Floyd County Military Records


September 15, 1996 Floyd County War Veterans Published by Glenda Smith Several  years ago a notebook containing names of war Veterans of Floyd County, the wars they served in, and the cemeteries in which they were buried was given in a column of "The Floyd County Times" dated March 6, and March 20, 1958. The notebook was the work of the American Legion which was seeking to locate and mark the graves. It contains scores of entries, some of the information  on many Veterans being incomplete and there was much scribbling as several persons handled the book. This article now attempts to publish the information assembled by the Veterans.

If some of the important data is obscure, in error or left off, remember the compilation was the work of others. Some of the men named may not be Veterans at all.  note: The original article was printed in three parts. All of the names that follows are from the first two parts, I regret that the last part was not among my findings. Names of the Veterans and the data about them as found in the notebook follows:

Claude Stumbo, He was killed on June 3, 1949, while on active duty.  He was serving in Korea and was on R&R when he was murdered on Japan's main island.

Jarvey Howell, WWI, Army

George Conn, Pearl Harbor, Army

Cpl. L D. Harmon, company G;39th Ky. Inf; Civil War, George Cemetery. East Point

Pvt Henry Robinson, Cp. K, 14th KY Inf., Civil War, George Cemetery. East Point

Pvt. Robert Tackett, company K, 39th Ky. Inf.; Civil War, George Cemetery. East Point

Pvt. Frank Turner, company K, 4th Ky. Vol. Inf., Spanish American War. Middle Creek cemetery at Prestonsburg .

G W Bentley, born 1814, died 1930, age 76(sic) when died. Garrett cemetery, Stone Coal Creek, one mile up creek east side of tipple and believed to be Civil War Veteran.

Richard Wilson, Civil War, Wilson cemetery on little paint creek; 

Harrison Robinson 45th KY Inf., but later, Sept. 23 1862, enlisted in Prestonsburg in Company A; 14th Reg. Calvary; Civil War; buried at Dock; 

George W. Bentley, born March 22, 1820,  died March 4, 1908 , 

Brice Shepherd, died 1923, buried on right hand fork of Rough and Tough Creek;

Enoch Stone, head of Salt Lick Creek, died 1919; 

Jimmy Yates, Yates cemetery, Little Paint Creek, said to be a Civil War Veteran.

Jonathan Skeens, Right Fork of Middle Creek on Fitzpatrick cemetery, WW Veteran; 

John Wicker, 18th Infantry, Second division died 1924, Tackett cemetery on  Tolers Creek

Patton Akers, Prater Creek, WW Veteran; 

Walker Akers, Prater Creek, WW Veteran, 

Major A. J. May Battalion KY and Va. Mtd. Rifles, born Dec 25, 1834, died May 12, 1906, May cemetery at Langley; 

James Wright, 39th Ky. Inf. Civil War, died 1930, Wright cemetery at Dock; 

Charlie Johnson WW Veteran, Caney Creek, Risner, Ky. 

Martin Joseph, First sergeant, enlisted Oct.14 1862, company F; 13th regular cavalry, deserted June 10, 1863, Left Beaver Creek. 

John Hamilton, Little Mud Creek, WW Veteran; 

John Robinson, W. Prestonsburg, Middle Creek cemetery Civil War Veteran 

John Wicker, died 1932 enlisted 1861, Maytown cemetery; 

Pvt. Sam K (L?) Begley, Co A, 4th Ky. Inf. Begley cemetery, Langley Ky. 

Jonathan Skeens, Co H 14th Ky. Inf. Fitzpatrick cemetery; Civil
War Veteran, 1st battalion Rifles

Co B, Col. Hiram Hawkins, 5th Ky. Inf. C.S.A., C.O.A. Nov. 14, 1862 Fitzpatrick cemetery

Capt. John B Holiday, 1st battalion rifles, Company B, Oct. 22, 1861 at Prestonsburg,  Fitzpatrick cemetery, 

Richard Morton, 2nd Lieutenant, 5th Infantry, C.O.C. Oct.21, 1861; 

John D. Begley, Langley cemetery;

Herman E. Horton, 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Battalion, Oct. 19, 1861, Fitzpatrick cemetery. 

Ambrose White Newsome cemetery, Big Mud Creek; 

Taylor Ritchie, private, Oct. 22,1861, Hall cemetery Right Hand Fork of Abbott Creek; 

John T. Ritchie, Private, Oct.22, 1861, same cemetery, 

Thomas Campbell, corporal, enlisted Oct. 1861, 

John H. Archer, private, Company D, first battalion mounted rifles; 

Joseph Blackburn, enlisted Oct. 21, 1861 at Prestonsburg. Company C, first battalion mounted rifles.

Joseph M. DeRossitt, Oct.18,1861;

James Turner, Oct.20,1861 at Prestonsburg, Company A, first battalion cavalry. 

Caleb Akers, Civil War Veteran, Boyd cemetery; 

Moses Little;

 L. Hall,
private, US headstone, died Aug. 22 1937; 

Jake Bryant Clear Creek cemetery born May 2, 1840, died July 4 1920; 

Caleb Akers, born Oct. 17, 1835, died 1919; 

Craig Hamilton; Gov.. headstone, Company B, 39th Ky. Inf. mouth of Branhams Creek cemetery , private, Third Brigade, enlisted Nov. 6, 1862, 

Bud Elliott, Haywood cemetery on Spurlock Creek, 39th Ky. Inf. 

Micajah Spradlin, Spradlin cemetery, 39thKy. Inf.  

William Henry Pratt, Civil War, Pratt cemetery at Langley, born Oct. 27, 1842  died Jan. 5, 1925, volunteered July 15, 1861,  discharged March 1865, Company A, 10th Ky. Inf. Regiment. 

Kelly Gearheart, WW Vet., Tom Martin cemetery at W. Garrett; 

Dan S. Scott, born 1839, died 1935, Scott cemetery head Stonecoal Creek at Garrett;

James Hall, enlisted Oct. 1862m company F, 13th Regiment cavalry, hall cemetery; Left Hand Fork of Abbott Creek ;

Daniel Shepherd, Civil War Vet, born 1841, died 1896, Prater Gap cemetery on Left Hand Fork of Abbott Creek at Myrtle KY; 

Maryland McCown, WW Vet; Bypro, KY 

Elias Duty, WW Vet, Wheelwright, KY 

John Thacker, Civil War Vet, Jack Shepherd cemetery, mouth of Lick Fork of Salt Lick Creek, Hueysville; 

E. Horn born March 4, 1825, died Feb. 8, 1919 Horn cemetery at Cliff; 

Randals  John Hall, Right Beaver Creek Hall, Ky. 

Dr. Jesse Sturgill, born July 26,1813, died Feb. 6 1895, head of Toler's Creek, Sturgill cemetery, family headstone, believed to be Veteran.

Privare Lee Hamilton B. 9-21-1917 at Dony, now McDowell, Ky. Entered the U.S. Army 2-3-1941 and was  killed in action 1-6-1942, in the Philippine Islands . He was the s/o Will & Maudie Hall Hamilton. At the time of his death , he was survived by his father and mother , and six brothers, Pearl, Andy, Homer, Harold, Samuel., and Eddie. He was also survived by four sisters: Gerlie Hamilton Elliott, Annie Hamilton Moore, Acie Hamilton
Mitchell, and Verdie Hamilton Tackett

SK-3 Ben Conley, Ben was b, 7-239-1923, s/o Bascom and Nettie Conley, Floyd Co. He joined the U.S. Navy in 1941, He was a tail gunner on the USS Iowa #61 during World War 2. Ben was Killed in a Jeep accident on 10-9-1957 in Tokyo Japan. He is survived by his daughter, Judy Carol of Indianapolis, IN .He attended Martin High School

William E. Sutton, Jr, RANK: Lieutenant Colonel, b. 11-11-1918, Langley Ky, s/o Ed and Mandy Sutton. At the time of his promotion to Lt Col, he was the youngest Lt Col in the Army Air Force . He was killed in a tragic auto accident. Buried at Langley . He attended Maytown High School.

James Edward McGlothen, Born to Millard and Kate Swartz McGlothen on 7-15-1924, in Clark Co KY , he grew up in Floyd Co.  and attended Martin School. He was drafted out of high school during his junior year. He received his training at Fort Chaffe, Arkansas. He was assigned to Co K. 172 INF on the island of Luzon in the Philippines . Died Jan 27, 1945
 in Luzon of a wound received during fierce hand to hand combat. He is buried at the Mayo Cemetery in Prestonsburg, KY

Alexander George served in Captain Benjamin J. Aldenrath's 27th  Independent Regt of IL Militia from May 15, 1832 to September 6, 1832 in the Black Hawk War. Also served  in the 16th Regt (Porter's) Kentucky Militia in the War of 1812. He was at Fort Malden in Canada.


Names below submitted by Ron & Lydia Neal

Joseph Rose - Army - Infantryman                

Ruben Rose Sr. - Air force - Guard Patrolman - 1943-1945

Ruben Rose JR. - Army - Personnel Specialist - 1966-1968

Floyd Rose - Army - Artillery - 1967-1968.
Lloyd Rose
- Army - Tank controller - 1966-1967

Phillip Wright - Army - Printing Specialist

Greg Wright - Marines      

Malcolm Rose - Air force - Mechanic

Joe Louis Rose - Army - Paratrooper  

Wes Rose - Army        

                      John Alex Rose - Army                            

Joseph Green - Army

Cecil Green - Army

Newt Green Jr. - Army

Levi Cook - Navy - Radar/Traffic Controller

Leander Miller - Army


Clarence Slone, George Kidd, Johnie Howell, Eugene Curtis Mullins, Granville Walters, Willard Smith, John Kilgore, George Owens Jr., Lester Banks Arthur G. Pigman, Bruce Perkins, Amel Shoort, Shelburne Masters Howard, Carl Caudill, Adrian, Jones Earl Estep, Carl Logan Tignor, John Walter Hodson, Astor Amburgy, Curtis Hall, Tivis Short, Milburn Boggs, Estil B. "Ted" Everage, R. G. Arnie Sparkman, Virgil Lee Eversole, Arnold Hall, Jay Lucas, Estill Estep, Andrew B. Smith, Guy Arnold Davison, Pearl Miller, William Junior Amburgey, Samuel Ancel Amburgy, Sidney Ray Everage, Dewitt Talamage Fugate, Sesco Fields, John Robert Coyer, Charlie Tibbs, Bobby Ray Kinder, Orpha Barnett, Clifford Adkins, Junior Kinney, Woodrow King, Millard Damron, Harry Clevinger , Jr James Nelson Seals, Hobart France, Prichard Paris Damron, John Fred Hale, Jimmy Paulos, Gordon Kilburn, Billy H. Ford, Gary Edward Hamilton, Mark Keith Howell, Bradford" Boot" Hall, Chalmer Kelly, Alan Thomas Ray, Kermit Branham, Dock Carl Hunt, John Howard Coleman, Hubert Hornsby Draughn, Rupert Wonder Mullins, Claude H. Brown, William E. Hobson, William G. O'Neill Ballard Reynolds, Dr Walter T. Hatcher Jr., Arthur Hatch, Oscar Fields, Palmer Williams, William Garrett Rowe, Charles Taulbee Pigman, Bob Hurt, Harold Reed, Woodrow Akers, Daniel Reon Walker Sr., Billy Ray Davenport, Carson Combs, Charles Slone Jr, Raymond D. Mullins, Edgar Mullins, Oral Johnson, James L. Balsar, Ralph Ireland, Dr. John Scott Jr, John K. Ken Charles, L. D. May, Kenneth Boilon, Gaylon Edward Wood, Brice Fugate, Masten Childers, Larry Lee Wolford, Ernest Wilbur Smith, Artemus Mounts, Erwin Mullins, Jackie Chapman,  Anthony Junior Smith, William Elige Dotson, Woodrow Wilson Compton, William Roberts, Frankie Dee Campbell, Macie Daniels, Lewis J. Johnson, Lewis Bromley Adams, James Robertson, Dr. E. J. Tisko, Olie Cook, David C. Kearns, John K. Buckley, James Blackburn, Floyd Sullivan, James Williamson, Billy Scott, Thomas Hunt Sr,Arvied Lowe, Truman Smith, Charles Coleman, Barbara Runyon, Layfayette Reed, James Station Sr, Lawson Blackburn, Johnny Ray, Edd Smith, Homer C. Ratliff, Robie Jack Music, William Church, Judge John M. Stumbo, Lee Arnold Salisbury, James R. Crum, Roland Ratliff,, Cowan Ratliff, Russell Boggs,


Soldiers buried on Branham Creek.


Located about 1. mile up Branham Creek off. Rig Mud Creek Rt. 979, Floyd Co., KY.

Hall, Rodden, Private, 6th Virginia Militia, War of 1812, RODDEN HALL

Hall, Jasper Marion, Co B, 39 KY INF, Rodden Hall Cemetery, Branham Creek

Hall, Granville, Co K, 39 KY INF, Rodden Hall Cemetery, Branham Creek