Selected Hart County Birth Records
(NS) = North side of Green River    (SS)= South Side of Green River
This has been copied just exactly as the copy reads.
My family lines are: NUNN, POORE, WRIGHT, KNIGHT, SANDERS AND CHANDLER  If you have any connection or info on these familys, please feel free to contact me directly at  (Not responsible for content or errors, spelling, dates, etc.) Information comes from public records.


submitted by Pat Bouteiller_Barnett

Birth Date        Name                                            Parents Name
4_15_1858      Bell, James W.                            James & Rachel Judd Bell (SS)
11_30_1857    Bell, Mary                                  Alexander & Emily A. Kelly Bell (NS)
3_22_1852      Bell, No first (male)                    William & Louisa Harness Bell
4_1_1859        Bell, No first (male)                    William & Mary Harness Bell (SS)
8_27_1856      Bell, Sarah F.                             William & Susan Harness Bell
6_25_1854      Bell, Thomas Bosley                   William & Louisa Harness Bush  (SS)
10_19_1855    Bell, Thomas S.                           James & Rachel Judd Bell
11_22_1853    Bell, William H.                           Alexander & Caroline Kelly Bell (NS)
5_26_1876      Bennett, Alvin P.                          John & Frances E. Man Bennett (Hart_Barren)
4_1_1876        Bennett, Eliza W.                         William T. & Sarah M. Madden Bennett (Hart_Hart)
1_16_1853      Bennett, George W.                      Samuel & Elender C. McCubbins (NS)
8_25_1852      Bennett, James M.                        John & Martha L. Perkins Bennett
5_7_1854        Bennett, Mary E.                          John & Martha Perkins Bennett (NS)
7_2_1856        Bennett, No first (female)              John & Martha J. Perkins Bennett
9_16_1857      Bennett, No first (female)              John & Martha Perkins Ennett (NS)
3_28_1859      Bennett, Peter Bale                       John & Martha Jane Perkins Bennett (NS)
5_5_1874        Bennett, Robert M.V.                   John & Frances E. Nunn Bennett (Hart_Barren)
1852               Bennett. Sally                               Joseph & Louisa Gray Bennett
4_29?_1892    Bessy, L.T. (male) Black              WH & MS Goldes Bessey (Canada_Barren)
1_28_1876      Best, No first (male)                     Peter & Caroline J. Hamel Best (PA_Barren)
1892               Best, __ (male) Black                    Fred & N Rowlett Best (Barren_Hart)
7_26_1876      Bethal, Ettie O (female) Black       John & Laura Williams Bethel (Barren_Hart)
2_9_1876        Bevers, Nannie L.                        James L. & Maggie A. Jackson Bevers (Hend_Hart)
1_16_1876      Bevile, Olie (male)                        Thomas Wyatt & Betty Wyatt (Blank_Hart)??
7_4_1852        Bibb, Nancy                                 __ & Perlina __ Bibb
10_3_1874      Bibb, No first (male) Black            No father listed, Mary Bibb_ no locations given
1907               Biggs/Briggs                                  Daniel/David & Martha Vanmeter Biggs/Briggs (Hart_Hart)
5_10_1876      Bishop, Lulie M.                            Edward B. & Eliza Simpson Bishop (Green_Green)
6_4_1855        Bishop, Robert                              James B. & Sarah Pedigo Bishop
9_7_1857        Blakey, Creed Hovey                   George W & Ann Ball Blakey (SS)
6_17_1853      Blakey, James Henry                    George W. & Juliet Ann Ball Blakey (SS)

8_15_1852     John Curle Wm. W. Curle & Mary Ann Wright
1852        No sex_born alive L. (Lewis) Wright & Louisa Goodman
9_2_1853      Mary Curle W.W. Curle & Mary Ann Wright
7_29_1855      Josephus Curle W.W. Curle & Mary A. Wright

11_19_1874    Defries, Minnie F.                         George & Elizabeth Taylor Defries (Hart_Hart)
3_24_1875      Defries, No first (male)                  John T & Susan E. Weldon Defries (Hart_Hart)
10_22_1874    Denham, No first (female)             Thomas J & Sarah J Sanders Denham (Jackson Co TN_Edmonson)
1_1_1876        Dennis, John I                               William H & Mary J Logsdon Dennis (Breckinridge_Hart)
11_20_1874    Dennis Sarah T                              Miles Kessinger & Mahala A Dennis (Hart_Grayson)Illeg
2_1_1855        Denison, Albert Shelton                  William & Malinda Isbell Denison
12_24_1875    Dennison, Edward                           Eddings & Milly Isbell Dennison (Hart_Hart)
8_8_1874        Denison, George W.                        Jesse U & Tempa J Brooks Denison (Hart_Hart)
7_7_1904        Dennison, Lera                                J S Dennison & A Keith (Ky_Hart)
12_18_1875    Dennison, Lucinda                           Marion P & Mildred P Hill Dennison (Hart_Hart)
6_10_1854      Dennison, Margaret                        Edward & Sarah G Richardson Dennison (NS)
4_17_1861      Dennison, Mary B Twin                  Zachariah & Milly Dennison (NS) (Edmonson_Hart)
4_4_1858        Dennison, Mary M                          William & Polina Meredith Dennison (SS)
8_12_1904      Dennison, Ottis Marie (female)        WH & Ida Turley Dennison (KY_KY)
5_18_1876      Denison, Samuel P                           Jesse E & Tempie J Brooks Denison (Green_Hart)
7_21_1855      Denison, Sarah E                            Thomas & Mary Parker Denison
6_8_1875        Denison, Sarah E    Mulatto            Champ & Mary B coats Denison (Hart_Hart)
4_17_1861      Dennison, Sarah J   Twin                Zachariah & Milly Dennison (NS) (Edmonson_Hart)
8_22_1874      Denison, thomas E                          Zachariah & Milly Denison (Edmonson_Hart)
10_30_1892    Dessmon,__ (male)                          Benjamin & Eliza E Taylor Dessmon (Hart_Hart)
12_30_1856    Devore, Alfred C.                           William & Ann Nunn Devore  (My notation_ C. Stands for Crit, which could possibly be short for
                                                                               Crittenden as Ann's nephew, my great great grand father, name was John Crittenden Nunn).
7_3_1874        Devore, Ellet Thomas                      Otto Kuhn & Susan Devore (Jessamine_Hart) Illeg
9_13_1858      Devore, George W                          William M & Frances Ann Nunn Devore (NS)
2_18_1876      Devore, John C.                               John & Malissa D Logsdon Devore (Hart_Hart)
4_6_1876        Devore, Rebecca A                         William W. & Frances A Nunn Devore (Hart_Hart)
7_4_1876        Devore, Samuel                               James W & Mary A Miller Devore (Hart_Hart)
2_21_1876      Devore William K                            David M & Emma R Fulks Devore (Green_Green)
1893               Devore,William H                            Unreadable
5_14_1875      Devore, William P                            James W & Mary A Miller Devore (Missouri_Hart)

8_24_1859      King, Mary F                                    Rufus G & Nancy McInteer King (SS)
5_5_1852        King, Nancy                                     John & Adaline Vanfleet King
8_20_1858      King, No first (male)                         James G & Louisa Wagoner King (SS)
8_13_1874      King, No first (male)                         Ambrose D. & Delilah Miskell King (Hart_Hart)
11_1_1874      King, Nora                                        John L & Mariah C Foster King (Bedford Co Va_Green)
3_15_1858      King, Susan E                                    John L & Mariah C Foster King (Bedford Co Va_Green)
10_3_1857      King, William Daniel                           Rufus G & Nancy McInteer King (SS)
10_2_1858      King, William Luster                           Iredell H & Mary Ann Mansion King (NS)
12_26_1861    Kinney, Lucinda J                              William & Sarah R Kinney (NS) (Green_Green)
3_23_1875      Kinney, Lucy J                                   Thomas & Mary Tharp Kinney (Green_Hart)
1_12_1858      Kinney, No first (female)                     Fielding & Elizabeth Fuqua Kinney (NS)
2_1_1854        Kenney, Thomas                                 Fielding & Mary E Fuqua Kenney (NS)
8_23_1875      Kinney, William R                               William & Sarah B Kenney (Green_Green)
8_30_1861      Kinkade, Margaret Ann                       John & Louisa E Huff Kinkade (NS) (Hardin_Hart)
9_8_1854        Kirby, Frank                                        James H & Margaret C Wilson (SS) (b Mercer Co)
5_10_1854      Kirkpatrick, Slave Caroline                  Rebecca Kirkpatrick (SS)
11_21?_1892  Kirtley, AE (male)                                AJ & AA Taylor Kirtley (Hart_Hart)
12_17_1858    Kirtley, Andrew J                                John M & Elizabeth A Witherspoon Kirby (SS)
5_25_1853      Kirtley, James Robert                          John M & Elizabeth Witherspoon Kirtley
2_22_1856      Kirtley, John Milton                             John M & Elizabeth A Witherspoon Kirtley
9_17_1861      Kirtley, Mary T                                   JM & Elizabeth Witherspoon Kirtley (SS) (Hart_Hart)
12_27_1859    Kirtley, Slave Bell                                Perry Kirtley (SS)
12_27_1861    Kirtley, Slave Jane                               PJ Kirtley (SS) Copper
11_28_1875    Knight, Anna W                                   James M & Louisa Clopton Knight (Barren_Hart)
7_12_1903      Knight, Edmond                                   JP & Sallie Clopton Knight (Hart_Hart)
2_9_1857        Knight, Isaac W                                   Benjamin & Rosa A Bumgardner Knight (NS)
2_12_1861      Knight, Samarimus (female)                  JP & Ann Malone Knight (NS) (VA_Barren)
12_08_1861    Knight, William Thurman                      LB & Lusanny Reynolds Knight (NS) (Hart_Hart)
11_11_1874    Knight, Willis G                                    Thomas & Martha Hazelwood Knight (NS) (Hart_Larue)
7_15_1874      Knisley, Annie  Twin                             George W & Emily J Brown (Preston Co Mo?_Green)

11_28_1876    Neagle, Pocahontas                              William P T & Martha F Self Neagle (Hart_Halifax Co Va)
3_1_1855        Nevil, Destemonia Ellen                         T O & Nancy A Witherspoon Nevil
11_9_1857      Newton, John W                                   J R & Melissa Buckner Newton (NS)
6_16_1874      Nichols, Carrie N                                  Barcus T & Susan A Ferguson Nichols (Barren_Monroe)
6_6_1876        Nickols, Mary Bell                                William J & Nancy Brown Nickols (Barren_Barren)
3_15_1876      Noe, Clement V                                    John William (or John Williams) & Martha J Perkins Noe (Green_Green)
11_19_1857    Noe, Emily Frances                               Isaac W & Heathy? Sarah Wilson Noe (SS)
6_16_1853      Noe, John Martin                                  Isaac & Sarah H Wilson Noe (SS)
5_14_1855      Noe, Martha Agnes                               Isaac W & S H Wilson Noe
9_8_1907        Noe, No first name (male)                      R L & Nannie Wright Noe (Green_Hart, res EVE)
9_12_1876      Noe, Rebecca L                                    Henry & P__E ElkinsNoe (Green_Larue)
2_14_1875      Norman, Mozetta (female)                     W J & Mary A Grinstead (Hart_Hart)
1_26_1861      Northern, Sarah E                                  U F & Mary J Echols Northern (NS) (Green_Pittylsvania Co Va)
8_20_1858      Nunn, David Greenville                          James A & Elmira Wright (NS)
6_18_1861      Nunn, Mary E                                        Patterson & Sarah R Yates Nunn (NS) (Green_Green)
10_20_1875    Nunn, Mattie G                                      George W & Margaret W Welch Nunn (Hart_Hart)
9_10_1853      Nunn, Nancy F                                       Patterson & Sarah R Yates Nunns (NS)
7_5_1856        Nunn, William A                                     James & Elmira Wright Nunn

8_24_1874      Poor, John W    Black                            John T & Marye Hayes Poor (Metcalfe_Marion)
10_10_1856    Poor, Lucy E                                          Joseph C & Lucy P Gupton Poor
12_26_1861    Poor, Mary E                                         Robert & Lucy J Richardson Poor (NS) (Goochland Co VA_Hart)
8_7_1861        Poor, Mary S                                         Joseph C & Virginia Cogdal Poor (NS) (Green_Hart)
6_15_1874      Poor, Milly M                                        Milton J & Sarah J Bale Poor (Green_Hart)
12_16_1858    Poor, No first (female)                            Robert & Lucy J Richardson Poor (NS)
12_5_1853      Poor, Sarah B                                        Robert T & Lucy Jane Richardson Poor
12_5_1853      Poor, Sarah Buck                                   Robert T & Jane Richardson Poor (SS)
11_25_1852    Poor, Slave John                                    William B Poor
11_25_1852    Poor, Slave Martha                                William B Poor
11_7_1861      Poor, Sophronia                                     William E & Cynthia Gardner Poor (NS) (Green_Larue)
11_1_1854      Poor, Thomas G                                    Dandridge & Lucy Gupton Poor (NS)
10_1_1907      Pottinger, Fred                                      W E & Kate Gardner Pottinger (Hart_Hart, res Fairthorn)
12_4_1859      Pottinger, Mary L                                   Robert & Susan Noe Pottinger (NS)
3_24_1858      Potts, Missouri Frances                          William Thompson & Mary F Potts (NS) Illeg
6_10_1876      Pove?. Sophia Ellen   Black                    John & Mary E Hayes Pove? (Metcalfe_Marion)
8_1_1854        Poynter, Addison Henry Congers          William R & Frances H Asberry Poynter (SS)
2_11_1857      Poynter, Frances Lucinda                      William H & Frances H Asberry Poynter (SS)
8_13_1875      Poynter, Henry F                                   J H & Permelia A Reynolds Poynter (Barren_Barren) (b Barren)
8_20_1855      Poynter, John W                                   J H & Sarah E Neville Poynter
6_2_1852        Pointer, John W                                    Edmund & Mary P Watkins Pointer
8_30_1856     Poynter, John William Marcus                John & Hester Ann Sharp Poynter
8_1_1854       Poynter, Juliet Huntington?                      John & Hester Ann Tharp Poynter (SS)
8_1_1854        Poynter, Josephine                                Edmund & Mary F? Watkins Poynter (NS)
10_24_1858    Poynter, No first (female)                      John & Hester A Sharp Poynter (SS)
2_1_1859        Poynter, Robert P                                 Edmund & Mary F Watkins Poynter (NS)
10_10_1852    Poynter, Samuel Alderson                    William H & Frances H Asberry Poynter
12_29_1857    Poynter, Slave Elizabeth                        William H Poynter (SS)
3_10_1853      No name female alive Peter Rogers & Sally Wright
3_31_1874     Samples, Amanda J                                M J & Elizabeth Brooks Samples (Randolph Co Al_Hart)
3_26_1876     Samples, James G                                  Marion J & Paulena A E Brooks Samples (AL_Hart)
9_26_1854    Samples, John Wesley                            Samuel & Mary Ann Rogers Samples (SS)
9_23_1876    Samples, Marion F (male)                      James A & Mary M Devore Samples (Randolph Co Al_Hart)
5_11_1856    Samples, Nathan                                    William R & Nancy Warren Samples         
3_31_1854    Samples, Sarah Eliza                               William R & Nancy Warren Samples  (SS)
5_6_1859      Samples, Thomas                                    William R & Nancy Samples (SS)
3_18_1852    Samples, William Thomas                        Lorenzo D & Elizabeth Stallsworth Samples
9_28_1875    Sanders, Cattie                                       George H & Jo Ann Roundtree Sanders (Barren_Hart)
7_26_1858    Sanders, Elias B                                     Harlin R & Elizabeth Blair Sanders (NS) (Martin?)
12_5_1875    Sanders, George Ann                             Buford M & Malinda J Reynolds Sanders (Edmonson_Hart)
5_15_1854    Sanders, Lucinda P                                Martin R & Elizabeth Blair Sanders (NS)
?_22_1892    Sanders, Mansfield                                Sidney & L__son Sanders (Edmonson_Hart)
4_26_1874    Sanders, Orphey? (male)                       Thomas & Mary L Stewart Sanders (Shelby_Shelby)
3_19_1859    Sanders, Nancy T                                  John & A Chaney Sanders (SS)
10_14_1876  Sanders, No first (male)                         John F & Josephine Crane Sanders (Edmonson_Hart)
1782            Sanders,______                                        H M & a __ingham (Green_Hart)
6_?_1852     Sandidge, Slave Dolly                            Aaron Sandidge
9_?_1852     Sandidge, Slave no name (male)             Aaron Sandidge
9_20_1904   Sandusky, John                                      J E & Mary Brown Sandusky (Wayne_Barren)
3_2_1856     Savage, John W                                     James J & Gilly Ann Martin Savage

3_29_1874   Wooten, Linsey M    (female)                Nathaniel & Eliza A Hunter? Wooten (Dmonson_Putnam Co Tn)
11_20_1852  Word, Emily J                                      Joseph C Shaw & Sarah Word _ Illeg
9_16_1857    Word, Nancy E                                    Campbell & Mildred J Shaw Word (NS)
9_25_1852    Word, Nathan                                      Campbell & Mildred Ann Shaw Word
8_4_1857      Word, No first (female)                        Noah & Ellen Mare/Mase Word (NS)
5_16_1857    Wright, Artemesia B                             Lewis P & Mariah L Hodges (NS)
5_23_1858    Wright, Blarchley? A                            Carter T & Christina Goodman Wright (NS)
2_6_1853      Wright, Catharine                                  William W & Mariah Hammonds Wright (NS)
9_19_1861    Wright, Charlotte H                               Washington & Elizabeth Richardson Wright (NS) (Taylor_Hart)
12_14_1875   Wright, Clarence Lee                            Thomas R & Nancy J Burks Wright (Hardin_Hardin) (b Hardin)
9_16_1859    Wright, Columbus                                  James & Tabitha Wright (SS)
6_24_1853    Wright, Eliza A                                       John & Lucinda Walden Wright (NS)
5_24_1855    Wright, Ellen Taylor                                James & Tabitha Wright
12_13_1861  Wright, Florinda                                      James & Tabitha Wright (SS) (Green_Hart)
8_23_1876    Wright, Ira Sidney                                   John A Hodges & Ellen T Wright (Larue_Hart) Illeg
5_26_1861    Wright, James D                                     L P & Maria C Hodges Wright (NS) (Tn_Hart)
2_12_1852    Wright, James Woodford                        Moses J & Nancy E Lewis Wright
6_14_1852    Wright, John H                                        William K & Annaliza __ Wright
9_5_1859      Wright, John Story                                  Washington & Elizabeth Richardson Wright (NS)
11_7_1861    Wright, Josiah                                          M T & Amanda J Harlow Wright (SS) (Hart_Barren)
7_9_1852      Wright, Juliet Anne                                   James & Tabitha Wright (widow)
12_21_1874  Wright, Leroy                                          Lewis P & Fannie McHatton Wright (Hart_Hart)
12_21_1854   Wright, Lewis P                                      Lewis & Lavena Hodges Wright (NS)
6_23_1852    Wright, Louisa Ellen                                Alfred & Lucy Ellen Bottom Wright
10_30_1903  Wright, Mary A                                        J M & Allis Whitlow Wright (Hart_Green)
4_12_1854    Wright, Mary Canada                              Moses J & Nancy Elizabeth Ferguson Wright (SS)
12_16_1854   Wright, Mary H                                      William & Ann Dodson Wright (NS)
12_29_1859   Wright, Nancy E.                                    James R & Margaret Taylor Wright (NS)
 5_22_1857    Wright, No first (male)                            James B & Mahulda Logsdon (NS)
1852              Wright, No first (male)                            Curtis? & ____ Goodman Wright
2_5_1875       Wright, Richard W                                  James R & Mary M Whitman Wright (Hart_Larue)
8_15_1857    Wright, Robert A                                    William M & Ann L Dodson Wright (NS)
11_19_1874  Wright, Robert L                                     Bennett & Laura Vaughn Wright (Hart_Hart)
10_3_1857    Wright, Sarah C                                      Washinton & Elizabeth Richardson Wright (NS)
6_23_1856    Wright, Slave Fanny                                C T Wright
9_?_1853      Wright, Slave Frank                                Carter T Wright (NS)
7_10_1858    Wright, Slave Helen                                Carter T Wright (NS)
12_26_1854  Wright, Slave Henry                                Curtis Wright (NS)
11_8_1874    Wroth, John                                            Simeon & Mary Devore Wrota (PA_Hart)
7_30_1876    Wyatt, Ester E                                        Wright Barnet & Mollie Vaughn??? (Green_Hart)
20_23_1874  Wyatt, Flora                                            Richard & Jane S Goff Wyatt (Hart_Hart)
2_16_1853    Wyatt, John H                                         Silas G & Martha J Gardner Wyarr (NS)
5_11_1859    Wyatt, Laura                                           S J & Martha J Gardner Wyatt (NS)
7_20_1861    Wyatt, Leanah                                        S T & Hannan Wilson Wyatt (NS) (Hart_ Hart)
7_13_1874    Wyatt, Lillie Carter                                 Samuel T & Fannie Guinn Wyatt (Hart_Green)
9_20_1853    Wyatt, Mary A                                       William B & Eliza A Watkins Wyatt (NS)
9_26_1859 Wyatt, No first name (female) William B. & Eliza Ann Watkins Wyatt (NS)
5_19_1876 Wyatt, Richard C. Richard K. & Joann Frances Goff Wyatt (Hart_Hart)
8_2_1876 Wyatt, Robert E. Samuel & Laura A. Gentry Wyatt (Hart_Hart)
5?_7_1852 W____, No first name (male) John & Matha Reynolds W____
10_13_1852 Yantis, Ruth French William C. & Malinda Chapman Yantis
8_6_1876 Young, Delia W. Joshua A. & Sarah F. Forbis? Young (Green_Green)
11_7_1855 Young, Elizabeth Jane Thomas & Melvina Young
8_10_1875 Young, William (Black) William Gooch & Amanda Young (Green_Barren) Unreadable last name
1892 ____, Charles Mother was a Parrish