Head of Brushy Creek off RT 850, Hippo Ky

Graves in blue were moved to the Reed Cemetery on Salyers Branch. Janice, Shannon, Pharma is the correct spelling. Information in Blue and red provided by Pricilla Reed Tussey and Rick Reed 02-07-2013.

REED, Susan Salyers  Susan_Reed.JPG (2554776 bytes) 10-06-1862 1946 w/o Sigler Reed
KREMER, Jenny Reed  Jenny_Reed_Kramer.JPG (2549967 bytes) Oct 1886 04-10-1859 d/o Sigler and Susan Reed
MARGAN, Julia Ann April 1868 Nov 1950 Sister to Susan Salyers Morgan Reed
REED, Sigler  Sigler_Reed.JPG (2548437 bytes) 08-16-1854 12-10-1924 s/o Amos S. Reed
HICKS, Adgie  Adgie_Hicks.JPG (2445891 bytes) 12-16-1922 08-03-1949 d/o Hoss and Mertice Reed
REED, Janice 4-29-49 1949 d/o Roger and Olive Reed
REED, Shannon 11-8-47 1947 d/o Roger and Olive Reed
REED , Pharma 7-22-46 11-22-46 d/o Roger and Olive Reed
BAILEY , Jimmy D.  04-19-1948 04-20-1948 Mae Baileys child and grandson to Hoss Reed
REED, Morton (Mortie)  Morton_Reed.JPG (2502659 bytes) 12-10-1920 1931 s/o Sam and Laura Shepherd Reed
Bailey, Mae Reed  Mae_Reed_Bailey.JPG (2501224 bytes) 07-24-1920 11-30-2004 d/o Ruben (Hoss) and Mertice Hicks Reed
Reed, Goble Jr.  Goble_Reed_Jr..JPG (2515886 bytes) 08-02-1928 03-28-1987 s/o  Ruben (Hoss) and Mertice Hicks Reed
Reed, Ruben (Hoss)  Ruben_Reed.JPG (2548763 bytes) 4-30-1884 11-30-1962 s/o Sigler and Susanna Salyer Morgan Reed
Reed, Mertice Hicks   03-19-1901   w/o Ruben (Hoss) Reed