Williams Cemetery


Williams Branch - Left Fork of Abbott


This really isn't a cemetery but just a location of two graves.


Location: Left Fork of Abbott to Williams Branch. Follow Williams Branch

up the creek towards the head of the holler. When you get to the 3rd barn,

there is a road to follow up, you'll reach a log barn and continue up the holler.

Once you reach the 3rd flat area (where house's once were) there is a grove of

pines. The graves are in there someplace.


James Williams  (infant of James Earl & Josephine Neeley-Williams)


Ireta Williams      (infant of James Earl & Josephine Neeley-Williams)


Both children were probably born between 1920 - 1935



I recently tried to locate thier graves and couldn't. I feel the recent logging

of the hillside has disturbed the graves and have been bull dozed over.


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