located off Rt 80, at Maytown...mouth of Turkey Creek

OUSLEY, Rosemary Gray  09-15-1940  01-03-2000 d/o George & Stacy Hammonds Gray, w/o James E. Ousley
HAGANS, Maude 11-21-1888 12-23-1982 w/o Phillip Hagans
HAGANS, Raymond,  09-05-1920  02-14-1942  s/o Maude Hagans
HAGANS, Phillip"Dude"  06-06-1928  03-08-1992  h/o Helen Pressley Hagans
BRANHAM, Mary "Ted" Hagans 08-05-1915 08-12-1987  w/o Lyman Branham
BRANHAM, Lyman 05-14-1918  03-15-1988 h/o Mary "Ted " Branham
HAGANS, Granville"Shin"  08-22-1901  12-27-1978 s/o Phillip Hagans
FRALEY , Carmie Salisbury  1911  1959  d/o Haley Webb Salisbury w/o Bert Fraley
FRALEY, Carlis 1945 1946  s/o Bert and Carmie S. Fraley
FRALEY, Tommy 05-12-1943 07-12-1943 s/o Bert and Carmie S. Fraley
FRALEY, Freddie      s/o Bert and Carmie S. Fraley
WICKER, Marion  Sept 1886 June 1955  h/o Lina Hayes Wicker
WICKER, Lina Hayes 07-12-1865 09-25-1955  d/o Epperson Hayes
MOORE, Valetta Hayes 07-19-1944 11-08-1986  d/o Edgel and Marie A. Hayes
HAYES, Darrell 03-06-1946  04-09-1987 s/o Edgel and Marie Arms Hayes
MULLINS, Linda Hayes 08-28-1948  08-01-1994 d/o Edgel and Marie A. Hayes
HAYES, Charles R. 09-26-1956 09-14-1995 s/o Edgel and Marie A Hayes
FRAZIER, Deborah Kaye   08-28-1951