Submitted by Pat Bouteiller-Barnett



This cemetery is located on the Old Ragland Farm at the foot of the hill known as the Old Nunn home place. Only 4 of the stones had anything on them as far as we could tell. There where 5 stones that where clearly grave markers and clearly 5 more graves. The grave of  Thomas J. Knight was sunken in about 3 feet.
Knight, Thomas J. Sept. 13, 1848 May 1920 First husband of Disty Poore
Knight, Disty K. nee Poore May 22, 1880 all it has for a death date is 19 where the year should be. I suspect she is not buried here. Disty was my ggrandmother Lucy's sister and married my ggrandfather JC Nunn after Lucy and Thomas J. died.
Knight, William Aug. 20, 1914 Jan. 30, 1933 This son of Disty and Thomas J.
Hall, J R (Corp'l)  no dates   Looks like Co J 26th Ky Inf

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