Tuttle Cemetery
Right Beaver Area 

Copyright 1999

TUTTLE, James L. 06-28-1879 03-10-1938 h/o Sally
TUTTLE, Sally 05-17-1879 07-17-1946 w/o James
TUTTLE, John 07-24-1916 07-17-1946 s/o James and Sally
TUTTLE, Thomas 11-26-1908 06-21-1970 s/o James and Sally
TUTTLE, Henry T.  1905 1941 s/o James and Sally
TUTTLE, Artie Mae d/o Henry Tuttle
TUTTLE , Levi 09-07-1886 Aug 16 b/o James L. Tuttle
TUTTLE, Goldia 12-10-1910 05-04-1962 w/o L.C.Tuttle , daughter in law of James Tuttle
TUTTLE, Henry N.  05-11-1945 05-11-1945 s/o L.C. and Goldie
TUTTLE, Farris L. 03-18-1931 06-14-1931 s/o L.C. and Goldie
TUTTLE, Paula A.  d/o L.C. and Goldie
TUTTLE, Bartenious 01-10-1944 04-05-1955 s/o I.B. Tuttle
TUTTLE, Ray s/o Burnis Tuttle
FRANCIS, Lula Tuttle 1938 d/o Jae Tuttle
FRANCIS, Lester  1939 s/o Malealean and Lula Tuttle Francis
FRANCIS , Berthe Helen d/o Malealean and Lula
KING, Bayless 1931 s/o Henry and Della King 
TUTTLE, Belle King
MANN, Pauline 1936 1938
MANN ? 08-03-1930
CHAFFINS, William Nelson 06-17-1855 05-28-1960 s/o James L. Tuttle
CHAFFINS, Lara 04-11-1924 06-10-1954 d/o Wm Nelsonand Gracie Ellen Tuttle Chaffins
Chaffins, Ettie May 08-07-1938 08-07-1938
GREATHOUSE, Joesph s/o Archie and Bureda Greathouse
VANDERPOOL, Junior s/o Schufer VOP
HICKS, Sally Ann 10-05-1893 02-03-1971
HICKS, Robert Green 03-15-1901 12-05-1957
HICKS, Clara 04-11-1935
SIZEMORE, Lannie 06-06-1934 04-12-1970
SMITH, Syrilda Tuttle 11-08-1927 1961 d/o Isone Tuttle
SMITH, Husband 1981 h/o Syrilida
COLLINS, Arvil Lee s/o Rachael Tuttle and Willis Collins
NOBLE child od Josie and Alec
TURNER, Wallace 06-14-1961 06-16-1961
STUMBO, Baby c/o Bud Stumbo and Violet Tuttle
Tuttle, Baby Tom Tuttles Baby
TUTTLE, L.C. 11-15-1911 02-02-1982
ELLIOTT, Sally Jo Tuttle 03-12-1936 10-06-1981