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Grant County



Google Maps - This site shows the locations of 151 public & private cemeteries in Grant  Co.

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Photos of Various Cemeteries

Abernathy Cemetery - Dry Ridge
Ackman Cemetery
Altman Family Cemetery - Corinth
Anness Cemetery
Antioch Church Cemetery - Corinth
Arnold Cemetery - Williamstown
Ashcraft Family Cemetery
Asher Family Cemetery - Williamstown
Barnes Cemetery - Williamstown
Barns Cemetery - Cordova (Samuel Barns)
Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery - Holbrook
Bickers Graveyard
Billiter Cemetery - Williamstown (Wesley Billiter)
Blanchet Cemetery - Blanchet
Brewsaugh & Murphy Cemetery - Corinth
Broad Ridge Cemetery - Dry Ridge
Brock Cemetery - Corinth
Brooks Cemetery
Browning Cemetery
Bruce Cemetery
Bullitor Family Cemetery - Williamstown
Burroughs Cemetery - Cordova
Carter Family Cemetery - Dry Ridge
Cason Family Cemetery - Sherman
Catlick Cemetery
Cherry Grove Cemetery - Cherry Grove
Chipman Family Graveyard - Dry Ridge
Chipman - Deitz Cemetery
Christian Cemetery - Crittenden
Clark Cemetery - Cherry Grove
Clark Cemetery (Wm. Clark)
Clarks Creek Cemetery - Dry ridge
Clay Cemetery - Williamstown
Clement Theobald Family Cemetery - Dry Ridge
Clinton Cemetery - Crittenden
Collier Cemetery
Concord Baptist Church Cemetery
Connley Cemetery
Conrad Cemetery - Dry Ridge
Cook - Smith Cemetery
Cordova Cemetery
Corinth Cemetery - Corinth (Old)
Corinth Church Cemetery - Corinth (Odd Fellows Cemetery)
Corinth Church Negro Cemetery - Corinth
County Poor Farm Cemetery
Crittenden Christian Cemetery - Crittenden
Crouch Cemetery
Delf Cemetery
Dey Cemetery - Dry Ridge
Dey Cemetery (Old Baptist Church Cem.)
Dickerson Cemetery
Doud Cemetery
Duncan Cemetery
Dunn Cemetery - Cordova
Dunn Family Cemetery
Elijah Clay Family Cemetery (See Clay Cem.)
Ecklers Cemetery - Corinth
Elliston Cemetery - Elliston
Elmwood Cemetery - Lawrenceville
Fairview Cemetery - Williamstown
Foree Cemetery - Mount Zion
Gaugh Cemetery - Williamstown
Grant County Graveyard - Blanchet
Grassy Run Baptist Church Cemetery - Heekin
Grave of Abel McGlasson - Mason
Grave of Frances Rennecker - Jonesville
Gregg Family Cemetery - Williamstown
Griffin Family Cemetery - Dry Ridge
Groves Cemetery - Corinth
Harrison Family Cemetery - Williamstown
Hedger Cemetery (Jacob Caplinger Hedger Family)
Henderson/Rouse Cemetery - Crittenden
Henry Cemetery - Corinth
Hill Crest Cemetery - Dry Ridge
Holbrook Cemetery - Holbrook (Bethany Baptist Church Cem.)
I.O.O.F. - Corinth (Odd Fellows))
James Gouge Cemetery - Mason
Jones Family Graveyard - Holbrook
Jonesville Cemetery - Jonesville
Jump Cemetery
Kannady/Kennedy Cemetery
Keefer Cemetery - Corinth
Kemper Cemetery - Jonesville
Kentucky Veterans Cemetery North - Williamstown
Kinman Family Graveyard
Kinslaer Cemeteryy - Dry Ridge
Knoxville Cemetery - Dry Ridge
Landrum Cemetery
Lawrence Family Cemetery
Leary Family Cemetery - Zion Station
Lebanon Cemetery
Lebanon Presbyterian Church Cemetery


Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery - Jonesville
Mann Cemetery
Mann - Roshe Cemetery
Martin Cemetery - Dry Ridge
Mason Baptist Church Cemetery - Mason
Mason Family Cemetery - Keefer
Masterson - Pattie Cemetery - Sherman
Matlack - Oelker Family Cemetery
McGlasson Family Graveyard - Mason
McGuinnis Cemetery - Dry Ridge
Menefee Cemetery - Flingsville
Mitts Cemetery - Stewartsville
Moon Cemetery
Moore Cemetery - Dry Rdge
Morgan Cemetery
Morgan Cemetery #2
Morris Family Graveyard - Williamstown
Mount Hebron Baptist Church Cemetery
Mount Olivet Cemetery
Mount Pisgah Cemetery - Dry Ridge
Mount Zion Church Cemetery - Dry Ridge
Mount Zion Church Cemetery - Cordova
Mount Vesion Cemetery
Mount Carmel Church Cemetery - Williamstown
Nelson Cemetery - Cordova
New Vine Run Cemetery - Dry Ridge
Newby Family Cemetery - Corinth
Nix Cemetery
Norton Cemetery - Dry Ridge
Oakridge Baptist Church Cemetery
Odd Fellows Cemetery - Corinth (See I.O.O.F. Cemetery)
Old Baptist Church Cemetery
Old Corinth Cemetery - Corinth
Old Sipple Cemetery
Old Skirvin Family Cemetery
Old Vine Run Baptist Church Cemetery - Folsom
Page Cemetery
Penick Cemetery
Penick Cemetery #2 - Sherman
Pettit Cemetery
Phillips Cemetery
Pleasant View Baptist Church Cemetery - Zion Station
R. A. Collins Family Cemetery
R. T. Collins Family Cemetery - Dry Ridge
Raven Creek Cemetery
Redman - Nix Cemetery - Dry Ridge
Reed Cemetery - Stewartsville
Rennecker Cemetery - Dry Ridge
Rhoton Family Cemetery - Williamstown
Richard L. Abernathy Family Cemetery
Risen Cemetery
Robert Barnes Adams Cemetery
Robinson Cemetery - Corinth
Rouse Cemetery - Crittenden
Rulon Cemetery - Corinth
S. G. Menefee Family Cemetery - Williamstown
Saint Joseph Catholic Cemetery
Saint Marys Cemetery
Salem Methodist Church Cemetery
Sechrest Cemetery
Sheriff Cemetery
Sheriff Cemetery #2
Shiloh Baptist Cemetery - Corinth
Simon Nichols & Wilson Stanley Family Cemetery
Simpson - Wilson Cemetery - Mason
Sipple Cemetery
 Skinner - Thompson Cemetery
Souder Cemetery - Corinth
 Souders Chapel Cemetery - Corinth
 Steger Cemetery
 Stone Family Graveyard
 Taylor Cemetery - Corinth
 Thompson Cemetery - Stringtown
 Webb Cemetery
 Webster Cemetery
 West Family Cemetery - Williamstown
 White Chapel Cemetery
 William Clark Cemetery
 Williamstown Cemetery - Williamstown
 Windings Cemetery
 Woodyard Family Cemetery - Williamstown
 Young Family Cemetery - Crittenden