Athletic Code:

I shall consider my athletic opponents as my guests.

I will always cheer the opposing team when t appears upon the floor.

I will clap for the opponent who makes a good play.

I will remain quiet while opponents are making free throws.

I will not cheer when opponents are penalized.

I will cheer an opponent who is injured in the game.

I willgive the opponent a yell after the game.

I will never deride any official.

I will be courteous to all visitors.

I believe that good sportsmanship means the application of the Golden Rule.  

Now ball season is in full swing and Martin has won our first game of the year.  We beat Maytown with a score of 24-17.  Of course we all know this wasn't much of a lead over Maytown but we have to give our boys a chance.  They are just getting warmed up.  But to have a good team they have to have someoe behind them pulling and backing them up.  Quite a few people from Martin attended the Mayown gamebut manyfailed to sit with the cheering section.  Yes, we know you are glad when our boys make the points, but do the boys know it?  The only way they can tell is for us to yell and yell our heads off for them.  So please, let's all get together and support Martin at all her games, if possible.   On Wednesday, November 15, the Martin Purple Flash gave the Wheelwright boys a merry chase.  At half the score was 27-1, in favor of Martin.  In the end Martin left them way behind with a score of 49-8.  John Wohlford was high-point man with 17 points; Burns Ratliffe, 12 points; Charles Crum, 9 points; T.J. Prater, 9 points; and Roy Ratliffe, 2 points.  Now that you all see how much good a arge crowd does for the boys, please keep it up.  

The basic ideal of all games be great or small is the sportmanship that grows out of them.  The Greeks were the first people who valued physical development highly.  They ran races, threw the discus, and the javelin in the Olympic games.  The only reward the victor received was a wreath of olive leaves.  He was praised by the poets and statues of him were erected throughout the land.

The members of our basket ball team will syrive to win games and also receive the esteem of our opponents and spectators.  We know that a basket ball game just lasts a few minutes while the game of life goes on till we meet the inevitable.  Some of the great men in our times, who are leaders in he military, social and political world, are former athletes.  It has been said that many of England's battles were won on the athletic fields of Eton.  We have worked out a creed for the year which we are going to follow:

1. We are boosters, not "gripers".

2. Cooperation--a very simple word but necessary for success.

3. Play to win the game but be clean.






" Purple Flash"  

Nov. 3   Maytown   Away

Nov. 8   McDowell   Away

Nov. 15   Wheelwright   Home

Nv. 17   Maytown   Home

Nov. 22  Meade Memorial   Away

Nov. 24   McDowell   Home

Nov. 29   Wheelwright   Away

Dec. 1   Meade Memorial   Ho

Dec. 2   Pikeville Academy   Away

Dec. 9   Pikeville Academy   Hme

Dec. 12   Van Lear   Away

Dec. 15   Auxier   Home

Dec. 20   Van Lear   Home

Dec. 23   Prestonsburg   Away

Jan. 5   Wayland   Away

Jan. 9   Inez   Away

Jan. 12   Garrett   Home

Jan. 13   Elkhorn City   Home

Jan. 19   Betsy Layne   Away

Jan. 20   Vicco   Home

Jan, 25, 26, 27---Big Sandy Conference at Pikeville

Feb. 2   Wayland   Home

Feb. 3   Elkhorn City   Away

Feb. 7   Auxier   Away

Feb. 9   Betsy Layne   Home

Feb. 16   Garrett   Away

Feb. 17   Inez   Home

Feb. 23    Prestonsburg   Home

Feb. 24   Vicco   Away

County Tourament at Maytown 1st, 2nd, 3rd day of March.


Members of the basket ball squad:  T.J. Prater, Burns Ratliff, Charles

Crum, John Wohlford,Roy Ratliff, Wm. Paul Wilson, Russell Frazier,

Randell Stith, Marvin Compton, James Conn, Jack Hutchinson, Samuel Ed

King, J.R. Key, Elmer Lafferty, Ester Owsley, Charles Stumbo, Vernon

Stith, James Moore, Chester Tackett, Pete Osborne.


Coach-- Carl Woods

Manager-- Marvin Compton

Cheerleaders--Joyce Dermont, Wilda Mae Arrington, and Doris Ratliff

School Colors--Purple and Gold

Our Slogan--" Martin has the cleanest and best team in Floyd County."