New Hope Association of United Baptists


Submitted by Charles Rice





Carl Jean Hall, son of Bro. Vernon Hall, and Melvina Hall, born Jan. 27, 1943, deceased Feb. 9, 1945, age two years and six days. He leaves his father and mother, one brother and two sisters to mourn his loss. But our loss this Sunday morning is heaven's gain, for Jesus said, Suffer little children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven. 

Written by his parents, VERNON HALL & MELVINIE HALL 


Born April 23, 1867, deceased Dec. 20, 1944, 77 years old. Married to Sam Horn in March, 1887. Born to this union were eight children: Tom, William, Albert, John, Male, Ben, Mary Jane and Martha, all of West Prestonsburg; also several grandchildren.  Sister Horn was a faithful church member for 40 years in the United Baptist Church. 

Written by her Husband 


It is with much sadness that we try to write a short obituary of Moses Rice. He was born Feb. 18, 1851, died Oct. 6, 1944, aged 93 years, seven months and 24 days. He was married to Sarah Sturgill in 1874. To this union were born five children; three preceded him in death, which left Bro. Sam and Lonzo to mourn their loss. He joined the United Baptist Church and was baptized by Bro. Sam, his son, when he was 75 years old, on the second Saturday in July, 1925. He lived faithful and always filled his seat at church and went to church when he had to be hauled in a sled. We miss him at the old church and his home. He was loved by his many friends and relatives. He believed in the doctrine of salvation by grace. We trust that his grandchildren will strive to meet him in the city of the blessed.  



With a sad and lonesome heart I try to write a sketch of the life of my dear husband, Tom Burchfield. He was a dear husband and was loved by :all who knew him. He was long a devout church member, His membership was with the Prestonsburg Church of United Baptists. He is greatly missed by us all, but not forgotten. 

Written by his Wife 



With sad hearts we try to write the life of dear mother Rhoda Skeans. She was born Feb. 15, 1870, deceased April 24, 1945, aged 75 years, two months and eight days. She joined the United Baptist Church several years ago and lived a devoted Christian life. Her husband, George Skeans, and son, Bill Skeans, preceded her in death several years ago. But mother always told us children she was going to live with father and son and all the children of God where there would be no more separation. Mother last attended her church at West Prestonsburg on the 4th Saturday and Sunday in March, 1945. Her rejoicing these two days that close to death will never be forgotten by her brothers and sisters. Children: Taylor Skeans, Jonathan Skeans, Mrs. Julia Potter, Mrs. Mary Ousley, Mrs. Eliza Blackburn, Mrs. Minerva Reffett, Mrs. Lizzie Wright, Mrs. Aggie Hayes, all living. Now dear brothers and sisters, let's live here on earth so when this life is over we can meet father, mother and brothers in the great beyond. 



With sadness of heart I write a sketch of our dear sister, Willie Allen, in Christ, who departed this life May 31, 1945. She was 81 years old. In her last days she would say, "Tell my children to live right, then they can die right so they can meet mother and that I am going home to die no more." And that is what she would say over and over.  Oh, Lord, look down from heaven with view, See what a good mother has gone through.  She has paid the debt we all have to pay, And now she lies beneath the clay.  Her favorite song was, "0, Sing to Me of Heaven." Her loss was heaven's gain. Let us hope to meet her again. 

MRS. JAMES HALE West Prestonsburg 


William Henderson Richardson and Ella Shepherd married June 14, 1894. Births: W. H. Richardson, Tuesday, Nov. 10, 1874; Ella Richardson, March 5, 1872. Children: Elzie Richardson, Thursday, March 7, 1895; Oscar Richardson, Thursday, May 12, 1898; Lessie Richardson, Friday, Jan. 19, 1900; Johnie Richardson, March 6, 1906; Sula Richardson, May 31, 1912; Amos Richardson (deceased) Jan. 2, 1914; Albert Richardson, (twins) Jan. 2, 1914; Adam Oliver Richardson, Dec. 27, 1915.  W. H. Richardson was baptized by Elder B. W. Craft and Elder Alex Stephens Nov. 1, 1944. Died Dec. 10, 1944. Funeral by Elder Alex Stephens, Dec. 11, 1944.  Dear children, prepare to meet father again some day.  A true and loving father from us is gone, but we love him still, and never to be forgotten while here on earth we live.  

(Son) OSCAR 


It is with a sad heart that I try to write the obituary of one that was so dear, to-wit: my husband, Thomas B. Scalf, who was born March 10, 1894, and died Oct. 2, 1944; was married Dec. 25, 1917 and to this union was born one daughter, Evelyn, and on Nov. 22, 1919 he was injured in the mines which left him a cripple for the rest of his life which was 25 years and 10 days. On Easter Sunday 1920 he was carried to the water in a sheet and was buried in baptism in which he had lived a faithful Christian life until God saw fit to call his dear, broken body home where he will never suffer any more, which I had to see him do so much. He has gone to that mansion he has read and talked to me so much about. He is not only missed at home but I believe all his brothers and sisters in the church miss him. He was a deacon and clerk of New Life Church where he was a member, also the treasurer. So many times when he would not be able to go to the churchhouse his good brothers would come to our little home and have the meeting. He always loved to feed the church people. He would always say, "Lilly, fix the best we have got, that's all we have got to live for." He would say, "We have not got much of this world's goods, but I do know we have got friends, and for that I am thankful." He is not dead but only sleeping, waiting for the sweet resurrection when he will come forth with a perfect body likened to Christ's own body, then he won't need a wheel-chair or have to be cared for like a baby. He told me before he died that he would not get well. He said, "Looks like I have been at death's door so many times but God has been good to me and let me stay all these many years, but this time I will have to go," and he told me who he wanted to preach his funeral and said, "When I am gone I want you to go to all the good meetings, you have missed so much on my account and I want to say to Evelyn and George, if you ever see your daddy again you will have to be born again and follow in his footsteps." I have heard him pray so much for you both. As I sit on my porch I can see the little mound where he is sleeping, waiting, the redemption of his body that won't be a cripple, as I have heard him sing, He will heal the crippled and give sight to the blind and teach our children how to walk. He will raise up the dead that is sleeping underground and send them home to God. 

Written by his broken-hearted wife, LILLY SCALF 

ELDER S. G. RICE (Samuel George Rice) 

It is with much sadness that we try to write the obituary of our dear Elder and brother in the Lord, S. G. Rice. He was born April 24, 1878, died March 19, 1945, aged 66 years, 10 months, 29 days. Was married to Sallie Sturgill, and to them were born eight children; four preceded him in death and those living are Elmer, Lucerine, Ola and Olgie. After the death of his first wife he was married to Cretie Boyd and to them were born six children: Shirley and Willie, Annie, Madge and Georgia and Sina. Annie preceded him to death. All three boys are in the service of their country. Brother Sam joined the United Baptist Church April the second Saturday, 1913 and was ordained to preach October second Saturday, 1916. He was always faithful to the charge. He went night and day when called on. He had the care of three churches when he had to leave us. The time I talked with him he said he didn't fear to go if he could just see his boys again. But it couldn't be-he had to go Brother Sam and I

 preached together and always got along like brethren should. He was one of our best preachers and was loved by all his brothers and sisters. We miss him at his home and at church. We know that his dear wife and children miss him. He had the pleasure of seeing Olvie come to the old church. We know she will meet him, and to the rest of his children, if you see your father again you will have to take your father's advice. You don't know how many times I have heard Brother Sam pray for you. Brother Sam isn't dead but just sleeping till God will wake the dead. I don't have any doubts about him because he bore the fruits and the Bible says by their fruits you shall know them. Sister Cretie and children, don't weep. When this short life is over we shall meet Brother Sam again. It is with much grief that we write this. 




It is with a sad and broken heart I try to write a short sketch of a loving mother, Mahaley Jones. She was born Jan. 19, 1873, deceased -Dec. 30, 1944. She was married to John H. Jones in 1889 and to this union were born nine children, five girls and four boys. One preceded her in death. Father departed this life in 1931. Mother joined the Regular Baptist Church in 1901. She was a faithful member and was loved by all who knew her. In 1904 she was taken into the United Baptist Church on recommendation on account of bemg more convenient for her to attend church. She said she could see no difference in their doctrine. Mother always liked to attend church. Mother being afflicted for several years before she died she didn't attend church as often as she wished. She moved to Ohio in 1925. She still held her fellowship at Clear Creek Church, Fed, Ky. I am afflicted and could not be with mother during her last days on earth. When she passed away they brought her to my house and kept her with me three nights. Her funeral was preached here at my house by Charley Holbrook and Torn Smith. Oh, how I miss mother coming to see me. She always looked back at me as she went out the door. She always told us children not to grieve after her. All she hated to die for, she hated to leave her children. I feel she is resting in heaven where there is no pain nor sorrow. I am trusting in God I will meet her in heaven. She would always counsel us children to do the right thing. There are many good things I could say about mother. As this obituary is getting too long I will close. 

Written by her daughter, MARTHA JANE FRASURE  Chillicothe, 0., R.F.D No. 2 


Born March 29, 1870, deceased Feb. 24, 19-15. Brother Banks joined the United Baptist Church Feb. 22, 1942and lived faithful to the order of the old church, never

missed a church meeting as long as he was able to attend. Bro. Banks was loved by all who knew him. He leaves a dear wife, Sister Belle Wallen, and children to mourn his absence but with sure faith we can meet again where troubles will be no more.


Written by his wife,  BELLE WALLEN 


Millard Prater, born May 26, 1887, aged 56 years, four months and 25 days; died Oct. 21, 1943; father of 11 children, (three preceded him in death), and 18 grandchildren. He had been blind 36 years and before passing he called in his neighbors to pray with him and in his last moments he told his folks he could see Jesus He said he had a better home to go to.  First brother, Cleveland Adams; second, B. W. Graft; third, Alex Stephens; fourth, Hargis Conley. 

Written by a sad Wife 


By request I will attempt to write a short sketch of the life of my dear, loving brother, Will Conn, who has gone to live with Jesus. He told me there was nothing in his way. He was born March 19, 1869 and departed this life Oct. 21, 1944. He was 75 years, seven months and two days old. He was a son of Sill Conn and Charity Conn and was married to Martha Taylor Nov. 28, 1894. To this union were born seven children, six boys and one daughter. One preceded him in infancy, leaving his good companion six children, three brothers and one sister and a host of grandchildren and friends to mourn his loss. Bro. Will joined :the old United Baptist Church about the year 1914 and always filled his seat until physically unable. For several years he was unable to attend his meetings, at last the dreadful disease seized him so severe. His loved ones gathered around his bed to minister to his needs, His dear old heart-broken companion, who stood over him day and night, was ready every call to soothe his pain. Oh, how sad when I saw her lay her hand upon his dying brow and said, I have done all I can. I knew he must soon answer the great summons from on high, where the bright, dazzling light will never fade away that I saw shining on the foot of his bed in his departing moments.  He is missed by all his friends and neighbors, he was always so kind to everybody, and always delighted to have someone come to his home and talk to him on the Bible and about his home over yonder. He never let any one leave his home hungry near meal time. Brother was very patient during his suffering and called for his preaching brethren to come to his home and have meeting for him a 'short time before he passed away. Oh, the old home is so lonesome to me when I go there and his dear old companion is so lonesome. I often see the tears trickling down her face and I heard her say she wished her departure of this life would come soon. I feel in the sweet by and by I will see Brother Will again in a land of everlasting joy, where brother will not be worrying about his dear boy in the army. He watched the door so patiently for him to come just before he passed away.  Children, I will now say to you, he is watching a greater door now for you to come, and if you ever see father again you must be born again, not of a corruptible seed but incorruptible. I believe brother is resting in the paradise of God with his father and mother and the rest of the family, awaiting the great trumpet to sound that awakes the  sleeping dust, when Jesus comes in the cloud of glory to gather His elect home.  Oh, what a happy meeting there will be when we take our flight on wings of love to meet Jesus in the air when the song starts that never ends, and to hear the voice of Jesus, "Fly open wide we everlasting gates and let my bride come in."  I will say again to the children, if you want to be one in that number and expect to see father again, you must fall out with sin and join with the free of fered mercies of God before it is finally and. everlastingly too late. 

Written by his brother, MELVIN CONN