A Brief History of Hart County, Kentucky 

The first towns established in Hart County were: 

Hammonsville founded 1785, once a large bustling town, home to the Hammons and Gaddies among others. 

Horse Cave founded after the arrival of the L & N Railroad c 1850, centered around the cave from which it's named. Early settlers here were Grinstead, Wilson, Martin, Lafferty, and Amos. 

Cub Run founded c 1874, though there were settlers here in the early 1800's including the Craddocks, Reams and Gardners. 

Munfordville founded c 1801, Richard J. Munford of Amelia Co., VA obtained 2500 acres here and settled it in 1801. With the increasing number of settlers arriving, Richard designated 100 acres of his land to be set aside and established a town. 

Woodsonville founded 1816, laid out by Thomas Woodson, originally known as Amos Ferry. John Hunt Morgan was sworn into service on the steps of a church in Woodsonville. 

Bonnieville founded 1849, originally Bacon Creek, one of the first settlers here was Kendrick Jameson. 

Priceville founded mid 1800's, named after Meredith Price.

At the end of the Revolutionary War, Virginia authorized the sale of lands in the district of Kentucky to offset the huge expense of the war. These land warrents encompassed the area of KY from the Ohio river south to the Green River. 

Hart County was created from Hardin and Barren counties in 1819. The Green River divides the county into two districts. The northern half of the county was formed from Hardin Co. (formed 1793) which was carved from Nelson, (formed 1785) which in turn, was carved from one of the original counties, Jefferson (formed 1780). The lower half of Hart County was formed from Barren Co. (formed 1799) which came from Warren. Warren (formed 1796) was carved from Logan, and Logan (formed 1792) came from the original county of Lincoln (formed 1780). 

The completion of the Louisville / Nashville railroad prior to the civil war meant that there was considerble military actvity in Hart County during the war. The last battle for the Green River Railroad Bridge, Battle of Munfordville took place from September 14 _17, 1862. Earthen forts remain today as a reminder of the battles fought here on the outskirts of Munfordville. There is a reenactment of the Battle annually at Woodsonville across the river from Munfordville.