Reynolds Cemetery
Located at Hi Hat, Ky on Clear Creek on first Reynold Fork of ClearCreek.

To find it watch for Big White Two Story House going up Clear Creek
about 1 mile from Hi Hat Post Office. on Left.  There is a coal mining
road going up Reynolds Fork and past White House. After driving past
White house about 500 feet is a gas well on left side of road.  About 50
feet past this well on the left is a little road going up the hill. walk
up it and it comes back to the pines and this cemetery.  The white house
is owned my Mertie Slone and wife. delimited text for import into a

Stone     with letters Howi  and rest is broken off and part of it at foot of grave
Hall, Rilda 1867 1912  
Mitchell, Maxie     stone cross that says Grandma on it but no dates, Name is at foot of grave
flat stones in ground     5 in number below the rest of graves
Reynolds, Mary 07-13-1893 05-17-1911 d/o Polly Holliday & John G. Reynolds
Reynolds, Nancy 09-01-1885 06-16-1909 d/o Polly Holliday & John G. Reynolds
Slone, Rachel M. 05-14-1880 06-07-1907 d/o Polly Holliday & John G. Reynolds
Tackett, Polly 04-05-1907 02-16-1984 d/o Rachel M. Reynolds Slone
Tackett,  William Jay 03-31-1905 01-25-1970 h/o Polly Slone Tackett
Jones, Tessie Mae 02-04-1901 07-04-1964  
Reynolds, Victoria 02-02-1882 11-23-1968 aunt at foot of grave
Reynolds, John G. 02-19-1855 03-15-1923 h/o Polly Holliday
Reynolds, Johnnie 04-18-1895 05-07-1913 s/o Polly Holliday & John G. Reynolds
Sandstone marker      
Sankhole     may not be a grave but where dirt was taken out.

Note---Polly Holliday, wife of John G. Reynolds and mother of some
buried here, is buried beside Tolbert Holiday and his wife in the
Holliday Cemetery at Ary, Ky in Perry Co.  When John asked Tolbert for
Polly's hand in marriage, Tolbert told him O. K if he promised she would
be buried with her people in Holliday Cemetery.  Polly Tackett decorated
Polly Holliday's grave  each year along with some others buried there

Read by Mack A. Holliday, P. O. Box 51, Emmalena, Ky 41740,
606-785-4911, 11/19/1995