Early History Note Pre Floyd

Found on Floyd County Mailing List
from Jim Hawes

Jennie Wiley, wife of an outlying settler, Thomas Wiley, living on Walker's
Creek, was captured by Indians and taken north over the Big Sandy war trail to
the mouth of Little Sandy River, thence by a devious course in a southerly
direction to Mud Lick near Big Paint Creek ten miles from Harman's Station.

In the fall and winter of the year of 1787-1788, Mathias Harman, Henry Skaggs,
James Skaggs and Robert Hawes (Haws) built the first blockhouse on the Big
Sandy River about one-half mile below the mouth of Johns Creek in the bottom of
the Levisa Fork of the River. Jennie Wiley escaped from Indians camped at Mud
Lick and in the night found her way to Harman's Station and safety. Indians
ran the Harman party off and burned the stockade in 1789. Harman's Station was
rebuilt and occupied in the year 1790. |_| *note* Most of the people mentioned
here came from the Tazewell County area of Virginia. Robert Hawes (Haws)
signed the petition to create Wythe County, VA from parent Montgomery County,
VA in 1790. |_|