Collinsworth to Hurt, 1854

DEED DATED 1854 db( the deed does not give db#) pg's 524 and 525, 
Floyd County Clerk's Office 

This ? made the 2nd of August in the year of 1854 between John Collinsworth 
of the county of Floyd and state of Kentucky of the same part and Reuben 
Patrick and Wiilliam Hurt of the county and state of the aforesaid of the 
other part, witnessith that the said John Collinworth for and in consideration 
of six hundred dollars in hand paid the receipt wherof is hearby acknowledged 
hath granted bargained and sold ? by these porsuits?) both grant bargain and 
sell unto the said Reubin Patrick and William Hurt their heirs and assigns all
that tract of parcel of land situate and being in the county of Floyd on
the waters of the Burning Spring Fork of Licking and bounded as follows to wit. 
Beginning at 6 chestnut oaks on the top of the ridge between the short fork and 
the old house branch, thence S32 W32 poles to a white oak. Thence S53 W30 poles 
to a white oak and sugar conditional line made between the said John
Collinsworth and Samuel Collinsworth, Thence S16 E13 poles to a birch. Thence 78W106
poles to 
two birches near the state road. Thence S78 W5 poles : Thence N51W4 poles
the road Thence S50 W38 poles to the Burning Fork: Thence 17 poles down the
sugar and red bud are in the north side of the creek S52 W36 ? on top of the
Thence with the ? to a black oak and red oak near the top of the north corner 
between Ethchinson Collinsworth and John Collinsworths: Thence south and east 
course to a hickory and maple standing on the side of the point: Thence move
to an oak on the bank of the creek: Thence up the creek to a ? to a willow
opposite the corner of the apple orchard Thence about a south course
crossing the 
birch branch to a white oak and birch ? the end of the point near of cliff
of rocks: 
Thence up the point to a hickory on the top: Thence N53 E35 poles to a
hickory and 
birch beginning corner to an old survey made in the name of Meridith
cross the creek to the mouth of Shop Branch: Thence with the branch to the
Thence up the fork ridge to the top: Thence with the top of the ridge to the 
beginning containing 300 acres be the same more or less together with all said 
singular the appertinances therunto belonging on in any wise ? to have and
to hold 
the land hereby conveyed with the appertinances unto the said Rueben Patrick
William Hurt their heirs and assigns forever and the said John Collinsworth for
himself his heirs and executors and administrators the aforesaid tract of
land and
appertinances unto the said Ruebin Patrick and William Hurt their heirs and
against the claim or claims of all and every person or persons whatsoever
by through or under him the said John Collinsworth but from no other person 
doth and will forever warrant and defend by these pursuits In witness wherof
said John Collinsworth and Susan Collinsworth his wife relinquishes his her
of power in ? To the land conveyed in this deed hath herunto set their hands
seals this 7th day of August 1854 

(X) John Collinsworth 

(X) Susan Collinsworth 

State of Kentucky, 
Floyd County/Sct. 

I James Trimble clerk of the county court for the county aforesaid
certify that this deed from John Collinsworth and Susan Collinsworth his 
wife to Reubin Patrick and William Hurt was this day prodused to me in said 
county by the said grantors and acknowledged by the these to be their act 
and deed together. wherupon the said deed together with the foregoing 
certificate hath duly ? to record in my office. Given under my hand this 
7th day of August 1854. 

(X) Teste James Trimble SK