(Two cem across from each other)

Submitted by Margaret Hall

HALL ANDREW   06-02-1914   02-02-1957 h/o Adie Hall
HALL, Adie  04-10-1916   08-14-1990 w/o Andrew Hall, d/o Henry & Margaret Hall Hall
HALL, Jasper  1940  1940 s/o  Andrew & Adie Hall
HALL, George   1939   1939  s/o  Andrew & Adie Hall
HALL, Margaret   11-27-1876  09-07-1957  d/o Andrew & Susie Isaac Hall, w/o Lewis Cook & Henry Hall
HALL, Aandy   02-23-1856   05-10-1936 h/o Susie Isaac, s/o William D. Hall &  Louannza Isaac
HALL, Susie  10-01-1862  01-06-1927  w/o Andy Hall, d/o William & Jane Hall Isaac
HALL, Harm  09-27-1890  02-19-1936 s/o Andrew & Susie Isaac Hall, h/o Nancy Isaac Hall f/o Hi Hall
HALL, Nancy  08-08-1891  08-05-1976  d/o Jonathon & Lucinda Osborne Isaac
HALL, Sarah  05-19-1894  05-12-1927  d/o Andrew & Susie Isaac Hall, w/o James Hall
HALL, Nannie     NO DATES d/o Harm & Nancy Isaac Hall
HALL, Norma     No Dates
HALL, Lora     No Dates
HALL, Cora     No Dates
HALL, Aandy     No Dates
ISAAC, Johnathan  1844   s/o William Isaac & Jane Hall, h/o Margaret "Peggy Picklesimer, d/o David Picklesimer & Sarah Prater, (2) Lucinda Osborne
ISAAC, Ruben  05-26-1870  12-07-1932 s/o Johnathon & Margaret "Peggy" Picklesimer Isaac, h/o 1) Nancy Hall 2) Elouiza Johnson
ISAAC, Shurley  06-25-1943  07-22-1987 s/o Jonts & Victoria Cook Isaac
ISAAC, Victoria  05-26-1906  02-07-1955 2nd w/o Jonts Isaac, d/o  Lewis Cook & Margaret Hall
ISAAC, Jonts  03-17-1843  08-15-1904 s/o Ruben Isaac & Nancy Hall, h/o 1) Annie Hall, 2) Victoria Cook
ISAAC, Rebecca  1868  1900 d/o Jonathon &  Margaret Isaac
SCOTT, Leslie  05-24-1927  05-20-1993 d/o Jonts & Victoria Cook Isaac
SCOTT, Edgel     h/o Leslie Isaac Scott
About 15 Stones that are unreadable      

The progentors of the Isaac Family of this area are

(1)Samuel Isaac and Nancy  Baldridge Isaac

       (2)William b. 1794, s/o Samuel and Nancy Issac Baldridge, h/o Sarah Johnson,   d/o John and Katy Reynolds, children:

               (3)William Jr, b. 1819 m. Jane Hall,

                   (4)children: George Washington, Rebecca , Polly , Johnathan , William B, Samuel, Harm, Reuben, Sarah, Martha Jane,

               (3) Samuel m. Melinda Slone,  

                        (4)  Clinton, Termon, German, Martin, Anna Christina, Samuel H.

               (3)Luanzy m. William D. Hall

               (3)Eleanor Issac b. 1825, m. Will Triplett  

      (2) Samuel (no info)