Hall Cemetery - Left Fork of Abbott


Directions: Take the Left fork of Abbott until the paved road turns into gravel. Follow the gravel road

                 until you drive thru/past a big steel gate. To the right of the gate and across the bottom 

                 you'll see a logging road that leads up hill to the cemetery. It sets on the top of the hill

                 and can be driven to with a 4 wheel drive truck. This is an old cemetery and for the most

                 part, abandoned.

BAYS, Alvin  12-20-1869  10-22-1948 s/o Asa & Lucrecia Shepherd Bays, h/o Cora Hall
BAYS, Cora Hall  02-28-1878  02-25-1949 d/o James H. & Suzellen Hall, w/o Alvin Bays
BAYS, Adam  07-18-1899  03-05-1946 s/o Alvin & Cora Hall-Bays
HALL, Suzellen  02-1863?  12-10-1892? d/o Lilburn & Eliza Ann Snipes-Hall, w/o James H. Hall
HALL, James H.  04-27-1855  10-23-1930 s/o Nimrod & Elizabeth Mullins-Hall, h/o Suzellen Hall
HALL, Rhoda  11-17-1858  03-08-1936 d/o Daniel & Matilda Collinsworth-Adams, w/o Stephen Hall
S T Hall  "Stephen"  06-15-1860  11-11-1933 s/o Lilburn & Eliza Ann Snipes-Hall, h/o Rhoda Adams
HALL, Booten  05-16-1916  05-16-1916  
HALL, Maxie M.  12-31-1925  02-10-1926 d/o Mr. & Sara Sparks-Hall
HALL, Hubert  11-25-1931  11-28-1931  
HALL, Opel  01-20-1921  02-10-1921  
HALL, Grace  06-06-1933  01-11-1934  
HALL, Duann  03-21-1826  4-??-????  
HOLBROOK, Harvie   * Harvey Trimble Holbrook *  1879  1960 s/o Benjamin F. & Rhoda Spradlin-Holbrook, h/o Mollie Hall
HOLBROOK, Mollie  1883  1965 w/o Harvie Holbrook
4 Marked Childrens graves - Unreadable due to years of weathering


Copied by: Bobby Davis, April 16, 2006




* There are many marked and unmarked graves here. Many can not be read due to years of weathering to the stones.


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