Last Will and Testament of Ackley Saunders
Fleming Co., KY, July 12, 1822
(Willbook C, pg 243, Fleming Co., KY records)

July the twelfth, eighteen hundred and twenty two, I Ackley Saunders of Fleming County and state of Kentucky, being of sound mind but weak in body and calling upon the uncertainty of this life, I do hereby declare this to be my last will and testament. After my disease when it may please almighty God to take me home, my body I command to its mother earth till it all please him that to raise it again and my spirit to the same Gracious God.

With regard to my worldly goods after all my debts are paid, I will and bequeath all my estate both real and personal to my beloved wife Polly Saunders during her widowhood, but in case she may unchange her situation by marrying again, she shall have only her things as the law directs during her natural life.

To my beloved daughter Elizabeth Plummer, I will and bequeath to her the land now in till and son-in-law Isaiah Plummer her husband with what small matters I have done for her in all that I am able to do for her. To my beloved sons James and Lewis Saunders, I will and bequeath to them after their mother's death or change in situation by marrying again if such a thing should take place, one hundred acres apiece with its proportional part of timber and cleared land that is to say fifty acres apiece out of the tract of land where I now live. But my beloved wife Polly Saunders in whose direction I have the utmost confidence as a mother may have the same heirs of and give to them either of them as she may think best to do for her and their material good. The residue of my land where I now live being one hundred and thirty acres more or less.

I will and bequeath to my beloved sons Charles Saunders, Squire Saunders, William Saunders, to be equally divided amongst themselves after the decease of their mother.

To my beloved daughter Sally Saunders I will and bequeath to her one hundred and fifty dollars in spices to had at the discretion of my beloved wife Polly Saunders.

With regards to my undivided part of my farm estate both real and personal when it my be necessary for the property of my heirs my executor or executrix both as the case may be is directed to sell all the part both real and personal and may fall to me or my heirs for the purpose of paying my daughter Sally her legally mentioned in this will all the balances of my whole estate after the death of my beloved wife after the herein mentioned are provided for or paid shall be equally divided in the manner and form following.

To say to be equally divided amongst my beloved children, James Saunders, Becky Saunders, Lewis Saunders, Anna Saunders, Sally Saunders, Polly Saunders, Charles Saunders, Squire Saunders, Louisa Saunders, and William Saunders, or above mentioned at the death or change of life of my beloved wife even the decision shall be at the discretion of my beloved wife to give any child or children at the managed such proportion of the estate and may suit hereon and their good taking are not to excuse their proportion and provided in this will and I would and advise my beloved wife should any of my children marry to give then such aid as her situation will admit. Always taking proper vouchers or receipts for the same and if any of my children shall arrive at the age of twenty one during the life of my wife. Whom she is disposed to advance she is advised to aid them if in her power by giving them their equal proportion of my estate or such part then of as in her discretion she may think proper whether they are married or single.

It is moreover my last request that my trusty friend William Kennan will unite with my beloved wife in the execution of this my last will and testament and it is my wish that my beloved wife Polly Saunders my not be required to give security or executrix hereof unless she should marry and it is my request that she may be compelled to give ample security.

Nothing in this my last will and testament shall be so construed as to deny my wife of her absolute right to the full enjoyment of my whole estate during her widowhood and in case of her marriage to the third part thereof during he natural life, except as such part thereof I have already given both real and personal to my beloved daughter Elizabeth Plummer and my son-in-law Isaiah Plummer, I mean the land on which they live and such chattels as I have thought proper to bestow on them.

This will is erased in two places on the second page the words of my whole estate and the forth page the words or widowhood are intended to be stricken out. Given in my hand and seal as the day and date first written.

Ackley Saunders