off New Rt 80, behind gas plant at Warco

JUSTICE, Vina 1885 1969 m/o C.A.Hayes
HAYES, C.A. 1901 1982 s/o Vina Justice
BALDRIDGE, Robert 11-18-1934 07-30-1995 s/o John R. and Alice Goble Baldridge
ALLEN, Isabell Justice 04-10-1860 02-08-1949 w/o Sanford Allen
ALLEN, Sanford 09-04-1860 10-21-1935 s/o Ruben and Levina Halbert Allen
ALLEN, Joesph 1895 1961 s/o Sanford and Isabell Allen
ALLEN, Dorothy Wurm 1905 1982 w/o Joesph Allen
BALDRIDGE, Bernard 1917 1969 s/o George and Bertha Hayes Baldridge
BALDRIDGE, Alice Goble 09-02-1914   w/o John R.Baldridge
BALDRIDGE, John R. 04-19-1914   h/o Alice Goble Baldridge
ALLEN, Levina Halbert 08-06-1848   w/o Ruben Allen
ALLEN, Ruben 07-15-1841 02-19-1913 s/o Felix and Rhoda Martin Allen
ALLEN, Lizzie     unclear dates
BALDRIDGE, Dexter 06-24-1923 01-23-1985 s/o George and Bertha Hayes Baldridge
BALDRIDGE, Eileen 07-30-1930   w/o Dexter Baldridge
ALLEN, Laura Hayes 10-20-1871 06-14-1945 w/o John R.Allen
ALLEN, John R. 01-22-1870   s/o Ruben and Levina H.Allen
BALDRIDGE, Muriel 10-21-1931 06-27-1949 d/o George and Bertha Baldridge
BSLDRIDGE, Bertha Hayes 1888 1968 d/o Epperson and Catherine Hayes
BALDRIDGE, George 1893 1951 h/o Bertha Hayes Baldridge
KEEN, Pollie 02-05-1882 12-24-1962 w/o Anderson Keen
KEEN, Anderson 04-06-1875 not given h/o Pollie Keen
ALLEN, Emma Sept. 1889 March 1901 d/o Sanford and Isabella Allen
V.G. 03-05-1877 08-20-1904