Pete Webb Cemetery 

At one time called the Joel Martin Cemetery

Located at Garrett just off Rt 80 on the hill at the mouth of West Garrett

Information submitted by Randy Bently, Kaylee Layne Allen, Katie Allen, Dan Martin and Navajo Daniel Austin/Joe Skeens


Allen, Eula  Eula_Allen.JPG (4512525 bytes) 01-07-1903 06-26-1948  
Allen, Jack (A. J.)  AJ_Jack_Allen.JPG (4410267 bytes) 10-19-1896 02-28-1960  
Beatty, Mildred  Mildred_Beatty.JPG (4274252 bytes) 12-05-1916 05-24-1958 Daughter written on stone.
Boyd, Fannie May  Fanny_Mae_Boyd.JPG (4947361 bytes) ? ? Mother.  Wife to Irvin Boyd.
Boyd Irvin  Irvin_Boyd.JPG (4735349 bytes) 03-05-1878 ? Father. Husband to Fannie Mae Boyd.
Horton, Mary  Mary_Horton.JPG (4701060 bytes) 07-01-1878 09-26-1950  
Hughes, Ibby  Roby_Ibby_Hughes.JPG (4239157 bytes) 05-09-1896 ? Wife of Roby Hughes and is buried in a cemetery in Lexington, KY. Aunt and Uncle to Randy Bentley.
Hughes, Roby 01-24-1894 05-24-1958  
Martin, Isabell 04-14-1868 01-15-1935  
Martin, Joel  Joel_Martin.jpg (81992 bytes) 1792 1879 Husband of both Polly and Rebecca Martin. Grave has sunken in.  Martin Graves are close to the edge of the cemetery bank overlooking West Garrett Road.
Martin, Polly 1811 or 12 1873 1st wife of Joel Martin-Married  Sept 20, 1843. Grave has sunken in.
Martin, Rebecca Fletcher     Rebecca_Martin.jpg (21903 bytes) 1793 1850 or before 2nd wife of Joel Martin-Married March 15, 1812. Grave has sunken in,
Webb, A.P.   A_P_Webb.JPG (4524391 bytes) 11-23-1903 07-11-1906  
Webb, Elizabeth M.  Elizabeth_M_Webb.JPG (4953343 bytes) 01-28-1861 11-19-1947  
Webb, William O. William_O_Webb.JPG (4253044 bytes) 11-23-1903 07-10-1925  
Unknown Grave unknown _grave_2.JPG (4602512 bytes)     Note- these were newer stones with unknown written on them.
Unknown Grave  unknown_grave_3.JPG (4604747 bytes)    
Unknown Grave  unknown_grave_4.JPG (4377162 bytes)      
Sunken Grave unknown           webb_sunken_grave.JPG (5062563 bytes)      
Sunken Grave unknown        webb_sunken_grave_2.JPG (5286249 bytes)      
Sunken Grave Unknown      webb_sunken_grave_3.JPG (4818299 bytes)
Possible Unknown grave                      unknown_grave.JPG (4653859 bytes)
4 graves with no marker just dirt mounds