Minutes of the One Hundred and Fifty-Fourth Annual Session Of

The New Salem Association

Of Old Regular Baptist of Jesus Christ

September 1979


SHERDAIN TACKETT sherdain_tackett_ORB.jpg (15895 bytes)

I will try with the help of God to write an obituary of my beloved father, Sherdain Tackett. He was the son of Green and Ruthey Newsome Tackett. He was born August 18, 1896, and deceased this life October 23, 1978; making his stay here on earth 83 years 2 months and 12 days.
He was married to Sarah Hall in the year of 1814, and to this union was born 13 children; two preceded him in death, leaving his wife Sarah Tackett, two daughters Gerty Bolen of Kendallville, Indiana, Sola Williams of Printer, Kentucky and nine sons: Joe, Lee, Walker, and Earl all of Kendallville, Ind., Freel Tackett of Ecorse, Mich., Raymond J. of Oklahoma, Charles Tackett of Lexington, Kentucky, and Robert Tackett of Springfield, Ohio. He left 55 grandchildren, 33 great grandchildren, 12 great great grandchildren, and a host of friends to mourn his loss.
We feel he as went to sleep in the arms of Jesus. He talked so to us about Jesus and the home that was prepared for him. I believe someday I will see him again, where there will be no sickness, troubles or pain. He was sick for many years. He was a member of the Old Regular Baptist Church since October 23, 1966, and was baptized by Elder J. P. Hall.
I would say to the children that haven't made peace with Jesus; if you ever want to see Daddy again you will have to fall out with sin and be born again. Daddy loved you so much. I pray that you will turn to Jesus before its to late. I could go on writing the good things about him. I'd love to say to all the children we want to remember our sister Gerty and her husband Shelton Bolen who took such good care of our daddy.
In the Books of Psalms 16 Chapter, verse 9; therefore my heart is glad and my glory rejoiceth my flesh also shall rest in hope for thou wilt not leave my soul in hell neither wilt thou suffer thine holy one to see corruption at thy right hand there are plea. sures for everyone. Remember God loves all of you so be pre, pared to meet dad in that beautiful Home where we can live for ,r, ever never to part. May God bless all that reads this.

Written by
Elder Ballard Williams, and his broken hearted Daughter, Sola Williams

MAGGIE SALMONS maggie_salmons_ORB.jpg (13246 bytes)

I have lost a very precious person, my mother. I will try with a very sad heart to write her obituary, she was born May 28, 1905 to the late Mexico and Nancy Jane (Ousley) Pitts, she was married to Boonie Salmons and to this union were born 9 children, 4 infants preceded her in death, the 5 surviving children are Herman and Buford Salmons, Franklin,

Ohio, Raymond Salmons, Claypool, In., Mary N. Ousley, Silver Lake, In. and Tealie Goble, Warsaw, In.
Mom joined the church over 30 years ago at Spurlock and attended there until she came to Indiana and here she attended the Northern Little Dove and surrounding churches, you couldn't hardly get her to church early enough, she loved visiting with the people and hearing the singing and good preaching, we would get in the car to come home after church and she say "Nancy" how did you like to hear this one preach or that one preach, she was a faithful member as long as she was able to go to church, she was at a communion meeting when she took sick, she shouted during church, they noticed something was wrong when Sister Barbara Flannery was washing her feet, Sister Barbara asked her if something was wrong and mom told her not to worry about her that she was alright, that is one consolation I have, I know she is at rest. She was homesick for heaven, she would hear of a death and she would say, "why couldn't that have been me"? I went to get her at the church house at North Judson, In., she never spoke another word, she had a fatal stroke, she lay in a coma three days.
Mom raised us children by herself, we wore a lot of hand me downs and didn't have much to eat a lot of times but there is one thing we had, a loving mother and very good advice, she prayed so much for her children.
Her struggle here on earth is over, she has gone to rest from that struggle and awaits that g lorious morning when God comes to gather his children home, I believe Mom will be one in that number.
I could write a book but this is getting lengthly.
She leaves to morn her death 4 brothers, Hobert Pitts, Allen Pitts, Darvis Pitts, and R. L. Pitts, 21 granchildren, 8 great-grandchildren and a host of friends and relatives.
A precious one from us is gone
A voiced so loved is stilled
A place made vacant in the home That never can be filled.

Written by her broken hearted daughter, Mary Nancy Ousley

BILL SLONE bill_slone_ORB.jpg (5907 bytes)
With a sad heart I will try to write an obituary of my dear father-in-law, Bill Slone, he was born December 2, 1921, in Knott County, Kentucky and died March 4, 1974, making his stay on earth 53 years, 8 months and 26 days. He was the son of Tom and Louise Slone, he was married to Laudie Hall, they had 11 children, two proceded him in death, the living are 6 boys, Sterling Slone, So. Whitley, In., Ozark Slone, Andrew, In., Roger, Ranso, Steven and Morgan Slone, Huntington, In., three girls, Mrs. Larya G. Johnson, Mrs. Myrtle Hensley and Lorriane Tackett, Huntington, In., and 12 grandchildren.
We all miss him very much, he had been ill a long time but he would always find time for us when we came home for a visit,

Sterling (his son) joined the church and my father-in-lawknew before he told him, he said the Lord had showed him and he was very happy for him.
We came home the week end before the Lord called him home on Monday, he talked into the early morning hours Sun day morning about his bible and the Lord with Sterling.
I (Anna) feel in my heart he is now resting, but at the end when God calls us home, he will be in that beautiful home that is waiting for us ail that are saved, we will be loving him always and will never forget him for loving us.

Written by his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Sterling (Anna) Slone South Whitley, In.

JAMES ADAM BRADLEY j_a_bradley_ORB.jpg (9769 bytes)

With much sadness in my heart and with the help of God, I will try to write the obituary of my husband James Adam Bradley.
He was the son of Henry and Nona (Ousley) Bradley, born January 24, 1930, died Dec. 6, 1978, his dad and mother and one sister proceded him i n death.
He was married to Anna Bojean (Ousley) Bradley, Feb, 10, 1951 and to this union was born 5 children, four boys, Elkren, James Andrew, and Ronald ail of Claypool, In., Adrian Bradley, Pierceton, In., one daughter, Sally Rosellen Bradley Kessie, he also has 4 grandchildren. Five brothers, Mont and Dennis, Clay
pool, In., Lee Tavis, Peru, In., Cleo and Leo, Martin, Ky. g sisters, Aggie Click, Martin, Ky., Mimia Howard, Printer, Ky., Biddie Jean Reffitt, Peru, In., Rennis Baldridge, Pierceton, In., Arvellia Slone and Loretta Hurd, Mentone, In.
He was a member of the Northern Little Dove Church, Sidney, In.
He loved the Old Regular Baptist Church and he loved all his brothers and sisters in the church, he liked to hear his brothers and sisters sing, although he didn't sing much in church with them he sang at home when he was alone.
He prayed for his family and friends, he was a good loving husband and father, although he had a long sickness and suffered for over 10 years, I believe my husband had his share of suffering

on this earth.
I believe God took him to a better home where he won't suffer any more and I would like to meet him there someday.

Written by his wife,
Anna Bradley

WILLIE JOHNSON willie_johnson_ORB.jpg (11533 bytes)

I will try to write the obituary of my grandfather Willie Johnson, he was the son of the late Thomas and Rosanna (Cook) Johnson, born April 29, 1893, died April 9, 1971, making hiss stay on earth 77 years, 11 months and 9 days.
His first marriage was to the late Becky Tackett and second marriage was to Delphia Bryant Johnson whom survives.
Born to them was twelve children, seven daughters, Mrs, Betty Isaac, Wheelwright, Ky., Mrs, Milie Skeens, Martin, Ky., Mrs, Mamie Howell, Wayland, Ky., Mrs. Marilyn Johnson, John Creek, Ky., Mrs, Lori Lovejoy, Columbus, Ohio, Mrs. Glenda McDowell and Mrs. Mildred Michell, both of Huntington, Indiana, Five sons, Levi Johnson, Ova Johnson, of Kentucky, Allen Johnson, Bobby Johnson and Everett Johnson, Huntington, Indiana, one brother, Luther Johnson, Halo, Kentucky. A number of grandchildren and great grandchildren. Grandpa was always very happy to have some one to talk to him or listen, he couldn't attend church because he had no hearing in either ear, grandpa loved to sit and tell many things about the good old days.
I had a dream the night before he died, about him, I saw the death angels take him away, dressed just like he was when he died, I tried to tell everyone but it felt like no one would listen, every one stayed quiet that day and that evening around 10;00 o'clock the Lord called him home to suffer no more. I do feet grandpa is in heaven where sorrows will never be no more, so please if you're not ready get prepared before it is to late.
No, daddy is not dead. For he is just resting.
Grandpa, I miss you so much and I'll always love you.

Written by, Anna Slone (Granddaughter) South Whitley, Ind.

LAWRENCE HALL lawrence_hall_ORB.jpg (8663 bytes)

Lawrence Hall born March 14, 1906, at Melvin, Kentucky. Son of Elder Hiram Hall and Martha Johnson Hall. Deceased this life January 13, 1979. On December 15, 1933, he married Mary Jane Bates and to this union was born two daughters.
Jeroma Dean Raines, Springfield, Ohio. Billie Louise Campbell, Titusville, Florida. He is also survived by six grandchildren. Two brothers, Bruce Hall, Springsboro, Ohio, Harold Hall, Melvin, Kentucky. Two sisters, Pearl Johnson, Melvin, Kentucky, Della Chandler, Melvin, Kentucky.
His loving wife will always miss his presence and companionship, the children will miss a loving and kind father. And all his friends and neighbors will miss him. The church especially will miss him. He loved the Joppa Old Regular Baptist Church. He was always ready to help his neighbors in need.

Written by the Family


We will take the time and write a short obituary of cousin and sister Dorothy Cole Reynolds.
Dorothy was born to Eligah and Lissie Henson Cole in the year of 1912. She was the oldest child of this family. Others as listed: Arthur Lee, deceased; Bertha Tackett, deceased; James Cole, Printer, Kentucky; Pearl Dillow, Arizona, and F. D. of Hi Hat, Kentucky.
Dorothy was married to Hayden Reynolds in 1931. To this marriage no children were born. Cousin Dorothy was in Pikeville Methodist Hospital, I meet her husband and brother F. D. at the hospital. We went up to see her and she told us she was lots better. This was August 4, 1978 - August, 6, 1978, the angels came and took her home. She had belonged to Joppa Regular Baptist church at Melvin, Kentucky, for several years. I want to say to her husband (Hayden) press on and keep the Faith and you can meet with your loving wife again where there will be no more sorrow or pain.
I also want to say to her two brothers and one sister in Flesh, if you want to meet with sister Dorothy again, fall out with sin and call upon the same God Dorothy did. He never turns a praying soul away. You can meet sis and cousin Dorothy again in the Glory Land which is called Heaven.
I have a hope of meeting cousin Dorothy again.

Hazel Henson Langley
Brother in Flesh, F. D. Cole


This is the obituary of Lissie Henson Cole, the daughter of Bud and Mary Ann Jones Henson, whom has been deceased for years. Aunt Lissie was one child and others as mentioned Smith Henson, James Henson, Dee Henson, G. B. Henson, John Henry Henson, Belle Dora Newman, Charity Henson, Pricy Osborne, Rilda Osborne, and others I didn't know all deceased.
Lissie was born July 17, 1888 and deceased this life December 26, 1975. She was 87 years old.
She married Eligah Cole in 1910, who is deceased. To this union were born six children: Dorothy Reynolds, deceased; Arthur L. Cole, deceased; Bertha Tackett, deceased; James Cole, Printer, Ky.; Pearl Dillow, Arizona; F. D. Cole, Hi Hat, Ky.
I, her niece, miss her very much because when I pass by her home, she would be sitting on the porch but now her chair is empty.
I know F. D. misses her most of all, because in her ill health he waited upon her very patiently, but one cold December night, the Angels came and took her home to live with "Jesus".
Aunt Lissie belonged to Joppa Regular Baptist Church for many years at Melvin, Kentucky. She filled her seat as long as she was able, but now her seat is empty, she was the oldest member at that time.I want to say to the three living children if you haven't made peace with the one Aunt Lissie begged you to, it is not too late to start. If you want to see Mother again, for I believe she is resting around the Throne of "God" where she suffers no pain.
She had many grandchildren and great grandchildren, and probably many great, great grandchildren, so I say to them also get on the straight path which leads to Heaven and you can meet grandma again.
So sleep on "Aunt" and "Mother". I her niece (Hazel) has a hope of meeting her again. I know "children" you loved "Mother" but "Jesus" loved her more.

Hazel Henson Langley (Niece)
F. D. Cole (Son)

BART JONES bart_jones_ORB.jpg (6838 bytes)

Bart Jones borned January 23, 1903. Departed this life February 17, 1979, being 76 years 25 days at the time of his passing. He was the son of the late Marion Jones & Lucy Turner Jones.
He was married to Hazel Hall, daughter of the late Monroe Hall & Betsy Holbrook Hall, December 21, 1928, who is left to mourn his lost. Also two children Monroe Jones of Bevinsville, Ky. One daughter Billie Jean Burke of South Carolina, One son Tommy Jones deceased. He is also survived by 10 grand children & 1 great grand child. Four brother also survive Ballard Jones of Melvin, Ky. Edgar Jones of East McDowell, Kentucky. Thomas Jones & Curt Jones both of Wayne, Ky. Two brothers Burt & Everette deceased. Two Sisters Sarah Cooley and Viola Turner both of McDowell, Ky. One sister Dorthy Bentley deceased.
Bart felt the need of a savior and joined the Joppa church of Old Regular Baptist the First Saturday in May 1967 and was baptized the first Sunday in June 1967.
Bart attended church regularly and was good to visit friends and relatives who were in distress. He was always ready and willing to help anyone in need. Bart is badly missed by his friends
and church and especially his devoted Christian wife Hazel.
So to all his relatives and friends if you ever expect to see
him again, prepare to meet him in that land that knows no trouble, tears, or heartaches.

Prepared by his wife, Hazel Assisted by Nick W right

FRANKIE HALL CAUDILL frankie_hall_caudill_ORB.jpg (8345 bytes)

Frankie was born January 5, 1903, the daughter
of the late Bud and Liza Hall, and passed away April 25, 1978, making her stay on earth 75 years, 3 months, and 20 days.
Survivors include three sons: Burlin Caudill, Virgil Caudill, and Wilburn Caudill. Three daughters: Mallie, Judy and Shirley. She also leaves behind her husband William to mourn her loss, and also four brothers: Evan, Ben, John L., and Merlin Hall and two
sisters: Rosa Johnson and Sara Harris. She had 9 grandchildren and one great grandchild.
Early in life she met and married William and no doubt
they worked very hard to raise their children. Though they lived 53 years together, they can look back and see that its only been but a few days and full of trouble as Job said about it. "A man that is born of woman is but a few days and full of trouble." They had many happy moments together, but the best moment
of her time was when she closed her eyes in death to awake in the arms of Jesus. William said he believes her soul is at rest. I want to say, the family knew more about her than all the neighbors and friends, because they were with her day in and day out.
So children, let me say you will never see Mother as she was, but by the Grace of God, you can be with her in that City that God has gone and prepared for all that love his appearing. So children as I close, let me say to you all, you still have dad. Be good to him and to one another.

Written by
Elder Ellis Holbrook

OSHIE COLLINS BRYANT oshie_bryant_ORB.jpg (10380 bytes)

Sister Oshie was born Oct. 8, 1900 in Paintsville, Ky., the daughter of the late John Wesley Collins and Nancy Elizabeth Lawson, and passed away Sunday, January 28, 1979 in a Shreveport, Louisiana hospital.
Early in life, she met and married Dewey Bryant who preceded her in death. He was an Ordained Elder in the Regular Baptist Church. Sister Oshie is survived by seven sons: Eugene of Ind., Delmar of Ohio, Frank and Jackson of Mich., Earl and James of Fremont Ohio, and Wendell of Washington. Two daughters: Mrs. Ruth Govle of Ohio and Mrs. Justine Yennor of Michigan. A brother, Jesse Collins of Ohio and a sister, Mrs. Mae Newsome of Ky. Also surviving were 29 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren.
Sister Oshie was a member of the Joppa Regular Baptist Church and she always attended regular until she moved to Michigan, but sister Oshie always returned for our communion and did she enjoy it. I can see her as I write this obituary, rejoicing in the Lord as the brothers and sisters began to sing the old songs of Zion and to preach the Gospel of King Jesus. Oh children, if you could see her as I, you would say, "Mother I'll meet you some sweet day around the Throne of God where we will be together eternally.
So children, I could go on writing about your mother and those many times I've been in Church with her, but I'm sure you children know her life better than anyone else.
May I close by saying as the Psalmist David, "She is gone from us and can no more come to us, but by the Grace of God, we can go to her."
Written by Elder Ellis Holbrook

MARTHA TACKETT martha_tackett_ORB.jpg (8111 bytes)

By the help of the Lord, I will try and write a short obituary of this dear sister in the Lord - to wit Sister Martha Tackett. She was the daughter of the late Mayland Johnson and Usley Hall Johnson.
Early in life, she met and married Brother Lint Tackett and to this union was born six children. Two sons: Truman and Herman Tackett of Weeksbury, Kentucky. Four daughters: Mrs. Hazel Vanover
and Mrs. Victoria Vanover, of Weeksbury, Kentucky. Mrs. Vada Hall and Mrs. Anna Lee Hall of Michigan. Sometime ago, Sister Martha and Brother Lint got to thinking of death and needed
a Savior and went to Jesus for their help. We believe after they suffered for their sins, Jesus came to their rescue and delivered them out of sin and set them on the Rock and on their way to Heaven.
Sister Martha and Brother Lint were both members of the Joppa Regular Baptist Church of Melvin, Kentucky. They attended church as long as they were able to go. After Brother Lint crossed the chilly tide, Sister Martha was so lonely and longed to go to be with her loved one. So Children, you knew your mother's life better than anyone. Take the Council she gave you all and meet them in that country where we, the Children of God will be satisfied and not have to depart anymore.
Sister Martha also has one brother living, Brother Charley Johnson, of Weeksbury, Kentucky, also a member of the Joppa Church. Brother Charley, being left alone, no doubt knows that the next call will be for him.
Sister Martha and Brother Lint loved for the Brothers and Sisters of the Church to come and visit them, and the love they had for their neighbors was great. So we all miss them very much and the children are having their Memorial preached the 4th Saturday and Sunday in May 1980, at the home place and everyone is welcome. The family wants to thank everyone that stood by the family in their time of sorrow.
May God bless all.

Written by Assisted by
Elder Alvin Caudill Elder Ellis Holbrook

REBECCA TACKETT rebecca_tackett_ORB.jpg (10038 bytes)

With sadness and a very weary heart I will try to write the obituary of my mother Rebecca Tackett. She was the daughter of Ben and Elizabeth McCowan Tackett. She was born November 26th, 1896 and passed away May 1, 1979, making her stay 82 years 5 months and 6 days. She was married May 3, 1917 to Henry Tackett and unto this union was born eight children. Five girls and three boys. Two girls died in infancy. One son and also her husband preceded her in death, leaving two sons and three girls. Oliver Tackett of Weeksbury, Kentucky, and Elzie Tackett of Gahanna, Ohio. Gladys McKinney of Weeksbury, Kentucky, Edith Akers of Melvin, Kentucky, and Sadie Johnson of Weeksbury, Kentucky. Mom joined the Old Regular Baptist Church May 30, 1937. She lived a faithful life and attended church as long as she was able. Then after she got sick she would have the children to ask the Brothers of the Church to come and have her a little meeting. She was one of the kindest sweetest mothers on earth not only to her children and grandchildren but to all her neighbors and their children and because of her kindness the whole neighborhood called her BeckyMa. She was never too tired as long as she could prepare something for any that came to eat. Her last few days she would talk mostly to Daddy and her babies. The ones in the hospital said when she sang "Will the Circle be Unbroken" she just seemed so happy.
Then she wanted to know how all the family was at home when we told her all was okay her reply was, "I am going to stay with you a little while and then I am going on across and the sweetest smile I believe I ever saw came on her face and was still there as she left this world.
No one knows the heartaches only those who have suffered can say nor of the grief that is silent for mother the one we loved so dear.Maybe someday we will come your way.
Her memorial will be preached the 3rd Saturday and Sunday
in July 1980.

Written by her daughter and sister in hope Gladys McKinney


By request of a sister in hope I will try to write an obituary of Brother Hayden Reynolds, he was borned April 5th, 1911 and departed this life July 27th, 1979. Early in life he met and married Dorothy Cole Reynolds and unto this union no children was born. Dorothy proceeded him in death.
Brother Hayden joined the Joppa Church of the Regular
Baptist, the first Saturday in September 1962, and was baptized the same day by Elder Jerry Hall Sr. and Elder Charlie Jones.
Brother Hayden didn't have any children to take care of him during his sickness, but I feel he had Jesus, and Jesus said, "In the day you give me your whole heart I'll be found with you, Job 5:
19 and he shall deliver thee in six troubles yea in seven there shall no evil touch thee. And I believe Brother Hayden is resting in the Paradise of God waiting for Jesus to come riding on the cloud of his glory to take his children home where there will be no sickness but it will all be peace and joy forever. So I would like to say to his relatives if you haven't already met Jesus in a pardon and remission of your sins, and if you ever want to see Brother Hayden again, you must fall out with sin and be born again.

Written by: A Brother in the Lord Elder Arnold Tackett

ADA LAWSON ada_lawson_ORB.jpg (12659 bytes)

In remembrance of a precious loved one, I will by the help of God write an obituary of our dear mother. She was the daughter of the late Nelson and Lilly Mae Moore. To the best of our knowledge she was born February 29, 1904, and deceased this life October 29, 1978, making her stay here on earth 74 years, 7 months, and 29 days. She was preceded in death by one brother and two sisters, leaving one sister, Delphia Beverly, to mourn her passing.
During the early years of her life she was married to T m Lawson who also preceded her in death. To this union was b. rn thirteen children. Six of those deceased this life as infants which h leaves seven children to mourn her loss. Two sons, Tobe Lawson of Garner, Kentucky, Freeman Lawson, of Wayne, Michigan, Five daughters, Bonnie Moore of Garrett, Kentucky, Darlene Hicks, of Maysville, Kentucky, Thelma Smith of North Judson, Ind., Freeda Combs of Westland, Michigan, and Ellen Cheatham of Garden City, Michigan. She is survived by fourteen grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.
She joined the Old Regular Baptist Church about 1943, living in full love and fellowship with her brothers and sisters at the Stone Coal Church of which she was a member for all those years. Mom loved to fill her seat as long as she was able to attend church.
She became ill and suffered so much during the last two years of her life, but she always had patience with her afflictions. Mom was always pleased when we could all get together for the family reunion. She would ask us to sing some of her favorite songs and seemed to enjoy it so much. While I was at her bedside in the hospital, she said "I love my saviour God." I tried to meet her request by singing that song. To see her raise her feeble hands and give glory and honor to Jesus brought so much joy to my soul. Another one of her favorite songs was "On the other side of Jordon." Now that she has made that crossing, she knows what it is like on the other side. 
Mother was blessed to see some her children profess a hope in Christ and come into the church. I believe it is the most beautiful bunch of flowers that a mother could receive when one of her children makes peace with God.
The community in which she lived has suffered a loss and she will be missed so much by everyone. She left a bright and shining light for all of us.
Precious memories of you dear mother will linger in our minds, so sleep on and take your peaceful rest in the arms of sweet Jesus. By the grace of God, we will meet again someday
Written by her son, and brother in Christ, Freeman Lawson

MAGGIE FRASURE maggie_frasure_ORB.jpg (11862 bytes)

It is with a great sense of loss and much sadness that I write this obituary of my mother, Maggie Frasure. Mom was born on November 21, 1906, to the union of the late Dollie and John Lawson. Mom passed away on January 28, 1979 at the St. Joseph's Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky, making her stay on earth 72 years.
She married Kendle Frasure in June of 1924, and unto this union were born four daughters and four sons. Her husband and
a daughter of eighteen months preceded her in death. Those children remaining to mourn their mother are: Bernice Spencer of Willard, Ohio. Tessie Medbourn of No. Judson, Ind., Janice Bolen of Garrett, Kentucky. Arnold Frasure of Romulus, Michigan. Jack Frasure of No. Judson, Ind., And Bobbie Frasure of Portage,
Mom was a true christian who faithfully served her Lord for thirty years as a dutiful member of the Stone Coal Regular Baptist Church. She presented a light to her children that they might walk out of darkness. Although death has taken her light from this world, it still burns brightly in the hearts and minds of her children and friends who knew and loved her.
Mom was gentle, kind and generous, and she was endowed with that old pioneer spirit which enabled her to boldly withstand hardships and sickness with a firm determination to overcome and continue on. She always accepted her sickness gracefully, and she never allowed any illness to interfer with the caring and welfare of her children or her husband. We came first in her life, even above her own comforts. She knew each of her children's favorite foods, and this particular food was waiting for us when we came to visit. Each of us could predict the menu before we arrived. I have never left after a visit with mom that I did not leave with a heart full of love and a filled stomach. Preacher Lawson once said that if there are assignments in Heaven my dad will be handing out food, and if this is true, mom will be preparing it.
Mom and dad lived and loved a union of fifty years before his death on December 8, 1974. We felt that a great part of mom was buried with him. But mom became whole again as they were reunited in the early hours of January 28, 1979 when Jesus extended a joyous welcome home to her at Heaven's gate. Mom and dad will never again know the agony of separation, and now they await their children's homecoming. WILL OUR CIRCLE BE UNBROKEN?

In loving memory of my mother, by her son, Jack Frasure
And her children whose loss know no bounds

LEONARD "DOCK" BRYANT dock_bryant_ORB.jpg (8522 bytes)

Leonard Bryant, known to everyone as "Dock", was born November 16, 1913 to Duran and Sarah Ann Bryant at Beefhide, Kentucky. At the age of
13 he was supporting his mother and three sisters. On May 15, 1936, he
married Haley Tackett and she became his life-long companion. To this long,
rich, at times troubled, but always loyal and loving union was born six sons and five daughters, all of whom survive their father.
The sons are: Forrest Bryant of Pinckney, Michigan; Curt Bryant of Arlington, Virginia; Bobby Bryant, U. S. Army; Danny
Bryant and Ronald Bryant, of Hi Hat, Kentucky and Gene Bryant of Lexington, Kentucky.
The daughters are: Joyce Adkins, of Hi Hat, Kentucky, Fern Clark, Clotine Norris, and Gail Hall, all of Lexington, Kentucky; and Dixie Bryant of Nashville, Tennessee. There are also 15 grandchildren.
Daddy labored for 34 years in the coal mines and spent what spare time there was farming, and on three occasions trying his hand at business. He had too big a heart to succeed in business, so most of his life was spent at hard work; the coal mines, farming, and raising his family.
In March of 1974 Daddy and Mom, together as always, joined the Old Regular Baptist Church, and for the rest of his life were loyal and participating members of the Little Nancy Old Regular Baptist Church at Hi Hat, Kentucky.
In his long and painful illness Mom was his constant companion, always at his side, suffering with him to the end. We join with her now in saying farewell to a kind and gentle man.
Over the long years, he built up a reputation for hard work, honesty, and loving kindness. So let him be remembered that way-a hard-working man who always took care of his own; an honest man who won the respect of all who knew him; and, above all, a man with enough love in his heart not only for all of us but for everyone he met.
"Little Dock" we love you and we are proud to call yo,, father.

Written by his loving wife, sons, and daughters.


Crofford Mosley, the son of Clabe and Polly Mosley. Born April 16, 1899. On December 14, 1978 about the third watch of the night, then silently and swiftly that heavenly host of angels visited the U. K. Medical Center in Lexington, bringing a honorable discharge. No more will we join our voices to sing.
I come to the spot where the white pilgrim lay, but them that remains the echo of your voice will still ring. The same hand that led me through scenes dark and deary, will kindly conduct me safe home.
In the year of 1917, Brother Crofford married a young woman, Sister Bell Truman, and unto this union were born 9 children, 2 preceded him very early in life. Two more Sylvan and June Anna after they were grown, leaving 5 - Jewel, Iva, Broma, Dorothy, and Langley, and his dear wife. He had 22 grandchildren, 20 great grand children, 1 sister Elizabeth Hall, 1 brother Tom Mosley, and many other close relation.
Brother Crofford told us his experience in roaming the swamps and hills of Virginia till he found the mercies of God. When all hopes seemed to be gone, God came to his rescue and saved his Soul. Soon he joined the Old Regular Baptist Church not long after that he felt the call to the ministry and began to preach the unperishable riches of God's love to a dying world of mankind.
So, somewhere in the flower garden of the paradise of God there awaits a soul for that great resurrection morning. Five sisters and two brothers have already crossed deaths cold stream. Father and mother also have been gone along time. Write blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.

Written by: Elder Bert Hall

NANCY ANN DYE nancy_ann_dye_ORB.jpg (9919 bytes)

With the help of the Almighty God, I will try to write an obituary of our Dear Sweet Mother, Nancy Ann Dye. She was the daughter of Russ and Mary Osborne, Sword. She was born February 15, 1911, and departed this life July 1, 1979. Making her stay here on earth 68 years, 4 months and 16 days.
She was united to Kennel Dye in 1928, and to their union was born 13 children, two preceded her in death. Russell died an infant, and Kinis died at the age of 34. And also, Mommies Loving Husband, Kennel Dye passed away on July 5, 1977, but we feel and believe that Daddy and Mommies Souls are under the Alter of God.
With the Testimony that Day left, he said, "I See Jesus on the Cross, I am going Home." Leaving 11 of us children to mourn their loss. Five girls: Versie Spears, Clercie Mollett, Christeen Howell, Jewel Dean Hill, and Deborah Jean Finney. Six boys: Bert Dye, Jr., Woodrow Dye, Jr., Paul Dye, Rabon Dye, Phinas Dye and Jasel Lee Dye. And Mom and Dad also raised two grandchildren: James Kent Dye, and Josie Ann Cornett. They also had 73 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren, and a host of friends and relatives, to mourn their loss. I believe our loss is Heaven's Gain. Mom joined the Old Regular Baptist Church of Jesus Christ in 1940, and filled her seat as long as she was able. I want to say to Mom and Dad's children and grandchildren and loved ones that you know not Jesus in a Pardon and Remission of your sins that you must be Born again, if you ever want to see them again.

Written by:
Paul Dye, Son
Melvina Dye, Daughter-In-Law
Versie Spears, Daughter


The subject of this sketch was born in Mingo County, W. Va.
August 19, 1837. She was the daughter of a Pioneer Regular Baptist preacher to wit: Rev. Jessie Caudill. She was married to Abel Tackett, Sr., February 22, 1855.
She joined the Long Fork Church of Regular Baptist April the third Saturday, 1879. And was baptized on the third Saturday in May, 1879 by Rev. William McCown.
From that day up to the end of her earthly life, she lived the life of a faithful christian.
We believe the world was made better by the life of this noble christian woman, Her examples of virtue and modesty will live in the minds of her children, grandchildren and neighbors for many years to come. We were truly grieved to give up this good sister and mother but it pleased God whom she has served so faithful for about thirty three years to call for her and to take her from this world of trouble into a world of eternal rest, where today we do believe she is sweetly resting on the "banks of sweet Canaan" in company with her dear old father, husband and daughter who crossed the stormy Jordon before her, Yes in company with a host of Angels. All playing on harps of gold awaiting redemption, to wit: the redemption of their bodies.
The funeral of sister Tackett will be preached on the second Saturday and Sunday in September, 1914. All of her relatives, friends and neighbors in fact all lovers of christian virtue is invited to be present.

Written by:
Willard S. Akers


With much sadness and a broken heart, I will try and write an Obituary of our Dear Beloved Mother (Sissie) Henson as everyone knew her.
She was born January 19, 1895 in Pike County, Kentucky to T. C. (Opp) Clarke and Artie Newsome Clarke, making her stay on earth 75 years and 12 days. She deceased this life one cold January Day in 1970 at Mercy Hospital, Portsmouth, Ohio.
Mom was married to our father in early years at the age of 13 years old. Our father was the son of Bud and Mary Ann Jones Henson. Dad left us in the year and day Januarv 19, 1924. To Mom and Dad were born 6 children, Troy Henson, deceased; Gracie Henson, deceased,; Leonard Henson, deceased; Jeanette Nenson, deceased; Maudie Edmonds of Francisco, Indiana; Hazel Langley, Robinson Creek, Kentucky, Mallie Allen of Franklin

Furnace, Ohio.
Dad left Mom to raise us children, which I feel she done a wonderful job. She worked very hard to raise us, but didn't seem to mind. I feel she done great by us. We didn't have what many fortunate children have today, but we were pleased with what she gave us. I can truthly say we never went dirty or hungry.
She died with the dread disease of Leukemia. Mom always believed in the Old Regular Baptist. She never attached herself to the Church, but before leaving us she told Rev. Rodney she was
just waiting for the Angels to open the gate.
We brought her back to Kentucky at Ligon, Kentucky, where she lies today. I believe if we keep on trusting in a Merciful God, we will meet with her some day. Sadly years have come and gone,
since she went away. The sadness still lingers in our hearts for it broke our hearts to see her go, because part of us went with her
that day.
So please Dear God, let her know that we did not forget for we loved her and miss her more each day.
They say that time heals all broken hearts, but time so far has proven how much we miss her. As we stroll by her grave side and breathe a silent prayer, we ask Dear God, to help us bear our Burdens here.
Sadly missed by her 3 daughters, Maudie Edmonds, Hazel M. Langley and Mallie Allen, 2 sons-in-laws, a number of grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great grandchildren.

Written by Hazel
I love you Mom

RUSSELL GIBSON russell_gibson_ORB.jpg (11021 bytes)

Russell Gibson, born September 22, 1922, died September 17, 1978, he leaves behind his mother Lucy Gibson, his beloved wife Eria (Thornsbury) Gibson, seven daughters, Gloria Marcum, South Shore, Ky., Libby Easterling, West Liberty, Ky., Patty Fitzpatrick, Garrett, Ky., Alta Chapman, Devella, Ky., Jane Russell Compton, Wheelwright, Ky., Tammy Jo and Virginia at home, three sons, David Gibson, Royalton, Ky., Randy Gibson, Harold, Ky., Lonny Clark, at home, Three brothers Champ, Earle, and Miles Gibson, Jr., two sisters, Stella Martin and Aggie Collins and Nine loving grandchildren, he also leaves a host of friends and relatives to morn his loss.
He is preceded in death by his father, Miles Gibson, a brother Ishmael Gibson and a daughter Vicki Lynn.
He was a faithful member of the Regular Baptist Church Church and a veteran of World War I I.
Russell went through this life with much sickness but always kept the hope and faith to some day rest in peace, he never had a fear of death and seldom complained, he always had a comforting "pat on the shoulder" for everyone else, I am sure if he could speak to us now he would say "Love one another" and keep on that straight and narrow road to Heaven.
He loved to talk about the Bible and to tell others how much God had done for him, about the miracles he performed, how he healed the sick, made the blind see and the lame to walk.
The last scripture Brother Russell heard was Romans Chapter 14, verses: 7, 8, and 9: "For no man liveth to himsel and no man dieth to himself, for whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord. Whether we live therefore, or die, we that he might be Lord both of the dead and living.
So to you my Brothers and Sisters, 'Take ye heed, watch and pray; for ye know not when the time is. Just be ready to cross over to see your loved ones once again.

The family

JOHN ADKINS john_adkins_ORB.jpg (10406 bytes)

It is with great sorrow, I try to write this obituary of my father, John Adkins.
He was one of the greatest, so there aren't any words to describe him. Except to say he was loved by all who
really knew him. Most of all by his children, grandchildren, great grandchild
ren and first, last and always, by Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.
He was born April 28, 1905, to George and Alice Prater Adkins at Hueysville, Kentucky, Floyd County. He was married to Susie Ratliff Adkins (who preceded him in death February 18, 1971) December 17, 1925. Since then dad was a lonely man. He said to us children many times, "I would love to go on to Heaven and be with your mom." Thank God He answered his prayers and took him on to Heaven to be with mom and give him that peace and happiness he was looking for. I know my dad met mom in Heaven because he died without a struggle and it seemed without pain. He yawned once and went to a peaceful sleep.
Dad was baptized in the Bethel Regular Baptist Church in May 1962. I'm so glad my dad had a chance to live a christian life many years before leaving this world.
He left six children and one foster child to mourn his death, Ila Bond, Wayne and John Adkins, Frances Vondenhuevel all of Sidney, Ohio, Elsa Compton of Tallahessee, Florida, Alice Isaac of Martin, Kentucky and Willa Vanness of Logan, West Virginia. Also surviving are 15 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren. Dad had a smile for everyone. We miss that smile and his kind words so much. He left an emptiness in our hearts that will never be filled until we meet with him and mom in Heaver some day. Dads life was just like mom's, the old time christiar way. Dad our loss is very great, but our loss is also Heavens gain
I pray we will all be together again in Heaven someday.
Our love will be with you and mom always.

Written by
I la Bond - John's daughter

RANA CASE rana_case_ORB.jpg (6246 bytes)

With much sadness and broken hearts, we will try to write the obituary of our darling Mother In Law. Rana Frasure Case was born September 28, 1897, and departed this life June 8, 1979, making her stay on earth 81 years 8 months and 11 days. She was the daughter of the late Jones and Millie Hagans Frasure.
Early in life she met and married Felix Thomas Case February 13, 1915. He departed this life September 13, 1956. Unto this union eight children was born. A daughter Verlie Case Ousley Nixon preceded her in death February 18, 1970.
She leaves seven sons to mourn their loss. Worlie of Wellston, Ohio, Berlin of Hamden, Ohio, Verlin, Berman, Prock and Willie of McArthur, Ohio, route 2. Paul of Massillon, Ohio. 
She leaves 33 grandchildren, 47 great grandchildren, one great, great, grandchild. She leaves one sister Mary Frasure Ratliff of Wayland, Kentucky.
She joined The Old Regular Baptist Bethel Church Langley, Kentucky the fourth Saturday and Sunday in May 1924. Where for 55 years she was a faithful member as long as she was able to go. She lived a faithful and humble life and was loved by all who knew her.
She will be greatly missed by her family and many friends. She leaves a bright and shining light in her window for her children and grandchildren. We feel our loss here on earth is Heaven's Gain.
We hope that she and dad are resting peacefully, and are just children of God Gone Home. We pray to meet them in The Sweet By and By, where there will be no sad farewells spoken and all will be well with the Lord.

Written by two daughter in laws
Clarkie and Betty Case

HERMAN McCOWN, SR. herman_mccown_sr_ORB.jpg (21390 bytes)

With a grieving heart and by the help of the good Lord, I will try to write the obituary of my dear fatherin-law, Herman McCown, Sr.
Dad was born at McDowell in Floyd County, Kentucky on October 22, 1922 to Charles & Victoria (Sturnbo) McCown, both of whom preceded him i n death. Dad passed away May 20. 1979 making his stay here on earth 56 years, 7 months, and 28 days.
He was married to the former Gladys Collins and unto this union was born one son, Herman McCown, Jr.
Mourning the loss of Dad are his wife Gladys, son Herman, Jr., step-son Danny Newsome, 3 grandsons, Bill, Kenneth, and Andy a brother Earl, many counsins and friends.
Dad suffered so much pain in the last couple of years, but he always had a smile for everyone. He was in the hospital so much this past year. Before he went to surgery about 6 months ago, he told me not to worry about him because he had been praying for a long time and that heavy burden was gone. He said after he had come home that he wanted to go to the Little Ettie Church. He said he would like to walk in, but if he wasn't able to walk in that he wanted to be carried in.
Dad didn't leave a lot of money or worldly goods for his family, but he left the most precious gift - the hope of meeting again in heaven. I believe with all my heart Dad is resting and on that bright morning he will not have that big hole in his chest, no pain, and no more need for oxygen tanks. I'm looking and longing for that day to come.
I hope and pray that the family will look at the light Dad left and that they will all get ready to meet Dad.

Written by his daughter-in-law
Brenda E. McCown

DEWEY COOK dewey_cook_ORB.jpg (7715 bytes)

It is with much sadness and broken hearts that we write the obituary of our dear father, Dewey Cook. He was born October 22, 1889 and deceased May 6, 1976. He was the son of Enon Cook and Martha Mullins Cook. Dewey had three brothers: Albert, Crit and Dow. He had nine sisters Ida, Cora, Ettie, Lizzie, Lena, Lina and Sarah, Nebraska and Delphina. All but Dow, Lena and Nebraska have preceded him in death.
Dewey met and married Martha Fouts in the year of 1917. To this union were born five boys and five girls: Edith Breeding, Kite, Kentucky; Daniel Cook, Macon, Georgia; Jerry Cook, deceased; David Cook, Shelby, Ohio; Leslie Cook, Topmost, Kentucky; Mary Little, Topmost, Kentucky; Lulua Birchfield, Elizabethton, Tennessee; James Cook, Topmost, Kentucky; Lorretta Springer, Topmost, Kentucky and Henry Phillip Cook, Gallipolis, Ohio. He also leaves 34 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren and a host of friends to mourn their loss.
Dewey never did attach himself to the church, but from the talks we had with him before and after his sickness, we feel he made peace with our Lord while he had the opportunity. Our loss is Heaven's gain.

Written by his daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Breeding

DORA BURKE dora_burke_ORB.jpg (9196 bytes)

As the time for dawn
rolled closer on the morning of September 7, 1979
the children and companion of Dora Burke was about to have a n unwelcome visitor but to a sweet mom and loving companion it meant an escape from the suffering of this life.
Dora Burke was born June 19, 1914 making her stay here on earth 65 years and 2 months. She was married to Dawson Burke December 24, 1942. They were married 36 years. Dawson was left to mourn the loss of his loving companion. She was the daughter
of Thursey Branham and Bud Roberts. She leaves behind 4 children and 7 grandchildren. The children are Flo Ann Essex, Edison Burke, Buddy Joe Burke all of Louisville, Kentucky
and Esmond Blake Burke of Caney Creek.
She surrendered her life to the Lord 32 years ago. She was a humble and prayerful christian. She was a faithful member of the Old Regular Baptist Church on Caney Creek. Today we feel safe that Mom and our loving companion is safely it the arms of our Jesus. With the protection of Gods love, her soul shall rest. So we greatly feel our loss is Heavens gain. We feel that several of us have given her great joy by telling her of .the hope we possessed. If the loved ones that have not this I hope ever see her again, they must repent and be born again. I could go on saying many good things about Sister Dora but I must close this Obituary and I must thank God for helping all of us through this unhappy time

Written by
A Daughter-in-Law and A Sister in the Lord, Phyllis Burke

MY DARLING HUSBAND, VERNON LITTLE vernon_tackett_ORB.jpg (9515 bytes)

It is with a sad and aching heart that I try to write an obituary of my darling husband. He was born on August 10, 1925, in Pike County, Kentucky and deceased this life August 26, 1979, making his stay on earth 54 years and 16 days.
He was the son of Sam and Virgie Newsome Little and on April 3, 1947, he was married to Mary Delphia Bowling, daughter of Heen and Ella Castle Bowling. Three children were born to this union: Lauvern Boyd, Louella Reitzel and Michael Little. He also had three stepchildren which he always referred to as his own: Josephine Tackett, Harold Rowe and Madeline Jacobs, twelve grandchildren and three great grandchildren are left to mourn his loss. He leaves six sisters and four brothers and a host of friends and other relatives.
He was sick for a short time and while he was in the hospital in Toledo, Ohio, my sister Alpha spent a lot of hours with the two of us in that oh so lonely room where we both heard his constant prayers begging the Lord to have mercy on him and with tears running down his cheeks he would cry "Oh Lord, let me go like a gentleman". He would reach out his hand to the religious people that came to see him to say a prayer with him. I feel deep down in this heart of mine that God heard those feel cries. He didn't belong to any church but his belief was in the Old Regular Baptist.
We all loved him so much but God must have loved him better for about 6:45 p.m. on August 26, the sweet Master's Call
came from Heaven and he just sweetly went to sleep in Jesus's arms and I believe he is with the Angels in Heaven. I want to say to all you children if we want to see Daddy again, we had better start praying and get on the right road to the Heavenly Gates.

Written by
His broken-hearted wife Who loved him so much
Mary D. Little

BLUCHER KISER blucher_kiser_ORB.jpg (8112 bytes)

By the request of the family that I make this effort to write an Obituary of Blucher Kiser. He was the son of Elder Noah Kiser and Sister Dona Bryant Kiser. He was born March 6, 1936, died April 23, 1979. He was 43 years, 1 month and 18 days at the time of death. Blucher was united in Holy Matrimony to Ruby Newsom, May 25, 1957. Unto this union was born three sons, Phillip Gene, Micheal Dean and Richard Wayne Kiser all at home with their dear Mother Ruby Newsome Kiser, Rt. 4, Pikeville, Ken tucky. He also has two Brothers Hebert Kiser, Penny, Kentucky and Jarvey Kiser, Collins, Kentucky. He also has eleven sisters two sisters precedes him in death Ethel and Lucy. He has nine sisters that are living, Elsie Slone, Robinson Creek, Kentucky Gracie Brown, Beaver, Kentucky, Lula Newsome, Little Robin son Creek, Kentucky, Elizabeth Hall, Rt. 4, Pikeville, Kentucky Julia Kiser, Rt. 4, Pikeville, Kentucky, Fannie Newsom, Penn Kentucky, Joice Robinson, Penny, Kentucky, Nadine Newsom Robinson Creek, Kentucky, Clara Jean Kiser, Rt. 4, Pikeville Kentucky. I the writer of this obituary have known Bluche Kiser from his early boyhood days. He was one of the most trust worthy young men that I ever had the pleasure of meeting with. He labored hard in the coal mines for twenty some year until he become disable. He was taken down to the Lexington Hospital and was operated on for stomach trouble. He didn' get any better in this old world but we do believe that his soul has gone to and upper and better world. We must be born again of God's Holy Spirit if we ever get to the Glory World. Bluche sure did love his dear wife Ruby and his sons. He would go an visit his dear old dad Bro. Noah Kiser when he was not able hardly to go. I just say Dear Wife, Father and Mother, Brother and Sisters your dear Brother has gone as we to believe to live with Jesus and his Holy Angels, so it is by the grace of God you all can go to him. So let me ask you all that haven't chosen that good part that Jesus said one thing is needful and Mary hat l chosen that good part which shall not be taken away from her so
Blucher was laid to rest in a little lonesome cemetary on Robinson creek, Kentucky. Sleep on Brother Blucher sleep on until that great day when the Lord shall descend from Heaven the trumpet shall sound a retreat of words then arise with a spiritual body not afflicted but alive by the Spirit of God to live forever more. May the God of Heaven Bless this family in their lonesome hours. From my heart I Pray your humble Brother.

Elder Taulbee Kiser

GRACIE MERCER  gracie_mercer_ORB.jpg (34974 bytes)

Gracie Elswick Mercer was born February 7, 1906 and passed away August 16, 1979 at the Pikeville
Methodist Hospital. Making her stay on earth 73 years, 6 months and 9 days. She was the daughter of the late Grant and Margaret Elswick. She was united in Holy Matrimony August 7, 1925 to Hansford Mercer who preceded her in death. To this union was born four children, one daughter Audrey Faye preceded her in death. She leaves to mourn her death two daughters Thelma McCown of Caney Creek, and Billie Morris of Columbus, Ohio. One lonely son Buford Mercer of Caney Creek, also five sisters Dixie Bowling of Caney Creek, Ida Stewart of Virgie, Kentucky, Mae Nuell of Rio Linda, California, Ethel Little of Detroit, Michigan, Isa Silvers of Orlando, Florida. Two brothers George Elswick of Caney Creek and Dewey Elswick of Louisville, Kentucky. She also left 15 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.
Mom joined the Caney Creek Old Regular Baptist Church in October 1952. She enjoyed filling her seat in the old church as long as she was able to attend. After her affliction got so bad that she had to lay 0 bed, it would please her so much when the children, friends, relatives and Brothers and Sisters of the old church would come and visit. We feel that her soul is in the Paradise of God with Brother Hansford, waiting until that great morning when God will send his Son and ransom our bodies from the power of the grave and fashion them like his most glorious body and all the children of God will go home to everly be with the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Written by The Family and a Brother in Hope Brother Donald B. Little

HATLER AKERS hatler_akers_ORB.jpg (7761 bytes)

With a heavy heart and the help of my dear Lord, I will try to write an obituary of my dear husband, Hatler Akers. He was the son of the late Elmon and Ada Alice Akers. Born  June 3, 1931 and departed this life January 20, 1979. Making his stay on earth 47 years, 7 months, 17 days.
On August 2, 1950 we were united in marriage and to this union were born two children: Calvin Akers of Ypsilanti, Michigan and Deborah Alice Akers still at home.
He leaves behind to mourn his passing, his beloved wife, and two children, two grandchildren: Calvin Jr. and Susan Renee Akers of Ypsilanti, Michigan, four brothers: Thurman and Richard Akers of Dana, Kentucky. Archer Akers of Washington, Michigan and Billy Ray Akers of Warren, Michigan.
He was sick for quite a while but wouldn't give up. But the Lord had other plans for him, one night He took him home where he could rest without pain and worries. He loved the children so much and worried about them, but Daddy is not worrying now children. I am waiting for the day when we can be together again. So children start praying and get things right with the Lord so we can see Daddy again. Won't it be so wonderful to be in that beautiful home all together again.
Written by his broken hearted wife, Virginia and children

ELDER JAMES COOK james_cook_ORB.jpg (5051 bytes)

It is with much sadness of heart, that I will try to write an obituary of a dearly beloved Brother, to wit: Elder James Cook,
he was the son of Harlan and Barbara Ellen (Wright) Cook, born May 22, 1922
near Elkhorn City, Pike County, Kentucky, d led April 5, 1979, both parents are deceased.
His parents moved to Letcher County, Kentucky, where he spent his boyhood days, they later moved to Pikeville, Kentucky
where Elder James Cook met and married Eulah Taylor, to this union was born 6 children, 3 sons and 3 daughters, one son preceded him in death (Stephen) a small infant.
James was always a good husband, a tender loving father, who worked hard to provide for his family.
In the year of 1952 after several months of begging and praying, he found eternal life, the grace of God and joined the old Regular Baptist Church, he placed his membership at the Pikeville Church, which he dearly loved, after a year or so later James felt

a great burden come upon his soul, this was a call from God to preach his ever lasting gospel, he always preached salvation by the
grace of God and always gave glory and honor to God, he dearly loved his Brothers and Sisters and always treated them with a special love, and his fellow man with great compassion, his life was of a great benefit to the church, his family and to the world as well.
James became ill in the month of November, 1978 after the discovery of the dreadful disease cancer, we both felt that the great God of all glory would heal him, but after many weary days of suffering with patience he was called out of this world, although we knew he couldn't live the blow was so great we couldn't hardly bear it, because we loved him so much, so sleep on sleep on my dear loved one and take your rest, perhaps before long when time shall be no more and he says it is enough we will unite once again in a world of Eternal peace and joy and God shall wipe all tears from our eyes, and together we shall praise him forever more.
You are gone but not forgotten, memories of you linger on In my heart and mine forever Anchored by undying love.

Written by his wife, Eulah Cook and aided by a Brother in Christ Elder Matt Justice

CHARLEY BOYD charlie_boyd_ORB.jpg (9407 bytes)

Charley Boyd f rom Dana, Kentucky, the son of James and Maggie Boyd, born December 23, 1923, died May 13, 1977 at the age of 53. He was married to Anna Ray Jarrell Boyd, December 21, 1947, they had five children, two girls, Lenore Rowe, Mary Madglene Adkins and three boys, Charles Ray, Larry Dean, and Jeffery Todd, all live at Dana. He had six grandchildren, two brothers, Aruthur and Estill Boyd, three sisters, Minnie Akers, Nell Samons, and Opal Lafferty, Opal died December 23, 1977, seven months after Dad's death.
Daddy was not a member of any church, but he went to church every Sunday, I hope that we can live as much by the Bible as Daddy did, we all miss him very much but I know if anyone goes to Heaven Daddy did and that makes it a little easier to accept.

His daughter,
Lenore Rowe

LILLIE KIDD lillie_kidd_ORB.jpg (7308 bytes)

In much weakness and unworthy fling I will attempt to write this obituary of Sister Lillie Kidd by the request of her family.
She was the daughter of John Morgan and Francis Clark, born December 24, 1911, died September 1, 1978, she was married to Burley Kidd December 8, 1928 and to this union were born 5 children, Norma Margolis, Nelvia Miller, Zelma Carroll, Charlie Kidd and Dewey Kidd, 14 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.
Two brothers, Charlie Clark and Homer Clark.
Sister Lillie saw a great need for a Saviour, she called upon the almighty God and he heard her cries and came into her life and saved her ever dying soul. She joined the Old Regular Baptist Church and was baptized into full fellowship January 23, 1972, she was so faithful, she always filled her seat in the old church.
I feel Sister Lillie is resting from her labor, she is enjoying the singing of the Angels, where she won't have to worry about this old troublesome world any more, cheer up Brother Burley I know you are lonesome without your precious mate but God is able to take care of you for he said he wouldn't put more on us than we could bear.
It gives us great joy to know we have an almighty God that we can lean upon in time of need.
I will say to her children if there is one that hasn't made peace with God, don't let this day pass without calling upon his name, because we have no promise of tomorrow.
Brother Burley I know you lost a good companion and children you lost a good mother, and the church lost a good member, but I feel our loss is Heaven's gain.
The family circle is now broken, a link is gone from the chain, though we parted for a while we feel we'll meet again.

Written for Brother Burley Kidd and children.
By, Nancy Tackett


It is with much sadness that I attempt to write a short sketch of the life of our Sister, Frances Frasure. She was the daughter of William and Elizabeth Frasure. Sister Frances was born in Floyd County, Kentucky, May 2, 1872, died January 8, 1915, being 42 years, 8 months and 6 days old.
Sister Frances were married to Anthony Frasure in the year 1885, unto this union were born 14 children, 9 boys and 5 girls, 4 died in infancy.
Sister Frasure professed a hope in Christ and was baptized into the fellowship of the Zion Church by Elder M. Akers, Frances lived a true christian life until her death, while she was living with her family she did not cease to give counsel concerning the power, love and mercy of her God during the time she lived in the church, which was about 14 years, I lived a close neighbor to her and we had many talks concerning her travel and the love of God.
Sister Frances at one time became doubtful of her hope in Christ and prayed God to show her if she was right to show her a light, and a light appeared and shined around her.
I was by the sister's bedside in her last hours on this earth and she told me she could see the angels all around her, she also said she could see a golden crown. The sister's favorite song was: I am wearied of life; I'm alone in this world; Take me home, dear Saviour, take me home.
Sister Frances prayed earnestly to die. We believe while her husband and dear children mourn their loss on earth that her soul is at rest in the paradise of God and that Heaven is her home.

Written by,
Mahala Jones


Dear Brothers and Sisters, I will try in much grief and sorrow to write an obituary of my father to wit Elder Lewis Bryant and Polly Jane Hamilton Bryant and unto this union was born 13 children.
My Father was born April 5, 1866 and died February 18, 1932 making his stay on earth 66 years.
My Mother was born January 5, 1872 and died September 22, 1922 making her stay on earth 50 years.
My father was married 1 time before he married my mother and unto this union was born 1 child a little girl. She was 3 months old when when her mother died, then 3 months later he married my mother that made 14 children my mother took care of her and she never made any difference in them. She treated her step child as if it were her own in every way. My mother had 6 boys and 7 girls and the little step daughter made 8 girls. The girls names are: Martha, Millie, Victoria, Lizzie, Phenie, Emma, Mary Alice, and the step daughter Mandy.
The boys are: Lee, Mark, Monroe, Noah, Jarvey, and John Wess.
Four children died when they were small 2 boys: Jarvey and Noah and the two girls were Martha and Phenie.
As far as I can remember father was preaching the gospel, there were five children older than me so he must have started preaching before I was born, I believed he preached the gospel too because he had no education.
I was a small girl but I can remember when my mother joined the church, they both belonged to the Old Regular Baptist Church. I had two brothers died with heart attacks, John Wess and Mark.
I had two brothers shot to death, my baby brother Monroe and my oldest brother, Lee, neither of them thought they had an enemy in the world.
I am the only one living, I am going on 81 years old. Five of the ones dead professed a hope two didn't belong to the church but I believed they professed a hope.
I have lived a lonely life, we were poor people but we were honest people, we believed in the old time way.
I believe I will meet the biggest part of my family again if not all of them.
I have seen a lot of sorrow and trouble but the Lord has been with me or I couldn't have stood it. I raised four of my mothers children because they were small when she died Emma, Monroe, Victoria and Mark.
I have seen a rough life, I am afflicted and don't get to go to church much but I don't forget to go to the Lord, I love to be with my brothers and sisters.
I should have written this obituary before now but I have been sick and have seen so much trouble. I just couldn't get settled down enough, I could have written much more but time and space won't permit, It has already gotten very lengthy.

Written by their daughter Mary Alice Hamilton (The only living member of the family)

RAYMOND THOMAS raymond_thomas_ORB.jpg (24840 bytes)

Raymond Thomas was born May 28, 1919, to Monroe and Nan Thomas at Pine Top, Kentucky, he passed from this life August 11, 1978, he was married to Lois Sturgill and unto this union was born 2 daughters, Debie and Dona, Dayton, Ohio and one grandchild.
His passing was sudden and by many indications we believe that he might have felt he was nearing the end, we know he believed in God, for he was reading the Bible, and we believe was a praying man .
"Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled." We believe by the life he lived, that he just exchanged a life of misery and strife to a life of joy and peace.
I the writer worked with Raymond and many times he would come talk to me about the Lord and the church. Raymond was always a quiet, peaceful man, His nay was nay and yea was yea.
He leaves to mourn, his wife, Sister Lois, 2 daughters, 1 grand child, 7 brothers and 6 sisters, 1 brother preceded him in death.
Children, mommy and daddy were prepared to meet Jesus and I know they want you to meet them in a better place than this troublesome world. Flowers are beautiful, they live, they fade and they die, but memories live forever.

Written by
Elder Melvin Watts


I will try in much sadness to write a short obituary of my loving mother, Tippy Ann Newsome, daughter of Jim Mitchell and Martha Younce. Her stay here on earth was 63 years, three months and 2 days. She has belonged to the church for 27 years.
She is survived by her husband, Robert Newsome, two sisters and one brother. Betty Carroll of Grethel, Kentucky, Marie Ranier of Martin, Kentucky and Ola Mitchell of Drift, Kentucky. ; x children, three girls and 3 boys. Thelma Marie Gilliam of Wheelwright, Kentucky, Bertha Ann Henderson of Detroit, Michigan Pluma Gene Gilliam of Wheelwright, Kentucky, Frank Newsome of Detroit, Michigan, Robert Jr. Newsome of Wheelwright, Kentucky and Andy Ray Newsome of Detroit, Michigan.
Mother lived a good life and taught her children of the Lord. It is so lonely without our mother but she left us with a good hope. I believe she has gone to be with the Lord.

Written by:
Her daughter, Thelma Marie Gilliam


We will try in much sadness to write a short obituary of our loving mother, Rosie Gilliam, daughter of Creed Flannery and Mary Flannery. Her stay here on earth was 61 years, one month, and three days. She had belonged to the church for one year.
She is survived by her husband, James Gilliam, four sisters and two half-brothers, Lizzie Potut of Mt. Airy, N.C., Jane Estepp of Ashtabula, Oh., Dora Akers of Dorton, Ky., Dinah Akers, of Dorton, Ky., Charlie Flannery of Wheelwright, Ky. and Don Flannery of Sugar Camp, Ky. She is also survived by eight children, six boys and two girls. Billy Ray Gilliam of Hendersonville, N.C., Raymond Gilliam, Ralph Gilliam and David Gilliam of Wheelwright, Ky., Creed Gilliam of Allen, Ky., Tracy Gilliam of Wheelwright, Ky., Iona Slone of Halo, Ky., and Ellen Mae Collins of Minnie, Ky. Also survived by 27 grandchildren and two greatgrandchildren.
Our mother lived a good life and taught her children of the Lord. It is so lonely without our mother, but she left us with good hope. We believe she has gone to be with the Lord and she has asked all of us to meet her there. Even up to the last day of mother's stay in the hospital, she was constantly praying to the Lord Jesus that she loved so much.

Written by,
Her Family

JAMES FREDDIE MARTIN james_f_martin_ORB.jpg (21406 bytes)

James Freddie Martin was born June 10, 1933, at Mousie, Kentucky and died March 10, 1979. Making his abode on earth forty five years and nine months. He was a victim of a sudden illness at the June Buchanan Clinic at Hindman. A few minutes before his decease, he said that his pain was all gone and remarked, "Thank you Lord." After this he said, "That pretty sunshine!"
Friday evening before his death, James visited his parents. He was pleased of the health condition of his father, given by the Surgery Clinic Report, made the same day. While talking with his parents, James told his mother that she might have to go to church. At the time of leaving he placed his hand upon Dad's shoulder and said, "I'll be seeing you."
James Freddie became a member of the First Baptist Church at Mousie, July 13, 1975. He resented speaking evil against a church or member. After attending a Regular Baptist meeting and seeing his mother baptized, he stated that he had never seen a better day in his life. He made the remark many times that Jesus was the one that saves. The writing below, written by James, gives an idea of his church. On the opposite side of the writing is a picture of a cross with the words, Jesus Saves, upon it. 
It will bring other people into its worship and fellowship if I bring them.
Therefore, with the help of God, I will dedicate myself F to the task of being all the things I want my church to be;
and in doing so, I will be what God wants me to be. If it is to be, it is up to me.

James Freddie Martin
James Freddie was a veteran by being in Army service for five years, a graduate of Morehead University and a teacher at Garth Vocational School.
Surviving him are his parents, Hubbard and Amy of Mousie; his widow, Mrs. Vonda Jean Wicker Martin; a daughter, Debra Jean Martin of Prestonsburg; five brothers; Garnard Martin in Florida; Jennings Martin of Dayton; Delano Martin in Indiana; Marion Martin of Hindman, and Ralph Martin of Mousie; one sister, Mrs. Evelyn Taylor of Louisville.
I believe my dear son is at rest, and by the tender mercies and goodness of God he will see me, will know me, and we will ever be together with the Lord. It is sad in death to part; it gives us inward pain. But sweet to sleep in Jesus, To wake, rise, live and meet again.

Written by Brother,
Hubbard Martin

LIZA WICKER liza_wicker_ORB.jpg (44087 bytes)

 Liza Wicker, the daughter of the late John and Rosa Bigman Campbell was born September 15, 1896 and departed this life on July 6, 1979, making her stay on earth 82 years 9 months and 6 days at the time of her death. In early life she was wed to Linville Wicker and unto this union was born 11 children. Her husband, Linville Wicker, died on December 4, 1962 and also two children, Maudie and Woodrow preceded her in death. She leaves to mourn her passing, 7 sons; Columbus of Mousie, Kentucky, Carl of Wellsville, Ohio, Hawley of Kendallville, Indiana, Ray of Radcliffe, Kentucky, Arnold of Salinesville, Ohio, Orville of Russell Springs, Kentucky, and Freddy of Mousie, Kentucky. Two daughters, Dorothy Hayes of Hammondville, Ohio and Delta Ratliff of Hamilton, Ohio. One sister, Martha Griffity, of Monticello, Indiana, 24 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren. Many kindred and friends also survive.
On October 22, 1950 Sister Liza was baptized into the fellowship of Ball Branch Old Regular Baptist Church by Elder Earl Howard. On the same day Brother Linville was baptized which still lingers in my mind because he had to be lowered into the water on a stretcher.
Sister Liza had been in failing health for a long time but as long as she was able she faithfully filled her seat in the church. I feel that both Brother Linville and Sister Liza left a great pattern to follow. They have done as commanded when the Bible says, "Let not the children lay up for the parents but the parents for the children."
According to the life this Sister lived, we feel that our loss is Heaven's gain.

Written by
Elder Ralph Howard

ELZA AND ANNA MAE BOLEN elza_anna_mae_bolen_ORB.jpg (26735 bytes)

Bro. Elza was born August 27, 1898, and departed this life March 21, 1979 at McDuffy, Ohio. Sister Anna Mae was born March 16, 1902 and departed this life on March 24, 1979 at her home in Garrett, Kentucky. In early life they were united in marriage in July 1921, after which they were devoted to each other.
Sister Anna Mae was the mother of nineteen children, eleven of which are still living. Sister Anna Mae died first in her sickness, being very patient as her children took turns waiting on her. The children would always sing for her and she told them that she could hear the angels singing the songs of Zion and it was music to her ears.
Brother Elza was also very patient in his sickness as he was waited on by his children. He had suffered two broken legs in a car accident earlier. His daughter told me she talked with him and he was only waiting on the Lord. Leaving to mourn their passing are eleven children, thirty-eight grandchildren, three great grandchildren and four sisters. One brother preceded her in death: Brother Elza leaves one brother, Kendall Bolen, and 2 sisters. Twenty-five grandchildren were left at the time of his death.
Their funerals were preached at the Stone Coal Old Regular Baptist Church at Garrett, Kentucky. The children fought hard to keep mother and dad with them but now they have gone the way of all the earth. I believe according to the life of Brother Elza and Sister Anna Mae that they are resting from all their labors and all their works do follow them. So, to the girls and boys, grandchildren and great grandchildren, if you want to see mother and dad again, you must be born again and make peace with God. David said the child is gone and can't come back to me, but I can go to it.

Written by Request Elder Burton Howard

WONIE HALL wonie_hall_ORB.jpg (31800 bytes)

Wonie Hall was born
September 29, 1898. She died November 13, 1978. Making her stay on earth 80 years, 1 month and 14 days. She was the daughter of the late Lee and Florence Hall. She grew up and in early age met Johnie Hall. son of James H. Hall and Rebecca Foutch. This couple was united in marriage on March 12, 1914. To this union 8 children were born. Seven children survive Wonie, 1 daughter died in infancy. Johnie & Wonie lived together 50 years and more, until death they did part. They lived 26 years in the old Regular Baptist Church at Providence. They both joined the same day and were baptized at the hands of E. V. Hopkins and R. E. Holbrooks the first Sunday in October, 1938. Wonie was a member of the Old Regular Baptist Church for forty years. She leaves to mourn her passing 2 sons: Herald Hall of Lackey, Kentucky; Homer Hall of Dayton, Ohio: and 5 daughters: Ada Martin of Dayton, Ohio: Zelda Tuttle of Kite, Kentucky; Elva Watson of Pippa Passes, Kentucky; Florence Dixon of Mousie, Kentucky; and Noe Slone of Fletcher, Ohio; Four brothers: Lee Hall, Jeff Hall, Charlie Hall. John West "doc" Hall and two sisters: Alice Maggard and Darkie Bates. 41 grandchildren and a host of Great and great-grandchildren. Mommie often stated "I have been in this race since October 1, 1938. I see no place to turn back now, just looking on. I am looking for Jesus."

Written by Her broken hearted daughter: Noe Slone and Family

CLINTON SLONE clinton_slone_ORB.jpg (36755 bytes)

Clinton Slone the son of the late Green and Mary (Gibson) Slone was born September 5, 1911, deceased August 10, 1979, making his stay on earth 67 years, 11 months, and 5 days.
He was married to Allie Huff September 1929 and to this union was born four children. 
His parents, two brothers, Hiram and Travis and two sisters Prudy and Dallie preceded him in death.
He leaves to mourn his passing his beloved wife Allie, four children, Buford, Dayton, Ohio, Hermetta Patrick, Dayton, Ohio, Sylvia Grace Taylor, Dayton, Ohio and Paul Edward, Oklahoma, two sisters Ada Nickles, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky and Margaret Phillips, Estill, Kentucky and seven grandchildren, he also leaves a host of relatives and friends.
Brother Clinton raised two of his grandchildren, Debbie and Jimmy.
On November 4, 1950 he was baptized into the fellowship of the Ball Branch Old Regular Baptist Church and was later or. dained as a deacon of this church.
His walks in life proved he loved his church and his brothers and sisters. He told me on a visit to the hospital he had nothing against anyone and he loved his brothers and sisters in the church.
Brother Clinton had been in failing health for a year and it was discovered he had cancer, his family did all they could for him but he had to go the way of all the earth. He laid out a great pattern to follow.
Being an ordained deacon of the church he was for peace and always helped the church in any way he could. He was always willing to help his fellowman.
I can honestly say from my heart he will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Written by a brother in hope, Elder Ralph Howard

TURNER BOLEN tuner_bolen_ORB.jpg (40608 bytes)

Turner Bolen was the son of the late Kelly and Liza (Coburn) Turner. He was born November 8, 1921, deceased February 27, 1979 at the Veterans Administration Hospital, Lexington, Kentucky. He was 57 years of age, veteran of World War I I, member of the DAV and a member of the Ball Branch Church of Old Regular Baptist.
In early life he was wed to Audry Bolen, unto this union were born 2 children, Hubert Bolen and Shirley (Bolen) Haynes, he also leaves to mourn his passing his wife, his son and daughter, six brothers and two sisters and 2 grandchildren.
We feel our loss is Heavens gain.

Written by
Elder Burton Howard


Wilda Cox, born June 9, 1919, deceased March 5, 1979.
Early in life she met and married Ode Cox and to this union were born ten children, two boys Delmas Cox and Henry Cox, eight girls Yvonne, Ida, Alice, Emma Lee, Annie, Edna, May and Charlene.
She had six brothers, Hessey, Jake, Sterling, Thomas, Elisha and Joe Crum. Four sisters, Ruth, Grethel, Verlie and Nova Lee and fifteen grandchildren.
In May 1962 she professed a hope in Christ and lived a good, kind and faithful life.
Leaving to mourn her passing, her children, brothers, sisters, grandchildren and her brothers and sisters in the church.
Children make peace with God and when this life is over you can meet mother again.
She told Elder Barney Slone to tell her Brothers and Sisters she loved them all.
We believe our loss is heavens gain, the Bible says "When I awake in his likeness then I will be satisfied.

Written by,
Elder Burton Howard

EARL HALL earl_hall_ORB.jpg (40621 bytes)

With many precious memories and by the request of his family and with the help of God I will try to write the obituary of my beloved Brother Earl Hall. He was born November 4, 1917 and departed from this life August 1, 1979 making his stay on earth 61 years, 9 months and 4 days.
He was the son of the late James Ellis Hall and Judy Bentley Hall.
In early life he was married to Leona Mullins and to this union were born 10 children, Sister Leona and 2 of the children preceded him in death. He later married Shirley Syck and to this union were born 2 children.
He leaves his wife, 6 sons Hurston of Sikta, Kentucky, Eugene of Trenton, Mich., Roger of Graysville, Ala., Marvin of Wayne, Mich., Earl Kent and Jason of Trenton, Mich., 4 daughters Dean Mullins of Vinton, Ohio, Janice Mullins of Bidwell, Ohio, Gwen Skinner of Graysville, Ala. and Rhonda Gulyban of Wyandotte, Mich., 20 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren, 2 brothers, Milford, Ecorse, Mich., Leonard, River Rouge, Mich. and 1 sister Draxie Tackett, Jackson, Ohio.
He joined the Old Regular Baptist Church 21 years ago. He was a member of the Little Pearl Church in Vinton, Ohio, where he had his letter for many years.
The last few months of his life he suffered very much. He bore his afflictions with patience until the end, when God called him home.
When we got the news from the Seaway Hospital that he had passed away at 7:10 p.m. our hearts were broken knowing his happy smiles and loving voice would never greet us in this world any more. The last few months of his life I had many wonderful talks with him. He was humble and kind. Will say to his children, it will be sad in this world without daddy, keep your trust and faith in God and be ready to meet daddy again in that great land of happiness.
Brother Marvin I remember how happy your daddy was last winter when you and Sister Linda joined the church. May God bless you children.
I will say good by until we meet again.

Written by
Brother Milford Hall

WILEY LAYNE wiley_layne_ORB.jpg (35948 bytes)

By the request of Dixie Nell Layne, I will write an obituary to wit
Wiley Layne. He was born December 12, 1887.
Departed this life September 15, 1979, making his stay here on earth 91 years,
3 months, and 15 days. He was married to Ada Conn Layne, who preceded him in death. Left to mourn his passing are one brother. William Taylor, Layne, Martin, Kentucky and many friends and neighbors and a host of brethen and sisters. For the past six years Brother Wiley made his home with Dixie Nell Layne who cherished and cared for him as a mother would her child. Brother Wiley referred to her as mother. He lived a faithful and humble life and was obedient unto death. He often talked of the good Lord and said he had a better home to go to when this life is over, and Dixie said he prayed up to the time where he couldn't talk. Brother Wiley had been in ill health for the last several years. He bore his sickness with much patience and was
a very humble man and a good patient. His conversation was always on the goodness of God.
He was a member of the Salisbury Regular Baptist Church and filled his seat faithfully as long as he was able. He was loved by all and will be sadly missed by all. A book wouldn't hold all the good things we could say about Brother Wiley. So let us now say, Sleep on Brother Wiley and we will meet you in that beautiful home you so often talked about. For the Bible says Right blessed are the dead that die in the Lord from henceforth yea, say the spirit, they may rest from their labor and their works do follow them. Think not dear friends that Brother Wiley's labor was in vain. A little sleep, a little slumber, and the folding of the ha :: and the fruit of a laboring man in sweet.
My prayers ascend to God for all of Brother Wiley's relatives, friends, and neighbors.

Written by,
Elder Clifford Williams


It is with much sadness that I will try by the help of Christ to fill the request of the family, and write an obituary of Sister Goldie (Conn) Boyd.
Sister Goldie was the daughter of the late James and Lona (Clark) Conn, she was born January 18, 1906 and departed this life April 29, 1978 making her stay here on earth 72 years, 3 months and 11 days.
She married B. P. Boyd October 29, 1921, and to this union was born 5 sons, to wit: Clifford, Paintsville, Kentucky, Orbie, Gradis, Russell B. and Archer D. all of Betsy Layne, Kentucky.
Sister Goldie joined the Old Regular Baptist Church 1st Sunday in July 1936, and took her membership at the New Salem Church. She was a faithful an attending member ever since, except for the last few months of which she was to sick to attend.
She is survived by her dear husband, 5 sons, 7 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren, 2 sisters, Ocie Howell, Lexington, Ky, and Jocie Harvey, Honaker, Kentucky, 2 brothers, Norman and and Fed Conn both of Betsy Layne, Ky., 1 aunt Nicy Rice, Banner, Kentucky, 2 uncles, Charlie and Henry Conn, Dana, Kentucky and a multitude of cousins, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, friends and neighbors to mourn her passing.
Sister Goldie was a very warm and tender hearted pilgrirn, while traveling here below towards that happy and peaceful city to everly be with Jesus our precious redeemer; who gave her grace sufficient to keep her while she was here. Now she is asleep or at rest, until that great and precious time when the trumpet of God shall sound and all the children that is in the grave are going to come forth praising the great Jehovah God, and his sacrificed dear darling son.
Brother Pal and children Sister Goldie would not want you to weep for her, but rather weep for your children, and yourselves.
Children no doubt mommy has prayed lots of times for you all, be good to daddy and each other. And when the spirit bids you to pray obey, and he will lead you in the path of righteousness as he did your sweet old mommy. May God bless you all.

Written by,
Elder C. Edd Kidd

ARTHUR VANCE arthur_vance_ORB.jpg (28399 bytes)

By the grace and faith in God and the Lord Jesus I will try to write this obituary of my beloved brother in the flesh and hope.
Arthur Vance was born June 4, 1913 at Beaver, Kentucky, he was the eldest son of the late Sylvester and Mary Alice Vance.
He was married to Rosa Mitchell, April 1, 1933 and to this union were born 12 children, one of whom preceded him in death, Arthur Austin Vance, Jr., 11 are still living, they are: Loretta Horne, Valda Dawson, Gilberta Lutz, Lois Marcum, Peggy Kauffer and Saundra Vance, the surviving sons are Glen, Wellman, Julius J., Gary M. and Coy D. Vance, he is survived by 19 grandchildren, five sisters, Maudie Hall, Lena Sammons, May Hall, Myrtle Fraisure and Maggie Wheatley and two brothers, Earnest Vance and Noah Vance.
He loved everybody, he had lots of friends.
Brother Arthur joined the Old Regular Baptist Church at the Little Angel union meeting July, 1974, he was baptized August 1974, he was ordained as deacon not long after he joined and fulfilled his duties as long as he was able to go to church.
He was sick for about 3 months with the dreadful disease, cancer, he seemed to bear his pain with patience, he departed this life December 28, 1977, making his stay here on earth 64 years, 6 months, and 24 days.
I believe he has gone to the land of joy, peace and rest, when he arrives on the other side, Heaven's gate will open wide, I will meet you there, sleep on your work is done, a crown you have won.
May I close by saying he is gone from us and can no more come to us but by the grace of God we can go to him.

Written by his brother in flesh and hope, Noah Vance

ORELAND C. TACKETT oreland_c_tackett_OB.jpg (33359 bytes)

Oreland C. Tackett was born October 13, 1894, deceased January 18, 1979, he was the son of the late W. J. and Ludia (Little) Tackett.
He married Madgie Tackett February 29,1929, unto this union were born 9 children one of which is deceased, Sandra Kay Tackett, the family left to mourn his loss are his wife, Madgie Tackett and 8 children: Thedis Martin, Weaverville, N.C., Charles Tackett, Melvindale, Mich., Gail Ray, Lebanon, Ohio, Ora Dail Johnson, Virgie, Ky., Lois Nell Banks, Weaverville, N.C., Clifford Tackett, Taylor, Mich., Larry Dan Tackett, Taylor, Mich., and Michael Tackett, at home, he had 14 grandchildren, he is survived by 4 sisters, Edna Reynolds, Manchester, Ohio, Lilly Anderson, Lucasville, Ohio, Golda Tackett, Virgie, Ky. and Villa Little, Virgie, Ky., he had one brother Ballard Tackett, who passed away in 1971.
Daddy was a devoted citizen, good husband and a hard working man, he loved his children and his church, he joined the Long Fork Church of Old Regular Baptist, October 4, Saturday
1969, he was baptized by Elders Perry Jones and Monroe Jones, Daddy loved to go to church.
He is missed greatly by his many friends, neighbors and family.

Written by His Family

MATTIE SLONE STAMPER mattie_Stamper_ORB.jpg (40237 bytes)

Mattie Slone Stamper was born February 14, 1904 in Breathitt County,
Kentucky. Daughter of the late Selinda Thornsberry
Slone and Samuel Slone and deceased this life January 15, 1979, making her stay here on earth 74 years, 11 months, and 1 day.
Mattie was married to David Jesse Stamper in 1924 and to this union were born many children. Two of them preceded her in death-Joe and Lillian. Survived by step-children: Marion Stamper, Stockton, California, Victor S. Stamper, Stockton, California; Maude Adams, Leburn, Kentucky, and David Jesse Stamper, Brinkley
Kentucky; and children Madeline Handshoe, Leburn, Kentucky; Seba Cook, Brunswick, Ohio; Herbert Stamper, Brinkley, Kentucky; Charles Stamper, Columbia Station, Ohio; Malinda Miller,
Lexington, Kentucky; Pauline Sexton, Muncie, Indiana; Sylvia Bentley, Columbus, Ohio; James C. Stamper, Westville, Ohio; Marian Sue Smith, Leburn, Kentucky; and Janet Conley, Hamp
ton, Virginia.
Mattie had four brothers and six sisters and is survived by her twin sister Hattie Slone Reedy of Wheelwright, Kentucky,
and a host of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Mattie was a wonderful person. She had a great smile and a friendly hello for all. She was loved by all who knew her. Mattie left a great hope in God and we believe her loss here on earth is Heaven's gain.

Written by Her children

LIZA BROWN liza_brown_ORB.jpg (44927 bytes)

Liza Brown lived a long and fruitful life. She was born March 16, 1893, at Wheelwright, Ky., the fifth child of Marion and Franky Little, her mother died when she was only seven, thus leaving her as a sort of mother to the younger children in the family.
It was a joy to talk with her only living sister Allie Burke, yesterday, Allie tells of a young girl in her teens, picking up the responsibility of a deceased mother, working in the cornfields, taking in washing and working as a maid.
We sometimes forget in these affluent times how hard life can be, Liza knew many hard times, but with all this, Allie says Liza had a happy life.
Liza was working for Robert Brown in 1912 when she met her husband Newberry Brown, after a three months courtship they were married and moved from Wheelwright to what was then Fed., now Hi Hat, Kentucky.
On October 21, 1914 their first child was born, they named her Opal, later the marriage was blessed in order of birth, Nannie, Buster, Ellis, Irene, Greta Pauline and Joe, she had 24 grandchildren, 35 great grandchildren and 2 great, great grandchildren.
Mamaw was a private person, she did not believe in pushing her religion on anyone, but she did live her life in such a way that commanded respect. In this day of slick religion we sometimes forget that it is the life we live, not the words we say which will count in the end.
in the thirty-two years I've lived I never heard anyone spot her life. She was not perfect; but she was a good woman.
Many people faced with the same circumstance's Mamaw faced would have been pessimistic. But listen to this testimony she left for her children:
Children I have had a hard life, but thanks to God our great
King, I'm going to a place where my hard times will be over.
Be good, do the will of the Lord and meet me in the Glory
World, where we'll be happy for evermore. Good-by
children, I asked Allie to write this, I told her what to write. Liza Brown's death on Friday evening, July 6, will leave a void in our life that cannot be filled. Her long life was an insperation to all of us.
Good-bye Mamaw we'll miss you; but its comforting to know we'll see you again.

Written by your loving grandson, Morris F. Hayes

TILTON COLLINS tilton_collins_ORB.jpg (45795 bytes)

Tilton Collins was born to Felix and Lucinda Collins in Floyd County, Kentucky on June 12, 1918 and passed from this life
to a better one on February 27, 1979. In his early years he met and married Louise Hall and to this union were born ten children, two preceded him in death. His wife Louise passed in January 1978 leaving to mourn his loss his mother and father of Wheelwright, Kentucky, four sons; John and Raymond of Oklahoma, Tivis of Manchester, Ohio, and Dean of Michigan: four daughters; Bertha Couch and Lucille Hunt of West Union, Ohio, Linda Sue Lowe of Urbana, Ohio, and Linda Lou Hackerthorn of Springfield, Ohio; one brother: C of Bypro, Kentucky; nine sisters; Rhoda Holbrook, of Willard, Ohio, Minda Isaac of Otway, Ohio, Melenia Perry of Hindman, Kentucky, Lizzie Johnson of Lexington, Kentucky, Dilla Hoffer of Otway, Ohio, Lizzie Myers, Mary Howard, and Aline White of Peebles, Ohio, and Connie Collins of Wheelwright, Kentucky.
The hope he left here with us led to believe that Tilton is resting around the throne of God. He is waiting for us to come home and live with him. He told Mom and one of his daughters about a week before he died that there wasn't anything between him and his Lord and he was ready to go home. Also a few days before his passing he told his Mom and other members of his family that he was alright and ready to go home. Tilton was so lonely after Louise passed away. He told us so many times how awful it was without Louise and you could see his lips begin to quiver as he started to cry. Mom and us girls would visit him often during the time he lived after Louise was gone. It saddens our hearts as We think of the way he suffered after her passing but we rejoice to know we have a God so good and kind. He
can heal all pain and make you new again and we believe he has :done that for Tilton and he is resting now. No more pain and suffering just waiting for us all to come home and live with him and all our loved ones.
 Written by the family

OSCAR B. TURNER oscar_b_tuner_ORB.jpg (32315 bytes)

By the request of his good companion and the help of our Lord I will try to write the obituary of Brother Oscar B. Turner.
He was born June 4, 1912, deceased July 6, 1979, making his stay on earth 67 years, 1 month, and 2 days.
Brother Oscar had two brothers and two sisters and one brother and one sister deceased.
He met and married Laura (Meade) Turner in the year 1932
and to this union were born eight sons, Raymond, Ypsilanti, Mich, Richard, preceded him in death, James , Ypsilanti, Mich., ,aid, Hillsboro, Ohio, Alvin Bartly, Wilmington, Ohio, Sherman Ray, New Vienna, Ohio, Eddie Vaughn, Wilmington, Ohio and

Joe, New Vienna, Ohio and three daughters, Gracine, New Vienna, Ohio, Margie Lee, Holiday, Fla. and Laureen, New Vienna, Ohio,
he had 25 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren, all to mourn his loss with a host of relatives and his Brothers and Sisters of the old Regular Baptist Faith.
He gave his hand to the church to become a member at the Little Bethel Church of Old Regular Baptist and was received, but due to very poor health he was never baptized, he gave a great testimony of his faith and relationship with the Lord.
We the members of the Little Bethel Church, the members of his family and all of his friends feel our loss is Heaven's gain.
Unto the family and relatives and friends I feel to say if you
want to see Brother Oscar again you will have to do what I feel he did, make peace with your Lord, then you can view that beautiful valley Brother talked so much about.
May the Lord bless his good companion and his children is my prayer.
Written by a brother in hope,
Luther Cook

BILL MAYNARD bill_maynard_ORB.jpg (41554 bytes)

It is with much sadness of heart that we will try to write an obituary of our beloved daddy Bill Maynard.
Daddy was born February 5, 1912, on Brushy Creek at Piso, Kentucky, and departed this life on May 11, 1979.
He was the son of the late Tom and Helen Caines Maynard and leaves to mourn him his wife Susie May Maynard and five sons, Clayton,
Lonnie, William, Larry and Jackie and two daughters Judith Anne Maynard and Linda Carol Scott. He also leaves to mourn his death eleven grandchildren and one great-grandson, and one brother Clyde Maynard of Piso, Kentucky and many friends and relatives.
Daddy joined the Regular Baptist Church and was baptized on November 19, 1967 and was a faithful member until his death. He was appointed Treasurer of the Burning Springs Regular Baptist Church in 1969 and was ordained as Deacon of the Church in October of 1972.
We feel that daddy is at peace now and will suffer no more and that our loss is Heaven's gain. So sleep on in peace Daddy.

Written by Your family who loves you deeply and will miss you very much.

VINCE SLONE vince_slone_ORB.jpg (28978 bytes)

With a sad heart I will try to write the obituary of my dad. He was born December 10, 1894. Went to his eternal rest on August 12, 1979, at the age of 84 years 8 months and two days. He was the son of Isom and Sarah Owens Slone. He married Susie Slone the daughter of Andy and Nancy Adams Slone, and to this union was born twelve children. Two sons preceded him in death.
Left to mourn his passing is his wife Susie Slone, Litt Carr, Kentucky. Six sons: Elbert and Ellis Slone, Pippa Passes, Kentucky, Gurnie, Emitt, and Everett Slone, Litt Carr, Kentucky. And Edgle Slone, Isom, Kentucky.
Four daughters: Flora Combs, Mousie, Kentucky, Tina Cook, Thornton, Kentucky, Dorothy Hall, Hindman, Kentucky, Jezzie Slone, Fort Wayne, I nd.
Three sisters: Vada Slone, Haysi, Virginia, Edna Pratt, Brinkley, Kentucky, Verna Mae Slone, Pippa Passes, Kentucky. Forty-six grandchildren, 83 great grandchildren, and 9 great great grandchildren. He joined the Mt. Olive Church November 23, 1975. Putting all his trust in the Lord he wanted to be baptized and was taken down to the creek in his wheelchair to be baptized on September 3, 1977.
He loved to talk about the Lord. So many times he would say (sit down and talk to me I get so lonesome or sing me a song). Angels Get My Mansions Ready was one of his favorite songs. He longed to be in His new Home and ask the Lord to come take him Home to rest many times. To all my brothers and sisters: Make His God your God and you can be with him again. Weep not for his passing but rejoice that he found A Wonderful Saviour who suffered and died so that we all might he saved.

He's waiting till we get Home Afraid we might be late Watching from Heavens Window Leaning on The Pearly Gate.

Written by
A Son and Brother In Christ 

IVY MYRTLE PINSON SYCK ivy_myrtle_syck_ORB.jpg (43996 bytes)

Ivy Myrtle Pinson Syck, born February 6, 1899, departed this life November 9, 1978, at the age of 79 years, 9 months, and 3 days. She was born
in Pike County, daughter of the late John Wesley Pinson and Angeline Stratton Pinson and spent her entire life in this area. She leaves to mourn her
passing her loyal and devoted husband, McKinley Syck, who shared with her life's joys and sorrows for 54 years; one son-Quention Syck, four daughters Mrs. Sophia A. Preston, Mrs. Shirley Skeens, Mrs. Virginia May and Mrs. Eva Nell Spears; one brother-W.O.B. Pinson; 16 grand-
children and 5 great grandchildren.
Mrs. Syck was blessed with a long and useful life. She was a loving wife and mother, a splendid homemaker and a kind and thoughtful neighbor. Just to know her, was to love her. She had a pleasant personality and winsome smile which endeared her to a wide circle of friends and acquaintances. Her love and devotion to her family cannot be measured. She has left a portion of herself in each of them, and many other lives have been made riches and fuller because she passed their way.
She became a member of the Burning Spring Regular Baptist Church on the fourth Saturday in July, 1975. Now, a seat in this Church has been made vacant for God has called His child to her reward. She will be greatly missed by her friends and loved ones, but they will treasure in their hearts everything about her which they cherished most. If it were possible for her to call back a message to the ones she leaves behind, no doubt it would be:
I am home in heaven, dear ones; oh, so happy and so bright!
There is perfect joy and beauty in this everlasting light. All the pain and grief is over, every restless tossing
I am now at peace forever, safely home in heaven at last.
And He came Himself to meet me, in that way so hard to tread;
And with Jesus' arm to lean on, could I have one doubt or dread?
Then you must not grieve so sorely, for I love you dearly still,
Try to look beyond earth's shadows, pray to trust the Father's will,
There is work still waiting for you, so you must not idly stand,
Do it now, while life remaineth - you shall rest in Jesus' land.
When that work is all completed, He will gently call you Home,
Oh, the rapture of that meeting-Oh, the joy to see you come!

MYRTLE MITCHELL myrtle_mitchel_ORB.jpg (38469 bytes)

It is through much sadness that I sit here and try to write an obituary of our dear sister, Myrtle Mitchell. She was born August 20, 1901 and departed this life o n March 12, 1979. She was the daughter of Beverly and Rilda Henson McCown.
Sister Myrtle was married to Ellis Mitchell who passed away September 14, 1956, and into this union were born five children: Charles E. Mitchell, Ligon, Kentucky, Lum Mitchell, Grethel, Kentucky, Lester F. Mitchell, Ligon, Kentucky, Cleta Caudill, Lincoln Park, Michigan and Ralph E. Mitchell, Cincinnati, Ohio.
She had four sisters: Mazie May, Hi Hat, Kentucky, Vela

Mae Horn, St. Marys, Ohio, Etta Belle Smith, Murray , Kentucky and Gertrude Osborne, Ligon, Kentucky. Two brothers, Curtis
McCown, Romulus, Michigan and Earnest McCown, deceased.
Sister Myrtle joined the Old Regular Baptist Church of Jesus Christ and was baptized in 1951. This is the hardest thing I have ever tried to do is to write an obituary about my sister Myrtle. I can't express the words I want to say except that we love you and miss you very much. We know in our hearts that you are at rest with God. She had told me so many times about her experiences with our dear Lord, and I feel in my heart that she is at rest. Many months before she died she would call me and say Mazie are you ready to go to church, we would go, but I would look at her and see that she was in pain. She loved going to church so much when she was able. She is sadly missed by all her family and friends.
Written by her sister
Mazie May

CECIL (HUN) THORNSBERRY cecil_thornsberry_ORB.jpg (39007 bytes)

We will try to write an obituary of our dear father, Cecil (Hun) Thornsberry. With God's help it will be right.
Dad was born in Kentucky on April 17, 1901, and passed away on February 27, 1979, making his stay on earth 77 years, 10 months, and 10 days. He was the son of the late Roach and Nancy Bates Thornsberry.
On February 2, 1921, he married Linda Caudill and to this union was born eleven children. Mom preceded Dad in death in May 1960. Also preceding him in death are a son Hager Thornsberry, a daughter Arizona Isaac, two brothers and four sisters.
Surviving are nine daughters: Oma Johnson, Clarinda Bailey Rose Isaac, Elizabeth Walker, Irene Isaac, Nancy Walker, Annie Donner, Myra Slate and Marlene Burchett; two sisters, Lizzie Dials and Dina Caudill; one brother, Earl Thornsberry; 49 grandchildren and numerous great-grandchildren.
Dad joined the Old Regular Baptist Church at Dry Creek, Kentucky, on August 22, 1959, being baptized by Elder Ellis Hopkins. He loved the Church and often spoke of it and the friends he made there.
We all hope to meet Dad and Mom in a happier home where we will never have to part again, but for now we still have our many happy memories of him and he will live in our hearts forever.

Written by his children, Oma, Clarinda, Rose, Elizabeth, Irene, Nancy, Annie, Myra and Marlene

HATTIE JACOBS hattie_jacobs_ORB.jpg (34246 bytes)

With a heart full of sadness, we will attempt to
prepare an obituary of our beloved mother, Hattie Jacobs, Mother was born to Clay and Belle Huff on March 7, 1908 and deceased on Wednesday, Sept
ember 6, 1978, making her 70 years of age. She was married to Canton Jacobs on September 30, 1930, and unto this union were born eleven children. The boys are Levon, Gayland, McArthur and Robert Lee. The girls are Avonelle, Philipie, Joyce, Betty, Genevieve, and Janice. All eleven children still live to testify to the goodness of Mother. One sister, Allie Jacobs, and three brothers, Clarence, Marl, and Harold, are left to mourn their sister. Her parents and four brothers, Carl, Lawrence, Earl, and Laurel, have preceded Mother in death.
As Job said, "The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord." God let us share the love of this our mother. He let us reap the harvests of her guidance and care. He allowed us the blessing of keeping her and enjoying the warmth of her love, without the sorrow of seeing her bedfast
or suffering some intolerable pain. God blessed our mother to be able to spend her last days, the way she enjoyed the mostdoing things for her family.
Mother's every worry and concern was for the welfare of her family and others. Every time anyone came into the house or upon the porch, she was asking if they wanted anything to eat. She never failed to cook and prepare food for those who might come to visit. No matter how sick or tired, her hands would prepare the things which she knew her children would
want to eat. She stood on her feet and canned food to give to those of us who had no gardens. Her cabinet was always stocked with crackers or candy for her grandchildren.
Our mother was one who wanted to be a burden to no one. She'd go without her medicine before she's ask anyone to take the time to take her to the doctor. She was always worried that she would be a burden to any of us and wanted to pay us for any thing we did for her; yet she would take nothing for all the food and things she did for us. She'd always just laugh and say, "I just hope its good." or "There's plenty more when you need some."
Mother did not belong to any church but she attended church faithfully and lived a clean moral life such that the neigh. bors and those who knew her described her as a good woman and many thought that she did belong to the church. "A good woman is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one's birth." (Ecc. 7:1). On the day of Gayland's baptism when he came out of the water, our Mother said, "Lord, help him." We pray that her soul is at Peace and that she will receive a much needed rest. Gayland wants to urge all his friends, family, and neighbors to be concerned about the welfare of their souls and to accept the offer of Salvation, if they have not already sought the Lord.

Written by her daughter-in-law, Estelean, With the help of the Family.

PATRICA ANN CAUDILL patrica_caudill_ORB.jpg (32585 bytes)

1 will try to write the obituary of Patrica Ann Caudill, she was the daughter of John and Esta Pearl Caudill, she leaves 4 brothers, Terry Caudill, Mousie, Kentucky, Cret, Ricky, and Jerry, Melvin, Kentucky, she left one grandfather Kelly Johnson, Melvin, Kentucky.
Patrica was born September 21, 1978, deceased August 1, 1979, although she was only with us 10 months and 10 days there was joy in our home and now we miss her so, she had open heart surgery when she was 2 days old and again July 23, 1979, Patty had surgery on Monday and at that time she was responding well, on Tuesday her heart stopped for the first time at 8:00 a.m., then on Wednesday the Doctor told me Patty had brain damage and if she lived she would be paralyzed or retarded.
She had a smile for every one that knew her and she was a very sweet little baby who was loved by everyone. I called for
Elder Alvin Caudill to come to the University of Kentucky Medical Center on Monday to pray for her, she passed away on Wednesday morning at 1:00 a.m., I asked the Lord to let her live and to forgive me for my sins.
To John and the boys you can meet her again if you fall out with sin.
She left many friends and a family to mourn her loss, how we miss her none can tell. She was the only daughter we had, we feel our loss is heaven's gain, sleep on little angel, with the help of God I hope to meet you again.

Written by a broken hearted family and mother, Esta Pearl Caudill

BILL FRANCIS bill_francis_ORB.jpg (26933 bytes)

With much sadness I trust that God will help me to write a few words about a much loved Brother. Bill Francis was one of the humblest Brothers I believe I have ever known. Seemed that he bore his tribulations with a smile and humbleness.
We believe the written word of God's teaching in Matthew 10:39. We believe the evidence Brother Bill manifested all those years was proven that he loved our Lord Jesus before all the things which pertained to this world. He loved to talk about Jesus and eternal life.
Elder Bill Francis, the son of Marion and Arlena Francis,
was born and raised in Knott County, Kentucky near Carr Creek High School. There is where he began a new life serving our Lord at the age of seventeen, while still in high school. This is when he began preaching. I can remember very well at that time he was the youngest minister near about us in the Old Regular Baptist faith who hart received a calling to the ministry of God. He told the great experience he had with God. People came far and near -:. hear Brother Bill preach.
He continued on in school to Berea College and met his wife Francis. To this union was born four children: a daughter, Betty; and three sons, Bill, Jr., Sam and Sky. Besides his sweet family and a loving mother, he left four sisters and three brothers to mourn his loss. He had moved to Arizona several years ago and worked for the City of Phoenix.
Brother Bill had the Ancient Regular Baptist Church in Phoenix, Arizona established many years ago with the help of others. Brother Virgil Burnett gave the ground to build on. Brother Bill was Moderator.
It meant so much to see him coming to visit my wife and me at our place of stay while in Phoenix the times we were there.
To me he manifested love for the Old Regular Baptist family and it was real. Brother Bill and Brother Virgil Burnett would always come to help me in the churches from Phoenix, Arizona to the state of Washington, 1,600 miles. At times they drove these miles, day and night, to make it in time for church. Brother Bill and his wife, Francis, have flown up and back and many times has driven their family up to be with us.
I want my Brothers and Sisters to know how much he loved Jesus. Without any doubt in my mind, he found that good old way and walked therein until Jesus called him home-Jeremiah 6:16.
At the time I was called to his funeral I was very sick with the flu. Nothing else would have kept me from going but sickness because I loved him and his family so much.
Children let me say this much. You can see Daddy again if you want to if you will fall out with sin and turn to God. God loves you and will answer your prayers. You know I love you all and will pray for God to help you to meet Daddy again. Have faith as a mustard seed and he will answer your prayers.
I must close and say I have a hope God gave me around 30 years ago that I will be with Brother Bill soon.

Written by
Elder Corbett Hale

It is with a sad and lonely heart that I will try to write the obituary of my dear husband William W. Francis. Bill was born October 2, 1918, the son of Marion and Arlena Francis of Carr Creek, Kentucky.
Bill and I met at Berea College, Berea, Kentucky in 1941. Shortly afterwards he left to serve his country in the Air Force. He was stationed in Kansas, Texas and New Mexico. Bill and I were married June 1, 1943. I followed him while in the service until his discharge at Amarilla, Texas, November 1945.
To our union was born four children - Daphne Elizabeth 1899i, of Austin, Texas, and William W. Francis Jr., Marion Samuel Francis, John S. S. Francis, all of Phoenix, Arizona. Two grandchildren - Michael Lorren and Rianne Lee, of Phoenix, Arizona.
After Bill left the service he entered The University of Kentucky Law School, receiving his degree in 1951. After practicing law for some time in Berea, Kentucky, we moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Here he worked for the City of Phoenix for nineteen years. Bill was well known and loved by all with whom he worked. He was even more loved by his family and mine, those of the church and many, many friends. Bill was an example to his community, family and neighbors.
Bill was a member of the Old Regular Baptist Church since he was seventeen years old. He deceased this life January 23, 1979.
His funeral was preached by Elder Gene Tuttle and the Ancient Old Regular Baptist Church was filled to overflowing with many standing outside. Only those who have lost a loved one know how much we miss him.
Bill served as Moderator of the Ancient Old Regular Baptist Church in Phoenix since its organization June, 1962.
Bill leaves behind his mother, Mrs. Arlena Francis, and a sister, Mrs. Ophelia Stewart, both of Lexington, Kentucky; Also
a sister, Mrs. Audry Turley of Louisville, Kentucky; Mrs. Daphne Osolnik of Berea, Kentucky; Mrs. Erma Bird of Scottsdale, Arizona. Three brothers: Wallace Francis of Orinda, California; Martin Francis of Spokane, Washington and Paul Gene Franics of Phoenix, Arizona.
Bill and I have lived in Phoenix for over twenty years and returned to Kentucky nearly every year to visit his family and mine, the Harrison Proffitts of Paint Lick, Kentucky, Louisville and Indiana. My family loved Bill as if he were a son. While we were back he attended The Old Regular Baptist Associations whenever he could.
Everyone loved Bill and all believe our loss is Heavens gain.

Written by his loving wife, F. M. Francis

ODIS HALL odis_hall_ORB.jpg (42493 bytes)

By request of Sister Sadie Hager I will write an obituary of her son. Odis was born in the home of the late Dewey Hall and Sister Sadie Hall Hager October 31, 1926. Passed from this life to eternity January 31, 1976, making his journey on earth 49 years and 3 months.
Odis never was a strong man but he did the best he could to work to support his wife and his self as long as he was able. Odis's father died when Odis was a small boy but I feel he had the care and love of a good Christian mother and stepfather. Odis was like all the rest of us he grew up to manhood and sinned against God. Therefore when he became sick he saw the need of a Saviour according to what Sister Sadie told me. He prayed with faith and found a remedy for the sins that burdened his soul. If I remember correctly she said he wanted to get able to be Baptized but the Lord saw cause to call him from this world of sorrow to a land of Peace and Joy.
Odis was married to Lucy Isaac, January 24, 1959 to this union was born no children. He is survived by his wife and mother, Sadie Hager. One whole sister, Junita Johnson, Columbus, Ohio, half sister, Ethel Marie Tackett, Melvin, Kentucky, one step sister, Elpha May Peterson of Illinois, step brother, James Russell Hager, Dallas, Texas. His stepfather preceded him in death several years ago.
I will say to Odis's family tho Odis came to believe in Jesus as the door way in to heaven at the last days of his life. His joy will be as sweet and his crown just as bright as if he had served God all the days of his life. I would like to say to all who have not already chosen the good part don't wait until death begins to close in on you to get ready to cross death's river. It is too great a chance to take on your precious soul because death can come so quickly.

May God Bless each of you is my Prayers Your friend and Brother in Christ

Walter Burke

DORA SLONE dora_slone_ORB.jpg (47927 bytes)

With the help of the Good Lord I will try to write the obituary of my good friend and Sister in the Lord, Dora Slone. She was born on November 28, 1911 to Sambo and Rhoda Childers Johnson and departed this life on September 1, 1979, making her stay on Earth 67 years, 9 months and 3 days.
In early life Sister Dora was wed to Harlos Slone and to this union was born 5 children: Leroy of Oakwood, Ohio; Ray of Hindman, Kentucky; Marie Pratt and Florine Hall of Oakwood, Ohio; and Inis Thacker of Hazard, Kentucky. She also leaves 1 brother, Miles Johnson of Hammond, Indiana; 1 sister, Delia Caudill of Dundas, Ohio; 7 grandchildren, 1 great grandchild and a host of friends and relatives to mourn her leaving.
Sister Dora and her companion worked hard all their lives to make an honest living and provide for their children. Not only was she a loving wife and mother, but she was a friend to the whole community. Everyone who knew her knew of her kindness and thoughtfulness. There was never anyone who went to Harlos and Dora's home that left hungry. The first thing they would ask was if you had eaten, and would then insist you eat with them. So many times when I knew Sister Dora didn't feel like waiting on herself, she would insist on fixing something to eat for a visitor. She was just that kind of person, sacrificing herself for her family and friends.
Sister Dora suffered in her last few years, but she bore her illness with patience, trusting in and praising the Lord. She didn't complain and she always had a smile ready for anybody who would stop to see her.
Many times I have seen her shouting through the church house, praising the Lord and shaking hands with everyone, show. ing them how much she loved them. A week before she died, while I was visiting her in the hospital in Ohio, she told me to tell everyone she loved them. We feel that she was born of this great love and it came to her naturally. Both she and Harlos always showed such a great love to little children.
A few days before she died, Sister Dora told Flo to not look back, but to look forward and up to God, where all our help comes from. She had also expressed a desire for the Good Lord to come on and take her out of her suffering, to her eternal home.
Sister Dora was fond of pretty flowers, and always had them in her house and yard. But we feel that she is now a rose in God's bouquet-the reward for her long service and faith in the Lord.
We could go on and on about Sister Dora's kindness and goodness, but her life told it all. We will say to Harlos and the children, she piled up the stones as she passed this way. She has marked the path, and if you will follow in Mother's footsteps, and make her God your God, you will meet Mother again some day in Heaven.

Written by her brother in hope,
C. B. Smith

LEONARD SLONE leonard_slone_ORB.jpg (36039 bytes)

By request, I will try to write an obituary of a dear brother in the Lord, Elder Leonard Slone. He was born June 13, 1896 and died March 17, 1979, making his stay on earth 82 years, 9 months and 4 days.
Brother Leonard Slone was the son of the late Mack and Sarah Slone. In early life, he was married to Allie Triplett. Unto this union was born 9 children. Allie and 4 of the children preceded him in death. Three of the children were very little, under six years of age, but Millard was an adult. This leaves 5 children from this union still living. They are: Orville Slone, Pippa Passes, Kentucky; Florida Slone of Pippa Passes, Kentucky; Myrtle Slone, Garner, Kentucky; Georgie Smith, Comar, Washington; Dellie Thornsberry of St. Marys, Ohio.
Later Brother Leonard was married to Parthenia Owens Hall. Unto this union was born 3 children: Clayton Slone of Rome City, Indiana; Canzalia Slone of Willard, Ohio; Lila B. Gibson of Leburn, Kentucky; one step son, Menefee Hall, preceded him in death. Brother Leonard leaves to mourn his loss his wife, Parthenia and 8 children and 2 step-sons, Shelby Hall and Arnold Hall of Leburn, Kentucky and 2 brothers Delza Slone and Birchell Slone of Garner, Kentucky and one sister Mary Belle Thacker of Leburn, Kentucky; 47 grandchildren and a host of great-grandchildren.
Brother Leonard joined the Caney Fork of the Old Regular Baptist Church and was baptized on August 21, 1935. In 1939 an arm was given off Caney Fork Church to establish a new church at Hollybush. Brother Leonard was in that arm. Shortly after joining the church, he began to preach and later on he was ordained as a minister. Being qualified to meet the requirements of a bishop, he was chosen by the church as a moderator, which he served faithfully for many years. When time came, being not able to look after the care of the church, he began to look for the welfare of the church. In April 1974, he asked A. 0. McKnight if he would be the moderator. McKnight and the church agreed. But the church also agreed to retain him as honorary moderator as long as he lived. Elder Leonard fought a good fight and kept the faith and I believe he laid down the cross and picked up the crown and went to a home where he will be happy ever more. His life and works will live on here with his loved ones on and on. This is only the beginning of many good things we could say about our worthy Brother. The love for his church, his family and neighbors and little children will live on and on.

Written by a Brother in hope, Cody Jacobs

CHARLIE HALL charlie_hall_ORB.jpg (26525 bytes)

With the help of the good Lord, I will write an obituary of my good friend and brother in the Lord, Charlie Hall. Charlie was the son of Lee Hall and Florence (Thornsberry) Hall. Charlie was born September 27, 1895 and entered eternal life January
9, 1979, making his stay here on earth 83 years, 3 months and 12 days. In the year 1923 he was married to Clarenda Bates and to this union was born ten children: six girls - Dixie Owens, Gertrude Smith, Eliza Sparkman, Virginia Allen, Judy Owens, and Peggy Sue Hall; four sons - C. B. Gordon, Tommy and Adrain. Charlie and Clarenda had 55 good years together. Their daughter, Judy, preceded Brother Charlie in death. He leaves his wife, Clarenda, his children, 14 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren, two sisters Darkie Bates and Alice Maggard, three brothers - Lee, Dock and
Jeff, and many friends and relatives to mourn his leaving.
Brother Charlie lived an honest life and worked hard as a merchant, farmer and school teacher. After 43 years of devoted life to teaching, he retired but he had spent a lot of his life trying to help others have a better life. He substituted teaching as long as he was able.
In Charlie's later life he felt the good Lord heard his cries and gave his hand to become a member of the Old Regular Baptist Church at Mt. Olive, and he lived a humble life the rest of his days. When any of the brothers and sisters came to visit him at home or in the hospital, he would ask them to sing some of the good old songs and hold prayer. He enjoyed them so much. I can see him laying there when we would come in his room, and he would come in his room, and he would look up with the tears running down his cheeks, he would hold up his little feeble hand to shake hands and want everybody to know they were welcome. Brother Charlie said he believed with all his heart the Lord had forgiven him and he had a better home after death, and anyone that knew him didn't doubt it one bit.
I want to say to all his family that now is the time to start to meet Brother Charlie if you haven't already done so. There
many good things I could say about Brother Charlie but ire so ,is life said them all.
By his good friend and brother in the Lord, C. B. Smith

VERNIE ANZIE HAMILTON vernie_hamilton_ORB.jpg (35010 bytes)

With much sadness and loneliness I'll try to write vie obituary of my darling sweet daughter, I love so much, Vernie Anzie Hamilton born January 11, 1931, deceased March 8, 1979, Jesus took her home to live with him, so she won't have to suffer any more, with the awful disease, cancer.
Vernie was the daughter of Vernie and Ethel (Branham) Hamilton.
She leaves her mother and one son Darrell Edward Hamilton who loved her so much, we miss her more than anybody can ever know, she was sweet and good to everybody.
I'll never forget her cousins who was so good to come and help wait on her and her uncle Troy L. Branham, Troy, Elisha and Bro. Green Howell would come and pray for her, seem like it would help her so much, she prayed all the time as long as she lived and would see pretty things. I asked her if she had gotten forgiveness, she said yes I tried to tell them, I know she is at rest now waiting for us to come.
Vernie attended College at Pikeville, Kentucky and taught a few years school, then was employed at Prestonsburg, Kentucky until she became Postmistress at Grethel, Kentucky, she was
Postmistress when she passed away, its so lonely here now.
Written by her broken hearted mother, Ethel B. Hamilton

OLLIE ADKINS HALL ollie_hall_ORB.jpg (44513 bytes)

With much sadness and a broken heart, I will try to write the obituary of my beloved mother, Ollie Adkins Hall, she was born July 16, 1916 in Floyd County, Kentucky to the late Dee and Louisa Adkins, she departed this life November 3, 1978, making her stay on earth 62 years and 4 months.
She was married to Arthur Hall June 6, 1942, and to this union was born 11 children, 4 preceded her in death, she leaves 7 children to mourn her loss, Dayton Hall, Bobby Joe Hall, Dennis Hall, Eddie Gene Hall, Okie Hall and Virgene Howell all of Galveston, Kentucky and Pauline Hall, Teaberry, Kentucky, she leaves 22 grandchildren and one great, great grandchild, she also leaves her husband, 3 sisters and 2 brothers, Bertha Boggs, Sunberry Ohio, Bessie Hall, Croton, Ohio, Polly Oiler, Galveston, Kentucky, Delmer Adkins, Galveston, Kentucky and Millard Adkins, Banner, Kentucky and a host of friends and relatives.
She joined the Old Regular Baptist Church in 1961 and filled her seat every time that she was able, she loved to go to church and to tell her friends her good dreams.
I saw Mom suffer so much here on earth, but I believe she is free from all her pain now and is resting around the throne of God just waiting for all to come and live with her and Jesus. Where we will never have to part any more. To the family I believe if you ever want to see our Mom again you will have to turn to God and beg his forgiveness and be born again. For I believe our sweet Mom is free from all pain, we saw her suffer so much, sleep on Mom I believe I will meet you where we will never part any more. Our home will never be the same without her. We all loved her and miss her so much.

Written by her broken hearted daughter, Virgene Howell

CHARLES D. MILLERcharles_miller_ORB.jpg (23041 bytes)

Charles Dewey Miller,
born June 28, 1898 to Joseph and Mandy Jane Shelton in Knox County, Kentucky, deceased June 1, 1979, making his stay on
earth 80 years, 11 months and 3 days, he is survived by a brother, Robert Miller, Gray, Kentucky, one sister, Lyda Sams, Girdler, Ken
tucky, two daughters and two grandchildren.
Brother Charles has been living at Milan, In. for almost Een
years, having moved from Cincinnati to be near his church and friends. He attended his church as long as he was able, the Little Pilgrim's Home Church. Poem contributed by Brother Robert, Sister Lyda and Children
Bro. Charles lived upstairs at our home the last seven years of his life, we do miss him so very much, he is also missed by his church and many friends in this country.

A brother in hope,
Alonzo Allen

LORRAINE TURNER lorraine_turner_ORB.jpg (26493 bytes)

It is with much sadness, but many happy memories that I write the obituary of our loving Mother, Lorraine Turner, the widow of the late William Turner. Mother was born in Lawrence County, May 5, 1904, and departed this life December 15, 1978, making her stay on earth 74 years, 7 months, and 11 days.
She was the daughter of the late William Curtis and Ella Compton Johnson. Both preceded her in death.
Mother came to Floyd County when she was young. On July 12, 1927, she was united in marriage to William Turner and unto this union was born three duaghters: Gertrude Stumbo, Kathryn Youmans of Minnie and Mary Maggard of Drift, Kentucky. She also leaves two step-children that she raised and loved as her own, W. C. (Buster) Turner and Euka Hicks both of Minnie. Another stepson Lenville "Bub" Turner preceded her in death, we feel that he is at rest and waiting for his love ones to loin h;m. Buster and Euka prove their love for Mother while she was here with us.
Mother leaves behind three sisters: Mrs. Laura Johnson, Korea, Kentucky, Mrs. Opal Moore, Mallie, Kentucky and Mrs.
Beatrece Francis, Ohio.
Mother joined the Old Regular Baptist Church in 1968 and took her membership at the Old Beaver Church. She loved to come to Old Beaver as long as she was able. She was sick so long but it seems that Jesus wanted her to fill her seat one more time. Although she could not speak and sing with them she was with her brothers and sisters on Saturday for the last time on earth.
We are thankful that God gave us such a sweet Angel Mother who left us the greatest blessing on earth, "Love". Her sweet motherly love will never die and will be passed on to her grandchildren and great grandchildren. May we never lose sight of the light she hung in the window.
Mother was in ill health for many years, however seriously for the past five weeks. She endured her afflection with great patience until the end. Around four o'clock Friday morning at the McDowell Hospital, Jesus saw she had suffered enough and said, "Come Home My Child" and she quickly, quietly and peacefully slipped away to the waiting arms of Jesus.
Mother leaves to mourn her passing 5 children, 3 sisters and 28 grandchildren, 26 great grandchildren and many friends.
Jesus picked a beautiful flower when he took our Mother. I could write many good things about her. She has endured many hardships and heartaches here on earth but now she can rest. Her worries and trials are over. Joy will come in the morning.

MILES MOORE miles_moore_ORB.jpg (29505 bytes)

By the help of God, I will try to write the obituary of my beloved uncle Miles Moore, Miles Moore was the son of Albert and Emma (Stumbo) Moore, who preceded him in death.
Uncle Miles was born January 12, 1896 and deceased December 15, 1978, making his stay on earth 82 years, 11 months and 15 days.
He was married to Alvonnie Williams Moore, July 15, 1915, who preceded him in death in December 4, 1970. Unto this union were born 12 children, 3 who preceded him in death, Algie, Allen and Carl Dean Moore, leaving 5 boys and four girls, Edgel Moore, Sebring, Fla., Earl Moore, Deltona, Fla., Dennis Moore, California, Eugene Moore, Mesa, Arizona, Moses Moore, Minnie, Kentucky, Alice Lawson, McDowell, Kentucky, Pauline Stumbo, Minnie, Kentucky, Norma Lee Lambert, Kingsport, Tenn., and Josephine Lambert, Ritmon, Ohio, one brother, Ballard Moore, Plymouth, Ohio, one sister Florence Hinkle, McDowell, Kentucky, 32 grandchildren, 24 great grandchildren and 2 great, great grandchildren and a host of relatives and friends to mourn his passing.
Uncle Miles was a member of the Old Regular Baptist Church for over fifty years, he had his membership with the Little Dove Church, Honaker, Kentucky, Uncle Miles was a believer in the old time way, I would like to say to his children that your loss is Heaven's gain.
When I would visit him in his sickness he was always ready to talk about God and his goodness, Uncle Miles told me he was ready to go home at God's command, every one that knew him only had good things to say about him, Ecclesiates - Chapter 7 and 1st verse: A good name is better than precious ointment and the day of death is better than the day of one's birth.
I would like to go to the Pslam of David 116th chapter, 15th verse, "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints".
I would like to say to Uncle Miles' children, you are living in the land of the dying and if you fail to make peace with God and be born again, I feel that where your dad has gone you cannot go, I believe with all my heart that one day I will walk with Uncle miles before God in the land of the living.

Written by a heart broken nephew and a brother in the Lord, Bro. Bal Williams

EDD MOSLEY edd_mosley_ORB.jpg (45534 bytes)

By the request of his son Green Bud Mosley, I will try to write a short obituary of my dear beloved father-in-law to wit Edd Mosley aged 99 years and 8 days old. He was born April 26, 1879.
Departed this life May 4, 1978.
He was the son of Nathaniel and Polly Mosley. His grandparents on his fathers side were John and Rebecca Mosley. He was married to Julie Gayheart in 1898, and to this union were born 13 children. His wife and six of his children preceded him in death, leaving seven children still living: Bailey Mosley and Lucy Moore of East McDowell, Ky.; Green Bud Mosley, Minnie, Ky,; Polly Howell of McDowell , Ky.; Dick Mosley of Dwale, Ky.; Emma Hammonds of Ivel, Ky.; Armina Hall of Drift, Ky.
He joined the Regular Baptist Church some fifty years ago, and lived a faithful member until death. He always loved to go to church as long as he could go, and no matter how cold or how bad the weather was he would go day or night to preach for the sick or over the dead. His mind was so good he could quote the scripture word by word, and sing songs he knew by heart three days before his death. He always loved to set and talk on the Bible, and what a good home the Lord has for all of them that would love and serve Him, and how bad it would be for them that ,Hasn't prepared, to have to go to a place where they would burn for ever and ever and never die. He often told me that he was praying that all of his children would turn and live for the Lord before it was too late.
I can say I believe with all my heart that his soul is at res waiting for that Great Judgement Day when he can go home with his good wife and little children to be happy forever more.
I have been with him, in his family for over 49 years, and I can say I was always good to him, and his wife was like my own mother, we always got along good.

Written by his daughter-in-law,
Awkie Mosley

BECKIE BARTLEY beckie_bartley_ORB.jpg (30634 bytes)

It is with much sorrow that we try to write an obituary of our beloved sister to wit, Sister Beckie Bartley. She was born April 8, 1893 and departed this life January 28, 1979, making her stay on earth 85 years, 9 months, and 20 days. She was the daughter of the late William Newsom and Matilda Hamilton Newsom. She was married to William Bartley in October, 1913. Unto this union were born 5 children. Her husband preceded her in death in July 1950. She also had 1 son, Clemit Bartley, to precede her in death. Those left to mourn her passing are her 4 children: Amos Bartley of Penny, Ky., Bertha Tackett of Millard, Ky., Cecil Bartley of Virgie, Ky., and Oma Hamilton of Virgie, Ky. One step-son, Levi Bartley of Virgie, Ky. Also 16 grandchildren, 32 great grandchildren, and 1 great, great grandchild.
Sister Beckie joined the Old Regular Baptist Church in July 1944 and was baptized at the hands of Elder John B. Hamilton and Elder Sollie Kiser. She was a faithful member to go to church and so many times we have seen her shout the praises of God. About three years before she died, she was taken sick and was not able to go to church, but she would want the brethren to sing and pray beside her bed. She was in the arm that established the Bethlehem Church in the year of 1960. Her membership was still there when she passed away. We realize that she is gone and cannot come back, but by the grace of God, we can see her again. She was such a good companion and mother; we miss her so much, but we feel her soul is resting under the altar of God; waiting for that great and notable day of the Lord when He will come back and change these vile bodies and fashion them like unto His most glorious body and take us home to reign with Him in heaven through the ceaseless ages of eternity. We could write so many good things about her, but space won't permit, but best of all she lived a good christian life and left a good light for her children to follow.

Written by her daughter, Oma Hamilton and Elder Jethro Hampton


Will Lee Hall was born 81 years ago on June 12, 1897 at Cranor, Kentucky, in Floyd County. He was the eldest of eight children born to Jackson Day Hall and Judy Riley Hall. He was married to Lula Joseph on April 21, 1919, sixty years ago. Will Lee was the father of nine children, three sons-Earl Hall of Virgie, Roy Hall of Lincoln Park Michigan, and Homer Hall of Detroit, Michigan, and six daughters-Zona Szelag of Lincoln Park, Michigan, Opal Hall of Detroit, Michigan, Irene Hall of Detroit, Michigan, Helen Nester of Sterling Heights, Michigan, Betty Baker of Lincoln Park, Michigan, and Lorraine Cronk of Lincoln Park, Michigan. He was the grandfather of 20 grandchildren and the great grandfather of 20 more.
He is also survived by two brothers, Gilbert Hall and Frank Hall, both of Pikeville, Kentucky and two sisters, Pheanie McCown of Pikeville, Kentucky and Katie Newsome of Collins, Kentucky.
He was a member of Robinson Creek Old Regular Baptist Church for over 20 years.

VENT & NANCY ANN CAUDILL vent_nancy_caudill_ORB.jpg (37632 bytes)

Vent Caudill born July 12, 1889. Passed from this life, October 4, 1978.
Nancy Ann Caudill born January 17, 1892. Passed from this life April 8, 1976.
Brother Vent and Sister Ann were members of Rose of Sharon Regular Baptist Church in Lincoln County, Kentucky at the time of their death. They were faithful members, attendin every time they were able. We feel when they could not be ther their hearts and prayers were with us.
Their memory lingers on in the hearts of their childrer brothers and sisters, and many friends. They both had Compare ions and children who preceded them in death earlier in life. The married and were devoted and happy together for the last sever years of their life. They both have children. I can't remember a their names.
Children if you want to see Mother and Daddy again, yo must fall out with sin and be born again by praying to the same God Mother and Daddy prayed to. Brother Vent and Sister An were the most humble and friendly people you could ever meet They were always happy when people came to see them an especially loved to have church in their home. I never will forget Sister Ann would want us to sing, "I Want to Live So I'll B Ready". At the end she would say, "Won't we all be happ there, if we are lucky enough to get there."
I believe with all my heart they reached that home the so speaks about. I could write a book of the goodness of both c them, but the life they lived before the world was enough t prove it all.
Children don't forget the prayers of Dad or Mother. TV last time I was with them your Mother clapped her hands wit joy in the Lord a few hours before she died. So children be goo and may God bless you all.

Written by a Brother and Sister in the Lord, Elder Lee Fields and Sister Martha Fields


In loving memory I will try to write an obituary for our father, Earl Caudill, who passed away from this earth on April 13, 1977-two years ago.
Daddy left behind him the loving memories of the wonderful father that he was. He worked hard all his life for his family. His health would not always permit him to do all the things he wanted to do, but he did the best he could and gave us children the best of everything that he was able to give us.
Daddy was born in Pike County on May 27, 1911. He was married to Minnie Sawyers, Caudill on October 13, 1932. To this marriage was born 5 children, 2 of which preceded him in death. He is survived by his wife, Minnie Caudill, 2 sons; Lester Caudill, of Hopewell, Virginia, and Allard Caudill, of Chester, Virginia. e is also survived by one daughter; Mrs. Pal Mira Caudill also of opewell, Virginia, whom our mother lives with. He has left 7 grandchildren, 2 step-grandsons, and 3 great-grandchildren. He
rleft 4 brothers; Granvel Caudill of Fairborn, Ohio, Jessie h ester, and John Caudill all 3 of Waynesburg, Kentucky. One sister; Mrs. Pearlie Shea, of Kings Mountain, Kentucky.
Dad and Mother lived most of their married life in Lincoln County, Kentucky.
Daddy joined the Little Powell Old Regular Baptist Church when I was a child and was Deacon of the church when he died.
I feel like Daddy tried hard to live a good life in front of us children and would want us children to live a good Christian life
too. So I hope with Gods help we will all be ready to have a better home when it comes our time to go.

Written in Loving Memory for our Mother and all his family
by his daughter:
Mrs. Pal Mira Caudill

THOMAS HALL thomas_hall_ORB.jpg (30891 bytes)

It is with a sad and aching heart that we will try to write the obituary of our beloved Grandfather, Thomas (Buddy) Hall. He was born November 22, 1884, at Arnold Fork at Hall, Kentucky, in Knott County. He was the son of Caine and Susannah Johnson Hall. He lived on Jacks Creek until 1933 then he moved to Pike County. He died January 11, 1978, making his stay here on earth 93 years, 1 month and 20 days. He died at the Pikeville Methodist Hospital after a short illness.
He married first Melvina Hopkins November 23, 1906. To this union was born 3 children: Homer Hall, who preceded him in death on July 16, 1977, Millie Waddles and Ethel King all of Kite, Kentucky. Melvina died about the year of 1912. Later, he married Nannie Bell Fouts on April 2, 1913. To this union was born 12 children; 4 having died in early childhood. Left to mourn his passing are: Harold Hall of Jonancy, Kentucky, Parsie Miller of Logan, West Virginia, Herbie Hall of Lincoln Park, Michigan, Conard Hall and Grathel Tackett of Virgie, Kentucky, Leatha Tackett of Mouthcard, Kentucky, Cleatha Sturgill of Stambaugh, Kentucky, and Thomas Hall of Grundy, Virginia.
Besides his 10 children he leaves in mourning his wife and faithful companion of 64 years, Nannie B. Fouts Hall; also his sister Emma Hall Muncy of Waynesburg, Kentucky, 44 grandchildren, 54 great grandchildren and 6 great-great grandchildren. As well as a host of relatives, friends and neighbors who loved him.
He was a member of the Old Regular Baptist Church and was baptized into fellowship on October 3, 1976, of the Enterprise Church.
He was a loving husband, father, grandfather and brother to his family. He loved to be with people and always greeted everyone with a big smile. He held all his friendships close to his heart. He was a very special person and friend to all who knew him. Everyone was always welcome in his home and at his table Throughout his lifetime, he took in wanderers and the homeless and treated them like his own. As a storyteller, he loved to share his childhood memories and lifetime experiences with his family and friends. He leaves behind a special song that will linger in the hearts of his grandchildren and great grandchildren for years to come. He had a amazing recollection of the past until the day he died.
For two days before his death he would reach his hands to the ceiling as if he was reaching for Heaven.
This loss will be felt greatly by the ones he left behind but our loss will be Heaven's gain.
He will be buried on the Johnny Wright Cemetery at Myra, Kentucky.

Written by his broken-hearted grandchildren

MELVINA AND CHARLEY MOSLEYmelvina_charley_mosley_ORB.jpg (24616 bytes)

It is with a sad heart that I attempt to write this joint obituary of my dear deceased mother and father. My mother having passed away in 1972 and never having an obituary printed I thought it appro- priate to make this a joint one. Melvina Newsom was born on the 17th of June 1892 and departed this life October the 16th 1972. Making her stay on this earth 80 years (plus). She married Charley Mosley on May the twenty-fourth, 1911. Unto this union were born three sons, Clyde Mosley Weeksbury, Kentucky, Valis Mosley, Seamen, Ohio, and Kinnel Mosley, Wheelwright, Kentucky. In addition to the children they also left to mourn them 13 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren plus 10 step great grandchildren. Mother joined the Old Regular Baptist Church some fifty years ago, and was baptized by Elder Hiram Hall. Her membership remained with the Old Beaver Church till God saw fit to call her away. She remained a faithful and dedicated member until death.
Charley Mosley was born May 25, 1888 and departed this life the sixteenth of August 1979. Making his stay on this earth ninty one years and fifty seven days.
He joined the Old Regular Baptist Church the 16th of May 1979. It was a shock to most people when he joined. He had lived such a life that most people believed he was already a member.
I am sure that all who knew him would agree that he never held a grudge against any one, and was always a jolly person.
I can remember him quoting a scripture found in the book of Job, ch. 14 and 14 and 15 verses. "If a man die, shall he live again? All the days of my appointed time will I wait till my change come. Thou will call and I will answer thee".
They are now resting and awaiting on that sweet call. We all miss them so much and hope to meet them again in a better world where there will be no more suffering and pain. God bless all is my prayer.
A son in Christ.

Kinnel Mosley

TRACY BURGESS HATFIELD tracy_hatfield_ORB.jpg (43078 bytes)

On March 9, 1900 this world was richly blessed, because that was the day my Daddy was born. He was an inspiration and a true friend to all who knew him. This obituary will be quite hard for a little person, like myself to write.
Daddy was the son of the late Sherman and Sarah Francis Browning Hatfield. Sarah Francis died when Daddy was only seven years old. This truly was a hardship for him.
On March 5, 1921, Daddy married the former Stella May Browning. This union was blessed with twelve children: Marie Bosley of Costa Mesa, California; Opal Thomas of Gallipolis, Ohio; Tracy Jr. of Forrest Hills, Kentucky; Ruth Wells of Sacramento, California; Julian of Anaheim, California; Rachael Henderson of Conley, Georgia; Ralph (deceased in 1964); Chester of Forrest Hills, Kentucky; Hayes of Hampden, West Virginia; Patty Taylor
of Hampden, West Virginia; Patsy (deceased in 1943); and Bennett of Conley, Georgia.
In 1933, daddy felt another need in his life. He traveled for about six months before he felt the Lord had forgiven him for his sins. He said he was going up the mountain (walking) and he told the Lord he would kneel and pray when he got the top of the rnountain. He said when he came to himself, he was several miles down on the other side of that hill. He said everything was different; the trees were more beautiful and the birds sang prettier. That was when he felt the Lord had forgiven him.
His experience was different about the Regular Baptist. He had never heard of them. He walked miles to different kinds of churches but was never satisfied. He had heard of a meeting (Regular Baptist) at a little school house about fifteen miles from his home. He walked and said he was only there a few minutes when he felt the same spirit that had saved his soul. So, the third Sunday in August 1933-Mom and Dad were added to the Rosa Regular Baptist Church. When Daddy came out of the water (after baptism) he came preaching.
Daddy was ordained in March of 1934. He went to church when he wasn't able and he had to leave Mom unattended when she was sick. He went because he promised the Lord he would do whatever he wanted him to, if he would just save his soul. I feel he kept his promise to the end. He went to church the first Sunday in June, that was his last time.
Daddy got sick on June 6, 1979. He had been sick for several years, but he wasn't able to do much from June 6th. on Friday, July 13, about 1:00 p.m. he died. He just went to sleep.
Daddy lived a good life, but he had a hard life too. He fought a good fight, he stood firm in what he believed in. He loved Mother and us children, but he never let us stand between him and his Lord.
I feel sure Daddy will be missed by all who knew him. I also believe our loss is heavens gain. I must say I hated to see him go, but I am also happy in my heart because I feel after forty
six years of labor, Daddy got his pay day on July 13, 1979.
I hope he can be remembered by all the churches. May God add his richest blessings to each of you.
His unworthy daughter.
Patty Taylor

WILLIE J. SWINEY willie_j_swiney_ORB.jpg (29318 bytes)

It's with much sadness, but with fond memories that we attempt to write an obituary of Willie J. Swiney, he was the son of Stephen and Vanie Keathley Swiney, born February 14, 1897, died January 31, 1979.
Willie married Mary Ann Fields, September 8, 1916 and unto this union was born 7 boys. His first wife Mary Ann died Setpember 8, 1929 and when Dad died he had 3 surviving sons by his first marriage.
On January 31, 1931, Willie was married to Elizabeth Hamilton and unto this union was born 8 children, 7 of these children survived him in death, he also had a step daughter by this marriage, he had 28 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren, he has 4 sisters still living.
We will all mourn his loss forever, he was a precious Dad, he was known by a lot of people and never talked of any enemies.
While he was in the hospital, he never gave up hope of getting better so he could return home with us, at times we could hear him mumbling a prayer asking God to open up his heart and let him pray for those he loved and let them pray for him.
He loved his friends and neighbors and before he died, he said he loved all of his children and he wanted all of us to love each other.
Dad never joined the church but you could tell he believed in the Old Regular Baptist doctrine. He was always interested when our mother would come home and tell who the preachers were and what a good meeting they had.

Written by his wife and children

BERT MITCHELL bert_mitchell_ORB.jpg (30002 bytes)

I will try to write an obituary of a dear friend and neighbor with the help of our dear Lord, at the request of the family.
To wit: Bert Mitchell was born July 30, 1909 and departed this life May 8, 1978 making his stay on earth 68 years, 9 mos. and 8 days. He was the son of John D. and Viola Mitchell.
He was married to Bertha Martin July 11, 1930 and to this union was born 11 children, 6 girls and 5 boys. Marie Newsome, Pocatello, Idaho, Evalene Smith, Grace, Idaho, Nannie Coleman, Clyde, Ohio, Dell Treadwell and Jewel Hills, Dayton, Ohio and Viola Osborne, of Banner, Kentucky, Hillard Mitchell, Blissfield, Mich., Foster Mitchell and Newberry Mitchell of Sandusky, Ohio, Thurman Mitchell of Clintwood, Ohio and Michael Mitchell of Teaberry, Kentucky.
He also leaves to mourn his death 2 brothers Andy Mitchell and Bill Mitchell, 3 sisters Verdie Martin, Nannie Paige, and Doll Martin.
He was a fine and wonderful husband, father, friend and neighbor, a good citizen of our community. He was a hard working man, he worked 26 years in the coal mines supporting his wife and children. He never attached himself to the church but he loved and respected the Old Regular Baptist. He said that there was nothing in his way. So children I believe that he's just made a sweet exchange from this world of trouble, to a land of everlasting peace and rest, where he won't be sick anymore.
Dad can not come back to you, children but by the help of the Lord you can go and be with him, where parting is no more.
Written by a friend of the family
Sister Oma Mae Frasure

HATTIE WEBB hattie_webb_ORB.jpg (17391 bytes)

By the help of God I'll try to write the obituary of my sister Hattie Webb. She was the daughter of William (Doke) Paige and Alice Hall Paige. She was born April 1, 1924. She died May 5, 1978, making her stay on earth 54 years, 1 month, 5 days. She was married to Bob Webb, November 21, 1946. Unto this union was born 9 children, three of which are dead. The six living are-Billy Gene, Donnie, Danny, Mabeth, Bonnie, Verda Mae. She is survived by her hush--nd Bob and 7 grandchildren and 4 brothers who are Ervin, Emmitt, Dempsey, Bill she is also survived by one sister, Tilda Frantz. Sis joined the church April 15, 1962. She belonged to the Zion Church in Kentucky. I will never forget the last time I went to see her at home, she told me she would never be satisfied until she was buried beside Rex, her son. He was killed in a car wreck in Fremont, Ohio in 1977. Sis gave up, she had no will to live. Oh God I'll never forget the time I went to Lexington, Kentucky to see her in the hospital. She could not talk, she had a stroke that took her from us. We miss her but I know she's better off. She was sick most of her life. There is more I could say about sis but I'll say to Bob and the children that if they ever want to see her again they had better get right with God before it is to late.

Written by her only sister,
Tilda M. Frantz

AMBROS JONES ambrose_jones_ORB.jpg (34465 bytes)

With a very sad and lonely heart I will try to write an obituary of my dad, Ambros Jones, he was the son of Georgie and Nan Jones.
He was married to Jan Jullie and to this union were born 5 children 2 preceded him in death, 3 are living, Elizabeth McKenny, Wayland, Kentucky, Aaron Jones, Virgie, Kentucky, and Elder Ezra Jones, Beaver, Kentucky, 18 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. He left no brothers or sisters.
He later married Dina Newsome, they had no children.
Left to mourn his loss is his good wife Dina and sister in the Lord Teresa, which is also his sister-in-law.
His youngest son, Aaron and his wife Joy was so good to him during his illness, who also took him to the hospital and Rayed with him and visited him. Ambros was a good man, he was ask a long time, he was 84 years old when he died.
He joined the Old Regular Baptist Church and was baptized
:fore he died, he said before he died he seen Jan his first wife in Heaven, he has one son who professed a hope in the Lord.
I can go on and on saying good things about "Paw-Paw" but space won't permit it.

Written by his son and daughter-in-law Ezra and Verna Jones

FRANK HALL frank_hall_ORB.jpg (31083 bytes)

By the help of the Lord I will try to write an obituary of my beloved husband, Frank Hall. He was the son of Emitt Hall and Mary Jones Hall. They both preceded him in death. He was born June 13, 1908 and passed away September 12, 1978. I n the year 1925 he met and married Beatrice McPeek Hall. To this union were born 9 children. Six girls and three boys, all of whom are still living. He leaves 3 brothers and 1 sister, 25 grandchildren, 11 greatgrandchildren and 1 stepson. He joined the Old Regular Baptist Church in March of 1978 and was baptized by Bro. Milford Adams and Bro. Hersel Hamilton. He put his membership at
Samaria. His last stay in the hospital was 12 days. He was so sweet to everyone who came in to see him. He wanted to have the Bro.'s sing for him the songs he loved the best, which were: Almost Home and Great High Mountain. Bro. Bill Tackett came to the hospital to sing for him. He always enjoyed good singing and preaching. Frank always loved to go to church as long as he was able. I miss him and it's hard to go on without him but the Lotd loved him best, that's why He was by his side when he left this world and entered into a better one.

Written by his lonely wife,

ARLEDA BEVINS arleda_bevins_ORB.jpg (25490 bytes)

With sadness and a broken heart, I will attempt to write an obituary of my dear sister Arleda Bevins. The daughter of William B. and Olar Coleman Chaney. She was born November 22, 1927. Deceased this life for an eternal life in Heaven on Sunday morning April 23, 1978. Making her stay on this earth 50 years, 5 months, and 1 day.
She was married to Herman Bevins. To this union six child-
ren were born. One preceded her in death. Still living are four daughters: Ann Sawyers, Pikeville, Kentucky; Lilly Sue Prescott, Woodbridge, Virginia; Loretta Scott, Phyllis, Kentucky; Cathy Justice, Broadbottom, Kentucky; and one son: Tilden Bevins, Phyllis, Kentucky, she also leaves twelve grandchildren.
She is also survived by two sisters and two brothers and a host of relatives and friends to mourn her loss. I believe our loss is Heaven's gain.
She was a member of the Old Regular Baptist Church at Enterprise, approximately two years.
I heard her say just a few days before she was called away, that she saw a beautiful place. She said she wished we could see it too. She, also, said children, I hope we will be together again someday. I know this beautiful place she saw was Heaven and she is now resting from her labors here on earth.
May, I say to Herman and the children, if you want to see Arleda again someday, if you haven't already you must fall out with sin and accept God as your Saviour as she did.
Arleda, we all miss you, but someday we all can be together
again in Heaven walking on Streets paved with Gold, and praising Goo together. So, sleep on until the Resurrection Day.
You won't have to suffer and die from cancer anymore, you have already paid the debt that we all must pay.
Mom and Dad don't worry, we will see her again someday.

Written by a broken-hearted brother, Wayne Chaney


Ranie Elliott, age 81 of Ligon, Kentucky passed away August 9, 1979, at the McDowell Appalachian Regional Hospital, McDowell, Kentucky where she was pronounced dead on arrival. She was born August 27, 1897, in Floyd County, Kentucky, a daughter of the late Joseph and Nancy Henson. She was a member of the Old Regular Baptist Church. Her husband Jim Elliott preceded her in death.
She is survived by three sons, James Elliott, Clayton, Delaware, Ishmael Elliott , Blue Ridge, Virginia, Joseph Elliott, Orlando Florida, three daughters, Mary Bell Griffith, Ligon, Kentucky, Amalene Hamilton, Rising Sun, Maryland, Nancy Smith, Sarasota, Florida, one brother, Roosevelt Henson, Huntington, Ind., one sister, Nellie Burton, Ligon, Kentucky, 13 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.
Funeral services were conducted Sunday, August 12 at 10 a.m. at the Hall Brothers Funeral Home Chapel, Martin, Kentucky with the Ministers of the Church officiating. Burial was made in the Henson Cemetery, Beaver, Kentucky under the direction of the Hall Brothers Funeral Home, Martin, Kentucky.

STELLA NEWSOME HAMILTON stella_hamilton_ORB.jpg (25613 bytes)

By request of the family and by the help of the Good Lord, I will try to write an obituary of a wonderful mother, grandmother and also a dear companion, Stella Hamilton. She was the daughter of Andy and Tilda Newsome. She was born May 24, 1913 and died April 24, 1979 making her stay on earth 66 years and 11 months. She met and married Andy Hamilton in her early age. The Lord blessed them with 13 children, 4 preceded her in death. She left her husband, Andy Hamilton, who loved her very much and 9 children to mourn their loss of one so dear. Two daughters, Marie Hamilton of Albion, Michigan and Cloretta Hamilton of Homer, Michigan. Seven sons: Jonas and Gretho of Homer, Michigan, Stonie and Andy Jr., of Albion, Michigan, Clemet Hamilton of Grethel, Kentucky, and Nelvin and Foster of Teaberry, Kentucky. She also leaves 23 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren who loved her very much. She leaves 5 sisters, Millie Damron, Ella Newsome, Rena Blair, all of Penny, Kentucky, Nancy Bryant of Missouri, and Mary Hamilton of Teaberry, Kentucky, two half-sisters Victoria Hamilton and Rutha Ray of Penny, Kentucky and three brothers, Rob Newsome of Harold, Kentucky and Andrew Newsome and Bill Harrison Newsome of Penny, Kentucky. Four half-brothers, Freddie Newsome of Penny, Troy, Trussel, and Noah of Virginia. She was a good woman, a hard-working woman, but I feel that she is resting from her labor. I know she is sadly missed by her neighbors and friends. She belonged to the Old Regular Baptist Church for 12 years. She filled her seat as long as she was able to go. She has one son who has professed a hope, Nelvin Hamilton. I feel and believe he will be with mother some day where they won't have to part no more. So I want to say to Andy her dear companion, I know you have looked for Stella many times since she has been gone. She can't come back to you, but by the Grace of God you can pray on and try to meet her around that beautiful throne. So I want to say to her children, I know the old home place isn't the same since Mom has gone. Mom can't come back to you, but by the Grace of God you can join Mom when this life is over. The Old Samaria Church has lost a wonderful member but I feel and believe she is gone on. to Heaven where we all want to go. She was good, to everyone both saints and sinners. I went to see her two weeks before she died. I enjoyed talking with her. She was talking about her children and grandchildren. We thank the Good Lord for taking her so easy. She died sitting in her chair. I could go on writing good things about her but her life proved what a good woman she was. So I want to say to the children, obey mother's good advice she always gave you, and you won't never go wrong. I feel and believe I will be with Sister Stella some day in that beautiful country where we will never grow old. So children be good to Dad and try to meet Mom when this life is over.

Written by a sister in hope who loved her very much. By request of the family Lizzie Hamilton, Hi Hat, Kentucky

MACKIE HAMILTON mackie_hamilton_ORB.jpg (24689 bytes)

It is with a sad heart and a lonely mind I will try to write an obituary of my dear loving husband, Mackie Hamilton. He was born January 1, 1904, deceased January 8, 1979. Making his stay on earth 75 years and 7 days. He was the son of Aliver and Margaset Hamilton. He met and married Cara Hamilton on April 30, 1934. To this union was born 7 children, 3 daughters precede him in death, he leaves 4 children to mourn his death. One son Charles Edward Hamilton, 3 daughters Mildred Hall and Wilma Hall all of Teaberry, Kentucky. Naomi O'Connors of Abbur Dean, Michigan, he also leaves 12 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. He also leaves 2 brothers James and Robert Hamilton of Teaberry, Kentucky, and one sister Oma Stanley of Harold, Kentucky. Mackie joined the Old Regular Baptist church July 19, 1964. He was ordained Deacon April 2, 1971. Cora his wife joined the church on August 3, 1960. They both attended church regular and lived a good life the people were always welcome to their table. They were both good to their family to help them when they were in need. Mackie was always trying to help some one else. But he is gone and cannot come hark but by the Grace of God we all can go and see him again.
Written by his loving wife
Cora Hamilton and Family

J.B. LAYNE j_b_layne_ORB.jpg (30616 bytes)

With the help of our dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I will try to write the obituary of my dear husband who has outstripped me and gone on, J.B. Layne "Jim" as nearly everyone called him.
He was born January 3, 1888 and deceased February 7, 1978, early in life he met and married Ollie Hall and they raised their family before Ollie passed on. On September 10, 1958 he and Lucretia were married by Elder Tack Hall at Virgie, Kentucky. We were so happy together, enjoyed life at home and going to church, he was a Deacon in the church.
The last three or four months he wasn't able to go to church but he enjoyed having his children and mine come visit us, he was unable to get around the house without falling and hurting himself and when he would fall would have to get someone to help him get up, God bless all that gave a helping hand.
I did all I could for him and I am glad God knows all things, he will redeem his when he comes again.
Dear Jim, I hope to meet you in Heaven one of these sweet days.
Written by his broken hearted wife, Lucretia

HENRY AND ROSIE HAMILTON henry_rosie_hamilton_ORB.jpg (25728 bytes)

It is with great sadness and sorrow that we will try to write an obituary of our loving parents, Henry (Bully) Hamilton and Rosie Kiser Hamilton. Henry was born February 15, 1905 and passed away March 23, 1979 making his stay on earth 74 years, 1 month, and 8 days. He was the son of the late William and Linda Hamilton. Rosie was born November 11, 1907 and passed away July 24, 1979. She was the daughter of the late Arsnow and Martha Kiser. They were married September 12, 1924. Unto this union were born 3 children two of which preceded them in death, leaving 1 daughter Ethel Hamilton of Teaberry, Kentucky and 1 adopted daughter, Loretta Hamilton also of Teaberry, 19 grandchildren and a host of great grandchildren and relatives to mourn their loss, but we believe our loss is Heaven's gain. Mom leaves 4 brothers, Sollie, Hatler, Taulbee, and Duran Kiser and 4 sisters Rebecca Newsome, Bertha Holt, Ella Bowling and Hattie Bowling. Dad leaves 1 brother, Willie Hamilton, and 4 sisters Lillie Newsome, Etta Moore, Oma Hamilton, and Effie Kiser. Mom joined the Samaria Church over 2 years ago, but she had been a good Christian woman for many years. Dad never joined any church here on earth, but we believe he is resting with Mom. The family has had so many good dreams about him. We believe they have gone to a better country where there will be no cancer, or lung disease. We miss them so much, no words cannot tell how we loved them and miss them, but some sweet day we hope to meet them where parting will be no more. We would like to say to all their relatives and friends who have not made peace with God. If you ever want to meet them again you must fall out with sin and be born again. We could say many good things about our dear Father and Mother but the best part is we believe they will live again where parting will be no more and they won't have to suffer or die no more.

Written by their broken hearted daughters, Ethel and Loretta Hamilton

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Obituary of Lucy A. Hall: On November 3, 1923 the dreaded angel of death broke into the community at McDowell, Kentucky and took from the care and embraces of five sons and five daughters a loving mother. No sadder task could not be assigned me than to write a brief sketch of her life. But to recall the motherly, Christian life that she lived and the hope and longing that she often expressed for that heavenly home should be sufficient to remove all sadness, and cause our hearts to rejoice.
Lucy Hall, nee Hopkins, was born August 1, 1857. Besides her children and grandchildren she is survived by two sisters and five brothers, two of whom, John Hopkins and Thomas Hopkins are Baptist Preachers, and well known throughout the churches of the New Salem and adjoining Associations. She joined the Regular Baptist Church at Joppa in September, 1892, living as a faithful member until her death.
She was married November 27, 1873 to B. F. Hall, who passed from this life October 21, 1901, leaving her with eight children at home principally under her care and support, for whom she labored earnestly and willingly.
While her efforts and long years of toil were rewarded with the satisfaction of seeing her children pass to respectable manhood and womanhood and have homes of their own, yet her greatest desire was not accomplished.
Tchildren, which was found written upon the pages of a book at the home of her daughter, with whom she was living at the time, and which within itself is a good obituary. Her children were: E.V., W.J., John, O.C., Thomas, Evelyn, Florence, Rosie, Birdie and Bertha.

Dear Children:
Will write you a few lines to let you know I am still living, but am in bad health, just can sit up and walk about the house, but I am glad the case is as well with me as it is. Did not expect to be living this long, but am yet here, not knowing how long I will be with you but hope you will all do well and prepare for a home in Heaven. It is better than all the world. It's where we never will part, can always stay together and never be parted anymore. I feel glad to get to go to such a home as that. I don't claim any home here. Would be glad to go anytime.

Written by Lucy Hall
This, the 8th day of December, 1920

"Thought I would write some more. This is from the heart, is not of this world. I never could talk to you as I wish to and as I ought to, but have lost many nights sleep praying for you when you were all asleep."

I am glad to say though it be with tearful eyes, that she lived to witness with much rejoicing the confession and baptism of the writer, and who of us can't say that she to-day would not rejoice even more at the confession of a wicked son or daughter.
During her life she was blessed with fairly good health until on August 17, 1919 when her physical activities were suddenly stilled by a dreadful stroke of paralysis, compelling her to live thereafter as an invalid among her children, all of whom administered to her freely and willingly.
Children, many times have we been called from a distance to "come at once, mother's condition is serious." Now we have had our last earthly call to come to mother's bedside, but in her own language as printed above, there is a call, a message from mother, and I pray God that her message may sink deep into our hearts and cause us to so live that when the final call may come for us that mother's hopes may be fulfilled, her prayers answered, and her sleepless nights rewarded, as she with praising and rejoicing that she had an interest in her children beyond and above the things of this life is shown by the following letter to her

joins that convoy of angels to carry our souls to that Heavenly home where there is no paralysis and where God himself is the light.

Written July, 1924 by E.V. Hall

ULYSSES (ULY) S. ALLEN uly_allen_ORB.jpg (37337 bytes)

Dad was born November 29, 1897 at Hueysville, Kentucky to the union of Marion Manford Allen and Arizona Click Allen. Dad departed this life February 25, 1979 making his stay on earth 81 years, 3 months and 26 days. On April 21, 1921 Dad took in marriage Sarah Jane Hyden; to this union were born 4 children: Edgel Allen of Anaheim, California, Juanita Hawkins of Sydney, Ohio, Agnes VanHoose of Langley, Kentucky and William Manford Allen of Langley, Kentucky. All the children: 9 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren, are left to mourn Dads passing. Mom and Dad had a marriage of 58 years.
Dad was more to us children: He was a friend, counselor, and confidant. The love Dad had for all children was self evident when they were with him; especially his grandchildren. I have never known any person that has more love and compassion than did Dad.
Dad was preceded in death by his father and mother; four sisters: Hattie Prater, Lona Prater, Artie Hicks and Amy Greene. Two brothers also preceded Dad in death: Luther Allen and George Allen. One sister: Daisy Patton survives.
Although crippled by the loss of one leg at the age of 18
ears Dad never minded hard work; he did some odd jobs but mainly about 13 years in the coal mines and 29 years for Kentucky West Virginia Gas Company from which he retired in 1963.
In 1975 Dad had a stroke and never fully recovered from the effects of it. In the last two years of life Dad was an invalid and had to be cared for night and day. I n those last agonizing months Dad was attended by Mom and daughter; Agnes Vanhoose. believe God will look pleasingly at Agnes for her devotion and love for both Dad and Mom. We believe that Dad made peace with God before he left this life. We live and hope with the promise of the Saviour knowing He is merciful and promises in Matthew 11-28, "Come to me ye that labour and are heavy laden I will give you rest." We hope and pray that Dad is resting, Dad by his own testimony and his action when he heard the prayers, songs and preaching of the ministers and friends who visited him in his home. We know for a certainty that Dad prayed for forgiveness and we believe God hears all prayers that go to Him in faith and humility.
Dad was an Old Regular Baptist at heart and attended the church for many years, and continued to attend as long as his health permitted. Although Dad never joined the church He felt the love and fellowship with all. The singing and preaching made a good impression on Dad. God bless you one and all.
I believe that one is never gone unless they are forgotten therefore Dad is with us.
As Dad's nephew, Leonard Gibson wrote on Dads passing: The gentle words of our merciful and forgiving Saviour, "Fear not little flock, for it is your Fathers good pleasure to give you the Kingdom."
With a prayer of thanksgiving to God for the time He allowed Dad to stay with us. We now live and hope that on judgement day we can all be together. We can if we have repented and been washed by the blood of the Lamb. On that day we can see our loved ones in the house of God where all have been made whole and perfect.

Written by his son,
Edgel Allen

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It is with a sad and
lonesome heart that I write the obituary of my dear mother, Mary B. Smith. She was the daughter of John and Emily Moore Newsom, born on October 21, 1882, and deceased December 16, 1978, at the age of 96 years, one month and 25 days. She was a member of the Old Beaver Regular Baptist Church most of her adult life. She didn't get to attend as much as she would have liked to because of distance and health sometimes. On August 22, 1900, she was married to Cullen B. Smith, of Knott County, and nine children were born of this union. Preceding her in death was her husband, Cullen on March 13, 1968, and three children, Tolby in 1936, Verda Cornett in 1960, and Kermit in 1966. She is survived by two sons and four daughters, Homer B. Smith of Dade City, Fla.; Cullen B. Smith, Jr. of Winchester, Ky.; Elizabeth Marvin of Paris, Ky.; Ruby Johnson, Emily B. Smith, and Inez Wilson, all of Lexington, Ky. She had 16 grandchildren, 23 great grandchildren and five great great grandchildren. One brother, William Cullen Newsom, of Bradley, W. Va. also survives. She lies at rest in the Evergreen Memory Garden between Lexington and Paris, Ky.
Twenty-two years ago my sister Emily and I returned to our parents home to take care of them after they could no longer make a living on the farm. We tried to do everything possible to make their lives more comfortable and happy while they were here with us. They both were always able to do for themselves up until the day they passed away. The angels came quietly and took them away as they slept.
I used to think about one day writing a poem about my mother, but then, I thought, why wait, why not write it now so Mom could know how I felt about her. On her 95th birthday I presented her with the following poem, which tells of the kind of woman she was. I would like to share, with you, the poem I wrote for her.
Written by Inez Wilson

(For Her Mother Mary B. Smith's
95th Birthday-October 21, 1977)


By the help of the Lord we will try to write the obituary of our beloved mother Rhodina Vance Newsome. She was the daughter of the late Jarvey Vance and Virgie Tackett Vance. She was born November 21, 1900 and deceased her life December 22, 1978. She was married to Jarvey Newsome and to this union were born 11 children one deceased her life, this leaves to mourn her loss 10 children, 6 boys: Robert Newsome of Wheelwright, Ky,; Estle Newsome of Beaver, Ky,; Foster Newsome of Melvin, Ky.; Tivis and Anthony Newsome of McDowell, Ky.; Anderson Newsome of Ligon, Ky,; 4 girls Malie Moore of Wheelwright, Ky,; Thelma Adams of Beaver, Ky.; Lula Bell Tackett of Huntington, Indiana,; and Alice Johnson of Wheelwright, Ky. She has 64 grandchildren, 85 great-grandchildren, and 2 great great grandchildren. She joined the Old Regular Baptist Church in 1948 and was a member for 30 years. She was a faithful member and filled her seat until the Lord called her home. When she got. so that she couldn't go to church she would always call for church at her home. We feel that if the family wants to see her again that they will have to ask God that she trusted in all those years.

Written by her broken hearted daughters, Alice Johnson Thelma Adams Lula Tackett

MARY JANE COLEMAN mary_jane_coleman_ORB.jpg (22204 bytes)

I will attempt to write the obituary of Sister Mary Jane Coleman, who departed this life on September 4, 1979. She was born June 2, 1889 in Pike County, Kentucky, and was the daughter of the late Jim and Elizza Adkins Stephens. She was married to John Coleman, who deceased in December, 1944. She is survived by two brothers: Jeff Adkins, of Ashland, Kentucky, and Wallace Adkins of Fort Gay, W. Va., and one sister: Fannie Bevins, of Meta, Kentucky, several nieces and nephews.
She was a member of The Regular Baptist Church of Jesus Christ for many years. All of us who were so close to Aunt Mary will miss her so much. We especially thank God for Aunt Mary's sister, Fannie, and all her family who were so close to her. I know God will bless all of you for what you did for my Aunt and dear sister in the Lord. We are thankful for everyone who helped in her last years here on earth. Sister Mary had lived alone for many years. God always has a way of paying people who do good deeds.
It was always a blessing for me to get to talk to Aunt Mary. She was a model Christian, and bore the mark of Jesus and surely must have had His spirit, which will quickin her mortal body like His most glorious body when He calls for us all to be with Him.
In closing, we can thank God for such a precious loved one, and I am sure God will let her live on in our hearts till we meet again, and if we truly believe in Jesus, we will live again.

Written by
Grover Adkins