Music/Musick Family
By Bobby W. Wells

The Music Family is a large and well respected family in the Big Sandy Valley. Although most of today's family members use the Music spelling, there are still those who retain the 'K' or Musick spelling. Regardless of the spelling, most of these family members have a common ancestor, John W. Musick.

Information in this article was obtained from various sources. Probably the biggest contributor was Ruth Carol (Hunt) Hale, who received her information from her grandmother in December 1964. The early listings of family members came from Mrs. Music.

In the information received from Mrs. Music, she wrote, "The Eastern Kentucky Music family originated from descendants of German and English ancestry. At first it was believed and told that a small boy was found and adopted by a family in Wales. He only knew his first name, John, and due to the fact he was an intelligent lad and musically inclined; he was referred to as their music boy. Thereafter, he took the sir name of Musick. Facts and records seemingly have proven this story to be untrue."

Early records show that the first Musick family members landed in Virginia before the middle of the 17th century. A John Musick, as found in the records of John C. Hatten, was among the Englishmen who came to Virginia on the ship Amitie. Although no proof is presently available, it is believed that the Music's of East Kentucky are descended from this John Musick.

The Music Family of the Big Sandy Valley trace their line to George Musick, who was born in 1664 and died in 1754 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. It is believed that "George Musick was probably the son of the immigrant John Musick. George Musick married Annie Allen and they were the parents of six sons and three daughters. The Musics in East Kentucky trace their line from George through his son, Ephriam Musick.

Ephriam Musick was born in 1724 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, and died about 1806 in Albermarle County, Virginia. He married Isabella Roy, daughter of James and Elizabeth Roy. They were the parents of four sons and one daughter. One of these sons, Ephriam Musick Junior, continued the line.

Ephriam Musick Junior was born about 1767 in Albermarle County, Virigina He married Winnie Gillasby on 10-3-1786. Winnie was the daughter of David and Betty Gillasby. This couple were the parents of at least one son and three daughters. Their son John W. Musick continued the East Kentucky line.

John W. Musick was born about 1785 in North Carolina, and died before 1870. John W. Musick married Isabella Harris. This couple were the parents of seven sons and three daughters. Almost all of the Musics in the Big Sandy Valley are descendants of this couple.

From Mrs. Music's information, she writes, "John W. Musick married Isabella Harris, moved by wagon train into the mountain section of Eastern Kentucky, settling on Buffalo Creek a short distance from Prestonsburg, county seat of Floyd County, in 1812. He died and is buried on Little Paint Creek a few miles North of Prestonsburg." This date may or may not be right, since some of John W. Musick's children are listed in later census reports as being born in Virginia. Regardless of the date, this couple were early settlers in Floyd County.