Will of Thomas Thornton Moore

Filed in Will Book L at page 611 of the records of Fleming County, KY

Will dated October 12, 1864

Submitted for record November 28, 1864

"Having made my arrangements to leave home on tomorrow morning to go to the states of Indiana and Illinois, and feeling as I do the uncertainty of human life and the risk of accident by traveling. I also feel that death may be nearby, although I am at this time in the enjoyment of tolerable good health and of sound mind, and I therefore make this may last will and testament."

Selects his "oldest trusted friend, L. W. Andrews of Flemingsburg," to act as counselor for the executors of his will.

Beloved wife, Delilah.

4 sons now living:

James M. Moore

John M. Moore

Ruben D. Moore

Bruce T. Moore

Youngest daughter, Mary Francis Moore

Oldest daughter Elizabeth Ann Caywood, wife of Mason Caywood, Jr.

Daughter, Susan Rebecca Runyon, wife of James H. Runyon

"My coloured man, Charles, shall be free at the decease of my beloved wife, Delilah, provided he leave the state of Kentucky, but if he chooses to stay in bondage, then my heirs or legal representatives shall not sell him unless he, Charles, consents to the sale and makes choice of a master. And I further will that if he, Charles, should choose to stay in Kentucky, he shall not be sold unless he desires. But he may be hired out and his wages collected by my heirs or legal representatives."