Goble Reed Cemetery

Hippo Area

Information provide by Rick Reed


Reed, William Goble  Goble_Reed.JPG (2469132 bytes) 01-17-1898 11-01-1982 s/o Sigler and Susanna Salyer Morgan Reed. He went by Goble to family members.
Reed, Jimmy Dean  Jimmie_Dean_Reed.JPG (2534452 bytes) 01-27-1950 02-21-2009 s/o Goble and Rebecca Hughes Reed
Reed, Rebecca Hughes  Rebecca_Reed.JPG (2542107 bytes) 08-24-1907 01-06-1999 w/o William Goble Reed
Reed, Roger  Roger_Reed.JPG (2518788 bytes) 03-11-1938 10-25-1993 s/o Goble and Rebecca Hughes Reed
Quesenberry, Shawn 05-28-1972 05-28-1972 s/o Elva and Joseph Quesenberry- (Elva is d/o Goble and Rebecca Reed) 
Goble, Raymond Ross  Raymond_Ross_Goble.JPG (2472516 bytes) 06-29-1924 10-25-2007 h/o Gertrude Reed Goble
Goble, Tammy Lynn   11-03-1965 04-28-1967 d/o Gertrude and Raymond Goble
Maggard, Rebecca Lynn  Rebecca_Lee_Maggard.JPG (2552042 bytes) 02-04-1976 11-01-1976 Edith Reeds baby girl
Stephens, McClelland David (Clell) 01-07-1916 03-04-199 h/o Thelma (d/o Goble and Rebecca Reed) Stephens