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Maytown Methodist Church - 1915

Maytown, KY

Main Street Of Wheelwright KY, ca 1949
Submitted by Misty (Jones) Roberts

Downtown Wheelright - 1946

Price Theater,

Price, KY

child is K.L. Dorton

Price Tipple

located at Price, Ky It has been torn down now.
Submitted by Ben Caudill

The riverboat "Cricket" on the Big Sandy

Train near Price, KY

Picture taken around the middle 40s best as I  can remember by Dennis Morgan. Location is at Gearheart, now,  Price. He took this photo with a hand built camera. 

Submitted by
Ben Caudill

Wheelright Hospital & Clinic

building owned by the Inland Steel Company, Wheelwright, KY abt. 1946

Wheelright Hotel

Downtown business section and part of company housing project. Inland Steel Company, Wheelwright #1 & 2 Mines, Wheelwright, Floyd County, Kentucky

1937 Flood

 Wayland, KY


1937 Flood

Wayland, KY

1937 Flood

Wayland, KY