Floyd County Photo Album

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Walter "Stubby" Snavely

Submitted by Carol Howell McGlothen


Civil War Vets - 1916

Names appear at the bottom of picture


Wayne Click, s/o Dock and Mandy Click

Submitted by Rita Frasure


Wayne Click, s/o Dock and Mandy Click

Submitted by Rita Frasure


Wesley Hicks

He is the son of Claborn and Frankie Hicks.....His whole brothers and sisters were: Serrilda, Boyd, Sarah, Richmond, Lydia and Margaret. Margaret Hicks Perry Tackett was married to "Big" George Tackett and together they had 4 sons...Troy, Roy, Ezra and Azzie Tackett.......when Margaret married George she had 2. Daughters that were born from a previous marriage to F. Merion Perry, their names were Pearlie and Judy Perry..............George had 5 children when he entered the marriage to Margaret.....George, Virgie, Molly, Mary and Dora Tackett. George was married, the first time to to Viney McCown.

Wheelwright Senior Trip picture taken in 1958.

Pictured are Left row, F to B; Claude Hall. Louie Farerri, Paul Campbell.

Right row, F to B; Ken Necessary, Anna Leigh Moore, Bobby Pennington in background.

Submitted by Marie Necessary


Bessie Wilcox Parsons and brother Dave Wilcox in 1912


Wiley Nelson

Submitted by Billy R. Nelson Jr.