Index to 1820 Floyd Co KY Federal Census
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John Abshire, 
Arthur Adams,
Benjamin Adams,
Charles Adams,
George Adams,
Isaac Adams,
Jesse Adams,
Jesse Adams,
John Adams,
Lettis Adams,
Moses Adams,
Silvester Adams,
Spencer Adams,
Stephen Adams,
Stephen Adams,
William Adams,
Bartlett Adkins,
David Adkins,
Elijah Adkins,
Howard Adkins,
Isham Adkins,
James Adkins,
James Adkins,
Jesse Adkins
Joel Adkins,
John Adkins,
Joseph Adkins,
Lucas Adkins,
Moses Adkins,
Nathaniel Adkins,
Nathaniel Adkins,
Noton Adkins,
Spencer Adkins,
William Adkins,
William Adkins,
Winright Adkins
Jonathan Akers,
Solomon Akers,
Valentine Akers,
William Akers,
David Aldridge,
James Aldridge,
Peggy Aldridge,
Rovert Aldridge,
George Allen,
Isham Allen,
Richard Allen,
Samuel Allen,
Sarah Allen,
William Allen,
William Allen,
William Alley,
David Alley,
Abraham Allington,
David Allington,
David Allington,
Peter Amyx,
Charles Anderson,
Nimrod Anderson,
Abigail Ames,
Reuben Arnett,
Stephen Artnett,
Daniel Auxer,
John Auxer,
Nathaniel Auxer,
Samuel Auxer,
Jacob Averall,
Benjamin Bailey,
John Bailey,
Joseph Bailey,
Joseph Bailey,
Lemuel Bailey,
Prior Bailer,
James Baker,
Moses Ball,
William Banks,
William Bannister,
Gilbert Barnett,
Nathaniel Barnett,
Salley Barnett,
Henry Barr,
Samuel Bazil,
David Beaty,
Abraham Beavers,
George Belcher,
James Belshe,
Benjamin Bentley,
Daniel Bentley,
John Bentley,
Lewis Bentley,
Solomon Bentley,
Thomas Bentley,
Isaac Berry,
John Berry,
Jubal Berry,
Jesse Beshears,
John Bivens,
Thomas Biven,
Hudson Blackburn,
Thomas Blackburn,
George Blair,
Jesse Blair,
John Blair,
Obediah Blankenship,
John Bolin,
Charles Bond,
Archibald, Borders,
Catherine Borders,
Hezekiah Borders,
John Borders,
Michael Borders,
Joseph Bouney,
Adam Bowen,
Elijah Bowman,
Elizabeth Braddon,
Jessee Bradley,
Samuel Brafford,
Benjamin Branham,
David Branham,
David Branham,
Edward Branham,
Isham Branham,
John Branham,
Turner Branham,
William Branham,
Josiah Briant,
Jacob Briggs,
John Briggs,
Berry Brown,
Daniel Brown,
Francis A. Brown,
George R. Brown,
James Brown,
James W.Brown,
John Brown,
John Brown,
John Brown,
John Brown,
Robert Brown,
Thomas C. Brown,
James Brush,
Mary Bruster,
Gabriel Bryant,
Elijah Bunton,
Isaac Bunton,
John Bunyon,
Armsted Burchett,
Benjamin Burchett,
Benjamin Burchett,
Drury Burchett,
John Burchett,
Thomas Burchett,
Adam Burchfield,
Edward Burgess,
Garland Burgess,
Henry Burgess,
William Burgess,
John Burgess,
David Burks,
William Burnett,
William Burton,
William Burton,
James Butler,
Job Cains,
Richard Cains,
Robert Calhoun,
Allen Campbell,
William Campbell,
James Camron,
Can't Read,
Ruth Cannaday,
Abraham Cantrell,
John Cantrell,
David Carter,
Jesse Casady,
John Caskey,
Thomas Caske,
Bazil Castle,
John Castle,
Nathan Castle,
Zedekiah Castle,
Abner Caudill,
Henry Caudill,
Matthew Caudill,
Sampson Caudill,
Stephen Caudill,
Stephen Caudill,
Thomas Caudill,
William Caudill,
Kinsey B. Cecil,
Christopher Chafin,
David Chafin,
James Chafin,
John Chafin,
Jourdan Chafin,
Milley Chafin,
Simon Chafin,
Richard Chambers,
Greenberry Chaney,
Isaac Chapman,
John Chapman,
Patience Chapman,
Abraham Childers,
Abraham Childers,
Joel Church,
Alexander Clark,
Carter Clark,
Daniel Clark,
John Clark,
Samuel Clark,
Caleb Clay,
Jourdan Clay,
Benjamin Clemings,
Alexander Clevenger,
John Click,
John Click,
Jacob Coburn,
Samuel Coburn,
Jeremiah Cockrell,
John Cody,
Elijah Coffee,
William Coffee,
Isabella Cole,
Alexander Coleman,
Charity Coleman,
Charlotte Coleman,
Richard Coleman,
Edward Colins,
Jeremiah Collier,
John Collier,
Micajah Collier,
Stephen Collier,
Bradley Collins,
George Collins,
George Collins,
James Collins,
Meridith Collins,
Reuben Collins,
Valentine Collins,
William Collins,
Thomas Collinsworth,
John Colvin,
Jeremiah Combs,
John Combs,
Sally Combs,
William Combs,
William Congleton,
David Conley,
David Conley,
Edmond Conley,
Henry Conley,
Henry Conley,
John Conley,
John Conley,
Joseph Conley,
Sampson Conley,
Thomas Conley,
Clayton Cook,
Henry Cook,
Isaac D. Cooksey,
William Cooper,
James Cope,
James Copley,
Joseph Copley,
Nancy Copley,
Thomas Copley,
John Cornett,
John Cornett,
Reuben, Cornett,
Joseph Cottle,
Uriah Cottle,
Levi Coun,
Flory Cox,
John Cox,
John Cox,
John Cox,
Uelsill Cox,
Reece Crabtree,
George Crace,
Peter Crace,
Archelous Craft,
James Craft,
John Craft,
James Craig,
Robert Craig,
Robert Craig,
Nathaniel Crank,
Ancil Crisp,
Susanna Crisp,
Adam Crum,
Frederick Crum,
Henry Crum,
Jacob Crum,
John Crum,
Michael Crum,
Polly Cumings,
Uriah Cuning,
Jonathan Cunningham,
Thomas Cunningham,
John Curzad,
Aaron Cyphers,
Moses Damron,
Moses Damron,
Richard Damron,
Samuel Damron,
George Daniel,
Isham Daniel,
Thomas Daniel,
James Davis,
John Davis,
Thomas Davis,
Evan Davis,
Henry Davis,
James Davis,
James Davis,
John Davis,
John Davis,
Joseph Davis,
Mathias Davis,
Robert Davis,
Sally Davis,
Samuel Davis,
William Davis,
Zachariah Davis,
Vincent Dawson,
Archibald Day,
Jacob Day,
James Day,
John Day,
John Day,
John Day,
John Day,
Joshua Day,
Peter Day,
Reuben Day,
Travis Day,
David Deal,
William Deal,
Amos Dean,
Job Dean,
John Dean,
George Delong,
James Derosett,
Enos Derryfield,
John Deskins,
Henry Dickson,
William Dills,
John Dixon,
William Dixon,
Edward Dorton,
George Dradley,
Charled, Drake,
Michael Drake,
Peter Drake,
Daniel Duff,
Alexander Dunbar,
Francis Dyer,
Francis Dyer,
William Dyer,
Isham Dykes,
James Dykes,
Cornelious Eastep,
Elizabeth Eastep,
James Eastep,
Joel Eastep,
Samuel Eastep,
Shadrack Eastep,
William Easterling,
Joseph Edwards,
Meredith Edwards,
Jenny Edlridge,
Elijah Ellidge,
James Ellidge,
Ephraim Elliott,
James Elliott,
Thomas Ellis,
Bradley Elswick,
John Elswick,
Joseph Elswick,
William Elswick,
Wallis Elum,
Joseph England,
Abraham Enox,
Davis Evans,
Evan Evans,
Ferrell Evans,
Isabella Evans,
John Evans,
Richard Evans,
Abiud Fairchild,
David Fannin,
David Fannin,
John Ferguson,
Richard Ferguson,
William Ferguson,
William Ferguson,
Preston Fields,
William Fitspatrick,
John Fitzpatrick,
John Fitzpatrick,
John Fitzpatrick,
Jonathan Fitzpatrick,
Thomas Fitzpatrick,
Adam Fleetwood,
Isaac Fleetwood,
John Fleetwood,
Robert Fleming,
George Fletcher,
Mary Fletcher,
Mary Ford,
Reuben Fralye,
Elizabeth Frances,
John Franklin,
Haston Frazer,
Jonathan Frazier,
Micajah Frazier,
Stedwix Frazier,
William Frazier,
Isaac Friley,
John Frisbey,
Benjamin Fugit,
James Fugit,
James Fugit,
John Fulks,
Elijah Gallion,
John G. Galloway,
John Garehart,
Joseph Garehart,
William Garehart,
Daniel Garrison,
James Garrison,
William Garrison,
Elimelich Garrott,
Midleson Garrott,
Adam Gearhart,
Aleacnder George,
Jane George,
Ancil Gerrald,
Carrell Gerrald,
Jane Gerrald,
Polley Gerrald,
William Gerrald,
John Ghost,
Nathan H. Gibbs,
Archibald Gibson,
Ezekial Gibson,
Ezekial Gibson,
James Gibson,
John Gibson,
Martin Gibson,
William Gibson,
William Gibson,
Zachariah Gibson,
Reuben Giddens,
Richard Giddens,
Enoch Gilmore,
James Gilmore,
William Gilmore,
Peter Gollihan
John Graham,
John V. Grant,
William Grant,
William Graves,
Abel Griffith,
David Griffith,
Jesse Griffith,
Robert Griffith,
George Grubb,
James Gullett,
Jesse Gullett,
William Gullett,
William Gullett,
John Hackworth,
Jeremiah Hackworth,
James Hagar,
Mary Hagar,
John Hagins,
John Hagins,
Thomas Hagins,
William Hagins,
Benjamin Hale,
John Hale,
Jeseph Hale,
Peter Hale,
Zachariah Hale,
Anthony Hall,
Isham Hall,
Jesse Hall,
Samuel Hall,
William Hall,
Benjamin Hamilton,
David Hamitlon,
John Hamilton,
Samuel Hamilton,
Thomas Hamilton,
Joseph Hammon,
William Hammon,
Edward Hammons,
John Hamon,
Livingston Hampton,
Turner Hampton,
John Haney,
William Haney,
Fielding Hanks,
Ebenezer Hanna,
James Hanna,
Joseph Hanna,
Samuel Hanna,
Samuel Hanna,
Andrew Hanshew,
John Hardin,
Joseph Harless,
Martin Harper, 
Stephen Harper,
Samuel Harris,
David K. Harris,
James P. Harris,
John Harris,
William Harris,
Rosanna Harrison,
John Hatcher,
Jeremiah Hatfield,
Joseph Hatfield,
Samuel Hatfield,
Valentine Hatfield,
Nancy Hattton,
Azriel Haws,
John Haws,
John Hays,
Lewis Haywood,
Abraham Hazle,
Lewis Henry,
John Henry,
Elijah Hensley,
George Hensley,
Isaac Hensley,
James Hensley,
John Hensley,
Enoch Herrell,
Nathan Herrell,
Robert Herrell,
William Herrell,
Edward Hill,
Madison Hill,
Spencer Hill,
Benjamin Hilton,
Jessee Hilton,
Rhoderick Hilton,
John Hitchcock,
John Hoff,
William Hoffman,
James Hogg,
Stephen Hogg,
Randal Holbrook,
John Holbrook,
John Holbrook,
Ranal Holbrook,
William Holbrook,
William Holiday,
Henry Holt,
John Holt,
Nathan Holt,
James Honaker,
Garner Hopkins,
George Howard,
James Howard,
James Howard,
John Howard,
Moses Howard,
Thomas Howard,
William Howard,
Electius Howe,
Stephen Howell,
Thomas Howell,
James Howerton,
John Howerton,
Nathan Howerton,
William Howerton,
John Hunt,
Samuel Hurley,
Elisha Hurst,
Henry Hurst,
John Iliff,
Joseph Indicut,
Henry Ingle,
Hiram Ingram,
Isaac Ingram,
William Isaacs,
Archibald Ison,
Carter Jacobs,
Claudias Jacobs,
John Jacobs,
Rowley Jacobs,
William Jacobs,
John James,
Samuel James,
Elizabeth Jameson,
Thomas Janes,
William Janes,
Robert Jenkins,
Thomas Johns,
Andrew Johnson,
Andrew Johnson,
Barnabas Johnson,
David Johnson,
Eli Johnson,
Elias Johnson,
Jacob Johnson,
Patrick Johnson,
Patrick Johnson,
Thomas Johnson,
Thomas Johnson,
Thomas Johnson,
Thomas Johnson,
William Johnson,
William Johnson,
Adis Jones,
Ambrose Jones,
John Jones,
Joshua Jones,
Nancy Jones,
Richard Jones,
William Jones,
Christian Jost,
Hiram Jourdan,
Jesse Jourdan,
Jonas Jourdan,
George Justice,
Archibald Justice,
Edward Justice,
Ezra Justice,
Israel Justice,
John Justice,
John Justice,
John Justice,
Payton Justice,
Simeon Justice,
Simeon Justice,
Simson Justice,
Thomas Justice,
Tubal Justice,
William Justice,
Caleb Kash,
James Kash,
Abraham Keeton,
Barney Keeton,
Isaac Keeton,
John Keeton,
Joseph Keeton,
Nelson Keeton,
William Keeton,
Avara Keezee,
Elias Keezee,
Richard Keezee,
John Kelley,
John Kelley,
John Kelley,
Thomas Kelley,
William H. Kelley,
James Kennard,
Jacob Kesner,
John King,
Samuel King,
William King,
Alexander Kirk,
Mark Lacey,
Alexander Lacey,
James Lacey,
John B. Lacey,
William Lacey,
Alexander Lackey,
James Lain,
James S. Lain,
Samuel Lain,
William Landsaw,
Robert Large,
Thomas Large,
Dicea Lawhorn,
James Lawson,
John Lawson,
Joseph Lawson,
Travis Lawson,
Peter Leadenham,
Richard R. Lee,
Francis Lemaster,
Eliazer Lemasters,
John Lemasters,
John Lemasters,
Lewis Lemasters,
Robert Lesley,
Abner Lester,
Benjamin Lewis,
Bracken Lewis,
Charles Lewis,
Charles Lewis,
Charles Lewis,
Francis Lewis,
Gideon Lewis,
John Lewis,
John Lewis,
Thomas Lewis,
Thomas Lewis,
William Lewis,
William Lewis,
William Lewis,
Isaac Little,
James W. Little,
Peter Little,
William Little,
Joh Littral,
James Logan,
Joseph Logins,
Stephen Lowe,
Moses Munsford,
David Lycan,
Isaac Lycan,
Jeremiah Lycan,
John Lycan,
William Lycan,
William Lycan,
William Lycan,
William Lyon,
George Maddox,
Nathaniel Maddox,
Merriman Magee,
Christopher Mainor,
Christopher Mainor,
David Mainor,
James Mainor,
James Mainor,
Jesse Mainor,
Lewis Mainor,
Mark Mainor,
Moses Mainor,
William Mainor,
Thomas Mallett,
Thomas Mallett,
Peter Mankins,
Walter Mankins,
Samuel Mann,
William Mann,
John Mannan,
James Marcum,
William Marcum,
John Marshall,
Reuben Marshall,
David Martin,
George Martin,
James Martin,
Joel Martin,
William Martin,
Reuben Mathews,
Thomas Mathews,
Caleb May,
John May,
Mial May,
Samuel May,
Thomas May,
William I. May,
Wilson May,
Samuel Mayes,
Henry B. Mayo,
James Mays,
James Mays,
William Mays,
Incabod McBrayer,
Joseph McBroom,
Thomas McCauley,
Samuel McClintick,
John McClintick,
William McClintick,
Robert McClintick,
William McClure,
Alexander McCown,
Daniel McCoy,
John McCoy,
Richard McCoy,
Samuel McCoy,
William McCoy,
John McCracken,
Shadrack McDaniel,
John McDowell,
Westher McGuire,
James McGuire,
James McGuire,
Solomon McGuire,
Aron McHenry,
Isaac McKinsey,
Ambrose McKinster,
Braxton McQuinn,
Carlis McQuinn,
Eli Mead,
Moses Mead,
Rhodes Mead,
Robert Mead,
Samuel Mead,
Samuel Mead,
William Mead,
James Meeks,
Charles Menix,
Benjamin Miller,
Benjamin Miller,
Edward Miller,
Phillip Miller,
Robert Miller,
Alexander Montgomery,
Alexander Montgomery,
John Montgomery,
John Montgomery,
Joseph Montgomery,
William Montgomery,
Andrew Moore,
Chirstopher Moore,
Isaac Moore,
James Moore,
John Moore,
Obadiah Moore,
Sampson Moore,
Thomas Moore,
William Moore,
Mary Morehead,
Anne Morgan,
James Morgan,
Jared Morgan,
Nathaniel Morgan,
Wells Morgan,
Bemjamin Morris,
Benjamin Morris,
Daniel Morris,
Ezekial Morris,
John Morrise,
May Morris,
John Mosley,
Nathan Mullett,
Booker Mullins,
David Mullins,
Isham Mullins,
James Mullins,
John Mullins,
John Mullins,
John Mullins,
John Mullins,
John Mullins,
Joshua Mullins,
Joshua Mullins,
Marshall Mullins,
Sherrard Mullins,
Solomon Mullins,
William Mullins,
William Mullins,
William Mullins,
William Mullins,
James Munsey,
Samuel Munsey,
Samuel Muncey,
john Murphey,
William Murphy,
Samuel Murray,
Thomas Murray,
George Mutter,
Imanuel Nelson,
John Newcum,
Harrison Newsom,
William Newton,
Isaac Nickel,
Andrew Nickle,
Henry Nickle,
John Nickle,
John Nickle,
John Nickle,
Joseph Nickle,
Robert Nickle,
Thomas Nickle,
William Nickle,
Samuel Nipps,
John NIx,
Isaac Nolin,
Sinai Nolin,
William Nolin,
John Nosman,
Herrell O'Brian,
James O'Brian,
John Oakley,
Jesse Ogden,
Stephen Ogden,
James Ogles,
Jesse Oldfield,
Hiram Osborn,
Jesse Osborn,
Salley Osborn,
Sherrad Osborn,
Solomon Osborn,
Eli Owens,
Samuel Owens,
Thomas Owens,
Thomas Owens,
William Owens,
Charles Pack,
George Pack,
George Pack,
Samuel Pack,
Richard Packwood,
David Page,
Thompson Paplett,
William Parick,
Gabriel Parsons,
Simeon Parsons,
Thomas Patrick,
Elias Patrick,
Hugh Patrick,
James Patrick,
John Patrick,
Reuben Patrick,
Robert Patrick,
William Patrick,
Christopher Patton,
Florence Patton,
Hanry Patton,
John Patton,
Samuel Patton,
Joseph Peck,
Alexander Pelfrey,
Daniel Pelfrey,
William Pelfrey,
William Pelfrey,
George Perkins,
Lewis Perkins,
Stephen Perkins,
Arnold Perry,
John Jerry,
John Perry,
Thomas Perry,
Isaac Petty,
Daviel Peyton,
John Phillips,
Daniel Phillips,
Salley Phillips,
Zachariah Phillips,
Abraham Picklesimer,
James Pigg,
Obadiah Piggman,
Aaron Pinson,
Allen Pinson,
Henry Pinson,
Jered Pinson,
John Pinson,
Thomas Pinson,
William Pinson,
David Polley,
Edward Polley,
Henry Polly,
John Porter,
Joseph Porter,
Polley Porter,
Samuel Porter,
William Porter,
James Porter,
Abraham Potter,
Benjamin Potter,
Levi Potter,
Allen Powell, 
Cader Powell,
Halloway Power,
Lewis Power,
Archibald Prator,
Archibald Prator,
Elijah Prator,
John Prator,
Thomas Prator,
Thomas Prator,
William Prator,
William Prator,
William Prator,
James Pratt,
Eliphas Preston,
Isaac Preston,
Isaac Preston,
Moses Preston,
Moses Preston,
Nathan Preston,
Uriah Prewit,
Alfred Prewit,
Henry Prewitt,
Jesse Price,
Thomas Price,
John Prichett,
John Pridemore,
William Prince,
Zachariah Pritchett,
Samuel Procter,
Joseph Proffit,
Silvester Proffit,
Elizabeth Puckett,
Teague Quillan,
Daniel Ramey,
James Ramey,
James Ramey,
John Ramey,
John Ramey,
Moses Ramey,
William Ramey,
William Ramey,
Charles Ramsey,
Daniel Ramsey,
Martin Ramsey,
James Ratliff,
Jeremiah Ratliff,
John Ratliff,
Richard Ratliff,
William Ratliff,
William Ratliff,
Samuel Reagen,
William Reid,
Conrad Rice,
John Rice,
Samuel Rice,
Martin Rice,
Benjamin Ried,
Joshua Ripey,
Michael Risner,
Ezekial Roberson,
John Roberson,
Solomon Roberson,
John Robert,
Cornelious Roberts,
Isaac Roberts,
James Roberts,
James Roberts,
Daniel Robins,
William Rogers,
David Rose,
John Rose,
David Ross,
Thomas Rowan,
James Rowe,
James Rowe,
John Rowe,
Solomon Rowe,
Thomas Rowe,
Catey Ruffley,
Andrew Rule,
Henry Runnion,
John Runyan,
James Rutherford,
John Rutherford,
Reuben Rutherford,
George Sadler,
Randal Salineris,
William Salineris,
William Salsberry,
William Salyers,
John Sanders,
Thomas Sanders,
James Scott,
Thomas Scott,
William Scott,
Garrett See,
Samuel Sellards,
John Sellards,
Joseph Sewell,
John Sexton,
James Shannon,
David Shepherd,
Jacob Shepherd,
John Shockey,
Aaron Short,
Adam Short,
Benjamin Short,
Charles Short,
William Short,
James Shropshire,
George Simpkins,
Can't Read Skaggs,
John Skaggs,
Lewis Skaggs,
Peter Skaggs,
Solomon Skaggs,
Solomon Skaggs,
James Skidmore,
John Skidmore,
Archibald Slone,
George Slone,
Hiram Slone,
Isham Slone,
Shadrack Slone,
Shadrack Slone,
Jacob Slusher,
Elijah Smith
Hardin Smith,
James Smith,
Jeremiah Smith,
John Smith,
Martin Smith,
Moses R. D. Smith,
Reuben Smith,
William Smith,
William Smith,
William M. Smith,
Hugh Smothers,
John Smothers,
Peter Snider,
Leticia Sowards,
Francis Spaulden,
John Spaulden,
Robert Speers,
Thomas Speers,
Thomas Spencer,
Benjamin Spradlin,
James Spradlin,
John Spradlin,
Joseph Spradlin,
Micajah Spradlin,
Robert Spriggs,
David Spurlock,
Frances Spurlock,
Hiram Spurlock,
Matthew Spurlock,
Simon Stacy,
William Stacy,
James Stafford,
John Stafford,
John Stambaugh,
Phillip Jr Stambaugh,
Phillip Sr Stambaugh,
Jonathan Stamper,
William Stanley,
Joshua Stapleton,
James Steel,
William Steel,
Barnett Steph,
Gilbert Stephens,
Thomas Steward,
Thomas Steward,
James Steward,
Rebecca Stobuck,
Cuthbert Stone,
Enoch Stone,
Ezekial Stone,
James Stone,
John Stone,
Solomon Stone,
John Stotts,
Hannah Stratton,
Harry Stratton,
James Stratton,
Richard Stratton,
Salley Stratton,
Tandy Stratton,
Mark Stroud,
David Sullivan,
Peter Sullivan,
Wilson Sullivan,
John Sumner,
Samuel Sumner,
Abraham Swango,
Samuel Swango,
Levi Swanson,
Neri Sweatman,
John Sword,
Jacob Syck,
Francis Tackett,
George Tackett,
Lewis Tackett,
Thomas Tackett,
William Tackett,
James Taylor,
Isaac Terry,
Leonard Terry,
Miles Terry,
William Terry,
Absalom Thacker,
Owen Thomas,
Andrew Thompson,
George Thompson,
Richard Thompson,
Samuel Thompson,
Susanna Thompson,
Isaac D. Tolby,
William Tolby,
James Tolby,
Samuel Tolby,
Elias Tolin,
Joel Toliver,
Thomas Tolson,
Thomas Tolson,
Lydia Trent,
Mark Trimble,
William Trimble,
John Trout,
William Trusty,
John Turman,
James Turner,
Suddith D. Turner,
Daniel Tyre,
James Vanhoose,
John Vanhoose,
John Vanhoose,
Levi Vanhoose,
Alexander Varney,
Andrew Varvil,
Daniel Varvil,
Ayres Vaughn,
Ayres Vaughn,
Patrick Vaughn,
Gabriel Vaughn,
Jesse Venters,
John Venters,
Edward Vess,
Benjamin Wadkins,
Thomas Wadkins,
Moses Wagers,
John Walker,
Robert Walker,
Jacob Waller,
Jesse Waller,
Nathan Walter,
William Walter,
Elizabeth Walters,
James Ward,
James ward,
Shadrack Ward,
Solomon Ward,
William Ward,
William Ward,
Peter Warden,
Reuben Warren,
Anna Watson,
James Watson,
George Watts,
Benjamin Webb,
William Webb,
Henry Weddington,
Bennett Wellmon,
Elisha Wellmon,
James Wellmon,
Jeremiah Wellmon,
Joseph Welmon,
MIchael Wellmon,
William Wellmon,
Edmond Wells,
John Wells,
William Wells,
Lewis Welmon,
James Wheeler,
James Wheeler,
Stephen Wheeler,
Stephen Wheeler,
William Wheeler,
Price Whitaker,
Charles White,
Alexander Whitely,
Bunyan Whitt,
Richard Whitt,
Francis Whittiker,
Hezekiah Wiley,
Jean Wiley,
Alexander Williams,
Coleman Williams,
David Williams,
Isaac Williams
Isaac Williams,
John Williams,
John Williams,
Joshua Williams,
Mason Williams,
Phillip Williams,
Richard Williams,
Thomas Williams,
Thornton Williams,
William Williams,
Alden Williamson,
Benjamin Williamson,
Elizabeth Williamson,
Hamon Williamson,
Hiram Williamson,
John Williamson,
John Williamson,
James Wills,
Andrew Wilson,
Andrew Wilson,
Harris Wilson,
Mary Winkles,
David Winkless,
Abraham Wireman,
Jacob Wireman,
Thomas Witten,
Nancy Woods,
George Wooton,
Levi Wooton,
Silas P. Wooton,
Absalom Young,
Alexander Young,
Charles W. Young,
James Young,
John Young,
Robert Young,
Samuel Young,
William Young,
William Younts

Samuel Pack,