Hart Co., KY
1860 Mortality Schedule

The 1860 Mortality Schedule covers deaths reported by physicians from June 1, 1859-May 31, 1860.
Day of death and parents names are not included in this data.


Name Age Sex Month
of Death
of Birth
Asbaugh, Zenobai 1mo f Jan KY
Bale, Edmond P. 8 m Dec KY
Boston, Rachel A. 20 f Mar KY
Bunnell, S.W. 29 m Sep KY
Burd, Spencer 51 m Jan KY
Carter, Eliza 6 f Sep KY
Carter, Laura. A. 2 f Apr KY
Carter, Sarah E. 3mo f Oct KY
Constrict, Sarah E. 47 f Jan KY
Crump, Jane A. 4 f Aug KY
Davis, Washington 2 m Feb KY
Dawson, William T. 4 m Feb KY
Downs, Alexander M. 1 m Mar KY
Durham, Elizabeth S. 11mo f Nov KY
Durham, Susan M. 35 f Mar KY
Edsell, Eliza 22 f Aug KY
Edsell, George W. 1mo m Jul KY
Epperson, Sarah 15 f Apr KY
Ferry, Isaac W. 1mo m Nov KY
Gaddie, Jesse 65 m Mar VA
Gaddie, Martha A. 3mo f Oct KY
Gardner, Patrick A. 1mo m Jan KY
Gardner, William G. 1mo m Jan KY
Gartner, Joan 17 f May KY
Greer, Mary 22 f Jan KY
Greer, Susan 2mo f Oct KY
Grinstead, Elizabeth 72 f Sep KY
Hager, Mary 18 f Oct KY
Handley, W.W. 8 m Apr KY
Harper, J.I.D. 65 m Jan KY
Harper, Andrew 27 m Dec KY
Harper, Henry L. 2 m Aug KY
Harper, John W. 1 m Apr KY
Hatcher, Henry 2mo m Aug KY
Hawkins, Samuel F. 2 m Oct KY
Heester, Eliza J. 1 f Aug KY
Heyser, Benjamin F. 3mo m Aug KY
Hill, Lorinda 1 f May KY
Hill, Nelson 87 m Feb VA
Hincher, William 25 m Nov Ire
Hodges, Mary B. 5mo f Apr KY
Hord, Richard 1mo m Jan KY
Jackman, John W. 3 m Nov PA
Jagger, Eliza 2mo f May KY
Jagger, Samuel 3mo m Jun KY
Jaggers, James 26 m Jun KY
Jones, Martha A. 24 f Jan KY
Jones, Sarah F. 1 f Aug KY
Juell, Mary 48 f Apr KY
Laws, David 7 m Jun KY
Lilse, Eliza A. 10mo f Nov KY
Lively, Mary J. 12 f Apr KY
Lyon, John 7mo m Feb KY
Marey, John ? m Jun KY
Marshal, Susan E. 45 f Aug KY
Martin, William O. 1 m Sep KY
McCachran, Samuel B. 3mo m Nov KY
McDowell, Mary E. 5mo f Mar KY
McEntre, Sarah 23 f Oct KY
McHallen, James 21 m Aug KY
Merritt, Nancy E. 22 f Dec KY
Merry, Eli 77 m Feb KY
Miller, Sarah F. 2 f Aug KY
Mitchell, James C. 49 m Feb KY
Morris, Nancy 87 f Jan VA
Morris, Walter 36 m Nov Ire
Moss, James C. 19 m Oct KY
Nunn, David, G. 11mo m Oct KY
Nunn, Thomas N. 1 m Oct KY
Oder, James A. 1 m Oct TN
Owen, Lurarcy G.S. 7mo f May KY
Page, William H. 1 m Aug KY
Renfrow, John S. 1 m Jun KY
Reynolds, William T. 1 m Sep KY
Savage, William 74 m May VA
Self, Elizabeth 31 f Mar KY
Self, Joseph 2mo m May KY
Shaw, Nancy 60 f May VA
Shipp, Maline 18 f Oct KY
Smith, Isabella 33 f Jan ME
Sublet, William T. 10mo m Apr KY
Terry, Martha J. 26 f Nov KY
Tharp, Charlotte 57 f Jul SC
Thompson, Robert 33 m Apr KY
Trobrige, Martha 95 f Feb NJ
Turner, Josephine 3 f Oct KY
Veach, John 11mo m Feb KY
Walch, Martin 32 m Apr Ire
Waters, Henry M. 1mo m Apr KY
Wheat, James F. 1 m ? KY
Wheeler, Manda 3 f Oct KY
Williams, Edwin 3mo m Apr KY
Wilson, Jerrymier 75 m Apr VA
Wood, Horace M. 11 m Mar KY
Wright, Christina 41 f Apr KY
Wyatt, John F. 4 m Mar KY

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