James H. Blanton

Floyd Co. KY Survey

Book C, Page 478-479


                     Floyd County to wit,

Surveyed on the 3 day of December 1857 for James H. Blanton Afore of William S. May Afore of John Jackson 325 acres of land on the water of Licking by virtue of part of 2 County Court Land Orders and bounded as follows To wit Beginning at 2 chestnut oaks on the point of a ridge a corner to Blair Mays survey on the Rock house fork of the Burning Spring fork of Licking N88 E22 poles to a hickory S24 E20 poles to 4 chestnut oaks S85 E62 poles to 3 chestnut oaks N22 E30 poles to 2 chestnut oaks N4 E38 poles to a white oak N21 W24 poles to a Sour wood & 2 beeches N28 E34 poles to a beech & dogwood N89 E30 poles to 3 hickories N14 E34 poles to a chestnut oaks N50 E52 poles to a chestnut and hickory N11 W56 poles to a hickory on the County line of Johnson and Floyd S80 W106 poles to a dog wood chestnut and hickory on a cliff S60 W 48 poles to 2 sour woods S83 W42 poles to 3 chestnut oaks N40 W44 poles to a chestnut oak S45 W75 poles to 3  hickories S75 W36 poles to a black oak S53 W40 poles to a stake S19 E40 poles to a chestnut oak a corner to Blair Mayes survey Thence with the line of the same S7 E42 poles to 3 hickories S23 E40 poles to a black gum on the bank of said fork near the water S29 E64 poles to the beginning-

There being in this survey a prior claim pattented in the name of Wallie Bailley of 100 acres.                                                              

                                                                     William May D.S.

                                                            For William J. May S.F.C.


A.C. Bailley &

Henry H May   C.C.& HK

John Jackson (x)


Transcribed by Sheila Bradley

6 April 2003