Buck's Branch, Martin, KY.
This is down the hill from the Aaron Burr Flanery Cemetery and contains some of the children of Aaron Burr Flannery and Mary Ellen Mayo Flannery
donated by Bryan Griffith
Name Birth Death Info
CLAUDE ANDERSON FLANERY  04-07-1906   05-27-1975  s/o Aaron Burr & Mary Ellen Mayo Flannery, h/o Mae Derossett Flanery 
MAE DEROSSETT FLANERY  02-23-1909  11-03-1998 w/o Claude Anderson Flanery 
HALLIE FLANERY  10-03-1916  05-15-1981 s/o  Aaron Burr & Mary Ellen Mayo Flannery, h/o Elizabeth Derossett Flanery 
RUTH FLANERY GREER  12-23-1919  01-24-1978  d/o Aaron Burr & Mary Ellen Mayo Flannery, w/o Victor Lee Greer 
VICTOR LEE GREER  01-13-1917  03-22-1983  h/o Ruth Flanery Greer 
FRED GESSLING ROBINSON  11-02-1908  04-23-1992  Brother-in-law to Mae Derossett Flanery 
DONALD R. ROBINSON 1938  07-12-1978  s/o Fred Gessling Robinson 39 yrs old
VELVA SAMMONS 1919 1977 w/o Ashby Sammons,  Velva & Ashby used to live near the property.  When Velva died, they needed a place to bury her, and as a result she was buried in the Flanery Family Cemetery.