Music Family Cemetery

Location of cemetery (Copperas Creek) The cemetery is not easily accessible because of the steep climb to get to it and because it is behind gated property and special permission must be obtained.

Four graves are clearly marked with headstones, but there are other stones lying flat on the ground that may mark older graves.

Contributed by: Carol Osborne

Ellen Music 1/1879 5/22/1936  
Mary F Foley 8/5/1944 3/17/1945  
Phil Music


Laferty child


1/194? (?6)  

Contributor standing by great-grandmother Ellen Griffey Music's grave. 

Close up of Ellen Music's headstone. She was born Jan. 1879 and died May 22, 1936. Grandma Ellen was a midwife and
delivered many babies. I've seen her signature on both birth and death certificates.

Headstone of Mary M Foley-Born 8/5/1944  Died 3/17/1945
She was the infant daughter of Lemuel Foley and Cora Music Foley.

Headstone of Phil Music Born 5/29/1942 Died 10/3/1942
He was the infant son of L.J. Music and  Minnie Endicott Music

Headstone of Laferty child or infant Unable to make out dates on stone
but appears to be Born Jan1946 Died Jan194? I was told the child was
someone from the area but not a member of Music family