Minutes of the One Hundred and Thirty-Ninth Annual Session Of

The New Salem Association

Of Old Regular Baptist of Jesus Christ

July, 24, 25, & 26, 1964


Submitted by Suzeann Moore

ELDER EARL HOWARD earl-howard.jpg (16626 bytes) Elder Earl Howard was the son of the late Brison and Nancy Howard. He was born Feb­ruary 22, 1890, and departed this life February 23, 1964, making his stay on earth seventy - four years and one day. In early life, he was wed to Emma Reed who departed this life July 17, 1958. Then in the second choice, he was wed to Essie Gayheart in whom he had a very happy marriage in the last days of his stay on earth. He had been sick with hardened arteries for the last three years, but he bore his sickness without complaint and continued to visit churches and serve God. He joined the Old Regular Baptist Church about forty- nine years ago. Through the church, he is known to the community as a wonderful minister and friend. Brother Earl Howard was a man that devoted his life to serving the Lord by building church houses, attending funerals, and serving as the moderator of churches. He was the moderator of Bails Branch Church when he died. He has served this church faithfully for many years. He had helped with the building of eight church houses, and we shall certainly miss him in the circle. He was the father of ten children, five boys and five girls. Mother and two of the boys, Elder Raymond Howard, and Isadore Howard, preceded him in death. That leaves eight children to mourn his loss: Norman Howard, Dema, Ken­tucky; Burton Howard, Mousie, Kentucky; James Dullard Howard, Martin, Kentucky; Mrs. Eldred Allen, Fairborn, Ohio; Mrs. Imogene Morris, Clarksville, Indiana; Mrs. Allene Sammons, Franklin, Ohio; Mrs. Goldie Stewart, Cleveland, Ohio; and Mrs. Donnie Sue Brown, Dayton, Ohio. He also leaves thirty-one grandchildren, fifteen great grandchildren, one brother Melvin Howard, a large host of kindred and friends. We have a lot to be thankful for. With the four that have passed away, they have all left a wonderful hope. So to those that are left, let me say, we know not what hour the death angel is coming around again and which one he will call for. So be ye always ready, for you know not the hour the death angel will caM for you, and the main thing is to be prepared. Let me say to the children, relatives and friends that are left, farewell, Elder Earl Howard has just beat us to tl~e happy home. He has died in the Lord and is resting from his labors. To his wife, let me say, if you want to live where your husband has gone, prepare to meet God in this life. 
Written by his son, Elder Burton Howard
A memorial will be preached the third in October at Ball Branch Church.

ISTIAMEL GIBSON  ishamel-gibson.jpg (11971 bytes) Brother Ishamel Gibson was born August 15, 1913 and de­parted this life March 25, 1964. He was the son of Miles Sr. and Lucy Bradley Gibson. He was married to Viola Huff, December 23, 1932 and to this union was born 3 children. One boy and two girls, Gerald Clark Gibson, Charlene Gibson, and Carol Faye Gibson. He joined the Old Regular Baptist Church and was baptized by Elder Bert Howard and Elder Coy Combs on the third Sunday in November of 1954 and took his fellowship in the Ball Branch Church and re­mained there 7 years. He then moved his letter to the Steels Creek Church where he remained until his death. He was the assistant clerk of the Church. He was faithful to fill his seat as long as he was able to come and was a strong defender of the old time way and faith. He leaves to mourn his earthly loss his mother and good wife and children and brothers and sisters who stood by him until the end; also, a great host of brothers and sis­ters of the Old Regular Baptist Church and many friends, but I feel down deep in my heart our earthly loss has been his heavenly gain. He said during his illness, “If he should be permitted to live a thousand years he would be no more ready to go than now.” He feared no man and he followed no man; God alone knew his heart. He said he didn’t fear death, but desired not to linger and suffer so long. So dear children if you want to go where I believe Broth­er Isharnels soul has gone and where Sister Viola has hopes of going you will have to serve the same God they have while you live here on this earth. Ministers he requested in his funeral were Brother Bert Howard, Brother Ellis Hopkins, Brother Troy Nickels, and Brother Green Bradley. 

By a Brother in hope, 
Green Bradley and his loving wife, Viola Gibson

B. T. THOMAS  b-t-thomas.jpg (16352 bytes) The obituary of B. T. Thomas, the son of James and Sarah Thomas born October 28, 1963, being 86 years and two days old. He was wed to Manda Collins in 1906. In early life to this union was born 10 children. Two preceded him in death, leaving eight still living. Brother T, as we always called him, joined the Old Regular Church about 42 years ago in which he lived a fruitful life, one in which his children and his neighbors would do well to take heed of his life. He. was a Deacon of the Old Ball Fork Church. The church has lost a good pillar, a member and the community has lost a good neighbor. He leaves to mourn his passing his wife, Manda, and eight children, sixty grand children and thirty-nine great grand children. Brother T was loved by practically all men who knew him. We will not say all because the Bible says “Woe be unto the man everybody speaks well of,” but as a neighbor, he couldn’t be beat for he had the respect of everybody. We certainly feel that our loss is Heaven’s gain. When he was dying Sister Manda said he patted her hand and smiled and fell asleep. So to his children especially to those who have not made peace with God, if you ever want to see Daddy again, make peace with God while life and opportunity affords. We have to prepare in this life if we ever see how the Glory World looks.

Written by request, Elder Burton Howard

ELDER TONA HALL tona-hall.jpg (15202 bytes) It is of much sadness that we attempt to write an obituary of our beloved husband and father, Tona Hall. He was born April 17, 1901 and deceased this life May 24, 1964. He was the son of Walter and Elizabeth Vanderpool Hall,. deceased. He leaves his companion Susanna Hall, and 2 living children, Mrs. Virginia Hagans of Hi-Hat, Ky. and Mrs. Leoria Tucker of East Point, Ga. and leaves 1 grand child, Susanna Tucker to mourn his loss. Three children preceded him in death, Essa Lona, Marvin Maynard, and unnamed baby son. Also leaves the following brothers and sisters living, Jack Hall, Vest, Ky., Sam Hughes, Clintwood, Va., Anna Hill, Clintwood, Va., Alice Conley, Huntington, W. Va., Mary Compton, Chesapeake, Ohio. With brothers deceased Wayne Hughes, Lee Hughes and Joe Hall. Brother Tona joined the Philadelphia Regular Baptist Church approximately 15 years ago and was loved by all who knew him and he was whole heartily devoted to his family and all neighborhood children. Always showed great love and admiration for everyone. He was badly afflicted for many years and bore his sickness with patience. We have no doubt that according to his testimony and the life he lived but that he has passed out of this life to a life of peace and happiness with his loved ones gone on before. The family wishes to thank all his friends and neighbors for their help and concern during his sickness and death. 

Written by the Family.

ELDER TROY CAUDILL  troy-caudill.jpg (9735 bytes)  I will try and write a short sketch of the life of my Dear Beloved Brother to wit, Troy Caudill. He was born Dec. 26, 1912, died Dec. 16, 1962. He was 51 years., 11 months, 14 days old. He was the son of Wilburn and Lize Caudill. He was married to Mary Liz Gibson. Unto this union was born 8 children, 2 preceded him in death as infants. Names of children: Elder Fay Crawford, Bobby Gene Caudill, Delmer Caudill, Anna Mae Burger, Allen Caudill, all live at Lexington, Ky. Linda Gay Caudill at Melvin, Ky. He joined the Old Regular Baptist Church July 1944, ordained first Saturday in November 1953. He lived so humble a life and I say to his wife and children if they ever want to see him again, they will have to be born again. So may God bless them and that they never will forget the good preaching he always preach to them. So I feel I can say sleep on brother until I come where you are. He loved to go to Church and meet his brothers and sisters. He loved to fill his seat and I hope I can see some of his children or his wife fill it before I have to die. 

Written by his Brother Elder Alvin Caudill

MARTHA SLONE  martha-slone.jpg (15244 bytes) It is with much sadness that I try to write a few words about my dear sweet Mother who is gone but not forgotten. She was born May 11, 1866 and departed this life April 9, 1960. She was a member of the Caney Fork Church for forty years. She loved her church and was a faithful member as long as she was able to go. She was so humble and kind to everyone. I can remember when I was growing up, people would pass by and she would go out to the road and ask them to come in and eat with her. She would say “I have it on the table, come and eat with me.” She loved to see anybody come to visit her. Oh, how we miss her no tongue can tell. She visited my home about a year before she went away. She said, “I want to see where you live before I go away.” I am living in hopes that I will see her again when this life is over. 

Written by her daughter and a sister in hope, Mrs. Dan Jacobs. 

The time on earth is swiftly passing, when we shall hear the trumpets sound, The Jewels on earth will then be gathered around Gods throne where we will be crowned.

ALICE (JOHNSON) OSBORNE  alice-osborne.jpg (13347 bytes) It is with a sad and broken heart that I. try to write an obituary of my dear Mother. Alice (Johnson) Osborne was born July 19, 1899, deceased this life January 11, 1963. She was married to Willard Os­borne October 9, 1913. Unto this union was born 8 children. Two boys and two girls and her husband preceded her in death, leaving 2 girls, 2 boys, 19 grandchildren and 5 great great grandchildren to mourn her lose. The children’s names that are still living: Mrs. Dow Johnson and Mrs. Russel Blair both of Melvin, Ky. Adam Os­borne, Tucson, Arizona, Ira Osborne, Loveland, Ohio. She has 6 sisters and 2 brothers still living. Mother joined tne Old Reg­ular Baptist Church the first Sunday in September 1952 and was baptized the same day by Elder Jerry Hall and Elder Bud Johnson. She lived a faithful life till death. Mom is gone but forgotten. I have been with her so many times in my dreams since she has been gone but I have a hope that we will live together again after this life is over. Well there are so many good things I could say about Mother but space doesn’t permit it. All I can say to the family is if you ever want to meet Mother again you must fall out from sin and be born again.

Written by a broken hearted daughter Pearly Johnson

JOHN AND HELEN OWENS  john-helen-owens.jpg (8136 bytes)  With a saddened heart, I will try to write the obituary of my father and mother. Father has been gone for 26 years. I want their obituary written together. John Owens was the son of Vencon and Lucinda Owens. He was born June 18, 1878 and died June 9, 1985. He was 57 years, 11 months, and 21 days old. He was afflicted with that dreadful disease T. B. He suffered severely for 18 months. He said he was just waiting for God’s time. Just a short time before he died he said, “0 Lord, haven’t I suffered long enough to go home?, take me on.” He seemed to suffer but little more. Helen was the daughter of Tandy and Ann Slone. She was born August 29, 1878 and died November 23, 1961. Mother was afflicted with hardened arteries. She was so humble and bore her sickness with patience. She was sick for sometime. They were married in the year of 1892. Unto this union was born fifteen children, 6 boys and 9 girls. They joined he Old Regular Baptist Church about the year of 1911. They were faithful members as long as they were able to go. They served the church as deacons for several years. They showed great interest in the church as long as they lived. They prayed for their children and gave us good advice. The good council of our mother and father is still living in our hearts today. The family is almost gone. Six children are left to mourn their loss. They are: Alva Owens, Hindman, Kentucky; Kennel Owens, Lackey, Kentucky; Edward Owens, Garner, Ky.; Ethel Caudill, Lackey, KY.; Mary Tuttle, Wayland, Ky.; and Grace Slone, Soft Shell, Ky. Mother lived a lonesome life after father died. 0 how we miss our father and mother, but we feel our loss is heavens gain. Thanks be to God I believe I will meet them again in that beautiful home where we will part no more. They will not be sick there.

Written by a broken hearted daughter, Grace Owens

AMOS ROWE  amos-howe.jpg (13828 bytes) With much sorrow I will try to write an obituary of my husband Amos Rowe, which is missed around our home. A son of Willard Rowe and Fan­nie Holland Rowe. He was born June 25, 1926 and deceased October 26, 1963 making a stay here on earth 37 year, 4 months and one day. He was married to Ruth Hicks on February 14, 1953. To this union was born three children, one preceded him in death. He leaves a mother, two broth­ers and two sisters. A host of relatives and friends. He was in ill health for the last few years. But went on working to provide, for me and the children when he wasn’t able. I feel his work and pain is over. And hope to meet him around the throne of God. He was a member of the Stone Coal Regular Baptist Church and filled his seat ever time he could. I want to thank all my good sisters and brothers, my friends and love one’s that came to my rescue in the hour of trouble. May the Lord bless all of you. A precious one from us is gone A voice we love is still A place is vacant in our home That never can be filled. A memorial of Amos, Willard and Clara Mae will be preached the second Saturday and Sunday of June 1965 at the Stone Coal Regular Baptist Church House. Preachers selected are Elders Burt Howard, Mitchell Chaffins, Banner Manns and Plenie Rowe and everyone is invited. 

Written by a broken hearted wife, Ruth Rowe 

J. M. TURNER  j-m-turner.jpg (9620 bytes) J. M.  or better known. as Morg Turner was the son of Green and Susan Turner. He was born December 6, 1887, and died August 3, 1963, making his stay on earth seventy-five. years, eight months, and five. days. In early life, he was wed to Sister Emma Hays. To this union was born four children to wit: Ezra Turner and Trimble Turner, both of Wayland, Kentucky; Hatler Turner, Dema, Kentucky; and Zeda Turner, at  home. Morg Turner has been a life long resident of Wayland. He was a good neighbor and will be badly missed among his neighbors. He leaves his wife, Emma, his four children, two grandchildren, J o h n Morgan T u r n e r, Tennessee, and Joe Turner, Tennessee; two great- grandchildren, one brother, Buck Morris, and one niece, Bill Turner’s wife and a host of friends and relatives to mourn his loss. Brother H a w 1 e y Warrens asked Morg just before he left for the hospital that in case he did not come home, how the case was with him. Morg told Brother Hawley that there was nothing in his way; he was alright and ready to meet God. We of the Regular Baptist will certainly miss him in the old church, because he was more faithful than some of the members in filling his seat. The good Lord was mighty good to his family. Morg was the first one to go out of the family. However, let me say to the children; if you want to see Daddy again, you will have to come to God and repent and be born again. To Sister Emma, the time won’t permit us to wait too long before you see Brother Morg again. Jesus says in Revelations,. “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from henceforth says the spirit they may rest from their labors and their works do follow them.” Let me say that the best word was for Morg to say that there was nothing in his way. 

Written for the family by: Elder Burton Howard

JOHNNIE HALL jonnie-hall.jpg (12260 bytes)  Johnnie Hall was the son of Jonas Hall and Rebecca Hall. He was born May 5, 1894 and departed this life July 19, 1964. He was seventy years, two months and a few days old at the time the death angel made its visit to his home. Johnnie, to his neighbors lived a good life. H~ had belonged to the Old Regular Baptist Church, of which he was a deacon, about twenty-six years. lie was wed to Wanna Hall in the year of 1914 and to this union was born eight children, one preceding him in death. Two boys, Herald, Lackey, Kentucky, and James, Dayton, Ohio; Mrs. Ada Martin, Dayton, Ohio; Zelda Tuttle, Topmost, Kentucky; Elva Wadkins, Pippa Passes, Kentucky; Florince Mullins, Mousie, Kentucky; Noe Slone, Lackey, Kentucky. Brother Johnnie became sick and went to the hospital for an operation and received a shot in the spine which para­lyzed his whole body. lie bore illS sickness with patience and Sister Wanna must have been blessed because she waited on him day and night standing over him continually. There was a love between them that could o n I y be separated by death. We believe according to his life among his children and his neighbors, that Brother Johnnie has just left a world of trouble and now is resting from all his labors. He leaves to mourn his passing, forty grandchildren, thir­teen great-grandchildren, his wife, three brothers, James Hall, Cold Grove, Ohio; George Hall, Bevensville, Kentucky; and Willie Hall, Bevensville, Kentucky; one sister, Anna Slone, Faulton, Ohio; a large host of kindred and friends. To the children that have not made peace with God, Brother Johnnie has passed from this world to a never ending eternity and I am sure he would like for his children to follow him, but if you don’t repent, I do not believe you will ever see your daddy again. He left this world telling his com­panion he just wanted to go home and was not afraid to die and face God. A memorial will be preached the last of July and the first of August in 1965, with Elders Troy Nickles, Burton Howard and others.

Respectfully submitted;
Elder Burton Howard

 NORA PRATER nora-prater.jpg (10226 bytes)  Nora Prater was born March 12, 1884 to Harmon and Juda Prater, deceased, April 21, 1963, being 79 years and 1 month old at her passing. Sister Nora was married to George Prater, and to this union was born three children: two boys and one girl, Harmon Prater, Blue River, Ky., Her­bert Prater, West Prestonsburg, KY.; Alafair Gibson, Willard, Ohio. She leaves twelve grandchildren and five great grand­children to mourn her loss. Sister Nora has a father and a mother and three brothers and one sister that has passed on before her to their home beyond this veil of tears and we feel she has joined them where there is no more sickness or pain to bear. Sister Nora has also left two brothers living, Newman Prater of Greenup, Ky., and J. R. Prater of Attica, Ohio. She leaves four living sisters, S a r a h Prater, Mary Prater, Martha Prater, and Lolia Ousley all of Hueysville, Ky. and also a host of friends and relatives to mourn her loss. Sister Nora was loved by all who knew her and she is missed at the Old Philadelphia Regular Baptist Church where she was a member for over forty years. We feel that our loss is heaven’s gain. Sister Nora was a great friend in time of sickness. She was a Mid-wife and was always ready to minister to the sick and ready to lend a help­ing hand, but now she is gone to enjoy that happy home that Jesus said he would go and prepare for his children. A few words to Sister Nora’s children - you should be so glad of those sweet words she said while dying - “I am going Home”. Alaf air, I feel you will meet mother again some day, and Harmon, you and Herbert can too, if you haven’t already repented. If you haven’t repented, repent and be born again, and I trust that you will.

This was written by a cousin and a Brother in the Lord, Robert Adkins, and aided by her daughter, Alifair.

BERRY TACKETT  berry-tackett.jpg (13111 bytes) While sitting here alone, if the Lord will give me the mind and strength, I will try to write a short sketch of the life of my loving husband, Berry Tackett. He was the son of Andy and Hannah Tackett. He was born April 29, 1910. He died April 28, 1964, liked one day being 54 years old when sweet Jesus sent and took him home to live with his daddy that left him in 1949. He was first married to Elvie Hamilton in July 1928. To this union was born 6 children, 4 daughters and 2 sons. His companion and one daughter preceded him in death. Then he was married the second time to Mahala Tackett in July, 1942. Unto this union was born 3 children, 2 sons and 1 daughter, which the Lord loved our baby better than we did and took it when it was only 3 weeks old. So I be­lieve that Berry is resting with the rest of the family that God has taken away from us. He leaves a lonesome wife, 3 girls, 4 boys, a sweet mother and 23 grandchildren, also a host of friends to mourn with us. Berry loved every body. While he was in the hospital he had so m a n y visitors, the nurses said he had more friends than anybody. Berry didn’t belong to the church, but he loved the Baptist family. We always went to church. We loved to go to church. It Was for a while before Berry took sick that he worked so hard that he wanted to stay at home and rest. But still he would talk about not going to church. He told me and his mother not long before he died that he would like for the good Lord to let him live long enough to tell the people what he had done for him. He said with his sweet trembling voice that he had a better home to go to. He told his mother that him and her was standing on a little platform and a ladder to it and one of the others had to climb that ladder. So I feel like that sweet Jesus sent one of his Angels to climb the ladder with him. He loved his family so much that he wanted them to stay around him where he could see them at all times. He would say it done him good for any of us to have our hands on him. He had so much faith he wanted some of the good people to stay with him so they could put their hands.. on him and try on him. Seems like it would give him ease. He enjoyed people coming in and talking with him. Old brother Jerry Hall and some of the other good people stayed Sunday and Monday night with him. Jerry got up at mid night and started home. He looked up at Jerry and said with a very weak voice, Jerry if you leave me I, will be dead before daylight. So Jerry stayed with him. He hated to leave his his family so bad on Monday night before he died he called all his children and talked to them he told them he was going to Heaven and for them not to put it off to late to live right. I was standing at his back with my hands on his head he looked up at me and said to me, my sweet wife will you meet me in Heaven? I told him yes I don’t feel like there is anything in between me and my Lord and I believe me and Berry will live together again. We did everything that we could do for him. All the children were good to stay and did every thing that their daddy wanted them to do. I stood by him and held to his hand just as long as I could stand it. It was hard to do but I knew that was what he wanted the last word I could under­stand him. He was trying to call my name. He would say my sweet mother. She stayed with him day and night. There are a lot of good things to say but I want to say Mother and dear sweet children we can’t stand by and fan daddy any more, but we can live a good Christian life and live for the Lord. Then when we leave here we can live with Daddy where we will never be hungry for God is the same yesterday, today, and forever and Chaugheth nat. May I close his obituary by quoting here a poem which seems so fitting and appropriate to our memory of the sweetest husband and Daddy of all.

Dear Husband:

The world may change from year to year.
Our lives from day to day,
The loving memory of you, Dear Husband
shall never fade away.
I always sit and think of you and of the way you died.
and that you could not say Good-Bye
Before you closed your eyes.
Always so true, unselfish and kind.
Few in this world, your equal, we’ll find.
A beautiful life that come to an end.
You died as you lived, every one’s friend. In sad memory,

Written by his lonesome wife, Mahala Tackett

DARCUS GAYHEART  darcus-gayheart.jpg (10768 bytes)  With a sad and lonely heart I will try to write an obituary of our b e 1 o v e d mother and grandmother Darcus Gayheart for mama and their other children. She was born June 16, 1877, and departed this life September 25, 1962. She was married to Richard Gayheart (deceased) in 1892. To this union was born five children, three boys and two girls, Millie Hall, Lum Gayheart, Melda I-JaIl, Milford Gayheart. and Granny joined the Old Regular Bobby Gayheart, deceased. Baptist Church in September of 19~7. She loved to go to church so much. She believed in filling her seat as long as she was able to get there. She was afflicted for several years before she died. She loved all her brethren and sisters so much and would send for them to come and preach and sing for her. Seems like she would get so happy. I have seen her unable to get over the floor by herself and some of us would hold her up while she shouted and praised the Lord. She was a firm believer in the old time doctrine. She told me so many wonderful things. One thing she told me so many times that she didn’t believe Brother Troy would tell the church any­thing wrong. She talked to her children many times and beg­ged them to fall out with sin and live for the Lord. Children if you want to see mother again be ready to meet her when the Lord comes again. Milford remember how often mother talked to you and begged you to live for the Lord. Get ready to meet her. She told us so many times she didn’t mind dying that she was going to a better home. Granny loved all her good friends so much. Sadly missed by her children and grand­children. 
Written by her lonely grand daughter, Edith Lawson.

ELIZABETH TURNER OSBORN elizabeth-osborn.jpg (14690 bytes)   She was the daughter of Morgan and E 11 e n Spencer Turner of McDowell, Ky. She was born June 4, 1870 and was married to Dr. David Osborn from Johnson Co., Ky. She moved to White House, Ky. many years ago finally after her husband’s death she went to Denver, Colorado to live with her Granddaughter. She had 2 Sons who proceeded her in death many years ago. She joined the Old Regular Baptist Church in 1892 and lived faithful to her profession until her death. She was brought back to Old Home at White House, Ky. and laid to rest with her Husband and 2 sons. 

Written by her only Nephew, Milford Hall

ORA HAMILTON  ora-hamilton.jpg (14064 bytes)  I will now with a sad and broken heart try to write an obituary of my dear beloved husband, to wit: Ora Hamilton. lie was the son of Robert  Hamilton and Clearinda Hall Hamilton. Brother Ora was born May 5, 1896 and departed this life February 23, 1964, making his ~s Lay here on earth 68 years, 8 months and 18 days. He and his companion joined the Old Regular Baptisit Church ~bout 7 years ago. He leaves here on earth to mourn his loss two sons, Caner Ham­ilton of Apple Creek, Ohio and Ronnie Hamilton, an adopted son, of GaIveston~ Ky., and many other friends. He said about three weeks before he died he talked all night with the Lord and said he would call him when he needed him. He never .lingered sick very long, and he cer­tainly did bear his sickness with patience. He filled his seat at the old church when he was able to go. He leaves here on earth one Brother and three sisters to mourn his loss, Troy Hamilton, Rosy Adkins and Martha Hall all of Galveston, Ky. and Maudie Hunter of Printer, Ky. Brother Bert Conn was here on Saturday before he died on Sunday morning. He was talking with him and when he started to leave he told Brother Bert he wanted him to come back and have church for him and he died on Sunday morning between the hour of four and five o’clock. The death angel came after him. Oh, we hated to give him up. When he died he was clapping his hands and shouting. Oh how we all do miss him and hated to give him up, but we feel our loss is Heaven’s gain. We feel that some day we will all be together again where we won’t have to part any more. We feel that when king Jesus comes again to gather his children here on earth and take them home Brother Ora will be in that number. The Bible says blessed and holy is he that has a part in the first resurrection for on such the second death has no powed and we believe by the life Brother Ora lived while here on earth he will be in that number. His funeral will be preached the fifth Saturday and Sunday in August 1964. Every body is invited to come. 

Written by his broken hearted companion, Corsettia Hamilton and niece, Opal Hamilton

MOSE RAMSEY mose-ramsey.jpg (15210 bytes)  It is with a sad and aching heart I’ll try and write an obituary of my beloved husband, Mose Ramsey. He was born August 10, 1881; deceased this life May 18, 1962, making his stay on earth 81 years, 9 months, and 8 days. He joined the Old Regular Baptist Church in 1927, lived a devoted and faithful m e m b e r until death. A 1 w a y s attending church when able, he was in bad health for some time. He was married to Mary Ramsey, 57 years ago. To this union was born 9 children, 6 preceding him in death, leav­ing 3 to mourn his loss. He also had a step-son and step­daughter, 12 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren and his companion. We feel our loss is heaven’s gain, the church has lost a good member and the children a good father. We’ll say to the children that are still in sin, close in with His offered mercies, before it is too late and meet Daddy in Heaven where we won’t be separated anymore. A precious one from us is gone, a voice we loved is still, a place is vacant in our home, that never can be filled. 

Written by his heart-broken wife, Mary Ramsey. 

MAYTE B. CONN mayte-conn.jpg (12503 bytes)  It is with much sadness and broken heartedness that we will try to write an obituary of our dear deceased mother and wife, Mayte B. Conn. She was the daughter of Wesley Boyd and Clarinda Smiley, born Dec. 20, 1893, and departed this life April 24, 1964, at the age of 70 years, 4 months and 4 days. She was married to Charlie Conn April 17, 1918. To this union was born nine children, one preceding her in death, Curtus Conn, killed in service December 25, 1944. Mother leaves to mourn her loss, her husband, Charlie Conn, and 6 boys, to wit, Travis, James, Norman, Crit, Hershel and W. B. 2 daughters, Myrtle and June. Mother also leaves to mourn her loss 25 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren, 6 brothers, one preceding her in death, Jim Boyd. The others are, Worley. Boyd, Brad Boyd, A. M. Boyd, Palmer Boyd and Arthur Boyd. Three sisters; Offie Bailey, Salley Click and Minervia Robinette. She also leaves a host of friends and relatives, I trust that our loss is heaven’s gain. Mother joined the Old Regular Baptist Church the first Saturday in June, 1934, and was baptized by Elder Cola Conn. From that d a y on mother lived a faithful life. Mother was always kind to her children and faithful to Daddy. She enjoyed seeing her children come back home after they had gone out on their own. Many week - ends she would have all her family with her. Mother was sick a good part of her latter life and was unable to attend church, but she enjoyed so much to hear her brothers preach the gospel and sing the old songs of Zion. I feel that mother is now resting in her eternal home with her High and Mighty Master. Children if we ever want to meet Mother again we will have to give up our worldly pleasures and profess a hope in a Higher Power. 

Written by her broken-hearted family.

SHERM RAY  sherm-ray.jpg (12579 bytes)  It is with a sad and broken heart that we attempt to write the obituary of our Father, husband, and Father-in-law, Sherm Ray. He was born March 14, 1883 and departed this life August 13, 1963; making his stay on earth 80 years, 4 months, and 29 days. He was the son of Ely Ray and Susan Clay Ray. He was married to Rosie Trick about the year of 1905. Unto his union there was born nine children, four boys and five girls. Six preceded him in death and one boy, Clyde, passed away about six weeks after he did. That leaves two daughters, Martha Justice and Mary Compton, his good wife, and me his daughter-in-law, nine grandchildren, twenty-four great grandchildren, and many, many good friends to mourn his death. He joined the Old Regular Baptist Church on July 13, 1963, and was baptized on Sunday July 14, 1963, by Whipple Reynolds and Bill Hall. One day before he joined the church to told his wife he wanted to talk to her ond she asked him what he wanted and he said I am not satisfied this way, I want to have Church here at home. We asked him when he wanted Church and he said next Saturday. So we had a called meeting here at home and he joined the Church. He had been sick for a long time with heart disease. Papa was always good to everybody and he always wanted everybody to come and eat with him. He would give the poor and needy the last dollar he had. We were broken hearted to see him depart from us, but mortal man cannot stop the hand of death or the will of God, when he reaches forth his long and fruitful life, a long stop over here on earth in a earthly home. And it is not for his soul that we weep but for the belief that when he passed beyond this realm of pain and suffering he entered the door of God’s eternal kingdom. He told his daughter not many weeks before he passed away that he was ready to die, that there was nothing in his way. His two daughters and wife have professed a hope in Christ. We miss Papa very much, his place at home is vacant and at Church, but we feel our loss is Heaven’s Eternal gain. 

Written by his broken hearted wife and daughter-in-law.

SALLIE AND HARRISON GRIFFITH   sallie_harrison-griffith.jpg (13841 bytes) In remembrance of my lov­ing Mother and Father, I will try in my weakness to write in regard to my Mother and Fath­er’s life. My Mother, Mrs. Sallie Scott Griffith was born September 21, 1888 and departed this life November 25, 1962 being 74 years and a few days old. Mother was the daughter of Dan Scott and Sarah Hoover Scott of Garrett, Kentucky. My Father, Harrison Grif­fith was born May 29, 1884 and departed this life April 20, 1964. Dad was the son of Jim Griffith and Betty Hicks Griffith of West Virginia at Big Creek. Dad and Mother were married early in life and to this union ten children were born of which four proceeded Dad and Mother in death. The remaining children are Richard Griffith of Tekonsha, Michigan, Sol Griffith of Garrett, Kentucky, Mrs. Sarah Price, Rushville, Indiana, Mrs. Sadie Mink, Indianapolis, Indiana, Mrs. Dolly Hunter and Mrs. Harvey, both of Dema, Kentucky. Mother and Dad were both members of the Old Time Regular Baptist Church at Stone Coal and served the Lord faithful some forty five years until their death. Mother and Dad was loved by all who knew them and I can say with great confidence that their doors were always open to the people of God. Ican remember Mother coming to the old church at Stone Coal and shout the praises of God as soon as she entered the church door. The many friends that knew Mother had great confidence in her and often they would come to their little home on Stone Coal and have Mother to pray for them and try on them that her great faith in the creator would help to relieve their suffering. To the children that remain to walk this life, I want all of you to follow in the foot steps and after the same example •left you by Dad and Mother. I believe with my whole heart that Mother and Dad has left a world of suffering and gone on to receive their crown of glory which the Lord promised to every one who would love and serve him. Dad and Mother were both poor people and could not leave us any wealth but I had much rather have the con­fidence that Mother and Dad are resting in the hands of sweet Jesus, than to have inherited a mansion from them. Dear children remember the many good things that Mother and Dad taught us when we were around the old fire place at home. I am sure that you want to see them again and my advice to each of you if you haven’t made your peace calling and election sure with God ... I beg to each of you close in to the offered mercies of God and let all of us be united together around God’s great throne with the one who gave his life for us all ... Ye must be born again... 

Written by their son Richard Griffith.

WILLIE KINNEY  willie-kenny.jpg (12489 bytes)  Sister Willie Kinney deceased this life June 28, 1964 at the age of 55 years, 3 months and 20 days. She was the daughter of Brother Jim Ramsey and Elsie Compton Ramsey. She was the late widow of Edward Kinney. She also was left a widow when she was a young mother; Grant Hobson who deceased her May 25, 1927. Sister Willie lost a little girl in a few weeks after she had lost her late husband. She leaves three boys, one step son, and five girls. Children, I know you will shed many tears as you think ~ of a sweet and loving mother. We will miss her so much in this world. I do hope you will make the choice mother made. ~ She came and said, “I feel the Lord has forgive me of my sins”, and she warned to be baptized. She joined the Old Regular Baptist January 27, 1952. It was a cold winter day, but I feel God had warmed her soul with eternal love. Your mother’s troubles were great in this world, and I feel they have turned to joy. May God help those that have not got Jesus to pardon their sins. It i’s the most precious thing of all that you choose the good part that leads to eternal love. God said, “I give eternal life.” Edward Jr. and Sue, I will pray for you, but most of all children, live like mother would want you to, and prepare to meet her in heaven. 

Written by Elder Grover Adkins

JAMES McCOWN james-mccown.jpg (13907 bytes)  It is in much weakness that I try to write an obituary of a dear old Pilgrim and Brother that has been called from the shores of time to go the way of all the earth; To witt Brother James McCown, the son of Huey McCown and Catherine Allen McCown. Born May 30, 1S63. Deceased this life June 28, 1964. Making his stay on earth one hundred one years and twenty eight days. He was first married to Laura Irick who preceded him in death. Born to that union were n i n e children, six of which preceded him in death. Surviving are Mrs. H. R. Fleming of Russel Point, Ohio, Mrs. R. M. Stafford of Russel Point, Ohio, and Bill McCown of Ashland, Kentucky. On March 29, 1905 he was married to Anna Ray. Born to that union were two daughters. Mrs. Rush Thomas, who preceded him in death, and Mrs. Maddison Branham who resides at Robinson Creek, Ky. He leaves to mourn his passing his wife, one son, three daughters, fifteen grandchildren, twelve great grandchildren, one half brother, Will McCown, two half sisters, Martha Mc­Cown Cole, and Mrs. Draxie McCown Thomas. He joined the Old Regular Baptist approximately eleven years ago and was baptized by Elder F. A. Hopkins and Elder Charlie Roberts. He lived true to his profession until death. May I say to his relation at large that if you want to see Brother James again you will have to pray to the same God that he prayed to. The Bible says “Except you believe that I am He, ye shall die in your sins, and where I am ye can not Come”.

Written by a Brother in Hope. Elder Monroe Jones

MARION SLONE  marion-slone.jpg (12676 bytes)  By request of the family, I will attempt to write a short sketch of the life and death of a beloved brother in the Lord. Brother Marion Slone was born November 11, 1891, the son of Adam (Ad) and Tena Slone. On July 12, 1912, he was united in marriage to Rosetta Short, and to this union was born eight children; four boys and four girls. One boy preceded him in death, leaving seven 3hildren, a great number of grandchildren, a dear compan­ion, and a multitude of friends to mourn his passing. Brother Marion joined the Mount Olive Church of Old Regular Baptist the first Sat­urday in April, 1961, and I feel that he lived a good Christian life until his death. He bore the fruits of love and charity within the church and among his neighbors. It gave him great pleasure for his brothers and sisters of the church to come in his home and hold services for him. He seemed to take a special delight in feeding the congregation, and was not satisfied until everyone had eaten. On November 11, on his 72nd birthday, he was stricken down with a stroke, and was never able to speak again. A few days later he was taken to Mount Mary’s Hospital, Hazard, Ky. On the Sunday before he died, I, (the writer) went to visit him. When I went in, he was lying with his eyes closed, and it looked as if he could not live long. I asked the family if they thought he recognized anyone; they said they did not. I was very much grieved because I wanted him to know that I was there. With a heavy heart I walked out in the hail and began to ask God if it was his will He would let Brother Marion understand that I was there. Then I went back inside, stooped over the bed and said “Brother Marion,” he did not seem to notice, so I spoke again, “Brother Marion, open your eyes and see if you know me.” As soon as I had spoken, he opened his eyes, cast them upon me, and his lips began to tremble. He raised up his arm as if to embrace me. This makes me believe that God answered my prayers and let him realize that I was there. On November 27, 1963, the terrible monster, death, entered the hospital and took Brother Marion away. Though his family, friends, and the church greatly miss his presence among us, we rest in hope that he gained that haven of rest beyond this vale of tears. I would like to say to his children: Children, your Daddy prayed for you when you were gone from home, He begged God to let you return safely. Children, if you could only see the things that are prepared for your Daddy and all that loves and serves the Lord, you would try to be better boys and girls and meet your Papa in a better world. 

Written by a brother in the Lord, Arland Slone

G. J. “BUD” SLONE  bud-slone.jpg (13102 bytes)  By request of the family, I will try to write a short sketch of the life of a dear brother in the Lord. Brother G. J. “Bud” Slone was born Feb.11, 1883, the son of Billie and Martha Slone, and departed this life Oct. 13, 1963. In the year of 1902 he was united in marriage to Hannah Elizabeth Slone, and to this union was born seven children: Canton of Lexington, Ky. Cephas, Emmitt, and Hulda of Pippa Passes, Ky., Bertha of St. Marys, Ohio and Dora of Wauseon, Ohio; one girl, Tina, died in infancy. Brother Bud’s companion, also, answered the summons of death, and in the year of 1920, he was married to Elizabeth’ Slone; they had one son, Berlin Slone of Pippa Passes, Ky. So, Brother Bud leaves seven children, 25 grandchildren, 45 great grandchildren, 2 great- great-grandchildren and a dear companion to mourn his pass­ing. In 1939 Brother Bud joined the Mount Olive Church of Old Regular Baptist. He preached for. several years, but was never ordained for the ministry. He was ordained as a deacon, and fulfilled the qual­ifications in a conscientious and upright manner. He at­tended church as long as he was able, and was faithful to visit the sick. I have seen him many times tottering along the road on his cane, to visit some sick neighbor, and I have honestly thought that the person he was going to see was more able to visit than he was. Brother Bud, like all good Christians, received some criticisms, but he would say, “It is not what people say about you that counts, it is what God knows about you. While they’re talking about me, they’re letting somebody else alone”. Finally the terrible grip of cancer was fastened upon the frail body of Brother Bud, and he was stricken down to bed, but he continued to plead and counsel young and old to seek for a better life. I believe one of the greatest tributes to Brother Bud was the confidence and respect shown to him by the younger people. After he got beyond speaking they would come in and gaze sorrowfully down at him as if to acknowledge that they were losing a dear friend. There are many wonderful things I could say about Brother Bud, but space will not permit, so I will conclude this obituary by saying to his family: I know that you miss your Daddy, and nothing will ever be the same as it was when he was with you, but try to comfort yourself with the hope which he left you. I firmly believe that in his dying moment, he viewed his eternal happiness; the refuge of the weary pilgrim. If any of you are still out in sin, let me be~ you to get ready to walk with Brother Bud in that shining city where separation cannot come and heartaches are no more.

Written by a brother in the Lord Arland Slone

Four Page Missing

mother.jpg (10682 bytes)Mother had been sick for a long time with high blood, su­gar and enlarged heart, but she kept going on her feet when she was not able to go until the day she died. I be­lieve with al my heart with the hope she left, that she is at rest. Oh, how I miss my dear sweet Mother.

Written by her daughter, Ogie Conley and grand­daughter, Avonell Huff.

T. W. STEPHENS tw-stephens.jpg (11779 bytes) With a sad heart and in much weakness, I will try to write an obituary of Brother T. W. Stephens. In early life he married Mary Tussy, and to this union was born 8 children, 5 boys and 3 girls. Later he married Orville Johnson, to this union was born one son. His last marriage was to Melvina Thornsberry, who lives to mourn his loss. Iwant to say to his 9 chil­dren and his good wife, that I t)elieve by the life he lived and ~he Hope that he professed \vhile living, that he is just resting until the morning of the Ressurection, w h e n he shall be called home to Heaven to live with all the true chil­dren of God. The 14 years that I knew him I found him to be a very humble and kind man. His con­versation was always of a Godly sort. He joined the Old Regular Baptist Church in the year of 1950, and was faithful to fill his seat. Though we miss him here on earth, we are glad that he is free from pain and the great burdens that the true children of God has to bear while traveling through this weary land. I believe that our loss is Heavens gain, so sleep on Bro. Tom until Christ comes to redeem us from this world of sin and trouble.

Written by his Step-Daughter-in-law, Mabel Thornsberry Tuttle and his wife, Melvina Stephens

JIMMY WAYNE MARTIN I feel it my duty to write a sketch of my precious grandson, one so dear and near to me. Jimmy Wayne was born April 23, 1946, died Sept. 7, 1963 at the age of 17 years. He was the son of Ezra and Doris Martin. He had one sister and one brother. The best of all he left us a good testimony he wasn’t afraid to die. He was baptized into The First Baptist Church at an early age about 14 years old. He was involved in a Motor Cycle accident. He told them he was going to die to tell his Mother, and take him to the hospital and just give him something to relieve him and let him go on. He asked them to pray for him and he prayed with them. He told his Mother and others just a short time before he wasn’t afraid to die, he wouldn’t care to go on, that this was a wicked old world to live in so much trouble. The life he lived and the way he talked, we don’t worry about his soul, only the great loss. He was the flower of our home. It is so hard on us to give him up. I can see now what Wayne meant when he said I hate to leave you here, you have so much trouble. Wayne had only been gone seven months when Jimmy Wayne left us. I have dreamed of seeing them together looking so happy and smiling. I feel, they are together. I get home sick to go to heaven I want to go and see them. I have so much trouble and hardships here. I want to say to Ezra and Doris just press on, Jimmy is gone never to return any more in our home buy  by the grace of God we can go to him to never have to part no more.

Written by his broken hearted Grandmother. Luella Martin.

VIRGINIA ELOUISE STRATTON  virginia-stratton.jpg (11173 bytes)  With sadness and a broken heart I will try to write an obituary of my sweet and be- 1 o v e d companion, Virginia Elouise Sandefur Stratton. She was born September 4, 1920 and departed this life July 1, 1964. She was the daughter of James L. and Henrietta Pauley Sandefur. She was married to John George Stratton January 22, 1944 and to this union were born 8 daughters: Gladys Irene, Wanda Sue, Rita Gay, Neitha, Loretta, Sandra, Lenetta, and Kay which are all at home. She has six brothers: Robert Sandefur, Sidney, Kentucky; James L. Sandefur, Jr. Portsmouth, Virginia; Carmen Sandefur, Norfolk, Virginia; Melville Sandefur, Portsmouth, Virginia; T/Sgt. Winifred Sandefur, Air Force Homestead, Florida, and Henry Sandefur, Portsmouth, Virginia. Three sisters: Mrs. Susie Chapman, Ferndale, Michigan; Miss Roberta Sandefur, Forest Hills, Kentucky, and Mrs. Ruby Mozis, Hopkins, Minnesota, and her mother and father James L. and Henrietta Sandefur who reside at Sidney, Kentucky. Elouise joined the Old Regular Baptist Church March 9, 1947, and was a faithful member to attend church as long as she was able. The good life she lived at home, in the church, before her neighbors and the world I believe proved that she was born again, and that in the hour and article of death that she just went to sleep in the arms of Jesus. If it could have been God’s will I wanted her to stay with me and the children a little longer and I prayed to this end, but Jesus seen cause to call her home to Glory. So Friends, Neighbors, and children remember the life that Elouise lived, and when Christ visits you and bids you to accept Him as your personal Savior don’t turn him away. So pray that God’s will be done and may He prosper and Bless the Old Regular Baptist Church.

Written by Her Broken Hearted Husband And the Children, John G. Stratton

VICTORIA TACKETT victoria-tackett.jpg (11475 bytes)  It is with much sadness I viii try to write an obituary of my sweet mother, if the good Lord will help me and hold me up. Victoria Tackett was born February 29th. She was 67 years, 9 months, and two days old. She left us the 9th f December, 1963. She left 3 girls in this world that if we are what we profess to be I be­lieve w e will meet mother again and one boy that I sure love with all my heart but I believe if he ever sees mother again he will have to repent and look to the same God that mother looked to and I sure hope that he will do so before it is too late. Mother loved him so much and she told me after she got, bad off if she didn’t never get to talk to him any more for me to tell him to meet her in a better world and she didn’t never get to see him but I believe if he will be a good boy and repent he can live with mother where they will be happy together and I feel deep down in this sole of mine I will see mother again in a place where we will be happy and won’t have to part no more, but I get lonesome in my home thinking of mother. I waited on her so long, but I believe the good Lord held me up to wait on my little poor sweet mother. She would say to me so many times God bless you, Lona and I believe that come from her heart and I feel that the good Lord answered her. So I will close with tears in my eyes, but I believe some day they will be wiped away. The other children’s~ names are Virtie Ray, Vesta Newsome and Efford Tackett. 

Written by her daughter, Lona Little

EMILY GIBSON RAMEY  emily-ramey.jpg (14400 bytes) With the power and grace of God I will try to write the obituary of our dear mother, Emily Gibson Ramey who was born December 18, 1891. She was married to John Ramey who preceded her in death. She departed this life the 25th day of March, 1964 making her stay here on earth 72 years, three months and one week. She was blessed with five children, four daughters and one son. Clara Rowe, Savannah, Georgia; Hursel Ramey, Wheelwright, Kentucky; Vada Little, Rt. 2, Pikeville, Ken­tucky; Mildred Bartley, Lewis- town, Montana; and Billie Mc­Allister, Toledo, Ohio. Mother joined the Caney Creek Regular Baptist Church about 10 years before her death and I believe our loss is Heaven’s gain. M o t h e r was sick about eight months with cancer. She suffered so much but bore it with such patience. I miss he so bad but I feel I will see mother again and I want to say to all the children if they ever want to see mother again they will have to repent of their sins and be born again. I have had such sweet dreams about mother I believe she is where there is no cancer in that sweet home above, and by the grace of God I will see her again.

Written by her broken hearted daughter Vada Little

(NANCY JANE) NAN SALMONS OUSLEY  nan-ousley.jpg (11849 bytes)  With sad hearts will write this obituary of Nan Ousley. She was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Salmons. She was born March 3, 1910, she lived here on earth 53 years, 9 months, and 2 days. She was married to Leonard Ousley, January 21, 1926 unto this union were born three girls, Edith, Evalee and Lucille, sur­viving are h u s b a n d, three daughters, seven grandchil­dren, five sisters, two broth­ers to mourn her loss. Mrs. Ousley had been a member of the Cold Spring Regular Bap­tist Church for a period of 20 years. Mrs. Ousley was a kind, faithful, loving wife and mother until she deceased this life. We feel that we lost one whose loving memory will always remain in our hearts but we have the grandest hope that our great loss will be heaven’s gain.

Written by her husband and three daughters

MARY ANN PITTS SALMONS  mary-salmons.jpg (6342 bytes) With sad hearts will try to write this obituary of Mary Ann Salmons. She was the daughter of Tom and Editha Pitts. She was born April 17, 1882. She lived here on this earth 82 years. She was mar­ried to William Thomas Sal­mons, February 7, 1901, unto this union were born thirteen children, four boys, nine girls. Surviving are seven children and thirty grandchildren to mourn her loss. Mother had been a member of the Cold Springs Regular Baptist Church for a period of fifty years. Mother was a kind, faithful, loving mother and to all who knew her until she deceased this life. We feel that we lost one whose loving memory will always remain in our hearts, but we have the grandest hope that our great loss will be heavens gain.

Written by her loving children

MARY ALICE BATES mary-bates.jpg (8426 bytes)  As the day was swiftly pass­ing and the cold winter wind murmured, unaware of the bit­ter cold day at 1 o’clock p.m. December 2nd 1962 Mary Alice Bates better known as “Babe” went out to meet the Savior, she was nearing 90 years of age. Early in life she met and married Joe Bates who preced­ed her in death, to this union was born twelve children. R. B. Bates, Hindman; Clearance, Omaha; Ernest, Jack- horn; Andy, Roxana; Landis, Topmost; Tilden, Melvin, Ky.; Flara of Louisville; Rosie, Mel­vin; Lily, Thornton; Mary Ann, Jackhorn, all living, Colum­bus and Nebraska also preceded her in death. She was a member of the Regular Baptist Church having her membership at Providence she lived a faithful member until death. A short time before she went to sleep with her eyes cast toward Heaven she said, “It won’t be long” and it wasn’t long until the good Lord called her away, we feel and believe with all our hearts, he took her home to Glory where all is Joy, Peace, and Happiness. We believe when she said, it won’t be long she had lost sight of this world and was viewing her future home.

The Family

PHOEBE ELIZABETH DOTSON  phoebe-dotson.jpg (9391 bytes)  It is with sadness that I try, with the help of the Dear Lord to write an obituary of our dear and loving sister Phoebe Elizabeth Dotson. She was born March 1, 1879 in Pikeville, Ky. She leaves to mourn her loss three daughters, three sons, one foster-son, nine grand children, ten great-grandchildren, and a host of friends. Sister Dotson had lived in Riffe, Wash. for sixty years and she passed away June 19, 1964 in a Seattle Hospital following a lingering illness. Sister Dotson joined The Old Regular Baptist Church July 24, 1954 and until death, was a faithful member and tended church when her health would permit. She was loved by all her Church Brethren and Sisters. We feel that our loss here on earth was Heaven’s gain.

Written by a Brother in Hope, Ernest Church,
Clerk of the Western Union Church

MARY MAGDALENE OSBORNE   mary-osborne.jpg (11068 bytes)  I will now try, with the help of the God of Heaven, to write an obituary of our dear Mother Mary Osborne. She was born October 9, 1877 and deceased this life May 12, 1964, making her stay here on earth 86 years, 4 months, and three days. She was married to Johnnie Milton Osborne in 1901 and to this union were born 12 children, seven girls and five boys. Children’s names are: Rosetta Cooley, Lucretia Wicker, Lottie Osborne (deceased), Melba Dyer, Jones Osborne (de­ceased), Ella Hayes, Rhomer Osborne, Theckley Short, Noami Hicks, Edgar and Ezra Osborne, (twins) and Raymond Osborne. She was a member of the Old Regular Baptist Church ~ for about 51 years. She joined  the Bethel Church at Wilson~ and was a faithful member as ~ long as her health permitted.  I miss her so badly because she often would read the Bible and we would discuss it at night. We would also sing the blessed songs at night. After  my days work in teaching school, I never was too tired to accompany her and try to make her sickness be more enjoyable. I feel almost assured that she is resting from all her weary feelings, and her labor, waiting for the resurrection day to go to Heaven. She often told us that she was going home to Glory. 

Written by her daughter, Lucretia O. Wicker

VIRGIE HUNTER  virge-hunter.jpg (13883 bytes)  She was the daughter of  John Hall and Hellen Hall and was born December 13, 1920 and passed away July 20, 1964. She was married to John Hunter, and unto this union was born four daughters and one son. Names being: Ethel Har­vey of Honaker, KY.; Phillistine McKinney of Printer, KY Darien Martecelloo of Philadelphia, Pa.; A n n a Laural Hunter and Varnie Hunter of home and also a grandson she was raising at her home. She also leaves four brothers and five sisters, many grandchildren, and a host of relatives s and friends to mourn her loss. While she was in the hospital she called for Brother Johnnie Hall, Brother Walter Akers, and Brother Curt Tackett and told them along with the family what the Lord had showed her and what she felt he had done for her. She told that he had pardoned her sins, this is a light in the window for children and loved ones, that she wasn’t afraid to die because she was going Home. We believe the pearly gates swung open wide and she entered that beautiful City of God. So to her husband and children, love one another and remember Mother’s good counsel and by the Grace of God you can go to meet her in Heaven, Sweet Heaven, where all is joy and peace and no more heart ache or pain. 

Written by her Husband, John Hunter and Family

THURSEY BRANHAM ROBERTS   thursey-roberts.jpg (12397 bytes)  On a cold and wintry day, January 8, 1964, the Angel of Mercy took our precious be­loved Mother to Heaven. She was ill for three years and bed­fast for the last three months of her life. She went to the home she so often talked about, where no suffering or sorrow can enter. After being joined in mar­riage to Bud Roberts, she bore 11 children; 10 daughters and one son, of whom all are living. She had 68 grandchildren, and 65 great - grandchildren. Our dear father departed us Oct. 22, 1948. Our sweet Mother worked hard all of her life but never was too busy to lend a helping hand when needed. Every one that knew her loved her and was known to every­one as “Mammy”. She was a faithful member of the Old Regular Baptist Church of Caney Creek for over 20 years. She attended regularly as long as she was able. Our hearts are empty without her presence but we must fill the emptiness with the hope of being with her throughout eternity in Heaven. Dear Lord we all truly thank you for giving us such a loving Christian Mother. We didn’t realize how much we loved her until you took her to the home she longed for. May our family circle not be broken when you call all of your children home. She always prayed that the Lord would take her to “her eternal home before she had to give up one of her children and that they all would join her in that heavenly home on High. Our Heavenly Father may her prayers be answered. 

Written by her broken hearted daughter and grandson, by request of the family, Vesta Elswick and Edward Elswick

JACKSON KIDD  jackson-kidd.jpg (33603 bytes)  It is with a sad and broken heart, I will try to write an obituary of my beloved daddy, Jackson Kidd. He was born February 12, 1892, and de­ceased from this life May 18, 1964, thus making his stay here on earth 72 years, ~5 months, and 6 days. He was the son of Mac and Elizabeth Case Kidd. He leaves two brothers, Frank of Honaker, Ky., and Marion of Drift, Ky. In his early life, he was mar­ried to Octavia Adams Kidd. Unto this union was born 12 children, two of whom preced­ed him in death. Surviving are Charles Kidd of Rochester, Ohio; Everee Kidd, Walter Kidd, and Virginia Evans of Cleveland, Ohio; Fay Shelton and James Kidd of San Raphael, California; Don, Raymond, Jerry, and Gay all of Drift, Ky. He also had 14 grandchildren. Daddy joined the Old Regular Baptist Church on the third Saturday in April of 1963 and was baptized May 18, 1963. The Old Beaver Church can say they have lost a true and faithful member. We sure do miss him, but we have no worry about his soul. Just the Monday before his death, he told me he knew he didn’t have long to live. He told me who he wanted to preach over him and where be wanted to be buried. He said he had also told Brother John and Sister Janie Pack this too. Mommy did her best to carry out his request. I would like to say to my brothers and sisters, “Don’t forget the good council Daddy gave us. If you want to see Daddy again you will have to fall out with sin and be born again. Follow in Daddy’s footsteps, for he chose a good path for us to follow. I don’t worry about his soul. I believe God sent a band of Angels to take him to that beautiful home on high where is no trouble, pain, death, just peace, joy, and happiness forever. I feel that he is singing around God’s throne. 

Written by his broken-hearted Son and Daughter-in-law, Don and Georgia Kidd

DONA NEWSOME  dora-newsome.jpg (29307 bytes)   With many wonderful thoughts and fond memories I will write an obituary of my sister, Dona Newsome, born Dec. 13, 1900; died July 10, 1964. She was the daughter of Robert Hall and Retta Hop­kins Hall, and was married to Milford Newsome in 1919, who departed this life 1928. The1y were the parents of three children: Mrs. Edgar Jones, Mrs. Arnold Turner and Elmer Newsome. Dona joined the Regular Baptist Church Nov. 1942, and lived a faithful and devoted life while here on earth. She was not wise in her own conceit, but lived an unselfish life and close to God. She was tolerant of people who did not look, think, act, and believe as she did and was able to accept those people for the fine qualities they possessed. Doria did not like self-pity, for it destroys fine character; she had a true love for humanity in her heart and was always doing things for others. Jesus says, “Fear Not.” and that was the way she lived. She would not allow fear to come in, but surrendered it to God. She did not show an inner strain or a lack of confidence and poise. Doria had faith which gave her power, love, cheerfulness, compassion, friendliness, gen­erosity, tolerance, and justice. She seemed to use herself as a “measuring rule” to find out the dimensions of those with whom she came in contact. She thought human sight was never clear enough to justify in passing judgment; for we can not possibly know all that lies back of another’s actions.

THOMAS  (SCORCHER) HALL thomas-hall.jpg (12466 bytes)   It is with much sadness that I try to write an obituary of a dear brother in the Lord. Thomas Hall, better known as “Scorcher”, the son of Elder Henry Hall was born April 16, 1882 and departed this life August 20, 1964, making his stay here 82 years, 4 months and 4 days. He joined the Joppa Church of Old Regular Baptist the first Saturday in May, 1900. He was baptized by his father Elder Henry Hall. He was or­dained as a Ye-a c o n of the Joppa Church in the year of 1928 and served faithfully un­til death. He was married to Dallah Osborn, November 12, 1903 and to this union no children were born. After the death of his first wife July 26, 1959, he was married to Dorothy Pres­ton, and to this union no chil­dren were born. The Joppa Church has lost its oldest member and he will l)e sadly missed. He left to mourn his passing, his widow, I)orothy, three brothers, and two sisters, names being: Elder Jerry Hall, Brack Hall, McClellen Hall, Nancy Mullins, Rhodina Mullins. Also to mourn him are 9 step-children, 23 step-grandchildren, and a host of relatives and friends. We feel sure that our loss is Heaven’s gain. To the step­children, you have lost a wonderful step-father, the commun­ity of Melvin and around have lost a good neighbor and citizen, and the Old Joppa Church lost a faithful member. Brother “Scorcher” is now resting from his labors and waiting for his body to be ransomed from the grave so that he may go to that Home of Many Mansions eternally in the skies. 

Written For The Family

RICHARD BROUSE WRIGHT richard-wright.jpg (12119 bytes)   It is with a sad and aching heart, I will try to write an obituary of my beloved hus­band. He was born December 24, 1886, being 76 years, 1 month, and 6 days old. He was the son of the late Martin and Jane Winters Wright, and deceased January 30, 1963. He was a faithful husband and a good father to his fam­ily and gave his children good advice. He was the father of five children, three boys and two girls, he also has twelve grandchildren. He joined th4t Regular Baptist Church 8 years ago and was baptized b~ Brothers Squire Hamilton and Jesse Osborn. He attended church when he was able but could not walk good, and have to use a walker. He enjoyed being with his brethren and sisters in the Lord ~He would talk with his children and me that when the Lord called him he was ready to go. And children if you want to see daddy again you will have to make peace with God and2 you can see him again. Our home is sad and lonely with grief which fill every heart. We hope to meet dear father and never more part. 

Written by his wife, Minnie Wright

RICHARD BENTLEY It is with a sad heart I try to write an obituary of one I loved. I hope the good Lord will direct my mind while I write of Brother Richard Bentley. He was working for his family when death came and cut down one of the it trees in the family of life on May 11, 1964 at the age of 561 years, 4 months and 16 days. He was the son of Brack and Sally Hughes Bentley; both of whom preceded him in death: He leaves his wife and five children and six grandchildren to mourn his .loss. He belonged to the Stone Coal Church twenty-six years. He was married in 1927 to Edna Craft. To this union were born seven children; four girls and three boys. Two girls 7 preceded him in death. I baptized Brother Richard twenty-six years ago. Let us not think of him being gone. He has just crossed on before to rest. He was loved by all who knew him. He was humble and kind to everyone. He was my neighbor. We miss him so much. We cannot understand now the beauty of Heaven. We will know more about it when we get over there and see Jesus and all of the redeemed and we hope to see Brother Richard in that number and we will all be happy over there. 

Written by his Brother in Christ, M. C. Wright

IDA E. TACKETT Ida E. Tackett was born October 16, 1923, deceased this life on Saturday evening October 26, 1963 about the hour of 2:50 p.m., making her stay 40 years and 10 days. She was the daughter of Samuel and Sindy Elswick, Ida was married to Preston Tackett and to this family was born four children, two boys, Roger C. Tackett and Donald G. Tackett and two girls Charlotte K. Tackett and Sundra G. Tackett all at home. She leaves to mourn her passing a devoted husband who tried to help her, four children, six sisters, one brother, and her parents. Ida was sick the biggest part of her life with cancer, the good part was that she joined the Old Regular Baptist the fourth Saturday in October 1953, she was a good member until death, she lifted her letter from the Longfork Church to come to Chicago to help organize the Little Ellen Church and did all she could, she laid in bed and sold things, for that reason I think the church will go on. She lived a life that who all knew her loved her and she had many friends where ever she lived. 

Written by her husband and friends

LEE HALL I will try to write a short sketch of the life of brother Lee Hall, born the 29th day of January, 1901. Brother Lee joined the Old Regular Baptist Church of Little Rock in 1960, and was baptized in January of the same year by Elder Johnie Jones. He seemed to be well pleased with his fellow­ship and when his brother and sisters came to see him, he would rejoice. I can truthfully say that he was always a good friend of mine as well as all of his other brothers and sisters. Brother Lee worked hard for his family as long as he was able and he was always pleased when people came to see him. Now children and mother, daddy is gone and he cannot come to you, but by the grace of God you can meet him someday. I love brother Lee’s family because they were all so good to him, and someday I hope they will meet him in a better world. I am sure they can do this because the good Lord never turns any one away that comes to him in faith. I feel that our church has lost a good member and I a good friend. I have a hope that someday I can meet him in a better world beyond this one here below. There no nature ~n ever enter and all will be peace, joy, and love, and all will be of one mind. Brother Lee’s Memorial will be preached on Buckingham Cemetery the third Saturday and Sunday in July of 1965, by Johnie Jones, Oliver Meade, Joe Burkes, Robert Bates, Walter Burkes, and Trip Hall. 

Written by Elder Johnie Jones

MRS. LIZA HOOVER There is no words to express the loss of a loving mother, Liza Robinson Hoover. She was born Dec. 17, 1900, she diel Feb. 26, 1963 making her stay on earth 62 years, 2 months, and 9 days. She was the daughter of Newt and Betty Robinson’ She was married to Granville Hoover in 1917, to this union was born 11 children, 4 preceded her in death, leaving 6 sons and 1 daughter and husband to mourn her loss. Her Sons are Ray and Clyde of LaGrange, Ohio; Lester and Elmer of Wayne, Michigan; Willie at Garret, KY.; and Jackie home with their Dad, and one daughter, Mrs. Delbert Castle of Wayland, Ky. A host of grandchildren and friends and neighbors, three sisters and one brother to mourn her loss. Mom~ joined the Old Stonecoal Church of Regular Baptist at Garret, Ky. May 2, 1949 and was baptized by Bro. Earl Howard. Mom was sick and afflicted for many years, her condition was such that she couldn’t fill her seat as often as she desired to, but she loved to hear the gospel preached in its sweetness and power, which caused her to rejoice in the God of her salvation, giving praises and glory unto the one who had washed her soul in His blood and made her an heir of God and joint heir with Jesus. When I would go home for a visit mom would ask me to sing and hold prayer and she would be so happy, that the tears would fall from her face as she clapped her hands and praised God, she would say, “How happy I would be if I could have all of my children to walk with me”. The last letter I got from mom she was in the hospital waiting to be operated on. She said, “Ray I feel my way is clear with the good Lord. Eleven days later they called us mom was gone. God had seen that mom has suffered enough in this world of sorrow and troubles, and had called her home to rest from all her toils. No more to know the sorrows of this earth. Not long before Mom had to go into the hospital, she was unable to leave home, being left alone while the family was away, her sister went to see about her and she said, “Kate I have shouted all over the yard today. Mom is re­joicing, in the presence of her King now, no more to be parted from his joy. So I feel to say to the rest of the family, if you ever expect to see mom again, you have to serve the same God mom did. She bowed humbley to his will and guidiance and so you will have to do the same. I expect to see Mom again soon, for I have the sweet witness in my soul that Mom’s Shepherd is mine also. Daddy don’t wait too long, you are nearing the end of your stay here on earth, make preparation if you expect to see mom again. I hope the family circle will not be unbroken. I trust by the Grace of God the rest of the family will accept God’s call and be ready when death comes. 

Her broken hearted son, Elder Ray Hoover

REAN HALL CAMPBELL  She was the daughter of the late Lee Hall and Flourance Thornsberry. Rean was born December 14, 1888, departed this life September 20, 1963, making her stay on earth 74 years, 9 months, and 6 days. She was united in marriage to Elder Jerry Campbell November 30, 1931, and they seemed to live a well-devoted life together. Rean had been sick for a long time with sugar diabetes and high blood and in much pain. She was always kind to everyone. I visited with them several times and she told me the hardest thing that she now had to contend with was the diet the doctor had her on and not being able to help Brother Jerry with the work. The last week of Rean’s life was in the Lady of the Way Hospital in Martin, Kentucky and she prayed all the time. Two days before she died, she said she saw her father and mother and brother and sister coming to take her home.. Rean had never joined the Church but she always held up for the Old Regular Baptist so we believe from the testimony she left that in the resurrection morning her body will come from the grave and reunite with the soul and then go home to sing and praise the Lord forever and forever. 

Written by request by Brother Cody Jacobs

JARVEY NEWSOME Iwill try to write an obituary of my beloved Father-in- law. He was born in 1892 and died October 18, 1963, making his stay here on earth 70 years, 1 month, 4 days. He was married to Rhodina Vance and to this union 11 children were born. One preceded him in death and 10 children are left to mourn his loss. He was the son of Noah and Anzie Brown. The children are Maxie Moore, Lula Bell Tackett, Thelma Adams, Alice Johnson, Foster Newsome, Robert Newsome, Estil Newsome, Tivis Newsome, Anthony Newsome, Anderson Newsome, and three sisters Jane Vance, Babe Tackett, Nance Holt, four brothers Port, Johan, Bob, and Tivis. Left to mourn his loss. He bore his sickness with great pride. He had a stroke the 3th day of October and was taken to the hospital but nothing could be done for him. We stood by him and did all we could for him but Jesus loved him best. He wanted to be baptized that was all his talk so he joined the Regular Baptist Church the 16th of October 1963. He was baptized by J. L. Hamilton, Butler Howell, Miford Adams, and Bill Martin. He was baptized in a sheet when we brought him back home he didn’t want us to change his clothes. He said they felt so cool to him and seemed like he felt so much better. So on the 18th of October, 1963 Jesus called him home to punish no more. He was buried the 20th of October on the Noah Newsome Cemetery. He had 7 great-grandchildren, 48 grandchildren. I could write lots more but time won’t permit. 

Written by heart broken daughter-in-law and son, Opal and Tivis Newsome.

MAGGIE HAYWOOD Maggie Haywood was born June 1, 1910 and died March 14, 1964. Her death was attributed to cancer. She was the daughter of John L. (who preceded her in death) and Frances Pitts. Her husband Charlie B. Haywood mourns her loss, along with one daughter, Joan Haywood, Wabash, Ind., five sisters (Mrs. Bill Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Green Haywood, Miss Lurany Pitts, of Prestonsburg, Ky., Mrs. George Wright of Martin, Ky. and Mrs. Ballard Thompson of Wabash, md.) two brothers, (Mr. Mevico Pitts, Mineva, Ohio and R. E. Pitts of Prestonsburg, Ky.) She had one son who preceded her in death, Eugene Haywood and two brothers who also preceded her in death (Tony Pitts and Oscar Pitts. She belong to the Old Regular Baptist Church.

REBECCA ELIZABETH WORKMAN Sister Workman was born on April 20, 1870 in Cordova, West Va. She had been a member of the Old Regular Baptist Church since 1948. She leaves 1 daughter, two step-sons, three step-daughters, two brothers, two sisters, twenty grandchildren, fifty great-grandchildren, and twenty-one great-great-grandchil­dren, to mourn her loss here on earth. Sister Workman had been in poor health for years and wasn’t able to attend church regularly but she was loved by all her Sisters and Brothers in Christ. May God Bless every one of her relatives, and may they take up their cross and follow Jesus. 

Written by a Brother in Hope, Ernest Church, Clerk of The Western Union Church

DANIEL PATON JUSTICE It is with sadness in my heart that I will try to write an obituary of my dear brother, Daniel Paton Justice, who passed away when he was eighty-one years of age. Brother Justice had been a member of The Old Regular Baptist Church for years and always filled his seat as long as he was able. He was well loved by all his Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Brother Justice was born in Pikeville, Ky., in 1883. He leaves to mourn his loss, his wife, Polly, four daughters, two sons, two brothers, two sisters, 24 grandchildren, and 38 great-grandchildren. And also many friends and neighbors. We feel that our loss is his gain. A brother I trust in a glorious resurrection of the dead, 

Brother Ernest Church, Clerk, Western Union Church

MAGGIE BOYD It is with much sadness I will write a short sketch of Maggie Boyd. She was born July 13, 1890, and departed this life, September 21, 1903, being 73 years, 2 months and 8 days old. She was the daughter of Dock and Manda Click and was married to James Boyd December 21, 1905. Unto this union was born twelve children. Her husband and five children pre­ceded her in death leaving four boys and three girls to mourn. They are: Arthur Boyd, Math Boyd, Estil Boyd, Charley Boyd, Minnie Akers, Opal Lafferty, and Nell Samons. Also, nineteen grandchildren and fifteen great-grandchildren, three brothers and five sisters. Jobbie Click, Hie Click, Lissie Samons, Minnie Adams, Hersey Mosely, Julia Branham, Elzie Click, Stella Gobel, and a host of friends to mourn our loss. She joined the New Salem Church of Regular Baptist, June 1, 1911, and was a faithful member until death. I have been i~ the family for thirty-three years and never had a hard feeling in any way. She always met me and everybody with a smile. “By their fruits ye shall know them,” and I feel she has borne the fruit, for many years endured her troubles. I feel she had help from God. We feel that she has left a world of trouble and gone to a land of peace where there will be no more dying and join the loved ones of hers who have gone on before. 

Written by her Son-in-law and Brother in Hope, Bert Conn

SIMON RAY Simon Ray the son of John Ray and Lizie Little Ray. He was born May 3, 1908, and died Nov. 11, 1963. Making his stay here on earth 55 years, 6 months, 8 days. He was mar­ried to Brookie Wallace Ray and to this union was born 9 children. Two preceded him in death. Leaving to mourn his passing 7 children and his heart broken companion, also one brother and two sisters and a host of friends and relatives. He joined the Old Regular Baptist Church June 6, 1963, and was baptized by Elder Jethro Hampton and Elder Perry Jones. Bro. Simon was sick for a long time and was never able to fill his seat at church but a time or two. 

Written by Elder Monroe Jones.

DAVID FAIR SLONE With much sadness, by request of the family, I will try to write an obituary of a dear uncle, Fair Slone. He was the son of Elder Morgan and Susanna Slone. The best we can figure he was born July 22, 1886 and deceased this life November 19, 1963, being a little over 77 years old. He was married to Carrie Draughn and unto this union was born 13 children, 11 living and two dead. He had 22 grand­children and 9 great-grandchildren. Fair joined the Ivy Point Church of the Old Regular Baptist Sept. 1960 and was baptized by Elder Cephas Mosley and Sam Johnson. After Fair joined the church, he wondered why he had stayed out of the church so long, feeling the Lord had forgiven him years ago. That Spirit of God had bided him to come home so many times, not realizing the many Blessings he was being robbed by his disobedience. But God was merciful unto him and let him live a few years in the church, in God’s kingdom here on earth, where there is food for the children of God. Fair has left many good memories of his life. He piled up some stones, he left some foot-steps for the children to follow in, in that path of the good old way, it will lead them to that Eternal Home, whose maker is God. The Lord was ever his conversation, that was all he wanted to talk about. He would get so happy talking on the Bible, just like he was preaching to you. Those that have been born again, their treasures are on high. The last time I visited Fair, we sat in front of the fire, there in his home, and he was talking about praying for his children. He said, “As long as I live I will never stop praying for them, no never, he said it won’t do to give up, for prayer unlock Heaven’s Door”. He was so worried afraid they would put it off too late. No doubt there has been many hours he and Carrie have sit there alone and cried over their children, as well as the many hours they sung songs and talked of the Lord. I believe Fair has gone where trouble sickness, sorrow can not come, where there will be no heart attacks, to call the children home in sadness. But there is a voice calling to them, that they can go meet Daddy, if they will repent of their sins, where there will be no separation. Those that hasn’t repented, children repent now before it’s too late and while Mother is still with you to see your Christian life. Oh! how happy she would be. One thing, I myself am, thankful for, that Fair didn’t have to lay and suffer week after week, he was up and around his home, God seen fit to call him home, he went in just a moment of time. So I believe he has just crossed over Jordan and entered into that long-waited for peace and joy, where Carrie will soon go to meet him. No doubt he has said many times, “how long dear Savior, how long? will it be till I can come and live with you. I am looking for that day when I can say “Farewell vain world I’m going home, I feel having a witness I will meet him again in a re­union of God’s children, where be no goodbyes. The last thing he said to me, was if he never again was permitted to meet me here on earth, he felt we would meet on High. How happy his soul must be today. So children, get ready to meet Daddy, prepare yourself to live after deaths Mother is here, sow the flowers now for her, while she is still with you, don’t wait till after death, your flowers to her will be repenting of your sins, telling her you are going home with her. May God Bless and comfort Carrie with that Spirit from on high, in her lonely hours, may he be near her, May God Bless each one of the children. May we meet in that Eternal home. 

Written by a niece in hope of Eternal life Marjorie Slone

ROBERT PERRY Brother Robert Perry was the son of Henry Perry and Kate Quillen Perry. He was born November 8, 1894. He was married to Nancy Jane Slone in 1914, and to this union was born 5 boys and 6 girls. Three boys and 3 girls preceded him in death. ~E1e joined the Old Regular Baptist Church at Rebecca and lived a faithful member until death. He was strong in both the Doctrine of Christ and the Apostles, and was faith­ful in attending meetings as long as he was able o go, and always tried to get his children to do right. He showed the brethren how much he loved them and the Church. He was sick a long time but bore it with patience. On February 22, 1963, he was rushed to the Newhome Hospital, and on February 23, about 5:45 in the evening God called him home to Heaven which he has prepared for all who love and serve him. He leaves Sister Jane, 2 boys, and 3 girls, and many friends to mourn his loss, but our loss we trust is Heaven’s gain. So children, remember papa’s prayers and meet him in Heaven. 

Written by Elder R. E. Holbrook, as requested by Sister Jane and his daughter Hattey.

ANDY MACK HOPPER Andy Mack Hopper was born October 20, 1897 in Barbourville, Ky. to Joseph and Biddie Hopper. Mr. Hopper was married April 16, 1827 to Myrtle Slone in Wayland, Ky. He ceased this life at 11:45 a.m. a few days after New Years, at the age of 67, and 4fter an illness of six months.  He believed in the Baptist way and loved to be with the Baptist people. But didn’t belong to any church. Surviving him are his wife, two sons, James David and Charles E. both of Kingsford Heights, two daughter, Mrs. Biddie Leyscomb of Ft. Leonard, Missouri and Miss Peggy Hopper of Kingsford Heights, five grandchildren, a sister, Margaret Hall of Akron, Ohio. Also four brothers, Issac of Madison, W. Va., Jesse of Topmost, Ky., Noah of Ironton, Ohio, and Henry of Wheelwright, Ky. 

Written by his wife Myrtle and daughter.

George Tackett, born December 31, 1878, departed this life July 3, 1964, at the age of 85 years, 6 months and 2 days. He was born in Pike County, the son of the late Enon and Sally Mullins Tackett, and spent his entire life in this vicin­ity. His wife, Carolne Music Tackett, preceded him in death just a little over a year ago. He leaves to mourn his passing one son, Donald Tackett, and four grandchildren. Mr. Tackett was a highly respected citizen of the com­munity in which he lived. During his long and useful life, he has removed many stumbling blocks from the paths of those who are to follow after him. He loved the Lord, and was a member of this Long Fork Regular Baptist Church. Failing health had prevented him from taking an active part in the Church services for some time, but he patiently suffered his illness, awaiting the time the death angel should come for him. It is hard for us to understand why he had to lie sick for so long before he was released from his suffering, but we must trust the Master, who doeth all things well. A poet has tried to express the reason in the following lines:

God hath not promised skies always blue,

Flower-strewn pathways all our lives through,

God hath not promised sun without rain,

Joy without sorrows, peace without pain.

But God hath promised strength for the day,

Rest for the labor, light for the way.

Grace for the trials, help from above,

Unfailing sympathy; undying love.

From His Son — Donald.


CAROLINE MUSIC TACKETT Caroline Music Tackett, born June 12, 1895, departed this life May 4, 1963, at the age of 67 years, 10 months, and 22 days. She was born in Johnson County, Kentucky, the daughter of the late John and Lydia Mullett Music. She leaves to mourn her passing her loyal and devoted husband, George Tackett ,who shared with her life’s Joys and sorrows for 23 years; one son: Donald Tackett; two brothers: Shade and Newt Music; one sister: Mrs. Martha Ramey; one half-brother: Wid Mullett; two half-sisters: Mrs. Liza Mullins and Mrs. Verna Mullett; and three grandchildren. Mrs. Tackett was a devoted wife and mother. Although she had been in poor health for several months, she bravely and courageously bore her illness until God tenderly called her on Saturday to her reward. She had been a member of the Long Fork Regular Baptist Church for 17 years. The Christian example that she set her influence, her good deeds and kind words will live on in the hearts of all who knew her. The following lines are a tribute to the years of marriage shared by her and George:

Down the years you’ve come together;
Many happy, busy years,
Filled with days of love and laughter,
Mixed with days of toil and tears.
Dark days when you wept together
For old friends lost along the way;
Life, when lived its fullest measure
Can’t be always light and gay.
But, upon this day of parting,
While the bells of Heaven ring,
In your heart, we know you’re saying,
“Thanks, dear God, for everything.”
“Thanks, because You zave her to me,
She, who shared life’s heavy load,
Thanks for joys we’ve had together
To the end of life’s long road.”
“Thanks, beiauase You said we’ll know her,
When some day we meet up there,
Where we’ll sing Your praise forever
In that Home so bright and fair.”
Her only son, Donald.