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Floyd County Deaths Before 1953

(September 2, 1932)

Mrs. Hattie Akers, 33, died Thursday 08-30-1932 of burns suffered when she fell, unconscious, into embers beneath a wash-kettle, at her Dana home

Warren M. Meek, 62, of Auxier, Tuesday, 08-30-1932 at Paintsville

Raymond Smith, 4, son of Wince Smith, of Betsy Layne August 24 1932, at a Martin hospital.

(August 12, 1932)

Lee P. Harris, 57, former mayor of Prestonsburg, Monday at his home here; 

George Duke, 21, of Hueysville, in an auto wreck, Sunday, near Muskogee, Oklahoma. (Al Patton, 28, also of Hueysville, was seriously hurt in the same wreck); 

Mrs. Delilah Hale Stephens, 57, Wednesday, at her home at Dock; 

Mrs. W. W. Branham, 53, of Wheelwright, Monday, at a Pikeville hospital; 

the seven-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Miller, of Dock, Saturday.

(August 5, 1932)

The five-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Estill Hughes, at Martin, Sunday.

(July 29, 1932)

 Emmett Sanders, 35, Tuesday evening, in a slatefall at the Elk Horn Coal Corporation mine, Garrett; 

Dewey Kelly, of Van Lear, last Thursday, of a skull fracture, sustained when he fell from a train at the Middle Creek railroad bridge here; 

Mrs. Hall, 18, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Abe Music, of May’s Branch, Monday, at a Martin hospital.

(July 24, 1932)

John Bud Harris, 65, Sunday, at his home on Stephens Branch; 

Mrs. Mollie Campbell, 60, July 14, at West Prestonsburg; 

Mrs. Mary Hopkins, 76, of Harold, Monday, at a Martin hospital.

(July 15, 1932)

Charlie Johnson, 20, was killed, and Nat Hall, 24, was wounded during the week in separate frays...

Hoover Hinton, 35, Dwale policeman, died Monday in a Martin hospital, the third to succumb to wounds sustained in a gun battle, July 2...

(June 24, 1932)

Deputy Constable Willard Hamilton, 48, was fatally wounded last Thursday night...

Mrs. Alpha Nelson, about 55, Monday, at her home on Town Branch; 

Ethel, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mont Gibson, Wednesday, at the Gibson home, here; 

Mrs. Beatrice Price Leslie, 24, of Emma, Saturday, at a Paintsville hospital; 

Luther, 13-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mosley, of Emma, Friday, at a Martin hospital.

(June 17, 1932)

Andrew Spradlin, 27, of Tram, was killed, Tuesday morning, by a train; 

Alvin C. Patrick, 78, Saturday, near Hueysville.

(June 10, 1932)

Juanita Weddington, 15, at Wayland; 

Mrs. Bee Hall at Garrett.

(June 3, 1932)

Charles Roberts, 25, was killed by a train near here, early Friday morning...

Mrs. Hulda Waddell, 41, May 25, at her home on Abbott Creek.

(May 27, 1932)

Silas Spurlock, 47,  in a car wreck, Friday; 

Mr. Branham when hit by a car, Monday.

Mrs. Alice G. Hopkins, 74, widow of Ex-Congressman J. A. Hopkins, of Prestonsburg, May 22, at Memorial Hospital, Huntington, W.Va.; 

R. V. Wohlford, 62, Martin merchant, May 17, at the Beaver Valley Hospital, 

Mrs. J. B. Bolen, May 22, at Garrett.

(April 29, 1932)

Mrs. Carolyn Ryan, 79, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. H.H. Holcomb; 

Mrs. Frank Wolfe, 30, at Hueysville, April 25.

1942 Deaths reported in Floyd County Times


(September 3, 1942)

Mrs. Amanda Louise Howard Patrick, 81, wife of Ex-Circuit Judge A. T. Patrick, Sunday, at her home here; 

Thomas Patton, 54, Martin native, who in 1908 helped build the fortress of Corregidor, August 24, at a Cleveland hospital; 

Joe DeMurry, of Wayland, Monday, at a Rochester, Minnesota hospital; 

Rell Daniels, 39, former Floyd man, Sunday, at Franklin Furnace Ohio.

(August 13, 1942)

William H. Herald, 56, of West Prestonsburg, August 10; 

Fannie Florence, 12-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Harris, August 6, at a Huntington hospital; 

Napoleon Jacobs, 42, at Lackey, of injuries suffered in a slatefall; 

Mrs. Maggie Bentley, 63, at her Dwale home, August 5.

(August 6, 1942)

Mrs. Willard Stephens, 34, Sunday, at her home on Middle Creek; 

Mrs. Theodore Slone, 35, formerly of Garrett, Friday, at Niagra Falls, New York.

(July 30, 1942)

Mrs. Willie Johnson, 62, of Banner, Friday, at Allen; 

Ira Conn, about 30, of Arkansas Creek, Tuesday night, by electrocution in a truck mine at Hunter; 

W. H. Lynch, 75, Martin merchant, July 22, at his home near Martin; 

Mrs. Russell Howard, 63, Sunday, at Betsy Layne; 

Mrs. Shirley Burton, 45, of Auxier, at Lexington, Saturday; Isaac Lee Layne, 62, July 22, at his home at Tram.

(July 23, 1942)

Mrs. “Fats” Lamar, Wheelwright, was killed Tuesday night by a revolver shot.

Reed Henson, 18, of Ligon, by drowning, here, Monday afternoon; 

Mrs. Martha Mabel Harmon Knott, 46, native of this county, at Logan, W.Va., last Wednesday.

(July 16, 1942)

Mrs. Edith George Ward, 86, Wednesday, of last week at West Prestonsburg; 

C. C. Rucker, father of Mrs. James Roark, of Prestonsburg, at Van Lear, last Wednesday; 

Sidney Allen, 26, Saturday, at Martin; Jesse S. Hatfield, 62, of Bull Creek, Saturday, at a Paintsville hospital; 

Mrs. Fannie E. Mitchell, of Prestonsburg, Sunday, at a Grayson hospital.

(June 25, 1942)

Mrs. Mabel Case, 24, of McDowell, Tuesday, at a Martin hospital; 

Oscar Evans, 48, of a heart attack, Friday, when stricken at the Northeast Coal Company mine entrance at Auxier;

Argie Tucker, brother of Mrs. S.R. Auxier, of Prestonsburg, in Oklahoma; 

Lee Stewart, 64, of Melvin, Saturday, on Shelby Creek, Pike County. 

(June 18, 1942)

Opal Mosely, 16, of McDowell, died Sunday, at a Martin hospital of a shotgun wound...

Joe Stumbo, McDowell farmer, and former teacher, was killed, Sunday morning, when hit by a train at McDowell. He was a brother of Magistrate Henry Stumbo...

Vernon Castle, 57, former Floyd peace officer, was killed, Friday midnight, by a slatefall in a Letcher county coal mine..

Miss Jo Ann Allen, 31, here, Saturday morning; 

Mrs. Osa Osborne Herald, 47, Sunday, at Dwale; 

Mrs. Ernest Langley, 63, native of West Prestonsburg, June 9, at Valley Stream; Long Island, New York; 

James Thompson, 3, Monday, at Laynesville; 

Robert Newsome, 39, of Teaberry, Wednesday, at Pikeville; 

Margaret Ruth Scarborough, 16, of Weeksbury, Monday, at a Martin hospital; 

Mrs. Machala Frasure, 68, Saturday, at Hippo; Jeff Skeans, 65, Saturday, at Cliff.

(June 11, 1942)

Jeff Osborne, 42, was killed Sunday, near Buckingham, by a train.

Mrs. Hattie Alley Moore, 44, of Water Gap, Friday; 

Frank Gearheart, 48, of Hueysville; 

Virgil Crum, 13, of Arkansas Creek, of tetanus.

(June 4, 1942)

Dr. E. N. Burke, 43, Bonanza native, Tuesday, at Lockwood, Boyd County; 

Alvin Napier, 51, last Thursday, at West Garrett; 

Mrs. Mary Robinson, 87, of Dock, Friday, at a Martin hospital; 

Clyde Endicott, 32, Monday, at German; 

James Clifton, 63, Wednesday, at his home here; 

Oscar Cole, about 50, Friday, at Betsy Layne; 

Mrs. Robert Ferguson, of Wayland, at a Pikeville hospital, Sunday.

(May 28,1942)

Bud Reynolds, 28, of Martin,  officially reported as missing after action on Bataan...

Luther James, 24, of Betsy Layne, officially reported as missing after action on Bataan...

Wesley Thompson, 80, of Edgar, at the Prestonsburg Hospital, Tuesday; 

Billie Martin Jr., 16, of Allen, of a bullet wound, at a Martin hospital, Saturday; 

T. J. Puckett, 87, Tuesday, at his home at Myrtle; 

James Monroe Hughes, 26, last Thursday at Lackey; 

Herbert Griffith, 37, last Thursday, at his home on Little Paint.

(April 30, 1942)

Andrew Hunt, 28, at Ivel, of tuberculosis,

James Lee Goodman, 10, at his parents’ home at Martin, of a lung abscess.

(April 16, 1942)

Lieut. Com. David A. Hurt, 38, commander of the U. S. submarine Perch, is missing.

Henry Harris, 61, at his home at West Prestonsburg; 

Mrs. Lily Branham Harris, 58, native of this county, Saturday, at Lucasville, O.; 

Mrs. John Amburgy, 84, Monday, at her home at Maytown; 

Mrs. Hala May Prater, 33, of Hueysville, Wednesday; 

Joe Thompson, formerly of Wayland, Wednesday, at a Lexington hospital; 

Imogene Coyer, 4, Wednesday, at a Martin hospital.

(April 2, 1942)

Mrs. Emma Prater Goble, 51, Monday, at her home here; 

Mrs. Susanna Cartmell, 91, Tuesday, at Drift; 

Pvt. Marion Hall, 20, last week at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.

(March 26, 1942)

Ollie James Sturgill, lost on the Houston, U.S. destroyer, sunk in the recent Pacific naval engagement between United Nations and Japanese forces, of Harold, relatives in this county have been notified...

Mrs. Verlie Maddy Hunter, 34, of Martin, last Thursday, at the Beaver Valley Hospital; 

Robert “Nob” Campbell, 72, of Brandy Keg, Monday, near his home; 

Mrs. Serilda Fletcher Whitaker, 89, Wednesday, at her home at Estill; 

Thomas Reffitt, 73, of Dock, Sunday, at the home of a daughter, at West Prestonsburg; 

Rosanna Bailey, 61, of Hippo, March 15; 

Mrs. Alwilda Layne Darby, 82, of Tram, last Wednesday, at Ashland. 

(March 19, 1942)

Carlie Ward, 32-year-old Wayland miner, died beneath a slatefall in the mines of the Elk Horn Coal Corporation, Wednesday morning.

Rev. D. M. Allen, 72, for 51 years a minister of the Church of Christ, and onetime Superintendent of Floyd County Schools, Tuesday, at his home on Salt Lick, near Hueysville; 

Mrs. Charlie Reynolds, 53, of Ligon, last Saturday, at the Beaver Valley Hospital, Martin; 

Mrs. Ed Slone, 30, of Alphoretta, Saturday, at the Martin General Hospital; 

Ang Collins, 28, Friday, at his home at Martin; 

Mac Newsome, 24, of Buckingham, Saturday, at the home of his parents; 

Mrs. Rhea LaGrange Flanery, 47, Monday, at the Martin General Hospital; 

Mrs. Nancy E. Howard, 87, of Garrett, Wednesday, at the Paintsville hospital.

(March 12, 1942)

Mrs. Will Rowe, 60, Saturday, at her home at Myrtle; 

Lewis Merritt, 89, formerly of Prestonsburg, recently in Searcy, Arkansas; 

Mrs. Mary Adams Stratton, 77, Friday, at her home at Ivel.

(March 5, 1942)

Frank Ellis, 62, at his home here, Friday; 

Sam Jarrell, 78, Feb. 26, at his home at Emma; 

Joel Martin, 63, of Drift, Tuesday, of a heart seizure at a Martin hospital; 

Mrs. Susan V. Laukon, 85, of Catlettsburg, Sunday; 

Mrs. George Owsley, of Garrett, Thursday, at a Martin hospital; 

Nannie Tackett Damron, 87, Saturday, at the Langley home of her son, Abel Tackett.

(March 5, 1942)

Bee Castle, 32, Saturday, at Stumbo Memorial Hospital, five hours after being crushed beneath a two-ton rock in a country coal bank near his home at Salt Lick; 

Mrs. George Owsley, of Garrett, last Thursday, at the Martin General Hospital; 

Mrs. Lucy McNeer, 56, of East Point, Wednesday, at the Paintsville Clinic; 

Joel Martin, 63, of Drift, Tuesday, at the Martin General Hospital; 

Sam Jarrell, 78, Feb. 26, at his home at Emma; Frank A. Ellis, 62, Friday, at his home here.

(February 26, 1942)

Charles Baldridge, 68, Friday, at his home on Little Paint; 

Dr. Carl L. Prichard, 71, veteran eastern Kentucky physician, Saturday, at his home at Harold; 

Thomas Hall, 76, last Thursday, at his home at Myrtle; 

Edith Derossett, 19, of Dwale, Monday, at Martin General Hospital, as the result of injuries suffered in an auto wreck, Feb. 13; 

Flora Agnes Harris, 42, native of Cow Creek, Sunday, at the Paintsville Hospital; 

J.D. Collins, 24, of Wayland, last Wednesday, at the Beaver Valley Hospital; 

Beatrice Boyd, 33, Sunday, at Dana; Whitt Chaffins, 32, Saturday, at his home at West Garrett.

(February 19, 1942)

“Aunt Viney” Sizemore Collinsworth, 77, Saturday, at the home of a son here; 

James Hammond, 73, Tuesday, at home on Bull Creek; Raymond Hagans, 21, Saturday, at home at Maytown.

(February 12, 1942)

James B. Jones, 87, Thursday, at his home here; 

Windon A. (Sand Rock) Harris, 42-year-old Drift miner, last Thursday, of skull injuries suffered after being assaulted and struck by a cue stick; 

J. C. Newberry, 78, formerly of Martin, Sunday, at Kenova, W. Va.; 

Robert Gibson, 74, native of Floyd county, Feb. 4 in Pike county; 

Mrs. Otta Tackett, 21, of Drift, Wednesday, at the Beaver Valley Hospital, Martin; 

Mrs. Helen Salyers Minix, 73, formerly of West Prestonsburg, Jan. 23, at Greenup.

(February 5, 1942)

John B. Stephens, 66, Monday, at his home at Allen; 

Pvt. Russell Robinson, of the U.S. Army, last Thursday, in Trinidad; 

George Frederick Gore, 32, Friday, at Estill; 

Mrs. Poppie Shepherd, 74, Saturday, at the Beaver Valley Hospital, Martin.

(January 29, 1942)

Ray “Fuzzy” Lewis, 20-year-old Weeksbury miner was fatally wounded, Saturday night, as a tragic climax to a party at the home of a neighbor.

Amos F. Conley, 68, last Wednesday at his home at Tram; 

Henry Baldridge, 76, January 20, at his home at Bonanza; 

Mrs. Sophia Nesbitt Brown, 69, Sunday, at her home here; 

Mrs. Mary Ann Hicks, 47, Sunday, at her home on Brush Creek; 

Marion B. Wellman, 66, formerly of Garrett, January 18, at South Bend, Ind.; 

Samuel Robinson, 69, January 17, at his home at East Point.

(January 22, 1942)

George Music, 67, of the Auxier Road, Monday, in a car wreck near Mesa, Arizona; 

Lee Leslie, 77, Wednesday, at his home at Emma; 

Carrie Davidson, 14, Wednesday, at Stumbo Memorial Hospital; 

Mrs. Polly Combs, 56, of Bypro, last Thursday, at Martin.

(January 15, 1942)

Charles Oppenheimer, 76, former merchant here, Monday at the Prestonsburg General Hospital; 

Curtis Newsome, 21, of McDowell, Sunday at a Martin hospital of an accidental gunshot wound; 

Grayden (Hob) Allen, 36, victim last Wednesday of a slatefall in a mine of the Sampson Elkhorn Coal Co. at Drift;

Sylvan Reitz, 56, last Thursday at his home at Drift of a heart attack; 

Mrs. Katherine Lykens, 85, Saturday at her home at Hunter; 

Wilburn Hale, 20, of Gunlock, Magoffin County, last Wednesday at Stumbo Memorial Hospital, Lackey; 

Gilbert Martin, 78, of Mousie, Knott County, Monday at the Lackey Hospital; 

Mrs. Draxie Stafford, 47, Saturday at Betsy Layne.

(December 18, 1941)

Robert Graham Harris, 57, prominent Texas insurance man and native of Prestonsburg, last Thursday in an El Paso hospital; 

Glenn Homer Burke, 26, of Wayland, of injuries received in an auto accident at Lackey Saturday night; 

Deward Stratton, 29, of Ivel, December 10, at the home of her mother; 

Hulda Cole, 58, of Melvin, Saturday, victim of an auto accident in Letcher county; 

Bill Weddington, 32, of Mossy Bottom, Saturday, after being struck by an automobile in Pike County; 

Lizzie Beach Wright, 74, Sunday morning, at her home in West Prestonsburg. 

(December 11, 1941)

Body of George Symon, 59-year-old mine superintendent for the Stephens Elkhorn Coal Co. at Manton, was recovered Monday night. A gas explosion, about 6000 feet back in the mine, is believed to have resulted in the mine veteran’s death.

Newton L. Lykins, 84, former Floyd resident, at his residence at Glasgow, Ky.; 

Thomas Lafferty, 40-year-old Bull Creek farmer, of peritonitis resulting from a ruptured appendix; 

Nevada George, 73, at the home of her son.

(December 4, 1941)

Manuel Slone, 58, of Paintsville, died in an auto wreck near Maytown.

(November 27, 1941)

 “Uncle” Jeff Blackburn, 82, Saturday, at the home of a son here; 

Arnold Prater, 24, of Garrett, last Thursday, following the crash of his auto near the mouth of Brush Creek; 

“Uncle” Dick Allen, 72, Sunday, at his home at Dana; 

Ellen Music, 83, November 19, at her home on Abbott Creek; 

James Harry Clark, 59, last Thursday, at his home at Allen; 

David C. Cooley, 46, Wednesday, at the home of a sister at Auxier.

(November 20, 1941)

Gladys Marie Daniels, 29, of Prestonsburg, at the hospital, here, Saturday; 

Mary Layne, 85, Sunday, at her home at Betsy Layne; 

Samuel Tilden Conley, 42, of Ashland, formerly of Bonanza, in an Ashland hospital; Saturday; 

“Aunt” Kate Wireman, 66, Saturday, at her home on Abbott Creek.

(November 13, 1941)

Emily May Ratliff, sister of Congressman A.J. May, Tuesday night at Warco; 

Elizabeth Akers Tackett, 87, Thursday night at McDowell; 

Catherine Hutsinpiller, 86, Monday, in Gallipolis, O.; 

W. M. Vanderpool, 73, well-known West Prestonsburg man, Sunday, at his home; 

Elizabeth Cynthia Harmon, 84, Wednesday, at Betsy Layne.

(November 6, 1941)

Pvt. Banner Conn, formerly of this county, Tuesday, at Marston’s Mills, Mass., of injuries received in an auto accident; 

Maurice Cleveland, 20, of Glo, in an auto accident at Lackey, Monday; 

Lorraine Harris, 33, native of this county, in an auto accident in Ashland, last Thursday; 

Minta Herald Harris, 41, Sunday at her home on Cow Creek; 

Burnetta Newsome, three-year-old daughter of Willard and Rose Henson Newsome, of Ligon, Monday, at a Martin hospital; 

Harmon C. Tackett, 4, son of Mr. and Mrs. Curt Tackett, of Fed, Tuesday, at a Martin hospital.

(November 30, 1941)

Ballard Childers, 45, of Emma, in a rock and slate fall Friday afternoon in the Sandy Valley Coal Company mine at Water Gap; 

George Crum, victim of a heart attack on his 68th birthday, October 23, at his home at Cliff; 

Robert Lee Frazier, 76, Friday at the home at Martin of his daughter, Mrs. Frank Crisp; 

Isabel Burchwell, 52, at her home at Drift, Saturday, victim of an accidental gunshot wound; Gwendolyn Martin, 21, of Garrett, Friday; 

Bobby Coburn, 9, son of Mrs. Vic Coburn, Tuesday; Kenneth Eugene Shepherd, two-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Shepherd, of West Prestonsburg, Monday.

(October 23, 1941)

Last rites were said, Friday afternoon, for T.J. “Uncle Jeff” Sizemore, 99-year-old Civil War veteran, who died last Wednesday at his home on Town Branch, near here..

Evoline Little, 48, of Wheelwright, in an auto accident, Sunday, near West Liberty; 

Rayfield Price, 54, of Weeksbury, Friday, at the Beaver Valley Hospital, Martin.

(October 16, 1941)

“Uncle” Jeff Sizemore, 99, veteran of the Union Army, Wednesday, at his home near here; 

William Aldridge, 73, Oct. 4, at the Stumbo Hospital, Lackey; 

Martin Risner, of Bypro, Saturday, at a Martin hospital; 

Ballan Gearheart, 66, native of Hueysville, Oct. 3, at Palisade, Colorado. 

(October 9, 1941)

One man was killed and five others injured, Monday afternoon, in the mine of the Payne-Baber Coal Company, Clear Creek, Melvin Osborne, 41, died instantly, and injured were Duran Hall, Anderson Moore, Wes Bryant, Zollie Bryant and Rich Ferguson

Robert Lee Cecil, 20, of Ivel, when he was thrown from a truck at Tram, Saturday night; 

Harris Howard, wealthy landowner and father of Atty. J.W. Howard, Prestonsburg, at his home at White Oak, Wednesday; 

Martha Hicks, 30, at her home at Topmost, Saturday; 

Martha Coburn, 77, September 26, at the home of a sister at Martin; 

Sarah Akers Hatfield, 68, Thursday, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Walter Hall, at Amba.

(October 2, 1941)

P. H. Allen, 44, of Prestonsburg, last Thursday, at the Methodist Hospital, Pikeville; 

E. C. (Con) Cheek, 72, Wheelwright peace officer, Tuesday, at the Methodist Hospital, Pikeville; 

Carl Edward Hamilton, 23, of Melvin, Sunday, at the Beaver Valley Hospital, Martin.

(September 25, 1941)

A shot from a high-powered rifle, fired early Tuesday morning, from the hillside facing his store at Halo, Jack’s Creek, resulted in the death, Wednesday morning, of Noah Johnson, 28, prominent Jack’s Creek merchant and assistant postmaster at Halo.

Body of Joe Carr, 32-year-old Allen man, was found early Tuesday morning on the railway tracks, a short distance above the highway bridge across the Big Sandy at Allen; and early the following day Raymond Boyd, 23, of Emma, was found unconscious on the highway near that community, where the wheels of at least one vehicle are known to have crossed his body. Boyd later died. 

Mart V. Allen, 49, Floyd County native, last Thursday, at a Harlan hospital; 

Jasper Bryant, 33, formerly of Ligon, Saturday, in Pike County; 

Finley Roberts, 39, Martin barber, last Thursday at the home of his mother at Martin; 

J. G. Hinkle, 60, Tuesday evening, at the home of a son at Martin.

(September 11, 1941)

Matilda Newsome, 43, of Melvin, Sunday; 

Calvin Jones, 100-year-old Confederate Army veteran, formerly of this county, recently in Boyd County.

(September 4, 1941)

George Burchett, 47, World War I veteran, Sunday, at Veterans’ Hospital, Huntington, W. Va.; 

John, 18-year-old son of Frank Clarke, veteran Lackey peace officer, Saturday, in an auto wreck near Hindman; 

Celia Lacy Howard, 78, wife of Harris Howard, well-known Morgan landowner, and mother of J.W. Howard, Prestonsburg attorney, Saturday, at her home at White Oak, Morgan County; 

Lizzie Bradford, 47, of Blue River, Saturday, at the Beaver Valley Hospital.

(August 28, 1941)

J. D. Hatfield, 55, well-known Wheelwright merchant, Tuesday, at the Stumbo Hospital, Lackey; 

Anna Virginia Cooley, 57, last Friday, and on the following day her 72-year-old brother, James Slone; 

Thurose Zanzonico, 9, of Wayland, a victim Tuesday, of measles; 

Barbara Ann Nelson, 6, Sunday, at the Dwale home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Nelson; 

Lyda Winger Grantman, 40, sister of Mrs. Arthur Blackburn, Friday, in an auto accident, at Springfield, Ohio.

(August 21, 1941)

Harry Privett, 72, of Lancer, August 8, at Lexington; 

Luther Hays, 56, of Wayland, Monday, at Lackey; 

Milton Slone, 38, Monday, at his home at Dema; 

Mary Ellen Tackett, 59, of Estill, Saturday, at the Stumbo Hospital, Lackey; 

Malissa Travis Charles, 58, recently, at the home of a daughter at Emma.

(August 14, 1941)

James E. Fannin, 34-year-old McDowell motor brakeman, Friday, when his head came into contact with an electric wire inside the mines of the Edgemont Fuel Company, McDowell; 

Rosa McSurley, 76, Tuesday, at her home at Emma; 

Francis Harmon, 33, native of Little Paint, Saturday, while at work at Jefferys, W. Va.; 

Icie Moore, 19, Friday, at her home at Wayland of tuberculosis; 

Carl Martin, Floyd County native, Saturday, in an automobile wreck in Indiana.

(August 7, 1941)

Rhoda Mayo, 80, Aug. 2, at the Martin home of her daughter, W.J. Reynolds; 

Nancy Wallace, 81, last Wednesday, at Estill; 

May Moore, 33, of Orkney, last Wednesday; 

Victoria Adkins, 40, of Galveston, July 31, at the Beaver Valley Hospital; 

Casey Jones, 27, of Martin, July 31, when hit by a mine car inside a Utility Elkhorn mine; 

Stafford Gibson, of Tram, when hit last Saturday by a train near the Betsy Layne depot; 

Noretta Spurlock, 5, of Printer, July 29 at a Martin hospital, of measles.

(July 31, 1941)

Hampton Rice, 16-year-old Martin High School junior, and outstanding athlete, Monday, at Martin General Hospital, of typhoid; 

The Rev. John Joseph, 89, Monday night, at the home of a daughter at West Prestonsburg; 

Mrs. J. J. Mosley, of Fed, Saturday at the Martin General Hospital; 

Ella Akers, 23, Tuesday, at the Beaver Valley Hospital; Fanny Conley, 68, of Lackey, Saturday, at the Stumbo Memorial Hospital; 

Lula Belle Parker, 37, of Drift, July 24, at the Beaver Valley Hospital.

(July 24, 1941)

Clyde C. Carter, 49-year-old Northern taxi driver, was instantly killed, and eight other persons were injured, Saturday night, when his taxi and a truck collided

David Moran, 58, at his home at Martin, Saturday; 

Epp Henderson, 69, of Fed, Saturday, at the Beaver Valley Hospital, Martin; 

Pvt. Lawrence Porter, 27, formerly of Allen, was found dead early Friday morning, near Ft. Benjamin, Harrison, Indiana

(July 17, 1941)

Norvel “Nig” Patrick, 25, of West Prestonsburg, fatally wounded at Paintsville, Sunday; 

Joseph Slone, 37, killed in a slatefall at Wayland, Tuesday; 

William Smith, 75, at his home at Martin, July 9.

(July 10, 1941)

Rosie Estep, 41, Wednesday at the Beaver Valley Hospital; 

Ira Conn, 84, Monday at Sloan; Minnie Howard Salisbury, 35, of Langley, July 3, at the Stumbo Hospital.

(June 26, 1941)

Sam Coburn, 20, Sunday at his home here; 

Tan Hale, 40, of West Prestonsburg, Tuesday at the Prestonsburg General Hospital; 

W. K. Elliott, 78, of Pikeville, Sunday at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

(June 19, 1941)

The mystery-cloaked murder, Monday night, of Policeman Jerry Lee, of Garrett, was committed either in the time-renowned mountain feudist style, a shot from a mountainside, or in the modern gangster manner, by gunfire from a passing automobile, authorities held this week after an intensive probe into the case.

John J. Hughes, 57, Tuesday, at his home at Hippo; 

Carl Adkins, former Floyd County officer, Friday at Nevada, Mo.; 

Mrs. Ida Hager, 76, Saturday at Paintsville; 

Mrs. Virgie Stumbo Spencer, 48, of Minnie, Monday, at the Beaver Valley Hospital, Martin; 

Mrs. Malissa Sexton Reed, June 7, at her home on Salt Lick Creek; 

John Calhoun, 81, of Abbott Creek, June 5, at the Prestonsburg General Hospital.

(June 12, 1941)

Malinda Jane Hamilton Mellon, 93, formerly of Prestonsburg, Friday at Catlettsburg; 

Carl Adkins, former Floyd County officer, Friday at Nevada, Mo.; 

Mrs. Lee Spencer, 48, of Minnie, Monday at the Beaver Valley Hospital; 

John Calhoun, 81, of Abbott Creek, June 5 at Prestonsburg General hospital; 

Malissa Sexton Reed, 75, June 7 at her home on Salt Lick Creek.

(June 5, 1941)

Mrs. Wm. Arthur Beatty, former Prestonsburg resident, May 23, at her home at Nippa; 

Mrs. Martha Howard, 61, Sunday, at her home at Blue River.

(May 29, 1941)

County Attorney Forrest D. Short, 40, of a cerebral hemorrhage at Paintsville Hospital; 

Bill Moore, 35, of a rock and slate fall in the Elk Horn Coal Corporaton mine at Wayland; 

John Banks, 44, Prestonsburg carpenter; Everett H. Sowards, 49, Prestonsburg insurance man.

(May 22, 1941)

Joseph William Corkill, well-known coal operator at Minnie, in Memorial Hospital, Huntington; 

Sarah Reffitt, 67, Sunday night, at her home near Pyramid; 

Ruth Hale, 43, at her home at Colie; Adam England, 32, at the home of his parents at Colie.

(May 15, 1941)

Reba Webb, 11, of Dwale, Saturday, at a Martin, hospital; 

George Vance, 32, last Thursday morning, at Lancer, 

W.S. Johnson, 61, of Glo, last Thursday.

(May 8, 1941)

James “Blackhawk” Shepherd, 61, Wednesday at his home on the Lick Fork of Middle Creek; 

Mrs. Nell D. Roberts, 43, Saturday, at her home near Emma; 

Walter Burchett, 69, Monday at his home at “Sang Factory,” across the river from here, of tuberculosis; 

Mrs. Mousie Bell Click, 64, of Banner, Saturday at the Beaver Valley Hospital.

(May 1, 1941)

William Thacker, of Fed, at Camp Shelby, 

Miss.; John Thomas MacIlray, 27, in a Wheelwright bathroom of accidental asphyxiation.

(April 24, 1941)

Harry D. Auxier, 64, East Point, when he was struck by a car on the Mayo Trail; 

William B. Calkill, at his home at Pikeville.

(April 17, 1941)

Mrs. Ella Shepherd Graves, 93, of Prestonsburg, granddaughter of early English settlers; 

Henderson Neeley, 51, of Goodloe, victim of TB and pneumonia; 

Agnes Singleton, 16, of Melvin, after childbirth; 

Mrs. H. B. Martin, of Martin, of tuberculosis; 

Mrs. Emily Ratliff Prater, 60, of Brush Creek; and Ernest Hall, 35, of Melvin, in a truck wreck.

(April 10, 1941)

C. C. (Lum) Davis, 84, of Prestonsburg, last Thursday at Martin; 

Mrs. Gracie Allen, 50, April 8 at her home at Garrett; 

Mrs. Nancy Akers Sellards, 44, of Banner, April 1 at Martin; 

Mrs. Cora Osborne, 57, Tuesday at her home at Lackey; 

Mrs. Elsie Hobbs, 72, Tuesday at Estill; Isaac Hurd, 53, Friday at his home at Lancer.

(April 3, 1941)

Jay Tackett, Pike County merchant and father of Joe P. Tackett and Mrs. Charles F. Bond, of Prestonsburg, last Tuesday; 

Herman Bowen, 40, of Amberstdale, W. Va., Saturday night at Martin in an auto accident; 

Mrs. Nancy Sellards, 45, of Banner, Tuesday at the Beaver Valley Hospital, Martin; 

Mrs. Sally Brown Butts, 51, Friday at the Beaver Valley Hospital.

(March 27, 1941)

Ora Davidson, 37, Drift miner, Saturday, believed to have been a train victim; 

Mrs. Jennie Wells Elliott, 75, Eastern Kentucky teacher for 50 years, Sunday after a long illness; 

Mrs. Nancy Warrens, 82, Friday at the home on Rock Fork of her daughter, Mrs. John Wes Chaffins.

(March 20, 1941)

Samuel Stephens, 80, Sunday at his home on Bull Creek; 

John S. Layne, 68, of Betsy Layne, Sunday at the Prestonsburg General Hospital.

(March 13, 1941)

James Caddo Smith, formerly of Prestonsburg, Monday at the Dakotah, W. Va. home of his son, 

Todd Smith; Mrs. Virginia Ford, 29, of Prestonsburg, at the Methodist Hospital, Pikeville; 

Mrs. Henry Wright, 60, of Martin, Sunday at the Beaver Valley Hospital; 

Mrs. Carrie Belle Rice Davis, 32, Friday at the Prestonsburg General Hospital.

(March 6, 1941)

Mrs. Hamie Jarrell, 68, Thursday at her home at Warco; 

John Elliott Walters, 56, last Wednesday at Betsy Layne, following an auto wreck two weeks earlier; 

Mrs. Harry Privett, 79, of Brandy Keg, last Thursday at the home of a daughter at Lancer; 

Richard C. Gray, 38, of Weeksbury, last Wednesday, the result of injuries sustained in a mine accident, last October.

(February 27, 1941)

Dow Clarke, 45, Auxier miner, Saturday after being crushed beneath a slatefall in the mines of the North-East Coal Company at Auxier; 

Mrs. Martha Jane Lambert, 57, Feb. 17 at Wheelwright; 

Mrs. Mary Hatcher Butcher, 84, of Boldman, last Wednesday at Methodist Hospital, Pikeville; 

Mrs. Elizabeth Stumbo, 64, of Harold, last Thursday at the Beaver Valley Hospital, Martin; 

John Oglesby, 42, of Weeksbury, Wednesday at the Stumbo Memorial Hospital, Lackey.

(February 20, 1941)

James Woods Jr., 18, of Brainard, last Wednesday after being crushed beneath a load of telephone poles he was helping unload at Paintsville; 

Amos M. Fitzpatrick, 33, of Garrett, last Thursday at Lackey; 

Mrs. Rebecca Whitaker, 86, of Whitaker

(February 13, 1941)

Mrs. Bess DeLong, 41, Friday at Edgar; 

William Thomas Loar, 74, formerly of Betsy Layne at his home in Elkhorn City last Wednesday; 

Mrs. Pricy Newsome, 55, at Teaberry, Friday; 

Mrs. Martha Ann Vanderpool, 70, at Garrett, Wednesday.

(February 6, 1941)

Ollie B. Hall, 40, was burned to death here last Thursday morning.

Jim Hall, 46, of Drift, 

Martin Baldridge, 92, of Little Paint Creek; 

Myrtle Marie Crum, 15 months old, of Cracker; 

Mrs. J.P. Comstock, 78, of Emma; 

Mrs. Zoula Howard, 59, of Betsy Layne; 

Cecil Ousley, 29, of Risner; Mrs. Sylvia Perkins, 80, of Tram.

(January 30, 1941)

Fanny Mayo, 63, Wednesday at her home at Hite; 

Kate Stephens Spradlin, Sunday at her home on Abbott Creek; 

John Nelson Kelly, 56, Monday at Martin; 

Ezra Akers, 45, formerly of Printer, January 20 in Lakeland, Florida. 

(January 23, 1941)

Deputy Sheriff Fred E. Damron, former Floyd County magistrate, was shot and killed in a Martin restaurant Monday morning

Minnie Adkins Sturgill, 50, last Wednesday at Harold; 

Rose Ranier Stephens, 23, Tuesday at the Paintsville Hospital; 

Mrs. Andy Hamilton, 65, of Galveston, Jan. 11 at Esco, Pike County; 

H.P. Gearheart, 57, Floyd native, in Oklahoma City, Okla. last week; 

Sarah Caudill, sister of Sherman May, of Prestonsburg, Jan. 7 at her Staffordsville home.

(January 16, 1941)

Roscoe C. Howard, 51, Monday at Veterans’ Hospital, Huntington, W.Va.; 

Rhoda Reynolds Howell, 62, wife of Joe Howell, of Harold, last Thursday; 

Mary J. Hale Click, 58, wife of James H. Click, Jan. 11 at her home at Lancer; 

Pete Slavens, 66, Tuesday at his home at Garrett; 

Alex Thomas, 71, Dec. 30 at Mossy Bottom; 

John Williams, 64, Tuesday at Boldman; 

Mrs. H.C. Kent, 36, native of Floyd County, Sunday of this week, at Island Creek, Pike County

(January 9, 1941)

Roscoe Castle, 52, of Wayland; 

Ester Lee Allen Martin, 40, of Allen; 

M Hattie Harmon, 66, of Sugarloaf; 

George Tuttle, 64, of Minnie; 

Roseanna Hamilton Hall, of Amba; 

Duran Hall, 58, formerly of Floyd County.

(September 4, 1952)

John B. Risner, 67, former Floyd man, Saturday, as the auto in which he was speeding to the scene of a fire was wrecked; 

Edmund A. Smith, 63, Floyd mining engineer, Saturday, at his home here; 

Thomas P. Carlton, 63, August 17, as he was being taken from this county to a Huntington hospital; 

Homer Wright, 34, of Drift, August 28, at a Huntington hospital; 

Effie Risner, 42, of Estill, August 30, at a Lexington hospital; 

Rev. James A. Garfield Hall, 69, of Honaker, August 29, at a Martin hospital; 

Tom Turner, 72, September 1, at Wayland.

(August 14, 1952)

Oscar Pitts, 62, formerly of Middle Creek, Tuesday, at his farm near Kensington, Ohio; 

Mrs. Annie McKenzie, 48, of West Prestonsburg, August 6, at the hospital here; 

Sarah Bentley, 68, of Topmost, Tuesday, at a Martin hospital; 

Will Webb, 59, of Langley, Tuesday, at a Martin hospital.

(August 7, 1952)

Mrs. Rufus Crisp, 73, at Allen, last Thursday; 

Mrs. Draxie Reynolds Goble, 32, at Ligon, Friday; 

John Lee Sanders, 55, of Betsy Layne, Monday at a Paintsville hospital; 

Patty Lou, 1, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eathel Hicks, of Wayland, July 30, at a Lackey hospital.

(July 31, 1952)

Tilden Martin, 74, of Dema, Sunday, at a Paintsville hospital; 

Samuel T. Bingham Jr., 66, last Thursday, at his home on Bull Creek; 

Sid Frasure, 36, of Langley, Sunday, at a Martin hospital; 

Oscar Lee Vanderpool, 34, McDowell merchant, Wednesday, at a Martin hospital.

(July 24, 1952)

James R. Hurt, Prestonsburg business leader, Tuesday, near West Liberty, of a heart attack; 

Ward Beech Bailey, 49, of Garrett, Tuesday, of injuries suffered when hit by a train; 

Arnold Conn, 44, of Arkansas Creek, July 18, at a Martin hospital; 

James V. Rickman, 24, of Tram, Monday, killed by a train; 

Russell G. Rice, 50, Garrett, Wednesday, at Martin; 

Mrs. Newt Stephens, 77, of Martin, Tuesday, at the Prestonsburg General Hospital; 

Mrs. Liza Mayo, 52, Floyd native, Saturday, at Pinsonfork, Pike County; 

Mrs. Ollie Roop, formerly of Tram, last week in a Williamson, W.Va. hospital.

(July 17, 1952)

Samuel G. Ousley, 91, former Floyd Tax Commissioner, Saturday, at his home at Dock; 

Mrs. Mollie Adams Clay, 63, Friday, at her home in West Prestonsburg; 

Mrs. Hester Scalf Hunter, 69, at Pikeville, July 10; 

Mrs. Clara Jones Hall, 19, Friday, at her home at Beaver.

(June 26, 1952)

A coroner’s jury has held that Worley Hobert Evans, of Melvin, whose body was found early Wednesday in Abner Fork of Left Beaver Creek, was a victim of drowning

Lucy Turner Jones, 71, June 18, at McDowell; 

William H. Stanley, 29, native of Cliff, June 19, at Riverview, Kentucky; 

John Hall, 75, Friday, at Honaker. 

(June 19, 1952)

Clyde Hall, 30, died last Thursday night at the home of his father at East McDowell, three hours after arrival there from Cleveland, Ohio.

Delcie Childers, 49, of Garrett, at Pikeville, June 13; 

Diana K. Tackett, one-year-old, June 14, at Hi Hat.

(June 12, 1952)

Twelve-year-old Bobby Greer, of Burdine, drowned in Dewey Lake last Thursday afternoon.

Emory Boyd Chase, 76, at Wayland; 

Joe Vanderpool, 78, at McDowell; 

Walter Tackett, 14 months, of Beaver; 

Dr. Harvey G. Hazelrigg, 63, Paintsville dentist.

(June 5, 1952)

Ellis Morrison, 50, of Bypro, May 27, of mine injuries; 

Mary Wireman Spradlin, 85, last Thursday, at Auxier; 

Mrs. Dicie Meade Bentley, 77, of Glo, Monday, at a Williamson hospital; 

Jerry Allen, 81, Wednesday, at Cliff.

(May 29, 1952)

Thomas Harris, 74, of Emma, was instantly killed, Sunday morning, when hit by an auto near his home.

George Page, 77, May 23, at Wayland; 

Bill Stover, of Harold, May 26—a week after the death of his wife; 

Flora Howell Smith, 60, Floyd native, at Big Shoals, Pike County, last Wednesday.

(May 1, 1952)

John Warren, 71, of Tram, at the Prestonsburg General Hospital, last Tuesday; 

Mrs. Alice Smith Nichols, 84, of Lancer, April 29, at her home.

(April 19, 1952)

Wallace Gray Thornsbury, 75, last Thursday, at Sloan; 

T-Sgt. Harry Huff, formerly of Hueysville, March 1 on Okinawa; 

Rev. Silas Bayes, former Floyd Countian, April 8, at Adrian, Michigan; 

Mrs. Julian Carroll, 87, at Martin, April 14; 

Ben H. Cox, 62, owner of the Valley Motor Company here, Tuesday, in a Paintsville hospital; 

Evan Case, 49, of Jump, April 14, in a Lexington hospital; 

Former County Clerk Ivory A. Smiley, today (Thursday), at a Martin hospital; 

Cordelia M. Williamson, 77, of Coal Run, April 14, at a Martin hospital.

(April 3, 1952)

Two veterans of Korea met instant death, shortly before midnight, Friday, at Alger, Ohio, as their auto and an eastbound Erie passenger train met at a rail crossing. They are Smith Junior Hicks, 23, son of Mr. and Mrs. Grover Hicks, of Goodloe, and Cpl. Gailen Howard, 22, native of Knott County.

Seven-year-old Robert Perry Friend was struck and almost instantly killed by a truck on the Mayo Trail here, early Monday morning. He was a son of Mrs. Violet Friend Hyden and the late Edward C. Friend.

Mrs. Frank Stumbo, 53, formerly of McDowell, Friday in Waverly, Ohio; 

Stanley Brown, 72, of Drift, March 30, at a Martin hospital; 

Maudie Hall Mitchell, 58, of Grethel, Thursday, March 26.

(March 27, 1952)

William Reed, 74, janitor at the Auxier School, March 25 at Auxier; 

Jerry Gayheart, 67, of Orkney, March 21; Diane Flanery, 51, March 20, at her home at Martin; 

W. H. Irvin, of Paintsville, father of Mrs. James Carter of Prestonsburg, Wednesday at St. Petersburg, Fla.; 

Charley Edward Gwynn, 68, Friday, at Wheelwright; 

Mrs. Fanny May, 59, of Allen, Tuesday, at Our Lady of the Way Hospital, Martin; 

Okley Williams, 39, of Printer, Friday, at the Beaver Valley Hospital, Martin; 

Mrs. Carlena Hughes, 57, Tuesday, at her home at Garrett; 

Mrs. Alice Gearheart Turner, 85, of Prestonsburg, last Thursday, at the Beaver Valley Hospital; 

Mrs. Mae Combs Campbell, 45, Sunday, at her home here. 

(March 20, 1952)

Elizabeth Woods Setser, 75, of Endicott, March 3, at the home of a daughter; 

Sarah Gillespie, 76, of Grethel, March 14, at home; 

Lilly May Reffett, 25, of Alphoretta, March 15, at the Prestonsburg General Hospital; 

John Salyers, 79, March 13, at his home at Wayland; 

George F. Neel, 72, Prestonsburg native, Saturday, at Berea.

(March 13, 1952)

Russell Smith, 56, Glo miner, following a mining accident last week in which his leg was mangled by a coal-cutting machine; 

Martha Newsome Tackett, 40, Monday, at her home at Dony; 

Joe Cole, janitor at Eastern Gas & Fuel Associates (Koppers), Sunday afternoon.

(March 6, 1952)

Eighteen hours after the death in an Ashland hospital, yesterday (Wednesday), of the small daughter of Glenn Harold Hall, he and five family members were found unconscious in the home of his father, John Hall, at Wayland. They were overcome by fumes from a gas floor furnace..

Lee Yates, 73, March 3, at his home at Bonanza; 

Ruth Hicks Goble, 30, Feb. 29, at her home at Langley; 

Samuel Ratliff, 47, formerly of the Langley area, Feb. 29, at Sidney, Ohio; 

Gary Porter Brown, infant, March 2, at Dwale.

(February 28, 1952)

Hi Prater, 93, Wednesday, at his home at Blue River; 

Mary Ellen Flanary Robinson, 82, Feb. 20, at her home at Martin; 

Mrs. Anna Hubbard Potter, 50, formerly of Prestonsburg, last Wednesday, at Praise, Kentucky.

(February 21, 1952)

Laura Minnie Hatfield, 81, last Thursday, at her home at East Point; 

Wesley Hale, 75, Sunday, at his home at Hueysville; 

Adam Prater, of Pyramid, Monday, at Prestonsburg General Hospital; 

Malinda Frances Laferty, 58, Thursday, at her home at Allen; 

James Bentley, 65, native of Brush Creek, Friday, at Logan, Ohio.

(February 14, 1972)

E. G. Curnutte, 62, Tuesday, at his home at Auxier; 

Rosa Slone Waddell, 79, February 6, at her home at Eastern; 

Mrs. Alice Lynch Slone, 68, Feb. 5, at the Methodist Hospital, Pikeville; 

Johnny Robinson, 72, of Martin, Feb. 13, at Our Lady of the Way Hospital, Martin; 

Will Johnson, 56, Feb. 12, at his home at Bevinsville.

(February 7, 1952)

Emmitt Hamilton, Sr., 75, last week at his home at Teaberry; 

Albert Ratliff, 64, Jan. 24, at his home at Lancer; 

Roy Earl Williams, 17, Feb. 3; 

Amos ìSonnyî Napier, 92, of Abbott Creek, Feb. 6, at the Prestonsburg General Hospital; 

Manuel Adkins, 69, Tuesday, at his home at Allen; 

James Edgle Campbell, 24, of Risner, last Thursday, at a Huntington, W. Va. hospital.

(January 31, 1952)

Mrs. Frances Howell Tackett, 26, of Hi Hat, Saturday, at the Beaver Valley Hospital, 

Martin; Pete Dimitri, 60, retired Wheelwright miner and a native of Bulgaria, last Thursday, at Our Lady of the Way Hospital, Martin; 

Mrs. Roberta Thornsbury, of Wayland, Friday, at the home of her father at Bypro.

(January 24, 1952)

Mrs. Mertie S. Hicks, 54, Floyd County native, Sunday, during funeral services for her sister-in-law at Mousie; 

Mrs. Margaret Hicks Tackett, 73, at her home at Dony; 

Mrs. Polkie Halbert Barnett, 74, last Thursday, at home on Buck’s Branch; 

Fred Gearheart, 32, Sunday, at his home at Price; 

George Stanford, 71, Monday, at his home at Wheelwright; 

Thomas A. Spradlin, 75, Friday, at home at Bonanza.

(January 17, 1952)

James A. Goble, 64, native of Prestonsburg, at his home in Matewan, W. Va., Saturday; 

Mrs. Millie F. Watkins, 67, January 11, at her home on the Left Fork of Abbott Creek; 

Mrs. Molly Belcher, 62, at the home here of her daughter, Mrs. Clyde Smith, Tuesday; 

Willie Walter Whitaker, 56, of East Point, Saturday, at the home of his sister, Mrs. Eva Collins, of Little Paint; 

Rev. A.D. Blackburn, of Yeager, Saturday, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. George Tackett, at Pikeville; 

Mrs. Martha Jane Hamilton, 61, of Beaver, January 13, at a hospital here; 

Shade Combs, 45, native of Knott County, Saturday, in Clarksville, Ind.; 

Kennard Clark, 24, of Maysville, formerly of this county, Sunday, in an auto accident at Maysville; 

Mitch T. Scalf, former Floyd County resident, January 8, at his home in Pikeville; 

J. A. Straughan, 78, former superintendent of the Elkhorn Piney Coal Co. at Weeksbury, last Thursday, in Montgomery, W. Va.; 

Gabe Crum, 47, Tuesday, at the home of his parents, Wilce and Liza Lewis Crum, of West Prestonsburg.

(January 10, 1942)

John Johnson, 54, formerly of Melvin, last week in a fall over a 150-foot cliff while hunting near his home in an auto wreck near Monroe, Michigan; 

Major Allen Lee, 75, former Prestonsburg resident, last Thursday in Mansfield, Ohio; 

Rev. Nero Whitaker, 79, Saturday at his home near Brainard; 

Ransom Bryant, 62, Jan. 4 at his home at