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Homes in Garrett, KY

the new Route 80 took all these houses out.

Garrett, KY - 1914

This coal town on KY 7/80 and the Right Fork of Beaver Creek, is located 13 mi. south of Prestonsburg. It was founded around 1914 as an Elk Horn Coal Co. town named for the brothers John and Robert Garrett, Baltimore bankers and coal co. financiers.

Elk Horn Coal Corp. Store at Garrett, KY



Garrett Store

Glo, Kentucky, located
below Wayland on Right Beaver Creek.

Harmon Station - 1789

Harold, KY

Martin Garage

Old McDowell Jail

Behind the old theatre on Back St.

Photo From: Willie Holt

Tunnel at Gearheart

This was taken while the tunnel was being built in the 20's Taken by Dennis Morgan and furnished by Carlos Dawson

Submitted by Ben Caudill

Garrett Post Office

Sandy River

Simpson Martin Cabin

on Simpson Martin Branch near Drift, Kentucky

The Bank of Wayland, KY

Home Construction in Wayland

Wayland Homes - 1914

Submitted by Judy Stambaugh

Submitter died May, 2001


Broadway Service Station, Prestonsburg, KY

Wheelright general store which has grocery, hardware and furniture depts. Owned by Inland Steel Company, Wheelwright #1 & 2 Mines, Wheelwright, Kentucky.

Harkin Law Offices,

Prestonsburg, KY