Minutes of the One Hundred and Twenty-Eighth Annual Session Of

The New Salem Association

Of Old Regular Baptist of Jesus Christ

September 1953


Submitted by Suzeann Moore


By request of the Hicks family, I will write a short sketch of the life of Sister Zella Hicks, the daughter of Jim and Martha Collins. She was born March 4, 1894-deceased September 12, 1952, making her stay 58 years, 6 months and 8 days. Sister Zellie was married to Elie Hicks in the year of 1910 and unto this union were born 8 children. One preceded her in death, leaving 7 children, 23 grandchildren, 1 great-grand-child, her husband, 4 brothers, 2 sisters and a blessed old mother to mourn her loss. But, I feel our loss is her Heavenly gain. Sister joined the Church of Old Regular Baptists of Jesus Christ and was baptized July 3, 1921 by Elder J. C. Mosley and A L. Allen and took her membership with the Steels Creek Church and was faithful until death.
Sister had a hard time raising her family, but with all the hardships and sicknesses she bore them with patience. Many a day, beside Brother Elie she helped in the corn field hoeing corn to help and have bread for their children and to spare her friends that came to their home. But the last few years sister was sick with high-blood pressure. When she got so bad off Brother Elie and the children started to the hospital and she told them she would not come back with them, but had a better home to go to and not to worry about her, but meet her in Heaven where she won't be sick with no more heartaches and pains to bear. On that sad evening while the family all was standing by in the hospital when the Pail Horse and his Rider came, after they done all they could do, they had to step back and see Mother go. But. oh those last words were so sweet when she clapped her hands and said, "Glory, Glory, I am going home now." So God bless sister Zellie's family. Since she's been gone one daughter and two daughter-in-laws have professed a hope in Christ. I want to say to the rest of the family, remember what you promised your mother. for it is better not to vow than to vow and not pay for the promises you made is on your record for the ,good Lord heard your promises and now, what are you going to do about it? "Except a Man Be Born Again, He cannot see the Kingdom of Heaven." -I believe that is where Mother is, so children be good to Brother Elie, for you will miss him when he is gone. I believe I will meet Sister Zellie again. She was so glad that I was Moderator of our home church and I asked her many times about her hope and she would say there was nothing in her way, so children be good to one another and try to meet your mother in Heaven. So let us all strive to enter in at the straight gates. This obituary is getting too long, so may God bless his family that they will all repent before it is too late.

Written by a heart-broken Brother and --a Brother in Hope of Eternal Life. ELDER WILLIE COLLINS.


 At the request of the family, I will try in my weakness to write an obituary of Betty Bryant. She was the daughter of Jerry Little and Sally Tackett Little, born September 22, 1894. deceased September 11, 1953. age 59 years, 11 months and 19 days. She was married to B. H. Bryant, August 5, 1915. Unto this union were born 13 children, 9 boys and four girls, 3 boys and 3 girls preceded-her in death leaving her husband, 6 boys and one girl. two brothers and one sister, two half sisters, with a host of friends to mourn her loss. I hope according to her last words, their loss is her eternal gain. The writer was very well acquaint- ed with Betty. I remember over three years before her death she got my wife to make her a dress to be baptized in. So the car that was to take her to Long Fork failed to come after her for some cause, best known with the good Lord. She never did attach herself to any church, but if her hope was real, it was Christ. Just a few words to the children, now that your mother is gone and never can come Hack to you. So be g; ca end bind to each other and try to meet mother in that upper and better world.

Written by, BRACK HALL.


It is with much sadness I try to write an obituary of a dear father, who was so dear and near to me. James Tackitt, son of Abel Tackitt and Rebecca Caudill Tackitt, was born October 29, 1860, departed this life February 28. 1953, age 92 years and four months old. He was married to Mary Ann Martin, October 2, 1879. Unto this union were born nine children, five girls and four boys. Mother and one girl anal two boys preceded him in death, leaving four girls and two boys, 49 grand children, 186 great grandchildren, 36 great great grandchildren. One brother, and one sister and a host of friends and relative., to mourn his loss. I believe our loss is his eternal gain in T-leaven. He joined the Cold Regular Baptist Church in 1888 and was in the organization of the Enterprise Church in 1889. He was ordained a Deacon shortly after the church was organized and remained a Deacon as long as he lived. He was faithful to his duty as long as he was able to go. He took sick in the church house at the June meeting in 1951 and lived till February 2.8> 1953, but never got able to go to the church house anymore. There was something in him that taught him when his meeting time was. He would say, I would like to be at church today. We called some preachers to his home and had meeting for him. He enjoyed it, but he wanted to go back to the old church house where he could sit in love and fellowship with his brothers, and sisters. Oh, we miss him in the church house. He was so faithful to go to all the churches around and help out in every way he could. We miss him in our homes where he would so often come. We miss him in his home where. he lived so long. I know Sister Minda misses him more than the rest of us, because she lived with him and took care of him the last two years of his life. Minda, I believe the 'Good Lord will reward you in some way for taking such good care of our father. I don't think he wanted for anything if you knew it and could get it for him. Now father is gone anal we know he can never come back to us, but let us be like the Psalmist David, we know he never can come back to us, but by the Grace of God, we can go to where he is. I believe we will see him and mother there together where there will be no more sickness or death or sorrow. ,Oh, there are so many good things I could say about gather, but space will not permit. Now children. grand children and great grand children you who have not made peace with your Lord, it is time you were looking upward and remember the promise is to them that love and serve the Lord. His funeral will be preached the fifth Saturday and Sunday in May, 19,54. Everyone is invited to attend. 

Written by a broken hearted daughter, VIRGIE T. HAMILTON


At the request of the family I will try in my weakness to write an obituary of a beloved brother to-wit: Leck Keen, He was the son of Charles Keen and Polly Ann Keen. He was born March 15, 1888, deceased this life April 23, 1952. age 64 years, 1 month and 9 days. He was married to Della Blackburn, March 10, 1912. To this union were born seven girls and one boy. One girl preceded him in death, leaving six girls, one boy, and his bereaved widow. and his father together with a host of friends to mourn his loss. I feel that their loss is his eternal gain. Brother Keen was a crippled man but worked hard to take care of his family. Brother Keen joined the Joppa Church of Old Regular Baptist June 1, Sunday 1949, baptized by Elders Jerry Hall Sr., and Troy Nickles. He lived a faithful life until death.' There is a vacant seat in the home; there is also a vacant seat in the Joppa Church. A few words to the family, if you want to see Brother Leck again you will have to repent of your sins and be born again. To the only boy, Melvin, son be a good boy and try to meet your daddy in that upper and better world where there will be no cripples or sorrow. 

Written by a brother in hope, BRACK HALL.


 With much sadness of heart I write an obituary of my dear Wife, Bessie Arnett, who was born June 21, 1891 and deceased this life January 27, 1953, at the age of 62 years seven months and six days. She was united in marriage to Mart Arnett on March 3rd, 1909. She and her husband were closely attached all of her life. To this union were born 13 children, six boys and seven girls. Four preceded her in death, 3 boys and one girl, leaving six girls and three boys and her husband also 20 grand children, 7 brothers, 2 sisters and a host of friends to mourn her loss. Her family surviving are Mrs. Minnie Hackworth, Mrs. Maggie Dotson, Mrs. Chairty Wiseman, Mrs. Sarah Davis, Mrs. Bonnie Davis, Mrs. Grace Wiseman, Clay Arnett, Clark Arnett. Claude Arnett. She was the daughter of the late John B. and Sarah Shepherd. She joined the Old Regular Baptist Church in 1919, and was baptized by Elder Wm. Bill Howard and was a faithful member until death. 'She was loved by all her friends and neighbors and all who knew her in the Church. Her friendly turn and kind ways made her many friends during her lifetime. It was her heart's delight to cook and feed all her friends, and Brothers and Sisters in the Church. We all miss her. Her loss is so great, but we believe our loss is her gain in heaven, with her loved ones gone on before. She told everyone who talked with her while on her bed of affliction that when the Angel called her home that she would meet her Savior where there would be no sorrow, pain or death. 

Written by a broken-hearted Husband, MART ARNETT


With a broken heart I write an obituary of my dear Mother, Mary Little. She was born March 8, 1867, being 86 years old at time of her death. She was married to Marion Little and unto this union were born twelve children. Her husband and two children preceded her in death, ten are yet living. She joined the Old Regular Baptist Church about 5(1 years ago and lived a good and faithful life until February 4, 1953, when the Death Angel came to my house and took her away. She lived with me about four years. Oh, how I enjoyed visiting with her and how I loved her. Three days before she died she called me to her bed and said, "Marion has come after me." Mother had been down and couldn't walk for four years and six months. She sure was a good mother and a good wife to her husband. Oh how I miss her. She bore her sickness with patience, and believed in the old time doctrine and the old fashion. ways. Three of her children followed her and joined the Old Regular Baptist Church. We believe her Soul is at rest today. 

Written by her daughter and sister in hope,  LIZA JANE JONES


With sadness I write an obituary of my beloved sister in flesh and also in the spirit. Sister Courtney Phillips was born January 27, 1868 and departed this life July 13, 1953, making her stay here eighty-five (85) years. Sister Rosa Phillips was born in Dickenson County, Va., the daughter of the late David and Elizabeth Huff Courtney. Sister Rosa was united in marriage with the late Joseph F. Phillips in the year of 1882 and unto this union was born six daughters and six sons. Two daughters and one son preceded her in death. Sister Rosa joined the Pine Grove Regular Baptist Church on August, the second Saturday in 1905, and Brother George Robinson as Moderator and Brother Harrison Ratliff as Clerk, when she was baptized and received into fellowship of the church. (Sister Rosa's husband, the late Joseph F. Phillips preceded her in death in 1943. She leaves nine children and two beloved brothers, Reverend Samuel R. Courtney, Lookout, Ky., and Brother Rufus Courtney, to mourn her death. Sister Rosa, was a faithful member of the Regular Baptist for sixty years. Her husband was a faithful and active member of the same Church, serving as a Deacon for many years until death in 1943. I feel our loss is Heaven's eternal gain. To the children --when you read this you will bethinking of Mother and the life she lived. So repent, those of you who haven't, and live the life your mother lived and you can meet her again around the Great Throne. 

Written by her Brother in Christ,  ELDER SAMUEL R. COURTNEY


By the request of Sister Florence Hall, I make this attempt to write an obituary of our dear brother, to-wit: Brother Henry Hall. -He was the son of Dock Hall and Jenny Hall. Brother Henry Hall was born March 12, 1889, deceased from this life, November 9. 1952, age 62 years, 7. months and 28 days. Brother Henry joined the Old Regular Baptist Church on May 6th, 1945. and lived a faithful member until death. I visited with Brother Henry through his sickness and all of his talk was on the good things of the Lord and he said if there was anything else liken, he would like for the good Lord to reveal it to him. Brother Henry was married to Sister Florence Hall on January 11, 1919, and to this union was born 8 children, 7 boys and 1 girl. One boy was killed in service and one boy and one girl died while infants, leaving Sister Florence and 5 boys and many friends to mourn his loss, but we believe that their loss will be his eternal gain. So I want to say to Brother Henry's boys that are out in the field of sin. that I believe if you ever want to meet your father again, you must leave the field of sin, and live for Jesus. 

Written by a Brother in hope,  ELDER JOE BURKE, Halo, Kentucky


Mrs. Susie Gilbert Hall, beloved wife of Sank Hall, after 69 years and 2 days of life in this world, quietly and peacefully at 2:25 o'clock A. M., Thursday, November 20, 1952, surrendered in body to the last enemy-death, and sweetly passed on in spirit into the indescribable sweetness of the rest that waiteth for the people of God, in the Glory World. There to rest amid the eternal beauties until the redemption, and the resurrection of the body.
She was the daughter of John D., and Lydia Rakes Gilbert of Dickenson County, Virginia. Her birth was on November 18, 188'3. On August 9, 1900, she was united in marriage to Sank Hall. Unto this union were born 10 children. Two of these passed away, each at the age of 28. Their names were Bill and Mary Jane. Surviving are the following: Steve, Pikeville, Ky.; John, Estill, Ky. ; Carl, Knoxville, Tenn.; Elmer Everett and Mrs. Mlle Moore, Columbus, Ohio: Mrs. Lula Ratliff, Wheelwright, Ky. Also, Earl Hall, a grandson, whom she reared, Columbus, Ohio. For 52 years, she was faithful to her marriage vows.
So she now leaves her dear old husband, her children, grand children and three brothers: Henry, Charlie and Monroe to mourn the passing of a truly virtuous Christian wife, a fine, lovable, affectionate mother, and a true, upright and tender-hearted sister.

She had been a member of the Regular Baptist Church for near 20 years. At the time of her passing, she had her membership in the Ball's Branch Church of Regular Baptist, Mousie, Ky. Her kind, friendly, Christian, neighborly disposition endeared her to everyone that knew her. The sweetness and beauty of Christian, motherly virtues that adorned her life, make any words the writer has used seem but feeble expressions. We think of her as one among the best of wives. and mothers we have ever known. We are glad and thankful to the Lord that during the, last few years of her life she was blessed to see her husband turn unto the Lord through "repentarrce toward God, and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ", and, baptized into fellowship of the Ball's Branch Church. We wish she could have seen all of her children do likewise. Her illness was long and distressing. Medical skill could only render temporary relief. A wise and loving Providence had made provision for her triumphant entrance into Glory and she entered in.

Written by,  W. S. AKERS


With a sad feeling and a broken heart I attempt and try to write an obituary of our dear beloved father and husband, Miles Gibson, Sr. who was born on the head of Sly Branch of Right Beaver Creek, March 15, 1893. The son of Ben Gibson and Aggie Jane Jones, and departed this life at his home the 19th -day of May, 1953 at Langley, Ky. His stay on earth was 60 years, two months and five days. He was in a--_-_d to Lucy Bradley, the daughter of Butler Bradley and Mary Collins Bradley on the 11th., day of November 1511, and to this union were born seven children, five boys and two girls Champ. Ishmeal Earale Russell. Miles Junior, Aggie Jane Collins, Stella Jean Martin, whom he has left with our dear mother to mourn his loss.
Dad has always had a hard way in this life, his dear mother dying and leaving him when he was only 10 years old, to be brought up by his dear old dad, Ben Gibson to whom we feel to believe, was a God fearing man and made peace with His Lord. Several rears ago, he was blessed to live and see some of his children come into the old church with that great hope they would all live together in peace some day
We feel to believe that Dad was a Christian long before he made his open confession to the church that he believed
that God had forgiven him of his sins. that he wanted to be
baptized so him and mother were baptized the same day, May 23, 1948 at the Old Providence 'Church by J. C. Mosley and E. V. Hopkins and took up fellowship at the Old Bethel Church at Wilson Creek of Regular Baptist.
A short time later dad became ill with a bad heart, and his last few years on earth were spent in going to church and reading the Bible, it seemed to do him good to see his children come home as he would talk to us all and give us the best counsel. His life was all devoted to his children, as I have heard him say several times that he wuldn't care to die if it wasn't for leaving his children. But that terrible monster death which is the unwelcome visitor in all our homes, but which we know must come to us all sooner or later, took away his life from him, so unexpected while sitting in his chair at his home and as the news came it was a sad and terrible shock to us all. But we have the great hope that our loss is his gain and by the help of God we will meet again some day.

 Written by children and wife. LUCY GIBSON


It is with a sad and aching heart we write a sketch of our dear Father and Husband Ciscero Wallen.
He was born May 21, 1879, and was raised by his grand father Joe Wallen. He was married to Martha Smith, February 17, 1905, to this union was born five sons, four living one preceding him in death.
He joined the Old Regular Baptist around 33 years ago. We feel that our loss is Heavens gain. He had a stroke January 23, 1952, and died June 7, 1952..
He left a wonderful testimony at his death.
Written by his broken hearted wife and son, MARTHA & VIRGIL WALLEN


With a sad heart, I will try to write an obituary of the life of my dear brother, to wit: He was born June 12, 1875 and departed this life August 15, 1952. He was the son of Jack and Biddie Moore.
He was first married to Margaret Handshoe who preceded him in death. To this union was born five children, three girls and two boys. One girl died in infancy, which leaves two boys and two girls, Estle Moore-Willard, Ohio; Cess Moore, Parma, Michigan; Anthy Moore, Willard, Ohio; and Mallie Patrick, Tram, Kentuckv. He also leaves two brothers and one sister. Samuel and Tilvis Moore, both of Pyramid, Ky., and Mrs. Jane Castle, Hueysville, Ky.
Brother was then married to Dollie Shepherd who he leaves to mourn his loss. ;But I feel that our loss is his eternal gain. He joined the Old Regular Baptist Church and was a minister of the gospel. He believed, loved, and preached the doctrine of Salvation by Grace.
He leaves a vacant seat in his home and in the church that cannot be filled. I was with him a lot during his last days, and went to church with him. His talk was on Heaven and heavenly things. He realized that he had to die and said there wasn't anything in his way. I went to the hospital with him and was at his bedside when the death angel came and took him away. So children if you ever want to see father again you will have to fall out with sin and make peace with the Lord, for I feel that brother is resting in paradise, waiting that glorious resurrection day.
So to his dear companion, children, and grandchildren,  cheer up and press on till we !-an meet brother around that blood-washed Throne of King Emmanuel, where there will be no more separation, pain or death.

Written by his heart broken sister, JANE CASTLE.


With a sad heart I write this short obituary of my loving mother, Kate Caudill, who was born July 5, 1883, decreased this life, July 19, 1953. She was a daughter of Sam Elswick and married Wilburn Caudill, to which union were born eight children, three of whom preceded her in death, leaving five daughters to mourn her loss.
Mother joined the Regular Baptist Church about twenty six year ago, having her membership at the Samaria Church, where she was a good member, filling her seat faithfully until the death angel called her home.
She took sick and was taken to the Prestonsburg Hospital for treatment, and on Sunday evening about the hour of eight, God called her home to rest,- and away from the toils, pains, sorrows and worries of this natural life, where she will sing and rejoice with Him throughout the age of Eternity. We should not worry anymore, children, for our loss of her here is her Eternal gain.
Children, mother is now gone from us. We are sad; we are lonely here in the world, and those of us who have not made peace with the Lord, should remember the life mother lived before us, and get ready as she was to meet Him, so we can join mother and all praise the Lord together.

Written by her daughter,  ELLEN FRASURE.


It is with sadness, I will try and write an obituary of my wife to wit: Liza Jane Maynard Ratliff. She was the daughter of the late Alex and Jane Ramey Maynard.
She was born Cctober 16; 1872, died July 9, 19.73, making her stay here on earth 80 years, 9 months and 23 days.
She was married to Jordon Ashley Ratliff, March 10, 1895 at Lookout, Ky. To this union were born nine children, 8 boys and one girl: Garland, Lonzie, Ira, Elster, Virgil, Mallde. Flain, Clayton, and Flora. Flora preceded her in death in 1944.
She and her husband joined the Regular Baptist Church the first Saturday in June, 1915 by the late Elder George Powell and Elder A. L. Mercer. She was a faithful member and always attended church regularly. until it pleased I would like to live to see all my boys come in The Old Church, be good boys and prepare to see your mother, that I feel has gone to that sweet resting place.
A precious one from us has gone
A voice we loved is still,
A place is vacant in our home
That never can be filled.

Written by Delphia, her daughter-in-law, for her broken hearted husband, JORDON RATLIFF.


With much sadness I will write an obituary of Sister Myrtle Sexton. the wife of Brother Bearlie Sexton. Sister Myrtle was married to brother Bearlie in 1932 and deceased this life July on July 22, 1953. She joined the Old Stone Coal Church in 1943 and was faithful to fill her seat as long as she was able. Sister Myrtle was loved by all who knew her. I have heard her rejoice and praise the Lord at the Old Church. She is missed in the church and in the home by her neighbors and children and husband, but we believe her soul has gone on to rest, while her husband and children and friends are left to mourn her loss.
She leaves behind her husband and four children, Bertha Sexton, Garrett, Ky., May Coeburn, Indiana; Perry Lemaster, Johnson County. Junior Lemaster all by her first marriage. She was about 58 years old and she always loved the Old Baptist Church and the writer and other brothers were blessed to preach over her at her burial at the Old Stone Coal Church. Now children if you want to see mother again you that have not made peace with God you had better believe in the Lord and repent. Unless you do you can not see her again.

Written by her unworthy brother in hope, M. C. WRIGHT.


It is with much sadness I try to write a true obituary of my father, Larance Dye, about 67 years old when he died January 12, 1953. He was the son of Keene Dye and Mandie Osborne Dye and is survived by one living brother. Bert Dye.
January 17, 1910, Larance Dye and Allie Gayheart were married. They had nine children - Woodrow, Bill, Kendall, Jack, Kelly, Hoyse, Emma and Julie. Two boys and one girl preceded him in death.
Father was ill for many years. I believe he has a good home in Heaven because the Bible says "With the Heart Man Believeth unto Righteousness and with the Mouth confession is made unto Salvation."
I had the privilege to see Papa come home and tell his friends what great things the Lord had done for him. Then he wanted to be baptized so he could have fellowship in the Old Regular Baptist Church. Brother Troy Nichols and Edd Mosley baptized him the second Saturday in April, 19'51. Papa always attended Church when his health permitted. The family circle has been broken, but it can be complete again if all the children would repent of their sins and believe in the Lord, for God, is full of Love, Grace and Great Mercy and says all that will come to him would ,not be cast out. We knew we must be born again if we get peace with him.
I want to say to all the children, if the Lambs Book of Life was searched and Papa searched it, would your name be there' Mama's and mine would be there. Yours could be there too, for the Bible says "Behold I stand at the door and knock. If any man hear my voice and will open the door, I will come in and sup with him and he with me." This is the doctrine Papa believed. First, quit sinning then. repent of your former sins and believe from the heart, for Christ tasted death for every man.
I will close this Obituary by saying Papa is resting from all his labors and his works follows him. I believe at the Resurrection, when Papa arises with a body fashioned like Christ's glorious body. Mother and I, and I hope and pray all the family, can be risen with him and go home to live forever.

Written by his son, ELDER WOODROW DYE, Price. Kentucky.


!It is with much sadness, I try to write a short sketch of my loving husband R. F. Honaker, who was the son of James W. Honaker and Parlee Maynard Honaker, and was born May 2, 1879, deceased April 9, 1952, being 73 years and 11 months and 23 days old.
He joined the Old Regular Baptist at Pikeville and lived a true, faithful Christian life, until God called him away. He enjoyed meeting with his good brothers and sisters in the Lord, and talked of the good things of the Lord. He had been ailing for several years. His feet gave him lots of trouble and after he moved out in the country and couldn't attend his church only once in a while, as he couldn't walk the two miles to the bus line as he had no other ways of getting to his church unless his daughter came in from Detroit, Mich. He missed his meeting so bad and he would read his Bible every day and would get so much comfort from it.
He was confined to his home over five months with a stroke and suffered so much. He leaves a wife, Hattie Justice Honaker, and a daughter Fannie Honaker, to mourn his loss. We miss his sweet company more than any one knows and a place is vacant in our home that never can be filled.
I want to live the life here that when God calls me away I will meet my loved ones gone -on before.

 Written by a broken hearted wife and daughter, HATTIE HONAKER and FANNIE HONKER.


It is with a sad heart that I now attempt to write a short obituary of the life of my precious Mother, Jane Hall Stumbo.. She was the oldest daughter of Press and Florence Hall, who both preceded her in death.
She was married to Green Babe Stumbo in the year of 1910, and unto this union were born seven children, six boys and one girl, of which two boys preceded her in death as infants. Besides her bereaved husband, she left the following children to mourn her loss: Lloyd, Glidden, Gladys, Margaret, and myself. Also a nephew. Foster who she reared from childhood and was counted as one of her children.
Mother joined the Old Regular Baptist Church Sept. . 18, 1.938. and was baptized Oct. 15, 1938. * She took her. fellowship into the Beaver Church at Drift. She attended Church regularly up until she became so ill that she couldn't get there.
Mother departed this life May 11, 1953, at the age of 62 years. ,She left a host of friends, sisters and brothers in the Church, who have told me that they miss her more and more all the time.
Mother always welcomed everyone into her humble home and served them the very best she had. Yes, I minx her more with the coming of each evening. It is so lonely for dad, and the little grandchildren at the old home place. We all loved her so much, but Jesus loved her far more. I have heard mother pray many prayers in secluded spots before she lay down to rest her tired body at night. I feel sure that Mother is sleeping in the arms of Jesus tonight. So at her passing the Beaver Church has. lost one of its most precious and faithful members. and the community has lost one of its pious and old fashioned orderly working mothers.
Mother was in poor health for two or three years before she died. Many times during her sufferings, she prayed for God to take her home and sometimes remarked that it would .be better if the doctors would stand back and let her pass on to suffer no more.
I have reasons to believe that mother is resting until !Christ comes in a cloud, and the dead in Christ shall rise first, and ascend to Heaven with a Shout. I am sure that we, her children will only live a Christian life, that we can see her again, where parting will be no more.

Written by a broken hearted son, JOHN MILTON STUMBO


By request of the children I will write the obituary of Sister Mary Adkins. Sister Adkins was born September 9, 1867, deceased, Sept. 6. 1950, being about 83 years of age at death. She leaves four children, one boy and three girls, to mourn her loss. Sister Adkins was a member of the Pikeville Church and was baptized by Brother Tom Hopkins about 40 years ago. I lived close to her at the time of her death. ,She was burned up in her house. She was sick a year before death. When she would go to smothering she would send for me to come and lay my hands on her that she might rest. I want to say to the children, you have lost a good mother and to the Pikeville Church, we lost a good member. But we feel that our loss is Heavens gain. To the children yet in sin, if you ever see mother you'll have to fall out with sin and be born again. Except you humble yourself and be born again you will not be in the first resurrection with the righteous, who will go shouting home and hear ,him say, "fly wide ye everlasting gate and let my bride come 'in." I believe that Sister Adkirs will be in that number. Tho her body sleeps in the Pikeville Cemetery God knows where every dust is sleeping and in the resurrection he will bring it forth. It will be a complete body in Heaven. ,It will be like His most glorified body. 



With a very sad heart I will undertake to write an obituary of my uncle and brother in the Lord. Uncle was born in Pike County. Kentucky, December 25, 1868, the son of Sam and Kate Elswick Adkins. He married Victoria Clark, and to this union were born eight children, four daughters and four sons.
To aunt Victoria, the sons and daughters, and uncles, sisters, you all know uncle is gone from you and will never return, but by the grace of God, you all can see him again. Uncle is gone, the place he once knew here, he will know no more. God's mercy will hover around the sons and daughters and around Victoria; also around uncle's sons and daughters-in-laws for their good care they gave through the sickness of uncle.
;Aunt Victoria, you still look for uncle Will around the home. He's gone never to return. So he will sleep until the Trumpet sounds to wake him, together with all the loved ones now resting from their labors, after which He will take them to. that City which lies four square.         

Written by brother, BILL HALL.


'It is with much sadness that we try to write an obituary of a blessed husband and a loving. father and brother to wit: Jack Adkins, born to George and Alice Prater Adkins, June 10, 1895, deceased this life Feb. 14, 1953, with a heart illness. Jack was the husband of Susie Hughes Adkins, united in marriage October 12. 1916. To this union were born six children, five boys and one girl. Georgia which deceased April 6, 1947, Orgie and Orville of Hueysville, Ky., Tramble of Eastern, Ky., Mrs. Mildred Bellamy of Hueysville, Ky., Ezra serving in the Army, stationed at Atlanta, Georgia, and Christine a daughter of Jake Hughes and also leaves five brothers . Bob and Dee of Heuysville. Ky., Jonnie and Morton of Langley, Ky., Sam of Risner, Ky. Also three sisters Mrs. Bill Thornsbury, Lessie, Michigan, Mrs. Harrison Ousley, Risner, Ky.. and Mrs. Kirk Frasure, Louisville, Ky., and eight grand children and a host of relatives to mourn her loss.
Jack believed in the Old Baptist and prayed all the time through his sickness and said that the good Lord had heard him and said he wasn't afraid to die for he was going to live with those loved ones gone on before. He wanted us to bring Banner Manns to the :hospital, and he went with us and Jack gave him his hand and told him that he wanted to be baptized and we told him that he was too weak and would when he got a little stonger, but he took another heart attack and seen he was going to die and he called his children and they went to him. He told them not to put it off so long about their soul like he did and be good children and be good to one another and get along with one another. Jack always was a good neighbor and treated everybody he met with kindness and said just a few days before he died that if any body had an ill feeling toward him he did not know it and that he didn't have one for anybody. So we sure do miss his kindness and company here on earth, but sure do feel without a doubt that our loss is his eternal gain in that bright home above where no sickness, nor pain, nor death shall come and all will be well for ever.

Written by the sad family.


With a sad and heavy heart I try to write an obituary of my dearest departed mother. Rilda Ellen Clark, who was called from this poor mortal life to a far happier one in Heaven.
She was born February 7, 1894 and departed this life August 2, 1953, at the age of 59 years, 5 months and 27 days. She joined the Regular Baptist Church the morning of the day she passed away. She had requested membership at the Little Salem Church at Dana, Ky.
Many of her nearest friends thought she had gone to the church many years ago, so good was her moral life. She was the daughter of Sidney and Mary (Akers) Bryant and the grand daughter of the Rev. John Rhoda Akers, all who preceded her in death.
She was married to James Clark in October, 1924 and unto this union were born two children. One son. Isaac Lee Clark and one daughter, Mary Bell Allen. She is survived by her husband and two children and three step-daughters, who are, Hazel Amburgey, Claudie Robinson and Freedie Robinette and also three brothers and three sisters; who are Abner, Hillard, and Johnnie Bryant, Francis Honaker, Deliah Bryant, and Pearlie Adams and one sister Ida Bryant. who preceded her in death. ,
Funeral was held at the Little Salem Church, Dana, Ky., with Elders Liney Boyd, Banner Mann and Baxter Osborne officiating.
She was always ready to serve the sick and needy at any time. Many is the time I have known her to go see the sick when she was not able to get out of bed herself in reality. She has told my sister and I many times that it was His wish for all people to care for the sick and needy and she has always asked us to go when she herself was not able.
' 1 am sure all her friends who knew her well, loved her and respected her as well, and she them.
,She has left many friends and neighbors to mourn her passing. A kinder, more loving or more humble person 1 have never known to exist, except for His only begotten Son. My one hope is to follow in her Blessed Footsteps.

Written by her son, ISAAC L. CLARK


Delphia Hopkins McCowan was born February 22, 1899, died May 25, 1953. She was the daughter of W. R. Hopkins and Millie Hopkins, who preceded her in death many years ago. Her father died in 1907. She was left without a father when she was only nine years old. Before her father died she had Spinal Meningitis, but the Lord let her get well. got shot to death., one little girl died in infancy when she was in the hospital thirty years ago. She leaves a husband and one son, two grand children, three brothers and three sisters to mourn her loss. But I feel like I can say, "If she missed heaven who can get there". The Writer stood by the bed side and saw her go to sleep. She had not opened her eyes for some time, but I saw her eyes open, she could not see me, but she saw the Angels. no doubt, it was some of her loved ones that come after her soul. I do believe her Soul is with her sister. brother, father, mother and her little baby today. and all the infants that have ever died, and all the children of God that have died from the beginning of time. Her blessed Soul will come and get her body soon, then both Soul and Body will sing redemption song forever and forever.
I want to say to the only son and husband. if you ever see her anymore, you will have to repent this side of Heaven. To her blessed daughter-in-law get ready. Your mother-in-law loved you and the two little children. Meet me.
We loved her, yes we loved her, But Angels loved her more, And they have sweetly called her, To yonder shining shore.
The Golden Gates were open. A gentle voice said come, And with farewells unspoken She calmly entered Home.

Written by her brother,  F. A. HOPKINS


George W. Hopkins was the son of Elder N. T. and Nancy Hopkins. Arminda Burke Hopkins was the daughter of Green and Lorraine Burke.
George W. Hopkins was born August 13, 1872, age 72 years. Arminda Hopkins was born July 26, 1870 age about 80 years. They were married about 1892. making their stay on earth together 60 years. Unto this union were born ten children, 4 sons and 6 daughters. Five of the children preceded them in death; three in infancy. two were grown. one son and one daughter. The daughter's name was Nannie. She was a member of the Little Creek Church. Five daughters were left to mourn their loss. Ida Damron, Minnie Hopkins, Sarah Compton. Cordelia Compton and Margie Damron and several grandchildren. Arminda joined the old Regular Baptist Church in 1904 and was baptized by Elder N. T. Hopkins. ;She belonged to the church 49 years. She filled her seat in the church as long as she was able. Brother George joined the Old Regular Baptist Church about.
15 years ago. He always filled his seat as long as he was able. Brother George was baptized by Elder Frank Hopkins. They both belonged to the Little Creek Church.
I can say as a truth that the old church has lost two of the best members they had in their fellowship. I can say we have lost two good members and the community has lost two good neighbors. I can say for myself that I did enjoy talking with them concerning the Bible and on a hereafter.
We believe that when they departed this life they met with children and their brethren and sisters and we believe that they know each otter. Brother George and Sister
Arminda, only seven days difference in their deaths, we feel they did not have to stay away from each other long. They were laid in the Potter Graveyard at the Mouth of Little Creek to await the great resurrection morning when the .trumpet of God sounds then they will awake out of their sleep. What a happy time that will be for the children of God. The funeral of Brother G. W. and his good wife will be preached the last day of July and the first of August, 1954 at Yeager. Kentucky.
Father and mother are not dead, but only sleeping, just waiting to hear our Good Master say while the little birds are sweetly singing, their graves are sweetly sinking away.
Written by, JOHN A. DAMRON


It is with a sad and aching heart that I try to make this attempt to write an obituary of my dear beloved husband, Charles Wellman Tackett, and Darling little son, Ronala Clifford Tackett. Charles was born March 15. 1922 and deceased this life November 9, 1951. He was the son of the late G. C. (Cleave) Tackett and Dorsie Mullins Tackett. He
was Z9 years, 8 months and 4 days old.
He entered the U. S. Army October 23. 1942, spending 7 months. 12 days in the states, 2 years, 4 months, 24 days in. the Southern Philippines, Luzon, New Guinea and Manila. On. Wall City, Manila on February 23, 1945 he was wounded in the hip. He won many ribbons, Bronze Stars. Badges and also a Purple Heart. He was a Squad leader in the 5th Cavalry and carried the rank of Sgt. He was honorably discharged on October 22. 1945 as a disabled veteran of World War 11I.
,He was married to Josephine Bowling November 17. 1945, and to this union were born five children, four boy_ Charles Jr., Gene Wellman, Terry Lee and Ronald Clifford; one daughter. Bonnie Ann Tackett. Ail the children are living but one. Ronald Clifford (Ronnie) was born the 17th day of May, 19452, six months and eight days after Charles' death and lived six months and eighteen days and died with pneumonia, December 2, 1952.
Little Ronnie has gone to that Heavenly home and I feel his daddy welcomed him home. For he never got the chance to see him in this world.
Charles was a miner at Henry Clay, Kentucky. a member of UMWA Local 7916 and belonged to the American Legion of Kentucky. Post 29'7.
On Monday morning, November 5, 1951, Charles taken sick and lived until Friday November 9, 1951. He died twelve miles beyond West Liberty while on his way to a polio hospital at Lexington, Kentucky.
He didn't belong to any church but believed in the Old Regular Baptist Church and Brother Jim Sanders was his favorite preacher.
I feel with all my heart that he is at rest for I saw him praying and he told me a few hours .before he died that he couldn't get well and wanted to tell me that he wasn't lost. He said. "I one time was lost but now I'm not." After he told me that he had the sweetest smile on his face and was as humble and good as a baby.
I want to say to his brothers and sisters, Elmer, Lum, Hillard, Carol, Aroll, Hatler, Erma and Garnet Fay, you have given up a good brother who has gone home to rest from all sickness and troubles and if you ever want to see him again you will have to repent and live for Jesus.
Since his daddy is at rest with him, .I'll say to his mother, Mrs. Tackett, when you give Charles up you give up a true born child of God. I do believe with all my heart for God showed me in a dream that we had nothing to worry about for he was waiting just on the inside of the Pearly Gates waiting to welcome the rest of the family home.
Sometimes I can see that sweet face with that smile that will live in my memory as long as I live, waiting for the children and me. If I can see that sweet face in that Glory world where there will be no pneumonia, polio or doctors giving shots. it will be all peace, joy and love Thank the good Lord for putting me on that road that leads to Heaven.
Now, I'll say to our children as he called them, "Charles, Jr.. Daddy's Boy, Bonnie Ann, Daddy's Blue Bird, Gene Wellman. "daddy's Bear'. Terry Lee, `Daddy's Doll,", daddy has gone and left us in this troubled world to live our lives without him. but Mother will be with you as long as she lives. So let's be good and pray each night that God will guide us and when this life is over let us live with Jesus and Daddy and little Ronnie forever.
The second Saturday and Sunday of September in 1954, a memorial of Charles and Ronald will be held at his home on Caney Creek, Kentucky.
Brother Paris Clifford Tackett, Brother Sol Kiser, Brother Earl Belcher, Brother Dexter Church, Brother Kasby Conway, Brother Orville Tackett and Brother Jim Sanders are called in the memorial.

Written by a broken hearted wife, SISTER JOSEPHINE B. TACKETT


I will try, by the help of the Lord to say a few words about my dear mother. She was born July 12. 1904 and died March 17, 1946. She was married twice. First to John Davis, he died in 1929. She later married R. D. Manns. He died in 1945. She was the mother of nine children, seven boys and two girls. One boy died when he was eighteen months old. Eight of us are still living. Mommy was the daughter of J, H. Richie and Rachel McIntosh Richie.
Mommy was a very humble woman all her life She showed very little temper. I don't remember seeing my mother do an unchristian act in my life. She joined the Old Regular Baptist Church at Steels Creek in 1938. She was baptized November 6. 1938 by Elder Hawley Warrens and E. H. Howard. She lived a faithful life until death and I have missed her so much since she left me. I am the only child that is trying to follow her. All the other children are out in sin. I often pray for them because they have no mother or father to pray for them.
A short time after I joined the Old Regular Baptist I was carried away to Heaven in a dream. I was led up a narrow set of steps by a shining light, and my mother came and kissed me before the throne of God. I believe with all my heart I will meet mother again when I leave this world. Mother was a poor woman and had a very hard time on earth. but I believe she has gained a good home in Heaven, and I hope I can join her there some day.

Written by her daughter, RACHEL SLONE


With a sad heart I will attempt to write a short sketch of my dear mother to-wit Josephine Mosley. Mother was born August 30. 187'5, deceased Dec. 13 1947. -She was the daughter of William and Nancy Short. She was married to Elder L. D. Mosley about the year 1893, and to this union were born 13 children. ten still living. Mother joined the Old Regular Baptist Church about the year of 1894 and took up fellowship with the. Old Caney Fork Church and remained a member of that church until her death. We the children have lived a lonesome life since father and mother have left us. The night mother died I was standing by her bedside and asked her if she wanted a doctor. She said no, I'll be alright in the morning. I have no doubt but what mama is asleep in the arms of Jesus. The good Lord 'has blessed me in a dream to see mama and papa together side by side in the most beautiful home I ever saw. I hope the rest of the children will turn to the Lord and repent of their sins and be ready to meet mama and papa with me or. that glorious resurrection morning, when the dead shall come out of their graves and meet the Lord in the air. and go on to that beautiful home called Heaven. as I feel and believe I will be in that blood washed band on that day.

Written by her son, LEE MOSLEY


With a sad and broken heart I will try to write an obituary of my dear beloved husband Charlie Conn. He was born February 17, 1916. departed this life December 16, 1952. Making his stay on earth 36 years and 10 months. He was the son of James and Lona Conn. He was married to Evelean Reynolds December 19. 1942. Unto this union were born three children, two girls and one boy, Jimmie Joe, Charlene and Ilene. Jimmie Joe preceded him in death. He leaves Charlene, Ilene and myself, a father. three sisters, two brothers, a host of friends and relatives to mourn his loss, but we feel our loss is his eternal gain.
He joined the church the fourth Sunday in 1950 and about a year later he said he had a job to do. He said he felt that he was called to preach. He wasn't in the stand but a few times. I never saw any humbler person than he was. He preached love and salvation by the Grace of God. He always liked to hear the Brethren preach sound doctrine.
Our home is so lonesome. we miss him so much. He was so good to his family. He was loved by the church and all that knew him. We would always go to church on Sun
day. He would hate to leave his brothers and sisters after church.
I feel with all my heart that he is at rest. His Memorial will be preached the last day of July and the first day of August, 1954 which is an odd Saturday and Sunday. Everyone is invited.

 Written by his broken hearted wife, EVELEAN CONN.


In much sadness of my heart I try if it's God will to write the obituary of my dear father, to-wit: Floyd Caudill, born January 6. 1889, departed this life, February 5, 1953. He was the son of Harden and Mary C audill. He was married to Louise Caudill. To this union were born 12 children. Four children preceded him in death, leaving a host of grandchildren. three sisters. two brothers, and father to mourn his loss. He joined the Old Regular Baptist Church Sept. 4. 1938. Not long after he joined he began preaching. the gospel. H e stood for the old time doctrine and preached a free salvation by grace through faith to the believers. I have hope of meeting father again. I will say to the rest of the children that are on the barren mountain of sin, if you ever expect to see father again, you must fall out with sin and be born again. Children don't forget daddys' counsel always begging you all to close in with our Blessed Lord. Well, there is one more thing I would like to say about daddy. I was blessed to spend about 12 years with him going to good meetings. He stood firm on the good old way. I feel our loss is his eternal gain.

Written by his broken hearted son, ELDER VIRGIL CAUDILL.


With special love and request of Sister Alice Mitchell's children, I will write a sketch of the life of Sister Alice. She was born on Robinson Creek, Pike County. Kentucky. January 16, 1869. Deceased this life December 30. 1952. She was the daughter of Jack Newsom and Margaret Newsom.
;She was nearly eighty-three years old, and was married to C. C. Mitchell in the year 1889. To this union were born seven children, five boys and two girls. Names as follows: Levi. Andy, Kenis. Rob and Crit and girls, Margaret and Frances. Kenis and Frances preceded her in death. Sister Alice had 42 grand children and a large number of great grandchildren and a host of friends weeping over her. Sister ;Alice joined the Samaria Church of Regular Baptist in the year 1899. She was baptized by the hands of Elder John Akers. Belonged to the church near 54 years. God blessed that long record.
,Sister Alice was one of the old fashioned pilgrims. Regardless .how many styles arrived it never changed Sister Alice. She lived a clean virtuous life, toiled and worked hard all her life as the writer of this sketch knew her near 45 years. Her husband was an old Regular Baptist minister. When he was going to his church and Association. Sister Alice would care for the home and the children.
I never in all my knowing heard of Sister Alice bringing anything into the church to hurt the peace of God's family. She told me one day the Lord would render justice to all. That is true, be not deceived. God is not mocked. What so ever a man soweth that shall he also reap. We don't have many old pilgrims like Sister Alice. I feel sure. I had a love for sister Alice. When she was taken sick she only lived near a month. I heard her pray that if it were the good Lord's will let her get better. Then she said to me have her funeral preached at the old home place where her son Crit Mitchell now lives.
Now to the children. you lost a special friend. a mother indeed .and truth you took care of so well. There is a seat vacant in the church and home where Sister Alice remained so long, yet I feel our loss .of Sister Alice on earth is a great gain to her home in Heaven. She is now resting from all her toils and labor with her good husband.
Crit, your home was lonesome when mother was taken away to the cemetery. :I have seen :Sister Alice shout and praise the Lord many a time in my early days. Sister Alice could have dressed herself fine. yet she dressed herself in modest apparel according to the scriptures.
To sister Margaret her only daughter, you gave such a tender hand of help to mother. Yet the hope I feel you have you can meet mother again and live forever with her in a land of everlasting joy. I believe we will know our loved ones with a knowledge superior to natural knowledge. Children, in that home your good mother will be your sister the generation of Jesus Christ.
God bless all of old brother C. C. Mitchell and Alice's children. It seems to me you all are working for a home beyond this vale of tears.
Sister Alice cooked and fed the church members. not, only the church members but all who came to her home.
The children are doing the same, by the terror of the Lord we persuade men and women to leave the field of sin. Listen one and all: We can't win the love of sinners and draw them with words not of good spirit. God is love, if we're born again, we're born of love, for God is love. Now in the closing of this obituary, I pray in behalf of Sister Alice's children, a happy journey as we go home. Not only her children but her grandchildren and great grandchildren. He that feareth God and worketh righteousness is accepted from generation to generation.
I must close. I could say many more good things in regard to our beloved Sister Alice Mitchell, whom I bid farewell for awhile.

Written by a brother in hope of eternal life. ELDER J. B. HAMILTON.


At the request of my brothers and sisters, I will try with a sad heart. to write an obituary of our beloved brother, to wit Jeff May. He was one of a family of ten and the third to go on to that country above which we heard father and mother talk so much about while they were here with us.
Jeff May was born on August 29, 1890, and deceased this life on July 29. 1953, making his stay here on earth 62 years and eleven months. We feel now that he is in Heaven with Jesus in that land where there will be no night. They need no candle, neither the light of the sun for the Lord giveth them light and they shall reign forever and ever.
We feel that he is with our father, F. J. May, who left us on May 25, 1937, leaving us a bright hope that he is in Heaven. Brother Bennie May left us on December 25, 1948, telling us he was going to Heaven where all tears are wiped from our eyes. And on June 10. 1952, Mary May. our sweet mother, left us and went to see Jesus, Father, Ruthie, Bennie and all the loved ones which are in Heaven. Why do we believe all these things so strongly? The Bible tells us, "By their fruits ye shall know them." They all bore the fruits while they were here with us.
Brother Jeff joined the Regular Baptist Church the third Saturday in August, 1944. and was baptized the same day by Elder Jack Thomas. He was ordained to the ministry by the Island Creek Church of the Regular Baptist on the third Saturday of November, 1948. and we believe he walked. talked and lived as a faithful Christian.
Brother Jeff, like Paul, was never married and after God forgave him of his sins, he had nothing to do but serve God every day. After he was called to preach, his joy was in telling the people what the Lord had done for him, and what He would do for them if they would fall out with sin and hear the Word and obey it.
He was appointed by the Church as assistant moderator and served the church faithfully until death. Brother Jeff and Elder Jack Thomas, our moderator, walked together, hand in hand. which makes us think of Bible days when Christ was here and sent out his Apostles two by two.
We believe that Jeff walked, talked and preached and lived a good life as anyone we ever knew. He could truthfully repeat the saying of Paul when he had to leave this world; "I have fought a good fight. I have finished my course. ,I have kept my faith. henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness which the Lord. the righteous Judge, shall give me at that day. And not to me only, but unto all those that love his appearing."
No one knows how we miss Brother Jeff in the Church and at our old home place. Since our loved ones have left, the old home looks so lonely, but some sweet day in the future, we feel we will see them all in that home not made with human hands and live eternally in Heaven where parting is no more.
Due to the sickness we have in our family, we did not get to have our Mothers Memorial service this year. If we live and it is the Lord's will we will have Jeff. mother and May family's memorial on the third Saturday and Sunday in July. 1954, on the Sword Cemetery, Island Creek, Kentucky. Everyone is invited and welcome.

Written by a broken hearted brother, NOAH MAY


It is with a sad and lonely heart that I try to write an obituary of my beloved husband.
Coyen Ledford was born September 26. 1885. and died July 23, 1952. He was married to Fannie Stewart, February 13, 1914, unto them were born eight children, six daughter's and two sons. One daughter preceded her daddy in death. In 1917 he made a confession of faith in Christ and was admitted into the Regular Baptist Church of Caney Creek by baptism. He lived a wonderful Christian life. The last man he talked with was brother Jim Sanders an hour before he passed away. Brother Jim was one of the men he dearly loved.
He didn't seem to value his own life too much. It was the welfare of others. We were never financially rich but we had something money could never buy, and that was the love. happiness and harmony in our home. I feel unworthy sometimes that God has given me so much to be thankful for. He is the only one that can help us and stand by and lighten our burden in time of trouble.
My husband was a teacher and taught school for more than 22 years. he loved children and had so much patience in teaching them. The last five years of his life he wasn't able to work and he spent a lot of his time at school, he felt so much at home in a school room. When he would visit the school the children were anxious for him to tell them a story of some kind and the teacher of each room he would go in would .give him the floor to talk to the children. Some times it would be Bible stories, he would tell them, which they were always anxious to hear. ,Since he has been gone some have become Christians and they told me he was their inspiration to live a Christian life. I know it will only be a short time until we will all be together in that most glorious Land called Heaven.

 Written by his 'wife, FANNIE LEDFORD


I feel it my duty to write a short obituary of Brother Cleve Hall who was born November 4, 1886, deceased November 23, 152. He was the son of John and Merviania Hall, married Leona Hall about 1915. To this union were born five children. four girls, one boy. One girl preceded him in death. Survivors include, Willie. Kite, Ky.; Myrtle Caudill, Covington, Ky.; Garnett Childres, Puncheon, Ky.; Hattie Ratliff, Coeburn. Va. He was a member of the Rebecca Church of the Old Regular Baptist. He did not believe in mixing with anything but Baptists. He was plain and loved the old time doctrine. His favorite preachers were Brother E. V. Hopkins, N. W. Meade, W. S, Tolliver, Elder N. W. Meade baptized him about 22 years ago. So we hope our loss is his eternal gain. I want to say to the children, if you ever expect to get to Heaven you must believe on Jesus and be born again and meet your father in Heaven. May God bless Sister Leona in her lonesome hours and help her to let her light shine. before their children, that. when the end comes we can all meet where parting will be no more. 

Written by, ELDER R. E. HOLBROOK


It now becomes my duty by request to write an obituary of my dear old Daddy to wit: John Hall. He was born May 21. 1877 and died June 20, 1952, being 75 years and 20 days old when he passed away. He was the son of Eligie and Rissie Hall. He joined the Old Regular Baptist Church May 11. 1912 and lived a faithful member until death.
He was united in marriage to Helen Hall and to this union were born 10 children of which three deceased. He also has three children by a former marriage. He leaves a good old widow and 10 children to mourn his loss. Tack, Sarah. Lillie, Jerry, Effie. Ettie. Bert, Laura Virgie, and Johnnie: Kate and Ervin, Emmitt preceded him in death. He also leaves one step son Lonnie Hall and one step San preceded him. in death., He is also survived by several grand children to mourn his loss. ,He lived to see seven of his children join the old church in which two have been ministers for over 21 years. Tack and Johnnie, have fought side by side with daddy. We miss him so much. but it does not mean so much for us to separate like some for we will meet again soon, where there is no death. I the writer have heard him say he thanked God to see his children stepping in his tracks and going a little beyond him in the work of the Lord. He said that he saw Old Brother Tom Mosley and Brother Red John Hamilton just before he died and that he was going to live with them over there. No children that ever lived had a better daddy than we had. He called me to his bedside two days before he died, and asked me to write this obituary. I will say to my dear old mother, it won't be long until you can join daddy in that beautiful home where Jesus is.

He often prayed for his wicked children that were out in sin. Q will say to them your time may be next, and if you ever meet daddy you must quit your meaniness and get down on your knees and pray and believe in Jesus, until he saves your poor souls. I could go on and on telling of the good things about daddy. but actions speak louder than words, when us children would .gather around his bed he seemed to say like Paul, I have fought a good fight, I have kept the faith, hence forth there is a crown laid up for me. 5o brothers and sisters, let us all meet daddy, I want to see him so much. and not him only, but all of my good Brothers and sisters that have gone and I have a hope some day I will -is t. a way I feel now I don't care how soon. I am not afraid to die. The Bible says, Oh death I will be thy Plag, Oh grave I will be thy destruction. Daddy died fully satisfied with his home in the old church, despite so many lies that was told concerning him not being satisfied, if you that told those lies, happen to read this obituary let me say, I hope you repent before it is too late. If you don't the Bible says all liars shall have their part in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone so may God bless us all to live more closer to God each day and night and when death comes. them blessed little angels will go through death with us. A memorial of daddy and .Sister Kate and all of the deceased members of the Little Dove Church will be preached the fourth Saturday and Sunday in June, 1954. Everybody invited.

Written by his son and name sake in the flesh and his little brother in hope. ELDER J. P. HALL.


Matilda Catherine Jones born August 17, 1897, deceased December 12, 1952, making her stay on earth 65 years. three months and 25 days. She was the daughter of Richard and Mahalie Little. Married to Joe Jones, August 23, 1906. To, this union were born ten children. seven boys and three girls. Two boys and two girls preceded her in death, leaving five boys and one girl, and eight grandchildren. Three brothers and one sister. She joined the Old Regular Baptist Church the last Sunday in May, 1929, and was baptized the 2nd Sunday in June. 1929 by Eider E. V. Hamilton at Old Samaria Church.
She has gone from us to Heaven. The Bible has much to say about Heaven where we believe our Sister is now. They are plain things that are said.- There are no tears in Heaven, there is no sorrow, nor crying, there's no pain in Heaven. No need of a doctor, no one sick, then thank God there is no death in Heaven. Paul said, "the last enemy that shall be destroyed, is death". John in his vision on the Isle of Patmos tells us that death was cast into the Lake of Fire. How many times our hearts are made heavy as we see Loved ones taken from our homes and families to be with us no more, but in Heaven there is no death. There is no night in Heaven. John said. "And the gates of it s'-all not be closed at all by day, for there shall be no night there." You know the Lord told Enoch to go up to Heaven, he went up, and never returned. In Heaven we will have fellowship with all the Saints. God has taken from our precious Brother Joe Jones and his children a loving companion, a loving mother. Our Sister had her troubles here, she lost a loving little daughter many years ago. Two sons left her, one got killed in a car accident, the other one was killed in the Army of the United States. Her father and mother and Sister have gone, but bless her cripple husband and children left here to mourn her loss. She leaves one sister. Brother Joe. it won't be long that you will be lonesome anymore. Children if you ever see your mother any more you will have to be born again. Bless the only daughter, you waited on mother, as long as she was here. Children unto Him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in His own blood, and hath made unto us to drink of that fountain of water that never runs dry. Your blessed mother has all things, plentiful now, a new home to live in forever, and forever. "Meet me, meet me", mother is calling to you children, come and live with me in Heaven where things are beautiful. Listen, children, you know you had a good Christian mother. Do you want to see her? If you do live like mother lived, if you want to see her again. God bless the family one and all.

Written by, F. A. HOPKINS.


Corbett Tackett, the son of Jay and Sarah Tackett, was born February 23, 1900, deceased May 10, 1953.. Brother Corbett was married to Victory Hall, to which union wag born seven children, 4 boys and 3 girls. The three girls died in infancy. His wife died several years ago and he had a hard time to raise his orphan children. die was afflicted with rheumatism for many years. He also fell and injured his back.. He was in different hospitals but they failed to do him any good. He never was able to walk any more. His limbs drawed till he was in the most pitiful condition I ever saw. But God being rich in mercy blessed him to give me his crippled hand and tell a wonderful experience of grace, and on November 26, 1952, he waited until the fourth Saturday in January hoping to get better to be baptized, but those hopes failed. So on that cold day of January w_- carried him to the water and he was baptized on a cot by Elders M. V. Burke, Jesse Hampton, Malcom Ousley, Jonah Tackett, Jethro Hampton and Dallis Burke. He was so happy he said the water didn't seem to be cold to him We had several good meetings in his little humble home which gave him so much joy, and when we would hold prayer. Brother Corbett would raise his voice in prayer for his boys, that they would leave the field of sin and turn to the Lord before it would be too late. So I want to say to his orphans, children and brothers and sisters, and many friends, if you ever see Brother Corbett again you will have to make peace with God and meet him in Heaven, where he will not be afflicted. He said he wanted to go on and meet his blessed old dad and mother, in Heaven. So I believe his faith and hope was real. I feel that the church has lost a good brother-all of our loss is Heavens Eternal. and great gain.

Written by a brother in hope. M. V. BURKE


With sadness I will try to write a 'short obituary of the life of a dear sister to-wit: Martha McKinney Deal. She was the daughter of Milton McKinney and Rosy Moore McKinney. She was born October 31, 1899, died November 23, 1952. She was 53 years and 23 days old when she diea. Was married to Pharoah Deal in 1919 and unto this union were born five children, four boys and one girl. Two of the boys died in infancy. The girl, two boys, her husband Pharoah left to mourn the loss of mother. We feel that our loss is her eternal gain in Heaven. She joined the Old Regular Baptist Church in the year 1917, and lived a faithful member until death. She had her membership with Little Zion Church and later due to ill health became very ill and unable to go very far moved her membership. to the Pilgrims Home Church and remained a good member till death. I believe she is just gone on waiting for all who love in that bright city, where there is no night, there will be the Lord. I believe we all will see Sister Martha again" no sickness, or death there. I believe sister Martha will be there, her suffering and worries will all be over. I believe she lived a good Christian life and she seemed so good to Pharoah and her children. 'So I will say to her children, if you ever want to see mother again, you must fall out with sin, and take up the offered mercies of :God. !1 will say to you brother Pharoah, I believe you are on the right road, just press on to that glory land. Sister Martha, your good wife will be waiting in that glory land for you.

Written by her sad and broken hearted cousin, MARY M. KIDD.