Located 1 1/2 miles up Parsons Branch, Grethel, Ky.

Parker, Sentha  1919  1966 d/o Isaac Parsons & Magie Hall
Parsons, Isaac  18??  1962 s/o William (Bell) Parsons & Mary Jane Rows
Parsons, Isaac  1836  1919 Confederate Soldier of Civil war
Parsons, Louie Miller Dickerson  1834  1890's w/o Isaac Parsons
Parsons ,Abraham  10-28-1863  11-14-1923 s/o Isaac Parsons & Louie Miller
Parsons, (Big) Bill      
Parsons, William (Bill)  06-10-1874  1900 s/o Isaac Parsons & Louie Miller
Parsons, Mary Jane Rorrs  1867    
Parsons, Liz    08-28-1906 d/o jack Parsons
Parsons, Eda Howell  04-21-1857  04-25-1883 d/o David Howell Jr. & Mary Polly Alley
Parsons, Arnold      
Parsons ,Willa      
Jones, Joe     s/o Elizabeth Parsons Jones
Howell, Mildred   born and died in 1860's d/o Sarah Howell
Parsons, Sarah  1859   d/o Isaac Parsons & Louie Miller
Parsons Syntha  1872   d/o Isaac Parsons & Louie Miller
Parsons, Jinnie  1876 or 78   d/o Isaac Parsons & L. Miller
Parsons ,Lora Eleen  1893  1894 d/o William (Bill) Parsons& Mary Jane Rorrs
Parsons, ?      
Parsons, ?      
Parsons, ?      
Howel1, T      
Orsborne, Francis      
Parsons ,Wilburn  06-03-1898  06-03-1898 s/o Isaac L. Parsons & Darcus Adkins)
Parsons, Richard  06-03-1898  06-03-1898 s/o Isaac L. Parsons & Darcus Adkins
Parsons, ? infant      (father Abraham Parsons)
Collins, Henry      
Collins,? boy     father Henry Collins
Collins,? baby girl     father Henry Collins
Parsons,? infant     infant of Wilburn Parsons & Sarah Howell
Breer, ?      
Howell, David Jr.  1813  1886  
Parsons,? infant     infant of Isaac Parsons & Louie M
Parsons, John  04-04-1974 05-04-1874 s/o Adalphus Parsons & Josephine Hall
Parsons, William  04-04-1874  April 1874 s/o Adalpus Parsons & Josephine Hall