Floyd County Family Lines




Wallace F. Music Jr.

  • The following text/html files cover overviews of the MUSIC/MUSICK and SPRADLIN FAMILIES as related to their migration from England and Wales to Virginia and then to Eastern Kentucky. Click on file to download.

  • Early Music Families By Dr. Roy A. Chessmore
    Spradlin - Music Families  By Dr. Roy A. Chessmore
    Wells By Bobby W. Wells
    Descendants of George Musick Sr. By Wallace F. Music Jr.
  • Wallace F. Music Jr. Assembled and prepared the data for this home page. Data was gathered from information provided by Dr. Roy A. Chessmore, Bobby W. Wells, the Mormon Church Family History Center, the Washington State Library,  Marion Music, recently deceased, Nicole Hawk and Kevin Fraley Highnight
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