Floyd County Photo Album

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Chester Hunter

Need to Know if he is a  son or grandson of Daniel Hunter
(b) 3/15/1878???

Submitted by Jerry


Children Of Albert Lee and Octavia Burchett Akers

Submitted by Earl Akers Sr.

Children of Tom Caudill and Emma "Amy" Conley.  Left to Right: Lonnie, May, Raymond, Lee, with paul sitting

Children of Clyde and Inez Addington Hubbard.  Clyde Hubbard was born March 11, 1905 in Floyd Co.  He was the son of Malcolm and Lula Kendrick Hubbard.  Inez Addington was born June 9, 1902 in Floyd Co.  She was the daughter of Monroe and Francis Hubbard Addington.  Pictured in the front row are Hazel and Betty Hubbard.  In the rear are Joanne, Lula, Opal, David, Gary, and Bascom Hubbard.  This photograph was taken about 1948 and was given to me by my cousin, Tamra Dumm Sanson.

Submitted by Kathy 

Lee Hall home place in Branham Hollow, Wheelwright

Submitted by Bub Hall

Lee Hall Jr.'s Store Wheelwright, KY

Submitted by Bub Hall

Robert E. Lee Hamilton Family L - R Molly, Lee, Lack, Wallen, Luther, Esther, (Mary, Martha twins) Nannie, Annie, Ollie Kneeling in Front of Grave Betty Akers Hamilton, Lees wife, and boy in front is son Tramble. Molly on the left is the person that is in the grave, photo was made with her in it. She died from a cat bite.

Submitted by Janice Howell Holt

Somewhere on Left Beaver

taken by Dennis Morgan
Given to Ben Caudill by taken by Carlos Dawson