Floyd County Photo Album

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Benjamin Amos Conley and His Wife Mary Hackworth and son Otis Benjamin Hall was born ca 1843, in either Pike or Letcher County. s/o Reuben Hall, Jr. & Mahala Bentley. He appeared to have previously served in the 13th Kentucky Cavalry, Company D. In the 13th, Benjamin attained the rank of 4th Sergeant and from the records appears to have hired a substitute. Thomas may have left the rebel service because on September 27, 1863, both enlisted in the 39th at Louisa. Benjamin Hall is buried in Pike County at the Joe Trivette Cemetery with a government issued headstone.

Benjamin Holbrook and Rhoda Spradlin Holbrook


Bert Dye & Daughter Bessie
Bert b. Jun-24-1866 d. Mar-27-1949
Bert s/o Kennis & Amanda "Mandy" Osborne
Bessie b. Apr-06-1927 w/o John Henry Bryant

Submitted by Sue Howell Vinson
Photos belonged to my parents Ralph Howell and Maxie Dye Howell 

Howell Family

L-R Joey Susi holding Linda Sue Howell, Mary & Johnie Howell, last person unknown Abt. 1947


John & Cordelia Watson Jarrell

L-R standing  Dixie (Conn), Dorsey (Boyd),  James,  Cynthia (Akers), Rosie (Boyd) John  Jarrell & Cordelia Watson Jarrell

L-R Maxie (Bentley)  Baby Lindsey, died at age 2

Submitted by Phyllis Baumgartner

John & Artie Triplett Wicker
John b. 1846, d. Feb 12, 1917 Artie b. Dec. 2, 1868 d. Jan. 2, 1918
Artie was 3rd    wife, d/o Birdie Morris Triplet b. 8-12-1841 Children of John and Artie Wicker Wesley b. 3-8-1880, Elix, b. 5-11-1877, Lace 12-27-1885, Ellen b. 1-8-1866, d. 12-9-1969 m. Mosley John C. b. 4-24-1897, d. 3-31-1987, Polka, b. 4-13-1890, d. 6-22-1963, Bee, b. 1886, d. 1981 James b. 6-21-1899, d. 12-24-1918, Rob, b. 12-8-1882, 1-24-1939, Mandy b. 4-15-1864, d. 9-6-1926 Elizeca, b. 3-6-1871, d. 7-13-1951

John B. Meadow married Dona Osborn, Daughter of Mathias and Katy (Price ) Osborn. He was the Father of Daisy,Dora,Jane and Lydia. Not sure what service the uniform belongs to or what year. If anyone would know please E-Mail me. Daisy married John Horn.

Submitted by Lydia (Rose) Neal