Hackworth Family Cemetery III

Located 3 miles up Rt. 1427 on Abbot Creek  from Main US 23,l ocated right hand side of road upon hill behind the James Polk Hill Cemetery

Submitted by Robie Gene Prater Jr.

Bertha S. Meade  Born 1915  1993  
George Meade  1874  1919 s/o Richard & Sarah Sparks Meade, h/o Ida Hackworth Meade
Ida Hackworth Meade  1873  1972 d/o Jeremiah & Sarah ( Sallie) Helton Hackworth, w/o George Meade
Donald Meade  1960  1962  
Jerry Meade  04-15-1907  03-02-1981 s/o George & Ida Hackworth Meade PFC US ARMY WWII
Tommy J Fairchild  03-23-1924  06-11-1944 s/o Eli Daniel & Malta Fairchild, Kentucky PVT 12 INF 4 INF DIV WWII
Malta S Fairchild  1895  06-18-1933 2nd. w/o - Eli Daniel Fairchild
David Poe  1968  1970  
Jack Poe  1895  11-15-1963  
Cordelia Poe     Rest unreable
Katie May  06-10-1893  04-16-1927  
Alex Hackworth  1870   12-19-1947 s/o Jeremiah & Agnes Poe Hackworth, h/o Mary Shell Hackworth
Agnes Poe Hackworth  02-28-1838  06-21-1914 h/o Jeremiah "Jerry" Hackworth
Caroline "Carrie" Hackworth  06-12-1869  01-20-1902 d/o Jeremiah & Agnes Poe Hackworth 2nd. w/o Thomas Blair May, Buried under her maiden name and her name is spelled Care on headstone
Jeremiah "Jerry" Hackworth  02-06-1836  03-13-1917 s/o George & Mary Handshoe Hackworth, h/o Agnes Poe
George Hackworth  02-10-1810  04-10-1859 s/o Jeremiah & Esther Cravens Hackworth, h/o 1st. Mary Handshoe, 2nd. Manerva J Kilgore
J H Hackworth     Headstone unreadable due to weathering. Name was all
Kenis Franklin Hackworth  03-13-1870  03-04-1905 s/o Jeremiah & Agnes Poe Hackworth, h/o Mahala Catherine Conley Hackworth. On his headstone is K.F
Katie Hackworth  10-20-1877  02-16-1892 d/o Jeremiah & Agnes Poe Hackworth
Hackworth     Headstone unreadable due to weathering
Lydia Hackworth  12-23-1867  07-04-1897 d/o Jeremiah & Agnes Poe Hackworth
Mahala Catherine Conley Hackworth  11-04-1874  10-21-1906 d/o Andrew Jackson & Nancy Ann Baldridge Conley, w/o Kenis F Hackworth  ( M.C. Hackworth is on her headstone)
Mary Shell Hackworth  1869  1958 w/o Alex Hackworth
Reen Hackworth     Rest of headstone unreadable due to weathering
Christopher Wallace Spradlin  05-27-1851  09-14-1890 s/o Micajah & Mary Patton Spradlin, h/o Mary Elizabeth Prater ( On his headstone is C.W. Spradlin )
Henry Yates  06-04-1875  01-11-1880  
Mandy Yates  03-12-1852  07-05-1934  
Ralegh L Yates  07-18-190 ?  07-14-196? h/o Beatrice Yates
Beatrice Yates  10-04-1918  unreadable w/o- Ralegh L Yates
Willie A Yates  1916  1964  
Margaret Slone  10-27-1868  11-08-1944  
Eli Daniel Fairchild  05-01-1885  10-20-1958 s/o David May & Eliza Alice Phelphy Fairchild,  h/o 1st. Nancy "Nanny" Jane May,  2nd.  Malta S Fairchild. ( Eli is buried between both wives with no headstone on his grave )
Nancy ( Nanny ) Jane May Fairchild  04-01-1890  02-09-1918 d/o Samuel White & Volet Hackworth May, w/o  Eli Daniel Fairchild  ( She is buried beside Eli Daniel Fairchild with no headstone )
Serveral unmarked graves or headstones unreadable