C/T) - Consent date
C/F - consent from
d/o - daughter of
s/o - son of
w/o - wife of

- A -

ACRES - See Akers

ACRES, Blackburn, Bride: Elizabeth BALDRIDGE, d/o Mary Baldridge. C/D Oct. 23, 1843.

ACRES, Blackburn, Bride: Keziah MEADE, of age. C/D April 22, 1823.

ACRES, Burwell-, Bride: Malinda BOWE, C/D Sept. 5, 1844.

ACRES, Daniel, Bride: Elizabeth COLLIER, C/D April 22, 1822.

ACRES, Daniel, Bride: Arty JUSTICE, d/o Amos Justice. C/D Oct. 5, 1843.

ACRES (Akers), Elizabeth. Groom: Thomas OWENS. C/D March 3, 1810.

ACRES, Jonathan, Bride: Kitta MEAD, C/D MAY 19, 1812.

ACRES, Sally, Groom: William ALLEY, C/D June 18, 1816.

ACRES, (Akers - Acers) Siller. of age. Groom: Eli MEAD, C/D Oct. 10, 1811.

ACRES, Solomon, Bride: Matilda MEAD, C/D Feb. 24, 1812.

ADAMS, Angeline, d/o William Adams. Groom: Merdia POE, C/D June 4 , 1847 .

ADAMS, Annie, d/o Stephen Adams. Groom: Peter CRISP, C/D March 6, 1813.

ADAMS, Amy, d/o Stephen. Groom: Peter CRACE, C/D March 14, 1.813.

ADAMS, Daniel, Bride: Polly HOWERTON, d/o William Howerton. C/D Nov. 11, 1822.

ADAMS, Daniel, Bride: Jean STONE, d/o Cudbeth Stone. C/D April 21, 1818 .

ADAMS, Elizabeth, d/o Charles Adams Groom: John MAY, s/o Caleb May. C/D 1820.

ADAMS, George, Bride: Henrietta ADAMS, d/o Moses Adams. C/D Feb. 21, 1820.

ADAMS, Henrietta, d/o Adams. Groom: George ADAMS, C/D Feb. 21. 1820.

ADAMS, Irvin, Bride: Levicey ELLICE, d/o Benjamine Ellice. C/D July 3, 1818.

ADAMS, Jackson, Bride: Nancy COOPER, C/F William Cooper, C/D July 26, 1837.

ADAMS, Jackson, Bride: Delanthy REFFETT, C/F John Prater Martha Reffett. C/D May 10, 1847.

ADAMS, James, Bride: Millie STRATTON, C/D Aug. 17, 1847.

ADAMS, Jane, C/F Ann Adams. Groom: Daniel GULLETT, C/D Dec. 10, 1821.

ADAMS, Jesse, Bride: Rhoda MARTIN, C/D June 4, 1816.

ADAMS, Joel, Bide: Elizabeth MARSHALL- d/o R. Marshall. C/D Feb- 22, 1840

ADAMS, Mahala, d/o Simpson Adams. Groom: Enoch THORNSBURY, s/o & C/F Tsaac & Flender Thornsbury C/D Nov. 1, 1845.

ADAMS, Margaret, C/F Gilbert Adams- Groom: Alfred BAILEY, C/D Jan. 10, 1843.

ADAMS, Mary, d/o & C/F John Adams. Groom: William ADAMS. C/D Oct. 24, 1809.

ADAMS, Mary, d/o John Adams. Groom: William ADAMS, C/D Aug. 10, 1841

ADAMS, Mary, Groom: William ADAMS, s/o Daniel. C/D Aug. 16, 1841.

ADAMS, Mary, d/o Charles Adams. Groom: Daniel BROWN, C/D Feb. 27, 1809.

ADAMS, Mary, d/o William. Groom: Cagy SPRADLEN, C/D Aug. 17, 1812.

ADAMS, Mary or Nancy, d/o William Adams. Groom: Micajah SPRADLIN, C/D Aug. 1812.

ADAMS, Matthew, Bride: Polly PATRICK, d/o William Patrick. C/D Feb. 2.4, 1824.

ADAMS, Matilda, d/o William Adams. Groom: James MARSHALL, C/D Feb. 8, 1836.

ADAMS, Nancy. Groom: Granville ERASURE, C/D July 28, 1841.

ADAMS, Nancy. Groom: Benjamin HOWARD, C/D April 8, 1834.

ADAMS, Polly, Groom: Simon C. FLETCHER, C/D Nov. 18, 1847.

ADAMS, Polly. Groom: James MAY, C/D March 21, 1820.

ADAMS, Sally, of. age. Groom: John MAGGARD, C/D Aug. 7, 1818.

ADAMS, Sally, d/o Stephen Adams. Groom: Blair MAY, s/o Margaret May. No C/D.

ADAMS, Sarah, d/o William Adams. Groom: Silas P. WOOTON, C/D July 2, 1821.

ADAMS, Wiley D. Bride: Biddy PRATER, C/D April 6, 1847.

ADAMS, William, Bride: Mary ADAMS, d/o & C/F John Adams, C/D Oct. 24, 1809.

ADAMS, William, Bride: Mary ADAMS, d/o John Adams, C/D Aug. 10, 1841.

ADAMS, William, s/o Daniel. Bride: Mary ADAMS, C/D Aug. 16, 1841.

ADAMS, William, Bride: Margaret BAYS, C/D Jan. 20, 1.844.

ADAMS, William, Bride: Sarah CRAFT d/o Nicholas Craft. C/D March 7, 1812.

ADAMS, William, Bride: Sary CRAFT, d/o A. Chilous & Elizabeth. C/D 1809.

ADAMS, William, Bride: Christina CRESS, of age. C/D Feb. 21, 1818.

ADAMS, William, Bride: Rachel HOWERTON, d/o William Howerton, C/D Nov. 11, 1822.

ADAMS, William H. Bride: Unice EVANS, C/F John Evans. C/D Jan. 21, 1823.

ADAMS, Zilpha. Groom: Elias PRATER, C/D Jan. 26, 1846.

ADDINGTON, Martha age 25. Groom: John WILLIAMS. C/D May 27, 1812.

ADINGTON, Martha. Groom: John WILLIAM. C/D May 26, 1812.

ADKINS, Caswell, Bride: Nancy ADKINS, d/o Joseph Adkins. C/D) March 17, 1821.

ADKINS, Elizabeth, Groom: Nolan ADKINS, C/D Dec. 14, 1808.

ADKINS, Fredrick, Bride: Milly SLONE, C/D Oct. 5, 1810.

ADKINS, Hezikiah, Bride: Susanna ADKINS, C/D Jan. 29, 1822.

ADKINS, Hiram, Bride: Lourney TACKETT, of age. C/D Feb. 10, 1847.

ADKINS, Howard, Bride: Mary COLEMAN, C/D July 19, 1813.

ADKINS, Bucas, Bride: Peggy STOLL, C/D March 16, 1818.

ADKINS, Nancy, d/o Joseph Adkins. Groom: Caswell ADKINS, C/D March 17, 18?1.

ADKINS, Nothan. Bride: Malanda DRAKE, d/o Jane Romeses. C/D Jan. 22, 1817.

ADKINS, Nolan, Bride: Elizabeth ADKINS, C/D Dec. 14, 1808.

ADKINS, Polly, Groom: William FRAZER, C/D March 19, 1816.

ADKINS, Spencer, Bride: Amy POWELL d/o Kader Powell. C/D Oct. 9, 1808.

ADKINS, Susanna, Groom: Hezikiah ADKINS, C/D Jan. 29, 1822.

ADKINS, Vicy, C/F Moses Adkins. Groom: Richard WHIT, C/D Oct. 12, 1812.

ADKINS, Vocy, Groom: Richard WHITT, C/D Oct. 16, 1812.

AKERS - See Acres

AKERS, Abigail, d/o Solomon Akers- Groom: Hiram OWENS, C/D April 15, 1838,

AKERS, Clary, of age. Groom: Charles SPURLOCK, of age. C/D Dec. 12, 1820.

AKERS (Acres), Elizabeth. Groom: Thomas OWENS. C/D March 3, 1810.

AKERS, Levi, Bride: Nancy HALL, C/D Dec. 25, 1848.

AKERS, Reuben B., Bride: Lucinda HITE, C/D Aug. 23, 1872.

AKERS, Rhoda, Groom: Elisha BRANHAM, Wit. Fanny Branham. C/D Oct. 8, 1822.

AKERS, Sally, Groom: Thomas Hayes BOWL ? C/D Oct. 12, 1840.

AKERS (Acres - Acers), Siller, of age. Groom: Eli MEAD, C/D Oct. 10, 1811.

AKERS, Soloman, Bride: Matilda MEAD, C/D Feb. 25, 1812. C/F Robert Mead.

AKERS, Susanna, d/o Valentine & (wife) Frances Akers. Groom: Christopher PATTON, C/D Dec. 27, 1824.

AKERS, William, Bride: Catherine SLUSHER, C/D Dec. 16, 1817.

ALEXANDER, Polly, of age, C/F Polly Alexander. Groom: Wesley HALL, C/D Jan. 10, 1833.

ALEXANDER, Polly, of age. Groom: John SLATER, C/D Jan. 30, 1833.

ALLEN, Betsy, Groom: John HACKWORTH, C/D Jan. 31, 1829.

ALLEN, Calvin, Bride: Eveline MAHAN, d/o Henry Mahan. C/D Sept. 23, 1840.

ALLEN, Elijah Bride: Catherine WILLIAMS, d/o Joshua Williams. C/D Nov. 9, 1821.

ALLEN, Elizabeth, d/o Samuel Allen. Groom: Samuel PATTON, C/D April. 6, 1810.

ALLEN, Felix, Bride: Rhoda MARTIN, d/o Joel Martin. C/D Oct. 1, 1840.

ALLEN, George H., s/o David W. Allen. Bride: Perlina HICKS, C/D ,July 9, 1851.

ALLEN, George W. Bride: Rebecca STEPHENS, C/F Samuel Stephens. C/D May 1840.

ALLEN, James, Bride: Elizabeth JONES, C/F William Allen, Sr. C/D May 20, 1846.

ALLEN, Joel, Bride: Florence PATTON, C/F D. W. Allen, Dec. 3, 1850. C/D Jan. 1, 1851.

ALLEN, John, Bride: Nancy CLICK, d/o John & Susannah Click. C/D March 21, 1831.

ALLEN, John, Bride: Parthena OSBORNE, C/F Thomas & Mary Osborne. C/D Sept. 26, 1846.

ALLEN, John, Bride: Celia SLUSHER, C/D Nov. 15, 1845.

ALLEN, Martin, Bride: Catherine WALLER, d/o Christopher Waller. C/D Jan. 8, 1845.

ALLEN, Mary, d/o George Allen. Groom: Hezekiah WHITT, s/o John B. Whitt. C/D Aug. 25, 1846.

ALLEN, Mary Jane, d/o David W. Allen. Groom: Samuel HANDSHEW, s/o Andrew Handshew. C/F both parents. C/D June 26, 1846.

ALLEN, Peggy. Groom: David MAY, C/D Dec. 8, 1824.

ALLEN, Richard, Bride: Edy WILLIAMS, d/o Daniel Williams. C/D Jan. 18, 1820.

ALLEN, Sally. Groom: Robert HOSKINS. C/D March 5, 1847.

ALLEN, Sally. Groom: Reuben MAY, C/D Nov. 25, 1825.

ALLEN, Samuel, Bride: Polly LAWHORN, d/o Dicca Lawhorn. C/D Oct. 1, 1816.

ALLEN, Samuel, Bride: Sarah Ann OSBORN, d/o Thomas Osborne. C/D Oct. 11, 1842.

ALLEN, Sinthy, Groom: Hiram BEYLEY. Signed: George & Sinthy Allen. C/D Jan. 9, 1832.

ALLEN, William, Bride: Caty GEARHART, d/o Adam. C/D June 14, 1808.

ALLEN, William, Bride: Caty GEARHEART, d/o Adam Gearheart. C/D June 17, 1808.

ALLEN, William, Bride: Susannah MARTIN, C/D April 5, 1840.

ALLEY, David, Bride: Ursley BRANHAM, C/D June 8, 1812.

ALLEY, Elisha or Eligah, Bride: Mary HALL, d/o George & Elizabeth, C/D April 21, 1847.

ALLEY, Martin B. Bride: Sarean MAINARD, C/D Aug. 12, 1848.

ALLEY, Paul, Bride: Rebecca WILLIAMS, d/o Benjamin Williams. C/D March 20, 1820.

ALLEY, Polly. Groom: David HOWELL, C/D Aug. 13, 1836.

ALLEY, Turner, Bride: Rebecca YATES, d/o Susannah Yates. C/D June 22, 1841.

ALLEY, William, Bride: Sally ACRES, C/D June 18, 1816.

ALLISON, John H. Bride: Mary Jane JOHNS, C/D Jan. 30, 1828.

ANDERSON, Elizabeth. Groom: John HAYS. C/D March 5, 1816.

ANDERSON, Elizabeth, d/o William (father dec'd) & Elizabeth Anderson. Groom: Zachariah JOHNSON, C/D July 14, 1817.

ANDERSON, John, Bride: Elizabeth WOOTEN, C/D Dec. 5, 1814.

ANDERSON, William, Bride: Judy SLONE, C/D Aug. 16, 1816.

ANSUS ?, Leah, Groom: William EVANS, C/D July 15, 1828.

ARES, Polly, a woman of proper age. Signed: Polly Ares. Groom: Carter JACOBS. C/D Jan. 29, 1829.

ARMA, Abigail., Groom: Abiud FAIRCHILD, C/D April. 15, 1825.

ARMES - See Arms

ARMS, Aaron, Bride: Larcisy FAIRCHILD. Signed her name Elizabeth Fairchild. C/D Aug. 16, 1832.

ARMS, Abigail, Groom: Obiad ?, FAIRCHILD, C/D April. 10, 1824.

ARMS, Catherine, Groom: William CONLEY, Signed: John Conley. C/D Nov. 23, 1829.

ARMS, John, Bride: Mary BLANTON, C/D July 13, 1826.

ARMS, Moses, Bride: Emilie SPRADLIN, d/o Robert Spradlin. C/D Oct. 10, 1836.

ARMS, Sally, Groom: Benjamin EVANS, C/D April 27, 1826.

ARMS, Theoffis? Bride: Jane LOONS, d/o Andrew Loone. C/D April 22, 1826.

ARMS, William, Bride: Nancy #RILEY (Fraley?), C/D Oct. 1808.

ARNETT, Anna. Groom William HOWARD. C/D May 23, 1823.

ARNETT, Clarinda, d/o Reuben Arnett. Groom: Cudbeth STONE, C/D April 2 1847.

ARNETT, Hiram, Bride: Lucy ARNETT, d/o Stephen Arnett. C/D Jan. 13 , 1840 .

ARNETT, Betty, Groom: David J. CARTY, C/D March 26, 1844.

ARNETT, Lucy, d/o Stephen Arnett. Groom: Hiram ARNETT, C/DJan. 13, 18.40.

ARNETT, Mary, d/o Reuben Arnett. Groom: Philip GOSE, s/o John Gose. C/D May 16, 1845.

ARNETT, Nancy, d/o Stephen Arnett. Groom: Benjamin HOWARD C/D Dec. 30, 1825.

ARNETT, Phebe. Groom: Isiah SALVERS, C/D Aug. 12, 1837.

ARNETT, Reuben, Bride: Luraney JONES, C/D Jan. 5, 1844.

ARNETT, Reuben, Bride: Sally MANN, d/o Samuel Mann. C/D June 25, 1827.

ARNETT, Wiley, Bride: Elizabeth SIZEMORE, of age. C/D Jan. 5, 1844.

ARNOLD, John, Bride: Sally TRAVIS, C/D Dec. 16, 1826.

ARONHEART, Jacob, Bride: Elizabeth MCKINSTER, C/D Sept. 17, 1823.

AUSBORN, (Osborn) Aisly, d/o Jerry Ausborn. Groom: Mathew SPARKS, C/D March 5, 1832.

AUSBOURN or Osbourn, Anne d/o Solomon Osbourn. Groom: William BLANKENSHIP, C/D Aug. 14, 1810.

AUXIER, Caroline. Groom: James WILCOX, C/D June 24, 1837.

AUXIER, Eleanor. Groom: John REED, C/D June 9, 1832.

AUXIER, Elizabeth, Groom: William HANEY, C/D July 13, 1835.

AUXIER, Elizabeth. Groom: Washington RICE, C/D Sept. 23, 1839

AUXIER, Eveline, Groom: William ROBERSON, C/D Sept. 6, 1826.

AUXIER, Frances, d/o John Auxier. Groom: James LEMASTER, C/D Sept. 3, 1832.

AUXIER, Frances Amelia, Groom: Samuel HANNA. C/D April 8, 1820.

AUXIER, Frances Emily, Groom: William J. BURCHETT, C/D Jan. 6, 1840.

AUXIER, James, Bride: Susanna BUSH, of age 22. C/D Jan. 14, 1815.

AUXIER, Jemima, Groom: Hezekiah BORDERS, C/D Aug. 16, 1847.

AUXIER, John, Bride: Polly BLACKBURN, C/D Jan. 4, 1815.

AUXIER, John, Bride: Susan BUSH, age 22. C/D Jan. 7, 1815.

AUXIER, John, of age- Bride: Jemima RAMEY, C/D March 6, 1810.

AUXIER, John R., Bride: Angeline MAYO, C/D May 27, 1839.

AUXIER, John P., Bride: Katherine H. BAYS, C/D Sept. 20, 1848

AUXIER, Mary. Groom: Christopher MOORE, C/D Sept. 27, 1808.

AUXIER, Nathaniel., Bride: Hester Ann MAYS, C/D Feb. 12, 1838.

AUXIER, Polly, d/o Nathaniel. Groom: William RICE, C/D July 19, 1839.

AUXIER, Samuel, Bride: Rebecca PHILLIPS, C/D May 28, 1812.

AUXIER, Samuel., Bride: Rebecca PHILLIPS, C/D Sept. 28, 1812.

AUXIER, Samuel, Bride: Athlaza WELLS, d/o Richard Wells. C/D Feb. 5, 1838.

AUXIER, Sarah. Groom: George MAYO, C/D June 10, 1839.

AUXIER, Susannah. Groom: John PRATER, C/D Nov. 12, 1838.

AUXIER, William, Bride: Nancy SPEARS, C/D Nov. 15, 1838.

AVERAL, Elizabeth. Groom: Thomas WALLACE. C/D Nov. 21, 1832.

_ B _

BACK, Christiana, of age. Groom: Michael (John ?) BORDERS, C/D June 28, 1809.

BACK, Henry, Bride: Susannah MAGGARD (Magard), d/o Henry Maggard. C/D March 25 or 29, 1814.

BACK, Lewis, Bride: Elizabeth PENNINGTON, d/o Abel. C/D June 18 or 22, 1812.

BACK, Polly, d/o John Back. Groom: John ROARK, C/D Feb. 26, 1816.

BAILES? (Janes?), Lucretia, d/o Elihah & Hetty Eleedge. Groom: Michael O'HAIR, C/D Oct. 16, 1820:

BAILEY, Alfred, Bride: Margaret ADAMS, C/F Gilbert Adams. C/D Jan. 10, 1843.

BAILEY, Andrew, Bride: Jean MADDOX, d/o George Maddox. C/D April 3, 1821.

BAILEY, Angeline, d/o Lemuel Bailey. Groom: James CAUDILL, s/o Thomas Caudill. C/D Nov. 2, 1846.

BAILEY, Barbary, Groom: Hugh PATRICK, C/D April 27, 1812,

BAILEY, Benjamine, Bride: ANNY PUGH, C/F-William Pugh. C/D Oct. 11, 1837.

BAILEY, Benjamine, Bride: Fanny STEPP, of age. C/D July 15, 1820.

BAILEY, Hugh S. Bride: Margaret HOLMES, C/D Sept. 30, 1833.

BAILEY, Jane, Groom: Joseph PAUGH, C/D Aug. 6, 1838.

BAILEY, John, Bride: Susanna PATRICK, age 21. C/D Sept. 20, 1810.

BAILEY, Lemuel, Bride: Anney DYKES, C/D Oct, 12, 1813.

BAILEY, Pagey, C/F John & Susannah Bailey. Groom: Jonathan PRATER, C/D Dec. 3, 1833.

BAILEY, Prior. Bride: Sally DYKES, C/D March 18, 1814,

BAILEY, Wallis (Wallas), Bride: Polly PATRICK, C/F Caleb May & William Patrick. C/D Sept. 27, 1824.

BAISDEN, Edward, Bride: Susan BARNETT, of age. C/D Jan. 19, 1828.

BAISDEN, Joseph S. Bride: Lucinda OSBORN, of age. C/D June 12, 1820.

BAKER, Nancy, Groom: Thomas WEBB, C/D Aug. 9, 1847.

BAKER, Susan. Groom: Benjamine OSBORN, C/D July 19, 1813.

BAKER, Susannah, Groom: Soloman OSBOURN, C/D Feb. 22, 1813.

BALDRIDGE, Andrew, s/o Mary Baldridge. Bride: Martha DAWSON, C/D Jan. 16, 1835.

BALDRIDGE, Elizabeth, d/o Mary Baldridge. Groom: Blackburn ACRES. C/D Oct. 23, 1843.

BAI,DRIDGE, Elizabeth, Groom: James REFFETT, C/D March 28, 1846.

BALEY, Barbery. Groom: Hugh PATRICK, C/D April 12, 1812.

BALEY, Joseph, Bride: Susannah CLARK, d/o William CLARK. C/D Aug. 18, 1831.

BALEY, Luranfie, Signed: John Baley. Groom: Henry PATRICK, C/D Oct. 21, 1829.

BALEY, Nancy, Groom: John FOSTER, C/F Isaac Foster. C/D Jan. 15, 1834.

BALL, Moses, Bride: Betsy MAINER (Maynard), C/D April 7, 1820

BALLARD, Eliza, .Groom: Hiram COLLINS, C/D Sept. 12 , 1837.

BALSHER, Sally, Groom: Jesse CHILDERS, C/D Aug. 6, 1821.

BANISTER, Elizabeth, Groom: Adam CRUM, C/D Aug. 2, 1820.

BANKS, Elizabeth, Groom: James SULLIVAN, C/D MAY 11, 1840.

BANKS, Jane, of age. Groom: Thomas KEATON, C/D Jan. 9, 1823.

BANKS, Susan, C/F D. Banks. Groom: Silvester SHEPHERD, C/D Jan. 21, 1847.

BANN, Polly, Groom: George W. WOOTON, C/D March 8, 1820.

BARKER, John, Bride: Sally PHIPPS, of age. C/D Oct. 15, 1821.

BARNARD, James, Bride: Sarah WALTERS, C/D Nov. 24, 1821.

BARNETT, Elias, Bride: Nancy BLARE, C/D March 21, 1826.

BARNETT, Hiram, Bride: Peggy CLICK, C/D May 28, 1825.

BARNETT, James, Bride: Sally PITTS, C/D July 23, 1834.

BARNETT, John, Bride: Sally PRIDEMORE, C/D Aug. 14, 1826.

BARNETT, John, Bride: Abbe RAY, C/D Aug. 18, 1837.

BARNETT, John M., Bride: Amanda F. MAYO, C/D Aug. 20, 1845.

BARNETT, Levicey, d/o Sally Barnett. Groom: William BROWN, C/D March 5, 1824.

BARNETT, Nancy, of age. Groom: Thomas HORN, C/D Jan. 29, 1842.

BARNETT, Nancy, Groom: James MOORE, C/D Dec. 10, 1816.

BARNETT, Nelson,- Bride: Sucky (Susy ?) BRADLEY, d/o George Bradley. C/D Nov. 22, 1831.

BARNETT, Notley, Bride: Leveny FLEETWOOD, C/D Oct. 2, 1823.

BARNETT, Notley, Bride: Elizabeth KEZEE, of age. C/D May 3, 1820.

BARNETT, Pthey, Bride: Elizabeth TACKETT, d/o Lewis Tackett. C/D March 27, 1824.

BARNETT, Polly, d/o Sarah Barnett. Groom: Jesse OLDFIELD. C/D Jan. 21 or 24, 1814.

BARNETT, Sally, C/F Nancy Evans. Groom: Andrew J. BROWN. C/D Aug. 13, 1826.

BARNETT, Sally, C/F Nancy Evans. Groom: Andrew J. BROWN. C/D Sept. 16, 1826.

BARNETT, Susan, of age. Groom: Edward BAISDEN, C/D Jan. 19, 1828.

BARNETT, William, Bride: Dicy RAY, C/D Sept. 29, 18??

BARNETT, William, Bride: Sarah RULE, C/D Sept. 29, 1834.

BARNETT, William, Bride: Sally SHEPHERD, of age. C/D April 20, 1874.

BARNETT, Wilson, s/o Nathanial Barnett. Bride: Mary BRADLEY, d/o George Bradley. C/D Nov. 14, 1827.

BARNHART, Minerva, Groom: William VANHOOSE, C/D Nov. 22, 1842

BARTLETT, Nancy M., Groom: Moses PRESTON, C/D Sept. 25, 1845

BATES, James, Bride: Nancy COMBS, of age. C/D April 29, 1811

BAYLES, Civille, Groom: Allen CAMPBELL, C/D April 1, 1822.

BAYLEY, Polly, d/o John Bayley, Sr. Groom: George W. JACKSON, C/D July 14, 1847.

BAYS, John, Bride: Margaret WEBB, C/D April 19, 1845.

BAYS, Katherine H., Groom: John P. AUXIER, C/D Sept. 20, 1848

BAYS, Katherine H., Groom: John P. SNIDER, C/D Sept. 20, 1846

BAYS, Margaret, Groom: William ADAMS, C/D Jan. 20, 1844.

BAYS, Mary Jane, C/F Isham & Polly Bays. Groom: Thomas B. COOPER, C/D April 6, 1846.

BAZWELL, Rebecca, d/o Samuel Bazwell. Groom: Bradley ELSWICK, C/D March 12, 1834.

BELCHER, Mary Ann, Groom: Joseph LAWSON, C/D Oct. 31, 1816.

BENTLEY, Benjamin, Bride: Betsy CRAFT, d/o George Craft. C/D April 8, 1815.

BENTLEY, Benjamine, Bride: Bessie CRAFT, d/o George. C/D Dec. 13, 1815.

BENTLEY, Thomas. Bride: Margret CRACE, d/o George. C/D Aug. 5, 1812.

BENTLEY, Thomas. Bride: Margaret CRESS, d/o George Cress. C/D Aug. 17, 1812.

BERRY, Bathsheba, d/o Isaac Berry, Sr. Groom: Heston FRAZER, C/D Feb. 24, 1818.

BERRY, Jubel, Bride: Margaret THOMPSON, C/D June 2, 1814.

BERRY, Nathan, Bride: Elizabeth REDDIN, step d/o Wm. Adkins & d/o Hannah Adkins. C/D Nov. 26, 1818.

BERRY, William, s/o John Berry. Bride: Arty THORNSBURY, C/D March 20, 1847.

BEVINS - See Bivens

BEYLEY, Hiram, Bride: Sinthy ALLEN, Signed: George & Sinthy Allen, C/D Jan. 9, 1832.

BICKLEY, Ben (Benjamine), Bride: Pamela HAMILTON, d/o Thomas Hamilton. C/D May 3, 1827.

BIVENS, David, Bride: Jenny JONES, C/D Dec. 8, 1823.

BIVENS, William, Bride: Mary JARVIS, C/D Oct. 23, 1810.

BIZWELL, Patsy, d/o Elias Bizwell. Groom: William HERRELL, C/D April 3, 1824.

BLACK, Nancy, Groom: Isaac COLLINS, C/D June 14, 1841.

BLACKBURN, ???, C/F Thomas Blackburn. Bride: Sally WICKER, C/D Sept. 22, 1821.

BLACKBURN, Delila, C/F Thomas Blackburn, Sr., Groom: Nathaniel THACKER, C/D Oct. 28, 1821.

BLACKBURN, Elizabeth. Groom: Thomas JUSTICE, C/D Oct, 1, 1812

BLACKBURN, George, Bride: Sara MORGAN, d/o Lawrence Morgan. C/D Dec. 23, 1843.

BLACKBURN, Polly. Groom: John AUXIER, C/D Jan. 4, 1815.

BLACKBURN, Polly. Groom: William SLONE, C/D March 8, 1815.

BLACKBURN, Polly. Groom: William SLONE, C/F William Slone. C/D Feb. 6, 1821 .

BLACKBURN, Sally, Groom: William JUSTICE, of age. C/D Oct. 15, 1821.

BLACKBURN, Thomas, Jr., Bride: Sally THACKER, C/D Sept. 22, 1821.

BLACKBURN, William, Bride: Jenny MAINER (Maynard ?), C/D Feb. 1, 1809.

BLAIR, Elizabeth, Groom: Gardener CASKY, of age. C/D Aug. 11, 1821.

BLAIR, John. Bride: Susannah CONLEY, C/D Jan. 19, 1839.

BLAIR, Margret, Groom: John CONLEY, s/o Susannah Conley. C/D March 11, 1833.

BLAIR, Mary, d/o Mary Blair. Groom: Alexander FLETCHER, C/D Feb. 21, 1841.

BLAIR, Rebecca, Signed: George & Mary Blair. Groom: Henry CONLEY. C/D Feb. 21, 1831.

BLANKENSHIP, Condy. Bride: Martha LUSTER, d/o William Luster. C/D July 24, 1809.

BLANKENSHIP, Hiram, s/o William. Bride: Elizabeth GALLOWAY, C/D Aug. 3, 1841.

BLANKENSHIP, William, Bride: Anne OSBOURN (Ausbourn), d/o Solomon Osbourn. C/D Aug. 14, 1810.

BLANKENSHIP, William, Bride: Jane STAFFORD, C/D Sept. 12, 1832.

BLANTON, Elizabeth or Betsy, d/o George Blanton. Groom: James LEMASTER, C/D May 22, 1822.

BLANTON, James, s/o George Blanton. Bride: Mary DAVIS. C/D Sept. 23, 1840.

BLANTON, Martha, d/o George Blanton. Groom: William PENNINGTON, C/D Dec. 2, 1836.

BLANTON, Mary. Groom: John ARMS, C/D July 13, 1826.

BLANTON, Mary Ann, d/o C. Blanton. Groom: Thomas SPRADLIN, C/D Nov. 24, 1845.

BLANTON, Rachel, d/o George Blanton. Groom: Henry CANTRELL, s/o Eligah Cantrell. C/D Sept. 26, 1825.

BLANTON, William, Bride: Esther CANTRELL, d/o Eliza or Eliga Cantrell. C/D Jan. 3, 1831.

BLARE, Britton, s/o George Blare. Bride: Melinda SPRADLIN, C/D Aug. 2.6, 1841.

BLARE, George W. Bride: Matildy SPRADLIN, C/D Nov. 3, 1840.

BLARE, John, Bride: Susanna CONLEY, C/D Jan. 19, 1839.

BLARE, Levi, s/o George Blare. Bride: Rachel CANTRELL, d/o Eligsah Cantrell. C/D May 30, 1831.

BLARE, Lucindy, d/o Noble Blare. Groom: Jeremiah FITZPATRICK, s/o John Fitzpatrick. C/D Feb. 23, 1829.

BLARE, Mary, Groom: John CONLEY, s/o Susannah Conley. C/D March 11, 1839.

BLARE, Nancy, Groom: Elias BARNETT, C/D March 21, 1826.

BLARE, Noble, Bride: Tillithley STUMBO, d/o Dicy Stumbo. C/D July 8, 1840.

BLARE, William, Bride: Sary SPRADLIN, d/o James Spradlin. C/D March 23, 1835.

BLEVENS, Hannah, d/o James. Groom: Hughan BOGGS, C/D Aug. 2, 1822.

BLEVINS, Abigail., d/o C/F Polly Blevins, father dead. Groom: Benjamine PORTER, C/F Patrick Porter. C/D Jan. 18 or 23, 1827.

BLEVINS, Eli, Bride: Nancy BROWN, C/D July 11, 1842.

BLEVINS, Elisha, Bride: Ailsey TACKETT, C/D Sept. 1, 1826.

BLEVINS, Hannah, Groom: Hugh BOGGS, C/D Aug. 3, 1821.

BLEVINS, John, Bride: Rebecca WOOTEN, d/o J. P. (or S.) Wooten. C/D Jan. 30, 1824.

BLEVINS, Malinda, Groom: David PENNINGTON, C/F John Pennington, C/D Feb. 28, 1838.

BLEVINS, Sally, d/o Polly Blevins. Groom: Patrick PORTER, Jr. , C/D July 18 , 1.82,7

BOEDERS (Borders?), John, Bride: Gency NELSON, C/D June 13, 1814.

BOGGS. Hugh, Bride: Hannah BLEVINS, C/D Aug. 3, 1821.

BOGGS, Hughan, Bride: Hannah BLEVENS, d/o James. C/D Aug. 2, 1822.

BOLEN, Daniel, age 27. Bride: Fanny HALBERT, age 23. C/D Sept. 5, 1872.

BOLEN (or Rowland), Elizabeth, Groom; William HYLTON, C/D Feb. 7, 18.47.

BOOTHE, Harrison, Bride: Sarah YATES, d/o Susannah Yates. C/D April 17, 1846.

BORDERS, Archabald, Bride: Jenny PRESTON, C/D Dec. 11, 1820.

BORDERS, Caty, d/o Cally Borders. Groom: John BROWN, C/D June 20, 1817.

BORDERS, Hezekiah, Bride: Jemima AUXIER, C/D Aug. 16, 1847.

BORDERS, Hezekiah. Bride: Fannie or Fanny DAVIS, C/D April 7 or 8, 1815,

BORDERS, Jemima. Groom: Valentine VANHOOSE, C/D July 16, 1821

BORDERS (Boeders?), John, Bride: Gency NELSON, C/D June 13, 1814.

BORDERS, Joseph. Bride: Julena or Julianna BROWN, d/o F. A. Brown. C/D Sept. 2 or 20, 1839.

BORDERS (Bowen ?), Mary, C/F John Borders. Groom: Isham DANIEL, C/D Aug. 7, 1809.

BORDERS, Michael, (John ?). Bride: Christiana BACK, of age. C/D June 28, 1809.

BOTTOM, Emillen, Groom: Joseph F. BRANHAM, C/D March 5, 1842

BOWE, Malinda, Groom: Burwell ACRES, C/D Sept. 5, 1844.

BOWEN, Daniel, s/o Adam Bowen. Bride: Sinthy MULLETT. C/D Feb. 20, 1841.

BOWEN, Elizabeth. Groom: Hezekiah WARD, C/D Nov. 12, 1822.

BOWL ?, Thomas Hayes, Bride: Sally AKERS, C/D Oct. 12, 1840.

BOYD, Cyrus, Bride: Mary LAYNE, C/D Jan. 14, 1843.

BOYD, James, Bride: Nancy DANIELS, C/D Jan. 28, 1822.

BOYD, Malinda, Groom; John CONLEY, C/D Aug. 26, 1850.

BOYD, Thomas, Bride: Eliza Ann CRUM, C/D Feb. 10, 1840.

BRADFORD, Nancy, d/o Samuel Bradford. Groom: Elkijab HAWS, C/D Jan. 7, 1822.

BRADLEY, ---?, age 24. Groom: Peter LYCANS (LYKINS), C/D Sept. 10, 1821.

BRADLEY, Desha or Dosha. Groom: Benjamine MILLER, C/D Oct. 10, 1821.

BRADLEY, Elias, Bride: Lurena PRATER, C/D June 35, 1839.

BRADLEY (Howard ?), Elizabeth, Groom: James BRADLEY, C/D April 7, 1838.

BRADLEY, James, Bride: Elizabeth BRADLEY (HOWARD ?), C/D April 7, 1838.

BRADLEY, Jesse, Bride: Elizabeth WOOTEN, C/D Jan. 13, 1818.

BRADLEY, Levi, Bride: Margaret FOSTER, d/o Isaac Foster. C/D Aug. 22, 1833.

BRADLEY, Lucindy, Groom: Charles FOSTER, C/D April 9, 1832.

BRADLEY, Mary, d/o George Bradley. Groom: Wilson BARNETT, s/o Nathanial Barnett. C/D Nov. 14, 1827.

BRADLEY, Mary. Groom: Jonathan TUSSEY, C/D Oct. 7, 1848.

BRADLEY, Micager, Bride: Margaret PRIDEMORE, C/D March 23, 1833.

BRADLEY, Rebecca, d/o George Bradley. Groom: Hiram PREWITT, C./D April. 2, 1822.

BRADLEY, Sarah, Groom: Lorenzo D. PRATER, C/D March 29, 1843

BRADLEY, Stephen, Bride: Polly FILLINGER, C/D Sept. 14, 1826

BRADLEY, Sucky (Susy ?), d/o George Bradley. Groom: Nelson BARNETT, C/D Nov. 22, 1831.

BRANHAM, Benjamin. Bride: Susannah HACKWORTH, C/D Oct. 27, 1809.

BRANHAM, Charlotte, Groom; Joel HOWELL, C/D Dec. 10, 1825.

BRANHAM, David. Bride: Betsy LITTLE, C/D June 5, 1808.

BRANHAM, Elisha, Bride: Rhoda AKERS.- Wit: Fanny Branham, C/D Oct. 8, 1822.

BRANHAM, Elizabeth. Groom; Isom SLONE, C/D June 8, 1812.

BRANHAM, John, Bride: Margaret DILLON, C/D Feb. 8, 1837.

BRANHAM, Joseph F., Bride: Emillen BOTTOM, C/D March 5, 1842

BRANHAM, Nancy, d/o Fair Branham. Groom: John DAMERON, C/D Jan. 23, 1821.

BRANHAM, Polly, of age. Groom: Rhodes MEADE, C/D April 22, 1823.

BRANHAM, Rebecca, Groom: Jacob MAYO, C/D Dec. 14, 1826.

BRANHAM, Rebeccy, d/o John & Patsy Branham. Groom: Zachariah HAIL, Surety: Peter Hail. C/D June 13, 1812.

BRANHAM, Rebecky, d/o John & Patsy. Groom: Zachariah HALE, C/D May 20, 1812.

BRANHAM, Sally, Groom: Amos JUSTICE, C/D Nov. 25, 1822.

BRANHAM, Ursley, Groom: David ALLEY, C/D June 8, 1812.

BRANHAM, William, Bride: Charity GIBSON, C/D Dec. 5, 1816.

BRANHAM, William J., Bride: Levisa HUNT, C/D Feb. 11, 1837.

BREWER, Thomas, C/F Willis & Mahala Brewer. Bride: Elizabeth PELPHREY, C/D Nov. 2, 1842.

BRIAN, Polly, d/o Eddy Brian. Raised by Isom Hall. Groom: Edward COLLINS, C/D July 24, 1820.

BRIGGS, Garland. Bride: Elizabeth PRESTON, C/D Feb. 13, 1810

BRIGGS, Isaac, Bride: Elizabeth MORRIS, d/o David Morris. C/D March 12, 1823.

BRIGGS, Jacob. Bride: Elizabeth SMITH, C/D Aug. 5, 1822.

BRIGGS, Nancy. Groom: Thomas LOVELADY, C/D Aug. 6, 1821.

BRIGGS, Polly. Groom: James SMITH, C/D March 26, 1812.

BRODERICK, Elizabeth. Groom: Benjamin TERRY, C/D March 25, 1823.

BROMLEY, Sally, Groom: John FRAZER, C/D Feb. 2, 1814.

BROWN, Aaron, Bride: Louisa WADKTNS, C/D Jan. 11, 1836.

BROWN, Alijah or Obijh, Bride: Sarah LEWIS, d/o Charles LEWIS, C/D Feb. 14, 1821.

BROWN, Andrew J. Bride: Sally BARNETT, C/F Nancy Evans. C/D Aug. 13, 1826.

BROWN, Andrew J. Bride: Sally BARNETT, C/F Nancy Evans. C/D Sept. 16, 1826.

BROWN, Calvin, Bride: Nancy COBURN, of age. C/D March 23, 1841.

BROWN, Cynthia. Groom: William YOUNG, C/D Jan. 1836.

BROWN, Daniel. Bride: Mary ADAMS, d/o Charles Adams. C/D Feb. 27, 1809.

BROWN, Elizabeth, of age. Groom: John GEORGE, C/D Jan. 15, 182?..

BROWN, Elizabeth, Groom: Hiram S. HAYWOOD, C/D Aug. 24, 1851

BROWN, Fanny, d/o George R. Brown. Groom: Hiram HICKS, C/D March 24, 1831.

BROWN, Fleming H., Bride: Deborah L. THACKER, C/D Sept. 4, 1834.

BROWN, Francis A., Bride: Edy PRESTON, C/D May 25, 1811.

BROWN, Hannah, d/o Mary Brown. Groom: Gilbert JENKINS, C/D Feb. 5, 1834.

BROWN, James. Bride: Nancy STRATTON, C/D May 16, 1818.

BROWN, Jenny, d/o Robert Brown, Groom: John ELLINGTON, C/D Sept. 6, 1822.

BROWN, Jesse. Bride: Polly PORTER, C/D July 20, 1825.

BROWN, John. Bride: Caty BORDERS, d/o Cally Borders, C/D June 20, 1817.

BROWN, John. Bride: Elizabeth CORDILL, d/o Stephen Cordill. C/D May 18, 1816.

BROWN, John, s/o Mary Brown, father dec'd. Bride: Beckie Ann MAINER (Maynard ?), C/D April 4, 1834.

BROWN, John, Bride: Elizabeth RITE (Wright), d/o & C/F Eliza Jane Murphy. C/D July 23, 1837.

BROWN, John, Bride: Polly STAFFORD, C/D Sept. 24, 1827.

BROWN, Julena, d/o F. A. Brown. Groom: Joseph BORDERS, C/D Sept. 20, 1839.

BROWN, Julianna, d/o F. A. Brown. Groom: Joseph BORDERS, C/D Sept. 2, 1.839.

BROWN, Levicy. Groom: Thomas REMY, C/D Feb. 5, 1829.

BROWN, Margaret, d/o Mary Brown. Groom: William WADKINS, C/D July 27, 1835.

BROWN, Mary, of age. Groom: Thomas BROWN, C/D Dec. 14, 1831.

BROWN, Mary. Groom: Jesse VANHOOSE, C/D Nov. 13, 1826.

BROWN, Nancy, Groom: Eli BLEVINS, C/D July 11, 1842.

BROWN, Obijh or Alijah. Bride: Sarah LEWIS, d/o Charles Lewis, C/D Feb. 14, 1821.

BROWN, Polly, Groom: David DEAN, C/D Dec. 13, 1821.

BROWN, Polly, Groom: Travis RESTLEY, C/D Jan. 16, 1827.

BROWN, Polly, Groom: Samuel MOORE, C/D March 9, 1822.

BROWN, Polly. Groom: Samuel PACK, C/D March 9, 1822.

BROWN, Polly. Groom: William SWEARINGER, C/D Aug. 1, 181?.

BROWN, Roberson, Bride: Cealy JAMES, C/D Dec. 27, 18?8.

BROWN, Robert. Bride: Nancy HERRELL, C/D July 2.3, 1822.

BROWN, Robert. Bride: Jemima WALKER, C/D Feb. 17, 1816.

BROWN, Ruthy, d/o Mary Brown. Groom: Thomas NUNN, C/D Feb. 1834.

BROWN, Samuel, Bride: Rebecca McLONEN? C/D July 19, 1827.

BROWN, Thomas, Bride: Mary BROWN, of age. C/D Dec. 14, 1831.

BROWN, Thomas C., Bride: Emeline DAMRON, C/F Moses Damron. C/D May 6, 1835.

BROWN, William. Bride: Levicey BARNETT, d/o Sally Barnett. C/D March 5, 1824.

BROWN, William, Bride: Lusendy HARDWICK, C/D Oct. 17, 1817.

BROWN, Wilson, s/o Mary Brown: Bride: Abigail McALISTER (McAllister), d/o Mary McAlister. C/D March 25 or 27, 1848

BRUMFIELD, Mahala, Groom: John HANEY, C/D Jan. 3, 1820.

BRYANT, Elizabeth, of age. Groom: George HOLLAND, C/D Sept. 17, 1818.

BRYANT, Elizabeth, d/o Wm. Bryant. Groom: James STONE, C/D Aug. 13, 1836.

BRYANT, George E. Bride: Mary CASEBOLT, C/D June 2, 1837.

BRYANT, Joseph, Bride: Betsy McGEE, d/o Manerva McGee. C/D May 12, 1818.

BRYANT, Stephen, Bride: Polly HOWES, d/o Elijah Howes. C/D Aug. 1840.

BUNDA, Andrew Jackson, Bride: Betsy WADKINS, C/D April 14, 1834.

BURCHETT, Armstead, Bride: Elizabeth BUTLER, C/D Dec. 12, 1820.

BURCHETT, Benjamine, Bride: Nancy LEWIS, age 18, d/o Thomas Lewis. C/D Aug. 29, 1821.

BURCHETT, Drury, Bride: Elizabeth McCOWAN, C/D Jan. 30, 1816.

BURCHETT, Drury, or Nany M. COWAN. Groom: Jesse YOUNG, C/D June 16, 1838.

BURCHETT, Elizabeth, d/o Benjamin Burchett. Groom: John W. SELLARDS, C/D May 23, 1827.

BURCHETT, Eva, Groom: James L. JERVIS, C/D Aug. 11, 1845.

BURCHETT, James, Bride: Elsie LAWHORN, C/D June 13, 1851.

BURCHETT, Martha S., d/o Thomas Burchett. Groom: Tandy L. STRATTON, C/D March 18, 1848.

BURCHETT, Mary. Groom: Albert OSBORN, C/D Oct. 18, 1840.

BURCHETT, Sally. Groom: John SPRIGGS, C/D Jan. 10, 1825.

BURCHETT, Sarah. Groom: Joseph RATLIFF, C/D May 16, 1842.

BURCHETT, Thomas, Bride: Milla MANNES, of age. C/D Feb. 26, 1816.

BURCHETT, William J., Bride: Frances Emily AUXIER, C/D Jan. 6, 1840.

BURGESS, Charlotte, d/o Jordon & Elizabeth Burgess. Groom: Z. Euphemiah SWEETMAN, C/D April 2, 1836.

BURGESS, Jeanie. Groom: Jeffry PRESTON, C/D Aug. 3, 1813.

BURGESS, Milley. Groom: William WOOTEN, C/D Aug. 25, 1817.

BURLEY, ???? Bride: Margret THOMPSON, C/D May 30, 1814.

BURKES, Janey. Groom: Jeremiah COLLIER, C/D Jan. 21, 1815.

BARKS, Jeney, d/o David. Groom: Jeremiah COLLIER, C/D Jan. ?,1, 1814.

BURNS, Alley. Groom: John W. LEWIS, C/D Nov. 6, 1816.

BURNS, Amanda H., of age. Groom: George F. HATCHER, C/D Aug. 4, 1831.

BURNS, Lycinde. Groom: Cornelius VAUGHN, C/D March 27, 1848.

BURNS, William, Bride: Nancy POTEET, C/D Nov. 17, 1808.

BURTON, John, Bride: Sally BURTON, C/D May 11, 1843.

BURTON, Minerva, age 23. Groom: David LAYNE, C/D Aug. 13, 1842.

BURTON, Nancy, d/o William Burton. Groom: Marcus LYCANS (Lykins), C/D Sept. 7, 1821.

BURTON, Rhoda, 21 & upward. Groom: William MEREDAY, C/D Oct. 13, 1839.

BURTON, Rhoda, of legal age. Groom: Jacob SANDERS, C/D Dec. 11, 1832.

BURTON, Sally, Groom: John BURTON, C/D May 11, 1843.

BUSH, Susan, age 22. Groom: John AUXIER, C/D Jan. 7, 1815.

BUSH, Susanna, age 22. Groom: James AUXIER, C/D Jan. 14, 1815

BUTCHER, Polly. Groom: William WELLS, s/o Susannah Wells. C/D Jan. 13 or 15, 1839.

BUTCHER, Sally, d/o James W. Butcher. Groom: William LAWHORN, C/D Nov. 7, 1828.

BUTLER, Elizabeth, Groom: Armstead BURCHETT, C/D Dec. 12, 1820.

BUTLER, George, Bride: Arte HARRELL, C/D Aug. 22, 1825.

BUTLER, Samuel, Bride: Anna COLLINS, C/D Aug. 13, 1829.

- C -

CHINES, Geney, Groom: David GRIFFITH, C/D Sept. 28, 1812.

CHINS, Clary, d/o John Cains. Groom: John CHAFFIN, C/D Sept. 4, 1811.

CHINS, Jenny, Groom: William McDALE, C/D June 27, 1809.

CHINS, Peggy, d/o Richard Cains. Groom: Robert GRIFFITH, C/D Sept. 23, 1811.

CHINS, Silvian, Groom: Solomon SKAGGS, C/D Oct. 14, 1817.

CALVIN, Abiud ? Bride: Susanna MAHAN, d/o Henry Mahan. C/D April 3, 1833.

CALVIN, Polly, Groom: John LEMASTER, C/D Dec. 24, 1833.

CAMPBELL, Allen, Bride: Civille BAYLES, C/D April 1, 1822.

CAMPBELL, Elizabeth, d/o William Campbell. Groom: Simion PARSONS, C/D June 14, 1818.

CAMPBELL, Elizabeth, d/o William Campbell. Groom: Simion PRESTON, C/D June 14, 1818.

CAMPBELL, Sarah, Groom: William MAINS, C/D April 16, 1821.

CAMRON ?, Sally, Groom: Joseph WADKINS, C/D June 16, 1827.

CANARD (Kenard), Elender, d/o James Canard. Groom; Richard PATRICK, C/D Jan. 6, 1824.

CANNADY, Sally, Groom: James RUTHERFORD, C/D Dec. 21, 1814.

CANNON, Nancy, Groom: John HOWARD, C/D Sept. 27, 1817.

CANTRELL, Betsy, d/o James Cantrell. Groom: James FLEETWOOD, C/D May 13, 1822.

CANTRELL, Esther, d/o Eliza or Fliga Cantrell. Groom: William BLANTON, C/D Jan. 3, 1 831 .

CANTRELL, Frances, d/o Elijah Cantrell. Groom: Enoch FAIRCHILD,C/D Dec. 27, 1824. C/F Abvel Fairchild.

CANTRELL, Henry, s/o Eligah Cantrell, Bride: Rachel BLANTON, d/o George Blanton. C/D Sept. 26, 1825.

CANTRELL, John, Bride: Peggy SMITH, of age. C/D Feb. 25, 1820

CANTRELL, Nancy, Groom: Alfred DAVIS, C/D March 5, 1823.

CANTRELL, Rachel d/o Eligsah Cantrell. Groom: Levi BLARE, s/o George Blare. C/D May 30, 1831.

CANTRELL, Sarah, Groom: Philip TACKETT, C/D Feb. 17, 1834.

CANTRELL (Arms ?), Sarah, Groom: Phillip TACKETT, C/D April 17, 1834.

CANTRILL - See Cantrell

CANUTE, James, Bride: Sally LYON, d/o Jane Lyon. C/D Jan. 24, 1822.

CARPENTER, Nancy, Groom: James DILLON, C/D May 7, 1836.

CARPENTER, Rebecca, C/F Fielding Carpenter. Groom: Joseph WIREMAN, C/D May 23, 1818.

CARPENTER, Stephen, s/o Fielding Carpenter. Bride: Nancy COLMAN, d/o Jacob Colman. C/D April 2, 1822.

CARPENTER, Wiet, Bride: Mary FRALEY, d/o Reuben Fraley. C/D Dec. 31, 1833.

CARTER, Irey (Ira ?), Bride: Polly WILLIAMS, d/o Catherine Williams. C/D Oct. 13, 1827.

CARTY, David J., Bride: Letty ARNETT, C/D March 26, 1844.

CARVER, Penina or Pennina, d/o William Carver. Groom: Andrew GOODMAN, C/D Dec. 4, 1834.

CASEBOLT, Elizabeth, Groom; Samuel DEROSSETT, C/D Oct. 20, 1847.

CASEBOLT, John, Bride: Sabrey ESTEP, d/o Shadrick Estep. C/D May 20, 1808.

CASEBOLT, Mary, Groom: George E. BRYANT, C/D June 2, 1837.

CASEBOLT, Sally, d/o Salary Terry. Groom: William SLONE, C/D April 27, 1826.

CASEBOLT, Tabva, Groom; William TERRY, C/D April 29, 1815.

CASH, Caleb, Bride: Bathena WILSON, d/o Andrew Wilson. C/D Nov. 17, 1818.

CASH, Nancy. Groom: John NICKLES, s/o Thomas Nickles. C/D Nov. 23, 1813.

CASKEY, John, Bride: Hannah LEWIS, C/F Thomas Lewis. C/D April 1, 1816.

CASKEY, Mary, age 21. Groom: Joshua DAY, C/D Nov. 16, 1813.

CASKEY, Peggy, d/o Thomas Caskey. Groom: Jesse DAY, s/o John Day. C/D Aug. 5, 1820.

CASKY, Gardener, Bride: Elizabeth BLAIR, of age. C/D Aug. 11, 1821,

CASKY, Robert. Bride: Polly DYER, d/o William Dyer. C/D Dec. 22, 1822.

CASLL, Jesse. Bride: Betsey KITCHEN, C/F James & Jean Kitchen. C/D July 29, 1821.

CASSELL (Castle ?), Polly, Groom: John YOUNG, C/D Jan. 6, 1824.

CASTEEL, James, Bride: Betty COFMAL, C/D March 30, 1816.

CASTEEL John, Bride: Elizabeth WILSON, C/D 1825.

CASTEEL, John Joseph, Bride: Caty DeBOARD, C/D Feb. 11, 1814.

CASTLE, Alsey, Groom: Robinson H. HYLTON, s/o Roderick Hylton. C/D July 31, 1834.

CASTLE, Drewly, Groom: James B. DANIEL, C/D Aug. 1840.

CASTLE, Drury P., Bride: Sarah WARD, of age. C/D May 11, 1842

CASTLE, Henery, s/o Nathan Castle. Bride: Lucy DANIEL, d/o Thomas Daniel. C/D Sept. 22, 1840.

CASTLE, James. Bride: Ellender MEEK, C/D June 1821.

CASTLE, James. Bride: Slender MEEKS, C/D June 6, 1821.

CASTLE, John, Bride: Polly EVANS, C/F Frances Evans. C/D May 23, 1842.

CASTLE, John, Bride: Elizabeth FRANCIS, C/D Dec. 2, 1815.

CASTLE, Leuvicamy, of age. Groom: Alexander HATCHER, C/D April 4, 1842.

CASTLE, Polly, of age. Groom: Obediah MOORS, C/D March 16, 1818.

CASTLE, Zachariah, Bride: Ruthy SELLARDS, C/F Elizabeth Davis and Thomas & Elizabeth Sellards. C/D Jan. 4, 1840.

CAUDILL Abijah, Bride: Elizabeth SLOAN, d/o Shadrick Sloan. C/D April 29, 1835.

CAUDILL, Abijah, Bride: Elizabeth SLONE, d/o Shadrick Slone. C/D April 29, 1835.

CAUDILL, Abner. Bride: Elender JOHNSON, C/F Patrick Johnson. C/D Dec. 2 or 5, 1814.

CAUDILL, Elizabeth, Groom: Stephen HAMMONS, C/D Nov. 11 or 20, 1844.

CAUDILL, James, s/o Thomas Caudill. Bride: Angeline BAILEY, d/o Lemuel Bailey. C/D Nov. 2, 1846.

CAUDILL, Jenny, Groom: Thomas CAUDILL. C/D Dec. 16, 1816.

CAUDILL, Mathew, Bride: Temperance FITZPATRICK, C/D Aug. 1, 1842.

CAUDILL, Sary, d/o Thomas Caudill. Groom: James FITZPATRICK, C/D Feb. 6, 1836.

CAUDILL, Stephen. Bride: Sary YOUNTS, d/o William. C/D June 21, 1814.

CAUDILL, Stephen. Bride: Sary YOUNTZ, d/o William Yountz. C/D June 25, 1814.

CAUDILL, Thomas, Bride: Jenny CAUDILL, d/o Matthew. C/D Dec. 16, 1816.

CAZZELL, William, Bride: Judith (Louvisa) LEWIS, C/D Dec. 12, 1826.

CECIL, Charles H., Bride: Mary Jane GARRETT, d/o Jane Garrett. C/D Jan. 30, 1842.

CECIL, James W. Bride: Polly HATCHER, C/D Aug. 21, 1839.

CECIL, Samuel, Bride: Nancy McKOUN ?, C/D Jan. 23, 1837.

CECIL, William, Bride: Lucy GARRETT, over 21. C/D May 24, 1836.

CELAMS, Arty, d/o Wm. & Eliz. Walker Salisbury. Groom: John FLANNERY, C/D July 15, 1835.

CHAFFIN, John, Bride: Clary CAINS, d/o John Cains. C/D Sept. 4, 1811.

CHAFIN, Sarah, d/o John Cornutt & Deveasy. Groom: Elisha WELLMAN, C/D Oct. 27, 1808.

CHANDLER, Fanny, step d/o Hiram Johnson. Groom: Samuel. HAMMOND, CID March 25, 1825.

CHAPARRE, Lucreta, Groom: William McCLURE, CID March 9, 1816.

CHAPMAN, Amy, C/F Patience Chapman. Groom; George SWORD, CID Aug. 10, 1816.

CHAPMAN, Dicey, d/o William & Elizabeth. Groom: James MARCUM, CID Oct. 4, 1816.

CHAPMAN, John, Bride: Sarah WARD, d/o Sarah Ward. CID Oct. 9, 1810.

CHAPMAN, Nancy, Groom: Joseph WILLMAN, C/D March 2.0, 1809.

CHAPMAN, Peggy, d/o William Chapman. Groom: Lewis WILLIAMS, CID April 8, 1811.

CHAPMAN, Polly, d/o William Chapman. Groom: Van SWEAGARD, CID Feb. 20, 1.813.

CHAPMAN, Polly, d/o William Chapman. Groom: Van SWEARENGEAIN, CID July 22, 1813.

CHARLES, Fanny, step d/o Hiram Jackson, Groom: Samuel HAMMON, Jr., C/D April 1825.

CHARLES, John, Bride: Nancy THOMPSON, C/D Oct. 16, 1820.

CHARLES, Peggy, d/o George Charles. Groom: John RING, C/D Jan. 31, 1820.

CHARLES, Sally, Groom: Harrison HARPER, C/D May 25, 1818.

CHILDERS, Elizabeth, of age. Groom: William SMITH, C/D Feb. 8, 1820.

CHILDERS, Jane, Groom: John HOUSE (Howes?), C/D Oct. 13, 1835

CHILDERS, Jesse, Bride: Sally BALSHER, C/D Aug. 6, 1821.

CHILDERS, Sally, Groom: Handy GRAVES, C/D April 10, 1820.

CHILDERS, Serey ?, Groom: William KEETON, C/D March 16, 1818.

CHILDERS, Vince, C/F Samuel Childers. Bride: Nancy Ann DAWSON, d/o John Dawson. C/D Oct. 24, 1842.

CHILDERS, William, Bride: Keziah GRAVES, of age. C/D Nov. 2, 1821.

CLARK, Anney, d/o David Clark. Groom: Jonathan WATSON, C/D Feb. 27, 1824.

CLARK, Daniel Bride: Nancy GIBSON, C/D May 4, 1824.

CLARK, John W., Bride: Rebecca MAYO, C/D July 12, 1841.

CLARK, Lorenzo D., Bride: Patience WILLIAMS, C/D April. 28, 1835.

CLARK, Luanna, Groom: Hardin GARRETT, C/D Feb. 17, 1834.

CLARK, Lucinda, Groom: Joseph RATLIFF, C/D Jan. 17, 1836.

CLARK, Margaret Ann, Groom: Samuel HAGAR, C/D Aug. 27, 1842.

CLARK, Naomie, Groom: James M. HAGAR, C/D May 17, 1845.

CLARK, Susannah, d/o William Clark. Groom: Joseph BALEY, CID Aug. 18, 1831.

CLARK, Susanna, Groom: Robert MEAD, C/D July 3, 1823.

CLARK, Susannah, Groom: Gerry OWENS, C/D Dec. 1839.

CLAY, James, Bride: Lucinda MORRISON, C/D Jan. 26, 1837.

CLAY, Mathew, Bride: Elizabeth SULLIVAN, C/D June 28, 1834.

CLAY, Robert, Bride: Sarah SETZER, C/D Sept. 1, 1845.

CLEVENGER, Joshua, Bride: Mary MEAD. C/F Joshua Clevenger & Mary Mead. C/D Dec. 18, 1820.

CLICK, Alexander, Bride: Martha WEBB, d/o William Webb, C/D May 26, 1847.

CLICK, David, Bride: Nancy PATTON, d/o Samuel Patton. C/D Aug. 2, 1830 .

CLICK, Elizabeth, Groom: Carrell CRISP, C/D July 14, 1821.

CLICK, Elizabeth, Groom: Carroll CRISP, C/D Feb. 14, 1821.

CLICK, James, age 21. Bride: Jenny SALMONS, d/o Frankey Salmons. C/D May 10, 1823.

CLICK, Nancy, d/o John & Susannah Click. Groom: John ALLEN, C/D March 21, 1837.

CLICK, Peggy, Groom: Hiram BARNETT, C/D May 28, 1825.

CLINE See Kline

CLINE, Nancy, C/F Felep Cline. Groom: William COPLEY, C/D May 1815.

CLINE or Kline, Peter, s/o Peter Cline & Elizabeth. Bride: Mary SMITH, C/D Feb. 1, 1820.

CLINE or Kline, Peter, s/o Michael Cline. Bride: Edy TRENT, d/o Frederick Trent. C/D July 1, 1820.

COBOURN - See Coburn

COBOURN, Jacob, Bride: Betsy WALKER, C/D April 17, 1816.

COBOURN, John C., Bride: Phebe PRATER, C/D March 2, 1837.

COBOURN, John P., Bride: Aggey COBURN, C/D July 12, 1842.

COBURN, Aggey, Groom: John P. COBOURN, C/D July 12, 1842.

COBURN, Jacob, Bride: Viney MAULT, d/o Moses Mault. C/D Feb. 5, 1810.

COBURN, John C., Bride: Pheabe PRATOR, C/D March 1837.

COBURN, Louisa, d/o Jeremiah Coburn. Groom: Samuel DAMERON, C/D Jan. 26, 18.43.

COBURN, Nancy, of age. Groom: Calvin BROWN, C/D March 23, 1841.

COBURN, Susan, Groom: William OWNEY, s/o Samuel Owney. C/D Aug. 2,3, 1831.

COCKERELL, Thomas, s/o Jeremiah & Sarah Cockerell. Bride: Liney FRALEY, d/o Keziah Fraley. C/D May 30, 1828.

COCKRILL, Joseph, Bride: Nancy ELLIS, C/F Benjamin Ellis. C/D Jan. 3, 1818.

COFFEE, Ambrose or Ambros. Bride: Lucinda or Lucendy DAY, d/o & C/F Reuben Day. C/D May 30, 1812.

COFFEE, Eligah, Bride: Peggy PATRICK, d/o Robert Patrick. C/D Oct. 22, 1818.

COFFMAN, Henry, Bride: Sally LEEK, C/D Aug. 25, 1827.

COFMAL, Betty, Groom: James CASTEEL, C/D March 30, 1816.

COLE, James, Bride: Edy MONTGOMERY, C/D May 9, 1833.

COLE, James, Bride: Edy MONTGOMERY, C/D May 15, 1827.

COLEMAN, James, Bride: Elizabeth WILLIAMSON, "Betsy" d/o Koman Williamson. C/D Dec. 18, 1820.

COLEMAN, Mary, Groom: Howard ADKINS, C/D July 19, 1813.

COLLER, Ellen, Groom: James OWENS, C/D March 1, 1812.

COLLIER, Elizabeth, Groom: Daniel ACRES, C/D April 22, 1822.

COLLIER (Coller?), Ellen. Groom: James OWENS, C/D Feb. 29, 1812.

COLLIER, Jeremiah. Bride: Janey BURKES, C/D Jan. 21, 1815.

COLLIER, Jeremiah, Bride: Jeney BURKS, d/o David. C/D Jan. 21, 1814.

COLLIER, Levi, s/o Micager Collier. Bride: Nancy HALL, of age. C/D Nov. 27, 1820.

COLLIER, Levicy, Groom: Shered OSBOURN, C/D April 23, 1814.

COLLIER, Lydia, Groom: William WADLE, C/D Feb. 6, 1809.

COLLIER, Patrick, Bride: Lydia ESTEP, d/o Joel Estep. C/D March 26, 1822.

COLLIER, Richard, Bride: Elizabeth FENTOR, of age. C/D Jan. 6, 1816.

COLLIER, William, Bride: Lucy LAIN (Layne ?), C/D March 16, 1818.

COLLINGSWORTH, David, Bride: Elizabeth PRATER, d/o John Prater, Sr. & Elizabeth Prater (consent) C/D Aug. 17, 1838

COLLINGSWORTH, John, Bride: Sara MONTGOMERY, C/D Aug. 17, 1847.

COLLTNGSWORTH, Mason? Bride: Margaret EVANS, C/D March 23, 1835.

COLLINGSWORTH, Moses, Bride: Margaret EVANS, C/D March 23, 1835.

COLLINGSWORTH, Moses, Bride: Margaret RATLIFF, d/o Stephen Ratliff. C/D Feb. 18, 1829.

COLLINGSWORTH, Reuben, Bride: Mourning MATHEWS, C/D March 6, 1816.

COLLINGSWORTH, William, Bride: Rachel SUTHARDS ?, C/D Sept. 8, 1825.

COLLINS, Anna, Groom: Samuel BUTLER, C/D Aug. 13, 1829.

COLLINS, Christopher, Bride: Cynthia SPEARS, C/D May 15, 1832

COLLINS, Edward, Bride: Polly BRIAN, d/o Eddy Brian. Raised by Isom Hall. C/D July 24, 1820.

COLLINS, Fanny, d/o Elizabeth Collins. Groom: Jesse HOWELL, s/o Stephen Howell. C/D Oct. 12, 1826.

COLLINS, Hiram, Bride: Eliza BALLARD, C/D Sept. 12, 1837.

COLLINS, Isaac, Bride: Nancy BLACK, C/D June 14, 1841.

COLLINS, John, Bride: Emily Jane GOBBLE, C/D Jan. 8, 1846.

COLLINS, Sally (Seary), d/o Mary Collins. Groom: Low B. PEERY C/D March 25, 1835.

COLLINS, Thomas, Bride: Hannah WILLIAMS, of age. C/D July 5, 1810.

COLLINS, William, Bride: Pamela HATFIELD, C/D Jan. 28, 1846.

COLLINS, William, Bride: Pamelia HATFIELD, C/D Jan. 24, 1840.

COLLINSWORTH, Cynthia, Groom: Thomas MATTHEWS, C/D June 19, 1814.

COLLYER, Jean, of age. Groom: Teague QUILLEN, C/D March 10 1828

COLMAN, Nancy, d/o Jacob Colman. Groom: Stephen CARPENTER, s/o Fielding Carpenter. C/D April 2, 1822.

COMBS, Elizabeth, d/o John Combs. Groom: Nicholas COMBS, C/D April 20, 1816.

COMBS, Nancy, of age. Groom: James BATES, C/D April 29, 1811.

COMBS, Nelly, d/o Sally Combs. Groom: William SMITH, C/D April 20, 1816.

COMBS, Nicholas, Bride: Elizabeth COMBS, d/o John Combs. C/D April 20, 1816.

COMPTON, James, Bride: Mary CRIDER, C/D Dec. 27, 1844.

CONDLEY or Conley?, Franky, d/o Thomas Condley. Groom: Ben or Benjamine SALYERS. C/D Feb. 12, 1821.

CONDLEY, Sally. Groom: James RUTHERFORD, C/D Dec. 21, 1814.

CONDLY, John, Bride: Elizabeth POWERS, d/o Lewis Powers. C/n April 11, 1836.

CONDLY, Abner, Bride: Elizabeth ROSE, C/D Aug. 1, 1811,

CONLEY, Andrew Jackson, Bride: Luvisey PATRICK, C/D Jan. 13, 1837.

CONLEY, Carter, Bride: Polly CONLEY, of age. C/D Feb. 19, 1821 .

CONLEY, David, Bride: Peggy PHILLIPS, d/o Elijah & Peggy Phillips. C/D Oct. 16, 1813.

CONLEY, David, Bride: Phoebe RATLIFF, C/D Dec. 18, 1826.

CONLEY, David, s/o & C/F David Conley. Bride: Mahala ROBERSON, C/D April 14, 1834.

CONLEY, Edmond, Bride: Nancy TACKETT, C/D Jan. 16, 1835.

CONLEY, Eligah, Bride: Nancy JOSEPH, d/o John Joseph. C/D Sept. 8, 1847.

CONLEY, Elizabeth, Groom: John ROBERSON, Jr., C/D May 18, 1829. Signed: John Roberson & Constantine Conley.

CONLEY or. Condley, Frankey, d/o Thomas Condley. Groom: Ben or Benjamine SALYERS. C/D Feb. 12, 1821.

CONLEY, Henry, Bride: Rebecca BLAIR, Signed: George & Mary Blair. C/D Feb. 21, 1831.

CONVEY, Henry, s/o Henry Conley. Bride: Tempy HITCHCOCK, C/D March 3, 1832.

CONLEY, Henry, Bride: Nancy RICE, of age. C/D Dec. 1820.

CONLEY, Henry, Bride: Polly THOMPSON, C/D May 26, 1821.

CONLEY, John. s/o Susannah Conley. Bride: Margret BLAIR, C/D March 11, 1833.

CONLEY, John, s/o Susannah Conley. Bride: Mary BLARE, C/D March 11, 1839.

CONLEY, John, Bride: Malinda BOYD, C/D Aug. 26, 1850.

CONLEY, John. Bride: Polly FILLIPS, d/o Elijah or Eligah Fillips. C/D June 16 or 21, 1813.

CONLEY, Joseph, Bride: Susanna JONES, d/o Raney Jones. C/D March 19, 1827.

CONLEY (Connely), Nancy, d/o Thomas Conley. Groom: Asa FAIRCHILD, C/D May 2, 1821.

CONLEY, Polly, of age. Groom: Carter CONLEY, C/D Feb. 19, 1821.

CONLEY, Sampson, Bride: Eliza MORRIS, C/F Ritty Patrick. C/D Aug. 2, 1842.

CONLEY, Sampson, Bride: Polly SMITH, d/o John & Susannah Smith. C/D May 5, 1818.

CONLEY, Sarah, d/o John Conley. Groom: Daniel LITTERALL, C/D Dec. 18, 1829.

CONLEY, Susannah. Groom: John BLAIR, C/D Jan. 19, 1839.

CONLEY, Susannah. Groom: John BLARE, C/D Jan. 19, 1839.

CONLEY, Thomas, Bride: Sally FITZPATRICK, C/D Jan. 5, 1824.

CONLEY, William, Bride: Catherine ARMS, Signed: John Conley, C/D Nov. 23, 1829.

CONLEY (Connelley), William, Bride: Anna McCARTY, C/F Edmond Conley. C/D Aug. 29, 1831.

CONLY - See Conley

CONN, Ira, Bride: Elener JARRELL, C/D March 2, 1840.

CONN, Jesse, Bride: Sarah JARRELL, C/D Nov. 20, 1845.

CONN, Jobe, Bride: Matilda B. LEWIS, C/D July 11, 1851.

CONN, William, Bride: Sally JARRELL, C/D Nov. 18, 1847.

CONNELLEY (Conley), William, Bride: Anna McCARTY, C/F Edmond Conley. C/D Aug. 29, 1831.

CONUTE, Polly, Groom: Elias KEZEE, C/D Oct. 14, 1817.

COOK, James, Bride: Elley Ann LACY, C/D April 28, 1826.

COOK, Jo Ann, Groom: Samuel. KENARD, C/D Dec. 7, 1820.

COOK, William, Bride: Sally PRATER, Signed: John & Mary Prater. C/D March 10, 1829.

COOPER, Alexander, s/o William Cooper. Bride: Sally SALYERS, C/D May 5, 1842.

COOPER, David, Bride: Celey PRATER, C/D April 1.4, 1823,

COOPER, Nancy, C/F William Cooper. Groom; Jackson,ADAMS, C/D July 26, 1837.

COOPER, Polly, Groom: Washington PATTON, C/D Nov. 5, 1825.

COOPER, Sary, Groom: Christopher PATTON, C/D Nov. 3, 1.845.

COOPER, Thomas B., Bride: Mary Jane BAYS, C/F Tsham & Polly Bays. C/D April 6, 1846.

COPE, Nancy, d/o James Cope. Groom: William PRATER, C/D Oct. 2, 1808.

COPINGER, Any, Groom: .Tames RAMEY, C/D Jan. 23, 1826.

COPLEY, James, Bride: Rebecca MARCUM, C/D 1817,

COPLEY, William. Bride: Nancy CLINE, C/F Felep Cline. C/D May 1815.

COPLEY, William, Bride: Nancy KYLE, C/D Jan. 10, 1815.

CORDEN, James, Bride: Judy MURRY, C/D Feb. 3, 1826.

CORDER, James, Bride: Leah HYLTON, C/D Aug. 25, 1832.

CORDILL, Elizabeth, d/o Stephen Cordill. Groom: John BROWN, C/D May 18, 1816.

CORNETT, Polly, Groom: Mason MARSHALL, C/D May 30, 1840.

CORNETT, Wesley, Bride: Ceatty MANNS, C/D July 25, 1851.

COTTLE, Uriah, Bride: Synthia JONES, d/o Ambros Jones. C/D Jan. 6, 1820.

COWAN, Nancy M. or Drury Burchett. Groom: Jesse YOUNG, C/D June 16, 1838.

COX, John, Bride: Mary MARCUM, d/o Stephen, C/D Aug. 8, 1821.

COX, Reuben, Bride: Jalina DAMRON, d/o John Damron. C/D April 28, 1847.

COX, William, Bride: Tabitha PRATT, C/D June 8, 1811.

CRACE - See Cress - Grace

GRACE, Daniel, Bride: Elizabeth ???, C/D Sept. 24, 1828.

CRACE, Margaret, d/o George. Groom: Thomas BENTLEY, C/D Aug. 5, 1812.

CRACE, Peter. Bride: Amy ADAMS. d/o Stephen. C/D March 14, 1 813.

CRAFT, Bessie, d/o George. Groom: Benjamine BENTLEY, C/D Dec. 13, 1815

CRAFT, Betsy, d/o George Craft. Groom: Benjamin BENTLEY, C/D April 8, 1815.

CRAFT, Elizabeth, Groom: Thomas OWEN, C/D April 7, 1812.

CRAFT, Elizabeth, Groom: Owen THOMAS, C/D April 7, 1812.

CRAFT, James, Bride: Siller HAMMOND, d/o Joseph. C/D Feb. 13, 1812.

CRAFT, James, Bride: Drucilla HAMMONS, d/o Joseph Hammons. C/D Feb. 17, 1812.

CRAFT, John, Bride: Susannah HAGINS, of age. C/D July 25, 1818.

CRAFT, Peter, Bride: Mary DAVIS, d/o Sally Dom--?. C/D Feb. 18, 1832.

CRAFT, Polly, C/F John Craft. Groom: Caleb PUCKETT, s/o & C/F Morgan Puckett. C/D June 27, 1843.

CRAFT, Sarah, d/o Nicholas Craft. Groom; William ADAMS, C/D March 7 , 1812 .

CRAFT, Sarah, Groom: William HAMMON, C/D April 14, 1812.

CRAFT, Sarah, d/o Nichols. Groom: William SALMONS, C/D April 13, 1812.

CRAFT, Sary, d/o Chilous & Elizabeth. Groom: William ADAMS. C/D 1809.

CRAIG, William, Bride: Sarah ELLEDGER (Ellidge ?). C/D July 24, 1809.

CRANK, Elizabeth, Groom: Owen WILCOX, C/D May 27, 1840.

CRANK, Nathaniel, Bride: Susanna FITZPATRICK, d/o Sally Kelly. C/D Aug. 19, 1820.

CRASE, Sally, C/F George Crase. Groom: John MONTGOMERY, C/D Oct. 19, 1818.

CRASE or Case, Sary, d/o George. Groom: John McCLINTICK, C/D Oct. 20, 1818.

CRESS - See Crace - Grace

CRESS, Christina, of age. Groom: William ADAMS, C/D Feb. 21. , 1818 .

CRESS, Margaret, d/o George Cress. Groom: Thomas BENTLEY, C/D Aug. 17, 1812.

CRIDER, Mary, Groom: James COMPTON, C/D Dec. 27, 1844.

CRIDER, Mary, Groom: James CUMPTON, C/D Dec. 2, 1844.

CRIDER, Mary, Groom: John Henry SETZER, C/D Jan. 4, 1844.

CRIDER, Rhesa, Bride: Katherine SETSER, C/D Dec. 24, 1846.

CRIDER, William, Bride: Elizabeth VAUGHN, C/D Aug. 28, 1841.

CRISP, Ansel-, Bride: Sally CRUM, of age. C/D July 18, 1820.

CRISP, Carrell. Bride: Elizabeth CLICK, C/D July 14, 1821.

CRISP, Carroll, Bride: Elizabeth CLICK, C/D Feb. 14, 1821.

CRISP, David, Bride: Tabitha ROBERSON, C/D May 16, 1831.

CRISP, Frances, Groom: Elisha DIXON, C/D Oct. 15, 1845.

CRISP, Joel, Bride: Elizabeth SALMONS, Father dead, d/o Frances Salmons. C/D July 25, 1828.

CRISP, Peter, Bride: Annie ADAMS, d/o Stephen Adams. C/D March 6 , 1813 .

CRISP, Sally, d/o Susanna Crisp. Groom: Frederick CRUM, C/D Feb. 3, 1818.

CRISP, William, Bride: Mary FRASURE, C/D Jan. 20, 1845.

CRUM, Adam, Bride: Elizabeth BANISTER, C/D Aug. 2, 1820.

CRUM, Betsy, Groom: Charles PACK, C/D Nov. 15, 1808.

CRUM, Eddy, Groom: Benjamin WADKINS (Waldkins ?), C/D Aug. 7, 1818.

CRUM, Eliza Ann, Groom: Thomas BOYD, C/D Feb. 10, 1840.

CRUM, Frederick, Bride: Sally CRISP, d/o Susanna Crisp. C/D Feb. 3, 1818.

CRUM, Henry, Bride: Sally MOORE, C/D March 30, 1845.

CRUM, Henry, Bride: Precilla WRIGHT, C/D April 1, 1822.

CRUM, Henry W., Bride: Caty SULLIVAN, C/D Nov. 24, 1840.

CRUM, Jacob, Bride: Elizabeth HARPER, C/D Sept. 27, 1813.

CRUM, John, Jr., Bride: Hannah LEWIS, C/D April. 28, 1838.

CRUM, Jonathan, Bride: Peggy MAYO, C/D Aug. 29, 1835.

CRUM, Michael, Bride: Vestie JARRELL, d/o William. C/D July 17, 1814.

CRUM, Michael, Bride: Vestie JERRELL, d/o William Jerrell. C/D July 18, 1814.

CRUM, Nancey, Groom: John VENTERS, C/D Oct. 16, 1816.

CRUM, Rosanna or Rosanah, d/o Henry Crum. Groom: John DILLON, s/o Henry Dillon. C/D Feb. 10, 1825.

CRUM, Sally, of age. Groom: Ansel. CRIPS, C/D July 18, 1820.

CRUM, Sarah, Groom: James EARLS, C/D March 18, 1846

CRUM, Susannah, d/o Henry Crum, Groom: Michael. HORN, C/D Aug. 8, 1833.

CRUM, William, Bride: Amanda ROBINSON, C/D June 3, 1.847.

CUMPTON, James, Bride: Mary CRIDER, C/D Dec. 2, 1844.

CUNNING, James, Bride: Elizabeth JARRON ? C/D May 1.6, 1812.

CUNNINGHAM, Thomas, Bride: Patsy MATHEWS, C/D Jan. 22, 181.2.

CURTIS, Anna, Groom: John S. HANNA, C/D Nov. 28, 1821.

CURTIS, Anna, d/o John & Sarah Colvin ? Groom: John HANNAH, C/D 1821..

CURTIS, Elizabeth, Groom: Elias or Elis DAVIS, C/D Feb. 6 or 20, 1823.


DAGGS, Auguish. Bride: Winifred DANIEL, C/D Oct. 15, 1810.

DAMERON, John. Bride: Nancy BRANHAM, d/o Fair Branham. C/D Jan. 23, 1821.

DAMERON, Moses. Bride: Nancy JUSTICE, C/D July 21, 1838.

DAMERON, Moses. Bride: Polly PRESTON, C/D March 19, 1811.

DAMERON, Richard, s/o Moses Dameron. Bride: Betsy DROUDY, C/D Aug. 25, 1821.

DAMERON, Samuel. Bride: Louisa COBURN, d/o Jeremiah Coburn. C/D Jan. 26, 1843.

DAMERON, Samuel. Bride: Sally RATLIFF, d/o Silas Ratliff. C/D Nov. 2, 1814.

DAMERON, Solomon K. Bride: Martha Ann LAYNE, C/D Jan. 15, 1837.

DAMES, Mary, Groom: John WHEELER, C/D March 12, 1838.

DAMRON, Betsy, Groom: James MAGER, C/D Sept. 26, 1821.

DAMRON, Elizabeth, Groom: Thomas VANHOOSE, s/o John Vanhoose. C/D Jan. 4, 1832.

DAMRON, Emeline, C/F Moses Damron. Groom: Thomas C. BROWN, C/D May 6, 1835.

DAMRON; Jalina, d/o John Damron. Groom: Reuben COX, C/D April 28, 1847.

DAMRON, Moses. Bride: Betsy WEDDINGTON, d/o Henry. C/D 1821.

DAMRON, Nancy, d/o Joseph Damron. Groom: Henry McLONOLAY ? C/D Feb. 9,     1824.

DAMRON, Richard. Bride: Rhoda JARRELL, C/D May 29, 1816.

DAMRON, Samuel. Bride: Sally RATLIFF, d/o Silas. C/D Nov. 1814.

DANIEL, George. Bride: Sally DORTON, C/F Edward & Polly Dorton. C/D Jan. 31, 1814.

DANIEL, George, Bride: Sally DORTON, C/D Feb. 1, 1815.

DANIEL, Isham. Bride: Mary BORDERS (Bowen ?), C/F John Borders. C/D Aug. 7, 1809.

DANIEL, James B. Bride: Drewly? CASTLE, C/D Aug. 1840.

DANIEL, Joseph, s/o Sally____ (His father deceased). Bride: Nancy WARD, d/o Solomon Ward. C/D Aug. 16, 1832.

DANIEL, Lucy, d/o Thomas Daniel. Groom: Henry CASTLE, s/o Nathan Castl.e. C/D Sept. 22, 1840.

DANIEL, Solomon. Bride: Margaret DANIELS ?, C/D July 13, 1840

DANIEL, Thomas. Bride: Winney Ann O'BRYANT, C/D Aug. 10, 1835.

DANIEL, Thomas. Bride: Mary WARD, C/D Oct. 16, 1812.

DANIEL, Winifred, Groom: Auguish DAGGS, C/D Oct. 15, 1810.

DANIELS (?), Margaret, Groom: Solomon DANIEL, C/D July 13, 1840.

DANIELS, Nancy. Groom: James BOYD, C/D Jan. 28, 1822.

DANIELS, Winnie. Groom: Angus DAY, no date.

DARTER, Michael. Bride: Peggy GEARHEART, C/D Jan. 28, 1829.

DAVIDSON, Samuel P., Bride: Judith LACKEY, C/D Jan. 23, 1828.

DAVIS, Agnes, d/o Mathew Davis. Groom: John HACKWORTH, C/D Sept. 24, 1817.

DAVIS, Alfred, Bride: Nancy CANTRELL, C/D March 5, 1823.

DAVIS, Cintha, Groom: Colman WILLIAMS, C/D Sept. 2,3, 1811.

DAVIS, Edmond, Bride: Winey SANDERS, d/o Jacob. C/D Jan. 9, 1827.

DAVIS, Elias or Elis, Bride: Elizabeth CURTIS, C/D Feb. 6 or 20 , 1.823 .

DAVIS, Eliza, Groom: David YOUNG, C/D June 18, 1834.

DAVIS, Elizabeth, Groom; Corbin ESTEPP, C/D March 17, 1817.

DAVIS, Evan. Bride: Elizabeth PROFFITT, d/o Silvester & Nancy Proffitt. C/D July 22, 1811.

DAVIS, Fannie or Fanny. Groom: Hezekiah BORDERS, C/D April 7 or 8, 1815.

DAVIS, Henry. Bride: Poll.y WALTERS, d/o George Walters. C/D Dec. 13 or 20, 1815.

DAVIS, James, Bride: Hannah P. STRANDER (Smithers ?), C/D June 30, 1832.

DAVIS, Jeremiah, Bride: Jane KEETON. Signed: Abraham Keaton. C/D Feb. 22, 1831.

DAVIS, John, Bride: Jemima WHEELER, d/o & C/F Nathaniel Wheeler. C/D June 23, 1840.

DAVIS, John, Jr., Bride: El.izabeth NAPPIER, C/D June 18, 1834

DAVIS, Mary. Groom: James BLANTON, s/o George Blanton. C/D Sept. 23, 1840.

DAVIS, Mary, d/o Sally Dom__?. Groom: Peter CRAFT, C/D Feb. 18, 1832.

DAVIS, Mary Jane, d/o Zachariah & Margaret Davis. Groom: Philip EVANS, C/D Feb. 15, 1827.

DAVIS, Miny, Groom: Daniel HENSLEY, C/D July 24, 1809.

DAVIS, Nancy, Groom: Simpson DeBORD, C/D June 29, 1841.

DAVIS, Nancy. Groom: Solomon HOWELL, C/D Feb. 20, 1812.

DAVIS, Nancy, Groom: Solomon JARRELL, C/D Feb. 15, 1812..

DAVIS, Nancy, Groom: Jerman STAPLETON, C/D June 8, 1821.

DAVIS, Polly, Groom: Robert. DAY, C/D June 7, 1820.

DAVIS, Rachel, of age. Groom: John LEMASTER, C/D Aug. 22, 1818.

DAVIS, Thomas. Bride: Elizabeth GRIZZLE, step d/o Elizabeth Moles. C/D July 20, 1821.

DAVIS, Thomas. Bride: Elizabeth SELLARDS, C/D July 12, 1823.

DAWSON, Ida B., C/F John Dawson. Groom: Luke YATES, C/D ,Tune 20, 1847.

DAWSON, Isaac. Bride: Elizabeth MUSIC, C/D Oct. 30, 1848.

DAWSON, Lazarus, Bride: Polly MULLINS, of age. C/D Feb. 9, 1821.

DAWSON, Martha, Groom: Andrew BALDRIDGE, s/o Mary Baldridge. C/D Jan. 16, 1835.

DAWSON, Nancy Ann, d/o John Dawson. Groom: Vince CHILDERS, C/F Samuel Childers. C/D Oct. 24, 1842.

DAWSON, Thursey, Groom: Elenger YATES, s/o Susannah Yates. C/D April. 10, 1850.

DAY, Angus. Bride: Winnie DANIELS, C/D no date.

DAY, Anne, Groom: James GILMORE, C/D Jan. 30, 1818.

DAY, Anney. Groom: John JAMES, C/D Oct. 21, 1.817.

DAY, Hiram, Bride: Lydia LOGAN, C/D Sept. 27, 1821.

DAY, Jenney, Groom: John FULKS, C/D Aug. 22, 1822.

DAY, Jesse, s/o John Day. Bride: Peggy CASKEY, d/o Thomas Caskey. C/D Aug. 5, 1820.

DAY, John, Bride: Patsy A. FRALEY, C/D Aug. 12, 1820.

DAY, John, Bride: Sary Ann WILEY, d/o Jancey Wiley. C/D Jan. 3, 18__ ?

DAY, Joshua. Bride: Mary CASKEY, age 21. C/D Nov. 16, 1813.

DAY, Lucendy or Lucinda. Groom: Ambros or Ambrose COFFEE, C/F Reuben Day. C/D May 30, 1812.

DAY, Patsy, Groom: Mathew DENNIS, C/D July 18, 1820.

DAY, Peter, Bride: Frankey WILLIAMS, of age. C/D Feb. 12, 1811.

DAY, Robert, Bride: Polly DAVIS, C/D June 7, 1820.

DAY, Sall.y, C/F James Day. Groom: David FANNIN ? C/D Sept. 29, 1809.

DAY, Sally, C/F James Day. Groom: David FRANCIS, C/D Sept. 29, 1809.

DAY, Sarah, Groom John FRISBY, C/D May 12, 1813.

DAY, Travers, Bride: Anne LEWIS, of age. C/D July 4, 1811.

DAYE, Sidney, Groom: Jesse DENNIS, C/D Feb. 4, 1822.

DAYS, Jenny, d/o John Days. Groom: Hezekiah FULKS, of Lawrence Co KY. C/D Aug. 22, 1822.

DAZE (Days ?), Poll y, Groom: John DYER, C/D March 26, 1822.

DEAL, Benjamine, Bride: Polly STATTON, C/D March 21, 1815.

DEAL, Benjamine. Bride: Polly STINSON ? C/D March 20, 1815.

DEAL, David, Bride: Rebecca PAIN (Payne?). C/D March 17, 1821

DEAL, Thomas. Bride: Nancy LUSTER, C/D April 7, 1816.

DEAL Willoughly, Bride: Rebecca SETSER, C/D Oct. 8, 1817.

DEAN, David, Bride: Polly BROWN, C/D Dec. 13, 1821.

DEAN, Dorcus, Groom: William PELPHREY, C/D Jan. 28, 1842.

DEAN, Jobe, Bride: Peggy GANNON, C/D June 6, 1816.

DEAN, Manerva, Groom: John McQUERY, C/D Oct. 12, 1818.

DEAN, Niney (Nancy). Groom: Samuel JARVIS, C/D July 23, 1811.

DEAN, Polly, C/F Ames & Abigail Dean. Groom James PELFRY, C/D Aug. 19, 1833.

DEARING, Nany, Groom: John M. REED, C/D Oct. 9, 1837.

DeBOARD, Cathy. Groom: John Joseph CASTEEL, C/D Feb. 11, 1814

DeBORD, Simpson, Bride: Nancy DAVIS, C/D June 29, 1841.

DeLONG, Elizabeth, C/F George DeLong. Groom: Noble GAINS, C/D July 27, 1826.

DeLONG, Sally, Groom: Hiram McGUIRE, C/D March 25, 1837.

DENNIS, Jesse, Bride: Sidney DAYE, C/D Feb. 4, 1822.

DENNIS, Mathew, Bride: Patsy DAY, C/D July 18, 1820.

DEROSET, James, Bride: Millie ROSE, C/D Nov. 20, 1820.

DEROSSET, Elizabeth, Groom: John C. HOLMS, C/D Jan. 29, 1842.

DEROSSET, Solomon, Bride: Nancy ROBINSON, d/o Jane Jarrell. C/D Aug. 23, 1841.

DEROSSETT, Elizabeth Jane, Groom: John M. KIMBERLY, C/D Feb. 10, 1847.

DEROSSETT, Samuel, Bride: Elizabeth CASEBOLT, C/D Oct. 20, 1847.

DRROSSIT, Clarinda, Groom: John WALDICK, C/D Nov. 9, 1832.

DEROSSIT, Solomon, Bride: Clarinda DUNBAR, d/o James Dunbar, deceased. C/F Henry B. Mayo, Guardian. C/D Nov. 13, 1872.

DICKERSON, James, Bride: Rachel VanHOOSE, C/D Oct. 20, 1838.

DILLARD, Robert, Bride: Elizabeth PAIN (Payne ?) age 24. C/D Dec. 2, 1833.

DILLON, James, Bride: Nancy CARPENTER, C/D May 7, 1836.

DILLON, John, s/o Henry Dillon, Bride: Rosanah or Rosanna CRUM, d/o Henry Crum. C/D Feb. 10, 1825.

DILLON, Margaret. Groom: John BRANHAM, C/D Feb. 8, 1837.

DILLON, Matty, d/o Rery Haron or Rocey Horn ? Groom: James HUNT, s/o William Hunt. C/D April 15, 1844.

DILLON, Nelly, Groom: William WILLY ? (Wiley), s/o Jan Wiley. C/D Oct. 29, 1823.

DILLON, Rosanna, Groom: George HORN, C/D Feb. 18, 1832.

DILLON, Sally, Groom: Wilson HERRELL, C/D Nov. 30, 1826.

DIXON, Ceeley, d/o Henry Dixon. Groom: Isaac B. FRIEND, C/D July 7 , 1835.

DIXON, Elisha, Bride: Frances CRISP. C/D Oct. 15, 1845.

DIXON., Frances, d/o Henry Dixon. Groom: William WEBB, C/D May 16, 1840.

DIXON, Ruth, Groom: Nathan MOLLETT, C/D Aug. 28, 1821.

DIXON, Sarah. Groom: Solomon STONE, C/D March 9, 1812.

DIXON, Thomas, Bride: Susannah PROFIT. C/D Jan. 31, 1821.

DORTON, Sally, Groom: George DAMRON, C/D Feb. 2, 1815.

DORTON, Sally, C/F Edward & Polly Dorton. Groom: George DANIEL, C/D Jan. 31, 1814.

DORTON, Sally, Groom: George DANIEL, C/D Feb. 1, 1815.

DORTON, William. Bride: Polly STEPHENS, C/D March 13, 1821.

DOUGLAS, Elizabeth. Groom Robert WALKER, C/D April 25, 1820.

DRAKE, Malanda, d/o Jane Romeses. Groom Nothan ADKINS, C/D Jan. 22, 1817.

DRAKE, Michael, Bride: Sarah HUNT, d/o John Hunt, C/D Feb. 17, 1816.

DRAKE, Percilla, C/F Jane Bons?. Groom: Thomas HACKNET, C/D April .15, 1817 .

DRODDY, Peggy, Groom: William HERRELL, C/D May 1, 1817.

DROUDY, Betsy. Groom: Richard DAMERON, s/o Moses Dameron. C/D Aug. 25, 1821.

DUNBAR, Clarinda, d/o James Dunbar, deceased, C/F Henry B. May, Guardian. Groom: Solomon DEROSSIT. C/D Nov. l3, 1822.

DUNLAP, Maria, of age. Groom: Michaly C. WALDECK, C/D Dec. 30, 1841.

DYER, Francis. Bride: Betsy LOGAN, d/o James Logan. C/D May 1, 1821.

DYER, Francis, Bride: Jemima ROBINS, C/D May 15, 1820.

DYER, John, Bride: Pony DAZE (Days ?). C/D March 26, 1822.

DYER, Nancy, Groom: Daniel PERRY, C/D Aug. 5, 1820.

DYER, Nelson, Bride: Sary FITZPATRICK, d/o Thomas Fitzpatrick. C/D April 7, 1828.

DYER, Polly, d/o William Dyer. Groom: Robert CASKY, C/D Dec. 22, 1822.

DYKES, Anney, Groom: Lemuel BAILEY, C/D Oct. 12, 1813.

DYKES, Isham, Bride: Celia HOWARD, 21 & upwards. C/D Oct. 7, 1829.

DYKES, James, Bride: Arty SALYERS, C/D Aug. 5, 1847.

DYKES, Sally, Groom: Prior BAILEY, C/D March 18, 1814.

_ E _


EARLS, James, Bride: Sarah CRUM, C/D March 18, 1846.

EASTERLAND, James, Bride: Elizabeth MORRIS, C/D Sept. 18, 1828.

EASTERLING, Henry, Bride: Frances ELAM, d/o Nathan Elan. C/D Aug. 9, 1820.

EATON, Martha, Groom: John C. LACEY, of age. C/D Sept. 11, 1823.

ELAM, Frances, d/o Nathan Elam. Groom: Henry EASTERLING, C/D Aug. 9, 1820.

ELKINS, Elizabeth, Signed: William Frasure Gdn. Groom: Jasper. FISHER, s/o Henry Fisher. C/D May 3, 1828.

ELKINS, Judith, of age, d/o Polly Frasure wife of William Frasure. Groom: Samuel LAIN (Layne?), C/D Feb. 21, 1825.

ELLEDGER (Ellidge ?), Sarah, Groom: William CRAIG, C/D July 24, 1809.

ELLICE, Levicey, d/o Benjamine Ellice. Groom: Irvin ADAMS, C/D July 3, 1818.

ELLIDGE, Isaac, Bride: Sally WELLS, d/o Elizabeth Wells. C/D Oct. 8, 1822.

ELLIDGE, William, Bride: Peggy PERRY, d/o John Perry. C/D May 27, 1822.

ELLINGTON, John, Bride: Jenny BROWN, d/o Robert Brown. C/D Sept. 6, 1822.

ELLIOTT, James, of age. Bride: Polly MALONEY, of age. C/D Oct. 15, 1821.

ELLIS, Nancy, C/F Benjamin Ellis. Groom: Joseph COCKRILL, C/D Jan. 3, 1818.

ELLIS, Rebecca or Rebeckiah, Groom: Alfred THOMAS, C/D Aug. 12 or 17, 1812.

ELSWICK, Bradley, Bride: Rebecca BAZWELL, d/o Samuel Bazwell. C/D March 12, 1834.

ESTEP, Eliza, Groom: Charley GILLAM, C/D April 1, 1836.

ESTEP, Lydia, d/o Joel Estep. Groom: Patrick COLLIER, C/D March 26, 1822.

ESTEP, Mary, d/o Samuel & Dicy Lou Estep. Groom: George SADLER, C/D March 10, 1818.

ESTEP, Sabrey, d/o Shadrick Estep. Groom: John CASEBOLT, C/D May 20, 1808.

ESTEPP, Corbin, Bride: Elizabeth DAVIS, C/D March 17, 1817.

ESTEPP, Shadrick. Bride: Elizabeth HUNT, C/D Feb. 16, 1809.

EVANS, Anna, d/o Isabella Rowland. Groom: Nathaniel (Nehemiah ?) SPRADLIN, C/D July 18, 1824.

EVANS, Benjamin, Bride: Sally ARMS, C/D April 27, 1826.

EVANS, Catherine, Groom: Samuel HAWS, C/D, June 25, 1821.

EVANS, Catherine, Groom: Samuel MAY, C/D May 3, 1808.

EVANS, Elizabeth, C/F John Evans. Groom: John B. LAWHORN, C/D March 13, 1823.

EVANS, Evans, Bride: Mary Ann PORTER, C/D Jan. 1839.

EVANS (Young ?) Fanny, Groom: Wilson SULLIVAN, C/D April 18, 1815.

EVANS, Jonathan, Bride: Allie THORNSBURY, C/D June 4, 1843.

EVANS, Jonathan, Bride: Polly TURNER, C/D March 1839.

EVANS, Jonathan. Bride: Polly TURNER, d/o John.C/D March 11, 1837.

EVANS, Katy, Groom: Pyrtte VAUGHN, C/D Feb. 5, 1828.

EVANS, Margaret, Groom: Mason COLLINGSWORTH, C/D March 23, 1835.

EVANS, Margaret, Groom: Moses COLLINGSWORTH, C/D March 23, 1835.

EVANS, Martha, C/F Evan Evans. Groom: Benjamin SPRADLIN, C/D Aug. 23, 1820.

EVANS, Mary, d/o & C/F Benjamin Evans. Groom: Charles STAPLETON, C/D April 28 or 29, 1826.

EVANS, Philip, Bride: Mary Jane DAVIS, d/o Zachariah Margaret Davis. C/D Feb. 15, 1827.

EVANS, Polly, C/F Frances Evans. Groom: John CASTLE, C/D May 23, 18.42.

EVANS, Rachel, Groom: Alexander G. Y. GEORGE, C/D Feb. 13, 1813.

EVANS, Richard, Bride: Sally THOMPSON, C/F Richard Evans Judy Hunt. C/D June 24, 1820.

EVANS, Sally, Groom: Abraham SPRADLIN, C/D May 3, 1820.

EVANS, Samuel, Bride: Nancy FITZPATRICK, d/o Thomas Fitzpatrick. C/D June 27, 1832.

EVANS, Unice, Groom: William H. ADAMS. C/D Jan. 21, 1823.

EVANS, William, Bride: Leah ANSUS ?, C/D July 15, 1828.

_ F _

FAIRCHILD, Abiud. Bride: Abigail ARMA, C/D April 15, 1825.

FAIRCHILD, Asa, Bride: Nancy CONLEY, d/o Thomas Conley. C/D May 2 , 1821 .

FAIRCHILD, Enoch, C/F Abvel Fairchild. Bride: Frances CANTRELL, d/o Elijah Cantrell. C/D Dec. 27, 1824.

FAIRCHILD, Larcisy, Signed her name Elizabeth Fairchild. Groom: Aaron ARMS. C/D Aug. 16, 183?.

FAIRCHILD, Lowarey, Bride: Rachel LEMASTER, d/o Lewis Lemaster. C/D Sept. 3, 1833.

FAIRCHILD, Obiad ?, Bride: Abigail ARMS, C/D April 10, 1824

FAIRCHILD, Susannah, d/o Abiud Fairchild. Groom: William HANKY, s/o James Haney. C/D 1835.

FAIRCHILD, Susannah, Groom: William HARRIS, C/D Jan. 2, 1813

FANNIN ? David, Bride: Sally DAY, C/F James Day. C/D Sept. 29, 1809.

FARRELL, Enoch, Bride: Catherine MEADE, C/D July 20, 1825.

FARRELL, Nathan, Bride: Lydia HYLTON, C/D Sept. 28, 1833.

FELLINGER, Susannah, Groom: Able SHEPHERD, C/D Aug. 16, 1837.

FENTOR, Elizabeth, of age. Groom: Richard COLLIER, C/D Jan. 6, 1816.

FERGUSON, Aley, of age. Groom: James REID, C/D March 25, 1823

FERGUSON, Garner, Groom: Samuel McGUIRE, C/D May 30, 1809.

FERGUSON, James, Bride: Margaret LYKINS, d/o Isom Lykins. C/D June 23, 1821.

FERGUSON, Phoebe, Groom: John WILLIAMS, C/D Sept. 18, 1809.

FIELDS, Preston. Bride: Elizabeth RETHERFORD, C/D Dec. 15, 1817.

FILLINGER, Polly, Groom: Stephen BRADLEY, C/D Sept. 14, 1826.

FILLIPS, Polly, d/o Elijah or Eligah Fillips. Groom: John CONLEY, C/D June 16 or 21 1813.

FILZ, Jacob (Fitzpatrick ?), Bride: Agnes HAYWOOD, of age. C/D Nov. 28, 1818.

FISHER, Elizabeth, Groom: William J. MCBRAYBR, C/D Oct. 26, 1832.

FISHER, Jasper, s/o Henry Fisher. Bride: Elizabeth ELKINS, Signed: Wm. Erasure Gdn. C/D May 3, 1828.

FISHER, Yarly, d/o Henry. Groom: Ruben HERRELL, C/D March 26, 1828.

FITZGERALD, Rachel, Groom; Jeremiah SMITH, C/D Aug. 26, 1820.

FITZGERALD, William, Bride: Catherine GRAY, C/D Feb. 14, 1821

FITZPATRICK, Betsy, d/o John Fitzpatrick. Groom: Lewis HAYWOOD, C/D Sept. 21, 1816.

FITZPATRICK, Betsy, Groom: Aura KEZEE. C/D Aug. 7, 1820.

FITZPATRICK, George H., Bride: Sarah LANGLEY, C/D Sept. 25, 1848.

FITZPATRICK, Henry C., Bride: Nancy M. HAMILTON, C/D April 8, 1846.

FITZPATRICK, Jackson, Bride: Sarah PRICE, C/D Oct. 7, 1847.

FITZPATRICK, Jacob, Bride: Sallie HAMILTON, C/D Sept. 20, 1833.

FITZPATRICK, James, Bride: Sary CAUDILL, d/o Thomas Caudill. C/D Feb. 6, 1836.

FITZPATRICK, Jeremiah, s/o John Fitzpatrick. Bride: Lucindy BLARE, d/o Noble Blare. C/D Feb. 23, 1829.

FITZPATRICK, John, Bride: Abby LITTERAL, d/o John Litteral. C/D Jan. 2.9 , 1828 .

FITZPATRICK, John, Bride: Fanny RICE, of age. C/D May 15, 1811 .

FITZPATRICK, Levicy, age 22. Groom: Robert SPRADLIN, C/D Aug. 31, 1816.

FITZPATRICK, Maly. Groom: John HITCHCOCK, C/D Nov. 19, 1822.

FITZPATRICK, Margaret, d/o John Fitzpatrick. Groom: John SPRADLING, C/D April 19, 1820.

FITZPATRICK, Nancy, d/o Thomas Fitzpatrick. Groom: Samuel EVANS, C/D June 27, 1832.

FITZPATRICK, Ruth, Groom: George SHEETS, C/D Aug. 5, 1821.

FITZPATRICK, Ruth, Groom: George SKEETES, C/D Aug. 5, 1821.

FITZPATRICK, Sally, Groom: Thomas CONLEY, C/D Jan. 15, 1824.

FITZPATRICK, Sally. Groom: David HAMILTON, C/D July 18, 1813.

FITZPATRICK, Sally. Groom: David HAMILTON, C/D July 26, 1818.

FITZPATRICK, Sary, d/o Thomas Fitzpatrick. Groom: Nelson DYER, C/D April 7, 1828.

FITZPATRICK, Susanna, d/o Sally Kelly. Groom: Nathaniel CRANK, C/D Aug. 19, 1820.

FITZPATRICK, Temperance, Groom: Mathew CAUDILL, C/D Aug. 1, 1842.

FITZPATRICK, Thomas, Bride: Nancy RISNER, C/D Feb. 7, 1837.

FLANERY, Eady, d/o James & Rebecca Flanery. Groom: Lewis RIGHT (Wright), C/D July 27, 1832..

FLANNERY, Isaac, Bride: Caroline HOLBERT, C/F John Holbert. C/D Nov. 18, 1836.

FLANNERY, John, Bride: Arty CELAMS, d/o Wm & Eliz Walker Salisbury. C/D July 15, 1835.

FLANNERY, Singleton, Bride: Delila WEBB, d/o William Webb. C/D Sept. 21, 1833.

FLEETWOOD, Isaac, Bride: Sarah TODD, C/D June 16, 1814.

FLEETWOOD, James, Bride: Betsy CANTRELL, d/o James Cantrell. C/D May 1.3, 1822.

FLEETWOOD, John Bride: Sary TODD, d/o Elizabeth. C/D June 17, 1813.

FLEETWOOD, Leveny, Groom: Notley BARNETT, C/D Oct. 2, 1823.

FLEETWOOD, Thomas, Bride: Caty TODD, d/o George & Elizabeth. C/D Sept. 2., 1816.

FLETCHER, Alexander, Bride: Mary BLAIR, d/o Mary Blair. C/D Feb. 21, 1841.

FLETCHER, Elizabeth, d/o Isaac Fletcher. Groom: Jesse HALL, C/D Jan. 18, or Feb. 15, 1812.

FLETCHER., George. Bride: Dicy JOHNSON, C/D Sept. 30, 1815.

FLETCHER, Henly, s/o George Fletcher. Bride: Nancy P. SIMER (Picklesimer ?), d/o Sary P. Simer. C/D Oct. 9, 1844.

FLETCHER, Isaac. Bride: Susannah or Susan GILBERT, C/F Thomas Gilbert. C/D Jan. 3 or 4, 1844.

FLETCHER, Jacob. Bride: Sally HAMILTON, C/D Sept. 1813.

FLETCHER, Lurigna ?, Groom: James WHITAKER, C/D Jan. 7, 1828.

FLETCHER, Rebecca, Groom: Joel MARTIN, C/D March 14, 1812.

FLETCHER, Reuben, Bride: Martha PUCKETT, C/D May 6, 1841.

FLETCHER, Sally, Groom: Jackson MEDLEY, C/D Aug. 13, 1847.

FLETCHER, Simon C., Bride: Polly ADAMS, C/D Nov. 18, 1847.

FLUTY, Francs, Bride: Betsy INDECOT, d/o Samuel Tndecot. C'/D Dec, 28, 1812.

FORD, John F., Bride: Amanda F. FRIEND, C/D Jan. '29, 1842.

FORD, Joseph. Bride: Rebecca RATLIFF, C/D Nov. 8, 1816.

FORD, Louisa D., Groom; William S. LAYNE, C/D March 22, 1843.

FORTNER, Jesse, Bride: Elizabeth PRICE, C/F Sally Price, C/D Dec. 23, 1844.

FORTNER, Jesse, Bride: Susanna WILLIAMS, d/o Phillip Williams. C/D May 18, 1822.

FOSTER, Charles, Bride: Lucindy BRADLEY, C/D April 9, 1832.

FOSTER, John, C/F Isaac Foster. Bride: Nancy BALEY, C/D Jan. 15, 1834.

FOSTER, Margaret, d/o Isaac Foster. Groom: Levi BRADLEY, C/D Aug. 22, 1833.

FOSTER, Sally, Groom: Thomas HAMILTON, s/o Thomas Hamilton, Sr., C/D Nov. 29, 1825.

FRALEY _ See Friley

FRALEY, Benjamine, Bride: Margaret HERRELL, C/D April 16, 1835.

FRALEY, Liney, d/o Keziah Fraley. Groom: Thomas COCKERELL, s/o Jeremiah & Sarah. C/D May 30, 1828.

FRALEY, Mary, d/o Reuben Fraley. Groom: Wiet CARPENTER, C/D Dec. 31, 1833.

FRALEY, Patsy A., Groom: John DAY, C/D Aug. 12, 1820.

FRALEY, Susannah, Groom: Joseph FRANKLIN, C/D Oct. 4, 1842.

FRALEY, Thompson, Bride: Polly PHILLIPS, of age. C/D March 20, 1.820.

FRANCIS, David, Bride: Sally DAY, C/F James Day. C/D Sept. 29, 1809.

FRANCIS, Elizabeth, Groom: John CASTLE, C/D Dec. 2, 1815.

FRANCIS, William, Bride: Betsy ROBERTS, d/o Robert & Susannah Roberts ?, C/D July 16, 1808.

FRANCIS, William, Bride: Betsy WEBB, C/F Robert & Susannah Webb. C/D June 26, 1809.

FRANKLIN, Joseph, Bride: Susannah FRALEY, C/D Oct. 4, 1842,

FRANKLIN, Mahalia, Groom: William WEBB, C/D Jan. 30, 1843.

FRANKLIN, Martin, Bride: Elizabeth MAY, C/D March 1, 1834.

FRANKLIN, Polly, Groom: Jilson P. HAMMONS, C/D Oct. 3, 1838.

FRANKLIN, Sally, C/F John Franklin. Groom: Suddith D. TURNER, C/D Dec. 16, 1826.

FRANKLIN, William, Bride: Elizabeth HOWARD, C/D July 30, 1847

FRANKLIN, William Joseph, age 30. Bride: Sally SPEARS, age 21, d/o Thomas Spears. C/D June 22, 1838.

FRASHER, James, Bride: Nancy SALMON, d/o William Salmon. C/D Aug. 22., 1821.

FRASURE, Granville, Bride: Nancy ADAMS, C/D July 28, 1841.

FRASURE, James. Bride: Nancy SALMONS, d/o William. C/D Aug. 22, 1821.

FRASURE, Jemima, Groom: Benjamin OUSLEY, C/D Feb. 27, 1847.

FRASURE, Mary, Groom: William CRISP, C/D Jan. 20, 1845.

FRASURE, Owney, Groom: Randal SALMONS, C/D Sept. 4, 1813.

FRAZER, Heston, Bride: Bathsheba BERRY, d/o Isaac Berry, Sr. C/D Feb. 24, 1818.

FRAZER. John, Bride: Sally BROMLEY, C/D Feb. 2, 1814.

FRAZER, WEEKS, Bride: Anny SALMONS, C/D Feb. 16, 1815.

FRAZER, William, Bride: Polly ADKINS, C/D March 19, 1816.

FRAZIER (Frazoer ?), Artementie, Groom: Thomas SALMONS, C/D April 28, 1823.

FRAZIER, Nancy, Groom: Thomas OSBOURN, C/D Nov. 17, 1821.

FRAZIER, Robert, Bride: Jemima THORNSBURY, d/o John Thornsbury. C/D Aug. 2.4, 1837.

FRAZIER, William. Bride: Sally ROBERTS, d/o Robert Webb. C/D April 30, 1810.

FRAZOER ? (Frazier), Artementie, Groom: Thomas SALMONS, C/D April 28, 1823.

FRESSE, Milton, Bride: Minerva Jane VAUGHN, C/D May 1.7, 1848.

FRIEND, Amanda F., Groom: John F. FORD, C/D Jan. 29, 1842.

FRIEND, Amanda 1.., d/o George F. Friend. Groom: John R. OWENS, C/D June 19, 1839.

FRIEND, Amanda S., d/o George. Groom: John P. OWENS, C/D July 14, 1839

FRIEND, Araminta, Groom: John n. MIMS, C/D Nov. 22, 1838.

FRIEND, Cynthia, Groom: Winston MAYO, C/D June 26, 1834.

FRIEND, Diana K., Groom: Harry S. McGUIRE, C/D Aug. 24, 1837.

FRIEND, Slender, age 21, d/o Agnes Friend. Groom: Andrew J. RULE, C/D Dec. 26, 1826.

FRIEND, Isaac B., Bride: Ceeley DIXON, d/o Henry Dixon. C/D July 7, 1835.

FRIEND, Jemima, Groom: William OSBOURN, C/D Dec. 16, 1835.

FRIEND, Martha Ann, Groom: Thomas MURPHY; C/D Dec. 8, 1845.

FRIEND, Minerva A., Groom: Robert S. HUEY, C/D Dec. 7, 1843.

FRIEND, Nancy K., Groom: Dennis B. WELLS, C/D Sept. 9, 1845.

FRIEND, Samuel K., Bride: Patsy VAUGHN, C/D July 3, 1823.

FRILEY, James, Bride: Patsy LAWHORN, C/D Nov. 1, 1832.

FRILEY (Fraley), Nancy, Groom: William ARMS, C/D Oct. 1808.

FRISBY, John, Bride: Sarah DAY, C/D May 12, 1813.

FUGATE, Joseph, Bride: Jean SMETHER, C/D March 27, 1809. C/F "Our children" Randal Fugate & John Smetber.

FUGATE, Susanna, of age. Groom: James HOWERTON, C/D Feb. 18, 1817.

FUGET, Randal, Bride: Nancy HARRIS, of age. C/D Oct. 3, 1821.

FULKERSON, James, Bride: Frances g. HEREFORD, C/D Nov. 26, 1846.

FULKS, Hezekiah, of Lawrence County, KY. Bride: Jenny DAYS, d/o John Days. C/D Aug. 22, 1822.

FULKS, John. Bride: Jenney DAY, C/D Aug. 22, 1822.

FULTS, John, Bride: Dicy SLONE, C/D July 8, 1816.

FURRAN, Robert M., Bride: Rebecca LACEY, C/D Aug. 31, 1825.

_ G _

GAINS, Noble, Bride: Elizabeth DeLONG, C/F George DeLong. C/D July 27, 1826.

GALLION, Thomas, Bride: Ruthy WATSON, C/F James Watson. C/D July 1, 1820.

GALLOWAY, Elizabeth, Groom: Hiram BLANKENSHIP, s/o William. C/D Aug. 3, 1841.

GANNON, James, Bride: Polly RAILS, C/D Sept. 20, 1815.

GANNON, Peggy, Groom; Jobe DEAN, C/D June 6, 1816.

GARHRART (Gearheart), Mary, d/o Adam Gearheart. Groom: John MORRIS, C/D April 7, 1811.

GARMON, Daniel., Bride: Orpha WILLIAMS, C/D March 1, 1820.

GARRETT, Cassander. Groom: .Tames STRATTON, C/D Oct. 28, 1820.

GARRETT, Elimeleck. Groom: Jesse McGUIRE, C/D June 15, 1821.

GARRETT, Hardin, Bride: Luanna CLARK, C/D Feb. 17, 1834.

GARRETT, Lucy, over 21. Groom: William CECIL, C/D May 24, 1836.

GARRETT, Mary Jane d/o Jane Garrett. Groom: Charles H. CECIL, C/D Jan. 30, 1842.

GARRETT, Susannah, d/o Elineleah. Groom: Solomon MCGUIRE, C/D Jan. 13, 1812.

GARRETT, Susannah, d/o Elimeleck Garrett. Groom: Solomon MCGUYER, C/D Jan. 14, 1812.

GEARHART, Caty, d/o Adam. Groom: William ALLEN, C/D June 14, 1808.

GEARHEART, Adam, Bride: Esther HARRIS, C/D Aug. 31, 1829.

GEARHEART, Adam, Bride: Sarah MARTIN, d/o Joel. Martin. C/D Oct. 9, 1845.

GEARHEART, Adam, Bride: Rhoda SPURLOCK, C/D July 9, 1808.

GEARHEART, Allen, Bride: Eliza JUSTICE, C/D March 11, 1839.

GEARHEART, Anna, Groom: John MARTIN, C/D Oct. 29, 1831.

GEARHEART, Arty, d/o Adam Gearheart. Groom: Kelsey HARRIS, C/D July 16, 1833.

GEARHEART, Caty, d/o Adam Gearheart. Groom: William ALLEN, C/D June 17, 1808.

GEARHEART, Caty, d/o John. Groom: Level SIZEMORE, C/D March 28, 9821.

GEARHEART (Garhart _ Gearhart), Caty, d/o John Gearheart. Groom: Lewis SIZEMORE. C/D March 28, 1821.

GEARHEART, Elizabeth, Groom: John M. HARRIS, C/D Feb. 6, 1839

GEARHEART, Frances, Groom: James PENDLETON, C/D July 6, 1833.

GEARHEART, John, Bride: Florence PATTON, C/D 1825. Teste: Adam Gearheart.

GEARHEART, Joseph, Bride: Sally HALE, d/o Peter Hale. C/D Sept. 9, 1818.

GEARHEART, Joseph, Bride: Sarah MARTIN, of age. C/D June 1821

GEARHEART, Joseph A., Bride: Susan MORGAN, C/D Jan. 22, 1845.

GEARHEART (Garheart), Mary, d/o Adam Gearheart. Groom: John MORRIS, C/D April 7, 1811.

GEARHEART, Peggy, Groom: Michael DARTER, C/D Jan. 28, 1829.

GEARHEART, Sarah, Groom: James P. HARRIS, C/D Feb. 24, 1842.

GEARHEART, William. Bride: Rachel HALE, d/o Peter & Sarah Hale. C/D Aug. 16, 1815.

GEARHEART, William, Bride: Malinda MOSLEY, C/D March 6, 1832.

GOST, Christopher. Bride: Sary Ann WILEY, d/o Jancey Mil ey. C/D Jan. 3, 181.4.

GOST, Elizabeth, C/F John Gost. Groom: Enoch GILMORE, C/D March 25, 1870.

GRACE _ See Crace _ Cress

GRACE, Daniel, Bride: Elizabeth ____? C/D Sept. 24, 1838.

GRAHAM, Dorothy, d/o John Graham. Groom: Edwin TRIMBLE, s/o James Trimble of Montgomery Co KY. C/D July 21, 1.827. Signed: James Trimble.

GRAHAM, Eleanor., Groom: David MORGAN, C/D Dec. 3, 1825.

GRAHAM, Elizabeth, Groom: Thomas P. JOHNS, C/D March 7, 1838.

GRAHAM, Sophia, Groom: William LAYNE, C/D Dec. 27, 1832.

GRAHAM, Tabitha, Groom: John B. HARRIS, C/D June 21, 1835.

GRAN, Samuel, Bride: Polly Ann GEORGE, C/D June 14, 1827.

GRAVES, Handy, Bride: Sally CHILDERS, C/D April 10, 1820.

GRAVES, Keziah, of age. Groom; William CHILDERS, C/D Nov. 2, 1821.

GRAY, Catherine, Groom: William FITZGERALD, C/D Feb. 14, 1821

GRAY, James H_, Bride: Charlotte OSBORNE, C/D Nov. 17, 1836.

GRAY, Polly Ann, Groom: Elisha MEADOWS, C/D Sept. 12, 1846.

GREW, Charles B., Bride: Elizabeth MELLON? C/D April 26, 1824.

GRTFFITH, David, Bride: Geney CAINES, C/D Sept. 28, 1812.

GRIFFITH, Robert, Bride: Peggy CHINS, d/o Richard Cains. C/D Sept. 23, 1811.

GRIZZLE, Elizabeth, d/o Elizabeth Moles. Groom: Thomas DAMS, C/D July 20, 1850.

GULLETT, Daniel, Bride: Jane ADAMS, C/F Ann Adams. C/D Dec. 10, 1821.

GULLETT, Ezekiel, Bride: Elender ROBBINS, of age. C/D June 2, 1821.

_ H _

HACKNET, Thomas, Bride: Percilla DRAKE, C/F Jane Bons?. C/D April 15 , 1817 .

HACKWORTH, George, Bride: Polly HANDSHEW, C/D Oct. 15, 1833.

HACKWORTH, John, Bride: Betsy ALLEN, C/D Jan. 31., 1829.

HACKWORTH, John, Bride: Agnes DAVIS, d/o Mathew Davis. C/D Sept. 24, 1817.

HACKWORTH, Polly, Groom: Moses MEAD, C/D Sept. 29, 1810.

HACKWORTH, Susanna, Groom: Joseph GILBERT, C/D Feb. 29, 1836.

HACKWORTH, Susannah, Groom: Benjamin BRANHAM, C/D Oct. 27, 1809.

HACKWORTH, Thomas, Bride: Jensy PRIEST, of age. C/D Nov. 5, 1816.

HACKWORTH, Thomas, Bride: Lucretia SPRADLIN, C/D July 26, 1839.

HAGANS, George, Bride: Polly NOLAN, C/D Nov. 5, 1814.

HAGANS, John, Bride: Pheebe HOWARD, C/D Jan. 30, 1851.

HAGAR, Daniel., Bride: Violet PORTER, C/D Jan. 30, 1823.

HAGAR, Harmon D., Bride: Lethia B. STRATTON, C/D Aug. 1, 1845

HAGAR, James M. Bride: Noomie CLARK, C/D May 17, 1845.

HAGAR, Samuel., Bride: Margaret Ann CLARK, C/D Aug. 27, 1842.

HAGER, Elizabeth, of age. Groom: John MCKEE, C/D Sept. 22, 1811

HAGER, Elizabeth, Groom: Dan'1 WHEELER, C/D 1840.

HAGER, Jane, Groom: Jilson MONTGOMERY, C/D July 3, 1847.

HAGINS, John, Bride: Lorainy? POLLEY, C/D May 5, 1818.

HAGINS, Susannah, of age. Groom: John CRAFT, C/D July 25, 1818.

HAIL, Mary, Groom: Frances ROSE, C/D Oct. 10, 1808.

HAIL, Zachariah, Bride: Rebeccy BRANHAM, d/o John & Patsy Branham. Surety Peter Hail. C/D June 13, 181?.

HALBERT, Fanny, age ?.3. Groom: Daniel BOLEN, age 27. C/D Sept. 5, 1872.

HALBERT, William Bride: Lucinda THORNSBURY, C/F John & Frances. C/D Feb. 23, 1846.

HALE, Agnes, Groom: Lemuel JOHNSON, C/D Feb. 23, 1828.

HALE, Benjamine. Bride: Anny HALL, d/o John & Basheba Hall. C/D July 27, 1821.

HALE, Benjamine, Bride: Milly NUNN, C/D Dec. 16, 1826.

HALE, Brice, Bride: Polly VANCE, C/D March 21, 1826.

HALE, Franklin, Bride: Elizabeth MOORE, C/D Jan. 1.9, 1840.

HALE,  James, Bride: June SANDERS, d/o Jacob Sanders. C/D Feb. 13, 1826.

HALE, John, Bride: Catherine MOSLEY, C/D April 21, 137.

HATE, John, Bride: Levi_sa STONE, C/D March 31, 1833.

HALE, John, Bride: Levisa STONE (Slone ?), d/o Enoch Slone. C/D May 26, 1838.

HALE, Nancy, d/o Peter Hale. Groom: Abner SALYERS, C/D July 16, 1821.

HALE, Peggy, d/o Peter Hale, Sr. & Sarah Hale. Groom: Fielding SALYERS, C/D Sept. 30, 1825.

HALE, Polly, of age. Groom: John MEAL, C/D Jan. 29, 1848.

HALE, Rachel, d/o Peter & Sarah Hale. Groom: William GEARHEART, C/D Aug. 16, 1815.

HALE, Rachel, of age. Groom: Isaac ROWE, C/D Oct. 17, 1846.

HALE, Rachel., Groom: William WILSON, C/D April 7, 1822.

HALE, Rebecca, d/o James & Catherine Hale. Groom: Jesse TRIPLETT, C/D 1850.

HALE, Sally, d/o Peter Hale. Groom: Joseph GEARHEART, C/D Sept. 9, 1818.

HALE, Sally, d/o Peter. Hale. Groom: George RIDDLE, C/D Nov. 5, 1818.

HALE, Sally, Groom: John SHEPHERD, C/D March 2, 1844.

HALE, Smith, Bride: Elizabeth MOSLEY, C/D Jan. 12, 1835.

HALE, Susannah, d/o John Hale. Groom: Enoch GOODMAN, C/D March 22, 183.4.

HALE, Thomas, Bride: Susan SHEPHERD (bound to Jacob F. Patrick). C/D April. 17, 1851.

HALE, Zachariah. Bride: Rebecky BRANHAM, d/o John & Patsy. C/D May 30, 1812.

HALL, Alfred, Bride: Temperance JUSTICE, C/D April 6, 1844.

HALL, Anny, d/o John & Basheba Hall. Groom: Benjamine HALE, C/D July 27, 1821.

HALL, Clinton, Bride: Nancy HALL, C/D July 26, 1847.

HALL, Edward. Bride: Salla HAMILTON, C/D Aug. 26, 1815.