Kidd Cemetery
Boyd Branch of Prater Creek on Rt. 1426, Dana, KY

Names with a next to them have a Headstone Photo. These photos are from Karen Olson Ammon. More information can be found on her web sites at  with information on  "Kidd, Akers, Bayes, KY photos and more. Surname info due soon." and with info on "Surnames of Kidd, Akers, Hall, Clark, Collier, Bayes, Johnson, Preston, George, Webb, and more."  Information in Red submitted by Mary Pinion.

B. B.        sand stone no date
BOYD, Alex A.  09-02-1898   09-25-1968 s/o of John & Rebecca Kss Boyd, h/o Sullie Watson Boyd
BOYD, Bart    No date    
BOYD, Bill    1875  
BOYD, Bolden    No date    
BOYD, Brat & Jillia Mulkey Boyd       man & wife, no date
BOYD, Camel    04-03-1966  aged 87 years, h/o Lizzie Boyd
BOYD, Charley    06-16-1886  1887  
BOYD, Edgar    10-27-1977  aged 78 years.
BOYD, Isaac    Feb.    1901    
BOYD, Jakie & Nancy       husband & wife no date
BOYD, Jackie Bee    01-21-1945  08-24-2002 s/o Alex & Sula Watson Boyd
BOYD, James    09-02-1898   10-27-1971 h/o Vada Boyd 
BOYD, Lillie    no date    
BOYD, Lizzie    No date   w/o Camuel Boyd
BOYD, Rena      11-06-1924 w/o Weeks Boyd
BOYD, Rosa   1892   one date
BOYD, Rosy  10-04-1889  09-03-1899  
BOYD, Solomon  07-28-1889  06-28-1910  
BOYD, Sullie Watson  09-01-1916  11-23-1979 d/o Gerrnberry & Dolly Smith Watson, w/o Alex Boyd
BOYD, T. J.    1854  04-11-1897  
BOYD, Vada  10-09-1911  06-17-1967 w/o James Boyd
BOYD, Weeks      1927 h/o Rena Boyd
GOBLE, Alvin Joe 01-23-1936 03-04-2013
JARRELL, Verlie Kidd

 02-04-1920  05-04-1989 do Green & Hulda Kidd
KIDD, "Don"  McDonald

 09-01-1896  11-16-1978 s/o James Elias & Martha Ellen Kidd, w/o Martie Wolfe Kidd
KIDD, Charlie Lee  09-29-1937  07-24-1960 s/o William Greenberry & Hulda Mulkey Kidd
KIDD, Ella Love  05-25-1916  10-27-1921 d/o James "Elias" & Martha "Ellen" Akers Kidd
KIDD, Floyd  09-22-1929  10-14-1979 s/o Donald & Martha Kidd
KIDD, Hulda Mulkey  12-18-1902  12-09-1940 1) w/o William Greenberry Kidd
KIDD, James  1902  1928 s/o James "Elias" & Martha "Ellen" Akers Kidd, h/o Hazel Clark Kidd
KIDD, James "Elias"

 08-25-1872  03-14-1956 h/o Martha "Ellen" Akers Kidd
KIDD, John S.  1934 one date infant son of Green & Hulda Kidd
KIDD, Kelly

 11-06-1912  01-06-1913 s/o James "Elias" & Martha "Ellen" Akers Kidd
KIDD, Martie  03-15-1900  08-14-1966 w/o Donald Kidd
KIDD, Martha "Ellen" Akers  03-12-1878  01-21-1961 d/o Levi & Nancy Hall Akers, w/o  James "Elias" Kidd
KIDD, Paris  08-09-1920  09-20-1964 s/o Donald & Martha Kidd
KIDD, Shirley One Date


infant son of Green & Hulda Kidd
KIDD, William Greenberry  09-02-1898  02-03-1991 s/o James "Elias" & Martha "Ellen" Akers Kidd, h/o 1) Hulda Mulkey Kidd
KIDD, Zadie Alice  03-19-1908  02-25-1921 d/o James "Elias" & Martha "Ellen" Akers Kidd
L. B. & F. B.        on one stone no date
M. B.       1865  sand stone
MEADE, V. R. Kate    Nov.   1813  Jan. 1890?  
MULKEY K. F.      1938  
MULKEY, P.A.      1939 (Polly Ann)
PATTON, Dan    No date    
PATTON, James    03-20-1889  08-12-1926  
PATTON, Mark      1905  
R. B.        sand stone no date
SMILEY, James    No date    
SMILEY, Sarah    No date    
SMITH, Sallie Patton    No date    
WATSON, Dollie Margaret Smith  04-07-1892  10-27-1976 w/o Greenbury Watson, d/o Nathanel  Smith & Lizzie Conn born in old Va.
WATSON, Wilburn J.     10-03-1918   02-03-1981 s/o Gerrnberry & Dolly Smith Watson, h/o Melvina Boyd Watson