Floyd County Photo Album

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Clayb Mosley

Submitted by Sue Howell Vinson  

Clyde & Inez Addington Hubbard, my grandparents.  Both were born in Floyd Co.

Submitted by Kathy  

Clyde Hamilton: s/o Andy and Fannie Hamilton. Andy is s/o Thomas Jefferson Hamilton and Eliza Jane Reynolds. Fannie is the d/o Harrison and Virginia Bentley Hamilton. Harrison is s/o King Solomon Hamilton and Virginia "Jenny" is d/o Quiller Bentley and Rachael Osborne. Andy and Fannie had one child--Clyde. He died at the age of fifteen from a brain tumor

Information by Phyllis Wright


Clyde & Inez Addington Hubbard
This photo was taken on 17 October 1924 in Prestonsburg. This was the day of their wedding. Inez and Clyde are in the middle. The two young women on either side of Clyde and Inez are not yet identified. Clyde Hubbard was the son of Malcom & Lula Kendrick Hubbard. Inez was the daughter of Monroe & Francis Hubbard Addington. This photo was given to me by my aunt, Betty Hubbard Halley.

Submitted by Kathy

Levi Akers 1823 - 1899
h/o 1) Nancy Hall 2) Jane Howell d/o Larkin Howell
s/o David Akers and Elizabeth Collier

Levi & Jane Howell Akers

Levi s/o David & Elizabeth Collier Akers
Jane d/o Larkin & Eufrasia Howell

Submitted by Carl O. Akers


Lillie E. Jones holding daughter, Martha Jones
Lillie is d/o Albert L. & Cora Osborne Cook, and w/o Thomas "Tilden" Jones
Photo taken 1949, Riley's Branch

Lillie Music and Eddie George

Submitted By Carolyn George