New Confederate Markers in Place In Floyd County

Here is an update on the Confederate stones the Caudill Camp has now set in Floyd County, Kentucky as of Tuesday, January 25, 2000.  Yesterday three of our members helped to set our camp's 21st marker in Floyd County.  This was accomplished despite the fact that with the bitterly cold wind it felt like nearly zero temperatures and the ground was frozen hard.  But when we find the time we want to get out to the cemeteries every day if at all possible either to set stones or look for more soldiers.  This Monday and Tuesday we were in Floyd and Knott County checking cemeteries and setting stones.  The following men of the 13th Kentucky Cavalry now have new Confederate granite markers in Floyd County:

 1. SERGEANT REUBEN M. ALLEN - Allen Cemetery, Warco

 2. PRIVATE ALFRED AMBURGEY  - Lancer Cemetery, Lancer

 3. PRIVATE THOMAS H. AMBURGEY  - Lancer Cemetery, Lancer

 4. PRIVATE JACOB BRYANT  - Newman Cemetery, Price

 5. LIEUTENANT ADAM GEARHART  - Gearhart Cemetery, Hueysville

 6. PRIVATE JOHN B. GEARHART  - Gearhart Cemetery, Hueysville

 7. SERGEANT ALAN C. HAGANS  - Hagans Cemetery, Eastern

 8. PRIVATE EPPERSON HAYES - Hezekiah Hayes Cemetery, Turkey Creek

 9. PRIVATE SYLVESTER HAYES  - Allen Cemetery, Hueysville

10. PRIVATE ABISHA JOHNSON  - Matthew Tackett Cemetery, Melvin

11. PRIVATE ELI JOHNSON - Matthew Tackett Cemetery, Melvin

12. PRIVATE ELISHA JOHNSON  - Tackett Cemetery, Hen Pen Creek, Melvin 13. PRIVATE HARVEY JOHNSON - Harve Johnson Cemetery, Melvin

14. CAPTAIN ADAM MARTIN - John Martin Cemetery, Wayland

15. PRIVATE JAMES MARTIN  - Martin Cemetery, Drift

16. SERGEANT JOSEPH MARTIN  - Watt Martin Cemetery, Wayland

17. PRIVATE WILLIAM J. MARTIN - Martin Cemetery, Estill

18. PRIVATE REPTS OSBORNE - Osborne Cemetery, Garth Hollow

19. PRIVATE HENRY C. PATTON - Allen Cemetery, Warco

20. PRIVATE MATTHEW TACKETT - Matthew Tackett Cemetery, Melvin

21. PRIVATE MORGAN TURNER  - Morgan Turner Cemetery, McDowell 


We were unable to set the stone the other day for Corporal James H. Wright.  Even after receiving directions on this one we had to stop about six times, talk to people in the Bucks Branch area and make more phone calls from the truck.  Finally the nearest property owner simply pointed to a dense brushy area and said he's unmarked, but buried "way out that way somewhere." After pulling away the briars for over an hour, crossing back and forth along the creek bed, we did locate the grave.  He is marked, "sort of."  On a large natural rock mostly buried in the ground and down a very steep bank is hand carved - James Wright and his correct dates!  The other four or so graves there have small rocks with nothing on them.  Although that day we did finally locate his grave we did not have enough rope to let the stone down the 40 foot embankment.  We set six stones that day but had to bring the James Wright stone back.  We of course will set that at our next opportunity.  We also have recently received a stone for Private Daniel S. Scott who is buried at the head of Stone Coal Creek near Garrett.  We plan to set that one and Wright's stone the same day.  Also we are currently continuing the research on a number of other sites in Floyd County.  If anyone is interested I can provide exact directions should you want to visit the graves of any of the soldiers listed above. Our camp's total

number set as of today is 334 Confederate markers.                                        



Faron Sparkman   Col. Ben Caudill Camp