Minutes of the One Hundred and Sixty-Second Annual Session Of

The New Salem Association

Of Old Regular Baptist of Jesus Christ

September 1987


FANNIE HOLLAND ROWE fannie_holland_rowe_ORB.jpg (27441 bytes)

Mrs. Fannie Holland Rowe was born December 16, 1903 and died March 4, 1987 making her stay on this earth eighty-three years, two months and sixteen days.
She was the daughter of Lewis and Cora Holland of Pike County and was married to Willard Rowe of Pike County. To this union were born eight children. She was preceded in death by her husband Willard and four children. She is survived by two sons: Kermit Rowe of Des Plaines, Illinois, and Lonnie Rowe of Medical Lake, Washington; two daughters: Vesta Virginia Michalski of Des Plaines, Illinois, and Helen Christene Hicks of Albany, Ohio. She is also survived by four sisters: Adaline Smallwood, Martha Rasnick, Mary Adkins, all of Pike County and Edith Sergent of Hopkinsville, Kentucky. She had twelve grandchildren and twenty-one great-grandchildren.
She was a member of the Stone Coal Regular Baptist Church from the second Sunday in July of 1933 until her death. The Stone Coal Church will miss her, the neighbors and friends will miss her, especially Brother Hawley Scott and Sister Ruby.. We mourn our loss with memories of Mother that will always be with us.
Written by her children, with saddened hearts

JAMES THOMAS TERRY james_homas_terry_ORB.jpg (21122 bytes)

It is with a sad and aching heart and a lonely feeling, but with a thankful heart, as requested, to write an obituary of our precious and loving son, James Thomas Terry of Lackey, Kentucky. He was born May 5, 1938 and deceased this life April 24, 1983, making his stay here forty-five years and nine months.
He is survived by his parents Ernest Terry and Lanie Jones Terry of Lackey, Kentucky, one sister, Bonnie Warrens, one brother-in-law, Glennis Warrens, a niece, Aleshia Hale, and one nephew, Jason Warrens, all of Garrett, Kentucky, and many, many relatives and friends too numerous to mention whom he loved and miss him so much. He was a friendly boy and loved his friends. The flower of their home is missing but will bloom in Heaven forever and ever where he won't have pain with that dreadful disease, cancer.
He grew into manhood, but had the mind of a little child, loved little children and would tease them to see them laugh. My boy, as his mother would say, became very sick and wanted something done, they took him to Lexington Hospital, where doctors did all they could for him. His mother stood by his bed seeing him leave this sinful world, going to a better home we do believe, not made by hand. He told his dad on the phone, "I love you, Daddy." These were the last words he ever spoke. The death angel came and took him where there won't be any more sickness or death and by the help of the good Lord, you both can meet him again. You both did all you could, but parting came; home won't be the same but life has to go on.
He wanted to be buried in his overalls and long sleeve shirt, as he always wore and wanted Old Regular Baptist preachers to sing and preach over him. They did as he requested so to both of you, press on and be ready when God calls, "Come on home," as I feel and believe little Jimmie was ready and answered the call, come on home and live with Jesus forever and ever.
Written by Nora Slone Requested by Lanie and Ernest Terry

MABEL ELIZABETH HALL ENGLAND mable_hall_england_ORB.jpg (16725 bytes)

With a broken heart I will try to write the obituary of our beautiful, beloved wife and mother, Mabel Elizabeth Hall England. Mother was born July 16, 1922 at Craynor, Kentucky, a daughter of Albert Leonard and Victora Tackett Hall, who preceded her in death. Mother was one of eleven children, four of whom preceded her in death. They were: William Freeman Hall, Ivan Eugene Hall, Elmer Ray Hall, and Virginia Mae Camp.
She was married to Robert V. England on April 28, 1945 at the home of her parents in Wheelwright, Ky. They were married for forty-one years and nine months until death parted them. Unto this union were born three children: Robert Eric England of Price, Kentucky, Danny Lynn England of Palm City, Florida, and Brenda England Youmans of Minnie, Kentucky.
She left behind to mourn their loss, her husband, her three children, four brothers: Albert L. Hall of River Rouge, Michigan, Clifford C. Hall of Polk City, Florida, Edwin Harry Hall of Edgewater, Florida; two sisters: Violet Ann Twaddle of Toledo, Ohio, Dallas Lou Prater of Edgewater, Florida; four grandchildren: Brett Traver, and Jordan Youmans, both of Minnie, Kentucky, Tai Myriah England of Price, Kentucky, Miranda England of Martin, two stepchildren: Michelle- and Marlene See of Palm City, Florida, and a host of other relatives and friends.
Mother always had a smile on her face and a kind word to speak. She was always ready to give a word of encouragement, a big hug and words of love and understanding in our time of need. No problem was too small for us to bring to her. She would listen with patience and give us words of advice. She was always there for us, no matter how tired or how bad she would feel, we, her family, always came first. She was my best girl friend. Her door was always open and everyone was made to feel at home and feel like family. She was dearly loved by all her family and friends and our world will never be the same without her.
Mother would have me tell you how much she appreciated all the kindnesses shown to her and her family during this trying time. It makes me proud to know how much people thought of my mother.
Mother was a beautiful person both in person and in spirit and a bright and shining light has gone out of our lives. God picked a beautiful rose for his garden when he called Mother home to be with Him and I know she watches over us. She will live in our hearts forever more.

Written by her loving daughter, Brenda England Youmans

WILEY JONES wiley_jones_ORB.jpg (11054 bytes)

I will now comply with the request of Lanie Jones Terry to write the obituary of a precious father, Wiley Jones. He was the son of the late Floyd and Sarah Bailey Jones of Magoffin County, Kentucky and was born May 4, 1888 He died September 4, 1983 making his stay on earth ninety-five years and nine months.
He was married to Ellen Slusher. To this union were born ten children. His wife, Ellen, and eight children preceded him in death. One son, Frankie Jones of Tenneessee and one daughter, Lanie Jones Terry of Lackey, Kentucky, survive. Later he married Minnie Gibson, who also preceded him in death. After her death he married Susie Johnson, who also preceded him in death. One son, Jackie Jones was born to this union. Also surviving are eighteen grandchildren, forty-two great-grandchildren, and three great-great-grandchildren, who loved their papa.
Wiley was a retired miner and a member of the Baptist Church. He worked hard to raise his family, was honest and a good citizen of the community. He was loved by all his family and many friends.
In his last days he lived with his daughter and son-in-law, and when he became sick and needed care
they took care of him as long as he lived. He bore his sickness with patience. We hope and believe he is resting from his labor. So sleep on, Daddy. I hope to meet you and I feel it won't be long until we will be together in that beautiful home not made by hand, eternal home where there will be joy, peace and happiness forever and ever and parting will be no more.
Written by Nora Slone Requested by his daughter, Lanie Jones Terry

CHARLIE JOHNSON charlie_johnson_ORB.jpg (13039 bytes)

As I sit here by my window, listening to the singing of the birds, the falling rain brings a sweet smell of freshness to the air. I'm reminded that all things were created by God for the good of his people, but because of the fallen nature, death was introduced to mankind. Death is what has brought me here to this place in my life. On a day not long ago, it seemed the music of the birds wasn't so sweet anymore, and the soft falling rain was the earth weeping for the passing of a good man. That man was my father, Charlie Johnson. Charlie Johnson was born to Malion and Ussla Johnson on April 13, 1913, the youngest of seven children. All of his life was spent in the mountains of Southeastern Kentucky where he learned to love the mountains and mountain people. He developed a great love for the creation of God. He appreciated the handiwork of God so much ...he always took the time to notice the beautiful blooming flowers in the spring over the rain...a cool breeze over the heat of the day... the yellow and red beauty of the changing leaves in the fall over the foretelling of the approaching winter... the purity of the snow over the inconvenience that it created. I guess that is the inheritance my Dad left me that I appreciate most ...a love for my Lord and his creation.
To the life of Charlie Johnson, the Lord gave Eliza Jane Collins to be his wife on September 30, 1933. To this union were born seven children: Betty Sue Tackett of Marshallville, Ohio, Mary Lou Howell of Rittman, Ohio, Bonnie Jean Thacker of Rittmen, Ohio, Jeanetta Selbee of Ritman, Ohio, Charles Everette Johnson of Weeksbury, Kentucky, Nancy Louise McDonald of Rittman, Ohio, Billy Dean Johnson of Weeksbury, Kentucky. Proverbs 31:10 says, "Who can find a virtuous woman; for her price is far above rubies." My Dad did., When the world outside seemed like it was falling apart, there was always a sense of security around us, because we knew Mom and Dad had a never-dying love for each other. They loved us in the same manner.
I remember Mom accepted the Lord into her life first. Dad would take her to church, but he would always stand way off in the back alone (Dad was always a quiet, shy man) and he would listen to the word of God. There soon began a war inside his heart, as he wrestled with his sin nature. Dad was a man most miserable, but he soon gave way to the wooing of the Holy Spirit. Dad gave his heart and life to the Lord. Dad soon joined the membership of the Old Regular Baptist. His home church was loppa, and he was a member there for thirty-seven years. Dad's church held a dear and sweet place in his heart. I remember in the summer we would attend services outside. Dad and I would take a walk up the hill and rest under a tree, but always within hearing of the Word. We would talk about how man was of a few days and full of trouble, but he would say it will be better over there, when we get home. That frightened me as a young girl because I didn't want to leave this great, loving man. My father was always so strong., but yet soft as a kitten when it came to his family. You know, I could write a book about this man named Charlie Johnson, but I realize space is limited. Dad went to be with his Lord December 17, 1986. I guess people would say he died, but Dad just cast aside that which is mortal and put on the robe of immortality. In my mind's eye I see the beautiful robed angel entering the hospital at Paintsville, Kentucky, saying, "Charlie, it's time for you to enter and claim your inheritance that is yours through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, God's Son." As Dad's spirit began to rise, I'm sure he looked back. The love of his wife and children were ever so strong on his heart, but as the beautiful music of Heaven caught his. ears, he look homeward and saw the faces of his Mom and Dad, his three children that died at birth, that he never had the joy of raising, and he gave one more glance back at his loved ones he was leaving. Suddenly, his eye caught a glimpse of the resurrected Christ and His glory, and my Dad was earthbound no more, he wanted to be with his Lord. We were told that he got this beautiful smile on his face, and he just stopped breathing. I believe that was when he saw Jesus. It was at that moment Dad's presence was taken from us, but not his love and the things he taught us. They will live on in our hearts and life as long as the Lord blesses us to live. Dad never acquired much earthly wealth, but he was an heir of a kingdom. He never acquired any earthly degrees, but he was a man of great wisdom. He always taught his family about the Lord, and he lived what he taught. In closing I say,"...and, I heard a voice from Heaven saying unto me, write: blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea saith the spirit; that they may rest from their labors, and their works do follow them." Revelation 14:13. My daddy, Charlie Johnson, is resting.

Written by the family

BUTLER HAMILTONbutler_hamilton_ORB.jpg (26355 bytes)

With a sad heart, I am writing this obituary of Butler Hamilton, my brotherin-law. He was born on April 3, 1932 and passed away June 5, 1985 of a heart attack in his home, making his stay here on earth fifty-three years. He was married to Dorothy Faye Hamilton on June 9, 1951 and to this union were horn two daughters, Tricia Ann and Shireen, who both preceded him in death. Butler was the son of E. V. Hamilton and Della Hamilton. He is survived by four brothers: Bill Hamilton of McDowell, Ky., Ruford Hamilton of St. Louis, Mo., John L. Hamilton of Baltimore, Md., Carl D. Hamilton of Jefferson City, Tenn., and two sisters: Lillie Hammonds of Martin, Ky., and Marie Clark of Pikeville, Ky. Butler was a good-hearted person and did many favors for people who came to Michigan looking for work. Butler had several illnesses during his lifetime. During the last several years of his life he prayed and read the Bible daily. He had a hope of a better place where there would be no more pain and sorrow after he left this earth. I am sure Butler, Dorothy and their two children are all in Heaven.

By Magdalene DeVillez

DOROTHY HAMILTON dorothy_hamilton_ORB.jpg (20957 bytes)

It is with a sad heart that I write this obituary of my beloved sister, Dorothy Faye Hamilton. She was born October 25, 1930 and left this life January 15, 1987 making her stay here on earth fifty-six years. She passed away at the Harper Hospital, Detroit, Michigan following a long illness. She was married to Butler Hamilton, who preceded her in death. Unto them were born two daughters: Tricia Ann and Shireen, who both passed away during their early childhoods. She is survived by her mother, Goldie Hamilton of Teaberry, and four sisters: Magadalene DeVillez, with whom she made her home for the last twenty months in Riverview, Michigan, Shirley Reynolds of Beaver, Kentucky, Vicky Bryant of Beaver, Kentucky, Lakie Johnson of Teaberry, Kentucky; five brothers: Jay Lee Hamilton and Lee Roy Hamilton, both of Beaver, Kentucky, Eugene Hamilton and Ralph Hamilton, both of Teaberry, Kentucky , a::u Garry Donald Hamilton of Taylor, Michigan.
Dorothy was a great person, everyone that knew her loved her. All the children in the family loved her like a grandmother. She never complained about her illness or anything. She would always tell me she was going to be alright. She had enough faith in the Lord. I know she has gone to a better resting place than was on earth for her. There is never a day that my heart doesn't ache for her. We all miss her so much. Her suffering is over but we miss her because she was such a pleasure to have around.
I would like to share with you some kind words that were written about my beloved sister by Cory Adkins: Sister Dorothy was a member of the Little Ida Church. We are so thankful that our paths did cross in this life. We all have been so blessed to know sweet Dorothy. Sister Dorothy lived a humble life living peacefully among all who knew her. Her very life was always with Christ in everything she said and did. 1 was priviliged to have many good talks with her. Sister Dorothy inspired everyone who came in contact with her, never complaining and always trusting God that she would overcome her sickness. Sister Dorothy had cancer of the throat, suffered through many treatments and was in and out of the hospital very often.
When Brother John Ankins and I would go visit her, she was always so happy for visitors to come and see her. Sister Dorothy had a love so strong that she lifted all our spirits. She would often say "Sister Cory, I am going to lick this thing yet." She never gave up hope and never seemed discouraged. She remained faithful to the end, her hopes never seemed to grow dim. Oh yes, Sister Dorothy, you finally overcame every pain, every heartache, and went on home to rest in Jesus who will give you a perfect body.
Debbie DeVillez, neice, and Sister Dorothy were so close. They always read the Bible and prayed together. Debbie loved her so much.
Those that do not know God and want to go to the great reunion in Heaven to be with Sister Dorothy, You must all repent of your sins and live for God if you expect to see her again. For those who are in Christ, death is not the end but only the beginning when we come to know God's life has just begun.
Sister Dorothy, we long for the day when we can see the cancer all gone and be reunited with you around the throne of God.

By Magdalene DeVillez

CODA WATTS coda_watts_ORB.jpg (23319 bytes)

Born- September 21, 1909
Died- June 28, 1986
Survivors:: Ray Watt, Aster Watts, Ruby Watts, Otis Watts, Carl Watts, Betty Jo George, Locreasia Burke, Ilie Howard, Mable Osborne.
Preceded in death by one son, Okie, and one daughter, Virginia. Survived by.: one brother, Otis Watts; thirty-two grandchildren and thirty great-grandchildren. Funeral: Monday 10:00 a. m. June 30, 1986, at Ball Branch Regular Baptist Church, Mousie, Kentucky. Clergy: Roger Hicks, Burton Howard, and Curtie Hall. Burial: Smith Moore Cemetery at Mousie. Hindman Funeral Home in charge of arrangements.

Written by the family

CARRIE WICKER WATTS carrie_wicker_watts_ORB.jpg (31966 bytes)

Born: March 5, 1909
Died: July 26, 1982
Survivors.: Coda Watts, husband; Ray Watts, Aster Watts, Ruby Watts, Otis Watts, Carl Watts, Betty Jo George, Locreasia Burke, Ilie Howard, Mable Osborne. Preceded in death by: one son, Oakie, and one daughter, Virginia.
Survived by two brothers: Mitchell Wicker and Elmer Ray Wicker, and two sisters: Minnie Triplett and Flossie Corkhill; twenty-eight grandchildren and twenty-six great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 29, 1982 at 10:00 a. m. at the Ball Fork Regular Baptist Church at Softshell, Kentucky. Clergy : Burton Howard, Roger Dale Hicks and Coy Combs. Burial: Smith Cemetery at Mousie, Kentucky.

Written by the family

THELMA HALE OUSLEY thelma_hale_ousley_ORB.jpg (16753 bytes)

With much sadness, I'll try to write an obituary of my mother, Thelma Ousley. Thelma Hale Ousley was born October 14, 1912 at Alphoretta, Kentucky to James and Sarah Prater Hale. She departed this life April 25, 1987, making her stay seventy-four years and six months. She married Dockie Ousley March 29, 1929 at Risner, Kentucky. Dad died September 4, 1956 of a stroke and heart attack. To this union were born ten children: Burnis (Bud), Willie (Bee), and Gomer, all deceased, Gean Carr, of Cincinnati, Ohio, Paul Ousley of Morehead, Kentucky, Edd Ousley of Prestonsburg, Kentucky, Lilly Deturk of Peru, Indiana, Cassie Shepherd of Langley, Kentucky, Curtis Ousley of Tucson, Arizona, Ruth Harmon of Warsau, Indiana. She leaves twenty-one grandchildren and fourteen great grandchildren to mourn her loss.
Mom became a christian in 1974. She was baptized into the Old Regular Baptist Church of Cold Springs. She always attended church when she was able. She had a dear friend, Julie Ousley who always took her to church. They always called each other to see if each was able to go to church.
Mom's sickness was diagnosed seven weeks before God called her home. She never complained during her sickness. Mom said the sickness she had, it took the good Lord above to bring her through, but God saw he needed another rose for his garden.
Mom worked hard to raise her children after Dad died. She prayed hard for them. She was one of the greatest mothers in the world. I believe Mom is at rest from her labor. She is greatly missed as each day passes by.
Mom had four sisters and three brothers: Pearlie (deceased), Okra (deceased), Virginia Adkins of Lima, Ohio, Clyde Hale of Martin, Kentucky, and Lawrence Hale of Prestonsburg, Kentucky.
If Mom could speak back, I believe she would say, "I'm not in any pain, I'm at rest. My children did a great job taking care of me." Her family kept her home and stayed day and night and took care of her.

Written by a broken-hearted daughter Cassie Shepherd of Langley,, Kentucky

JUNIE BOYD junie_boyd_ORB.jpg (17488 bytes)

In loving memory of our dearest mother, Junie Conn Boyd, who departed this sorrowful world for her heavenly home on April 3, 1987. Mother was born September 3, 1917 to Hie and Virgie Conn. She grew up in a happy home with six sisters: Nicie, Norma, Allie, Atchie, Frankie and three brothers: Willie, Edd, and Banner. One sister, Atchie, and both parents preceded Mother in death. Mother chose Liney Boyd to be her loving husband, May 2, 1935 and started a wonderful family foundation. Their building stones were: Yvone, Virgie Rose, Christopher, Coley Douglas, and Faye. Christopher died at birth. Our home holds many precious memories. Mother gave her loving care to each and every one she touched. She was thought of by her younger brothers and sister as Mother, and by her nieces and nephews as Granny.
Mother joined the Old Regular Baptist Church the third Sunday in September, 1950 making her home at the Little Salem Church. The greatest part of her life was being with her brethren and sisters and rejoicing in the Lord. Mother was a faithful member of the church and an inspiration to all who knew her. We have often heard her spoken as a Mother and a great light of the church. One by one the children left the family home making a family of their own. Yvone chose Willie Howell, Virgie Rose chose Bill Jack Scalf, Faye chose Kermit Hall, and Doug chose Melisa Meade. Mother was blessed with seven grandsons; Harold, Rickie, David, Stevie, Tommy, Michael, and Douglas Lee; two granddaughters- Robin and Patty. Her rose garden was complete with her seven great-grandchildren.
The dreadful disease of cancer made Mother unable to go and be with friends and neighbors for the past five years. It gives us joy that we were blessed to keep her home and care for her until Jesus called for her to be with him in heaven.

Written by her loving family with the help of Clinton Akers

GEORGE R. KIDD george_r_kidd_ORB.jpg (15669 bytes)

It is with much sadness and a broken heart that I try, with the help of the good Lord, to write the obituary of our dear father, George R. Kidd. He was born June 1, 1924 at Honaker, Kentucky, the son of Mack and Vesta Hughes Kidd. He died November 13, 1986 making his stay on earth sixty-two years, five months and twelve days.
He married Della Carroll, July 15, 1940. . Unto this union were born sixteen children. Four children preceded him in death. Left to mourn their loss are:: his wife, Della, twelve children, four brothers, six sisters, forty-seven grandchildren, and thirteen great-grandchildren. His children are: Mack Denzil Kidd of Honaker, Ky., F. B. Kidd of Louisa, Ky., Elder Maniford "Freddie" Kidd of Grethel, Ky., Tennie Kidd Parsons, Julavene Kidd Case and JoAnn Kidd Innis, all of Honaker, Ky., George Ann Kidd Case, Pikeville, Ky., R. J. Kidd of Boldman, Ky. Simon Kidd of Betsy Layne, Ky., Russell Kidd of Honaker, Ky., Alvagail Kidd Bryant of Virgie, Ky. , Ima Sue Kidd Collins of Honaker, Ky., and an unofficially adopted daughter, Alvanell Case Rose of Honaker, Ky. His brothers and sisters are: brother and Brother in Hope, Mack Kidd, Jr. of Prestonsburg, Ky., Otis Kidd of West Liberty, Ky., John Kidd of Michigan, and Audis Kidd, Vanie Mae, Goldie Williams, and Nancy Kidd of New London, Ohio, Pricie Case of Michigan, Cindy Williams of Harold, Ky., Lillie Dean Rudd of Norwalk, Ohio. We all surely feel our loss is that blessed eternal Heaven's gain.
Daddy joined the Old Regular Baptist Church August 25, 1950 and had his membership with the Cold Springs Church when he died.
He was retired disabled from the Columbia Gas Company.
Now I want to take this opportunity to say 1. being the next to oldest child, so well remember that Mother, all the days of my daddy's adult life, took care of and looked out for him. 1 remember as far back as there was just three of us children and Mother would say "We have to get Daddy some supper ready and fix him something good to eat for he can't work unless he has something good to eat." I heard that many times. I know for sure that mother loves her children, and I also know that the bond she felt for Daddy, between her and him, doesn't get any stronger between men and women.
I had known for over three months before Daddy went into the hospital the last time that it was right down to the very end of his days. I had a dream about that time, in the dream Daddy was dead and Mother was so troubled about it, in the dream there was such a void and as I looked, Daddy started to raise up out of the coffin. Then he told me to go over there and tell Mother she will worry herself into a heart attack. He said, "And I am not dead yet. This is just to show you all what will happen shortly." When 1 awoke the void was still there and all day the void wouldn't leave. I told my wife I didn't think Dad would live until Christmas. We buried Daddy the 16th of November. After that dream, I would sit in the Cold Spring Church and watch Dad and could see his health failing more and more.
The last New Salem Association (1986) once there he came outside. My son, Darrell, saw him just leaning on his cane and looking to the top of a nearby mountain. He just turned around as if nothing was wrong and had tears in his eyes. I think that was the last time he was ever at church on Earth.
I want to say this is the first time I have written an obiturary and I don't know if I am writing it the wrong way or not but, above everything, I don't want to hurt anyone, since I have been asked to write. I must write what's on my mind. I want to say, especially to his children, there certainly are differences in dreams. I feel for sure I have been with our dad three times since he left. I surely had been asking to be allowed to see him. 1 went to church in the dream, the house set upon a hill. Where I went in and looked around I noticed everyone was someone that had died in the last few years. I said, "Something is wrong. I know all these people are dead." Just then I looked over beside the stand and there was Daddy. He came over to me. I noticed he wasn't half as old looking. He looked like a very young man. His face and the others there were shining like a light. I do feel I was with him. For the next few days my worried and troubled mind wasn't near as bad at it had been yet a little while longer. I got wanting to see him. I can only describe as real bad again. I prayed the best I know how. This time he came to me so clear it woke me. I feel before he finished talking, he came that time in a light-colored pickup truck and drove me through about four hundred foot of water. He stopped up on a hill and let me out. As I got out a book about the size of a large photo album slid down. He reached down to get it as if to get it before I did. That is when I first noticed to take a good look at him. I did notice he was younger than I was this time. I commented on his young looks, and as before, his face shining, he just smiled. Then I looked again at the book he had. I noticed it had three strings like binders. One near the bottom and top and one in the middle. I asked what it was. He started to untie the strings. I looked and saw some people coming down the road. He just stopped untying the binders and said, "You see up there where we first came into the water?" I said I did. He said from there all the way down to us here, are people that are going to be the next to do what I had to do. I then looked at him again and said, "Dad, I just remembered you were dead." He again just smiled. He said that is what this book is, the names names of people that 1 know, in my neighborhood that will be next. I said "Daddy, if I hear you right you said people from the water to here are the ones whose names were in the book that was next." He said, "Yes." I said, "I was just going to work and thought you were going to give me a lift. He said, "No, I just came to help get you through the water, from here on you are on your own."
I don't mean to make a long writing of this but, 1 feel, for some reason I must tell these things that have happened. I prayed a third time. This time he came again in a dream but didn't speak to me. Just smiled at me. My very best guess is he looked like a man about twenty-five years old and his face was Wowing like a light.
Now at least two months more passed, and I admit this is strange, knowing the Bible says from dust to dust we shall return and also this body must put on incorruption, but I got to thinking and worrying because it has been enough time for my daddy to be about returned to the dust. This was hard for me. Remembering him walking around, this was so hard to bear. 1 found myself worrying night and day and one day I had worried all morning. I started through the house and here came words, like words stamped on a stencil, "stop worrying." This is something everyone has to do and your daddy was glad and willing and wanted to have his body decay away so he could fulfill what was commanded and enter eternal life.
Now since that day I can't worry about this every time it comes into my mind. 1 am reminded of the words that just seem to be planted in my mind and the worry leaves almost instantly. Now children, Dad left a great witness. While he was in the hospital he told of many good things some of you may not know. He told of my son, Darrell, going to join the church and would be a preacher. He said the only thing he dreaded about ding was just getting down to the river. You know the body fights to live and great pain comes on getting down to death.
The Bible says death is a stranger. I want to say to his children and to his brothers and sisters in the flesh, I don't mean any hurt to you at all, but I feel if I didn't say what's on my mind it wouldn't be pleasing to God and it might harm me and the readers of this writing. You that don't know God in the pardon and remission of your sins, look around you. Most all of you have already spent the biggest part of your life on earth. You won't get to come back and live it again. This is a one-time road. Let me beg you, don t be misled. You are too smart for that. The Bible says to search and inquire of the old path and when you find it, don't ask a man or woman. Hide away in a secret place where you can pray to God with the most sincere heart and meaning as if your very life depended on it and don't ever forget ...it does. And when God hears you and he will lead you and I will say to you when you get to his house and look around his people will look different than the people in the world.
You know if you miss heaven it will be your. fault. Ask yourselves, this place I've been going can I even with World History trace its beginning back past this country? You know the Bible says unless God builds the house the labor is in vain. Back over 1900 years ago Jesus laid the foundations and there cannot be any more started. When John was exiled he saw seven churches, now out of them, only one was doing what it should be. Now even so Jesus only said to it, "You've been faithful over a few things." The blessed part was he said "I will make you ruler over many." So now if you go to this place, as yourself, can I trace this place beginnings back to the first century? If not you know you have to be in the wrong place so don't settle for anything but the best. It will take you to the eternal and blessed heaven where Daddy is. Jesus is there. Always remember without sin in the world, Jesus would not have had to come and remember we all surely have our faults, and if we have been a bigger sinner, Jesus most surely is a bigger savior.
You know Daddy there in the hospital, when he was jumping so hard and tore the bed up, that is when death first hit him. Some of you might not know this but when we called the preachers in I was standing just behind two of the preachers. I could hardly hear what they were saying but you know that Daddy, owing to pneumonia, could hardly get his breath. I saw with my own eyes his breathing get easier. When the preachers laid their hands back down, he could hardly get his breath again. They picked up his hands the second time and I watched his breathing ease off this time and stay eased. Surely, I saw God answer the the Old Regular Baptist preachers prayer right before my eyes. The last two times Daddy spoke to me alive, his only words were "God Bless your heart "and "I love you, son." So after writing all of this I say again, no offense is intended. I stopped writing several times because it seemed like my mind is leading away from a regular obituary. I feel if God is leading my mind someone will read this that might think about it and I know if you think about it and do what I have told you to do it will do some good. God bless you.

Written by a daughter-in-law and sister in hope, and son,
F. B. Kidd and Ima Jean Kidd

LIZZIE TAYLOR NEWSOME lizzie_taylor_newsome_ORB.jpg (30867 bytes)

 It is with a sad and lonely heart that I try to write an obituary of my loving mother, Lizzie Taylor Newsome. Mom was born January 05, 1904 and passed away September 10, 1984. She married Christopher C. Newsome. To this union fifteen children were given: ten boys and five girls. Mommy is survived by her husband, Christopher Newsome, who later passed away: Five Girls all still living: Ella, Della, Opel, Helen, and Fontella: Three sons passed on whjile she was still lived Columbus and Thomas (twins) and Christopher; seven sons are still living. Calven, Fred, Conley, Millis, Lowell, Allard, and Luther. Mom i also survived by many grandchildren and numerous great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren. She was loved by many. She was a midwife for many years and delivered many children. She was a loving mother , a good wife, and a wonderful friend. She will always be missed by me.

 Written by Ella Atwell, oldest daughter Grove City, Ohio

ELDER PAUL E. ADKINS paul_e_adkins_ORB.jpg (21594 bytes)

As the darkness of another night gave away to the dawn of a new day, a pilgrim father and child of the Heavenly Kind gathered his robe around him and was carried by the angels to the land of rest. The land he had sung about, the land he had preached about, now the land he was going to see about. This our dear one to wit: Paul E. Adkins. A highly respected minister in the gospel of Christ, a faithful, devoted husband and father. A loving son, Brother and friend of many was gently led into a land where the pastures are always green and the air is pure and real.
Elder Paul E. Adkins, son of the late Criss and Frankie Mullins Adkins, was born January 3 , 1936 in the lovely hills of eastern Kentucky. Here he grew up with three little brothers and eight little sisters in a community known as Greasy Creek, Pike County, Kentucky.
When but a very young man, his widowed mother, Sister Frankie Adkins, came to this city to try and better their livelihood. Here God blessed this our precious Brother to live upon His good earth fifty years, six months and sixteen days. On the early morning of July 19, 1986, after many months of pain and suffering, God called him home, the home he begged God to come and take him to.
Leaving behind a truly faithful, devoted and loving wife, Sister Dorcas Jean Carrol, the wife of his youth, who shared life's heartaches, troubles and disappointments along with its joys, happiness, and pleasures since January 27, 1956 when they took their wedding vows and both lived true to these vows. God enriched their lives by blessing them with the following children: Paul Dean Adkins, and Darrell Wayne Adkins, both of Louisville, Ky., and Rhonda Jones and Danna Bohannon, both of Simpsonville, Ky.
Left to mourn the loss of a dear son is his loving mother, Frankie Adkins, of Louisville, Ky. He was preceded in death by one sister, Ozell. He also leaves five grandchildren who gave him love by calling him "Papa."
When but a very young lad of nineteen, Brother Paul saw himself lost and in the need of a Saviour. Repenting of his sins and going home to his friends, he became a faithful member of the Old Regular Baptist Church on February 24, 1957. He was ordained to the full function of the gospel in March, 1962. He was in the arm to organize the Antioch Church in July, 1966. Here he was their faithful Assistant Moderator for eleven years and Moderator for nine years, always giving good advice and counsel. He believed in good order, a clean church and discipline of the Old Regular Baptist, Faith and Order. He wore one coat, preached one doctrine and he stood firm on the word of God. Never failing to proclaim His word, that men and women are different from the world after they are born again and by their lifestyles and the fruit they bear that they were the children of God. A Brother whose life was like a magnet drawing others to him, both young and old, by his kind words, humble life, quiet and meek spirit. One found it a pleasure and joy to be in the company of Brother Paul. He and I have traveled thousands of miles for the past twenty years trying to proclaim his word to comfort - those in need and to be a help to others. Brother Paul never complained of his cross, always letting his light shine to enlighten the pathway of those who sat in darkness. For the past five years, Brother Paul suffered with that dreadful disease, cancer. Never complaining, going many times when he wasn't able, to warn men and women of the danger of living and dying in sin and the joy and happiness of living for the Lord. A true and devoted wife, Sister Dorcas was to him, standing by his side preparing his meals, giving him courage, and trying to ease his suffering. Spending many days in the hospital, she was always there. Last week, he began to beg the Lord to come and take him home. He called his children to his bedside, giving them good advice and counsel.
To you his loved ones who have no hope, please begin to repent and pattern your life afters this our good Brother. To you the Brothers and Sisters of this blessed old church, continue on in the good old way, never leaning to the left or right. Always remember the good counsel and advice he gave us. Strive for peace and never bring shame on the church. Always be an upbuild as Brother Paul was. He was not ashamed to be called an old-time Baptist. We will miss him in our journeying here. March on and some sweet day we will meet where parting never comes. Brother Paul's life was a light to his fellow workers at the Fisher Packing Company where he was supervisor.
As long as we live, he will live and to know him was to love him. Brother Paul will be missed in our sister Associations and churches. Let us thank God for having the joy of walking with him here and the hope of meeting him again in the morning of the resurrection.
Sleep on Brother Paul, take your rest and we that remain will always remember you as a valiant soldier, a man of honor, respect, but most of all, a humble servant. We love you today, we hope to meet you tomorrow.
Your co-worker in Christ, Brother Newsome

MARTHA CHURCH COMBS martha_ccurch_combs_ORB.jpg (27976 bytes)

Martha Francis Church was born to John F. and Clara McDowell Church on October 19, 1919. She went home to live with Jesus April 24, 1987, making her stay with her family sixty-seven years, six months and five days. Martha was born in Boyd County at Rush, Kentucky. She spent most of her young life in Boyd and Lawrence counties. She was always a shy, kind and loving daughter. She stayed at home and took care of her mother who was sick with that dreadful disease, cancer. After her mother died on September 21, 1940, she was married to Ward Elder of Georgetown, Kentucky. They lived a very happy life until November 27, 1976, when he was called home after a long illness. After about two years or more she met and married Kell Combs. They loved each other dearly and has six years, two months and twenty-one days together until the death angel came and called her name. She went sweetly to sleep in the arms of Jesus.
She was a lovely person. She lived a beautiful life, always helping others and trying to make life a little easier for everyone. Always doing little things to try and cheer someone on along the way even when she was sicker than they were. Sister Martha never had any children, but she had three step-daughters: Shirley Combs at home, Edith Mae Shick, and Judy Faye Hensley, six step-sons: Edwin Combs, French Combs, Walter Combs, Orville Ray Combs, and Robert Combs. Martha was sick for a long time before she died, but the last eleven weeks were spent in the Appalachian Regional Hospital at Hazard and in the nursing home at Hindman, Kentucky, She had cancer and after they operated, she was never any better. She stayed four weeks in the nursing home where everybody was so wonderful and took the very best care of her. We will always be thankful for that. Some of the family were with her all the time. Sister Martha made peace with her Lord. She told us she had been born again and was not afraid to die. Besides her husband, Kell, and step-children, she leaves to mourn their loss two sisters and two brothers: Elder Richard Church of Softshell, Kentucky, Bill Church of Wapakenita, Ohio, Opal Smith and Mabel Smith of Leburn, Kentucky. She also leaves eighteen nieces and nephews and a host of relatives and friends and Brothers and Sisters in the church. Sister Martha joined the New Home Old Regular Baptist Church at Leburn. Her name is on record there but thank God it was also written in the Lambs Book of Life. Brother Kell, we know it is a lonesome and lonely life for you. We all miss her but I am sure you miss her most. Family, let's do the very best we can and with God's help we will meet her again. All the Brothers and Sisters and Brother Kell have been born again and living in the good old Baptist way. Won't you come and go to heaven with us.

Written by her sister that loves her much, and the family

ARTHUR PRESTON MOSLEY arthur_preston_mosley_ORB.jpg (22118 bytes)

Arthur Preston Mosley, age seventy-nine, of Wayland, Kentucky passed away Friday, July 31, 1987 at the McDowell Appalachian Regional Hospital following a short illness. He was born August 4, 1907 in Pay, Kentucky, a son of the late Ben and Dollie Moore Mosley. He was a retired coal miner. Arthur was a member of the Martin Branch Freewill Baptist Church.
He is survived by his wife, Arettia Preston Mosley; four sons: James Otto Mosley, Clarence Albert Mosley, and Arthur Alger Mosley, Jr., all of Shelby. Ohio, Ira Thurman Mosley of Franklin, Ohio; two daughters: Betty Louella Hobbs of Hamilton, Ohio, Mardia Gay Hughes of Canton, Michigan; three brothers: Oscar Mosley, Claude Mosley, and Earl Mosley, all of Minnie, Kentucky; one sister: Cynthia Chaffins of Minnie, Kentucky; nineteen grandchildren and thirty-six great-grandchildren; and aunts Birdie Turner and Birdie McCuray.
Active pallbearers were James Daniel Mosely, Keith Douglas Mosley, Steven Arthur Mosley . Donald Ray Mosley, Toy Preston Hobbs, and Clarence Darryl Mosley.
Funeral services were conducted Sunday, August 2, 1987 at 2 p.m. at the Hall Funeral Home Chapel, Martin, Kentucky. with Green Boyd, Clinton Jones, Jimmy Hall, and Buford Slone officiating. Burial was made in the Davidson Memorial Gardens, Ivel, Kentucky under the direction of the Hall Funeral Home. Martin. Kentucky.

DAYMON HYLTON daymon_hylton_ORB.jpg (29189 bytes)

By the help of God I will try to write the obituary of my husband, Daymon Hylton. He was the son of Matthew Hylton and Vinie Belcher Hylton. He was born September 12, 1915. He deceased this life on October 31, 1986, making, his stay here on earth seventy-one years, one month and nineteen days. Daymon was married to Virgie Hall Hylton. To this union were born two daughters, Lela Ann Hylton and Paulette Johnson; one son, Henry Hylton, preceded him in death on March 29, 1976. He also had another son, by a separate marriage, named Leon Hylton. He leaves eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren to mourn their loss.
Daymon turned to the Lord for his help because he knew that God was the only one that could help him in time of need. He was in the V. A. Hospital in Huntington, West Virginia. His hands were tied to the bed and he tried to free them so he could get some ease. A voice asked him what he was doing, he said, "Praying." The oice said, "Pray on." When he moved his hands again the straps just slipped off his hands.
He knew then that God forgave him of his sins. He said he felt like a new man. He said the burden was just lifted away. He joined the Regular Baptist Church and was baptized on April of 1986 by Elder Eles Case and Elder Albert Damron. He was so humble and cried out for God to take him on out of his pain. He had that dreadful disease called cancer that took him so fast, so I feel that my loss is Heaven's gain and by God's help I hope to see him again.
Written by his wife

VICTORIA SLONE victoria_slone_ORB.jpg (15870 bytes)

Victoria Slone was born December 16, 1919 and passed from this life September 25, 1986 at the age of sixty-six years. She was the daughter of (Preacher) Billy and Oma Slone.
Early in life she was married to Emmitt Slone and they had four children; three sons and one daughter. One son, Bobby Darrell, and the daughter, Corrine, had already passed on. Her survivors include: her husband, Brother Emmitt, and two sons, Berlin Gene of Waterloo, Indiana and Jackie Dean of Pippa Passes, Ky. Also, one brother, Marion Slone, and one sister, Sarah Ann Slone. She had eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren, along with other relatives and many friends.
Several years ago, Sister Victoria gave her hand to the church and told a wonderful experience of how she had been praying and she felt with all of her Heart that the God of Heaven had forgiven her sins. Since that time she has proven by her life that her faith was real. She kept the same faith through all the long months of her sickness, and I believe with all of my heart that it took her to heaven when she had to leave. She suffered much through the last two years and her family did everything they possibly could do for her, but when the suffering became too great, I believe that the big hand of God came down and took her to a place where cancer, heart attacks or anything else can never hurt-her again.
Brother Emmit had a very close and loving family, and I am sure there will be many dark and lonely hours for them in the weeks and months ahead. Not many years ago they were father, mother and four children. Now two children and mother are gone, but they can be happy that each of them left a bright shining hope of a better life. Just think about what a great thing it would be if all of the family would meet again. Brother Emmitt and Sister Victoria have shown them the way, and the God of Heaven has said "Let whoever will come and take of the water of life." I pray the rest of the family will decide deep in their hearts to seek God and go and see Mother again.

LILLIE MAE BRADLEY PRATER lillie_mae_prater_ORB.jpg (25626 bytes)

In much weakness and by the help of the Lord we will try to write this obituary of a loving mother and sister in the Lord.
Sister Lillie Mae Bradley Prater was born July 21, 1929 unto Lewis and Bertha Bradley at Risner, Kentucky. She passed away January 22, 1987 making her stay on this earth fifty-seven years, six months and three days.
Sister Lillie was joined in holy matrimony to Clearnce Prater on August 8, 1953 and unto this union were born six girls and one boy. She also raised two grandchildren, R. J. and Stephanie Prater. Sister Lillie was preceded in death by her mother and dad, one infant daughter, three brothers, three sisters, and one grandchild. She leaves to mourn her passing five girls and one boy. The girls are: Shirley Newsome, Jo Ann Slone, Jeana Frasure, all of Martin, Kentucky, and Francis Conn of Printer, Kentucky, and Sandra Carroll of Langley, Kentucky; and one boy: Jack Prater, still at home. Also ten grandchildren, two brothers: Arnold and Willie Donald Bradley of Martin, Kentucky, and one sister: Ida Bradley Prater of Martin, Kentucky, and a host of relatives and friends.
Sister Lillie joined the Cold Springs Old Regular Baptist Church on October 21, 1986 and was baptized the following Sunday. She lived a short but faithful life in the church until death took her away.
Sister Lillie told her husband that she wasn't worried and told him not to worry that when she left this world that she was going to a better home.
Children take heed to what Mommy has told you in her last moments on earth and get ready to meet her in that bright morning.
Written by the family and Elder Alvin Osborne

HASCAL DAMRON  hascal_damron_ORB.jpg (3790 bytes)
It is with much weakness and sadness that I will try by the help of God to write an obituary of our Brother who has crossed over the, river and entered into that beautiful place called paradise. Brother Hascal Damron was born March 7, 1915 and ceased this earthly life April 7, 1987 at the age of seventytwo years. He was born in Pike County and was the son of the late Bertram and Ella Tackett Damron. He was married to Mary Leah Mitchell December 1934 and to this union were born four children: two girls, Jeanette Bentley and Juanita Lewis of Little Creek, also two sons Bobby Joe and John (Bill) Damron, preceded him in death. September 26, 1981 became a very lonesome time for Brother Hascal, when his companion was called from this earthly shore, but we feel their souls are together once again around the throne of God. He also leaves to mourn his death: one brother, Gene Damron of Little Creek; two sisters, Joan Newsome of Little Creek, and Nella Mae Bartley of Collins, also eleven grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren.
Brother Hascal joined the Old Regular Baptist Church and was baptized along with his companion July 14, 1981 and took their membership to the Elizabeth Church.
He was afflicted for so many years and spent many lonely hours without his companion, but thank God for the children and everyone that lent a helping hand to comfort and care for him because the loving memories of the one you grow closer to as each day passes is something death did not take away because they are a gift of God that is his way of leaving you those thoughts and dreams to comfort you and to show you he loves you and will reward you for every good deed.
When we would go to see Brother Hascal and have a little meeting, we wouldn't sit around too long until he would say , "Sing that song, The Great High Mountain." We feel that he reached the top of that great high mountain and his soul entered into a place of rest until that great morning when God will call for Brother Hascal's body and the soul will come back and reunite with that body and God will change his body to a spiritual body that won't be sick anymore and will join with all the heavenly host in a country where he'll walk down that golden street and sit down at a table and eat that wedding supper and give God the praise forever and forever. God bless you all and as you look down upon Brother Hascal's smiling face say in your hearts, by the grace of God, we'll meet you in Heaven someday. As I close, may the God of all glory watch over this family. Love is the key that binds. Jesus is the doorway to heaven.
Written by the family and Elder Don Little

BEVERAGE MOORE beverage_moore_ORB.jpg (5282 bytes)

Beverage Moore was born March 10, 1904 and died March 31, 1987. He was the son of Harry Lee and Ida Moore. He married Melvina Martin in 1929 and to this union were born eleven children.
He leaves to mourn his passing his children: Sturneth Inmon, Sturnel Duff, Bennie, Budge, Tandy, Sellmeyer, Kenneth, Marvin, Rodney and Freddie all of Garrett, Ky., and Ida Mae Height of Williamson, West Virginia; three sisters; Anis Lawson, and Mandy Pratt of Garrett, and Hildred Martin of DryRidge, Ky.; two brothers: Artis of Garrett, and Arnold of Prestonsburg; twenty grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren and a host of other relatives and friends.
He is preceded in death by his wife, Melvina; one daughter; one brother, Albert; four sisters: Sarah Turner, Maude Spencer, Mae Salisbury, and Quence Morris; three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
Now I will try to twll you about the father I have known and shall remember. There is so much that could be said and so little that needs to be. He was reared in the head of Turkey Creek when there were no roads and little need for any. He grew up farming the hillsides and bottoms of Turkey Creek and surrounding valleys. Later he worked as a teacher, teamster in the days of mules and Wagons, and coal miner. He would ride a horse or walk to surrounding valleys and to mining jobs, night or through rain or snow and was always there on time. I remember him riding a sled with his leg in a cast to the hip, down a hill so steep that the sled had to be roughlocked to get a doc.
He made no pretty speeches and gave little advice that was not asked for, but we always knew that he believed in what he stood for. "Do your best, be honest and when you need to tell it, tell it like it is." No matter what he was doing or for whom, Dad was always a hard-working man that was honest and truthful in all of his ways:
Dad would first have you remember the difference that Jesus made in his life. Dad and Mom joined the church October 26, 1969 and were baptized November 23, 1969. He wrote in his Bible about the day they were baptized, "What a happy day for us! I don't think I will see another like it while we live."
Then Dad would have you remember the love he had for his family, his love for his brothers and sisters in the church and the love he had for his neighbors.
I believe a prayer that would have described Dad's wishes here would have been:
"O Lord, hear my plea before 1 leave.
May I live so my friends will follow me.
The little ones you gave to me while here below,
1 want to meet each one of them when I get home. "
Dad said he wouldn't want to live in a home without little children and now he is in a place where there are lots of little ones.
You couldn't write about Dad with adding something about the great love he had for Mom. This would leave an empty space as big as the one that was left in his life without her.
Weep not for him that dieth
For he hath ceased from tears,
And a voice to his replieth
Which he hath not heard in years.

ELDER MARTIN V. BURKE martin_v_burke_ORB.jpg (3157 bytes)

It is with a sad and aching heart that I attempt to write an obituary of a loving companion and bold soldier of the Cross. Elder Martin V. Burke was born May 2, 1893 and departed this life on January 9, 1987, making his earthly stay ninety-three years, eight months and one week. On July 17, 1913 he was united in marriage to Dollie Hall. Unto this union were born two sons and one daughter, to wit: Bennie F. Burke, born November 6, 1914, Liza Burke, born June 30, 1916, and Joseph P. Burke, born February 4, 1918. Brother Mart was preceded in death by his daughter Liza in 1917 and his son, Befnie in 1942. In January 1957 he lost his dear companion. After being alone for a while, he married Sister Luenda Little. Sister Luenda stood faithfully by his side for almost thirty years. He is survived by his loving wife, Luenda and ten grandchildren. Brother Mart's remaining son, Joe, passed from this earthly life one month after Brother Mart was laid to rest.
Brother Mart joined the Old Union Regular Baptist Church July 10, 1915. He felt the call to the ministry and was libertized to exercise a public gift, the second Saturday in December 1915, and was ordained to the full functions of the gospel the fourth Saturday in March 1918. Brother Mart served many churches as moderator and assistant moderator. He traveled widely, sitting in presbyteries for the organization of churches and associations. The Lord blessed him with a rich understanding of the Scriptures and caused him to preach many inspiring sermons. When he was blessed to preach and expound to simple gospel truths it was like Solomon wrote "For lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; The flowers appear on earth; The time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land." He never regretted the many years he spent or the cause of Christ and found nowhere to turn back. I feel that if Brother Mart could speak back to his preaching brethren he would tell them as the Prophet Joel wrote, "Blow ye the trumpet in Zion and sound an alarm in my Holy mountain; let all the inhabitants of the land tremble for the day of the Lord cometh, for it is nigh at hand."
If he could speak back to his friends and neighbors who have not made peace with God, he would teil them to repent and be born again if they want to walk down the streets of gold and be with Jesus forever.

Brother Mart is sadly missed by a lonely wife, a host of relatives, friends, and brothers and sisters in hope.

Written at the request of his lonely wife, Luenda Burke By Elder Jeffrey Little

Memorial will be preached at the Old Longfork Regular Baptist Church the fourth Saturday and Sunday in June, 1988. All Old Regular Baptist Ministers are invited.

SALLIE HAMILTON sallie_hamilton_ORB.jpg (4944 bytes)

It is with a deep sadness and broken hearts we will write an obituary of our beloved wife and mother through the help of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sallie was born October 8, 1927 in Pike County, Kentucky. She was the daughter of the late Hiram and Nerva Johnson. Jesus took Mommy on home on Saturday, January 10, 1987 at Highlands Regional Hospital at Prestonsburg, Kentucky. Mommy's stay here on earth was fifty-nine years. In those years she was blessed with a good husband, Luther Hamilton and seven children-- Verl Hamilton of Teaberry, Cledis Hamilton of Virgie, Ledis Hamilton of Teaberry and Wilburn Hamilton of Teaberry, Delorse Lee of Shelbiana, Lillie Mae Curry of Teaberry, and Donna Sue Hamilton of Teaberry.
Sallie was a member of the Zion Old Regular Baptist Church. Mommy, words cannot express the sadness and the changes in our home since you went to be with Jesus. If only you can look back at us now, Mommy, you would be 
pleased to see the changes in your children. One of your desires was to someday see your children living for
Jesus. Mommy, through losing you it has started bringing your children in. Mommy, we saw you suffer
day by day and we know now that you are better off. Now the pain and cares of this world cannot touch
you anymore so Mommy, you sleep on with the peace of Jesus and we will keep praying that we will see

you again on resurrection day, along with our Lord. 
With all our love, your family

AMERICA NEWMAN JOHNSON america_newman_johnson_ORB.jpg (4512 bytes)

With a sad heart I will try to write an obituary of my dear mother-in-law, America Newman Johnson. She was born September 1 1, 1902, on Riley's Branch at Bevinsville, Kentucky. She was the daughter of the late John Newman and the late Elizabeth Cole Newman. She died June 15, 1987 at the Highlands Regional Medical Center, Prestonsburg, Kentucky after suffering a heart attack. Her stay on earth was eighty-four years, nine months and four days.

America lived in and around the Bevinsville area almost all of her life, except for the last fourteen years of which she made her home at Prestonsburg, Kentucky. She was born into a family of fourteen children, eight girls and six boys. America had seven sisters: Liza Jane, Lula, Malinda Gertrude, Adaline, Martha and Mary. She has six brothers: George, Tivis, Hatler, Gladis, Woodrow and Albert. All but Malinda, Adaline, Martha, Mary and George preceded her in death.

In early life America married Gus Johnson, who preceded her in death on August 28, 1937. Unto this union were born five children: Gracie and Marjorie Jewel died in infancy, the surviving children area Herald Johnson of Wheelwright, Kentucky, Edna Stanford of W. Van Lear, Kentucky, Earl Johnson of Hi Hat, Kentucky, also surviving are seventeen grandchildren and twenty-five great-grandchildren.
America joined the Joppa Old Regular Baptist Church at Melvin, Kentucky on the first Saturday, June 6, 1953 and was baptized on the first Saturday, July 4, 1953 by Elder Jerry Hall, Sr. and Elder Charlie Jones. She was a member of the Joppa Church for thirty-four years.
They say that time heals all broken hearts, but time so far has proven how much we miss her. We pray Dear God, to help us bear our burdens here.
Sadly missed by her three children and their families, and especially by her two grandsons, Roger Dale and Larry Dean Johnson.
Written by her daughter-in-law, Goldia Mead Johnson

GOLDIE MAE PITTS  goldie_mae_pitts_ORB.jpg (3919 bytes)

With a sad and broken heart and with the love we have for our mother, we will try to write the obituary of Goldie Mae Pitts. She was born May 27, 1912 at Dock, Kentucky. She was the daughter of the late James and Mary Robinson Tussey. On July 16, 1931 she married Allen Pitts. To this union were born thirteen children, all of whom survive: James Russell, Burnis and Grover, all of Lexington, Kentucky, E. J. of Martin, Kentucky, Glennis of Reno, Nevada, and Larry Allen of Prestonsburg, Kentucky, Pearlie Goble of Auxier, Kentucky, Shirley Chumbley, Mary Francis Yelton, Christine Chumbley and Donna Dockery, all of Louisville, Kentucky, Glenda Kay Howard of David, Kentucky and Loretta Carol Tussey of Prestonsburg, Kentucky; one brother: Fred Tussey of Ypsilanti, Michigan; five sisters: Anna Derossett of Prestonsburg, Dolly Marshall of Munith, Michigan, Ada and Rebecca Deel of Haysi, Virginia, Julie Belcher of Inglish, Florida; thirty-two grandchildren and seventeen great-grandchildren, all of whom miss her so much. On February 12, 1987 God called our precious mother home from all suffering and pain, making her stay on earth seventy-four years, eight months and sixteen days. Mom never joined any church here but she faithfully attended the Old Regular Baptist Church for about thirty-seven years. She went every Saturday and Sunday while she was able to. Mom enjoyed cooking and seeing everyone from church come home and eat with them. The larger the crowd they had, the better they enjoyed it. They would never let anyone leave without eating. She never missed a second Saturday or Sunday without fixing a dinner. If she wasn't able to she would call some of the children in to help. But we couldn't keep her out of the kitchen. She always loved seeing company come. Even when she wasn't able to she would never let anyone leave hungry. God really gave us a wonderful and loving mother. She was always there to listen to her children and help in any way she could. Even though we miss her so much I feel God knows best and our loss is heaven's gain. You should put your trust in God and look forward to the day when the family circle can never be broken again.

Written by her broken-hearted husband and children who love and miss Mom very much, Allen Pitts and Children

ELDER CHARLES MARION JONES charles_marion_jones_ORB.jpg (5584 bytes)

It is with much sadness and love that we will try to write an obituary of our beloved husband and father. Charles Marion Jones was born May ? 2, 191 -2. He passed away November 16, 1986, making his stay here on earth seventy-four years, five months and five days. Charlie, as he was known by all who knew and loved him, was the son of the late Wilburn and Martha Turner Jones. He was married to Lottie Hatfield Jones on June 4, 1931. To this union were born nine children: Virginia Johnson, Sylvania Newman, Charlene Smallwood, Ocelene Cole. Wilma Cavins, Debbie Johnson, Buck Jones, Roland Jones, and Bill Jones, who preceded Daddy in Death. There are fifteen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Daddy has one sister and one brother living: Rose Osborne and Mehin Jones. Two brothers and two sisters are deceased: Annie Cook, Mary Bryant, Johnny Jones, and Tilden Jones.
Daddy joined the Old Regular Baptist Church on December 14, 1946 at Pilgrim Rest Church. He was baptized the same day by Troy Nickles and Willie Collins. Daddy came by letter from the Pilgrim Rest Church to Joppa the first Saturday in January, 1955. Daddy was appointed assistant moderator to Jerry Hall, Sr. the first Saturday in February, 1955. He then was elected the assistant moderator the first Saturday in September, 1955. Daddy was appointed moderator at the death of Jerry Hall, the first Saturday in November, 1969. Daddy served as moderator of the Joppa Church until the first Saturday in September, 1983. Our mother joined the Old Regular Baptist Church in November, 1946 at Joppa. She enjoyed many years with Daddy in the church.
There is so much that I want to say about this very special Daddy. The love that he and Mom shared for the Lord made our home a warm and wonderful place to grow in. Daddy would listen to our problems with patience and understanding. He was loved and respected by all his children and all who knew him. Daddy loved the Old Regular Baptist Church. He was never happier than when he was in the stand and the Lord would bless him to preach. It seemed to me that a light would shine from within Daddy. Daddy's door was always open and anyone entering would find a welcome hand to shake and a warm smile. There were many nights that people would come to have Daddy lay his hands on them. I was small then and I was afraid for Daddy to go out to their cars. Daddy would tell me not to worry about him, that the Lord would take care of him. While Daddy was the assistant and moderator of the Old Joppa Church there were many nights that Daddy would walk the floor and pray for its members. He loved the church and he didn't want anything or anyone to hurt it in any way. Daddy loved being at church and shaking hands with his brothers and sisters. He loved to listen to his brothers preach and when the Lord would bless the meeting he would rejoice with them. When Daddy would come home from meeting where the preaching was blessed, he would feel so good. He couldn't wait to tell all about what a good meeting he had. Daddy was gifted in the scriptures of the Bible. He was a true-born child of God. He counseled his children and in his everyday walks of life he showed them what they must do to enter into the Kingdom of God. If we could only be as humble and pattern our lives after one who has left his light in the window. Daddy continued to preach and counsel as long as he was able. In the last few years of his life Daddy was very sick, but even in his sickness he would tell of visions and would hum and sing the songs of Zion and would clap his hands with joy. It was so hard to see Daddy lying in the hospital feeble and weak, but Daddy brought us up to never question the work of our Lord. We love and miss him very much but we feel that Daddy is at rest now. His troubles and worries are over. The Bible says blessed are the dead that die in Christ, their works will follow them. Daddy's soul is at rest under the altar of God, but will return to reunite with the body in the morning of the resurrection, a body liken unto the Lord. And like the song that Daddy loved to sing, the gates will open wide. I believe that God will welcome this soldier, for he has served him well.
In closing I will say I can't possibly write everything that Daddy has meant to us. Our home is empty but our hearts will always be filled with loved for this very special Daddy.
Written by his loving wife and family

BILL HAMILTON  bill_hamilton_ORB.jpg (2922 bytes)

With the help of the Lord, we will try to write the obituary of our beloved husband, father and papaw. Bill was born July 29, 1917 to Elder Even and Della Hamilton. Bill departed this life August 12, 1987 making his stay on earth seventy years and fourteen days.
In the year 1936 he was married to Veda Newman and to this union were born three children: Gilva Horn of Prestonsburg, Kentucky, Curtis Hamilton of McDowell, Kentucky, and Elder Billy Hamilton of McDowell, Kentucky. Bill also leaves six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren whom he loved so dearly. He had three brothers and two sisters to mourn his passing: Rutherford Hamilton of Cook Station, Missouri, John L. Hamilton of Elkton, Maryland and Carl Hamilton of Jefferson City, Tennessee, Lillie Hammonds of Martin, Kentucky and Marie Clark of Pikeville, Kentucky.
Bill lived in McDowell most of his life and was a retired coal miner. He joined the Little Rosa Regular Baptist Church in November of 1984 and was a faithful member as long as he was able to go. His favorite song was "Great High Mountain" and one day while visiting the unfinished church building, Bill said that he would be the first to sing in the church building and he sang "Great High Mountain." 1 feel that Bill has climbed that mountain that he sang about and is now resting around the throne of God.
Daddy always loved having his brothers and sisters and his many friends visit him at home and in the hospital. He would ask the brothers in the church to lay hands on him and pray that God would ease his pain. He said just a few days before his passing he would like to go home from the hospital where he could rest and I feel that a friend came to visit him on August 12, at I 1 a. m. and that friend was Jesus who took him in His arms and whispered come home to rest.
Dear Lord, bind our hearts together with your love and help us through this separation until we meet our loved one again. Make us strong in your love that where he is now, we shall be one day.
Written by his lonely wife, Veda
and his loving son, Elder Billy Hamilton

MILLIE HALL millie_hall_ORB.jpg (3893 bytes)

It is with much honor that I help prepare the obituary of Sister Millie Hall. Mama Millie Gayheart Hall was ninety-four years old. She was born September 30, 1892 to the home of Richard Gayheart and Darcus Hall Gayheart and deceased this life December 11, 1986. She was married to Elisha Hall January 1, 1918. To this union were born eight children. They were blessed to raise seven of them. A son, Herman, preceded her in death at age forty-five.
Left to mourn her passing are three daughters and three sons: Ruthene Howell of McDowell, Kentucky, Ruby Hobson of Orkney, Kentucky, Edith Lawson of Prestonsburg, Kentucky, Elmer Hall of McDowell, Melvin Ray Hall of Prestonsburg, and Haskel Hall of Orkney; one brother: Milford Gayheart of Ohio, and one sister.: Melda Hall of McDowell; twelve grandchildren, twenty five great-grandchildren, and five great-great-grandchildren.
Sister Millie joined the Old Regular Baptist Church in October 1971. She was a devoted Christian, loving her Creator and the church. Many times I was invited into her home to sing and preach for her on special occasions, such as her birthday, which her children loved to share with her.
Two of Sister Millie's children have confessed a hope in Christ and walked with Mother in the old church. To the rest of Sister Millie's children, you have showed me love and I would like to return the affection by inviting you to come repent and be baptized and let Mother's God be your God and go with me to heaven in the resurrection.
Written by a brother in hope of eternal life, Clinton Dean Moore Assisted by daughter, Edith Lawson

RHODA SLONE rhoda_slone_ORB.jpg (8784 bytes)

By request of the family and the help of God and with much sadness and a broken heart, I will try to write an obituary of Sister Rhoda Slone, who was born on November 17, 1897 being eighty-nine years, eight months and twenty-eight days of age at the time of her passing. Sister Rhoda Slone was the daughter of the late Isom S. and Linda Slone who preceded her in death.
Early in life on October 1, 1917 Sister Rhoda was united in marriage to Green Slone who preceded her in death. Unto this union were born eleven children, one preceded her in death, Linda Slone, Sister Rhoda is survived by live sons : Austin Slone of Pippa Passes, Kentucky, Boss Slone of Hindman, Kentucky, Conard Slone of Ravenna, Ohio, John L. Slone of Ligonier, Indiana, and Austin Slone, Jr. of Garner, Kentucky. Also surviving are five daughters: Teney Slone of Pippa Passes, Margarett Slone of Topmost, Kentucky, Merkie alone of Pippa Passes, Dovie Maggard of Ligonier, Indiana, and Imogene Huff of Hebron, Indiana; , one brother : Jasper Slone of Olive Hill, Kentucky; one half-brother : Carlie Slone of
Hoyd County, Kentucky; two half-sisters: Ollie Holland of Danville, Kentucky and Polly Slone of Floyd County. Sister Rhoda also leaves to mourn her passing, thirty-nine grandchildren, forty-six great-grandchildren, four great-great-grandchildren, and a host of relatives and friends. Sister Rhoda was loved by all who knew her. On February 7, 1976 Sister Rhoda Slone gave her hand to join the church and was baptized on a cold winter day. The ice had to be broken on the water. I heard the Brothers who baptized her say she never feared the cold, icy water at all and that Sister Rhoda felt warm when she was led out of the water.
Sister Rhoda was humble all her life. I can truly say Sister Rhoda was kind to all who knew her. She would always meet everyone at her door with a beautiful smile and no matter what time of day or night her children and grandchildren came to see her, Sister Rhoda was so happy to see them. She loved them all so very much. She would always go into the kitchen to fix something to eat. Sister Rhoda would fix the best she had for anyone who came to see her and always treated them with loving kindness. I feel so little writing this obituary of a dear, sweet mother-in-law and a sister in the Lord. Sister Rhoda was a shining light to all. How precious is her memory to us all. They will never be forgotten. Sister Rhoda was sick for a long time. She left us all with a better home to go to. I want to say to all her children and to all her friends and relatives, if they ever want to see her again, if they haven't already not put it off to fall out with sin and to fall into the arms ,and mercies of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for he is the doorway to heaven where there is no sickness or heartache, only everlasting joy.
Written by a son-in-law and Brother in the Lord, Lee Maggard

ROBERT (BOB) BENTLEY robert_bob_Bentley_ORB.jpg (3827 bytes)

It is with deep love and many precious memories that I write this obituary of a great and caring father, Robert (Bob) Bentley. Bob Bentley was born February 19, 1909 in Letcher County, Kentucky to the Late Robert B. and Sarah Bentley. He went to his new home in heaven on December 27, 1986.
Bob was married to Dova Terry on March 31, 1930. Born to this union were ten children: Clyde Bentley of Mt. Dora, Florida, Glenna Cook of Topmost. Kentucky, Gertrude Martin of Umatilla, Florida, Betty Bentley of Wayland, Kentucky, Bruce Bentley of Brunswick, Ohio, Bert R. Bentley of Cleveland, Ohio, Sam Bentley of Wayland, Kentucky, Charlotte Joseph of Prestonsburg, Kentucky, David Bentley in the U. S. Army at Okinawa, Novella Froman of Pikeville, Kentucky. Bob had twenty-five grandchildren, twenty-four greatgrandchildren and one living brother, Pat Bentley of Buchannon, West Virginia.
Bob was a retired United Mine Worker. He was a member of the Stone Coal Regular Baptist Church for fifty years. Daddy had two families. His brothers and sisters in the church were

LINA LITTLE lina_little_ORB.jpg (6654 bytes)

It is very hard to write an obituary of my loving grandmother, but with the help of the good Lord I will try. Lina was born on October 4, 1891 and departed this life on November 23, 1986, making her stay on earth ninety-five years, one month, three weeks, and one day. She was the daughter of Henry Elswick and Susana Hampton. Her brothers and sisters were: James, Sylvester, Caleb, Samuel, Willie, Jonnie, Martha, Elizabeth, Mary Alice, Sally, Dode, and Eliza Jane. All preceded her in death.
Mama was first married to Thomas Hampton. To this union were born two children : Alvin Hampton, and Della Tackett of Virgie. Papaw Thomas and Alvin preceded her in death. On June 24, 1919 she was married to Ballard Little. To this union were born six children: Opha, Mattie, Draxie Hall, Luenda Burke, Irene Little of Virgie, and Allowean Little of Shelby Gap. Opha, Mattie, and papaw preceded her in death. She has one step-daughter, Mancie Tackett of Virgie and one step-son, Millis Little, who preceded her in death. She has sixteen grandchildren, thirty-one great-grandchildren and thirteen great-great-grandchildren.
In July 1949 Mamaw joined the Long Fork Old Regular Baptist Church and was baptized by Elder Mart Burke and Sid Hudson. She remained a faithful member until the Lord called her home.
Papaw's and Mamaw's door was always open to friends and neighbors and to lend a helping hand. When I was a little girl, I remember the girls cooking dinner and Papaw and Mamaw would come home from church with twelve to fifteen people. They would eat and then sit around and talk about church and the Bible.
Mamaw lay sick for a long time. She was so humble, sweet and hard-working. It always pleased her when her family came to see her. After Mamaw was unable to get around by herself , she would sit in her rocking chair and talk about Heaven and her little children that had gone on before her. After she was bedfast, we sat by her day and night. She would reach out her feeble hand for us to hold. She said to her daughter one day, "Irene, lets me and you go to Heaven if it's the Lord's will." She was always singing those good Old Regular Baptist songs. She laid a good pattern before her family, friends and neighbors.
I believe from the life she lived, and the work she did for the Lord that her soul is in the paradise of Heaven. So I want to say to the family, we can't sit by her bed now but by the grace of God we can go and see her again. I could write a book on Mamaw but space won't permit.
Written by a broken-hearted granddaughter Memorial will be preached at the Old Longfork Regular Baptist Church the fourth Saturday and Sunday in June 1988. All Old Regular Baptist Ministers are invited.

LIZZIE JOHNSON lizzie_johnson_ORB.jpg (6637 bytes)

By the help of the Lord, I will try to write an obituary of Lizzie Johnson. Lizzie was born May 20, 1921 at Melvin, Kentucky , the daughter of the late Grant and Jane Johnson. Lizzie leaves to mourn her passing: one brother. Johnson of Melvin, Kentucky; two sisters: Emmogene Newsome of Melvin, Kentucky, and Mabel Cabel of Hazelwood, North Carolina, and also many relatives and friends.
I, the writer, have know Lizzie for many years, but the last few years she got to be very close to me. She became sick and would call me to pray for her. After calling me a few times or coming to see me she began to tell how she feared God. She would tell me how she would pray to God to forgive her of her sins, and how she would call or go see Brother Monroe Jones, to pray for her. She would tell me how much confidence she had in Brother Monroe and me. But she would always say her faith was in God.
Often she began to cry and say, "Ellis, do you think God will forgive me before I die?" My reply would be, "1 never believed that God would turn away a praying heart." After many months praying and calling me she said to me one day, "Ellis, I don't have fear of dying anymore. I feel with all my heart that God has forgiven me." A good feeling went through me that she was alright with God.
She has told me of the beautiful dreams she had. Just a few days ago she called me and asked if she could come to my house. She wanted me to sing a song, "On The Other Side of Jordon." Also, "Precious Memories" and others, and hold prayer for her. She told me of an experience she had with God. And that she was buying her a dress to wear to church. She said she had a dream of buying a new dress to come to church for me to baptize her.
I feel and believe from what she told me that she is better off today than we are. I believe her soul is at rest with God. I believe she put her faith in God who is the Saviour of the world and a special Saviour to the believer.
Written by Elder Ellis Holbrook

PEGGIE GAYHEART McCOWN peggy_mccgown_ORB.jpg (5015 bytes)

With much sadness I will try to write the obituary of my dear mother, Peggie Gayheart McCown of Floyd County, Kentucky. Peggie McCown was. born August ?3, 1890 and departed this life November 20, 1986 making her stay on earth ninety-six years, three months and twenty days. She was the daughter of Kelsie and Emaline Gayheart.
She was married to David McCown and to this union eight children were born. Her husband, David, and two daughters, Vurlie and Catherine, preceded her in death. She left three sons and three daughters to mourn their loss: Claude of Daytona, Florida, Bert of Chillicothe, Ohio, John of Astor, Florida, Rattie Stumbo of Prestonsburg, Kentucky, Niza Ward of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Edith Judd of Chillicothe, Ohio. She had sixteen grandchildren, several great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren.
She belonged to the Old Regular Baptist Church for many years. She attended church as long as she was able. She lived a faithful and humble life and was loved by everyone that knew her.
I hope she and Dad are resting peacefully, and I pray to meet them someday where there will be no sad farewells spoken, and all will be together again.
Written by her daughter, Edith Judd

MICHAEL GENE REYNOLDS michaell_gene_reynolds_ORB.jpg (3134 bytes)

It is with much sadness that I will try to write an obituary of little Michael Gene Reynolds. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Reynolds. Michael was born April 7, 1977 and departed on July 3, 1985, making his stay here on earth eight years, three months and four days. Michael leaves his mother and father and two brothers, Keith and Dwayne, his grandparents and a lot of relatives and friends to mourn his loss. Michael was seriously ill when he was born. He was a real happy baby. It's hard to tell how I really feel about my son because lie was everything to me.
Written by Mother and family

HOMER W. ELLIOT homer_w_elliott_ORB.jpg (2618 bytes)

With the help of our Savior, we try to write an obituary of our beloved son and brother. Homer W. Elliot was the son of John and Maxie Hamilton Elliot. He was born August 4, 1928. He lived to be fifty-nine years old. His mother and brother, Francis, preceded him in death. He met and married Elva Mitchell Elliot on August 25, 1948. They had thirty-nine wonderful years together. Their love for each other was an inspiration. He is survived by his wife, Elva, his dad, John, and a step-mother, Bessie, who raised him from the age of ten, five brothers: Monford, Jack, Ronnie, Basil and Doug; six sisters.: Barbara, Clara, Donna, Glenna, Phyllis and Vickie, and many nieces and nephews whom he loved dearly and showed it every day. He joined the Little Ida Church on April 19, 1959. He was an ordained minister and had his fellowship with the Thornton Union Association at the time of his death. Homer was the "rose" of our family. Words cannot describe this man. He touched so many lives with his love. Our family cannot express the love and appreciation we had for Homer. His heart and home were always opened for anyone, whether it be for comfort, support, help or just a sweet smile to say he would always be there for us. The effects of his absence will be felt by each and every one of his family and friends for years to come. I hope and pray Homer's death will cause his loved ones to seek God and repent of their sins, for today is the day of salvation. "Come all ye ends of the earth and be ye saved." We believe our loss is heaven's gain. 1 feel, on that sweet day when the Lord comes to take his children, we will see him again and enter our reward together. So we will close and say "Sleep on Homer, you're at rest." "For God will call us home together."
Written at the request of his wife, Elva, by his mother, Bessie, and sister. Vickie

FLOSSIE E. TACKITT flossie_E_Tackett_ORB.jpg (3387 bytes)

With a sad and aching heart we will try to write the obituary of our loving
mother, Flossie E. Tackitt. She was born at Hartley, Kentucky on March 23, 1909 to Caleb and Sarah Hampton Elswick. She was one of a family of one sister and six brothers. Her sister and three brothers preceded her in death. Three brothers, Jim, Allard and Mahlon Elswick of Virgie, Kentucky survive. Mom was married to Scott Tackett on April 10, 1930. He preceded her in
death on August 27, 1958. To this union were born three sons, who preceded her in death, and five daughters: Orbenia Elick of Huntington, Indiana, Opal Millman and Ola Mae Tackett of Andrews, Indiana, Gladys Tackett and Eleanor Ruth Tackitt of Virgie, Kentucky. She also had nine grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren and several nieces and nephews to mourn her death.
She was a mother who was always there when we needed her and a strong
shoulder to cry on if we needed to. Mom was not a member of any church but her belief was in the Old Regular Baptist where she attended as often as possible for as long as she was able. We have heard Mommie pray many times and we believe her soul is at rest. When we were small we would sit around the fireplace and listen to her sing the old-time hyms she loved so much. Mom had many friends and was loved by all who knew her and will be missed by all. Her grandchildren have benefited by knowing her, and the great-grandchildren will grow up hearing how great she was and how much they have missed by not knowing her.
Mom, although we loved you so much and miss you so bad that it's almost unbearable, we know you are in heaven and in the arms of Jesus with Daddy and the boys. We miss you, Mom, but we know you are not suffering anymore and we hope to join you in heaven someday.
Written by her loving daughters

BIRDIE HOWELL berdie_howell_ORB.jpg (3273 bytes)

In loving memory I will write the obituary of my darling daughter, Lou Verdia Howell, better known as Birdie. She was born June 9, 1956 in Pikeville, Kentucky, to Betty Howell and the late Noble Howell, making her stay on earth twenty-eight years, seven months and thirteen days. She was also preceded in death by a brother, Cecil Howell. She is survived by three brothers
Orville Howell of Colora, Maryland, Levi and Leslie Howell, both of Pikevelle. Kentucky; and one sister: Emma Howell Akers of Pikeville, Kentucky.
Birdie was sick all during childhood and missed a lot of school, but she graduated Mullins High School in 1978 several years after her fellow classmates finished. She was very talented. She could sing (she made several recordings) and she taught herself how to paint--especially children's portraits. It's as though God gave her something extra because she was sick all the time. She wrote songs and painted pictures while confined to the hospital bed. In fact, that's where Birdie met God one evening in August in the Intensive Care Unit. She joined the Old Regular Baptist Church on Island Creek December 15, 1984 and was baptized by Brothers Grover Adkins and Wendle Hamilton.
I believe Birdie is resting in the arms of Jesus and walking on the streets of gold. She told me that she was going to live with Daddy and Mamaw and not to worry about her. Birdie, we don't worry about you, we just miss you. May we soon all be together again.
Written by Mom and sister, Emma

GREEN AND LYDIA PERRY green_lydia_perry_ORB.jpg (4588 bytes)

With the help of the Lord I will try to write an obituary of Brother Green and Sister Lydia Perry. Brother Green was born to the late Henry and Lillie Fair Bates Perry, March 14, 1902 and departed this life October 25, 1985, making his stay on this earth eighty-three years, seven months and eleven days. Sister Lydia was born to the late Nathan Preston and Hanna Margaret Slone Caudill, November 24, 1906 and departed this life August 9, 1987, making her stay on earth eighty years, eight months and sixteen days. They were united in marriage May 15, 1922 and unto this union were born seventeen children. Three sons, James, Joe and Ellis, preceded them in death. Left to mourn their passing are five sons: Earl of Conway, South Carolina,
John, Steve and Daniel, all of Loraine, Ohio, and Henry of Leburn, Kentucky; nine daughters: Ethel Hall, Margaret Lewis and Ruth Fowler, all of Willard, Ohio, Edna Childers of Garner, Kentucky, Esther Gibson of Pinetop, Kentucky, Janwe Gullett of Greenup, Kentucky, Will Barbara Puckett of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, Judy Hicks of Louisville, Kentucky and Betty Schindler of Leburn, Kentucky. Three sisters of Green Perry are Sylvia Turner and Dusta Dunsel of Kite, Kentucky and Mary Slone of Hollybush, Kentucky. Sisters and brother of Lydia Perry are Vinnie Charles of Pineville, Kentucky. Ellen Hanges of Bristol, Virginia and Henry C. Caudill of Bristol, Virginia. Seventy-five grandchildren, fifty-six great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild and a host of relative and friends will also mourn their leaving. 
Green and Lydia were married for sixty-four years at the time of his death. Forty years ago Sister Lydia, and thirty-five years ago Brother Green, felt the need to turn their lives over to the Lord. They belonged to the Old Regular Baptist faith in the New Home Church at the time of their death. Brother Green and Sister Lydia were faithful members of the church as long as they were able to attend. They have given help to many churches and donated a lot of their time to help up-build them.
Brother. Green and Sister Lydia worked hard all of their lives to raise their family. Green was a retired coal miner and a member of the United Mine Workers of America. Sister Lydia worked hard in her early life taking in borders to help Brother Green to save money to buy the farm where most of their children 

DENZELE A. HOFFER denzele_a_hoffer_ORB.jpg (3931 bytes)

With loving memories, but sad and lonely hearts, and with the help of the
Lord, we will attempt to write the obituary of the one we loved dearly on earth, our husband and dad, Denzele A. Hoffer.
Denzele A. Hoffer was born September 23, 1918 and died February 3, 1987
at the age of sixty-eight years, four months and two days. He was preceded in death by his father Albert Hoffer, his mother, Minnie Cooper, his only brother, Donald, his sister, Della Osburn and his granddaughter, Amber Marie Hoffer.
He was united in marriage to Della Collins on April 22. 1957. Their home
was blessed with four children: Karen Elaine Jett of Otway, Ohio, Edward Lynn Hoffer of West Union, Ohio, Anthony Wayne Hoffer of Otway, Ohio and Christian, at home, and by a previous marriage, two sons: James Arnold and Donald Ray Hoffer, both of Middletown, Ohio. He is also survived by six sisters: Estella Blanche Tumbleson of Xenia, Ohio, Lola Kauffman of Centerville, Ohio, Viola Jewett of West Portsmouth, Ohio, Mildred Campbell of Toledo, Ohio, Donnah Helwig of Lucasville, Ohio and Audrey Dingus of Houston, Texas. He also leaves three daughters-in-law: Penny, Cathy and Becky; and ten grandchildren.
Denzele A. Hoffer was a veteran of World War II serving with the Ninety-seventh Bomber Squadron.
In 1979 he underwent surgery for cancer. There he found the need of our Lord and Jesus Christ our Savior in his life. He had love for everyone. We will all miss him so much but I believe our loss is heaven's gain. He became a member of the Sulfer Spring United Baptist Church of Hoffer Hill on March 30, 1980.
Beloved Denzele, Lord grant the days to pass swiftly that we, your friends and family, who loved you so, can meet you again in your new home. There will always be a vacant place in our home that no one else could ever fill, but with God, he's in no more pain and we believe our loss is heaven's gain. Dad, we love you and miss you but God will get us through.
Your loving family, wife, Della, sister in hope and daughter-in-law, Cathy

STELLA WATSON stella_watson_ORB.jpg (3481 bytes)

By the request of the family, I will try to write an obituary of Sister Stella Watson. Sister Stella entered into eternal rest Saturday, May 23, 1987 at the McDowell Regional Hospital, McDowell, Kentucky.
Sister Stella was born December 27, 1911, being seventy-five years, four months and twenty-six days old at the time of her natural death. Sister Stella was married to Burton Watson, the son of Morgan and Nancy Slone Watson on March 31, 193 2. Sister Stella was the daughter of Ira G. and Sarah Margarett Watts Sparkman. She was preceded in death by her father and mother, her husband, and one son, Wendell Watson. She is survived by her children: Fred of Kendallville, Indiana, Orvis of Valley City, Ohio, and Clifford of Painesville, Ohio, Ruby Gibson of Dayton, Ohio, Lorenia Lykins, and Grace Hicks, both of Cleveland, Ohio, and Cora Craft of Wayland, Kentucky. She also leaves one brother, Irvin Sparkman of Pippa Passes, Kentucky, and four sisters: Ollie Thornsbury of Pippa Passes, Bertha Sparkman of Topmost, Kentucky, Sally Holbrooks of Pedro, Ohio, and sixteen grandchildren, eighteen great-grandchildren and a host of friends and relatives.
Sister Stella joined the Ball Branch Church of Old Regular Baptist at Mousie, Kentucky in 1955. She was baptized by Elder Burton Howard. She brought her membership to Caney Fork at Raven, Kentucky in Knott County the third Saturday in February, 1964. She remained a member until death.
I have lived next door to Sister Stella for several years and found her trying to live her life Christ-like. She was a person of few words, never having too much to say, but as Brother Earl Slone said, "She was always ready to talk with you about the Lord." She was very thankful for her children, always worrying and concerned. She and Burton talked to me several times about them. So children, you are like I am, an orphan in this world, but you can have a spiritual father and mother if you so desire. Jesus loves you more than Mom or Dad did. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He is closer than you think. So don't say good-bye to Mom, for good-bye is forever; just say so long for a little while and, with the Lord's help, 1 will meet you in heaven where I believe she is. Don't say that unless you put it in action, because faith without works is dead. If you don't do something and draw near to God, then it will be good-bye forever. Children, I love every one of you and it would give n my heart great joy to see each of you children fall out of love with the world and fall in love with the things your mother loved, which are the things of Christ. Repent and be born again.
We here at the Caney Fork Church, will miss Sister Stella very much. She was always there if she was able to come. She always gave her attention to the preaching, wanting to hear the word of Christ preached. So let's all try to meet Sister Stella in heaven with the help of the Lord.

Written by a brother in Christ, Brother Lawrence Slone

JEFF HOWELL jeff_howell_ORB.jpg (3018 bytes)

By request of Sister Phena, I will try to write the obituary of Jeff Howell. He was the son of the late Will and Alice Howell. Jeff was born September 25, 1906 and passed away June 17, 1986, making his stay here on earth seventy-nine years, eight months and twenty-six days.
Jeff was married to Phena Adkins in 1935. They were married for fifty years. Phena is the daughter of the late Willie and Nancy Jane Adkins. Jeff and Phena had ten children, one preceded him in death. They are: Levie, Kermit and Tracy Howell, all of Galveston, Kentucky, and Willie Howell of Wooster, Ohio, Melissa Coleman and Jeneva Hunter of Galveston, Phyllis Coleman of Freeborn, Kentucky, Flaura McCune and Hollie B. Stierle of Michigan. Jeff had four brothers, two preceded him in death and two are still living. They are: Tandy Howell and Green Howell, both of Island Creek. He also had three sisters who preceded him in death. Jeff had twenty-seven grandchildren and seventeen great-grandchildren. Jeff also leaves a host of friends to mourn his loss.
Jeff joined the Island Creek Old Regular Baptist Church on August 21, 1983. So children, if you want to see Dad again you all must fall out with sin and be born again. We feel Jeff is a lot better off than any of us. He has just paid the debt that all of us has to pay. We feel that he has gone to rest around the paradise of God until that great resurrection morning. Then he will be satisfied. So I will close this obituary.

Written by request of the family by a brother in hope, Lee Adkins

PRESS BRADLEY press_bradley_ORB.jpg (2888 bytes)

Press Bradley, of Lackey, Kentucky, passed away Tuesday in Xenia, Ohio. He was born August 28, 1896 in Ellam Rock, Kentucky, the son of Jim Bradley and Katie Warmon. He was a member of the Ball Branch Regular Baptist Church. He was baptized November 4, 1950 by E. D. Moore and Earl Howard. He died September 1, 1987. He is survived by his wife, Fannie Bradley, one daughter, Helen Collins of Medway, Ohio, one son, Willard Ritchie of Lackey, Kentucky, one brother, Landon Bradley of West Virginia, one sister, Edia Bradley of Ohio, thirteen grandchildren and twenty-one great-grandchildren, one one great-great-grandchild. Press will be sadly missed by the church. We feel our loss is heaven's gain.

Written by the family

MARTHA ELLEN VANOVER martha_ellen_vanover_ORB.jpg (3115 bytes)

It is with a sad and aching heart that I try to write the obituary of my dear sister, Martha Ellen Vanover. She was born December 2, 1906 in Dickinson County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Patton and Elizabeth Mullins. both deceased. Preceding her in death were her husband, Luther Weddington Vanover on December 29, 1968 and a son, William G. Vanover, on May 1 1, 1977.
She leaven to mourn their loss: two sons, James Vanover of Haysi, Va. , and Charles Vanover of Pardee, Michigan; a daughter, Fay Nell Owens of Manassas, Virginia; several grandchildren and great-grandchildren; she also leaves the following brothers and sisters: Alex Mullins of Lebanon, Virginia, Calvin Mullins of Haysi, Virginia, Buford Mullins of Waverly, Ohio, Nancy Frost of Taylor, Michigan, and Ruby Deel of Clintwood, Virginia. Three brothers and two sisters preceded her in death.
Martha joined Little Ettie Old Regular Baptist Church on August 31, 1969 at Beaver, Ohio and lived a faithful member until her death. Sleep on, Martha, I hope to meet you in a better world where there is no more sickness or death.
Children, if you want to see Mother again, fall out with sin and call on God for his mercy. He will hear your prayers.

Written by her beloved brother and brother in hope, Buford Mullins

JIM THACKER jim_thacker_ORB.jpg (3233 bytes)

With a sad and aching heart, we will try to write an obituary of our loving husband and father, Jim Thacker. Daddy was born June 18, 1908 and departed this life on April 12, 1987. He was seventy-eight years, three months, and six days old. He was the son of the late Alfred and Rebeca Justice
Daddy was united in marriage to Winnie Smith and to this union were born seven children. He leaves to mourn their loss, his wife, Winnie Smith Thacker; two sons- James Thacker of Winns Branch and Milton Thacker of Racoon; three daughters: Lurlie Coleman of Island Creek, Virgie Bentley and Sophie Maynard both of Burning Fork. He had two daughters to precede him in death as infants: Ersie and Nora. He has one brother, Jessie Thacker and two sisters, Polly Chaney and Lara Cogswell. He had three brothers and two sisters to precede him in death. He has ten grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.
We took Daddy to the hospital on April 1, and he lived eleven days from
that time. He asked for church and Brother Louie. Mincy came in on Wednesday, held prayer and sang. He said that he had been praying and told Mommy, "Mom, I want to go home with you and 1 love you." He told Brother Bob Smith, Brother Lonnie Maynard and Brother Phillip Alley that the Lord had forgiven him and he wanted to go all the way. He asked for Brother Grover Adkins but he was in bed sick. so we got Brother Ruben Baker to come in and hold prayer and sing a song. They received him into the church, but Dad didn't live to be baptized. I still believe with all my heart that my daddy is with Jesus today and I will meet him in heaven some day. We will be singing around the throne of God. I miss my daddy so much. My Mommy's life has not been the same since Daddy went to live with Jesus. He will be missed by all who knew and loved him. So sleep on, Daddy, 'till we meet in heaven some day. I love you, Daddy. but Jesus loved you more and wanted another flower to add to his garden.

Written by his wife, Winnie, and his children

JOHN B. McGARVEY john_b_Mcgarvey_ORB.jpg (4024 bytes)

This is an obituary of our beloved father, grandfather and father-in-law. He was known to his many friends as just J. B. He was born July 6, 1907, making his stay on earth seventy-nine years.
He loved and married Helen Elizabeth Burginmier, December 27, 1928. To this union were born three sons: John Leo, who preceded him in death, Patrick L. McGarvey of Columbus, Ohio, and Paul B. McGarvey of Marion, Ohio. John had five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.
We saw our Father suffer so much before he died. He lived in our home, as he was an invalid for the last nine years of his life. Even though he could not walk and was almost blind, he never lost faith in his Lord. He loved us all, but he was ready to go home. Even though he was handicapped, he always had a smile for everyone. The last years of Dad's life were lived for his children and grandchildren-they were all he had left.
He told us often lie was ready when the Lord called. The last year of his life he prayed for the Lord to take him to his heavenly home to rest. I know the twinkle that was in his eyes is a new star in the heavenly skies. There will always be an empty chair at our table, but his memory lingers always in our hearts.
Sadly missed by son, Patrick McGarvey and grandchildren.
My father-in-law loved to come to Kentucky to hear the Regular Baptist preaching and singing. Rest on, Dad, with my mother and father. Sadly missed by daughter-in-law, Jean King McGatvey

RALPH MARTIN ralph_martin_ORB.jpg (3084 bytes)

Ralph Martin was born June 24, 1910 to Tom Martin and Hester Amburgey Martin. He was born and raised in Mousie, Kentucky.
During World War II he was drafted into the army. He served for two years, which took him to New Guinea, Southern Philippines Luzon. He was awarded many medals of bravery as well as outstanding duty for his country. These medals were American Theater, Asiatic Pacific Theater, with three Bronze Stars and Philippines Liberation, with two Bronze Stars, and Good Conduct Victory Medal. He was Honorably Discharged at the rank of P. F. C. when the war was over.
He returned home and wed Melissa Campbell. They never had any children of their own but he helped his companion to continue to raise her sisters.
He leaves to mourn their loss: Melissa, his wife, Bonnie and Crissy, who miss Grandpa very much; sisters-in-law: Nan, Alice, Dovie, Del and Dealie;brothers: Hawley, James, and Richard; sisters: Peggy, Geneva, Winnie, June, Geraldine and Sue, and many more relatives and friends who will surely miss him. We hope our loss is heaven's gain.

Written by Elder Charles King

BESSIE MULLINS BAKER bessie_mullins_baker_ORB.jpg (2543 bytes)

With sadness in my heart, by request of the family, I will try to write an obituary of my beloved sister-in-law, to wit: Bessie Mullins Baker. She was the daughter of the late Willie J. Mullins and Cora Elkins Mullins, who lived on Lick Fork of Myra, Kentucky. She was born November 10, 1931 and departed this life on October 1 1, 1986 making her stay on earth fifty-four years and one month.
In early life she was married to Eugene Baker. To this union were born two sons, Billy and David, both of Myra, Kentucky. She leaves to mourn their loss: her two sons, one daughter-in-law, Ruby Baker, three grandchildren, two sisters, Belle Potter of Dorton, Kentucky, and Hazel Baker of Myra, Kentucky, and a host of friends and relatives.
She lived about one year after she found out she had cancer. She never belonged to any church, but she said a few months before she passed away God had forgiven her of her sins. The last two months before she passed away, she did not know anyone and could not talk. She fell into the hands of God at 1 1:00 p. m. at the Mountain Manor Nursing Home of Pikeville, Kentucky. God bless you, Bill, you were so good to your mother. I know that you miss her very much. Jesus is the only way to that Happy Kingdom where no cancer ever comes, in that Kingdom of love forever.
When I called her my youngest sister, I noticed that she would have a happy smile on her face. She knew I loved her. We all miss her very much.
Sister Bessie was laid to rest in the Sowards Cemetery on Lick Fork of Beefhide, Myra, Kentucky.
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Her happy smiles and loving voice will never greet us in this world anymore. She has gone home to die no more.
Written by her brother-in-law, Milford Hall, Myra, Kentucky

WILBURN HALL wilburn_hall_ORB.jpg (3031 bytes)

Wilburn Hall was born December 29, 1909 on Long Fork of Shelby Creek in Pike County, Kentucky. He was the son of the late Willard and Eunice Brown Hall. He departed this life December 5, 1985 at 1:37 a. m. at the Methodist Hospital in Pikeville, Kentucky. He was seventy-five years of age.
He leaves to mourn his passing, his beloved wife, Ilma Hall of Robinson Creek, Kentucky and his only son, Elder Jimmy W. Hall of Dorton and Jenkins, Kentucky. His son, Jimmy, and Saundra, gave him three grandchildren, which also survive. They are Ricky, Cindy, and Jamie, all of Jenkins, Kentucky. He is survived by two great-grandchildren, Ashley Nicole and Casaundra Ellen. He loved his grandchildren and great-grandchildren very much. He also leaves to mourn his passing, two sisters and two brothers: Stella Johnson, Indian Creek, Kentucky, Bell Tackett of Ashland, Kentucky, Allard Hall of Virgie, Kentucky, and Ed Hall of Virgie, Kentucky.
On August 31, 1928 he was married to Ilma Tackett. They had attended school together from childhood. Ilma was sixteen and Wilburn was nineteen when they were married. They shared life's joys and sorrows for over fifty-six years until death parted them.
Brother Wilburn worked for Consolidation Coal Company and Beth Elkhorn for a total of forty-five years. He enjoyed twelve years of retired life. He was so proud of a pin he received showing he was a member of the union for fifty years.
Brother Wilburn joined the Regular Baptist Church, May 10, 1953 and after telling an experience of grace was baptized by Elder Mahon Burke and Elder Roy Hudson. He was a devoted and faithful soldier for the Lord for the rest of his life.
His fellow brethren began to take note of his devotion to the church. The low, still voice seemed to press on their minds to ordain him as a deacon. He was ordained a deacon at the Old Elkhorn Church. Brother Wilburn fulfilled his charge as a deacon with all sincerety. He loved the Hemphill Regular Baptist Church where his membership was at his death. He was always worrying about things that needed to be done at the church even after he got very sick.
One great joy of his life was having his son, Jimmy, walk by his side in the church for over ten years. Jimmy felt so honored to get to kneel down and-wash-his dad's feet and so proud to have his father's name. Brother Jimmy's given name is Wilburn Hall, Jr.
Wilburn was a humble, quiet man that did so many things that we didn't notice until he was gone. He gave so much and asked for nothing in return. As the pains and trauma increased, his faith seemed to get stronger. Then it just seemed like that low, still voice spoke again and said, "Wilburn I am going to give you ease. I am going to take away all pain. I am going to let you see something you have never seen before." He had been in a coma all day before he died. That night he began to reach his arms toward heaven and he said several times, "I'm in heaven, I'm in heaven." His beloved companion said, "Honey, did you see Jesus?" He said, "Yes."
Jesus knew how much Ilma and Jimmy and the family loved Wilburn. Perhaps that low, still voice just said again, "Wilburn, I'm going to give you a little more strength. You tell your family where you are. What more comforting words could there be? What better news could be received than those precious words, "I'm in heaven"?

Written by Elder Dewey and Sister Elenor Roberts

JIMMEY COLEMAN jimmy_coleman_ORB.jpg (3807 bytes)

It is with a sad and broken heart that we will attempt to write an obituary of our dear, loving husband and father, Jimmey Coleman. Dad passed away October 22, 1986 making his stay on earth seventy years, ten months and seventeen days. He was born November 15, 1915 to the late Jim and Melvina Thacker Coleman. He was married to Arvie Justice Coleman January 23, 1936. To this union were born ten children, five preceded him in death. Those left to mourn his loss are: his wife, Arvie; five children: Jimmie Jr., Loraine, Janice, Patricia, and Wanda; seven grandchildren: Leshia, James Clinard, Lorrie, Arvie, Terina, Luke, and Tershie; two great-grandchildren: Allison Leeann and Dougie; three brothers: Scott, Harless and Bud; one sister, Florence; six half-brothers: Ray, Albert, Clell, Clinard, Lee and Stewart; three half-sisters: Rebecca. Elvis, and Ellie, and a host of friends and relatives. Dad, we miss you more and more every day, but we know we will see you again someday where there is no more sickness car pain. The memory of you will always be with us. There is an empty place in our heart that cannot be filled. We can still see you so clearly in our minds, sitting and reading the Bible. Daddy never had anything bad to say about anyone. He tried so hard to live a good life. We feel that his reward is in heaven. When Dad lay in the hospital bed, he told me to tell the other children to be good to our mother after he was gone. I told Mommy what he had said that same day. We prayed so hard for God to leave him with us if it was His will, but we feel that the Lord wanted Daddy to be with Him. We are so thankful and grateful for the time we did have with him. Now all we can say is, "Dad, sleep on, we will be together soon. We love you and miss you, but it will be a great reunion when we all meet on that beautiful shore."
Brother Jimmey joined the Philadelphia Old Regular Baptist Church the third Saturday in July, 1961. He was ordained a deacon on the third Saturday in April, 1962. He served the Philadelphia Church as a deacon for eighteen years. He took his letter to the Sweet Home Church and served it about two years. Then he got his letter and brought it to the Pikeville Church and served it until his passing. Sister Arvie has lost a wonderful husband, the children a wonderful father, the Old Regular Baptist Church a great soldier, and the community a great citizen. We thank God for having Brother Jimmey for as long as we had him and looking forward to meet him again when God sends his angels to gather his children home. We will not say good-bye, just farewell for a little while. Brother Jimmey's wife was Arvie Justice before she married Brother Jimmey Coleman.
Written by his broken-hearted wife and children
Assisted by Elder James Matt Justice and John H. Coleman

DELANO FRANKLIN delano_franklin_ORB.jpg (3641 bytes)

We will try to write an obituary of our cousin, Delano Franklin. He was the son of the late Ben Franklin and Flora Gibson Franklin. He was born April, 1, 1938 and passed away April 10, 1987. Delano was born handicapped but we've been told where there're no laws, there're no transgressions. We feel God called him home where we feel Delano is happy and at peace. Delano lived for years in Wayland, Kentucky with his mother who devoted her life to taking such good care of him and where he was with so many relatives and friends who loved him. His mother moved to Michigan so her children could help her and while there, Delano was stricken with the dreadful disease, cancer. During his long stay in the nursing home and hospital, his mother, brother and sisters were with him every day and showed him so much love. He leaves to mourn their loss: his mother, Aunt Sweet, one brother, Ben, Jr., two sisters, Genevie Caudill and Margret Parker and many other relatives.
Aunt Sweet, the song, How Deep Does A Mother's Love Go? reminds me so much of you and I feel someday you will meet Delano again in God's Kingdom.

Written by Delano's cousins, Mildred and Phyllis Gibson

WOODROW JOHNSON woodrow_johnson_ORB.jpg (4079 bytes)

With the help of our God, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I will try to write an obituary of my husband, Woodrow Johnson. He was born August 29. 1919 in Floyd County, the son of Joel and Jane Cook Johnson. He departed this life June 25, 1987, making his stay on earth sixty-seven years, nine months and twenty-seven days.
Early in life he married Jeanette Kiser. To this union were born five children: Odis Dathan Johnson of Halo, Kentucky, Zan Johnson, Topmost, Kentucky, Woodrow Johnson, Jr. of Dry Creek, Kentucky, Gloria Gay Overstreet, Willington, Ohio, Neutrude Isaac, who preceded him in death, also surviving are three daughters-in-law: Zelma Johnson, Bea Johnson, and Melvina Johnson; one son-in-law, William Overstreet; thirteen grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren; one brother Abel Johnson of Bevinsville, Kentucky; two sisters: Mable Burke, and Mapel Burke, both of Bevinsville, and a host of relatives and friends who mourn his passing. Woodrow joined the church April 23, 1950. He was a member of Rebecca Old Regular Baptist Church. Why do we mourn departing friends, or shake at death's alarm? 'Tis but the voice that Jesus sends to call them to his own. We miss him deeply.
Written by his wife, Jeanette K. Johnson

MAUD STUMBO HALL maud_stumbo_hall_ORB.jpg (4828 bytes)

With much love and many wonderful memories, I write an obituary of my precious mother, Maud Stumbo Hall, age seventy-eight, of McDowell, Kentucky, whom God called home March 6, 1987.
She was the daughter of William and Artie Salisbury Stumbo, born May 9. 1908. Having graduated from Martin High School and Pikeville College, she taught for twenty-three years, and was a lunchroom cook for nine years in the Floyd County School System before retiring.
She was married to Langley Hall in February, 1935. He preceded her in death October, 1978. Unto this union were born five children, two sets of twins and a spare: Scarlette, Sharlotte, Willis, Jerry and Judy Hall. She left behind thirteen grandchildren and one great-grandchild. She was the best mother anyone could have had and her children and grandchildren loved her dearly and were thankful to be a part of her life. She was such -a beautiful person and her life influenced many. She joined and was baptized into fellowship of the Salisbury Regular Baptist Church in May 1952. She served the Lord for thirty-five years and loved her church family. She loved to sing the beautiful songs and prepare food for the meetings. She enjoyed reading her Bible and prayed for her children and friends faithfully. Although Mom had few material possessions in this world, l feel she inherited a mansion in heaven.
I would like to express the family's gratefulness to the elders and members of the Little Rosa Church in McDowell, where her funeral was conducted. A special thanks to Brothers Clinton Moore and Don Parker for their words of kindness and beautiful songs that were sung.
Mom left behind a letter and a poem for her children which meant so much to us all.
Written by her daughter, Scarlette S. Nalle, McDowell, Kentucky

OCIE YOUNCE ocie_younce_ORB.jpg (3985 bytes)

It is with much sadness that we will try to write the obituary of our dear. sweet. beloved Mother, Ocie Younce.
Mommy was born at McDowell. Kentucky December 6, 1918 to the union of the late Barth Gayheart and Bell Alley Gaylleart. She departed this life June 5. 1987, making her stay on earth sixty-eight years, five months and twenty-nine days.
Mommy was married to Frank Howell March 3, 1936. To this union were horn five children. Of these children, one son, Fremon Howell, preceded her in death. Her husband, Frank, preceded her in death on March 2, 1944. She was later married to George Tackett, on November 21, 1945. To this union were horn eight children. Two of these children, Rosie and James Tackett, also preceded her in death. George preceded her in death on January 29, 1963. She was later married to Gordon Younce on July 5, 1969. To this union no children were born, but he was like a father to us all, and the only papaw that our children ever knew. Gordon preceded Mommy in death on December 12, 1981. Mommy is survived by five sons: Frelon Howell, William Howell, Teddy B. Tackett, and Harvey G. Tackett, all of Teaberry, Kentucky; George Tackett, Jr. of Robinson Creek, Kentucky; five daughters: Vivian Newsome, Mildred Newsome and Arbutis Tackett, all of Virgie, Kentucky, Stell Tackett of Caney Highway, Pikeville, Kentucky; Thelma Hamilton of Teaberry. She is survived by thirteen brothers and sisters. They are as follows: Alvin, Morg, Reford, Delbert (E. H.) and Ruth Blankenship, all of Indiana; Chester, Dan and Ruby Tackett, all of Ohio; Bell White, Martha Stewart, and Oma Workman, all of West Virginia; Dixie Hirby of Ohio, and Corzetta Brewer of Arizona. She also leaves twenty-six grandchildren, eleven great-grandchildren and a host of friends and relatives to mourn her passing.
Mommy belonged to church for the last forty-five years of her life. Being a Christian mother, Mommy always encouraged us to go to church with her. She was a shining example to everyone who knew her, especially her children. In closing, we wish to say, Mommy, we will strive to meet you in Heaven.
Written by her sad and broken-hearted children

ELDER CHESTER E. HAMILTON chester_hamilton_ORB.jpg (3297 bytes)

By the help of God, we shall attempt to write the obituary of Elder Chester Hamilton of Teaberry, Kentucky. He was born February 29, 1920 in the state of Kentucky. He departed this life February 19, 1987, making his stay on earth sixty-six years, eleven months and twenty-one days.
Chester Hamilton was the son of the late Elder John B. and Lula Jane Hamilton. Early in life he met and married Opal Johnson, on October 10, 1936. Blessed to this union were nine children. One preceded him in death in infancy. Left to mourn their loss are: five sons, Aaron B. of Grethel, Kentucky, Ishamel T. of Columbus, Ohio, Daniel Edd of Teaberry, Kentucky, Randell D. of Columbus, Ohio, and Amos C. of Jackson, Michigan; three daughters: Mrs. Emery (Barbara) Keathley of Elyria, Ohio, Joyce Akers of Grethel, Kentucky, and Mrs. Estill (Helen) Hamilton of Albion, Michigan; seventeen grandchildren, Lind five .ii eat-grandchildren also mourn the loss of their loving grandfather. He also leaves behind a host of friends and relatives, including three brothers, Erasmus Hamilton of Ligon, Kentucky, John Wess Hamilton of Allen Park, Michigan, and Elder Palmer Hamilton of Marshall, Michigan; three sisters Pauline Hamilton, Mrs. Lloyd (Nadene) Ray, both of Ligon, Kentucky, and Mrs. Ernest (Priscilla) Hamilton of Piketon, Ohio. Two brothers, Ranold Hamilton of Detroit, Michigan and Paul Hamilton of Teaberry, Kentucky, preceded him in death.
He joined New Salem Church July 4, 1959 and was baptized by Elder Johny Hall and Elder Sam Thomas. Being an honest man all of his life, he taught his children to be honest. Providing good counseling to family and friends, his home was always open to all. He enjoyed helping people and visiting the sick. His conversation always concerned the goodness of God. Recently, family and friends joined Chester and his wife, Opal, in the celebration of their fiftieth anniversary.
We, the family, feel he traded a world of sorrow for a home of peace and joy. We would like to say to the children who haven't made peace with God, you must deny yourselves and take up the cross. Follow a close and narrow path to receive a righteous crown. Remember, your loving father was as the words of Apostle Paul, "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, 1 have kept the faith: Henceforth, there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge shall give me at that day; and not to me only, but unto them also that love his appearing." Timothy 4=1-8.
His memorial will be preached July 30 and 31, 1988, at his home.
Written by Opal Hamilton and family

MONROE OUSLEY monroe_ousley_ORB.jpg (3411 bytes)

By the help of the good Lord, I'll try to write an obituary of my dear husband. Elder Monroe Ousley was born November 4, 1909 at Dock. Kentucky. He was the son of Thomas Ousley and Sarah Stephens Ousley. His life here on earth was seventy-seven years, five months and twenty-one days. He was married to Bertha Sizemore on March 10, 1930. We were married fifty-seven years and had a very happy life together until death came and took him. Mourning for him are his wife, three sons and two daughters, whom lie dearly loved. His surviving family is: his wife, Bertha, and children, Rufus J. Ousley, Wilmington, Ohio, Thomas R. Ousley, Franklin, Ohio, James D. Ousley, Carlisle, Ohio, Eva L. Lovely, Camden, Ohio, and Sarah A. Hale, Lebanon, Ohio. There are sixteen grandchildren, ten great-grandchildren; two brothers, Alonzo Ousley, Dayton, Ohio, and Newton Ousley, Franklin, Ohio; one sister, Josie Litton, Martin, Kentucky. He was a faithful member of the Old Regular Baptist Church approximately forty-five years. He went every Saturday and Sunday for as long as he was able to go. He liked to go and visit all of the churches in all of the Associations as often as he could. He was a moderator to a wonderful little church in Okeechobee, Florida, and hated to leave, but he was getting more sick than usual. He said he was not able to moderate as he should, so he came back to Ohio. He was a member of the House of Prayer Church at the time of his passing away. He dearly loved this church. So, I want to thank all of the brothers and sisters from all of the churches who came and visited him in the hospital. So, sleep on, we will meet you some sweet day. So, I say to the children that don't know my God, get right with God and meet Dad and me up in Heaven and that will be a wonderful reunion.
Written by his wife, Bertha

ALPHA COMBS alpha_combs_ORB.jpg (3742 bytes)

As the prophet Job compared our lives to a flower, it blooms for a season then dies and ceases to live, so it is with our lives here on earth.
On November 4, 1913, in the home of the late Frank Grigsby and Hattie Terry Grigsby, a baby girl was born. They named her Alpha. At that time she was the flower of their home and as time moved on, Alpha grew to be a beautiful young woman. In early life she met and married Jay Combs. Unto this union were born six children: Cledis, Thurl, Venice, Elwood, J. B., and Alpha has two brothers : Ward and Clyde; and five sisters: Hazel. Audrey, Opal, Mildred, and Jeane. She was also blessed with thirteen grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. All these mentioned are left to mourn her passing. Also not to leave out Alpha's neighbors and friends; we all miss her very much.
Now, that dreadful disease, cancer, has preyed upon her. It can't bother her anymore because on July 7, 1987 God called her home to live with him. I can safely say to the children and Jay that Mother will bloom as a flower again in Heaven. God has a flower garden for the people to dwell in that he has saved. So it behooves us to do as Alpha did to go to God by faith.
Our souls can rest in the paradise of that beautiful garden that God has for His people to live in after this life is over. So, let us not forget the day that Alpha enjoyed these few years and months before she left us. We can do like her if we want to and when this life is over join her in Heaven as we believe her soul is there today.
Written by Coy Combs, with help from her family

SOLLIE HUDSON sollie_hudson_ORB.jpg (3351 bytes)

It is with a heavy heart that we try to write an obituary of our beloved husband and father, Sollie Hudson.
He was born March 14, 1903 at Virgie, Kentucky and went to our Lord April 29, 1987. He was the son of the late Andy and Dillie Hudson. He had two brothers and six sisters. Two sisters survive. On April 10, 1919 he married Chloe Tackett Hudson. To this union were born thirteen children. two boys and eleven girls. Their names are: Collie, Lonier, Laviers, Vonier, June. Lori, Justine, Lydia, Deforest, Gloria, Neva Jo, Elizabeth and Irma. Four girls and one son preceded him in death. Their names were: Laviers. June, Lori. Lydia, and Deforest.
He was a retired coal miner. He was a member of the Enterprise Old Regular Baptist Church for twenty-one years. He was an ordained elder. Dad was a faithful member of his church and in recent years he didn't drive, but he was ready and sitting on his porch waiting for his church brothers and sisters to pick him up and take him to church with them. Dad can best be remembered sitting on his porch and watching traffic go by. He loved to watch the mountains turn green in spring and the colors that fall brings. He loved the snow in winter and and best of all he loved his Lord, his wife and children. Dad, we love you and miss you and pray to be with you in Heaven. His memorial will be preached the fifth Saturday and Sunday in July, 1988.

LESTA JANE BLACKBURN TACKETT lesta_jane_tackett_ORB.jpg (3688 bytes)

On October 18, 1908, a daughter was born into the family of Elder A. D. and Spicey Ann Johnson Blackburn. Thus began a life that was destined to touch so deeply those around her. This child was named Lesta Jane Blackburn and she was the eldest of eight children. Her brothers and sisters included: George W., Goldia, Kelsey, Corba, Marie, Reed, and A. D., Jr. Lesta learned early the responsibilities and love imposed by being a member of such a large family. She was also constantly exposed to the preachings of the Old Regular Baptist Church and her father, Elder A. D. Blackburn, and this exposure would greatly influence her later life.
As a child, Lesta became friends with George D. Tackett and this friendship developed into a love and respect that resulted in marriage on March 3, 1927. This love and respect withstood the trials and troubles of time and lasted for sixty years, one month and twenty-one days. Even though separated by her death on May 19, 1987, it remains a source of comfort in the heart of her husband for the rest of his life.
In 1933, approximately six years after her marriage, Lesta followed her father's teachings and joined the Old Regular Baptist Church. It was a commitment that she maintained for fifty-four years on earth and still shares in heaven. This commitment is the source of her wisdom, love and strength and it dictated the way she taught and disciplined her children.
Into her marriage with George D. Tackett, five children were born: Roland A. Tackett in 1927, Joe Jack Tackett in 1928, Charles L. Tackett in 1931, Eva Jane Tackett in 1936, and Georgia D. Tackett in 1939. In addition to her children, Lesta's love included eleven grandchildren and sixteen great-grandchildren, at the time of her passing.
As a mother, Lesta was totally selfless in her giving. She offered wisdom to the shallow, strength to the weak and humility to the strong. None of her children had a problem too small to be ignored, nor a problem too great to be challenged. Her beaming smile and happy banter at all her family gatherings reflected the tremendous pride and love that she felt in her children. As a result of her ability to find pride and enjoyment in her family, she lived a very happy life. However, even in the most happy of lives, there are tragic moments. It is often in the moments that the real strength of life is evidenced. In her life, Lesta  'o" her mother, father, and fifteen-month-old son, Joe Jack. In addition, she lost tier brother, George W., sisters, Corba and Kelsey, but she had the fortitude to survive and the strength to continue. Even as she met the most tragic moment of all at the end of her life, her questions and directions displayed the selfless concern and strength that was Lesta's. Her remarks were not wasted in a whining fear of death, but rather, they reflected the concern and strength of this beautiful person. "Did you call so-and-so? Was lie aright?" "Is the baby O.K..?" "Does she need a dress?" and finally, "You all look in on George, he will need your help." She left a legacy of strength for those who survive that we can either tremble in awe of, or we can try to emulate.
Therefore, in conclusion, for this legacy of strength we can say, "Thank you, Mamaw.", but into this great void created by your absence, we will cry our tears and beartbrokenly proclaim, "We love you, Mamaw!"
Written by the family

WILLIAM ELSWICK, JR. william_elswick_jr_ORB.jpg (3491 bytes)

By request, I will try to write an obituary of my brother-in-law, William Elswick, Jr. He was born March 22, 1922. He passed away January 1 1, 1987, making his stay here on earth sixty-four years, nine months and twenty days. He was the son of William and Corrella Elswick. In early life he married Hessie Bartley, October 19, 1945. He leaves to mourn their loss, his wife, Hessie and four children. Jr. and Hessie raised Bonnie Elliot, Jackie Newsome, Debbie Stevens and Russell Bartley. He also leaves ten grandchildren and three brothers, Uble Elswick, Herbert Elswick and Hubert Elswick. Junior was willing to help people out in the community. He believed in the Old Regular Baptist practices. Junior and Hessie enjoyed the church people visiting in their home. Just before he left this world, he told Hessie he visited Jerusalem. We hope that lie found the mercies of God there.
Written by Elder Offie Bartley

FRENCH COMBS french_combs_ORB.jpg (3667 bytes)

With love and sadness we will try to write the obituary of our loving dad and grandfather.
French Combs was born September 8, 1908 to Green and Scissy Stamper Combs of Softshell, Kentucky. On April 1, 1987, the Lord called him home, making his stay on earth seventy-eight years, six months and twenty-four days.
When he was twenty-two years old, he married Toni Salyers Combs and to this union were born six children, one preceded him in death. To mourn their loss are: his wife of fifty-six years Toni Combs, of Mousie, Kentucky; three daughters, Bethel Lee Smith of Mousie, Kentucky, Elma Glee Smith of Mousie, Kentucky, and Gloria Branham of Millersport, Ohio; two sons: James Combs of Kite, Kentucky and Darrell Combs of Mousie, Kentucky. He also leaves nine grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren, all of them loved him very much. The small children were always his favorite ones, no matter who they belonged to. lie leaves three brothers: Kelly Combs and Eliot Combs, both of Leburn, Kentucky, and Green Combs of Garner, Kentucky, and one sister, Gracie Mosley of Garner, Kentucky.
Daddy was a good neighbor and tried to help everyone he could. French belonged to the Ball Branch Old Regular Baptist Church. We all miss Daddy so much, but we know he is satisfied and is at peace. We hope to meet him again some day.
Written by his daughter and grandson, Bethel L. Smith and Paul S. Smith

ARBEY LLOYD STRATTON rabey_lloyd_stratton_ORB.jpg (2830 bytes)

Arbey Lloyd Stratton, age' sixty-nine, passed away Monday, January 19, 1987 at the Pikeville Methodist Hospital. He was born at Ivel, Kentucky on February 20, 1917 to the late John Kelly and Bertha Lee Elliot Stratton. He served in the U. S. Navy during World World II. He was a member of the New Salem Old Regular Baptist Church at Harold, Kentucky. He is survived by his wife, Kathryn Calhoun Stratton; two daughters, Mrs. Nelson (Patty) Radwan, Mrs. Charles (Becky) Francis, one step-daughter, Mrs. Mike (Peggy) Glavaris; three brothers and six sisters. He was preceded in death by two brothers, Marvin Stratton and John K. Stratton, Jr. and one sister, Opal Todd. He also leaves four granddaughters, Angela and Michele Radwan of Lexington, Kentucky, Kathi and Charla Francis of Pikeville, Kentucky, and two step-granddaughters, Christi and Sabrina Glavaris of Lexington, Kentucky.
Arbey joined the New Salem Church of Old Regular Baptist on October 5, 1986 and was baptized on October 12, 1986 in the river at Ivel, Kentucky in front of the family farm where he spent his childhood years. Arbey's newfound spiritual relationship with God, the church, and Brothers and Sisters was so overwhelmingly wonderful that he wanted to share his joy with his family and friends. Even in his weak and failing physical condition, the love of Jesus was reflected in his sparkling eyes as family and friends came to visit him in the hospital. Arbey planted the seed of friendship with everyone he knew and his bountiful harvest of friends was his well-deserved reward.
Arbey was a devoted family man who unselfishly thought of his family first and himself second. He always felt a strong bond of affection for his parents, his brothers and sisters and their families. He so loved his wife, children and grandchildren that he was constantly wanting to do things for them. He showed his love in so many ways that his departing will leave a void in the lives of his loved ones that will never be filled in this life, but may be renewed in the afterlife. We will attempt to fill this aching void with the countless recollections of the good days spent with Arbey when his health was good. Our loss is truly heaven's gain.
Written by Kathryn and Becky

MAGGIE MAE HAMILTON maggie_mae_hamilton_ORB.jpg (4400 bytes)

It is with a sad and broken heart that we will try to write an obituary of a dear wife and mother, Maggie Mae Hamilton. She was born September 9. 19_'8 and died April 3, 1987, making her stay on earth fifty-eight years, six months and twenty-five days. She was the daughter of the late John H. and Mary Alice Hamilton.
She was married to Willie B. Hamilton, the son of the late Buck and Minnie Hamilton on April 26, 1944 and unto this union were born eight children, six boys and two girls: Lorene Rogers, Elsie Bell Keathley, Shirlene Hamilton, Linda Gail Himilton, Rosetta Hamilton, all of Teaberry, Kozetta Wallen of Prestonsburg, Danny Hamilton of Teaberry, and Amos Hamilton of Homer, Michigan.
She was preceded in death by her mother and father, two brothers and one sister. She leaves to mourn her death, her husband, Willie B. Hamilton, eight children, thirteen grandchildren and one great-grandchild. She also leaves one sister, Ethel Hollifield and one brother, Nollie Hamilton, both of Teaberry, and many friends and relatives.
She joined the Old Regular Baptist Church on November 22, 1964 and was baptized on Thanksgiving Day, November 27, in a creek in front of her home. She had her membership at Pilgrim's Home Church for twenty-two years. She was a faithful member, but her illness prevented her from attending church the past few years of her life. When she couldn't be with her brothers and sisters, her heart was with them. She never forgot the need for prayers. I know she has prayed many prayers for her family, as well as others.
She suffered from emphysema and many other diseases for many years. Her last few months were filled with sickness and sorrow. Her mother died just six months and twenty-three days before she did. God decided she had suffered enough. He needed a new angel, so he chose her. We are so lonesome here without her and miss her more each day. Our only comfort is that we feel our loss is Heaven's gain, and that someday we can meet her again.
Written by her broken-hearted husband, Willie B. Hamilton, and children

MOLLIE MAE OSBORNE mollie_mae_Osborne_ORB.jpg (4189 bytes)

With a loving memory and a loss I cannot express I will try to write an obituary of my mother, Mollie Mae Osborne. She was born December 7, 1906 to sister Deliah Tacket Osborne and Elder William Osborne. She departed this life October 28, 1985, making her stay here on earth seventy-eight years, eight months and twenty-eight days. At an early age she met and married brother Kelly Osborne and unto this union were born seven children, three boys and, four girls. The first son died in infancy. Another son died in early manhood. He died suddenly with a heart attack. James Kelly, Jr. lives on Indian Creek, Mrs. Jewel Mullins lives at Haven Hill, Ohio, Mrs. Gloria Hunter lives at Geneva, Ohio, Mrs. Beulah Johnson lives on Indian Creek, Kentucky, Mrs. Alta Slone lives at Robinson Creek, Kentucky. She has eleven grandchildren, eighteen great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild, and they all loved Mama so much, and she loved them just as much. I've heard her say many times she couldn't tell much difference between her grandchildren and her own children. Mom loved all her children. Her grandchildren brought her much joy and comfort. Mother joined the Old Regular Baptist Church at Enterprise at the May meeting, 1933, with a wonderful experience, and was baptized and was a faithful member until Jesus called her home. 1 don't think anyone enjoyed the old-time preaching and singing more. She was also studious and consistent in her reading of her Bible. She was always pleased to have her brothers and sisters to visit her home. She loved to cook for them and make them comfortable. She and Dad would always have a crowd of peope at church time. Some would come-the , day before church and stay all night. I have seen all our beds full and some sleeping on the floor, but Mother was always glad to have them. She would be up early in the morning getting breakfast singing those good old sweet songs. Space doesn't permit me to tell the whole story of her life, but those who knew her would have to acknowledge her sincerity and steadfastness in what she believed. Mother hadn't been well for many years, but she bore her sickness patiently. She was active and alert until she had the stroke. She left us with such good hopes I have no doubts about where she is. It's where God has prepared for those who love and serve him. She said a few days before she died, she had seen the Apostle Paul ascending to Heaven. She had the most beautiful countenance on her face when she told us. She also saw something coming and she was hoping how quick it would come. That was the day before she died. I believe it was Jesus with a band of angels, because she wanted them to hurry. Mother has two sisters living, Rose Johnson and Rilla Hall, both from Michigan. They were very close. I'm sure there was a great love between them and an emptiness in their hearts when Mother had to leave us, but I feel they will all meet again in that Heavenly home. Mother stayed with me the last four years and only God knows how I miss her. Mother was blessed to see three of her daughters baptized into the church of her choice, Jewel, Beulah and me. Oh, how she would shoul God's praises when she washes our feet. So, sleep on, Mother until that Resurrection morning when we all meet again in that beautiful home where there is no death nor sorrow.
Written by her broken-hearted daughter, Alta

JOSEPH VERLIN MULLINS joseph_verlin_mullins_ORB.jpg (4256 bytes)

It is with tear-dimmed eyes and memories that won't fade that brings us to this mournful day, as we pay our last tribute of respect to our Brother, Joseph Verlin Mullins. He was born December 15, 1929 to the late Narvil and Nellie Burke Mullins and departed this life August 22, 1987. The Lord gave him fiftyseven years, some through pain and suffering and many days of happiness and joy. Verlin grew up and lived the biggest part of his life in and around Pound, Virginia. As a young man he met and married Nancy Crawford. They shared thirty-seven years of life's pain and joys. To this union were born six children: Linda Dotson, Southfork, Virginia, James Mullins, Wise, Virginia, Ralph Mullins, and Christy Mullins, both of the home. In addition to his children, he is survived by his wife, Nancy Crawford Mullins and five grandchildren whom he loved and enjoyed. His broken-hearted mother, Nellie Mullins, and his two sisters are mourning their loss.
Verlin was a retired United Mine Worker who spent his life providing for his family. He was an honest man who was a good citizen and neighbor. We have heard him talk many times of the Lord and that sweet fellowship that all born again Christians share with the Master. Nancy, your hurt and loss seems too great to bear, but trust in Him in the silent hours of the night and He will help you through. To his children, the head of the house is gone, but let his life and Godly conversation be your guide when you need help and feel alone. His wife will miss him most of all, but lift up your head and trembling hands, and upon His rock take a stand; for the Lord will ransom his redeemed, then all your loss, hurt and pain will seem but a dream, for our Brother, your husband, has entered a far Serener Clime, where peace, love and joy abound. So, to the family, consider your great loss Heaven's gain, and look to the Author of all Life and pray that you may meet again.
Written by the family

HURSHEL BRANHAM hurshel_branham_ORB.jpg (3297 bytes)

It is with much sadness that we try to write the obituary of Hurshel Branham of Caney Creek, Pikeville, Kentucky, who passed away at 6:35 p. m. Wednesday, October 15, 1986 at the Pikeville Methodist Hospital following an extended illness.
Born in Pike County March 6, 1904, he was the son of the late Andy and Betty Kinney Branham. Hurshel was a retired auto mechanic. He joined the Caney Creek Old Regular Baptist Church July, 1981 and was baptized by Brother Eles Case and Bro. Albert Damron. Bro. Hershel was a quiet and peaceable brother who did not want to cause anyone any trouble and enjoyed talking about the church.
In his early life he met and married Virginia Wakeland, who preceded him in death March 1966 and from this union, left to mourn his death, are a son, Donald Wayne Branham of Flint, Michigan, and two grandchildren. One brother, Floyd Branham, and one sister, Florence Ramey, preceded him in death. He has two brothers living, Shirley Branham and Buck Branham of Clintwood, Virginia, and one sister, Flora Damron of Waverly, Ohio.

CHARLES F. CURRY, JR. charles_f_curry_jr_ORB.jpg (4457 bytes)

It is with much sadness and broken hearts that we will try to write an obituary of my loving husband.
Chuck was born June 27, 1951 at Wheelwright, Kentucky. He departed this life April 10, 1987 in a coal mining accident, making his stay on earth thirtyfive years, nine months and fourteen days. He was born to Charles F. and Evia Faye Smith Curry of Wheelwright, Kentucky.
He married the love of his life, Mary Alice King, August 16, 1969. To their beautiful marriage were born two daughters, Delicia Michelle and Cynthia Faye (Dee Dee and Cindy).
Chuck is survived by his parents, wife, daughters, and one sister, Charlotte Faye Lawson of Hi Hat, Kentucky. Chuck also leaves behind two grandmothers, Della Curry (Mom-maw) of Wheelwright, Kentucky and Opal Smith (Maw) of Leburn, Kentucky, plus many aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces and many, in-m? relatives and friends.
Chuck graduated form Morehead State University in 1974 with a degree in Electricity and Electronics. He served in the National Guard for sixteen years, and rose to the rank of Captan. Chuck never met a stranger. He always had good words to say and never had anything bad to say about anyone. His family was his life! He was a loving son, a devoted husband, father and brother. He worked long and hard in the coal mines to be able to provide us with anything and everything that we may want or need. At work, he always prided himself in giving 110%, expecting nothing but his pay. His co-workers always became his buddies.
Other than providing for his family, his favorite times were spent outdoors with either a rod and reel or his old Ithica pump shotgun. Giving of himself to others was his greatest gift. Anyone who had the chance to meet him always walked away with a good feeling. God gave him this gift, and he used it to the fullest. If he could have, he would have been everybody's protector. So, even though we no longer have him with us, there is no way he will ever be forgotten. Chuck will live in our hearts forever!!!
Let us who remain pray that we may be worthy of Chuck's love and good will, given by him so freely, by sharing this same love and good will with those we meet along life's pathway.
Lord willing, a memorial meeting will be preached at the King Cemetery the last Sunday in July (July 31, 1988). Preaching to be done by Ellis Holbrook, Jimmy Dye, Roger Hicks and Hiram Adkins.
Written by his broken-hearted family: Mary Alice Curry and daughters, Charlotte Lawson and family and Charles Evia Faye Curry

LOTTIE MIRANDIE OWENS BENTLEY lottie_bentley_ORB.jpg (3632 bytes)

It is with much sadness we will attempt to write an obituary of our loving mother and grandmother, Lotte Mirandie Owens Bentley. She was born in Pike County on August 1, 1985. She was the daughter of the late Frank Owens and Frankie Jane Ramsey Owens. She departed this life on July 13, 1987, making her stay on earth ninety-one years, eleven months and twelve days.
Granny met and married the late Willie M. Bentley on December 21, 1920. Grandpaw preceded her in death February 6, 1983. Granny leaves to mourn their loss eleven children: Butler Martin, Fayetta Damron, Fonso Bentley, and Mae Robinson, all of Caney Creek, Kentucky, Arnold Bentley of Zebulon, Kentucky, Laura Little of Robinson Creek, Kentucky, Flora Crawford of Port Clinton, Ohio, Katie Polly of Rockhouse, Kentucky, Ruby Clevenger of MouthCard, Kentucky, Mary Bevins of Pennsylvania, and Bessie Bartley of Elkhorn City, Kentucky; sixty-five grandchildren and a host of great-and great-greatgrandchildren. Granny was a member of the Old Regular Baptist Church. Granny was blessed with a long life. She was an inspiration to everyone who knew her. Words cannot express what she meant to us and the love we felt for her. We know that her love was equal for us because she told us each day. Granny's smile was always so sweet and is sadly missed by each of us, but we know Granny is rejoicing in heaven where she is a beautiful rose blooming in Jesus' garden. We will never forger her or the way she taught us to love.
Written by her broken-hearted daughter, Fayetta Damron, and granddaughters, Evelyn Hall, Loretta Newsome and Carol Sussan.

JOHN PAUL "BILL" DAMROM  john_paul_damron_ORB.jpg (3516 bytes)

It is with very much weakness and sadness that we will try to write the obituary of John Paul "Bill" Damron, who was born August 18, 1941 and passed from this earthly life April 5, 1986 at the age of forty-four years, seven months and seventeen days. He was born in Pike County, Kentucky, the son of Hascal and Mary Mitchell Damron.
Brother Hascal and Sister Mary were blessed with two daughters and as it was all down through the Bible, no doubt they wanted a son also, and God saw fit to give them a son. No doubt they loved Bill very much and prayed many prayers for him as he grew up in this world of trouble and sorrows. Bill served in the armed service and worked as a coal miner. He was blessed with a wonderful family and leaves to mourn his death, his wife, Linda Robinson Damron of Little Creek, Kentucky; two sons, Tracy and Paul Damron of Little Creek; one daughter, Lori Damron of Little Creek; two sisters, Lou Lewis of Sookeys ( reek and Jeanette Bentley of Little Creek, Kentucky; and two grandchildren.
As Bill enjoyed the years with his family and friends in this world and the wheels of time kept on rolling, the afflictions of this life began to set in on him and that dreadful disease called cancer began to plague is body. As Brother Bill came to me one day and we sat in the living-room, he began to tell about how he promised God one time before that he would do better if God would let him get better of that cancer, and God did let him get better, but like so many of us have done, he soon forgot the promise he made to God. In a very humble manner he began to tell me it was different this time the cancer came back, but he had been praying and felt God had forgiven him of his sins. Later he joined the Little Creek Old Regular Baptist Church and was baptized by Brother Frank Hopkins and Brother Don Little.
Even though Brother Bill has been missed by his family and friends, his companion has missed him so very much, but by his testimony we feel he left a world of pain and sorrows and went to a world of joy and peace. We feel his soul is resting in the paradise of God until that resurrection morning when God will bring the soul back and it will unite with the body and God will change the natural body Lo a spiritual body and go to a heavenly country to live forever and forever. So, to his companion, family and friends, my prayer is that each one will repent and be born again with the spirit of God and we can meet again around the throne of God.
Written by the family and Brother Don Little

MARTIN FRASURE martin_frasure_ORB.jpg (4075 bytes)

Just one week ago today it became increasingly clear to me that 1, or someone just as dear to Brother Mart, would be standing as I now stand before you and read to you the following obituary.
I pray that those of you in our listening audience will have been blessed, as I am sure most of you have, with the opportunity to have known this family in a more personable way than what this brief introduction will give you concerning the life and achievements of Brother Mart, however, for those of you who were not acquainted or blessed to know Brother Mart as we, here in brief is a small introduction. Brother Mart Frasure was born October 12, 1908 at Garrett, Kentucky, to the parents of Jack and Susie Frasure. He departed this life after an extended illness September 25, 1986, just a few days short of his seventyeighth birthday. Brother Mart leaves to mourn their loss a host of friends and relatives and his most immediate family includes: Sister Alvie Lawson Frasure, his loving companion since their marriage in July, 1933. To this blessed union were born the following nine children: Dean Frasure, Clennon Frasure, Shelby Brewer, Barbara Back, Sandra Rowe, Shirley Frasure, all of North Judson, Indiana, and Rayburn Frasure of Denham, Indiana, Jane Pendle of Niles, Michigan, and Donna Chesney of Muncie, Indiana. He also leaves twenty granchildren, six great-grandchildren and many of us who adopted Brother Mart as father ...a title he earned over and over again and wore the name so well.
Does the song title, "I Wonder What They're Doing Up In Heaven Today" bring back memories ? How many can recall the times when Brother Mart and Sister Alvie together would begin the song and during the middle Brother Mart would get so happy that he would and up shouting the praises of God, to where Sister Alvie would have to sing from memory the next verses because Brother Mart was slapping the song book against the palm of his hand and shouting, "Brother Earl, or Children, I'm going home.'? Brother Mart, bless God, you are not wondering what they are doing up in heaven today...Today, you have left that to us . . . Now we are wondering what you are doing up in heaven today. We wonder, also, how we will miss your and Sister Alvie's sweet melodious voices blending together to bring us good old-fashioned, deep-down, God-felt tears of sweet joy when you sang, "I Am A Poor Pilgrim of Sorrow." Never again will you need to sing that song, Brother Mart, now we have that need.
I wonder, also, how many will miss seeing you and Sister Alvie enter the several churches you were blessed to visit and hear the whispers circulate around the congregation, "There comes them singing people from the Little Alvie Church." "Oh, what's his name, you know, the fellow that can sing so pretty. Anyway, just listen. I hope he sings "I Have A Father Gone To Glory." Gee, can he sing that! I wonder!
I wonder what it was like in 1952 when a group of faithful believers in Christ Jesus got together and founded the Little Alvie Church. It must have been a sweet day in the life of Brother Mart to see his dream take shape. When board after board was placed upon a foundation and the church we are assembled in today is here chiefly by the enduring effort of Brother Mart and Sister A1vie...How many quilts and rummage sales went into paying off this building? How many prayers went up to God to bless it? I wonder. I wonder how lonely at times it must have felt when the congregation got down to almost two ...Alvie and Mart, but Bless God, I don't wonder where the help came from to save it and its blessed name, The Little Alvie Church of Jesus Christ, Regular Baptist Faith and Order.
You know, I'm made to wonder that when the Bible speaks of the office of Deacon and what kind of men it would take to fill that office ...I wonder if we ever thanked God enough for giving us the Old Regular Baptist Church and a Deacon in the person of Brother Mart.
So, what do I say to these people that have come here to honor you, Brother Mart? I wonder if that is what I would say to you if you and I could have talked about this ...I could say that we loved you...but you knew that ...I could say we miss you ...and that wouldn't be any surprise ...you know how you and I would kid around with each other ...I probably would tell you that since you ARE up there around God's throne ...I wonder what your voice sounds like when you sing that heavenly song...If I would have that last remembering conversation...I'd probably frown at you for momentarily refusing to shake my hand or giving me a hug to let me know how long it had been since you had seen me ...and that big smile and robust arms open...you would enclose me in your embrace so tight that I could feel the energy of brotherly love and the closeness of uncle and nephew sharing a brief moment...you know with all of this between us, your close-knit family that hugged and loved you to no end...Alvie, that unwaveringly waited on you, hand and foot, day and night ...your family, who never left your home and sat at your feet trying to find a way to help you..all of these wonderful things you left us ...you left us a great legacy, Brother Mart ...and we miss you ...AND IT'S NO WONDER!
Written by Preacher Earl Lawson

CRO CAR ADAMS cro_car_adams_ORB.jpg (3841 bytes)

Brother Cro Car Adams of Eubank, Kentucky was born September 22, 1909 in Letcher County. He would have been seventy-eight years old tomorrow. He was the son of Martha and General Adams of Ison, Kentucky. Cro passed away at the Humana Lake Cumberland Hospital after a long illness.
Cro was a member of the Rose of Sharon Church and he had been a member of the Regular Baptist Church for fifty-three- years.
Cro married Cindy Whitaker on February 17, 1932. During their fifty-five years together they had five children, four girls and one son. The daughters are Delores Adams and Lenora Jones, both of Eubank, Kentucky, Barbara Adams of Waynesburg, Kentucky, and Angeletta Fields of Pikeville, Kentucky. They have twelve grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Cro had two brothers and four sisters to precede him in death. They are Minta Adams, Cinda Caudill, Dixie Caudill, Boone Adams, and Watson Adams. Cro left behind one sister and three brothers to mourn his passing. They are, Beulah Hampton of Jeremiah, Lee Adams of Whitesburg, Herman Adams of Hazard and Curt Adams of Ison, Kentucky.
Cro was a perosn who read his Bible often and enjoyed discussing what he had read. His Bible was full of notes on verses he had read and researched. There were two verses found written on a note in Cro's Bible that I think that he would want to leave to his children. They are, "Remember thy Creator in the days of your youth." Ecclesiastes 12:1 and, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all these things shall be added unto you." Matthew 6:33.
In a dream Cro had, he fought beside Christ in the Battle of Armageddon against increasing numbers of the wicked. In the end of the dream, Cros saw the righteous lifted above the multitudes and descend into Heaven. Cro has fought his battle here on earth and just as he sang while in the hospital, he is now singing with his family and friends around the throne of God.
Written by the family

ELVIRA TACKETT elvira_tackett_ORB.jpg (3825 bytes)

It is with a sad and lonely heart that I will try, with the help of the good Lord, to write the obituary of my dear mother, Elvira Adams Tackett. She was the daughter of R. B. Adams and Sillar Johnson Adams. She was born March 6, 1912 and passed away December 30, 1986, making her stay here seventyfour years, nine months and twenty-four days.
Mom was married to Solomon Tackett October 20, 1929 and to this union were born seven children. One son, Kermit Odis, passed away at the age of six months and seven days, leaving two daughters and four sons to mourn their loss. They are Marie Tackett of Kings Mountain, Kentucky, Nola Kanes and Nornvel of Dorton, Kentucky, and Carnvel, Roy, and William of Joanancy, Kentucky. She also leaves a host of nieces, nephews, and friends to mourn her passing.
Mom was so lonely after Dad passed away in August, 1974. She loved her children very much, but we couldn't fill the emptiness in her heart left there when Dad passes away. Mom came to live with us when she became too ill to stay in her own home. It was so hard to watch her suffering. She smothered so terribly and she hated to be alone, so we sat with her every night. I miss her but 1 believe she is so much better off. She isn't crippled and she isn't lonely anymore. I believe she and Daddy are together now where there will be no more partings.
Mom joined the Old Regular Baptist Church in March, 1953 and lived a faithful life until her death. Before Dad died, they would walk for miles to go to church, since niether of them ever drove a car. They went as long as it was possible for them to get there. Mom went to church whenever the opportunity arose until she became bedridden. Until her death, she had church at her home as often as possible. Mom and Dad were so humble and good to everyone. We loved them so much, but God loved them more. He called them to a better home where they are not suffering now.
Mom, I have a hope deep in my heart that I will meet you, Daddy and Kermit in Heaven where we won't have to part again. How wonderful to spend eternity together singing praises and glorifying God. Mom and Dad, I miss you both, but I praise God for the peace I feel, believing as I do, that you're safe at home waiting for the rest of us.
Written by her lonely daughter and son-in-law, Marie and Emmitt Tackett

HARRIET WIREMAN ARNETT harriet_arnett_ORB.jpg (3108 bytes)

Mrs. Harriet Wireman Arnett, the oldest of fourteen children born to Lewis and Viney Oliver Wireman on April 1, 1987, passed from this life Sunday, April 26, 1987, making her stay on earth ninety years and twenty-five days. She was blessed with a long, useful and fruitful life, and was an inspiration to us all. She was united in marriage to Burney Arnett on April 7, 1915, and to this union seven children were born. She was preceded in death by her husband, Burney Arnett, January 22, 1978, one son, Arthur Arnett, August 5, 1967, a four-year-old daughter, Dorothy Arnett, November 13, 1920, four sisters: Curtis Wireman, Sally Hale, Polly Wireman, Loney Lovely, and one brother, Warnie Wireman. She leaves to mourn her passing, one son, Richard Arnett of Albion, Michigan; four daughters, Mabel Hopkins of Reading, Michigan, Ruth Shepherd, Sandra Shepherd and Marie Whitaker of Gunlock, Kentucky; four sisters, Liney Hale, of Lima, Ohio, Elizabeth Wireman of Medaryville, Indiana, Edna Hale of Medaryville, and Wealthy Montgomery of Lima, Ohio; four brothers, Kennie Wireman of Oliver, Michigan, Ollie Wireman of Waldo, Kentucky, Willard Wireman of Waldo, and Homer Wireman of Bradenton, Florida; seventeen grandchildren, twenty-seven great-grandchildren and a host of nieces, nephews and friends.
Mother joined the United Baptist Church in the spring of 1943 and was baptized by Reverend Ramey Whitaker. She lived a dedicated Christian life twenty-four hours a day, every day. She loved the Lord deeply and was a faithful follower. Her faith and commitment were unshakable. She was an excellent example to her church, family, community and neighbors. Mother read her Bible regularly, and Psalms was her favorite book of the Bible. Mother walked very closely and wisely before the Lord. God had a special ministry for Mother that no one else could do. Nothing is too difficult, for the Lord hears and intercedes. Mother was so alert and her mind was so good. She took care of her affairs. She was concerned about the church and the well-being of the community. Her family was totally devoted to her. They did everything that was humanly possible for her care and comfort. She was never left alone or lonely. She was always loved and needed; it was a distinct pleasure to have our trusted mother. God allowed us the blessings and happiness of enjoying and keeping Mother at home without the sorrow of seeing her bedfast or suffering great, intolerable pain. As a wife, Mother worked very hard beside Dad, helping guiding, sharing in rearing a family and making many sacrifices. She worked diligently at all of her varied and different tasks and never once voiced a complaint. She was a perfectionist in all of her endeavors and all of her pursuits were a labor of love. As a friend, Mother was always very warm, patient, and understanding. In return, she was blessed with loyal friends. As a sister, she was a best friend, someone to confide in, depend on, and discuss any problem. She would cheer and comfort you. As a grandmother, she had this special love and thoughtful way and the grandchildren were drawn to her. She always gave encouragement and understanding. It has been so wonderful to have Mother to love. Mother has been and will always be a very special part of our lives. We have felt and will always feel a world of love for her. God blessed us with many wonderful things, but the finest of these is Mother. We pray that God above will guard and bless Mother with the grace of His wondrous love. Mother reflects God's love, and we shared this love, guidance and care. Lord, help us through this separation until we meet Mother. We are so lonely, sad and discouraged. Mother, we are leaving you in the hands of the Almighty with confidence. We will love you always, pray for you always, and I know God will pour out the blessings. God knows those who are His and will keep you in perfect peace.
The honorary pallbearers will be brothers: Kennie Wireman, Homer Wireman, Ollie Wireman and Willard Wireman, and pallbearers are grandsons, Jerry Lee Arnett, Gary Ames Arnett, Doyle Arnet, Keith Brent, Bruce Whitaker and Don Ladd.
We love you, Mother, your children

NATHAN CARROLL nathan_carroll_ORB.jpg (3790 bytes)

With love and by the help of our Almighty God, we will write the obituary of our beloved Daddy, Nathan Carroll. He was born November 21, 1907 unto Nathaniel and Mary Francis Carroll.
During his life he met and married our loving mother, Delphia Hall. Unto this union were born eight children: two sons, Reevis and Eugene Carroll of Grethel; six daughters, Syrvelvia Sparks, Irene Sparks, and Mary Hall of Grethel, Earvina Adkins of Galveston, Treva Collins of Honaker, and Evelee Slaughter of Freemont, Ohio.
Daddy had been blessed to live and see thirty-five grandchildren, thirty-six great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild. Four of his grandchildren went before him to rest in the arms of Jesus: Flo Ellen Clark, Patty Gail Adkins, Rita Adkins, and George Hall, Jr.; also two of his great-grandchildren, Nicholas Clark and Veronica Clark, are waiting in Paradise to meet him.
Daddy joined the Old Regular Baptist Church August 19, 1972 and lived a faith-filled life until his call from heaven came September S, 1987, making his stay here on earth seventy-nine years and ten months.
We truly feel our earthly loss is heaven's gain. He loved to go to church and be with his Brothers and Sisters in Christ. He loved to hear preaching and singing. He loved singing God's praises. Daddy was a good man and well-loved by all his family and friends. We hate to let him go and leave us all, but we all know in our hearts he is in the best of hands-God Almighty.
Written by his loving wife and family

CATHRYN MOORE cathryn_moore_ORB.jpg (11634 bytes)

With the help of the Lord, I will try to write the obituary of a dear friend and sister in the Lord, Sister Cathryn Moore.
In the home of Nanny Blankenship Moore and the late Monroe Moore, a daughter was born August 8, 1928 at Price, Kentucky. In later years Cathryn met and married Beverage Moore and was married for forty-two years, until death did part them. To this union were born six children, four sons and two daughters. Two of her sons preceded her in death at avery young age. Two sons and two daughters are left to mourn their loss: Phillip Moore of Price, Luca Moore, of Price, Vannessa Lynn Moore of Mc Dowell, and Beverley Bell of Fostoria, Ohio. She had seven precious grandchildren that she loved dearly.
She is survived by: her mother; four brothers and three sisters: Hershell Moore of Buckingham, Kentucky, Roe Donald Moore of Minnie, Kentucky, Everett (Silas) Moore and Ray Alvin Moore of Price, Kentucky; her precious mother, Nannie Moore, her sister, Mertie Stumbo of Price, Ecie Moore of Hi Hat, Kentucky, and Hanna Hamilton of Paintsville, Kentucky. She was preceded in death by five brothers and her father, Monroe Moore, John David Moore and Wootsie Moore, all of Price, Kentucky; Able Moore of Indian Town, Florida, and Cecil Ezra and Richard, who died at a very young age.
All through Sister Cathryn's life she went day and night helping those that were in need, whether it be sickness or a funeral, she was always there sitting by one's bedside or trying to comfort a broken heart. Sister Cathryn lived a happy life with her children and husband for many a year until afflictions of her body slowed her down and eventually made her bed-stricken. Sister Cathryn started calling on her Lord for forgiveness of her sins and one sweet day, God, in His great mercy, spoke peace to her sweet soul. She immediately called the brothers on February 27, 1987 to her home and told them what GREAT things the Lord had done for her. However, her sickness prevented her from being baptized, but we feel her crown will be just as bright as ours. She bore her afflictions with as much patience as ever I saw. Very seldom complaining, always asking someone to sing her some pretty songs and hold prayer. God called her home on her birthday, August 8, 1987, letting us keep her for fifty-nine precious years.
As I try to close this obituary, I say to her husband and family, "Your precious mother will live again and I beg you, please get ready to meet her again, for some day she will rise again with a smile on her face that will last forever, throughout eternity."
Written by one that loved her very much, Brother Gary Compton

BEULAH LOUISE JOHNSON beulah_johnson_ORB.jpg (9903 bytes)

I sit here looking in the photo album trying to put all the feeling into words to make you understand the person just a little of whose obituary I am trying to write, the obituary of Beulah Louise Johnson. She was born June 21, 1930 to the late Kelly and Mollie Osborne. She left this life on December 9, 1986, making her stay on this earth fifty-six years, five months and eighteen days. She was a good person. We miss her already. She married Wavey Johnson on November 1, 1946 and unto this blessed union were born one son and three daughters. Left to mourn her are her broken-hearted husband, Wavey Johnson of Virgie, Kentucky; her son, Kenneth Johnson of Hendersonville, Tennessee, her daughters and sons-in-law, Sandra and Lloyd Kelly of Clinton, Michigan, Glendora and Tommy Phillips of Adrian, Michigan, and Pam and Frank Justice of Virgie, Kentucky. She also had three sisters and one brother, Jewell Mullins of Haver Hill, Ohio, Alta Slone of Pikeville, Kentucky, and Gloria Hunter of Geneve, Ohio, also James K. Osborne, Jr. of Virgie, and one brother who preceded her in death, Jerry F. Osborne of Virgie, who died in 1956. She also left eight grandchildren to mourn her: Gregory and Eric Kelly, Tracy and Melinda Johnson, Renee and Connie Phillips, and Kirk and Keith Justice. They will miss their grandmother, for she truly loved them all.
We moved to Michigan in 1964 and she joined the Old Regular Baptist Church on January 3, 1965, in Ypsilanti, Michigan. She was baptized by Brother Covis Tackett and Brother Conley Calhourn. Then, when we moved here she came back to Enterprise, where she was a loyal member.
She had cancer and she suffered a lot but the good Lord thought she had suffered enough so he came and took her home with him but, also, took her away from us as easy as you could pray for, she passed away in her sleep, with all of us who loved her the most around her bed. We are truly grateful to the Lord for taking her in this Way. It was what she wanted. She used to feed all the birds in the neighborhood. At times there have been over a hundred birds in the yard at a time. I hope they won't forget the kind woman who took such good care of them. She really loved her birds. I shall never see a bird that I won't think of her. We all loved her very, very much and we, her family, will never forger her.
Written by her baby daughter, Pam Justice

JOHN C. WICKER john_c_wicker_ORB.jpg (11352 bytes)

It is with a deep sense of loss and sadness that I try and write a few words about John C. Wicker, husband and father. Dad was born April 24, 1897 and died April 1, 1987. He was the son of the late John and Artie Triplett Wicker. He is survived by his wife, Eva Hoover Wicker of Jeffersonville. A daughter, Gladys Lafferty, and four sons, Jim, Vinnon, and Aaron, all of Jeffersonville, and Ivory Wicker of Wurtland, Kentucky, also survive, along with several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. One daughter, Gretta Sue Wicker, preceded him in death in 1956. Dad always worked hard for his family. He joined the Old Regular Baptist Church some fifty-five years ago. He lived a good and full life. He always loved going to church and hearing the word of God preached. He had great respect for the church and his brothers and sisters of the church. He longed for some of the members to come and see him. It always made him feel good, when his friends came. I believe with all my heart Dad is at rest now. He was so humble and never complained. Dad, you have paid the price and are one of God's angels now. We all hope to be with you again some day.
Sadly missed by, wife, daughter, and sons

IRELAND TACKITT ireland_tackett_ORB.jpg (12373 bytes)

With much sadness, I will try to write an obituary of Ireland Tackitt. Ireland was born September 20, 1915 and died December 29, 1986. He was the son of Taulby Tackitt and Louise Tackitt. His mother died when he was four years old. His father married Roxie Johnson Tackitt and to this union were born four children two of them preceded him in death. Three are left to mourn their loss: Elzie Tackitt of Virgie, Kentucky, Menie Caudill, Leagon, Kentucky, and Flossie Johnson of Andrues, Indiana. He leaves his wife, Dixie Tackitt and one son, Garland Tackitt. I know they would love to have him with them but he is resting from his labor according to what he told several of his elders, that he felt God forgave him of his sins and wanted to be baptized when he got out of the hospital. He was not baptized in the natural water, but we feel he got the water that came down from heaven that a man may drink of and never die, so to the rest of the family and kindred, if you have not made peace with God, I beg you, fall out with sin and open your hearts' door and let Jesus come in, He will be there to comfort you in time of trouble and when he calls his children home, we can meet Ireland again.
Written by Elder Lonnie Tackitt, his nephew and Brother in Hope

DEBORAH ANN BENTLEY MILLER deborah_miller_ORB.jpg (12064 bytes)

with a sad and broken heart, I will try to write this obituary of my daughter. Debbie was born October 10, 1958, making her stay on earth twenty-eight years, two months, and nineteen days. She was married to Price Miller, Jr. She leaves to mourn their loss: her husband, her father and mother, Fonso and Goldie Bentley of Caney Creek, and Christy Bentley, of the home; three brothers, Gary Bentley of Betsy Lane and Gregory and Steven Bentley of the home, and one niece, Cassandra Carol Newsome of Caney Creek.
Debbie gave her hand to the Lord on December 26, 1986 and told Eles Case her experience. She wanted him and Don Blake Little to baptize her. She wanted to be baptized before she left Pikeville Hospital, going to U. K. Hospital in Lexington, but didn't get to. It hurt her so bad because she didn't get to be baptized. She told me and her Aunt Christine in Lexington Hospital to tell Eles that as soon as she got back home, she wanted to be baptized. Debbie wasn't afraid of ..,.:.b, but the pain got so bad she could hardly bear it. After she gave her hand to the Lord she was so happy. She could hardly talk because of shortness of breath, but she wanted everyone to know the good news. She wanted everyone to know how much she loved them. She told us she had a better home to go to when she left this world. She said she saw Mamaw, Della Case, with her hands out, telling her to come on home and she said she saw the Lord. She would pray and ask the Lord to help ease her pains. Debbie was a friendly, likeable person. She was always laughing and talking to people. She talked right up 'til she died. She told me right before she died, "Mommy, I love you." She really suffered before she died, but I believe all her suffering is over. I believe she is at rest. She told me she wanted to be buried right beside her Mamaw, Della Case. The doctor said, when she died, she went like she was going off to sleep.
I miss her so bad at times, that I can hardly bear it. She is missed around the home and missed by everyone that knew her. By the grace of the Lord, I will meet her in heaven some day. She was another rose added to the garden.
Written by her broken-hearted mother, Goldie Bentley

ALLEN DAMRON allen_damron_ORB.jpg (11951 bytes)

With great sorrow and the help of God, we will try to write an obituary of our daddy, Allen Damron. He was born April 11, 1911 and departed this life October 9, 1986, making his stay on earth seventy-five years, five months and twenty-eight days. He was the son of the late Jack Damron and Bitha Blair Damron. He leaves behind his beloved wife, Mella Newsom Damron. They were married March 12, 1931. He was blessed with nine children. Four of them preceded him in death: Tilda Newsome, Mella Lee Belcher, Garnet Edward and Charlie Allen Damron. His surviving children are: Carlos and Vernon Damron of Penny Road, Rachel Brown of Virgie, Mary Nancy Johnson of Teaberry, Kentucky, and Melster Stewart of Pikeville, Kentucky. He leaves four brothers: Claude, Gilliam, Thurman, and Jackie Wayne Damron; three sisters: Margaret Jane Bartley, Stella Little and Francis Damron. He also leaves to mourn their loss, eighteen grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren, and a host of neighbors and friends.
He joined the Old Regular Baptist Church and took his membership to the Caney Creek Church, the church he loved, and lived there until his death. He was baptized by Elder Eles Case and Elder Monroe Jones.
Daddy was sicker than they thought. He didn't want anyone to know of his sickness. He was a true and loving father to his family and friends. Daddy loved everybody. He loved for them to visit him. He was a retired miner and carpenter. Our hearts are broken, but we believe his suffering is over. I'll say to all the children, you can meet Daddy again. Fall out with sin and be born again. We can all meet him on the golden shore. We all believe in our hearts that Daddy's happy now, there will be no more pain and suffering, Daddy's with God.
God was with you while you suffered. He knew that you'd had your share. He gently closed your eyes and took you in his care.
Dear God, take this message to Dad up above. Tell him Mom and all of us miss him. To us, he was like a singing dove and, please God, give him all our love.
Written by his two lonely daughters, Rachel Brown and Mary Nancy Johnson

BERTHA WILLIAMS betha_williams_ORB.jpg (10088 bytes)

It is with a very sad heart that I'll try to write an obituary of my mother-inl-aw and sister in Christ, to wit, Bertha Meade Williams.
She was born February 12, 1901, the daughter of Robert and Polly Meade. She deceased this life July 10, 1987. Through God's love and tender mercies, He granted her stay here eighty-six years, four months and eighteen days.
She was united in marriage to James Williams July 23, 1919. He preceded her in death, April 20, 1968. To this union were born five children: Forest E. Williams, Banner, Kentucky, Kathryn (Mrs. Francis) Akers, Georgetown, Kentucky, John S. Williams, Mouth Seneca, West Virginia, Doris (Mrs. Ervin) Akers, Dana, Kentucky, and Billy A. Williams of Dana, Kentucky.
She surrendered her life to Jesus July 27, 1975 and was baptized by Elder Johnnie Hall and Elder Francis Akers. She took her membership with Old Regular Baptist, at Little Salem Church, Dana, Kentucky, and has lived a true Christian life and faithful to attend her church as long as she was able. She loved and was loved by all who knew her.
She leaves to mourn her passing, all of her children, fourteen grandchildren, twenty-three great-grandchildren, one sister, Amy Martin, Columbus, Ohio, three half-brothers, Tine Meade, Detroit, Michigan, Robert and Foster Meade, Paintsville, Kentucky and a host of friends.
May I say to all of our family, love one another. Look unto God for all our needs. Then, when our time comes to cross over, I pray God will make our passing as easy as He took Granny away. All thanks unto our Lord Jesus Christ.
Written by her son-in-law and brother in Christ, Ervin Akers

BETTY BLANKENSHIP betty_blankenship_ORB.jpg (14084 bytes)

It is with many precious memories, I will try to write the obituary of a dear aunt that we all loved very much, but the Lord loved her more. She was born November 12, 1899 to John and Amanda Jane Bates Honeycutt and passed from this life September 25, 1985, making her stay here on earth eighty-five years, ten months and thirteen days of age. Her parents, husband, one son, one sister, and seven brothers preceded her in death. To mourn their loss is left, one son, Dan, two daughters-in-law, Reba and Pat, one brother, Mack Honeycutt, eight grandchildren, thirteen great-grandchildren, and a host of nieces and nephews and friends. It would please her to see us all come in. She would be waiting on the porch with her arms held out for us. Auntie, we miss you an awful lot, but our loss is heaven's gain. Jesus needed a rose and he called you. She joined the Providence Regular Baptist Church in 1979 and was a faithful member.
Written by a niece who loved her, Cynthia Watts

LESTER AMBURGEY lester_amburgey_ORB.jpg (9783 bytes)

By the help of the good Lord, I will try to write the obituary of Brother Lester Amburgey. Brother Lester was born February 22, 1921 in Knott County, Bath, Kentucky. He was born the son of the late Monroe Amburgey and Dicy Collins Amburgey.
Brother Lester had heart problems for the last few years, and after much sickness, on April 24, 1987 about 8:30 a. m., God saw fit to take Brother Lester home where no sickness comes. He was sixty-six years, two months and two days old.
On May 14, 1948 he married Georgia Collins. To this union were born six children. Left to mourn their loss are: his wife, three boys and two girls, all of Connersville, Indiana, where Brother Lester worked and raised his family: Lester Jr., Larry Wayne, Robert Allen, and Wilbur Joel, who drowned in 1974, Wanda Sue Kaiser, and Joyce Ann Evans; also eleven grandchildren and two step-giaiid_hildren, also of Connersville; three brothers, Haymond of College Corner, Ohio, Wiley of Litt Carr, Kentucky, Monroe, Jr. of Connersville, Indiana; two sisters, Verda Franklin of Mallie, Kentucky, Cindy Hammonds of Clarksville, Indiana; and many friends and loved ones. His parents, one son, one brother, and two sisters preceded him in death.
On September 21, 1974, Brother Lester joined the Old Regular Baptist Church at Little Children's Home, and was baptized by Elder Roy Caudill and Elder Zee Holbrook. He was a good and faithful servant. He soon felt his calling to the ministry and he sure loved the old time way. His favorite songs were, 'How I Came to Love These Pilgrims' and `Two Coats.
In 1979 Brother Lester felt the Lord wanted him to take his letter to the Little Bethel Church at Sligo, Ohio, where he was welcomed with much love and fellowship. Brother Lester loved all the churches and he would travel many miles to church even when he was not able to go, but when the Lord would bless him, he would always say, "I'm glad I went."
Brother Lester, Sister Georgia and I went many places to church and had many happy times praising the good Lord and he enjoyed that so much. There is so much I could say about Brother Lester but, children, we feel he has gone where no sickness and sorrow can come, and by the grace of God, if you will look to the same God that Brother Lester looked to then, when Jesus comes we can all go home together.
Written by Elder Zee Holbrook

ADA BLEVINS STURGILL ada_sturgill_ORB.jpg (12002 bytes)

It is with a sad and aching heart that we try with the help of the Lord, to write an obituary of my mother, Ada Lee Blevins. She was the daughter of the late John William and Nancy Blevins. She was born December 28, 1906 in Carter County. She married Lonnie Sturgill in 1922. He departed this life March 26, 1955. Unto this union were born ten children, three of -whom passed away at an early age. They were blessed to rear seven grown. Mom passed away on April 11, 1987 at St. Clare Medical Center in Morehead, Kentucky. She leaves to mourn her seven children who miss her more than words can say. She also leaves thirteen grandchildren and twenty great-grandchildren. We all loved her dearly and pray that one day we'll be together never to part anymore. She leaves four sons, Raymond Sturgill of Columbus, Ohio, Burl and Franklin Sturgill of Olive Hill, Kentucky; three daughters, Pearl Waugh of Columbus, Ohio, Julia Roar of Worthington, Kentucky, and Sue Carroll of Grahn, Kentucky. We would like to thank God for the years He allowed her to be with us. We will close now by saying, Rest in Peace, Mom, until we meet again.
Written by the family

ALLIE JOHNSON allie_johnson_ORB.jpg (10560 bytes)

Allie Johnson was born May 28, 1906 in Knott County, Kentucky. She was the daughter of the late Marion Slone and Mary Ellen Slone. She departed this life following an extended illness on June 29, 1987 at the Highland Regional Medical Center, Prestonsburg, Kentucky, being eighty-one years of age. In life her occupation was that of a housewife and mother. She was a member of the Joppa Old Regular Baptist Church, Melvin, Kentucky. She was baptized at Little Rock Church at Halo, Kentucky the third Sunday in September, 1958. She was baptized by Charlie Jones and Oliver Meade. She was married to Oscar Hall, who preceded her in death, and later married Coy Johnson, who also preceded her in death. She is survived by four sons and one daughter: Maynard Hall, Bevinsville, Coy Johnson, Jr., Woodhaven, Michigan, Eugene Johnson, Dearborn Heights, Michigan, Comas Johnson, Bevinsville, Kentucky, Edith Newsome, Prestonsburg, Kentucky. She was preceded in death by three sons and one daughter: Frnest Hall, Arnold Johnson, Thomas Johnson, and Eva Johnson. She is survived by one sister, Clercy Slone, Knott County Kentucky. She was preceded in death by one brother and one sister- Arnold Slone and Virgie Hall. There are twenty-eight grandchildren and thirty-four great-grandchildren and a host of relatives and friends who mourn her passing.
I would like to thank Horner Hall, Halmer Harris, Buck Skeans and Otis Johnson for visiting Mommy while she was alive and able to enjoy their presence and singing. She loved the fellowship they had and she went to church as long as she could go, but was bedridden for about seven and a half years. She loved everyone so much. We all miss Mommy and love her with all of our hearts. Mommy was kind to everyone, she loved to make coffee and cook for everyone who came to her house. We miss her so much but God loved her and knew when he wanted her home. She bore her sickness so well; she complained very little and she loved all of her brothers and sisters of the Regular Baptist Church and all other churches.
Again, we would like to thank everyone she knew and loved and everyone who loved her. She loved her grandchildren just like her own. We all love you, Mommy, and miss you so much, words can never tell how much.
We love you. Written by her children and grandchildren

DAVE BALDRIDGE david_baldridge_ORB.jpg (11373 bytes)

Dave Baldridge was born October 8, 1905 and departed this life November 30, 1986, at approximately 8:00 p. m. at Our Lady of the Way Hospital in Martin, Kentucky. Dave was the last surviving child of the twelve children born to John Wess and Ellen Baldridge of Porter in Knott County. The family later moved to Hueysville, Kentucky, where John Wess Baldridge ran a country store and there the children grew to adulthood.
Dave Baldridge met Sadie Whitaker Baldridge at Hueysville, fell in love with her, and asked her hand in marriage. They were married March 27, 1927. To Dave Baldridge and Sadie Whitaker Baldridge were born four children: Harold Lloyd Baldridge of Garrett, Kentucky, John Wess Baldridge of Windermere, Florida, Norma Jean Baldridge Napier, deceased, of Occoee, Florida, and Lawrence Edward Baldridge of Pippa Passes, Kentucky.
Just after Harold Lloyd was born, Dave joined the Stone Coal Old Regular Baptist Church and was a faithful member from 1929 until 1986. Even during his illness, while confined to a wheelchair, Dave was brought to church by his eldest son, Harold.
Dave Baldridge loved and was loved by all his family; loved and was loved by all his neighbors; loved and was loved by all the members of his church.
He leaves to mourn his passing, his faithful helpmate, Sadie; his three surviving children, his twelve grandchildren and his nine great-grandchildren. Preceding Dave in death were his daughter, Norma Jean and his grandson Allen Kyle Napier. Dave leaves a host of family members and friends who knew him to be one of the most loving and kind Christians they ever met.
Dave Baldridge lived the Scriptures. He was an example of the text, "Except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall in no wise enter into the Kingdom of Heaven" and also the text "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God."
The family wishes to thank all who showed their love and concern during this time, and to express special appreciation to Jerry Jones, who helped take care of Dave during the last year of his life on earth.

EUGENE McPEEK eugene_mcpeek_ORB.jpg (9807 bytes)

Brother Eugene McPeek, age fifty-seven, passed away April 22, 1987 at the Pikeville Methodist Hospital. He was born August 22, 1929 to Ballard McPeek and Roxie Baker McPeek, both deceased.
Brother Eugene was a retired coal miner and a member of the United Mine Workers of America. He was a member of the Old Regular Baptist Church.
He is survived by his wife, Naphine Zimmerman McPeek. Other survivors include: two sons, Orbery McPeek of Shelbiana, Kentucky, and Randall McPeek of Rocky Road, Millard, Kentucky; two brothers: Prentice McPeek of Cleveland, Ohio, and Vardie McPeek of Upper Chloe, Pikeville, Kentucky; two sisters: Ruth Charles of Alabama and Ruby Lockhart of Robinson Creek, Kentucky, three half-sisters: Alice McPeek of Catlettsburg, Kentucky, Elsie Yates of Kermit, West Virginia, and Palace Yates of Fords Branch, Kentucky; five grandchildren and a host of other relatives and friends who will sadly mourn the passing of Brother Eugene.
To the family of Brother Eugene, I want to say that I believe he enjoyed God's love and some happiness in Jesus during his last months here. His suffering is over now, and he is taking his sweet sleep in Jesus, waiting for the resurrection of the dead. I thank God that Brother Eugene was blessed to be buried with Jesus by baptism. The Bible says "If you know these things, happy are you if you do them." I hope you can say " Thank you God for the love all of you enjoyed together in this life and prepare to live together in Heaven."
Written by Grover Adkins

WILLIAM BRADLEY CHANEY william_chaney_ORB.jpg (8393 bytes)

William Bradley Chaney, a son of the late Kent Chaney and Dulcena Robinson, was born May 26, 1901 at Millard, Kentucky.
He married Olar Coleman Chaney, July 31, 1924 and to this union six children were born. Two preceded him in death, a son, William Bradley Chaney, in 1926 and a daughter, Arleda Bevins in 1978. He is survived by his dear companion and four children, two sons, Wayne Chaney, Prestonsburg, Kentucky, James Buster Chaney, Baltimore, Maryland, two daughters, Anna Lou Thompson, Lexington, Kentucky, and Marlester McCoy of Pikeville, Kentucky; fifteen grandchildren, twenty-three great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild; one half-brother, Carl Chaney of Florida, and a half-sister, Edna Goins of Williamson, West Virginia, and a step-sister, Stella Bevins, of Pikeville, Kentucky.
He had been a member of the Little Sarah Church of Old Regular Baptist for approximately thirty-nine years. He served as church clerk for many years. He also served as a church deacon to the Little Sarah Church.
God called and said, "Come on home, my good and faithful servant, your work on earth is finished" so, at 12:40 p. m. on July 10, 1987 he answered the call and fell asleep in the arms of Jesus, to rest until the great Resurrection Morning, at the age of eighty-six years, one month and fourteen days.
Mom has lost a very loving companion and we children have lost a great, loving daddy, but he is now asleep from his labors here on this earth. He is gone to receive his great reward in Heaven where there will be no more sickness and dying.
Daddy, when we visit that mound of dirt on the hillside, we know you are not there, just the old body that was placed there in the grave. You are in Heaven with Jesus. Daddy, sleep on, sleep on, we all miss you here but we will see you again some day in Heaven where we will sing that "Great New Song" together. The song the angels can't even sing and we will never have to say good-bye again.
Written by a lonely and heart-broken son, Wayne Chaney

MORTON ADKINS morton_adkins_ORB.jpg (12207 bytes)

Morton Adkins was born April 20, 1908 and he departed this life September 21, 1987 at Our Lady of The Way Hospital. He is survived by: his wife, Belle Frasure Adkins, one son, Morton, Jr., one daughter--in-law, Terry Adkins, two granddaughters, Chrissy and Melissa, one brother, Dee Adkins, and one sister, Gracie Ousley. He was preceded in death by two sisters, Mint Thornsbury and Rebecca Frasure, five brothers, Willie, Jack, Sam, Johnnie, and Bob; and his parents, George Adkins and Alice Adkins. He is also survived by a host of nieces and nephews.
Morton Adkins was baptized September 26, 1965 by Elder Burton Howard and Grady Adkins. He was ordained November 27, 1976 as a deacon. He was a faithful member to the Regular Baptist Church and would ask every brother that came to see him to hold prayer and rejoiced in prayer. He loved everybody and everybody was welcome in his home. We feel our loss is heaven's gain.

STELLA MAE CASE stella_mae_case_ORB.jpg (9887 bytes)

It is with much sadness that I will try to write an obituary of my mother, Stella Mae Case. She was born June 14, 1907 and died April 17, 1987, making her stay here on earth seventy-nine years, ten months and three days.
She was married to Newton Case and to this union were born twelve children. Eight children preceded her in death. There are four still living= Eles Case, Elza Case, Crit Case, and James Burlin Case, all of Caney Creek. She also leaves two daughters-in-law, Mary Case and Theresa Case, along with four grandchildren: Kemalla Kay Slone, Mary Beth Case, James Ellis Case, and Jamie Keith Case. She leaves two sisters, Masil Collins and Alpha Damron of Honaker, Kentucky, and four sisters preceded her in death.
I had a dream a few months ago; an angel came and visited Mother's room and in this dream, when the angel went back up, it said it was not time for her to go, but it would be back later. The angel came back the seventeenth day of April and took Mother home to the paradise of heaven.
1 feel with all my heart that she is resting in the paradise of God. Until Jesus comes back again, I want to say to the children, "If you want to see Mother again, you must be born again."
Written by Sendy Case for Eles Case

TONIE GAYHEART CHURCH tonie_church_ORB.jpg (7907 bytes)

On a bright, sunny morning in the spring of 1903, a beautiful baby girl was born to Lee and Lane Combs Gayheart. They named their little treasure Tonie.
Tonie was born April 22, 1903. She grew up to be a blessing in her parents' home for thirty-six years until she met and married Richard Church on March 25, 1937. To this union was born one daughter, Velma Glee Martin, Mrs. Celaun "Sonny" Martin.
Tonie entered into eternal rest July 13, 1987, at the ARH Regional Medical Center at Hazard, Kentucky, making her stay here with us eighty-four years, two months, and twenty days.
Tonie joined the Old Balls Fork Regular Baptist Church forty-five years ago and lived a faithful member all her life. She always filled her seat on Saturday and Sunday. Even after she was too sick to go, she would clap her little, feeble hands and praise the Lord.
She leaves to mourn their loss, her husband, Brother Richard Church, who lived in the church with her for so many years; her daughter, Velma Glee, and son-in-law, Sonny Martin of Hindman; one brother, Press Gayheart of Lima, Ohio; two sisters, Coot Bolen, Hindman, Kentucky, and Essie Draughn, Soft Shell, Kentucky; four grandchildren, Shardena Conley, Sharon Roberts, Richard Martin, and Benji Martin, and one great-granddaughter, Danette Conley. Three sisters, two brothers, and her father and mother preceded her in death.
Her seat is vacant in the Church, but she will always be remembered with love by her brothers and sisters in the church. Her family misses her and grieves for her, but I am sure Brother Richard misses her most of all. So many lonely nights alone, she is sleeping in the family cemetary at Soft Shell now, but some day soon the good Lord will wake her up with all his children and take us home to be with Him forever more.
So, family and friends, cheer up, and if there is one that hasn't already made peade with our Lord, make haste and do so for the time gets closer to the end each day.
Written by the request of an humble old servant of our Lord, her beloved husband, Richard Church

ELMER PRATER elmer_prater_ORB.jpg (7725 bytes)

It is with a sad and lonely heart, but with the help of our Lord, we will try to write the obituary of our dear husband and dad, Elmer Tucker Prater. He was born April 5, 1915 at Hueysville, Kentucky, to the late Wesley and Sarah Prater. In 1937 he was united in marriage to Lula Ousley. To this union were born five children and they are left to mourn his passing: Gardis Prater, California, Edna Mae Slone, Sidney, Indiana, Denver Prater, Pierceton, Indiana, Delmer Prater, Sidney, Indiana, Betty Sue Tolson, Pierceton, Indiana.
In all of my life I can remember Dad as a kind and loving Dad, always there to help and to guide us in the right way. He was a wonderful Dad. In 1943 Dad joined the Church. He was a faithful member until the Lord called him home. With a smile, he just fell asleep in the arms of Jesus. We will always be grateful to our families, friends, and neighbors who stood by us through our sorrow.
Written by his broken-hearted wife and children

ALLARD NEWSOME allard_newsome_ORB.jpg (10938 bytes)

With the help of God, we will try to write an obituary of my beloved husband, and our Daddy. He was born June 15, 1918 and passed away April 12, 1986. He was the son of William and Rhoda Johnson Newsome. He was married to Nellie Hall Newsome May 22, 1935. To this union were born fourteen children. Two of his daughters, Maggie and Burnette Newsome, preceded him in death. His daughters are: Alpha Honaker, Edith Reynolds, Ethel Bentley, Helen Budd and Brenda Osborne; his sons are: Kermit, Hermit, Darling, and Donald, Allard Gene, Jimmy and Mike Newsome. He had twenty-eight grandchildren and a host of friends to mourn their loss. He also had three brothers, Milburn and Emery Newsome, who preceded him in death, and a little brother who died in infancy. He had one living sister named Oma Larry.
Allard was a retired coal miner. He joined the Old Regular Baptist Church November 2, 1952. He was a minister for over twenty-one years. He was a true member, and filled his seat even when he wasn't able. He loved to read the Bible. I remember when we used to burn our old oil lamp. He would come in from work and read the Bible until ten or eleven o'clock at night. He believed in the Old Regular Baptist faith. He did not mix or mingle with anyone else. When he would get up to preach, I have heard him say, "I am going to preach what God gives me, if you never ask me to get up again." He also believed that the children of God have knowledge. The day he passed away he sang three of the prettiest songs I have ever heard him sing before. He was a light to his children. So, if you want to see Daddy again, you better fall out with sin and close in with the mercies of God. Today is the day of Salvation, children, remember, tomorrow may be too late. He was missed by many and loved by few. He was a true, loving husband and caring father. Daddy is gone, but his memory will always be with us. There are many good things we could write about him, but time nor space won't permit. We would like to say that people would call from far and near for him to pray for them. They did not want to wake him up, but he would tell them to call anytime and he would pray for them. We miss him more and more every day.
Allard's memorial will be preached at the home, the second Saturday and Sunday in June 1988 and every year thereafter.

ALICE GRAY SIZEMORE alice_sizemore_ORB.jpg (13103 bytes)

By the help of the Lord, I will try to write the obituary of our dear, sweet mother, Alice Gray Sizemore. She was the daughter of Jeff Gray and Laura Laferty Gray. She was born July 24, 1890, making her stay here on earth ninety-six years. She was preceded in death by her husband, Alex Sizemore, in 1973, and her father, mother, brothers and sisters several years ago. Surviving and mourning their loss are: one sister, Francis Pitts, Carlisle, Ohio; one son, Seymore Sizemore, Franklin, Ohio; six daughters: Josie Owsley, Springfield, Ohio, Martha Francis, Franklin, Ohio, Laura Scutchfield, Prestonsburg, Kentucky, Bertha Ousley, Springboro, Ohio, Octava Crookstan, Romulus, Michigan, and Eva Hughes, Franklin, Ohio. There are twenty-four grandchildren and sixty-nine great-grandchildren. Mother was a member of the Old Regular Baptist Church for over sixty-eight years. She was a faithful member as long as she was able to go to church. As far as we know, all of her children are Christians and ;..:Y: to :i=t her and Dad in Heaven some sweet day. So, Mother, I know you are happy up there with Dad and we miss you both so much. Sleep on and we all will meet someday.
Written by her daughters, Bertha Ousley and Josie Owsley

MARY M. McKINNEY mary_mckinney_ORB.jpg (9705 bytes)

Mary Melinda McKinney was born March 12, 1917 and passed from this life May 7, 1987. She was the daughter of Anthony Howell and Larcenia Hamilton Howell. Mary was united in holy matrimony on August 21, 1933 to Levi McKinney and unto this union were born nine children. Four preceded her in death: Wheeler Kermet, Shelby Denzil, Juanita Carroll, and Estalene, who died as an infant. Sister Mary is survived by her husband, three sons and two daughters, Palmer McKinney of Craynor, Kentucky, Ovel Wilkie McKinney of Teaberry, Kentucky, Marvin McKinney of Geneva, Ohio, Imogene Hamilton of Indiana, and Joyce Gail Blankenship, also of Craynor. Mary leaves three sisters and one brother to mourn their loss: Alvanny Akers, Melvina Pelton, and Sadie Slone and Tan Howell. Sister Mary was also blessed with thirty-three grandchildren; two preceded her in death, and she leaves twenty-two
Sister Mary was a devoted member of the Old Regular Baptist Church for twenty-seven years. Mary was faithful to fill her seat until her illness. She was a good, loving mother and wife, and a good neighbor to her many friends. Sister Mary lived a good life and let her light shine around the community. She will be sadly missed by all who knew her, but we know our loss is Heaven's gain.
Sleep on, Sister Mary, 'til we meet again around God's great throne.
Written by her family

ELIZABETH "LIZZIE" WHITE KEATHLEY elizabeth_keathley_ORB.jpg (12137 bytes)

It is with much sadness and grief that I try to write an obituary of my dear mother, Lizzie Keathley. She was born September 7, 1986 and died February 22, 1987. She was the daughter of Isaac and Melinda Akers White. She was married to Bert Keathley, who died on July 26, 1967. Besides her husband, two children preceded her in death. Four children are left to mourn her loss. Mom was a member of the Old Regular Baptist Church, New Salem, for sixtysix years. She joined the church the first Saturday in September, 1920. She was faithful in attending church until she got sick and couldn't attend. Mom often thought of and talked about the church. She always filled her seat in the church as long as she was able. I know that Mom prayed for her children to do what was right in the sight of God. I believe the good Lord answered her prayers. I miss her so much at home. It is so lonesome here without her. I believe with all my heart that Mom is in a better home now. We will never forget her and her loving ways. She never told us anything that wasn't right. You could often hear Mom singing one of her favorite church hymns. She loved her church, family and home.
Written by her daughter, Edna Keathley

EFFIE MULLINS HALL effie_hall_mullins_ORB.jpg (12069 bytes)

With much sadness and sorrow, we write the obituary of ourbeloved mother, Effie Mullins Hall. She was the oldest child of the late E. V. and Alva Mullins, born July 26, 1919. She departed this life October 19, 1986, making her tenure on earth sixty-seven years, two months and twenty-three days.
She was united in marriage to our father, Ishmael Hall, March 2, 1939 and unto this union were born thirteen children. She was preceded in death by her first daughter, Mable Doris, who died at the age of about nine months, and by her husband, who died in 1974. She leaves to mourn their loss: seven sons, James Gordon, Charles William, Denver, Ishamel, Jr., Rodney Dwaine, Clifford Louis, Leon Chester; five daughters, Norma Jean, Jacqualene, Rosalee, Millie, and Geneva Christene; she also leaves fifteen grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, at the time of her death, and a host of relatives and friends.
Mommy suffered a great amount of sickness during the last twenty-five years of her life. She was diabetic, had hypertension, heart disease, and poor vision, which was caused by the diabetes. She bore her illness quietly and never did a lot of complaining because of it. Oh, she would complain because she didn't feel well, but never once did she question the wisdom of God because she was ill.
She was a very warm-hearted person who loved every one of her children and friends and neighbors. Even when she was very sick, she loved to listen to and sing the hyms that Christians everywhere sing. She was critically ill several times during the last ten years of her life, but the Great Creator of all things chose to leave the lovely flower in the garden for a time longer for her family and friends to love and adore.
Mommy never joined Church, but she lived her life precisely the same as the other Christian people we knew. She dressed in the same manner, fixed her hair the same, and even in her conversation, it was evident that she was truly an instrument of the Great and Almighty God, because of the way she taught us and lived her life before us.
During the last year of her life, she knew in her heart that she wasn't long for this world, and according to what she told our cousin, Leroy, and our brother, Ishmael, Jr., we firmly believe she is now in the Lord's beautiful garden. The day and evening preceding her death she seemed to be feeling much better and very happy. It was as if she sensed that the Lord was ready to call her home. She died a peaceful and non-painful death, other than what she had suffered down through her journey of life.
Mommy, We all love you very much and miss you terribly, but deep within our hearts we believe that ,you are in a better place now, that is free from all heartaches and pain. We hated to give you up, but we are also glad you won't have to suffer anymore. So sleep on, Mommy, 'til Jesus comes for you. Children, if you want to see Mommy again, to to Jesus. He is the doorway to heaven.
Written by her loving children

STELLA THORNSBERRY stella_thornsbury_ORB.jpg (14194 bytes)

It is with much sadness and heartfelt grief we try to write an obituary of our beloved sister, Stella Thornsberry. Stella was born August 25, 1930 and departed this life on April 28, 1987. She was the daughter of Tivous and Lanie Tuttle Slone. Stella was united in marriage to Ishmael Thornsberry on September 18, 1948. Unto this union were born four children: Ershel Thornsberry of Kite, Kentucky, Leslie Sparkman, also of Kite, Crevia Gibson of Hollybush, Kentucky, and Danny Thornsberry of Kite; three brothers and five sisters survive, they are: Bartley Slone, Herman Slone, Junior Slone, Mary Thornsberry, Monnie Slone, Lyda Anderson, Opal Patton, Edna Lee Johnson; three brothers preceded her in death: Woodrow Slone, Orbin Slone and Claude Slone. She is survived by six grandchildren, also.
Stella joined the Old Regular Baptist Church at Caney Fork Church March 19, 1978 and was baptized March 26, 1978. She was a dedicated member of the old church until death. Stella was a wonderful wife to Ishmael, a wonderful mother to her children and a good sister in the church. We could say so many good things about Sister Stell but space won't permit. Her life has proven to everyone just how good she was. We believe Stella is resting now, in the arms of the Lord until he comes to take his children home. We believe her prayers were answered when she prayed for God to come and get her. She would always say "God, Your will be done."
Written by a Brother and Sister in hope, Earl and Hazel Thornsberry

GENERAL LEE SLONE general_lee_slone_ORB.jpg (11750 bytes)

This is the obituary of my beloved husband, General Lee Slone. He was born November 10, 1925 and passed away January 5, 1987, making his life here on earth sixty-one years, one month and twenty-six days.
General Lee and I went to school together when we were children and later on, as teen-agers, we fell in love and were married July 7, 1945. We had fortyone and a half years together, and with much happiness and love we had nine children that we love more than life itself; Ruby Phyllis Collins of Leburn, Kentucky, Jeff Manis Slone, Betty Sue Mays, Jimmy Defon Slone, Brenda Carol Collins, Phillip Lee Slone, and Ronald Dean Slone, all of Hollybush, Kentucky, Bobby Darrell Slone of Lexington, Kentucky, and Billy Ray Slone, who ,receded him in death in 1958. Also preceding him in death are two halfbrothers, Randolph Slone and Billy Marcum Clark, father, Manis Slone, and step-father, Bill Clark. General Lee leaves to mourn his death, his wife, Jeanette, his mother, Lola Clark, eight children, eleven grandchildren, three sons-in-law, four daughters-in-law, one half-sister, Geraldine Jacobs, two half-brothers, Archie Slone and Marvin Slone, and many friends.
General Lee worked very hard to raise our children. He worked for many years drilling gas wells, and ran a sawmill as long as he was able to. In 1978 he had a bad heart attack and later had two more. In 1985 he had a stroke and never was well anymore. He was so sick. I said, "Baby, ask God for help." He said, "Net, I have been praying for a long time." He told one of our daughters-in-law he didn't dread to die because he was "alright" with God, and I feel that our loss is God's gain for I never knew a person as good and kind as he. He was so good to me and our children. My home and heart are so empty and lonely. I miss him so much.
General Lee helped the Hollybush Church to get the land the lunchroom and parking lot are on. He always had the best interests of the church at heart. Although he didn't attach himself to any church, I feel he was right with God and with the help of God, I hope to see him again. I have lost the best friend I ever had. Sleep on, my darling. We will always love you.
Written by your poor broken-hearted wife, Jeanette Slone

ROBERT STANLEY robert_stanley_ORB.jpg (9978 bytes)

Robert Stanley, the son of the late Clarence and Mary Justice Stanley, passed from this life October 29, 1986 at the McDowell Appalachian Regional Hospital, McDowell, Kentucky. Robert was born May 27, 1914 at Hi Hat, in Floyd County, Kentucky, making his stay here on earth seventy-two years, five months and two days.
Robert was a retired coal miner and a member of Union Local 5889 of the United Mine Workers, District 30. He was a silent, hard-working man who strived in the earthly life to furnish things for his family. Often tears would come to his eyes as he listened to the old songs of Zion, as sung by brothers and sisters when they came to the hospital and his home to visit.
After Robert was taken to the hospital, and upon a visit by Elder Ellis Holbrook, Moderator of the Joppa Church at Melvin, Kentucky, Robert told Elder Holbrook that he had been praying for a long time and he felt that God had forgiven him of his sins. He requested to be baptized and received as a member into the Joppa Church.
Surviving Robert's death are: wife, Dorthula Stanley of Bevinsville, Kentucky; five children, Loretta Lucas of Wabash, Indiana, Eulavene Conley of Wabash, Janet Crawford of Hi Hat, Kentucky, Cora Lou Stanley, who preceded Robert in death, Joe Stanley of Bypro, Kentucky, and Robert Darrell Stanley of Bevinsville, Kentucky. Also surviving are: a brother, Sam Stanley of Grapevine, Kentucky, and a sister, Susie Bryant of Lexington, Kentucky, and fourteen grandchildren, five great-grandchildren, and a host of other relatives and friends.
The testimony that Robert left behind will be a witness to all that knew him, especially to his wife and children, whom he loved so very much.
So, sleep on, Brother Robert, until that great resurrection day, when the Lord will give you that perfect body in his likeness, to reign with him forever in a land where you will never grow old.
Written by the family

RILDA LAMBERT MOSLEY rilda_mosley_ORB.jpg (10652 bytes)

Rilda was born September 28, 1903 in the home of Jim and Margarett Lambert. She departed this life September 19, 1987, making her stay almost eighty-four years. Early in life she met and married John Moore. He preceded her in death in 1943. To this union were born four children: Vernis Moore of Prestonsburg, Kentucky, Palestine Horne, also of Prestonsburg, Augustine Gomer of Florida, and McKinnley Moore of Cincinnati, Ohio. She later married Green Bud Mosley and they were blessed with three children, and a wonderful , happy marriage. One child, Stallard Mosley, preceded her in death. Left to mourn her passing are: Ballard Mosley of Minnie, Kentucky, Delma Hambrick of Waverly, Ohio, seven step-children: Evelyn Caudill, Shirley Daughty, Violet Lucas, Edgel Mosley, Tharp Mosley, Worley Mosley, Ray Mosley; thirteen grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.
She joined the Old Regular Baptist Church in 1951 and was a devoted Christian for thirty-six years. The Old Regular Baptist have lost a wonderful mother, as the poet wrote, "One by one their seats were empty, one by one they went away, but we hope by God's great mercy we will meet again some day."
Children, Mother loved you very much. I hope you will make the decision to meet Mother again in heaven some sweet morning.
Written by Elder Clinton Moore

VINA BRYANT vina_bryant_ORB.jpg (9580 bytes)

It is with sad and aching hearts that we will try to write an obituary of our dear wife and mother, Vina Bryant. She was born in Floyd County to the late Henry and Martha Hamilton, on August 31, 1925. She departed this life June 22, 1987, making her stay on earth sixty-one years, ten months and nine days.
Vina was united in marriage September 16, 1949 to Jay Bryant. To this union were born two children: one daughter, living, and one son, who preceded her in death. Left to mourn their loss is her husband, Jay, and a daughter, Phyllis Jean Looney; two grandchildren: Gary and April Looney; and a very loving son-in-law, Bobby Looney. Also left to mourn are two sisters: Lillie Newsome of Teaberry, Kentucky and Olgie Johnson of Indiana; three brothers, Troy and Raymond Hamilton, of Teaberry, and Wheeler Hamilton of Cramer, Kentucky,; she also left a host of relatives and friends to mourn their loss. Ten brothers and sisters preceded her in death.
Vina gave her life to the Lord on June 7, 1987. She took her membership to the Old Regular Baptist Church at Little Creek.
There was so much suffering that our dear wife and mother had to bear. She talked so much of getting a new dress to wear. Sleep on, sleep on, in the arms of sweet Jesus, for now you have a new robe to wear, and with God's help, we hope to meet you in heaven where we all can be together again.
Written by her loving husband and daughter

JAMES BURKE james_burke_ORB.jpg (5012 bytes)

James Burke was born on September 2, 1928 and departed this life on March 7, 1985. He was the son of the late Elder Joseph H. Burke and Clara Tackett Burke. James was preceded in death by his first wife. They had two daughters: Faye Wright and Glenda McCoy, both of Printer, Kentucky. He also leaves two sisters and two brothers: Myrtle Bates of Halo, Kentucky, Alberta Johnson of Tennessee, Clarence Burke of Wheelwright, Kentucky and Bobby Burke of Albion, Michigan.
James married Lydia Burke October 4, 1969. He also had four step-children who loved him very much: Ted Burke and Janice Hall, both of Hi Hat, Kentucky, Sherry Wright and Virginia Morgan, both of Halo, Kentucky; he also leaves seven grandchildren and seven step-grandchildren to mourn for him.
James started working in the coal mines at a very early age. He worked hard all his life. After working ten years as a carpenter and twenty-one years in the mines, his health started to fail. He suffered from black lung and other lung diseases. He was in and out of the hospital for months before he died. On Christmas Day in 1984, they lost James for a short period of time. He had stopped breathing. They worked with him for a while and he started breathing again. When he could talk again, he told the family he was mad that they had brought him back, that he had seen heaven and he told them how beautiful it was. He said he believed the Lord had saved his soul and he had a better home to go to. We could hear him praying to his Lord at night. James suffered so much, only the good Lord knows how much he really did suffer. The night and day before he died he was as humble as a child. I feel James' suffering was for a reason. We all miss him deeply and hope to meet him in that heavenly home some day.
Written by his loving wife, Lydia Burke, and family

DONA BELL NEWSOME dona_bell_newsome_ORB.jpg (10394 bytes)

Dona B. Newsome, born May 3, 1910, the daughter of the late George A. Newsome and Mary Elizabeth Anderson Newsome, passed from this life October 8, 1986, making her stay on earth seventy-six years, five months and five days.
She married Alvis Newsome October 15, 1929. Alvis preceded her in death November 5, 1983. To this union four children were born: one son, Ralph R. Newsome, Indian Creek, three daughters, Thelma Short of Memphis, Michigan, Grace Elizabeth Newsome of Culper, Virginia and Roxie Reynolds of Little Robinson Creek. Besides her children, she is survived by nineteen grandchildren, twenty-nine great-grandchildren; one sister, Bessie Newsome of Little Robinson; two brothers, Amos Newsome of Little Creek and Rolland Newsome of Virgie, and a host of relatives and friends to mourn their loss.
She joined the Old Regular Baptist Church May 19, 1938 and put her letter at the Little Creek Old Regular Baptist Church. There she remained a faithful member as long as her health held out. She enjoyed her fellowship with the brothers and sisters very much and often had called meeting at her home.
She was laid to rest alongside her husband of fifty-four years in the Alvis Newsome Cemetery on Little Robinson Creek, Pike County, Kentucky.
Written by Sister and niece, Sherril C. Smith,
by request of her brother and Brother in Christ, Amos Newsome

RUTHA NEWSOME rutha_newsome_ORB.jpg (8101 bytes)

By the help of the Lord, I will try to write an obituary of my loving and precious mother, Rutha Newsome. Mom was the daughter of Elder J. W. and Vina Hamilton. Mom was born April 9, 1908, making her stay on earth seventyeight years and twelve days. Mom met and married Dad, Daniel Newsome, August 10, 1935 and the Lord blessed them with three children. Dad and two children, Gerlie Fay and Harold James, preceded her in death, leaving to mourn the loss of one so dear to me are: Shirley May Hamilton, her only daughter, and two grandchildren, whom she loved as her own, Gary Hamilton and Jeanetta Bryant; and two great-grandchildren, whom she loved very much, Shirley Marie and Jason Daniel. Mom was sadly missed by everyone who knew her. After Dad passed away, Mom went to Michigan and made her home with me and my husband, Eugene Hamilton. Mom was a hard-working woman throughout her life. She always had her doors open to feed the church people. She was good to everyone. Mom had a smile for everyone. Oh, how we miss her. We hated to see her go, but the Lord knows best-He needed another rose in his garden. Mom didn't belong to the church, but she bore the fruit of a Christian. I feel and believe Mom and bad are at rest together where they won't have to part anymore. I want to say her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, I know you miss Grandma so much, but try and meet her in Heaven someday, where you won't have to part anymore. I want to say to my husband, Eugene, who was so good to Mom and cared for her, I won't ever forget it and I hope someday we both will meet Mom and Dad in the sweet by and by, where we all won't have to part anymore. Oh, how lonesome, Mom, it is here without you but I know you are much better off. You suffered so much in this old world. Mom had three sisters to mourn the loss of one so dear' Alice, Lizzie, and Margie; four brothers: Christopher, Kenis, Clifford and Elijah; and three stepchildren: Mary Alice, Susan and Chester. Mom had a smile for everyone. My home is so lonesome without Mom. I want to say to Gary and Jeanette, don't ever forget the good counsel Mamaw gave you. Oh, how she loved you both and I know you loved her. I could go on writing good things about Mom, but her life has proven what a good woman she was. I loved and cared for Mom so much, but I feel I will be with her and Dad some day, where we will be happy in that Heavenly home. She was so precious to me.
I miss you Mom, it is so hard to bear, but sleep on, Mom. I will meet you over there. One so dear from me is gone, now she is resting around the great Throne. Her lovely smile we will see no more, until we meet on that Heavenly shore. Oh, dear Mom, how I loved you.
Written by her daughter, Shirley May Hamilton and Sister, Lizzie


It is surely with a heavy heart that I undertake this requested task of writing the obituary of such a dear brother and friend. Brother Dormant Coffey was the son of the late Columbus and Margaret Wireman Coffey of Magoffin County, Kentucky. He was blessed with a journey of seventy-seven years.
Early in life he chose a life-long companion, Margaret Hale, who shared life's pleasures and sorrows. This union was blessed with four wonderful children and suffered the loss of one son. Brother Dormant is survived by his wife, Margaret, a son, Arnold of Ray, Ohio, and two daughters, Marjorie Brooks of Glen Roy, Ohio and Mildred Ross of Ray, Ohio. He is also survived by three brothers and four sisters: Liberty of Ray, Ohio, Curt of Jackson, Winford of North Fairfield, Ohio, Rebecca Moore of Jackson, Ohio, Susie Shepherd of Shiloh, Ohio, Bertha Phips of Greenwich, Ohio, and Edith Owsley of McArthur, Ohio. He is also survived by eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by a son, three brothers and three sisters. After a rewarding seventy-seven years, God spoke to our beloved brother and said, "Lay down your cross, welcome home." Brother Dormant was a wonderful deacon and was faithful to that office to the end. He was more than willing to help in all of the associations he visited. His passing was so quick, the full impact will not be realized until the associations meet. He worked hard at his profession, as well. He drilled gas wells for England Gas Co. for about twelve years. They moved to Ohio in 1951 where he worked for the B & O Railroad and operated his farm until retirement.
Brother Dormant just went away with the greatest friend of mankind, Jesus. His body was laid to rest until God unites them forever where there is no cancer or sting of death and no victory for a cruel grave.
Elder Paris C. Tackett


Millie Martin Sexton, eighty-four, of Topmost, Kentucky, passed away Thursday, October 10, 1986, at the McDowell Appalachian Regional Hospital, following a long illness. She was born February 20, 1902 in Mousie, Kentucky, a daughter of the late Fred and Sally Huff Martin. She was preceded in death by her husband, Harlan Sexton, in 1978.
She was a member of the Providence Old Regular Baptist Church at Topmost, Kentucky, for three years.
Aunt Millie came to live with Mom (Minnie Combs) in 1978. She always seemed to enjoy her stay with us. She suffered from a stroke in 1983 and stayed the remainder of her life at the Knott County Nursing Home.
She is survived by two brothers, Hubbard and Bee Martin, both of Mousie, Kentucky; one sister, Minnie Combs of Topmost, Kentucky, and numerous nieces and nephews. Our time with Aunt Millie was precious and I hope we made her last days a little happier.
Written by her niece, Wanda Hall


Mazie Johnson Maynard, seventy-six, of Virgie, Kentucky, died at 5:15 p. m. Thursday, October 23, 1986 in Detroit, Michigan. She was born at Hartley, Kentucky, June 24, 1910. She was the daughter of the late Maryland and Dora Burke Tackett.
Mazie was married to James Johnson on May 28, 1927. To this union were born three children. They are: Julius Clee Johnson of Taylor, Michigan, Joyce Peters of Edgewater, Florida and Rayce Johnson, stillborn. Her husband, lames, was the son of the late Caleb and Polly Johnson. He was a school teacher in Pike County, Kentucky at the time of his death, February 8, 1936.
Mazie married Curtis Maynard May 28, 1938. To this union were born one son, David Maynard of Gilbralter, Michigan. Curtis departed this life in March, 1972 at Lloyd, Kentucky.
Mazie leaves behind six grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren; four sisters: Madge Tackett, Myrtle Johnson, and Mollie Johnson of Virgie, Kentucky and Maudie Tackett of Indian Creek, Kentucky and a host of friends.
Mazie was a member of the Long Fork Regular Baptist Church. When Mazie went to Michigan for heart surgery she left her sister, Mollie, the following poem:
Written by her sister, Mollie Johnson

RILDA LAMBERT MOSLEY   rilda_mosley_ORB.jpg (10652 bytes)

Rilda Lambert Mosley, age eighty-four of Minnie, Kentucky, passed away Saturday, September 19, 1987 at her residence following a long illness. She was born September 28, 1903 in Pike County, Kentucky, a daughter of the late James and Margaret Bently Lambert. She was preceded in death by her first husband, John Moore, in 1943. Rilda was a member of the Little Rosa Regular Baptist Church, McDowell, Kentucky, for thirty-six years.
Rilda is survived by her husband, Green B. Mosley, Minnie, Kentucky, and three sons, Vernis Moore, Prestonsburg, Kentucky, McKinley Moore, Cincinnati, Ohio, Ballard Mosley, Minnie, Kentucky; three daughters, Palestine Horn, Prestonsburg, Kentucky, Augustine Gomer, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Delma Hambrick, Waverly, Ohio; three step-daughters, Evelyn Caudill, Detroit, Michigan, Shirley Daughtry, Wald Lake, Michigan, Violet Lucas, Lincoln Park, Michigan; four step-sons, Edgel Mosley and Tharp Mosley, both of Astabula, Ohio, Worley Mosley, Lincoln Park, Michigan, Ray Mosley, Detroit, Michigan; thirteen grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.
She will be missed by children and step-children, whom she loved and raised as her own. She will also be missed by the church and the community she loved. We miss you, Mom, but we know you have gone to a better place.
Funeral services were conducted Tuesday, September 22, 1987 at 10 a. m. at the Little Rosa Regular Baptist Church, McDowell, Kentucky, with Regular Baptist ministers officiating. Burial was made in the Lucy Hall Cemetery, McDowell, Kentucky under the direction of the Hall Funeral Home, Martin, Kentucky.
Written with love by Ballard and Lola Mosley

GREEN B. HALL  green_b_hall_ORB.jpg (10634 bytes)

It is with much sadness and a broken heart and the help of the good Lord, I will try to write the obituary of my dear daddy, born April 25, 1914 and died May 14, 1987. He was united in marriage to Marie Hall on March 25, 1940. To this union of love were born six children, three boys and three girls: Clayton, Earl, Vernis, Marlene, Betty and Evelene. He had thirteen grandchildren, four great-grandchildren and four step-grandchildren. He also leaves to mourn his passing, his mother, Martha Hall, one brother, Edgel, and four sisters, Marget, Drazie, Lizzie and Betty.
He was a faithful member of the Old Regular Baptist Church, united with our Lord, Jesus Christ on September 17, 1983. Daddy is missed by all around the home place, but I know deep in my heart he is happy in his new home in heaven.
Written by his daughter, Betty

MARY ALICE HAMILTON mary_alice_hamilton_ORB.jpg (10957 bytes)

It is with a sad and broken heart that I will try to write an obituary of my dear mother, Mary Alice Hamilton. She was born June 2, 1899 and died September 11, 1986, making her stay on earth eighty-seven years, three months and nine days. She was the daughter of the late Lewis Bryant and Polly Jane Hamilton Bryant. She was the last of fourteen children. She had thirteen whole brothers and sisters and one step-sister. She was married to John H. Hamilton. He was the son of Oliver and Margaret Hamilton. They were married July 13, 1919 and unto this union were born six children. Two boys and one girl preceded her in death. One daughter, Maggie Mae Hamilton, followed her death by only six months and twenty-three days. She leaves one daughter, Ethel Hollifield, and one son, Nollie Hamilton, both of Teaberry. She had twenty-one grandchildren, twenty-nine great-grandchildren, three great-great-grandchildren, and many friends and relatives to mourn their loss. She joined the Old Regular Baptist Church August 18, 1964. She had her membership at Old Samaria for twenty-two years. She was a faithful member, although during the last few years of her life she was unable to go to church because of her illness, but she never forgot her brothers and sisters, or the need for prayers. She lived a long life and suffered so much, so God took her home where there's no sorrow or pain, and her suffering has ended. I feel some day I will meet Mother again and that our loss is Heaven's gain.
Written by her broken-hearted daughter, Ethel Hollifield

MARTHA HAMILTON MITCHELL martha_hamilton_mitchell_ORB.jpg (9107 bytes)

Martha was born July 1, 1908 to Lee Hamilton and Betty Akers Hamilton. Martha was united in marriage to Lee Mitchell in 1924, and unto this union were born ten children, three girls and seven boys. Six children preceded her in death. She is survived by three boys: Andy Jack Mitchell of Beaver, Orville and Luther Mitchell of Hi Hat, Kentucky, and one daughter, Mary Sanders of Louisville, Kentucky. She is survived by three sisters: Ester Howell of Galveston, Kentucky, Mary Cleringer of Pikeville, Annie Hamilton of Betsy Layne; and three brothers: Lack Hamilton of Pikeville, Wallen Hamilton of Pikeville, and Tramble Hamilton of Baltimore, Maryland. She had twenty-four grandchildren, twenty-five great-grandchildren and a host of friends.
She was called Ma by everyone that knew her. She loved everybody and greeted them with love and kindness. Ma joined the church in 1933 and lived a good, humble Christian life throughout her fifty-four years in the church. I believe Ma knew she was going to leave us very soon. She had a vision one night, of reaching out and taking Pa by the hand. She said she could feel his touch as if he was here with her. She loved her family so much, when she came to the house she always gave us a kiss and hug.
Melissa was her baby. Sissy, don't worry over Ma, I know how much she loved you, and she is in a better home. I know we will always love and miss her, but part of her is in our hearts and mind. We will never forget what a wonderful Mom she was, and thankful we were to have Ma with us. Sundays aren't the same anymore, when we go to your house to visit, your place on the couch where you always sat is empty now and there will never be anyone who can fill it. We were your life, pride and joy, and you waited each Sunday for each of us. Your eyes would light up when we came through the door and the joy on your face was for a kiss and hug.
There is a brighter day coming, when we'll all be together again, there will be no more sickness or good-byes, and I can see the joy in your eyes, when to our eternal home we will come for a lifetime visit.
Written by her loving son, Elder Orville Mitchell and Sister and daughter-in-law, Rosemary Mitchell

GRANT NEWSOME grant_newsome_ORB.jpg (9853 bytes)

With the help of the Lord and my family I will try to write an obituary of my dear, beloved husband and their father, Grant Newsome.
Grant was born January 1, 1922 to Rebecca and Charlie Newsome at their home at Beaver, Kentucky. He has two brothers, Estill of Beaver and Tommy of Ligon, and one sister, Maudie Hamilton of Michigan, also survive.
Grant was called away from us suddenly Monday July 13, 1987 in the early morning and left us all with sorrow-filled hearts.
Grant met and married Goldie Hamilton September 8, 1942, and to this union were born four sons: Grant, Jr. of Hi Hat, Kentucky, Donnie of Dema, Kentucky, Stony of Hi Hat, and Bobby Dale of Price, Kentucky. Eight grandchildren also survive and two preceded him in death. His grandchildren loved their Paw-paw dearly and they were indeed precious in his eyes.
Grant was a coal miner for thirty years and was a member of Local of Wheelwright, Kentucky. Grant was stricken with a stroke in September of 1984, which limited his ability to travel and trade with people as he had done for years. This, I think, hurt him as much as the pain he suffered.
Although he never joined any church and was baptized, he often sent for the preacher to come and talk and sing for him. I hope during his hours of sickness that he called upon the Lord so that someday I can meet him in heaven and together we can wait for our children to again make our family whole.
Written by his loving wife and family

PAY HAMILTON pay_hamilton_ORB.jpg (12638 bytes)

On February 26, 1924 Tandy and Zellie Hamilton were blessed with a son, Pay Hamilton, that would lead a wonderful life, and leave a great story that should be told. Daddy spent his childhood in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. In April 1943, he enlisted into the United States Army, and served his country during World War 11. In 1951, Daddy met and married Dorthy Vance, who would eventually give him nine children. For us children, words cannot express the love and appreciation we have for him. He was a good father and a wonderful grandfather. Dad worked hard all of his life and as most of us knew, there was never a time, no matter how he felt, if one of his kids, our spouses, grandkids or a friend needed his help for any reason, they could count on him to be there. If he had a dollar for every favor he did for people, he could have lived in a mansion lined with gold.
He was proud of his work and his family. He worked about twenty years in the coal mines and several years as a carpenter. Many times working one day and the other at night to see that his family was proveded for. Dad worked hard and made a great sacrifice in his life to care for his family and keep us close together. Having nine grown and healthy children proves that his work here had been well rewarded. His home was always open to anyone in need, whether it be advice, comfort, food or a place to sleep. It brightened his life to be able to help anyone in any way.
Dad left this world suddenly on August 29, 1987. He was preceded in death by both parents, Tandy and Zell Hamilton and an older brother, Arville Hamilton. He is survived by one younger brother, Ray Hamilton, of Dayton, Ohio; nine children: Lanny Hamilton of Printer, Kentucky, Ricky Hamilton of McDowell, Kentucky, Rita Allen of Minnie, Kentucky, Benita McNally of Lexington, Kentucky, Randy Hamilton of McDowell, Barry Hamilton of Bypro, Kentucky, Elizabeth Giese of Pikeville, Kentucky, Tandy Hamilton of Fort Campbell, Kentucky and Nicky Hamilton of McDowell. Papaw is also survived by ten grandchildren.
Here lies a great man that will be sadly missed, by his family and friends. The effects of his absence will be felt by each of us for years to come. Words cannot express the love this man had nor the loss that this family and communtiy has sustained.
Written by Ricky Hamilton

THOMAS TACKETT, JR. thomas_tackett_jr_ORB.jpg (12546 bytes)

With sad hearts and many loving memories, I will try to write the obituary of our dear brother, Thomas Tackett, Jr.
Thomas, or Junior, as he was called by family, was born January 1, 1922 to the late Thomas Tackett and Fannie Hall Tackett of Beaver, Kentucky. He had eight brothers, four who are deceased: Green Tackett, Andy Jack Tackett, Willie Tackett and Amos Tackett, of Beaver, Kentucky. He had four surviving brothers: Hatler Tackett, George Tackett, Clifford Tackett of Beaver, Kentucky, and Henery Tackett of Detroit, Michigan. He had seven sisters: Verna Tackett Page, Roberta Tackett, Barbara Tackett Caudill, Carolyn Tackett Newsome of Beaver, Kentucky, Lacy Tackett Teems and Mary Belle Tackett Hall of Ellijay, Georgia, and one deceased, Wanda Mae Tackett.
Thomas married Sterle Tackett of Beaver, Kentucky and to this union were born seven children: Delores Tackett, Jettie Marie Tackett, Danny Tackett, of Columbus, Ohio, Larry Tackett and Jimmy Tackett of Grethel, Kentucky, and two children who preceded him in death. He is also survived by five grandchildren.
Thomas was a kind-hearted and loving man who, by the grace of our Lord, lived a full life of sixty-four years. Thomas was a very dedicated and loving father who raised his children with plenty of love. He made those close to him feel special and loved because it was his nature. Thomas talked to his family about the Lord, how the Lord had forgiven him his sins in this life. He said, "I may not have much in this life, but I've got a home and so much more in Heaven." So, by his own confession, we know that Thomas has gone to live with the Lord. With sad hearts and warm memories, we bid him good-bye, but we know our loss is Heaven's gain.
Written by the family

EDNA ALLEN edna_allen_ORB.jpg (11034 bytes)

With much love and many precious memories, I will try to write an obituary of my wonderful mother, Edna Allen.
Mom was born February 23, 1922 and passed away on January 22, 1987. her stay on earth was sixty-four years, ten months and twenty-nine days. She was the daughter of the late John and Kate Allen Adkins.
Mom married Dad, Charlie Allen on February 26, 1946. They had two daughters: Glenda Hopkins and Brenda Case, both of Price, Kentucky. They also had three grandchildren: Beth, Ryan and Neil, who love Mamaw very much. Mom had one sister and seven brothers: Opal Adkins, Eugene and William R. Adkins of River Rouge, Michigan, John Adkins, Jr. of Livonia, Michigan, Curt Adkins of Weeksbury, Kentucky, and Edgar Adkins of Bruno, West Virginia. Two brothers, Cecil and Elster Adkins preceded her in death.
Mom joined the Pilgrim Rest Church in October of 1985. She loved the church very much. Mom was loving and generous. She was always there when we needed her. She was always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone who needed it. We all love and miss Mom very much. It is a great comfort to us to know that she is free from pain and to know that she is asleep in the arms of Jesus.
Written by her daughter, Glenda Hopkins

DOUGLAS DWAYNE HAMILTON douglas_hamilton_ORB.jpg (9772 bytes)

It is with the happiest and most precious memories imaginable that we write this obituary of our baby, Douglas Dwayne Hamilton. Doug was born December 20, 1964, the baby of our family, he died July 24, 1987. God blessed us twenty-two years, seven months and four days to have him, here on earth with us. He is survived by his parents, Elder Hershell and Alberta Hamilton of Beaver, Kentucky; two brothers, Dan Hamilton of Lexington, Kentucky and Eddie Hamilton of Hi Hat, Kentucky, two sisters, Janet Vance and Brenda Howell, both of Hi Hat, Kentucky. Doug's brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, nieces, aunts, uncles, cousins and all his friends were so close to him. He was an easy person to love because of his eagerness to love others. Being the baby of the family he was so special to us, and we all let him know every day how much we loved him and that he was the center of our attention. He was always so jolly and happy.
He had an accident July 22, 1987 on an all-terrain-vehicle, and died fifty hours later. We find our comfort in knowing that he lived long enough to pray. We find comfort in Acts, Chapter II, Verse 17-18. The visions and revelations shown to our family and friends have been a great help to us through the deepest sorrow ever put upon us. The morning before Doug died, my oldest daughter, Janet, dreamed of being in a beautiful green valley, walking in a sparkling steam and in the far distance a white horse appeared coming toward her. The nearer the horse came, the slower it got. The horse was carrying our baby on it's back. We believe it was the white horse that carried Doug to heaven to live with God until we can be with him. She also dreamed of seeing Doug as a little boy the morning before. Two days after my son's funeral, I prayed for a witness from heaven that my baby was safe at home with Jesus. I dreamed of living in old Brother John B. Hamilton's store building with my wife and children. I began to scold my baby and he was afraid I was going to whip him. He told me if I was going to whip him that he was going to live with John B. I felt a great burden lifted after this dream and I prayed day and night for the Lord to show my family where Doug was so that their burdens would be lightened. A few days later on September 1, 1987 my youngest daughter, Brenda, dreamed of being on a cloud. When the fog lifted she could see tall build ings. She saw the most beautiful city that you could ever imagine. She said a voice spoke and told her that Doug was there and she then asked if he could come back. The voice told her that he didn't want to come back, because he was happier than he had ever been in his life. She asked again to go see him and was told that it was not time for her to go to the city. We all felt the greatest satisfaction and happiness after Brenda saw this beautiful city where Doug lives today.
To have the flower of our family taken away in the midst of his youth is sometimes more than we can bear. Without the strength of God we could not go on. Doug's absence leaves a sadness beyond imagining unless you have been through such sorrow. The hope that Doug left us keeps us safely on the journey to be with him someday.
Written by Dad, Mom and children

VICTOR SANDERS  victor_sanders_ORB.jpg (7852 bytes)

It is with a very sad heart I will write the obituary of my dear husband, Victor Sanders. He was born in Pike County December 7, 1918 and departed this life December 29, 1986, making his stay on earth sixty-eight years and twenty-two days. He was the son of Willie and Lou Crecie Bentley Sanders. He was married for forty-eight years to Beatrice Prater Sanders and to this union were born three sons: Billy C. Sanders of Bryan, Ohio, Benny Ray Sanders, who lived nineteen years and died from a truck accident, and Bluford Sanders, who lived only eighteen days. He is survived by one granddaughter, Billie Jean Sanders, who he thought so much of, and one sister, Verna May of Rockhouse, Kentucky and a host of relatives and friends.
He is missed badly by his family, relatives, neighbors, and all who knew him. He loved to have company and liked to talk to people and do things to help them out. His glory and delight was reading the Bible and talking to his friends about it. ii,; " ould sit for hours reading the Bible. He loved to go to church somewhere every Sunday. He loved the Old Regular Baptist Church. There were a lot of people who knew Victor and he always had good, kind words for them all. He was a devoted husband, father and grandfather.
It is hard for me to describe how much I miss him-just like a part of me went, too. I pray that we will be together again someday. I want to thank all who helped out during the time of sorrow.
He was a hard worker. He worked in the coal mines nine years, drove a coal truck thirty-seven years and had been retired two years and eight months. He had his heart attack on Saturday, December 27 and died December 29, 1986.
My home is so lonesome without him, but I feel deep in my heart that our loss is heaven's gain.
Written by his broken-hearted wife, Beatrice Sanders

CECIL HENRY KIDD  cecil_kidd_ORB.jpg (10939 bytes)

It is with much sadness that we write the obituary of our beloved uncle, Cecil Henry Kidd, Cecil was born April 14, 1915 to the union of Ruben Mack and Phoeba Collins Kidd of Honaker, Kentucky. He continued to live with his parents until their deaths. As a young man, he worked as a coal miner and for United Fuel.
Most of Cecil's life was spent on Little Mud, the latter years on Trace Branch
He joined the Little Dove Regular Baptist Church on the-second Sunday of October, 1969. He was baptized by Elder Johnny Hall and Walter Akers. Cecil loved the old church very much, spending much of his time as a caretaker there. He always had a big smile for his Brothers and Sisters and many friends.
Cecil deceased this life Friday, May 29, 1987, making his stay here on earth seventy-two years and fifteen days. He was preceded in death by his father, Ruben, mother, Phoeba, and three brothers: Luther, Rufford, Worley; one sister, Mary Lyons. He is survived by two brothers: Ramson of Printer and Willie of Pikeville, Kentucky. He is also survived by six sisters: Betty Jean Hunter of Printer, Kentucky, Myra Ellen Thomas and Hazel Hamilton of Harold, Kentucky, Minta Kidd of Honaker, Kentucky, Vara Hamilton of New London, Ohio, and Arta Ollis of North Carolina; one son, Eugene, and two grandsons, Michael and Matthew of Harold, Kentucky.
Cecil found much comfort and pleasure with his twenty-one nieces and ten nephews. There was always a hug and smile there for them when he was near. That special love he showed will be cherished and missed very much by all.
The family need not feel sorry, but be thankful and rejoice, for his pain and troubles are now over. He is at peace with his God. Cecil placed his light high on a candlestick for all to see. Now the family has a bright star to follow to the glory world where there will be no more parting, but a grand reunion some day.
Cecil, God loved you and so do we. Fond memories of you will remain with us forever.
Written by his nephew and niece, Roger and Patty Hunter

LORA MULLINS lora_mullins_ORB.jpg (9818 bytes)

With a sad and broken heart, I will try to write an obituary of my aunt, who was loved by all who knew her. Lora was the daughter of Mack and Cordelia Caudill Mullins. She was born May 9, 1921 and deceased this earth on December 6, 1986 of a short illness, making her stay here sixty-five years, six months and twenty-seven days.
Even though Lora was never married nor had any kids of her own, she had a host of neices and nephews who loved her as though she was their own mother.
Lora was preceded in death by her loving mother and father, five sisters, one brother and four nephews. She leaves behind to mourn her passing, Lena Mullins Little of Topmost, Edna Mullins Caudill of Topmost, Sena Mae Mullins Hall of Dry Creek, Troy Mullins of Dema and Roy Mullins of Kite, and seventytwo neices and nephews who love and miss her dearly.
Lora, the. day you left me, in the hospital, I thought my life had ended when yours did. I have stayed with you since I was a baby and no one knows more than I do how much it hurt to see you go to the beautiful gardens of heaven. I know the good Lord saw an angel that he wanted to join in his family in that beautiful garden, but Lora, he did not love you anymore than I do. Ever since I was a baby, I have listened to you and you were always there to listen to my problems and to give the best advice you knew. I have always loved you as my own mother and Lora, the memories we have shared cannot be taken away from us. You will never be forgotten, and someday we will meet again.
Lora, I will always love you as though you were my own mother.
Written with a sad and broken heart, Evelyn Little

ERNEST YONTS ernest_yonts_ORB.jpg (12681 bytes)

Earnest Yonts, the son of the late Ezekiel and Frances Meade Yonts, was born at Deane, Kentucky July 18, 1912. He passed from this life on March 21, 1987 making his stay here on earth seventy-four years, eight months and three days. He leaves to mourn his passing, his companion, Mary Blair Yonts; three step-daughters, Hassie Short of Jackhorn, Kentucky, Mallie Smith of Avon Lake, Ohio, and Allie Wright of Deane, Kentucky. He had no natural children of his own, but he loved Aunt Mary's daughters as his own.. Also left to mourn their loss are nine step-grandchildren and nineteen step-great-grandchildren, whom he dearly loved, and a large host of relatives and friends.
He married Mary Blair April 30, 1938, with whom he walked until his death.
He was a veteran of World War II and was severely wounded on July 18, 1944. He was a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.
He gave his life to the Lord March 23, 1975 and was baptized April 27, 1975, becoming a faithful member of the Millcreek Old Regular Baptist Church at Deane, Kentucky. Pain, money nor time meant anything to him whenit came tohis church. You would see him all the while working with his brethren on the church. He visited churches all over the area and in giving out his appointment, he would say, "Come over to the Little Millcreek Church, we need you!" As long as I can remember, he had a smile for everyone. He loved little children. When there was family gatherings, he would get out of his truck and yell, "When do we eat?" Well, Uncle Earnie, you are eating from a table that will never be cleared. Our life has a large, empty place now, but we feel he is happy up there. Aunt Mary, I know you are lonely, but the memories and the Lord will keep you going until time to go with him.
Uncle Earnest's memorial will be preached the fourth Saturday and Sunday of July, 1988 at the Millcreek Old Regular Baptist Church at Deane, Kentucky. Dinner will be served.
Written by his niece and sister in the Lord, Annette Blair Hall

CANTON JACOBS canton_jacobs_ORB.jpg (9264 bytes)

With many loving, precious memories, we write this obituary of our Daddy and Grandpa, Canton Jacobs. He was born February 17, 1908, being seventyeight years, nine months and six days of age at the time of his death, Thursday, December 1 1, 1986. Daddy was preceded in death by our dear mother, Hattie Huff Jacobs, who died September 6, 1978. They left eleven children: Avonelle, Philipie, Joyce, Betty, Genevieve, Janice, Levon, Gayland, Henry Clay, McArthur, and Robert Lee. There are twenty-five grandchildren and twelve greatgrandchildren left to share those loving precious memories of their grandfather. His four sisters and two brothers are also left to mourn his passing: Mary, Lillie, Bloomie, and Delia; Travis and Columbus.
During the seventy-eight years of life our daddy had here on earth he made many friends. He worked as a carpenter during his early life to raise his eleven children. After retiring as a carpenter, he began working at his sawmill, above his house on Caney Creek, at which he worked until his death. Through this work Daddy made many acquaintances. People relied on his advice and knowledge for many things. Daddy believed in treating everyone fair and just and he strived each day to do just that. The well-being of his neighbor was just as much concern for him as th a well-being of his own children. Every time you entered his house, his first concern was "Are you hungry or thirsty?" Although our daddy and grandpa never attached himself to any one church, we feel through his works and faithful attendance to church he has been laid to rest silently.
His son, Gayland, would like to say, "My sisters and brothers, not only sisters and brothers, but every sinner. The ones who don't know the Lord, I beg you harder from the bottom of my heart, Repent and Jesus will do the rest. If Dad could speak back to you his words would be, "Put your light on the candlestick."
John 3_16: For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life."
Written by the family with the help of the Lord

FRENCH COMBS  french_combs_ORB.jpg (3667 bytes)

French Combs was born September 8, 1908 at Softshell, Kentucky to Green Combs and Sissy Stamper Combs, both of whom preceded him in death. French passed from this life April 1, 1987 at Prestonsburg, Kentucky, making his stay here on earth seventy-eight years, six months and twenty-three days. He was a member of the Ball Branch Old Regular Baptist Church. He is survived by his wife, Toni Mae Combs; two sons, James Combs and Darrell Combs; three daughters, Bethel Smith, Elma Glee Smith and Gloria Branham; three brothers, Kelly Combs, Elliot Combs and Green Combs; one sister, Grace Mosley; nine grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. French will be missed here on earth, but we hope that our loss is Heaven's gain.

JOHNNIE BOYD jonnie_boyd_ORB.jpg (8824 bytes)

Johnnie Boyd was born November 17, 1915 and departed this life November 13, 1986 making his stay on earth seventy years, eleven months and twenty-six days. He was the son of John Wesley Boyd and Rebecca Jane Case Boyd. He has six brothers and three sisters. Cam and Kelly of Dana, Kentucky, Golda, Alex, Manual and Mark preceded him in death, Rena, his twin, of Honaker, Ola and Minery preceded him in death.
Daddy stayed home and cared for his mother- and dad until his mother's death. He married Bertha Ann Kidd on April 17, 1953 and to this union were born eight children, three daughters and five sons: Nelvia Sue Elkins of Richmond, Kentucky, Patty Lois Baltic of Barberton, Ohio, and Schritta Cordial of Dana, Kentucky, John Wayne of Hueysville, Kentucky, Eddie, Sonny, Scottie, and Brock, at home. He also leaves a host of friends and relatives to mourn his passing.
Daddy was always a kind and loving father and husband. He sacrificed much so his family could have it better than he had. He worked in the coal mines for forty-five years until he became disabled in 1975 with black lung. Everyone knew him as an honest, hard-working, humble man.
He requested that the brothers and sisters come to his home November 1, 1986. After singing some good old songs of Zion and holding prayer, he offered his hand to become a member of the Little Salem Old Regular Baptist Church. He told the brothers he felt the Lord had forgiven him. After hearing his experience, a move and second was made to receive him in full love and fellowship when baptized. Although he never lived to be baptized in the water, we feel he received the baptism of the Fire and the Holy Ghost which is required for the salvation of the soul.
Daddy's suffering is over now and we believe he has gone to reap his reward in a land where no pain or sorrow can ever come. If any of us ever expect to meet him again, we must put all nature aside and come willingly for the Lord Jesus Christ to take control of our lives.
Written by the family


In loving memory of our sweet grandson, I'll try to write a sketch of him. Christopher Cortney Nickles was born May 30, 1977 to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Nickles while they were serving in the army in Alaska. He departed this life December 19, 1986.
He is survived by his father, Thomas N., and his mother, Katrina Branson, his step-mother, Rose Marie Adams, a beloved brother, Richard Thomas Nickles, and an adopted brother, Danny Adams, two adopted sisters, Angel and Trasie Adams. He is survived by grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Nickles and Mr. and Mrs. Staple. We all loved him so dearly.
He had cancer of the brain. It was operated on, but it didn't do any good. The cancer stopped for a while, then took a new start. The doctors at McDonalds Hospital in Texas asked Chris if there was a wish he'd like to have before he went to the Lord. He said, "Yes, I want to go to Alaska to see where I was born." So, the army let all his family go with him. After he got back, he got bedfast, but when they told him and showed him where his little body was going to be, he would turn his little eyes toward heaven and say, "Oh, I'll be so happy when I can go."
He was a good child and was so good through all his sickness. He never grumbled about anything. Every time I would call them on the phone, Chris would speak, I would say "How are you, Honey?" He'd say, "I'm fine." I woulds say "Mammaw and Pappaw Nickles loves you." He would say, "I love you and Pappaw, too, Mammaw." I know he is in God's flower garden just waiting to be picked, and with the help of the good Lord; this Mamaw will meet him, and I'm like he was, Oh, I'll be so happy when I can go.
Written by Chris's grandmother, Irene Nickles

TIMOTHY PAUL REYNOLDS timothy_reynolds_ORB.jpg (9253 bytes)

It is with much sadness of heart that I write this obituary of my beloved husband, Timothy Paul Reynolds. He was born March 18, 1928 and departed this life December 31, 1985, making his stay on this earth fifty-seven years, nine months and twelve days. He spent all of his life living in Allen and Beaver, Kentucky, which was the place of his birth. He was the son of the late Joseph and Francis Henson Reynolds. He was married to Shirley Mae Hamilton Reynolds on October 12, 1946. He raised my younger sister, Vicky Lynn Hamil ton Bryant as his own daughter. He also took in my sister, Magdalene Hamilton DeVillez as a young girl and sent her through school. He always called them his daughters. All the children who knew him called him Poppy because all children loved him very much as he did them. He always made people he came in contact with feel welcome, no matter if they were young or old or somewhere in between. He was always good to people who were in need of any kind of help. He was always giving something of himself to anyone who was in need of something. He was especially good to all children.
He was a merchant for twenty-eight years and at the time of his death he was the owner of S & J Market, Beaver, Kentucky. He was elected to the State House of Representatives from the 95th district of Floyd County and served in that office from 1970 to 1972. The day before he passed away he was so happy and was singing hymns. Tim had been in poor health for years, but he would try never to let this slow him down and his joy for living.
He had four brothers: Clifford Reynolds, Stanville, Kentucky, Effort Reynolds of Lexington, Kentucky, Joe Reynolds, Jr. of Allen, Kentucky, Marcum Reynolds, Allen; and three sisters: Evelean Akers and Bell Conn, both of Allen, and Cathryn Tackett of Beaver, Kentucky.
We all miss him very much but we believe he has a much better place in the Lord's home above, where he will never again know sorrow or pain. I know if we all will hope and pray we will see him in heaven someday.
Written by his wife, Shirley May Reynolds


It is with a very sad heart that I will try to write the obituary of Minnie Sawyers Caudill. Sister Minnie was born December 9, 1906, the daughter of John Morgan Sawyers and Margaret Adelie Messer Sawyers. She passed from this life September 5, 1987 at the John Randolf Hospital in Hopewell Virginia, making her stay here on earth eighty years, eight months and twenty-six days.
Early in life she met and married Earl Caudill, and to this union were born five children, four boys and one girl. Two boys died in infancy, to wit, Jasper and Dester Caudill. Those still living are, Lester Lee Caudill and Pal Mira Caudill, both of Hopewell, Virginia, and Allard Caudill of Chester, Virginia. Sister Minnie gave up her companion in death April 13, 1977. Brother Earl and Sister Minnie saw the need of a saviour many years ago and they sought the good Lord with all their heart, until they felt that sweet peace come into their souls that only God can give. Thank the Lord for that sweet message, "I'll Never Turn A Praying Heart Away."
Brother Earl and Sister Minnie gave their hands to become a member of this old visible kingdom, the old church, many,many years ago, to wit, the Little Powell Church of Old Regular Baptist at Eubank, Kentucky, which is now the Rose of Sharon Church of Old Regular Baptist. After they had belonged to this old church for a time, the church felt a need for deacons, and the church felt Brother Earl and Sister Minnie filled the qualifications for deacons. The Bible tells us like this, `Let them first be proven." So, the old church felt they bore the fruits and he was ordained a deacon. The sister gets her power through her husband, to be a deaconess. 
In later life, Brother Earl and Sister Minnie moved to Hopewell, Virginia, as all their family lived there. They filled their seats at church as often as they could. They were faithful unto death.
Sister Minnie leaves to mourn her passing, three children, seven grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren.
I want to say this to the family, Mom and Grandma left a great light for you to follow. Also, to the
friends, if you want to go where Sister Minnnie has gone you will have to make ready to go. Repentance
is required at the hand of everyone of you nothing less than a new birth in Christ will do. You can have
your name enrolled on every church book here on earth, and if it's not enrolled on the "Lambs Book of
Life" let me ask you how is He going to call your name in the last day? If you become born again by the
Holy Spirit, the Lord writes your name on the Lambs Book of Life and no man is able to erase it. Some
sweet day He is going to call you out of this troublesome world into a world of happiness, to be with the
Lord forever and forever. Bless the good Lord.
Written by the Lord's unworthy servant, Elder Hendricks Hampton

LUE SENDIE JOHNSON COLLINS lue_sendie_collins_ORB.jpg (9354 bytes)

Lue Sendie Johnson Collins of 2565 Steam Furnace Road, Peebles, Ohio (formerly of Wheelwright, Kentucky) departed this life April 16, 1987 at Piketon Community Hospital in Waverly, Ohio. She was the daughter of the late Lewis Cook and Martha Johnson. She was born June 22, 1900. Lue Sendie was eighty-six years, nine months and twenty-five days old at the time of her passing.
She was united in marriage to Felix Collins, April 13, 1915. He preceded her in death September 28, 1982; also, two sons, Tilten, who died February 27, 1979 and Can, July 8, 1983; a brother, Willie Cook; three grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; plus eight half-brothers: George, Andy and Vic Cook, Granville, Linville, German, Spencer and Sylvester Isaac; ten half-sisters: Liza Cook, Linda Johnson, Hulda Caudill, Sophia Burke Rosa Bell Isaac, Jane Johnson, Margaret, Sarah, Minnie and Sadie; step-father, Hiram Isaac. Mom and Dad's home was blessed with eleven children. Those surviving her are: Mendie Isaac and Della Hoffer of Otway, Ohio, Rhoda Holbrook of Willard, Ohio, Lizzie Jane Myers and Allean White of Peebles, Ohio, Melzenia Perry of Hindman, Kentucky, Liza Ann Johnson of Prestonsburg, Kentucky, Mary Louise Howard of West Union, Ohio and Connie Kiser of Hi Hat, Kentucky; also four half-sisters: Mattie Jarrett and Rose Belle Dobbins of Phoenix, Arizona, Ada Rose of Jenkins, Kentucky, and Laura; two half-brothers: Carl and Bill Cook of Kentucky; five sons-in-law: Melvin Johnson, Clyde Myers, Calvin Howard, Leonard Kiser and J. R. White; thirty-four grandchildren, seventy-three great-grandchildren, thirty great-great-grandchildren, and many relatives and friends.
Mom deeply missed Daddy's presence every day. They had been married for over sixty-seven years at his passing. Mom spent the past four years and three months with Jim and me. She was a big part of our lives. She will always live in our hearts. She attended the Old Regular Baptist Churchoften. She had been stricken for many years after suffering from a stroke. I heard Mom making a noise on the night of December 18. I usually go to her room to check on her, but for some reason I did not that time. The next morning at breakfast I said, "Mom, what did you dream about last night?" She said, "I dreamed I was baptized." She told me that Brother Ellis Holbrook baptized her and that Liza, Della and I were with her at the Little Ettie Church.
Mom, I will always recall cherished years we spent together. Yes, I will think of you so often and the lonely hours, day and nights I have spent. I know there will always be an empty space, but again there is' a great promise. Mom's last request would be, be prepared for death and meet me.
With much love and sorrow, your loving daughter, Alleane White


By the help of the good Lord, I will try to write an obituary of our sister, Lacy Bryant. She was the daughter of Jacob and Alice Fouts. She was born May 7, 1918 and departed this life October 6, 1982.
She was married in April 1936 to William Cullen Bryant and to this union were born no children.
Lacy was a member of the Old Regular Baptist for about thirty years and brought her letter to the Joppa Church the first Saturday in September, 1957.
Her brothers and sisters were: Dasie Slone of Galion, Ohio, Goldie Woody of Columbus, Ohio, Loretta Stevens of Prestonsburg, Kentucky, Jo Ann McCauley of Melvin, Kentucky, Hershel Fouts of Melvin, Kentucky, and Edgile Fouts of Galion, Ohio. One sister, Grace Jones, and three brothers, her father, and mother, and her husband preceded her in death.
Lacy said, "With God all things are possible." I feel that Lacy's soul is in the paradise of God awaiting the Resurrection, the Redemption of her body, when Gabriel blows that trumpet and the dead in Christ shall rise.
May the good Lord take care and bless all of us that will trust in His name, Jesus.
Written by Charles D. Collins and Jo Ann McCauley


By the help of the Lord, we will try to write the obituary of my dear wife, and mother of our daughter, Jennifer, Loretta Gail Gibson James. Loretta was the daughter of Frank Gibson and Bertha Spears Gibson, born April 24, 1953. She passed away on October 19, 1986, making her stay here on earth thirtythree years, five months and twenty-five days. Since then, her father also followed in death on December 31, 1986. She left to mourn their loss, her husband, Thomas Alex James; one daughter, Jennifer Gail James, age eight; her mother, Bertha Cox; two brothers, one of them her twin, Larry Gibson and Kenneth Gibson; five sisters, Colleen Tincher, Kathy Jo Lindsey, Lisa Parsons, Reva Jean Williamson, and Debbie Kingston, and many kind friends and relatives to mourn her passing.
Her body lies at rest in the James Cemetery at McCombs, Kentucky, waiting for the return of Jesus Christ, when He will take all of his children home with him. We feel Loretta was a child of God and He took her soul and spirit to heaven to his Holy Paradise.
We hope that Thomas, her husband, and little Jennifer Gail will always remember to look unto the same God that Loretta did and they will have to if they ever see dear Loretta again. Sleep on, Sis, we will see you again on that great judgement morning, in Jesus Christ we trust. We feel that if Loretta could talk to you she would say, husband, dear, repent and get forgivemess before it's everlasting too late. The same to all my kindred and friends and loved ones. There's one more thing I'd like to say, I'd like for you to hear, don't let my daughter go astray, for her, I pray, take care.
Written for her husband, Thomas James, and her dear, little, darling daughter, Jennifer Gail, by Elder John H. Coleman


Kendall Ramey was born June 11, 1900 to Kenis Ramey and Mary Holbrook Ramey, both of whom preceded him in death. Kendall passed from this life on Monday, May 11, 1987 at the Hazard Appalachian Regional Medical Center after a short illness, making his stay here on earth eighty-six years and eleven months. Kendall was a member of the Ball Branch Regular Baptist Church. Kendall leaves to mourn his passing: his three sons, Howard, Talmadge and Ted; eleven daughters: Gertrude, Juanita, Grace, Blanche, Ruth, Ruby, Cuba, Lucille, Faye, Gaye and Jewell; one sister, Maude Gibson; twenty-eight grandchildren, thirteen great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild. Kendall will be missed here on earth, but we hope that our loss is Heaven's gain.


It is with much weakness and sadness that we will try to write the obituary of Oma Lou Kinney, sixtyeight years of age. She was born in Virginia, October 1, 1918, the daughter of the late John C, and Emma Bartley. She deceased this life at 7:30 p. m. Tuesday, June 30, 1987, at her residence.
She was preceded in death by her husband, Frank Kinney, who died in the year of 1980. She is survived by two daughters, Susie Elswick of Jacksonville, Florida and Lois Ann Wooten of Lookout, Kentucky; one brother, J. C. Bartley of Huber Heights, Ohio; one sister, Mable Whicker of Lookout, Kentucky and one half-sister, Ola Boaz of Williamson, West Virginia; also five grandchildren and one great-grandchild
Thank God for the good memories of Mother, and there is no one on earth who can ever replace her. The good memories will live on in our life even though we will miss Mom, but God knew what was best for her. God has always had a purpose for the sometimes forgotten Mothers all down through the ages of time. We read in the Bible of the life of some of the old sainted mothers who had a great bearing on the bringing to pass the plan of God. So, the word Mother has a much broader meaning to us because a Mother's love is one of the sweet memories death can't destroy. No doubt the days have been very lonely for her since Dad left.
God gives us our family to enjoy our lives together here in this world, but God wants us to repent and be born with God's love and his Spirit, so we can join another family, which will last not only through this life, but will last through eternity when our natural life has ended here on earth. Even though we have to be parted from our Mother and Father in this life, when we choose the good part, that shall never be taken away from us, by praying to God and letting Him save our souls with an everlasting salvation, then we have a Father and Mother that will never leave us. God, our Father, and Mother Jerusalem, our Mother who will take care of us through this life and when this life is over, will make sure we get home safely and won't it be a joyful time when all the family of God is joined together to part no more in a place where we won't be saddened anymore and God will wipe all tears away, where Joy and Peace reigns forever and forever.
God bless each one in this family and may the love of God draw each one close together and most of all, that love can draw you to the One that can save, keep and take you to a place where only love exists. As we take the parting hand and each one goes their separate ways, perhaps for some maybe to meet no more here on earth, be ready and we can meet again over in that heavenly land where we will all be satisfied. God bless you all.
Written by the family and Elder Donald B. Little


With God's help, I will try to write the obituary of my dear and old friend and Sister in the church, Maude Franklin, Sister Maud, as we called her, was born February 14, 1904 and died September 21, 1986. She was eighty-two years old at the time of her death.
She was the daughter of the late Jim and Rosa Priest Hampton. She is survived by one son, Chester Goble, of San Antonio, Texas. She has one brother and one sister, deceased, Tom Hampton and Allie Hale of Williamson, West Virginia.
She was a member of the Little Nancy Old Regular Baptist Church of Price, Kentucky.
We didn't get to attend her funeral on account of sickness. We will miss her in this life, especially when we come over for the New Salem Association, as we always did and stayed with her. She was always good to us.
I hope and pray to meet her again someday in Heaven where we won't have to part in death anymore.
A friend and Sister in Christ, Sister Nellie Jarrell