This is known by the county as Rife Cemetery but actually this is two cemeteries. One is the RIFE CEMETERY , the other is the MACK LITTLE CEMETERY. Only four persons are buried in the original Rife Cem at this time.

BAKAY, Bonnie Granham   1920  03-24-1963 43 yrs old, heart disease 
BAKAY, Mike   1903  03-31-1971 67 yrs old, s/o Nick and Anna Bakay Coppalou 
ELLIOTT, Sylvia June  06-15-1926  12-24-1999 d/o Fred & Flora Swindae Rife, w/o Willie (Bill) Elliott
KINNEY, Gustava Mullins  08-23-1909  07-13-1970 w/o Andrew Kinney, actual Rife Cem 
LITTLE, Amy    03-28-1978  
LITTLE, Clifford Gene  01-01-1937  06-19-1968  
LITTLE, Grace Ann  09-30-1937     
LITTLE, Lila  03-17-1916    
LITTLE, Lila Leean  12-14-1982   12-14-1982   
LITTLE, Mack   08-16-1915  01-15-1982  
MULLETT, Ben    02-05-1982  age 80 
MULLINS Barbara Faye  02-22-1928  10-29-1997 d/o Fred and Flora Swindal Rife, w/o Verlin Paul Mullins, m/o Pricilla and Johnny "Smoke" Mullins, actual Rife Cem 
MULLINS, Barbara Faye  02-22-1928  10-29-1997 d/o Fred Rife and Flora Swindell Fife, w/o Verlin Paul Mullins
MULLINS, Maggie Spears   02-17-1900  10-25-1978  
RIFE, Flora Swindal  02-16-1903   07-09-1991 w/o Fred Rife
RIFE, Fred  03-30-1903  01-00-1960  h/o Flora Rife
RIFE, Fred Lowell  09-10-1947  04-06-2000 s/o Marion Hatfield & Sylvia June Rife Hatfield Elliott, h/o Katherine Lea Clayton Rife
ROBERTS, Emma  02-02-1902  05-12-1985 m/o Fred Roberts 
ROBERTS, Fred  12-25-1891  08-25-1966 s/o Emma