. ESTES and was married to the soldier March 19, 1837 by JAMES FERGUSON, Scottsville, Tenn. That her husband died in Hart Co, KY, Jan 28, 1860. That her postoffice address is Florence, Kansas.

Affidavits in said Marion Co., ELIJAH MARSH and J.C. NEELY say there were present and saw the widow make her mark to the foregoing declaration. It is shown by a statement from the Adjutant General's Office that he enlisted 1812 in Barren Co, KY for 5 years. His name is listed on some of the rolls as HARBOR and HARBOUR. He was age 16 when he enlisted. Born near Lexington, KY, had black hair, blue eyes, fair complexion. The widow states that her husband was previously married and the name of his 1st wife was NANCY BEHAN?. That her husband died June 28, 1860 at Horse Cave, KY. That she has now been a resident of Marion co., Kansas for 4 years this Oct. 9, 1878.

Also one JEREMIAH HARBOUR, age 39, resident of Grant Township, Marion Co, Kansas, and WILLIAM. P. FICK, age 40, residing at Fairplay Township testify that they are well acquainted with the widow.

State of KY, Hart Co., Sept. 21, 1818. He enlisted 1777 under Capt. GROSS SCRUGGS? Company, 5th VA Regiment and served 1 years as a private. Then drafted in the Capt. WILLIAM HENDERSON's Rifle Company belonging to a rifle regiment commanded by Col. MORGAN. For years afterwards enlisted in horse under Capt. HEARD under Col. MILAN and served 3 years and was discharged at Lancaster, Penn. by Col. TEMPLETON. Afterwards served 6 weeks in the militia under Col. LINCOLN and was in the Battle of Guilford Court House. Affidavits of JOHN McCANLESS and AZARIAH DOSS, who state that they knew the said soldier during the Revolutionary War. The soldier states that he was at the Battle of Trenton, Princeton, and Burgoin, Plains of Still Water, Monmouth, and Guilford.

Said that he had a wife, age 50 and children living with him. And their names are JAMES HUMPHREY, age 17; SUSANNAH HUMPHREY, age 12; ROBERT HUMPHREY, age 10; JACKSON HUMPREY, age 7.

State of VA, Fayette Co., March 17, 1849 MARGARET HUMPHREY a resident of said county, age 71 states that she is the widow of JOHN HUMPHREY who was a regular in the army of the Revolution. That she was married to him Nov. 25, 1780 in Bedford Co, VA and that her husband died April 7, 1825, in Barren Co, KY. That she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service and that he died(sic) Nov. 25, 1780.

A certified copy of the marriage record is filed by the clerk of Bedford Co., VA, show that JOHN HUMPHREYS and MARGARET MURPHY were married Nov. 22, 1784, and the name of the bondsman was WILLIAM WOODY.

Affidavit made in Edmondson Co. KY, Oct. 12, 1840, by MARY BRADLEY, age 73, who states that she was present and witnessed the marriage.

MARGARET HUMPHREY died Jan. 13, 1847, and a Mr. H. HALL said he had always drawn her pension for her, being a relative. "I am now anxious to draw the amount that is due her from March 1846 to the time of her death to be appropriated to the use of her 3 children now being educated at the Deaf and Dumb Asylum in Staunton, VA.

LOGSDON or LOGSDEN, JAMES V. Virginia S30547
State of KY, Hart Co., Nov. 12, 1832 age 66. Enlisted April 5, 1782 on Nolin, Jefferson, KY under Gen. CLARK on an expedition against the Indians at the Pickaway Towns, JOHN VENTRESS was his Capt. and was in the Battle of the Pickaway towns and immediately upon his return home, entered the service as a volunteer under Capt. BLADEN ASHLEY and proceeded to march to the Mouth of Salt River on the Ohio by company for months, that being the term of tour of duty, required when he was again discharged and returned home and in July 1783 he again entered the service under Capt. WILLIAM HARDIN and was out about 6 months and in the Battle of Saline Salt Works.

A living witness to his service is SALOMON KEPSINGER, Jr., and JOHN ROW, who knows of a small part of his services. States that he was born in 1766, MD, Baltimore. He lived in the same neighborhood in which he now resides when he enlisted, it was formerly Jefferson Co., now Hart Co., KY

The record from the Treasury Dept., Second Comptroller's Office, 544-1839 shows that his widow secured the pension after he died, but does not give her name to it, but may be obtain by directing a letter the Second Comptroller's Office, Treasury Dept., and quoting the following data: The widow of JAMES V. LOGSDEN secured pension at the rate of $36.66 per annum, under the law of June 7, 1832, has been paid at this department, from Sept. 4, 1837 to March 4, 1838, the day of his death

MORRIS, DANIEL & NANCY North Carolina W12494 B.L. WT. 34123-160-55
State of KY, Hart Co., May 17, 1833 age 69, next Dec. 24, states that he was drafted in Halifax Co, NC July 1779 where he then resided under Capt. JOHN WILLIAMS, and Lt. PRESTON BROOKS. He served 4 months. He again entered the service in the same state and county 1781, under Capt. SAMUEL CROWELL, Lt. HENRY BRADFORD.

States that he was born in Currituck Co, NC on Seaboard, NC in Dec. 24, 1764. He lived in Halifax Co., NC when enlisted. Removed from there to GA, after the war and from GA, moved to Hart Co, KY but which was then Hardin Co., about 20 years since where he has resided ever since and continues to reside. He was in the Battle of Guilford and other places.

In an affidavit made in Hart Co, KY, March 14, 1845, states that before he resided in Hart Co., he was a resident of Grayson Co., KY. he was age 97 years in 1855, when he made his application for bounty land.

A certified copy of the marriage license is filed by the clerk of Grayson Co, KY, showing DANIEL MORRIS and Mrs. NANCY KEY were married Oct. 11, 1822 by MARTIN UTTERBACK, preacher.

She applied for pension as his widow, age 75, in Hart Co., KY, 1856. That her husband died Oct. 29, 1855. 

PATTERSON, JOHN North Carolina S30,634
State of KY, Hart Co., March 10, 1840 age 77 enlisted in the Autumn of 1778 or 1779 as a volunteer in Rowan Co, NC and about the same month that the British took possession of Savannah, GA, for a tour of 5 months under Capt. WILLIAM WILSON, of Rowans Co, under Lt. JOHN TODD and Ensign ALEXANDER DOBBINS, under Col. THOMAS FRANCES LOCKE, commanded by Gen. RUTHERFORD, who marched the army through Charlotte in Mecklenberg Co, to Camden in SC on to 10 miles ------ house near Charlestown. This applicant took sick at Salesbury and was furloughed 1 month and died(sic) in March with the army in about 2 weeks after the army marched to Savannah he joined Col. A. DOBBINS who by arrangement was to carry the sick delinquents and about 30 wagons with provisions, applicant drove one of the baggage wagons as far as Camden, SC. That after the war he moved to KY from NC.

States that he served 3 months under Capt. JOHN BRANDON of Rowan Co, NC. We joined MORGAN on 12 Mile Creek in Mecklenberg Co., NC. We were discharged in 1780 in the Fall at this Creek. This applicant was called into service frequently as a minute man. He fought in the Battle were Gen. DAVIDSON was killed and on the same crossing the Catawba River was in another Battle at the Widow TORENCE? or LORENCE, states that he was born in York Co, Penn., July 27, 1762.

Affidavits of MARK LIVELY and JOHN DENHAM, who states that they are acquainted with the soldier and believe in his statements.

Deposition of JAMES JONES, a soldier of the Revolutionary War, age 78, taken in Owensboro, KY. Feb. 27, 1839, who states that he was well acquainted with the soldier, JOHN PATTERSON, who resided in Rowan Co, NC and states that he and PATTERSON volunteered in the War at the same time under Capt. WILLIAM WILSON, of Rowan Co, Nc and were mustered in the town of Sallsbury and marched with him as stated above.

I know also the said JOHN PATTERSON was under Capt. JOHN BRANDON a tour of 3 months. We joined the army under Gen. MORGAN in NC on 12 Mile Creek in Mecklenberg Co. This deponent was in Capt. THOMAS COWAN's company and frequently saw the said PATTERSON on duty and know that he served said tour of 3 months.

A letter in the files of JOHN DONAN, Munfordville, Hart Co., KY, April 16, 1855 addressed to the Commissioner of Pensions, Washington, D.C. saying that JOHN PATTERSON is now dead and that his only child and heir now living was Mrs. BEN SELF and he desired to apply for arrears of the pension due to him.

REECE, JOHN Pennsylvania R8647
Hart Co., KY, age 70, Dec. 8, 1834. Enlisted in the service in the Spring of 1781 about April 1st, in York Co, Penn. He enlisted for 18 months. he served under Capt. THOMAS McCURDY. States that he was born in Buck's Co., NJ and his parents moved from there to York Co, Penn. while he was a child and after he was discharged from the service he went to MD and lived several years and from there he went to Berkley Co, VA, in 1790, where he remained 4 or 5 years, then went back to Cumberland and lived a year and then moved back to Madison Co, KY, and then moved to Barren in 1800 where he has lived ever since.

JEREMIAH DAWSON made affidavit that he was well acquainted with the soldier.

JOHN EDGAR made affidavit also, age 76 in 1836, and said he was well acquainted with the soldier.

State of KY, Hart Co, Oct. 9, 1832. Late a resident of Tenn., Smith Co., age 72, was born May 16, 1760 at New London, Campbell Co., VA. Under Capt. COTRELL and Lt. JOHN CRAYE? enlisted in the Revolutionary War July 15, 1780 and remained in services until Aug 15, same year and was employed in guarding the Tories who were taken in Bedord and Campbell Counties, VA. He resided in Bedford Co. at that time, was discharged Aug 15. He was at home 5 days when he was drafted again under Lt. ANDREW IRVINE, and from thence he marched under Lt. to Hillsborough, NC and remained in service until 1781. Was drafted again under Capt. WATKINS and Col. CHARLES LYNCh, JOHN CALLOWAY all from Bedford Co., VA and marched from there to NC and again joined Gen. GREEN near the Hanging Rock Fork on Hawe River. State that he was born in Cumberland Co, VA.

States that he has a son TURNER ROUNDTREE in Smith Co, Tenn. and believes that his father's family bible is with my sister SUSAN MANN? in Todd Co, KY. He 1st moved to Lincoln Co, KY from Bedford Co., VA then moved to Mercer Co., KY and from there to Green River in the same neighborhood where I now live about 1793 or 1794. I moved to Wilson co, Tenn. and lived there and in Smith Co. for many years and then moved back to KY again and now live in Hart Co. His acquaintances in his present neighborhood are A.H. BUCKNER?, known him since 1806 and to JEREMIAH DAWSON? ever since he was a small boy.

Affidavit, State of Tenn., Smith Co., July 26, 1832 by JOSIAH HARPER, before me DAVID WINFREE, J.P., said HARPER, states that he and NATHANIEL ROUNDTREE served in the same company, together with them in the VA Militia from Bedford Co., under Capt. PHILLIP WEBBER's company, commencing Sept. 15, 1780 and ending Feb. 13, 1781, and was discharged Feb. 13, Pittsylvania Old Court House.

Affidavit of ZACHARIAH WORLEY, made in Smith Co, Tenn, 1832 and states that at the time of service of said NATHANIEL ROUNDTREE, swears to above by JOSIAH HARPER. I was not personally acquainted with said ROUNDTREE and was in the Regular Service, myself, but on my return home from the service in Feb. 1781, I became acquainted with him in Bedford Co, VA, who had just returned as I was informed, that he had served 2 tours, there being another call for soldiers, he and myself went out in service again in Capt. WATKINS company, CHARLES LYNCH, Col. JOHN CALLOWAY, all from Bedford Co, and went to NC and joined Gen. GREEN and was in the Battle of Guilford Co. Court House.

State of Tenn, Anderson Co. Oct 11, 1832. This day personally appeared THOMAS BUTLER, who states, that NATHANIEL ROUNDREE and myself were at the Seige of York and that were were mess mates, he believes it was the year 1782, and that he was about age 18.

Affidavit made in Hart Co, KY by DUDLEY ROUNDTREE but states that he is the brother of NATHANIEL ROUNDTREE, that he is age 64, and was too young to be engaged in the Revolutionary war, but recollects that NATHANIEL ROUNDTREE started from his father's house in Bedford Co, VA, to go into service at New London, conveying him upon a horse that distance. He recollects that in the same year, a person by the name of GEORGE ASBURY came to his father's home as he said for the purpose of warning his brother NATHANIEL in the service, that was in? that was in peace time for he recollects going into orchard with the Serg. to show him some peaches, his brother went out according to said call and went with him to convey him on horse back as far as the Crab Orchard, about 10 or 12 miles on his way. He does not now recollect of his being at home again until after the capture of CORNWALLIS, and believes he performed the service as stated in his declaration.

ROW, JOHN & MARY Pennsylvania & Virginia W8555
State of KY, Hart Co, Aug 17, 1832 age 82, states that he entered the service in Pittsburg, then known as Fort Pitt, under Capt. MASON and was a short time engaged in making a treaty with the Indians and again entered service upon what was called McINTOSH campaign against the Indians under THOMAS OGLE, as our Capt.-------- BROADHEAD Col. served over 4 months and while upon that engagement we treated with the Indians and there was no fighting done. In the year 1779 again entered service after being drafted under Gen. CLARK and descended the Ohio River to Louisville ----. In 1783 he again entered the service under Gen. CLARK upon an expedition against the Indians, JOSEPh KENNEDY was Capt. ----- BARNET was Col. and was gone 4 or 5 months. I enlisted during the war what is now Vincennes, Ind. and was mustered into service at Louisville under Capt. PLATTS. I was upon 3 short tours against the Indians not mentioned above. He resided in VA about 30 miles below Pittsburg when he entered the service.

Aug. 17, 1832, Hart Co., KY. Affidavit made by JAMES V. LOGSDON, who states that he has been acquainted with JOHN ROW, from the year 1783 until this time. That he knows of his having served upon the expedition under Gen. CLARK, 1783, as stated by him in this application for a pension and that he has lived a near neighbor to said ROW for a great many years and believe that said ROW was a soldier of the Revolutionary War, and copy of his discharge is filed as follows: This is to certify that JOHN ROW served as a soldier under my command on the Wabash expedition. Given under my hand this Dec. 31, 1792

Application for pension was made by his widow MARY ROW in Grayson Co, KY, Oct 17, 1848, age 75. States that she is the widow of JOHN ROW. With her said husband died in Grayson Co, KY July 2, 1848, that she was the daughter of ROBERT McKANE, and her name before marriage was MARY McKANE. That they were married in Lincoln Co, KY by license by JOHN BAILEY, Dec. 1789.

Affidavit made in Grayson Co., KY, 1848 by WILLIAM ROW, and JAMES EDLIN who state they were personally acquainted with the soldier and his widow.

In an affidavit made by his widow, 1848, she stated that her husband lived in Grayson Co, KY about 8 years, previous to his death and previous thereto lived about 32 years in Hart Co, KY and previous thereto lived about 8 years in Hardin Co, KY and previous to that in Lincoln Co, KY where they were married.

A copy of the marriage bond is filed showing that in Dec. 11, 1789, JOHN ROW and MARY McKAINS secured marriage bond and ROBERT McKAIN was the bondsman. Lincoln, Co, KY

A letter from Elizabethtown, KY, Oct. 31, 1848, from E. S. BROWN to the Pension Commission, states that he is forwarding the application for pension of the widow of JOHN ROW. He said that the old lady sent for him and he traveled the distance of 46 miles through the wilds of Grayson Co. to see her for the purpose of preparing her papers. She is very old and infirm and lives in a wilderness, almost without shelter and in the most abject poverty. Her little hut is about 10 ft. square, made of round logs, plastered with mud, clapboard roof, with weight polls, mud chimney and puncheon floor. She was bare footed, had no shoes, was cooking her own breakfast, consisting of boiled sweet potatoes, and nothing more. She said while her old man was alive and drew a pension she could have coffee for breakfast, but now she was not able to buy coffee. She said she wanted me to try and get her a pension and then she would drink coffee again. Although her physical strength has greatly failed, she retains her intellect, converses fluently about the events of the Revolution and can write her own name. If there be a case which is deserving one and is entitled to the earliest possible attention at the Commission of Pension, it is the case of MARY ROWE. Signed E. S. BROWN.

Certificate as issued by pension office June 5, 1849.

TIMBERLAKE, JOSEPH Continental Virginia S37491 B.L. WT. 2119-100
District of KY, Nov. 18, 1822. Green Co, KY States that he enlisted for 2 years under MATTHEW JEWET, a Capt. in the 7th VA Regiment under Col. ALEXANDER McCLANAHAN, which enlistment was on Feb. 26, 1776 in Louisa Co, VA. That previous to the expiration of said term, he again enlisted in the same county. In Philadelphia for the term of 3 years and previous to the expiration of said term last named he again enlisted in Capt. COALFOX company as one of Washington's life guards to serve during the war, in the Continental Establishment and continued in said service until June 3, 1783, when he was discharged from the service in Newberry, NH. That he was in several skirmishes but was never engaged in any particular battle. That he is in reduced circumstances and stands in need of the assistance of his county for support.

Affidavit made before Judge HORATIO CHANDLER, Judge of the Green Co. Court, made by one WARREN CASH who states that he enlisted in the same company and regiment as stated in the foregoing affidavit of JOSEPH TIMBERLAKE and served in said company with him from Sept. 1776 until sometime in 1779 when TIMBERLAKE was placed in Washington's life guard and this deponent knew him to be in said service from 1776 until 1780 at which time this deponent left the service. He states that he has been supported by all his children and charity (1822)

In 1835 he made an affidavit that he was now residing in Hart Co., age 82, his post office address was Monroe, KY, Hart Co. He lived about 12 miles from Munfordville, 1837.

A receipt in the files as follows: Hart Co, KY, Sept. 15, 1835, received by WILLIAM GORDON, Chief Clerk of the US Bounty Land Office and Land Warrent for 100 acres, No2119, granted Aug. 13, 1835. It being granted to me by reason of my Revolutionary War service as a soldier for and during the war in the 7th VA Regiment commanded by Col. McCLANAHAN. JOSEPH TIMBERLAKE

WHITMAN, RICHARD Virginia S38464
State of KY, Springfield, may 6, 1834, Washington Co. Affidavit made by CHRISTOPHER BARLOW, age 77 who states that he was well acquainted wtih the above named soldier in Culpepper co., VA where he was born and raised. That they were both drafted in Culpepper together in Capt. RUCHER's company 1779 and was discharged at the same time. Col. EPHRIAM RUCKER resided at the place of their rendezvous and thinks he was the commander of the forces in that and adjoining counties. RICHARD WHITMAN made application for pension in Hart Co., KY, May13, 1834, who states that he was born Dec. 22, 1755 in Culpepper Co, VA, not age 78. Enlisted first time in said county for 3 months under Capt. RUCKER commanded by Col. JAMES BARBER in 176, and in 1777 he served under HENRY HITT? of Culpepper. The next tour he served was from Rockingham Co., VA about Sept. 1781, for 3 months where he lived when he was drafted. His mess mates he thinks last tour were JOHN SHAW, JOHN BRUMLEY, WILLIAM FISHWATERS, JAMES BREWSTER. He remained in VA sometime after the Revolutionary War and then moved to East Tenn. and lived about 2 years from there he moved to KY and settled in what was then Green Co, KY about 30 years, from there he moved to Hart Co., (then Hardin) and has continued to reside in Hart Co. One of his acquaintances was AMOS GOODMAN, Clergyman, and PHILLIP DEVORE?, citizen of Hart Co. Said PHILLIP DEVORE states also that he had often heard THOMAS WHITMAN in this lifetime speak of his brother. Said RICHARD having served in the army of the Revolution. Said THOMAS is now dead. He had also heard his father speak of RICHARD WHITMAN's service.

WRIGHT, JOHN Sr. North Carolina S31502
Age 71, Oct. 8, 1832. States that he enlisted in Hillsborough, NC under Capt. McFARLIN under ----- BUTLER. And in about 2 weeks after he returned home, again volunteered under Capt. JOHN DOUGLASS and Maj. ONEAL under whom he served 6 weeks. States that he was born in Hanover Co., VA, from whence he moved to Caswell Co, NC where he resided for 12 0r 13 years, then he moved to Chester Co., SC where he resided for 18 or 20 years from whence he removed to Hart Co, KY where he has resided for 27 years and yet resides in said county.

State of KY, Hart Co, 1833. made an amended declaration for pension. States that he enlisted 1778, served 3 months in his 1st tour, under Capt. McFARLAND. States that he served 1st as a private in the NC Militia and as a volunteer under command of McFARLAND. States that he was born in Hanover Co., VA , Oct. 25, 1761. He has a record of his age in his family bible made by his father. When he enlisted was residing in Caswell Co, NC. After the war moved to Chester Co, SC where he lived 18 or 20 years and from there moved to Hart Co., then called Hardin, he moved here 1806 where he has continued to reside.


Hart County Genealogy